Terra Firma Seeking $160 Million In Life Support for EMI; News Writer Seeking Asian Redhead (Must be Willing to be the Breadwinner)

Terra Firma Seeking $160 Million In Life Support for EMI; News Writer Seeking Asian Redhead (Must be Willing to be the Breadwinner) http://www.tinymixtapes.com/sites/default/files/news-10-02-asian_redhead.jpg

This just in: Terra Firma — the firm whose name means “solid ground,” remember? — is now reportedly trying to raise an additional $160 million to keep EMI afloat in, uh… financial water. The figure, as well as the mixed metaphor, is apparently needed despite recent successes meeting financial obligations to lender Citigroup (read: the Beatle$ rema$ter$).

After having fallen short on earlier covenants, Terra Firma had reportedly used reserves to cover the deficits, and now (duh) the Financial Times noted that Terra’s chances of meeting upcoming covenants are in serious, like, Alex Trebek-with-a-gun-and-nothing-left-to-lose type jeopardy. The Wall Street Journal has noted that Terra “is almost certain to fall short” on upcoming financial tests and has pointed to “revised business plans and proposals” from the label group. I guess “revised” usually means “better,” but hey, we could all use a good semantics lesson now and again. Separately, a source close to the label recently indicated the expectation of a “near-term blowup,” including possible divestitures and breakups of various recording and publishing units. Yipes.

Quick, everyone: think. THINK. Aren’t there more ways to keep selling people the same Beatles tracks over and over? How about 26 new albums that each feature any and all Beatles songs that start with a given letter of the alphabet? Or maybe a record of instrumental versions of all of the songs Ringo sang lead on?

RIP: Sir John Dankworth, British jazz musician

From The Guardian:

Sir John Dankworth, a totemic figure of the British jazz scene who worked as a musical director for artists including Nat King Cole and Ella ­Fitzgerald, has died at the age of 82.

The saxophonist, whose career spanned more than half a century, died yesterday in King Edward VII hospital, London. He had been ill for several months.

• Dankworth’s Qnote Records: http://www.qnote.co.uk

Dengue Fever: Not a disease, but relief (hopefully) for Haiti this weekend.

This Saturday, February 6, Dengue Fever, the alt-psych-rock outfit aiming for circa ‘Vietnam Conflict’ vintage pop, are playing a Haitian Benefit show. “What?” You ask. “Yes,” I say, at The El Rey in loving Los Angeles.

Presented by KCRW, scope this line up:

• Ska revivalists, Hepcat
• Joey Altruda’s Crucial Riddims & Reggae Greats Revue featuring Wailing Sounds
• Elan, Eljai
• Cumbia band, Very Be Careful
• The Lions, an all-star reggae group
• An experimental rock outfit, The Tuffingtons
• Echodelic Soundsystem
•DJ Miles Perlich
• Hosted by the Santa Monica College’s KCRW DJ’s Junor Francis an Alexis de la Rocha

All proceeds of ticket sales will be donated to Operation USA’s relief efforts. Oh yeah, the date is also Bob Marley’s 65th birthday. That sounds about right.

• Dengue Fever: http://www.myspace.com/denguefevermusic
• Operation USA (do some good): http://www.opusa.org

In Really Disappointing Music News: Gowns Break Up

After moving through the standard steps of grief upon learning the news myself, it is with great sadness I relay the message that Gowns, a phenomenal band that counts many of this site’s contributors as fans, have announced their dissolution. In a five-year career, they produced two EPs, one full-length, and several tours’ worth of heart-stopping live sets. From Gowns member Erika Anderson’s blog:

As of last week, the collaboration between artists Erika Anderson, Ezra Buchla, and Corey Fogel, also known as GOWNS, has ceased to breathe. […] We were tapping into some very raw emotions, and I’m ultimately proud of the risks we took. In spite of anything else, I feel like we were honest, and I feel like we were brave. I’m also proud of the sounds we created, as though the combination of our talents created something that was rare and unique. […] I’m sorry we couldn’t keep it together.

The band has posted their final release, a fantastic 17-minute track called “Stand And Encounter,” as a free download (you can stream it at the Chocolate Grinder). And for more information on their new projects, read the rest of Anderson’s post.

