Stars announce new album The Five Ghosts

Stars announce new album The Five Ghosts

As long as there are melancholy mix CDs to be made, Stars will always be in business. On June 22, they will release their fifth full-length album, The Five Ghosts, the first to be released on their new record label, Soft Revolution Records, which is licensed by Vagrant Records. The album will also feature a guest appearance from fellow canuck Andrew Whiteman of Apostle of Hustle/Broken Social Scene. Now, when can you see Stars in person, playing all of this new musical goodness? This summer, most likely, as the band is in the midst of a planning a US tour to perform The Five Ghosts in its entirety, along with fan-chosen favorites like “Take Me To The Riot,” “Ageless Beauty,” and “Your Ex-Lover Is Dead.” Keep your eyes on their website for more details to be announced soon.

The Five Ghosts tracklisting:

01. Dead Hearts
02. Wasted Daylight
03. I Died So I Could Haunt You
04. Fixed
05. We Don’t Want Your Body
06. He Dreams He’s Awake
07. Never Been Good With Change
08. The Passenger
09. The Last Song Ever Written
10. How Much More
11. Winter Bones

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Pink Floyd win in battle against EMI; music is back to being “seamless” again

Pink Floyd have emerged as the victors in a court tussle with EMI. The English rock group sued the English music group over online royalties and the “selling of individual tracks online.”

Judge Andrew Morritt ruled in favor of Pink Floyd, arguing that EMI should “preserve the artistic integrity of [their] albums.” (He’s obviously a fan.) In typical Pink Floydian language, the band was unhappy that EMI was selling songs individually because this detracted from the “seamless” nature of the group’s music. EMI countered that it only needed to ensure “seamlessness” on physical releases.

The label now needs to pay $60,000 as an interim payment while the judge decides on a fine.

It just gets worse and worse for EMI after what seems to be a 2010 of neverending bad news. They need to start hiring people with business acumen, excellent musical knowledge, and innovative ideas. People like our very own TMT staff!

Faith No More announce first East Coast reunion show

And just like that, sales of wallet chains have risen for the first time since 1997 with the news that Faith No More have revealed another tour date. The band will be playing in Brooklyn’s Waterfront space on July 5, with proceeds going to benefit the Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn. Tickets go on sale March 19, with a special fan pre-sale taking place March 16. Check Faith No More’s website for more details.

04.12.10 - San Francisco, CA - The Warfield
04.13.10 - San Francisco, CA - The Warfield
04.14.10 - San Francisco, CA - The Warfield
04.17.10 - Indio, CA - Coachella Festival
07.05.10 - Brooklyn, NY - Waterfront
07.08.10 - Lisbon, Portugal - Alive Festival
07.09.10 - Madrid, Spain - Sonisphere Festival
07.10.10 - Bilbao, Spain - Bilbao BBk Live
07.15.10 - Dour, Belgium - Dour Festival
07.16.10 - Berne, Switzerland - Gurtenfestival

Zs announce new album, New Slaves, run rampant all over SXSW

The free-jazz, no wave, prog, what-the-fuckness that is Brooklyn’s Zs will be making the southern united states slightly more interesting come mid-March. Not only will the avant-noise-makers be running rampant all over SXSW, they’ll be making a couple of select stops on the ride down. This is all in anticipation for their forthcoming new album, New Slaves, due May 11 on The Social Registry. If you’ve yet to catch a whiff of the blissful furry that is Zs live or born witness to the developmental culmination that is Music of the Modern White (TMT Review), this, my friends, is the time.

New Slaves tracklist:

01. Concert Black
02. Acres of Skin
03. Gentleman Amateur
04. Don’t Touch Me
05. Masonry
06. New Slaves
07. Black Crown Ceremony I: Diamond Terrifier
08. Black Crown Ceremony II: Six Realms


03.13.10 - Charlotte, NC - Snug Harbor
03.14.10 - Atlanta, GA - The Earl
03.15.10 - New Orleans, LA - The Saint !
03.16.10 - Austin, TX - Scoot Inn - SXSW @
03.17.10 - Austin, TX - Hotel San Jose - SXSW $
03.18.10 - Austin, TX - Club Primo - SXSW
03.18.10 - Austin, TX - Domy Books - SXSW %
03.18.10 - Austin, TX - Parking Lot Near Convention Center - SXSW ^
03.19.10 - Austin, TX - Beauty Bar - SXSW &
03.20.10 - Austin, TX - Spider House - SXSW *
03.20.10 - Austin, TX - Moose Lodge SXSW #
03.27.10 - Ridgewood - Silent Barn (Black Crown Ceremony)
04.14.10 - Brooklyn, NY - Glasslands

! MC Trachiotomy and Microshards
# DD/MM/YYYY, Dosh, Naam, Mondo Drag
@ Turbo Fruits, Thee Ohsees, Golden Triangle
$ Ralph White, The Coathangers
% Abe Vigoda, Total Abuse, Weird Weeds
^ Acid Mothers Temple, Liturgy
& Aa, Julianna Barwick, Tyvek
* TK Webb, Wild Yaks,Jeff the Brotherhood, Shellshag

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Sunny Day Real Estate to record new album in May; get ready to dry your adolescent emo tears and start crying adult “sophisticated melodic rock” tears!

The housing market must be officially back on track, because Sunny Day Real Estate are back in business! (Okay, okay, lazy joke; let’s just move on…) 2009 already saw the emo-rock pioneers reuniting for a tour and reissue campaign, but as Ear Candy recently reported, KEXP radio DJ Marco Collins recently upped the ante for 2010 with a late-night tweet of his twitter:

Great news today. Just got an email from Nate [Mendel] from Sunny Day Real Estate/Foo Fighters… SDRE is recording A NEW RECORD IN MAY!!

So, unless Collins was referring to May of some other year entirely, the world may very well see what would amount to only the fifth studio album by the seminal Seattle foursome in nearly 20 years by the close of 2010. Not to mention their first record with all four original members in 12 of those years! Hey, and remember how BAD those last few records were??? Wow, ME NEITHER!!! Ah, the magic of nostalgia. You’re on deck, Promise Ring.

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Smashing Pumpkins auditions for new bassist and keyboardist; prog-rock background and resume required

Are you a strapping young lad who plays bass and/or keyboard? Do you have nice cheekbones and toned biceps? Do you want to play music with the man who penned the groundbreaking album The Future Embrace? Well, you’re in luck all 92 of you who answered ‘yes’ to that last question. Billy Corgan — the Smashing Pumpkin who has become somewhat of a media punching bag for the past, I don’t know, 10 years or so — is holding auditions to find a couple presumably young, strapping, nice cheek-boned, toned bicep’d men to “man” the drums and keyboards for his revolving-door incarnation of The Smashing Pumpkins.

Corgan “hired” Mike Byrne last year, after holding auditions for a drummer to replace Jiminy Cricket Chamberlin. But what about his current band? Apparently, current bassist Ginger Pooley has to attend to her newborn, while Mark Tulin (Electric Prunes) has agreed (contractually??) to stay on board until a new bandmate can be “hired.” Tulin: you need a newborn to get out of this one.

Anyway, if you’re interested, email your resume and prog-rock background (seriously) to or All submissions are due March 31.

Oh, and in case you weren’t keeping track, The Smashing Pumpkins have only released three tracks of the proposed 44-track album, Teargarden by Kaleidyscope. Though, I’m honestly more excited to see how many musicians Corgan will have to go through to actually finish the album.

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