The Mountain Goats are touring this fall; let’s all huddle together and bleat

The Mountain Goats are touring this fall; let's all huddle together and bleat

I have a story about The Mountain Goats. Or, sort of about The Mountain Goats and mostly about me. When my dad was teaching me how to drive, I insisted that he let me choose the music in the car. Not a radio station, but a carefully curated playlist. “The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton” came on as we made our way home from the grocery store one afternoon, and even though I’d heard the song tons of times, I paid more attention to John Darnielle’s voice than I did to the speed limit or stoplights. My dad yelled at me to pay attention as I slammed on the brakes and nearly rear-ended the car in front of me. As we waited for the light to turn green, the song got to the part where John Darnielle yells “HAIL SATAN. HAIL SATAN TONIGHT,” and my dad asked what the hell was going on. I told him he wouldn’t get it because he wasn’t listening to the story.

Anyway, I’m just trying to tell you that The Mountain Goats are touring in the fall. John Darnielle will probably tell some stories. They’ll be playing a covers and rarities set at Hopscotch Festival, maybe including “The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton” (just hazarding a guess, because really I have no idea). They’ll be playing most of those shows with Matthew E. White, who wrote the horn arrangements for The Mountain Goats’ new albumTranscendental Youth, which will be out October 2 on Merge. I bet you’ll hear some stories there too, and in the meantime, you can hear the album’s first single, “Cry for Judas” via Merge’s SoundCloud below:


09.01.12 - Livermore, CA - Wente Vineyards Estate Winery %
09.07.12 - Raleigh, NC - Fletcher Opera Theatre (Hopscotch Music Festival)
10.06.12 - Durham, NC - Reynolds Industries Theatre #
10.09.12 - Richmond, VA - The National*
10.10.12 - Baltimore, MD - The Ottobar*
10.11.12 - Philadelphia, PA - Theatre of Living Arts*
10.14.12 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg*
10.15.12 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom*
10.18.12 - Boston, MA - House of Blues*
10.19.12 - Ithaca, NY - The Haunt*
10.20.12 - Toronto, ON - Phoenix Concert Theatre*
10.22.12 - Grand Rapids, MI - The Ladies Literary Club*
10.23.12 - Milwaukee, WI - Pabst Theatre*
10.24.12 - Minneapolis, MN - Varsity Theatre*
10.26.12 - Iowa City, IA - The Blue Moose TapHouse*
10.27.12 - Chicago, IL - Vic Theatre*

% The Dodos
# Anonymous 4
* Matthew E. White

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Alleged Wisconsin shooter fronted shitty neo-Nazi band End Apathy

In case you were preoccupied with the Mars landing or busy expressing grief over NBC’s finite coverage of the Olympics, there’s been a severe tragedy on American soil once again. Yes, while Bob Costas was reading some interesting tweets from our athletes and asking the gymnasts about their Bieberfever, many innocent citizens were once again prey to a deranged shooter in yet another mass murder. Just days after the Colorado shooting at a Dark Knight Rises premiere screening, a peaceful Sikh gurdwara was infiltrated by a non-member, who proceeded to open fire on the occupants of the temple. A total of six members were killed, others injured, including the police officer that took down the son of a bitch.

Now the details about this fuckstick keep trickling in. First, we learned he was a bald guy with a 9/11 tattoo. Perfect. That led many to believe that the shooting wasn’t a random act of insanity, but indeed a misdirected hate crime. Sikhs have been victim to numerous attacks post-9/11, because racists can’t tell them apart from Muslims. So the cops are investigating the matter as “domestic terrorism.”

This morning we also learned that the suspect was an army vet, discharged in 1998 for “patterns of misconduct.” So this shitfuck was already an asshole before 9/11, which has caused many uneducated middle-Americans to have a general disliking to brown skin.

But now we have a little bit more info to add to this charming portrait: the alleged shooter, Wade Michael Page, age 40, was a member of the neo-Nazi band End Apathy based out of Northern Carolina, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Jesus Christ. Here’s their fucking Myspace page. Needless to say, his band sucks ass. Sounds like when sitcoms try to put a metal/punk band in an episode. You should try to remember your Myspace log-in and leave nasty comments. Just a suggestion.

The band’s ass shit has been around since 2005, released on Label 56, who were informed in an interview with Page that he has been part of the White Power scene since 2000. I guess they were cool with that.

Now readers, don’t be as reactionary as Page, going and assuming that all shitty bands are murderers. But skinheads in hardcore bands who have been dishonorably discharged from the army and own a plethora of semiautomatic weapons may have some predispositions that lead them to wrongfully attack one of the most peaceful and inclusive religions practiced in America.

Tomahawk announce a fall tour and a 7-inch called Waratorium out November 23, also make sure everyone knows that raisins do not count as Halloween candy

Tomahawk haven’t played any shows since 2003. Maybe they’ve been watching Jeopardy reruns or perfecting a pancake recipe or teaching cats to ride bikes. Maybe they released an album or something.

Regardless, once October rolls around, Tomahawk be performing again, playing just a handful of shows down South. The Faith No More/Jesus Lizard/Helmet/Mr. Bungle/Melvins/etc. supergroup has an album called Oddfellows coming out next January, and they’re releasing “Waratorium,” a 7-inch single, as part of Record Store Day’s Black Friday event on November 23. Guitarist Duane Denison recently told Rolling Stone that Oddfellows will sound like “really heavy Beach Boys.” They’re dressing up as the Beach Boys for Halloween too!


