Tame Impala are going on a fall tour, one in which they tell you how much they love Todd Rundgren over and over again

Tame Impala are going on a fall tour, one in which they tell you how much they love Todd Rundgren over and over again http://www.tinymixtapes.com/sites/default/files/news-12-08-tame-impala.jpg

This story is about Tame Impala going on tour in the fall. I know that. I don’t want to talk about that. See, while I was combing through their press release, I discovered a MUCH MORE IMPORTANT nugget. “Elephant,” the first single off their new album Lonerism (out October 9 through Modular Recordings), is getting a digital and vinyl release on August 28 in the US, August 27 in the UK/Europe, and August 24 in Australia. That’s fine and well, but the important thing is that the single features remixes from Canyons and… Todd Rundgren.

Congratulations, Tame Impala, you’ve made it.

The coveted Rundgren remix is the highest honor in rock. You think The Beatles are the greatest band in the history of music? You must be an idiot, because The Beatles never got a rundgmix. Anyway, to celebrate this momentous occasion, Tame Impala are going on tour. Since a Todd Rundgren kiss from heaven doesn’t happen every day, the tour will be a world tour, hitting South America, their homeland of Australia, Europe, the UK, and wrapping up in the United States. Their Swedish buddies The Amazing will accompany them on the US dates, while quietly boiling over with jealousy. Oh and I guess by the time the European leg starts, Lonerism will have been released. But who cares? Everybody will have already deleted/sold/smashed the entirety of their music library, in favor of simply keeping one mp3 of that Todd Rundgren remix.

08.15.12 - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Cine Joia
08.16.12 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Queremos!
08.17.12 - Santiago, Chile - Club Fauna
08.18.12 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Niceto Club
09.29.12 - Brisbane, Australia - Parklife Festival
09.30.12 - Brisbane, Australia - Parklife Festival
10.01.12 - Perth, Australia - Parklife Festival
10.06.12 - Melbourne, Australia - Parklife Festival
10.14.12 - Cologne, Germany - Gebaude 9
10.15.12 - Paris, France - Bataclan
10.16.12 - Brussels, Belgium - Ancienne Belgique
10.17.12 - Hamburg, Germany - Gruenspan
10.19.12 - Oslo, Norway - Rockefeller
10.20.12 - Stockholm, Sweden - Debaser
10.22.12 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Vega
10.23.12 - Berlin, Germany - Postbahnhof
10.25.12 - Vienna, Austria - Fluc
10.26.12 - Milan, Italy - Magazzini Generali
10.27.12 - Lausanne, Switzerland - Les Docks
10.29.12 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Paradiso
10.30.12 - London, UK - Brixton Academy
11.01.12 - Manchester, UK - Ritz
11.02.12 - Sheffield, UK - Leadmill
11.03.12 - Glasgow, UK - ABC
11.07.12 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg
11.08.12 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer
11.09.12 - Boston, MA - Royale Night Club
11.10.12 - New York, NY - Webster Hall
11.13.12 - Chicago, IL - Metro
11.15.12 - San Francisco, CA - The Fillmore
11.17.12 - Los Angeles, CA - The Fonda Theatre

• Tame Impala: http://www.tameimpala.com
• Modular Recordings: http://www.modularpeople.com

The Dismemberment Plan just played eight new songs live! Meanwhile, thousands of fans everywhere just forgot eight old Dismemberment Plan songs.

Hey! Listen, I’m kind of in a hurry here. Besides, it’s like Tuesday already, so you probably know what happened at this past weekend’s Dismemberment Plan shows, starting Friday night at Baltimore’s Metro Gallery, right? Wait, you don’t? And you’re a “fan” of theirs?? Sigh. Fine, strap in. I’ll take you through it.

So, blah blah blah, “The Dismemberment Plan”… something, something, “live debut of first new songs in 11 years” or whatever it is… maybe I’ll throw in a dash of the old “Consequence of Sound reports," etc. etc. And a quick cutaway to Travis Morrison's Facebook recap:

Travis here.

We played a bunch of new songs this weekend at our shows. Eight to be exact! It went well, we think. We have a bunch more coming so we're going back to the lab to work on brand new ones and tweak these. No plans for recording as of yet, although certainly those conversations are happening now.

"Beyond that, he goes on to say (as if there's actually anything beyond that), "the shows were great. " So yeah, everyone in the band seems to be feeling positive and in good spirits about stuff, but other than that, not much to glean, really. Let's just cut straight to the fan reactions, shall we?

The new songs sounded better than the old ones!
-Rob Perry

Oh man. A new album would be so awesome.
-Skylar Francise

Omg new songs
-Sean Gilbertson

Yup, pretty funny out of context, huh? Well, that’s about it. You’re up to speed, and I’m out of here.

Oh, wait! The songs. Yes, there’s YouTube videos of at least six of them. I’m sure you can search them out yourself when you get a… oh, never mind. Here they are.

