More Speck Mountain, please: Chicago space rock outfit tours, inspires horrible hot chocolate metaphors

More Speck Mountain, please: Chicago space rock outfit tours, inspires horrible hot chocolate metaphors

Chicago-based foursome Speck Mountain make music that Wikipedia says “can be described as space rock.” Sure, you could call it that, but that’s like saying the Dos Equis guy is a cool dude who sometimes drinks some kind of beer. NO. He is SO much more than that. (I refuse to hear that he is not real. Don’t even try to go there with me.) And this BAND is so much more than that. Space rock HA! Maybe if space rock was a giant, sweet, melancholy marshmallow floating in an endless sea of the warm, toasty Ovaltine of longing. Maybe THEN we could start talking about what it’s like to swaddle oneself in the music of Speck Mountain.

But why talk about music when you can listen to it, eh? That’s what the stereotypical Canadian version of the Dos Equis guy says. That guy’s fun; he knows how to party. And he owns even more flannel shirts than you. So take his wisdom. Absorb it. Listen to Speck Mountain’s new album Badwater in full via SoundCloud, soon to be released on Carrot Top Records. And whilst Speck Mountain are out, dallying along the country roads between say, charming rural hamlets Chicago and Brooklyn, why not venture into their spacey/psychy/ambienty world? They’re ringing in America’s Favorite Holiday (Record Store Day, duh) at Reckless Records in Chicago, venturing to all those cities people talk about moving to one day, and then wrapping their spring tour at a concert with Sharon Van Etten in Chicago’s Millennium Park.


04.20.13 - Chicago, IL - Reckless Records
04.27.13 - Brooklyn, NY - Cameo Gallery *
05.15.13 - Seattle, WA - Sunset Tavern
05.17.13 - Olympia, WA - Le Voyeur
05.22.13 - San Francisco, CA - Hemlock Tavern
05.23.13 - Los Angeles, CA - Bootleg Bar
05.25.13 - Los Angeles, CA - Permanent Records
05.29.13 - Denver, CO - Merchants Mile High
06.03.13 - Chicago, IL - Millennium Park **

* Lazy Eyes & Modern Rivals
** Sharon Van Etten

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• Carrot Top:

[Photo: Julia Stotz]

Chrissy Murderbot releases Greatest Hits ★★★★★, including America’s greatest Waffle House tribute

Somewhere in America (Chicago), lives a man unafraid to take chances, a man unafraid to make you sweat till you bleed, a man unafraid to write a tribute to the time “after the party,” during which one goes to the Waffle House. (It’s called “Waffle House,” the song.) That man is dance music DJ/producer Chrissy Murderbot, self-declared “purveyor of stupid party music.” He runs 17 labels (okay, maybe more like three: aptly named sleaze house label Sleazetone Records, juke label Loose Squares, and jungle label Dead Homies Recordings) and is on the verge of releasing a new album on Murder Channel Records.

That album, Greatest Hits ★★★★★, drops — when else — April 20. Don’t groan on me, gentle reader! It’s so perfect. This thing comes out as both a CD and digital release and features a bunch of REMIXES at the end. So basically, it’s like your EARS are going to an EAR Waffle House, and they just ordered up some kinda obscene Cap’n Crunch and Skittles EAR milkshake for dessert. It’s that sweet. Listen to previews of a bunch of the tracks below:

Greatest Hits ★★★★★ tracklisting:

01. Get Wet Baby
02. Slang It
03. Waffle House
04. What Should I Do
05. What You Are to Me
06. Pew Pew
07. Why
08. Pew Pew (Star Slinger RMX)
09. What Should I Do (Slick Shoota RMX)
10. Why (Cardopusher & Pacheko RMX)
11. What Should I Do (Pixelord RMX)
12. Get Wet Baby (DJ Fulltono RMX)
13. Slang It (Sidney Looper RMX)
14. Pew Pew (Makumba Sound RMX)

• Chrissy Murderbot:
• Murder Channel:

Old Apparatus announce Compendium collection on Sullen Tone, would be totally happy to help you fix your toilet

Is your apparatus getting old, rusty, and unreliable? Here’s an easy, six-step DIY guide to building your very own new apparatus:

1. Release a series of acclaimed singles on Deep Medi (if possible, complete this step in 2011). One of them is allowed to be self-titled, but name the other one something pretty normal. Use a word that everyone knows the definition of, like Zebulon.

2. Start your own label, give it a cute name (e.g. Sullen Tone).

3. Put out a few EPs on your new label throughout a year that begins in “20” and ends in “12.” It’s important to get a good number of tracks under your belt (this will be important for later). These tracks can vary in style. Instrumental hip-hop, house, experimental electronic, and dubstep are all great! (Advanced tip: Try integrating elements of folky guitar for an added zest!)

4. Maintain an air of mystery.

5. Consult your Resident Advisor before selecting your favorite tracks from the first four EPs (Derren, Realise, Harem, Alfur) and put them all together in a Compendium.

6. Put the 10 tracks on your new Compendium into the largest kiln you can find until June 3, at which point you can release it on Sullen Tone Records (not before it’s cooled down though!). Be sure to check back periodically while it’s baking to make sure that everything is browning evenly.