10.27.12 - Nashville, TN - Exit/In
10.28.12 - New Orleans, LA - Voodoo Music Experience
10.29.12 - Memphis, TN - New Daisy Theatre
10.31.12 - Dallas, TX - Granada Theatre
11.01.12 - Houston, TX - Fitzgerald’s
11.02-04.12 - Austin, TX - Fun Fun Fun Fest

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Jay-Z reveals his techie side and executive produces NBA 2K13

Jay-Z is an enterprising fellow and, as we all know, enjoys making money. We’ve heard his records, worn his clothes, drank his liquors, lusted after his wife, watched his basketball team, and, soon enough, we’ll be playing his video games as The Jigga Man has been announced as an executive producer NBA 2K13.

Did he participate in motion capture? Did he try his hand at coding? Did he fill up a briefcase with copies of the game and go door-to-door selling it to bored youths in suburbs? Nope, nope, and nope. Mostly, H.O.V.A. just helped pick the soundtrack and, in a completely surprising move, has loaded up the soundtrack with his own music as well as plenty of tracks from fellow Watch The Throne watcher, Kanye West. In addition to the soundtrack, Jay-Zee also helped develop the intro videos, menu screens, and “the general aesthetic” of the game. “Jay-Z didn’t just want to put his name on it,” head marketer Jason Argent says, “He’d call us in the middle of the day with new ideas as to how the video game should be presented.”

Jay-Z, who co-owns the New Jersey Nets of Brooklyn, NY, also insisted that his team be allowed to win every game that they play inside the video game, that they be unstoppable, that their stats be juiced to the max, and that, after only a week of starting the game, the NBA All-Stars not playing for the Nets would all migrate to Jay’s team through in-game contracts and free-agency. At first, 2K Sports were hesitant to follow Jay’s direction, but, after being shown the secret set of naked Beyoncé pictures that Jay has, quickly agreed that the Nets would be the game’s most dominant team.

NBA 2K13 tracklist:

01. The Hours, “Ali in the Jungle”
02. Too Short, “Blow the Whistle (Main)”
03. Eric B. and Rakim, “I Ain’t No Joke”
04. Phoenix, “1901″
05. Jay-Z, “Pump It Up (Freestyle)”
06. Puff Daddy and the Family, “Victory” (feat. Notorious B.I.G. & Busta Rhymes)
07. Daft Punk, “Around the World” (Radio Edit)
08. Santigold, “Shove It” (feat. Spank Rock)
09. Kanye West, “Amazing”
10. Jay-Z, “Run This Town”
11. Dirty Projectors, “Stillness Is the Move”
12. Nas, “The World Is Yours”
13. Coldplay, “Viva La Vida”
14. Roy Ayers, “We Live in Brooklyn, Baby”
15. Justice, “Stress”
16. Jay-Z, “The Bounce”
17. Kanye West, “We Major” (feat. Nas & Really Doe)
18. Mobb Deep, “Shook Ones, Pt. II”
19. Meek Mill, “Ima Boss” (Instrumental)
20. Kanye West, “Mercy” (feat. Big Sean, Pusha T and 2 Chainz)
21. U2, “Elevation”
22. Jay-Z, “On to the Next One”
23. Jay-Z, “Public Service Announcement”
24. Jay-Z, “H.A.M. (Instrumental)”

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Isis announce Temporal, a requisite collection of retrospective rarities, remixes, and videos

In the 2010 blog post announcing their disbandment, the well-known sludge metal band Isis talked about having done everything they wanted to do, and said everything they wanted to say. Some of those sayings were obviously distributed through their formal releases; others were cast aside like the sporadic comments of a shy middle schooler, drowned out by the words of their more overtly talented classmates.

Abandoning the verbal metaphor now, Isis mentioned at the end of that blog post their devotion to doing whatever they can to make their music available “for as long as there are people who wish to hear it.” Only three years removed from Wavering Radiant (TMT Review), I think it’s safe to say that people are still interested, and with that, Isis and Ipecac Recordings have announced Temporal, a “retrospective collection of unreleased rarities, remixes and videos,” due out November 6. The collection spans the band’s entire discography.

Drummer Aaron Harris had this to say about the project: “It was fun and also very nostalgic collecting material for this release. I hear our catalogue differently now that I’m not living with these songs day to day. This is a special collection of outtakes, demos, unreleased tracks and videos; some of which I think we even forgot about.”

Unsurprisingly, with a title like “Temporal,” the release does nothing but increase the well-deserved longevity of Isis’ music.

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RIP: Jason Noble of Rachel’s, Rodan, Shipping News

From Caring Bridge:

Around 10:15AM this morning Jason went into cardiac arrest for a second time. After 45 minutes of CPR and other heroic measures the NIH staff were unable to get his heart to pump again. Jason passed away just before 11AM surrounded by friends and family. He will be cremated here in Maryland early next week prior to making his final journey back to Kentucky. Plans for a larger gathering to celebrate Jason’s life is still in the works but is expected to be at least a few weeks out.

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