The Ramones’ first album finally goes gold, 38 years later

The Ramones' first album finally goes gold, 38 years later

The Ramones’ first album just went gold. Like, just now. The remarkable self-titled LP that was released 38 years ago and fucked up rock & roll forever got certified by the RIAA on April 30, 2014 as having sold 500,000 units.

Upon initial release, the record was commercially unsuccessful, peaking at 111 on the US Billboard 200. Critics, however, later found the record to be influential on many great successors and what some would say was the true beginning of punk (I’m not saying that, don’t write to me with your bullshit).

And of course, who could forget the iconic album cover photographed by Punk magazine’s Roberta Bayley. How many band shots have mimicked it? Fuck, I even got a Christmas card with the family in leather jackets posted up on a brick wall.

I really can’t fathom why this is just now going gold. I keep imagining a 13-year-old on iTunes accidentally clicking “buy” on this album and becoming the 500,000th purchaser. Something like that. So for the rest of you who don’t own the record, pitch in and let’s take them to platinum!

Here’s the Ramones on Live with Regis and Kathy Lee, because it’s weird:

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Oneohtrix Point Never to perform ECCOJAMS tonight in London alongside patten and felicita, 30 new internet micro-genres to follow closely thereafter

Woah, wait, what — you’re writing an entire news post about ONE SINGLE Oneohtrix Point Never concert now? What, putting his latest album R Plus Seven at the tippy top of your 2013 faves list and even writing some really steamy fan fiction about the mild-mannered Daniel Lopatin wasn’t enough? Now you gotta go ahead and become his personal show-fer? Okay sorry, that was a bad pun — on either “gopher” or “chauffeur,” I’m not sure which — but seriously, Oneohtrix Point Whatever! That’s what I say!

So you’re saying that this show was just announced, that it’s happening tonight in London at the Ace Hotel, and that it’s presented by Warp along with Cave Empt (who will also provide visuals) and SHOWStudio? And that patten, felicita (editor’s note: <3), Brood Ma, Ana Caprix, and J-Cush (of Lit City Trax) will also be there? And that it’s free but you gotta RSVP? I know I said it once, and that each time I repeat it, the returns are going to diminish, but… Oneohtrix Point Whatever: That shit just sounds like a regular show to me.

“But wait there’s more!” you say. Dolphins? Why yes, of course; I love dolphins! Is OPN going to perform in a dolphin suit, because that’d be funny but… Oh! You’re saying he’s going to be performing as “Ecco the Dolphin”? And that he’s going to be playing music in the style of the rarely-heard-live eccojams from Chuck Person’s Eccojams Vol. 1, a.k.a. the album that more or less maybe kind of sort of spawned vaporwave if you ask certain people on certain days of the week when the angle of the sun is just right? Oh man, you seem pretty excited about that one. Why are your teeth chattering? Is that… is that foam at the corners of your mouth? I’m sorry! I take it all back! Oneohtrix Point Always! Oneohtrix Point Always!

Also happening this evening: Lopatin will be on NTS Radio from 8-10 PM (London Time) with Mamiko Motto. Visit the NTS Radio website to listen live. He’s also got a few more dates left in the second half of June and early July. Look upon them below!


06.13.14 - Barcelona, Spain - Sonar Festival
06.18.14 - Winnipeg, MB - Union Sound Hall
06.19.14 - Minneapolis, MN - Cedar Cultural Center
06.20.14 - Toronto, ON - NXNE BLKBOX
06.21.14 - Toronto, ON - NXNE Geary St. Warehouse
07.06.14 - George, WA - Sasquatch Festival

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Blonde Redhead announce new album Barragán, make all the cool kids say “Bangarang!”

Perhaps best known for their critically acclaimed score work for such eclectic and highly experimental films as TRON, People Under the Stairs, and Three Ninjas Kick Back, post-no-wave New York City power trio Blonde Redhead don’t get around to releasing proper full-length albums all that often. So when they do, it’s a HUGE DEAL to EVERY COOL PERSON EVER. For real. Don’t care? You’re lame.

So yeah, this is one of those huge deal moments. The band has just announced, with all of their typical art-mysticism, that they’ll be releasing a new album, entitled Barragán (huh… must be Japanese?), on the Kobalt Music label come September 2. According to the press release, the new album was produced, engineered, and mixed by Drew Brown (Beck, Radiohead, The Books, Lower Dens, Sandro Perri), was recorded at Key Club Recording in Benton Harbor, Michigan and The Magic Shop in NYC, and is going to be awesome. How awesome?? First-single-streaming-down-below-awesome. Only times ten.