• The Dismemberment Plan: http://www.dismembermentplan.com
• DeSoto: http://www.desotorecords.com

[Photo: Josh Sisk]

Italians Do It Better founder starts new label, presumably under the assumption that Bavarians do it best

Who does it better? Italians!

WHO does it better? Italians!

Who DOES it better? Italians!

Who does IT better? New Jersey!

Hold up. That last response, that was a strange response. Based on previous patterns, I would have expected you to say, oh I don’t know, Italians. Instead, you said New Jersey. But this provides a good transition to the story at hand. Many years ago, Mike Simonetti founded a label called Italians Do It Better with Johnny Jewel of Chromatics/Glass Candy fame. Previously, he had started the Troubleman Unlimited label. Now, as Pitchfork reports, he’s started a third label, known as New Jersey. Why New Jersey? Because Simonetti is from New Jersey. Duh.

Where Troubleman dealt in indie rock and Italians Do It Better explored the niche of italo-disco, New Jersey will focus on house and techno. Primarily, the label plans to put out music on 12-inch vinyl. The first of those 12-inches will be a release from Millions & Millions, a group consisting of Simonetti and vocalist Monty Luke. While the label has not offered further details on the release, it will contain a track called “The Dance,” which you can hear below (via their SoundCloud page):

• Italians Do It Better: http://vivaitalians.blogspot.com

Moon Duo release “blazing” new album on Sacred Bones, chart “epic” tour; “killer!”

Moon Duo wanna take you on a psychedelic picnic, maaaaaaan, to a place where it’s always summer, where the vibes are hazy, and fuzzed-out bliss is only a rocket’s hop away. A place called Circles, which is — coincidentally — the name of the band’s forthcoming LP on Sacred Bones. It’s the band’s first full-length since 2010’s critically-acclaimed Mazes. So pack up your Magic Eye posters, your friendliest psychedelics, and your freeze-dried astronaut ice cream, because Wooden Shijps guitarist Ripley Johnson and Sanae Yamada are gonna take you on a long, strange journey into transcendentalism.

Circles was dreamed up over a long winter in the band’s newish Rocky Mountains home in Blue River, CO, and inspired by American philosopher/high wizard of thinkin’ ‘bout nature, Ralph Waldo Emerson. In fact, the album’s title comes from Emerson’s 1841 essay on the unattainable, or “flying perfect.” As Emerson wrote, and the Duo jam, “The eye is the first circle; the horizon which it forms is the second; and throughout nature this primary figure is repeated without end.” It’s an album with roots around the world; as previously mentioned, the tracks were written in early 2012 in Colorado, recorded a couple months later with engineer Phil Manley (Grass Widow, Fresh and Onlys) at Lucky Cat Recordings in San Francisco, and then mixed at Kaiku Studios in Berlin. And fittingly for an album with such diverse geographic seeds, Moon Duo’s fall/winter tour itinerary takes them all over the globe, from Atlanta to Antwerp. Circles drops October 2.

Circles tracklisting:

01. Sleepwalker
02. I Can See
03. Circles
04. I Been Gone
05. Sparks
06. Dance pt. 3
07. Free Action
08. Trails
09. Rolling Out


09.26.12 - Lawrence, KS - Replay Lounge
09.27.12 - St. Louis, MO - Firebird
09.28.12 - Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle
09.29.12 - Detroit, MI - Lager House
10.02.12 - Toronto, ON - Silver Dollar
10.03.12 - Montreal, QC - Casa Del Popolo
10.04.12 - Boston, MA - O’Brien’s
10.05.12 - Brooklyn, NY - Knitting Factory
10.06.12 - Philadelphia, PA - Kung Fu Necktie
10.08.12 - Washington, DC - DC9
10.09.12 - Raleigh, NC - King’s Barcade
10.10.12 - Atlanta, GA - 529
10.11.12 - New Orleans, LA - TBC
10.12.12 - Houston, TX - Rudyard’s
10.14.12 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits
10.20.12 - Groningen, Netherlands - Vera
10.21.12 - Utrecht, Netherlands - Ekko/Sunday Noise
10.22.12 - Haarlem, Netherlands - Patronaat
10.23.12 - Antwerp, Belgium - Trix
10.25.12 - Paris, France - Point Ephemere
10.26.12 - Reims, France - La Cartonnerie
10.27.12 - Vendome, France - Les Rockomotives
10.29.12 - Montpelier, France - Le Rockstore
10.30.12 - Lyon, France - Sonic
10.31.12 - Milan, Italy - Leon Cavallo
11.01.12 - Rome, Italy - Angelo Mai
11.02.12 - Bologna, Italy - Covo
11.03.12 - Vienna, Austria - Rhiz
11.05.12 - Lausanne, Switzerland - Le Bourg
11.07.12 - Kortrijk, Belgium - De Kreun
11.08.12 - Hamburg, Germany - Kampnagel
11.09.12 - Leipzig, Germany - Skala
11.10.12 - Berlin, Germany - H.A.U.
11.12.12 - Glasgow, UK - Captain’s Rest
11.13.12 - Leeds, UK - Brudenell Social Club
11.14.12 - London, UK - Corsica Studios
11.16.12 - Bristol, UK - The Croft
11.30.12 - San Diego, CA - The Casbah
12.01.12 - Los Angeles, CA - The Down + Out
12.04.12 - San Francisco, CA - Bottom of the Hill
12.07.12 - Vancouver, BC - The Biltmore