After a single listen on the suggestion of a fellow TMT writer, I implored every one of my musically-inclined friends to get Gowns’ sole LP, 2007’s Red State (TMT Review). I extend the same suggestion to you. The album is exquisitely beautiful and deeply unsettling, totally gut-wrenching, and surprisingly humanizing. Anderson once told me that, during its production, every member of the band had moments where they felt they’d gone crazy, striving to make every second achieve total perfection and clarity. After listening to the album dozens of times as a whole and to every song individually dozens of times more, I believe what they produced is unprecedented, peerless, and indeed perfect. I guess something as good as Gowns is never long for this world.

• Erika Anderson: http://cameouttanowhere.com
• Ezra Buchla: http://music.calarts.edu/~ebuchla/spat.php
• Corey Fogel: http://knitdrums.tumblr.com
• Cardboard: http://www.cardboardrecords.com

Older Woman Wrongly Accused of Downloading Movies, Gets Dropped by ISP

So it’s come to this, has it? Apparently, the industry’s eyes are so glazed over with paranoia that they’ve started issuing warrants for little old ladies to get dropkicked in the ass by their ISPs. 53-year old Cathi Paradiso reportedly had her internet suspended by Qwest Communications after they assumed she’d been downloading illegal material, including ZombieLand, Harry Potter, and South Park. Now, ladies and gentleman of the jury, I ask you this: do these television programs and/or movies sound anything like what a 53-year-old woman would download? Would a 53-year-old woman even know how to download a movie? Maybe, but these film and TV titles do sound like 13-year-old boy fare. COME ON NOW! Doesn’t it seem the least bit possible that little boys (or sad-sack man-boys) were stealing internet juice from the older, unassuming lady? Not that all old ladies are unassuming — many are impeccably tech-savvy — but you get what I’m saying. It seems pretty unlikely.

After being dropped abruptly from her ISP with a stern slap on the wrist, Paradiso alerted the media, hoping this would help locate the true culprits. And true enough, some interference from CNET prompted a technician to have a closer look at Paradiso’s network. Indeed, they determined that Paradiso’s network had been “compromised” by another (and probably way less mature) party.

Case closed. Next week on Dragnet, Sgt. Joe Friday, and Sgt. Ben Romero take on the case of the missing B Channel…

Sir Richard Bishop Goes on Tour, Possibly Incinerates Audience Because He Is a Dragon

In 2007, I saw former Sun City Girls guitarist Sir Richard Bishop open for Animal Collective. During the show, he told the audience that he was over 500 years old. There is only one explanation for this fact: Sir Richard Bishop is a dragon. Sir Richard Bishop is going on tour this winter. If you don’t want to go, it means you don’t want to go see a dragon, and, let’s be honest, that is stupid. Also, Bill Callahan is playing some of the dates and, while he is not a dragon, he is pretty damn good.

02.05.10 - Paradiso - Amsterdam, Netherlands
02.06.10 - Bad Bonn - Dudingen, Switzerland
02.07.10 - Caves du Manoir - Martigny, Switzerland
02.09.10 - Usine - Geneva, Switzerland
02.10.10 - Le Grande Mix - Tourcoing, France *
02.11.10 - Olympic Club - Nantes, France *
02.12.10 - Cafe de la Danse - Paris, France *
02.14.10 - Arkaoda - Istanbul, Turkey
02.16.10 - OK - Linz, Austria
02.17.10 - Club Schocken - Stuttgart, Germany
02.18.10 - West Germany - Berlin, Germany
02.19.10 - Scheld’apen - Antwerp, Belgium
02.20.10 - Freebutt - Brighton, United Kingdom
02.21.10 - The Portland Arms - Cambridge, United Kingdom
02.22.10 - The Church - Cardiff, United Kingdom
02.24.10 - Stereo - Glasgow, United Kingdom
02.25.10 - Cluny - Newcastle, United Kingdom
02.26.10 - Whitechapel Gallery - London, United Kingdom
02.27.10 - The Croft - Bristol, United Kingdom
02.28.10 - Miss Peapods - Falmouth, United Kingdom
03.01.10 - Uncut Club - London, United Kingdom
03.03.10 - Museu do Chiado - Lisbon, Portugal

* Bill Callahan

• Sir Richard Bishop: http://www.sirrichardbishop.net
• Drag City: http://www.dragcity.com