Barragán tracklisting:

01. Barragán
02. Lady M
03. Dripping
04. Cat on Tin Roof
05. The One I Love
06. No More Honey
07. Mind to Be Had
08. Defeatist Anthem (Harry and I)
09. Penultimo
10. Seven Two

Blonde Redhead world tour:

06.14.14 - Singapore - Infinite Studios
06.16.14 - Manila, Philippines - Samsung Hall
06.18.14 - Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong - Music Zone
06.19.14 - Taipei, Taiwan - Legacy
06.21.14 - Tokyo, Japan - Studio Coast
07.18.14 - Catania, Italy - Zanne Festival
07.20.14 - Dour, Belgium - Dour Festiva
07.27.14 - Denver, CO - Underground Music showcase
09.12.14 - Milan, Italy - Mito Festival
09.13.14 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Vega
09.14.14 - Aarhus, Denmark - Voxhall
09.16.14 - Cologne, Germany - Gebaude 9
09.17.14 - Berlin, Germany - Frannz Club
09.19.14 - Groningen, Holland - Vera
09.20.14 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Tolhuistuin
09.21.14 - Brussels, Belgium - Botanique
09.22.14 - Paris, France - Trianon
09.23.14 - Rouen, France - 106
09.26.14 - Istanbul, Turkey - Hayal Kahvesi
09.27.14 - Istanbul, Turkey – Hayal Kahvesi
09.29.14 - London, UK - Islington Assembly Hall
10.02.14 - Toulouse, France - Bikini
10.03.14 - Lyon, France - Epicerie Moderne
10.04.14 - Friboug, Switzerland - Fri-Son
10.05.14 - Luzern, Switzerland - Club Le Schuur

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Cassette Store Day expands to the US for its second year, but people still can’t find cassette stores

Originally conceived in the UK, last year’s inaugural Cassette Store Day obviously didn’t have the same financial or cultural impact as its big brother, Record Store Day. Still, more than 28 shops — including Rough Trade in London — got involved by carrying around 50 limited-edition tape releases. Now, you’re probably wondering what a “cassette store” is, and how that might be different from your typical record store. But tape stores are spreading faster than froyo parlors, baby, and this year’s Cassette Store Day promises to be bigger than ever.

This September 27 — also my brother Andrew’s birthday, who is indifferent to cassettes, so please don’t buy him any — both the UK and US will have stores participating in the event, with Fullerton, California label and shop Burger Records handling the US festivities. Speaking on behalf of the holiday, Burger stated, “We’ve built our foundation on the forgotten format and have been preaching the merits of warm analog cassette culture for years. We’re honored to be ambassadors of Cassette Store Day 2014 in the good ol USA!” Burger, the honor is ours. And if there’s anything more American than a record label called Burger expressing their love for a niche media format, then God bless ‘em. Plus, tapes are so much easier to ship after you sell them on eBay, right? Everyone wins.

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The New Pornographers announce new album Brill Bruisers for August, commit to more Google Hangouts together in the future

Sigh. You know how it is when you’re in a SUPERGROUP like The New Pornographers: you make a thing, then you tour it a bit (maybe!), then you disband for several years because all of the individual members have shit going on and cool urban children to neglectfully raise and spiritual goals to pursue and various drugs to do… then you shamble back together (mostly via Gmail at first) and kick a few demo ideas around on the internet, eventually culminating some four years later with a new album that you tell yourself is full of “the best artistic compromises possible,” and the whole crazy cycle just starts again from there!

Oh wait, you don’t know how that is at all??? Er. Right. Me neither. In that case: The New Pornographers’ (a supergroup) newest album, Brill Bruisers, will be released August 26 via Matador. It is indeed the first new album in four years from songwriter A.C. Newman… and Neko Case and Dan Bejar… er, and Blaine Thurier and John Collins and Kathryn Calder and Kurt Dahle and Todd Fancey… a truly SUPER group of people! You can check out the art above and title track below. Super!