Compendium tracklist:

01. Zimmer
02. Mernom
03. Derren
04. Dourado
05. Lingle
06. Cauliroot
07. Boxcat
08. Chicago
09. Octofish
10. Realise

• Old Apparatus:
• Sullen Tone:

Butterclock tours with Maria Minerva, does her best to make surrealists, cooks, and electro fans all happy

The name Butterclock is just weird. The word itself summons images of Dalí-lite kitchen tables covered in timepieces that would make Paula Deen’s mouth water. In actuality though, it’s the moniker for an electro-poppy music maker named Laura Clock, who has been active with bands like oOoOO for a bit now. This, oddly, makes more sense, but the lack of food-lubricant or minute-hand-relevant imagery in her music is a bit disappointing. What is not disappointing, however, are her beats. She has beats in spades. Another thing she has is an EP coming out on April 15 called First Prom. Apparently, Fantasy Music have already released it as a very limited CD but are releasing it again come April 15. It’s all very confusing. Check out “Holograms” from this already present but also impending EP below.

On a less confounded note, Butterclock is playing a series of shows with the superlative Maria Minerva. There’s only a few across the states, but if enough people show up perhaps she’ll bring her not-actually-artery-clogging or timekeeping-related synthesizer to a few more cities next time around.

First Prom tracklisting:

01. Crystal Eyes
02. Don’t
03. Holograms
04. Milky Words
05. Sorry Love


04.16.13 - Chicago, IL - Reggies Live
04.18.13 - Brooklyn, NY - Cameo #
04.19.13 - Seattle, WA - Lo-Fi Performance
04.20.13 - San Francisco, CA - Public Works #

# Maria Minerva

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• Fantasy Music:

Wu-Tang Clan announce new album A Better Tomorrow, while for fans this means a better “sometime in July”

Where does one even begin with a rap group as monumentally influential and legendary as the Wu-Tang Clan? Well, how about with their performance at Coachella this year, which succeeds the writing of this article? Assuming they can withstand the egotistical blow of not being the only worthwhile middle-aged rap group in attendance, the clan will be releasing their next and possibly final LP A Better Tomorrow on an as-yet unspecified date in July — about five and a half years after the release of 8 Diagrams.

More relevant in terms of history, the release will mark the 20th anniversary of Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), which is probably, like, my favorite Shaolin, eastern philosophy-referencing hip-hop album, ever. According to NME, last month Method Man talked about an “anniversary album” coming up, while Cappadonna confirmed in an interview with that recording had indeed begun on a new LP. Shall we assume that the two are one in the same? Regardless, fan satiation seems like a likelihood.

— Especially so if the final product lives up to RZA’s standards. “There’s one last job Wu-Tang Clan must do,” he told The New York Times last fall. “… we need to, one time, completely, efficiently, properly represent our brand.”

Until July, then!


04.14.13 - Indio, CA - Coachella
04.21.13 - Indio, CA - Coachella
05-26.13 - Paris, France - Le Zenith
06.13-16.13 -Manchester, TN - Bonnaroo
07.05-06.13 - Des Moines, IA - 80/35 Festival
07.07.13 - Ottawa, ON - RBC Royal Bank Bluesfest
07.12-14.13 - Frauenfeld, Switzerland - Openair Frauenfeld
07.18.13 - Biarritz, France - Big Festival
07.25.13 - Manchester, UK - O2 Apollo
07.26.13 - London, UK - O2 Academy

• Wu-Tang Clan:

AMDISCS hosts live streaming event with LINGERIE, AyGeeTee, Infinity Frequencies, and Igor Maximilian

∜♡MDISCS: Futures Reserve Label (a.k.a. AMDISCS), a web-centric label that’s released music from the web-centric likes of C V L T S, Afrika Pseudobruitismus, DJ Baglady, ACTRESS PETS, and Luxury Elite, is one speedy and prolific enterprise. It boasts an incredibly fast-paced release schedule, publishes a torrent of found web images nearly everyday via Facebook, and maintains a blog that seeks to document sounds that sometimes aren’t even directly related to the label. My social media feeds can barely handle it all as it is, but AMDISCS apparently wants to get more music to you even faster.

To that end, AMDISCS — who earlier this year released the towering 73-track ∜♡MDISCS 2K13 compilation — is hosting its first live streaming event. Titled SOFT FREQUENCY Vol. I, the event will feature live performances by artists from around the globe, including LINGERIE from New York, Infinity Frequencies from Oceanside, CA, AyGeeTee from London, and Igor Maximilian from Moscow, all curated and produced by label head Rado Z. Each performance will switch between the artists and custom visuals by the likes of Jónó Mí Ló, Matthew Caron, and BreakbeatTiki, all in real-time, all in HD, all everyone united.

SOFT FREQUENCY Vol. 1 starts at 9 PM EST, on Wednesday, April 17. TMT has agreed to help host the stream (which is why our logo is on the fancy poster), so stay tuned for details. Meanwhile, like we did for the mighty #SPF420 fest, you can preview music from the artists below:


AyGeeTee (UK):

Infinity Frequencies (US):

Igor Maximilian (RUS):