• Moon Duo: http://moonduo.org
• Sacred Bones: http://www.sacredbonesrecords.com

Death Grips to release second album of 2012, tour, get down with Crispin Glover

Pitchfork reports that hardcore hip-hop assemblage Death Grips are making good on the promise they made earlier this year to release two full-length records in 2012. Since that announcement back in February, it’s been an uneven ride for the band. They released The Money Store (TMT Review) to widespread critical acclaim in April, then proceeded to announce extensive tourdates to support the record. Before they could hit the road, though, the band unexpectedly cancelled the entire tour, disappointing fans without so much as a proper explanation for that unfortunate development.

Could it be that they just needed to focus on the second album they were contractually obligated to produce and release in 2012? While the band’s statement is full of information about the new release, to be titled NO LOVE DEEP WEB and tentatively schedule to drop in late October on Epic Records here in the US, it doesn’t retroactively explain the lack of touring in support of The Money Store in any explicit manner.

I’ll let Death Grips lay all the details about the new release out for you, though:

the album is titled NO LOVE DEEP WEB
we are working on 20 tracks and looking to narrow down to 13.
it will be released by epic records in the us and columbia in the uk.
the release is scheduled for fall 2012. most likely late october.
we are in correspondence with Crispin Glover and working toward a video collaboration with him relating to this album.
we’ve been recording the album primarily in sacramento , ca. and oakland , ca. for the past five months.
we will be mixing it in shanghai , china.
there are no manually programmed drums on this album ,
the beats are being played live on a roland electronic v-drum set or acoustic drum set by zach.
there are no features , guest collabs or outside producers.
the material is cold , bass heavy , minimal , rock & roll influenced and could simultaneously fit into a rave or dance club context.
it is essentially rap and electronic music while at times extremely aggressive.
we plan on supporting this release live internationally. 

*the track that comes out sept.10 as part of the adult swim series is a previously unreleased track from the Money Store and is totally unrelated to the new album NO LOVE DEEP WEB. 
NO LOVE DEEP WEB is another sound and vibe entirely.

Death Grips

They certainly know how to try and make us forget about their past indiscretions — live drums! Chinese mixing! Crispin Glover! If you’re willing to forgive Death Grips, and I think I might be, then we’ve got lots to look forward to as the year winds down. Here’s to hoping the second half of 2012 doesn’t follow the same trajectory as the first half!

• Death Grips: http://thirdworlds.net

Animal Collective to premiere Centipede Hertz on Animal Collective Radio this Sunday, undoubtedly as part of the Obama Administration’s fiendish plot to destabilize the Christian Sabbath

Say, readers, would you like a Centipede Hz donut? If you answered “yes,” then you’ll want to tune your computer’s digi-dial into Animal Collective Radio at the pretty typically do-nothing hour of 9 PM EST this Sunday night for what promises to be a real hoot: the premiere stream of the band’s new jazz-based album, Centipede Hz, in full! I know, I know: hearing an album that hasn’t come out yet doesn’t make any sense, so let me try to explain things a little bit. Like, you know how the album is coming out September 3 (in the UK) and 4 (in the US) on Domino? Right, well this is like a “promotional” thing that they’re doing that will actually enable you hear the songs on that very same album — all of them — JUST as they’ll appear sequenced on the real album, before those release dates make the album available for purchase or streaming to the general public. And you don’t even have to pay any money to listen to them. Hurts, don’t it??? HAHAHAHAHA.

Actually, no. Shut up and stop laughing, because it doesn’t hurt at all. In fact, it’s free, easy, and totally legit. I mean, it was announced last night on ACR (that’s what Animal Collective Radio is called to save time) on lead singer/bass player Avey Tare’s radio show, which incidentally, featured guest DJ mixes by some totally legit bands/bloggers like “Atlas of Sound,” “Tres Blackouts,” and “Ghost-ish Capital,” which you can also totally listen to for free right now on that very same and obviously worth-clicking-on radio page that I told you about earlier even though you were giving me a hard time about it. Heck, Tare even played a few previously unheard songs of his own on that very same show that featured, aside from some rocking instruments, vocals by erstwhile Dirty Projectors vocalist Angel Deradoorian, and there’s no way that name is made up. It sounds too real. So, to summarize my position here, this is all real and cool and worthy of your attention. So stop suggesting that it’s not.

• Animal Collective: http://myanimalhome.net
• Domino: http://www.dominorecordco.com


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