But in case you’d rather listen to people talk about what the album sounds like than simply listen to what the album sounds like: “This is a celebration record,” Newman says. “After periods of difficulty, I am at a place where nothing in my life is dragging me down and the music reflects that.” How nice! The thing was produced by Collins and Newman and was recorded “primarily at Little Blue in Woodstock, NY and at JC/DC Studios in Vancouver B.C. with additional recording in Austin, Brooklyn and Vermont,” which sounds pretty fittingly all-over-the-map (literally) and supergroupy.

ALSO: in addition to all of the usual rigmarole, the album will also see release as a super-duper “limited edition multi-colored ‘paint splattered’ vinyl” (which you can pre-order at their site) and some accompanying 3D artwork and glasses. ALSO, ALSO: there’s gonna be a supernice supersized tour once the thing drops. The cycle perpetuates.

Brill Bruisers tracklisting:

01. Brill Bruisers
02. Champions of Red Wine
03. Fantasy Fools
04. War on the East Coast
05. Backstairs
06. Marching Orders
07. Another Drug Deal of the Heart
08. Born with a Sound
09. Wide Eyes
10. Dancehall Domine
11. Spidyr
12. Hi-Rise
13. You Tell Me Where

Tour dates:

07.18-20.14 - Pemberton, BC - Pemberton Music Festival
08.29-31.14 - Edmonton, AB - Sonic Boom Festival
09.06.14 - Detroit, MI - Majestic Theatre
09.06-07.14 - Toronto, ON - Riot Fest
10.05-06.14 - Seattle, WA - The Showbox *
10.08.14 - Portland, OR - Crystal Ballroom *
10.09.14 - Boise, ID - Knitting Factory *
10.10.14 - Salt Lake City, UT - The Depot *
10.11.14 - Denver, CO - Gothic Theatre *
10.13.14 - Phoenix, AZ - The Crescent Ballroom *
10.14.14 - Tucson, AZ - Rialto Theatre *
10.15.14 - Pioneertown, CA - Pappy & Harriet’s Pioneertown Palace *
10.17.14 - Los Angeles, CA - The Wiltern *
10.18.14 - San Diego, CA - North Park Theatre *
11.04.14 - Nashville, TN - Cannery Ballroom *
11.05.14 - Asheville, NC - Orange Peel *
11.06.14 - Atlanta, GA - Buckhead Theatre *
11.07.14 - New Orleans, LA - Civic Theatre *
11.07-09.14 - Austin, TX - Fun Fun Fun Fest
11.10.14 - St. Louis, MO - The Pageant *
11.11.14 - Omaha, NE - Slowdown *
11.13.14 - Milwaukee, WI - Pabst Theater *
11.14.14 - Chicago, IL - Riviera Theatre *
11.15.14 - Cleveland, OH - House of Blues *
11.17.14 - New York, NY - Hammerstein Ballroom *
11.19.14 - Boston, MA - House of Blues *
11.20.14 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer *
11.21.14 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club *
11.23.14 - Carrboro, NC - Cat’s Cradle *

* The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

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A nominal legal victory over our corporate ticketing overlords Ticketmaster returns about $2 to your pocket

People say miracles don’t happen anymore. But that’s not true. This is some Moses parting the Red Sea shit here. This is some Jesus feeding 10,000 people from an ever-multiplying few rolls of bread and fish or whatever. This is like that movie where a maaaaagical reindeer gets lost from the North Pole and mends a broken family again. (That’s how that movie went, right? I mean, one assumes.) This is… the TRUE STORY of Ticketmaster reaching a settlement in the 2009 class action lawsuit filed against the money-sucking behemoth by a few customers who were like, “stop charging me $19 in ticket fees on a ticket that cost $32 originally.” (In other words, the plaintiffs rightly claimed that Ticketmaster inflated online fees exclusively to make some mad dough.)

Okay, so it’s not quite a reindeer/Moses/Jesus-level miracle. It’s more of an “I found a parking spot at Whole Foods without circling the f**king parking lot for 15 minutes” kind of miracle. A “yessssss, the cashier at Chipotle forgot to charge me for guacamole” kind of miracle. But it’s something, innit? So now Ticketmaster is going to pay out $400 million to customers who bought tickets online between 1999-2013… but it’s like this. The company is willing to issue 161 million $2.25 credits and up to 4.9 million $5 credits, but people have to spend money to redeem these credits and OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. If less than $10.5 million is redeemed within a year, Ticketmaster will throw a pizza party for users or something. (Actually they will make some events free for lawsuit participants. USA! USA!)