The Rentals announce US tour dates in September, share “1000 Seasons” from new record

The Rentals announce US tour dates in September, share "1000 Seasons" from new record

Ahead of their upcoming album Alphaville, ye olde 90s favorites The Rentals have announced a few US tour dates and given us a sneaky-peeky of what to expect, by way of sharing their new single “1000 Seasons,” which you can listen to in that little embedded orange-hued player below. Strap on your thick, black-framed glasses and get ready to “oooh-hooo-hoo-hooo” with The Rentals like it’s 1995, as you discover them on the radio on the way to the mall to pick up that Offspring record.

The Rentals tour dates:

09.05.14 - Los Angeles, CA - Fonda Theatre
09.07.14 - Pomona, CA - Glass House ^
09.08.14 - San Francisco, CA - Slim’s #
09.25.14 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer
09.26.14 - Asbury Park, NJ - Stone Pony
09.27.14 - New York, NY - Irving Plaza

^ We Are Scientists & Ozma
# Ozma

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Japanese experimental psych group Ghost disband after 30 years

Sorry, dude who started this petition requesting that the Swedish metal band Ghost split up: a band named Ghost is disbanding, but it’s not the one you’re targeting. It’s the Japanese experimental psychedelic band Ghost, breaking up after 30 years and eight albums.

Ghost’s leader, Masaki Batoh, announced the group’s split on their Facebook page. The Drag City band has played together since 1984.

Batoh’s somewhat cryptic message also mentions a solo follow-up to 2012’s Brain Pulse Music, due out on Drag City in 2015, and hints at the emergence of a new band, The Silence, sometime “after spring.” Read the full statement below:

Ghost is dissolved. Since 1984 to 2014
Look forward Masaki Batoh’s solo work out in January 2015 from Drag City.
And also new band “The Silence” that should be out after spring.
Share this announcement everybody.

Masaki Batoh 9 Aug 2014 Tokyo

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Bok Bok and Tom Trago to release collaborative Night Voyage Tool Kit II next month

Night Slugs label-head Bok Bok and Voyage Direct label-head Tom Trago have collaborated on a second volume of their bumpin’, jackin’, groovin’ Night Voyage Tool Kit project. The “mini-album,” which combines two previously released 12-inches, Get Me What You Want and Pussy Trak, and adds two mixes of a new cut called “Need This,” is set for a September 9 release through their exclusively self-releasing Night Voyage label.

As you likely can hear from those 12-inches, a Tom Trago/Bok Bok collaboration sounds just like you’d expect it to, which is far from a bad thing. With Your Charizmatic Self, Bok Bok’s previous solo release, the London-based producer pushed the saturation to 100%, hitting near-Lone levels and perhaps frustrating some who felt he overreached and fell into the pop cesspool. Well he has a response for those that felt so. And even if that doesn’t rectify, there’s no need to worry. Night Voyage Tool Kit II finds Trago’s hand scrubbing the gloss away.

Check out “Vector” from the first volume and “Get Me What You Want” from the second below.

Night Voyage Tool Kit II tracklist:

01. Get Me What You Want
02. Pussy Trak
03. Silent G. Safari
04. Hole Driller 3
05. Need This [Radio Mix]
06. Need This [12” Dub]

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Warpaint announce US dates for October, the warring-est month of them all

October is the month of war. It must be, for Halloween falls at its end, bringing a dramatic climax to the previous four weeks’ turmoil. This is a month in which you can declare war on your neighbor, set their lawn on fire, throw a knife at their garage, and they’ll never know it was you, because they’ll think some skeleton did it. As such, it’s the ideal time for L.A. outfit Warpaint to tour, as their name suggests not only paint used for war, but also the individual concepts of war and paint. The two ingredients of Halloween! These October dates are in addition to previously announced dates in the less war-torn months of August and September.

Earlier this year, Warpaint put out their self-titled sophomore album on Rough Trade. Not to editorialize, but the decision to release the record in January may have been a huge mistake. January is a peace lover’s month.


08.08.14 - San Francisco, CA - Outside Lands Festival
08.09.14 - Santa Ana, CA - The Observatory
08.10.14 - Los Angeles, CA - Theatre at the Ace/Sundance NEXT Fest
09.13.14 - Utopia, TX - Utopia Festival
10.02.14 - Denver, CO - Gothic Theatre
10.04.14 - Milwaukee, WI - Pabst Theatre
10.07.14 - Montreal, QC - Corona
10.08.14 - Boston, MA - Royale
10.09.14 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer
10.14.14 - New York, NY - Webster Hall
10.16.14 - Silver Spring, MD - The Filmore
10.18.14 - Chapel Hill, NC - Cat’s Cradle
10.19.14 - Atlanta, GA - Variety
10.21.14 - New Orleans, LA - Republic
10.22.14 - Dallas, TX - South Side Music Hall

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Chris Staples puts down the tools to release new album on Barsuk, American Soft

Chris Staples is a songwriter who has tipped the paradigm on its head by letting his day-job supplement his music career. The story goes that Staples, a guitar-wielding lifer who has lent his skills to J. Tillman and Telekinesis records and shows, would supplement his musical endeavors by taking construction and building jobs in whatever town he ended up in.

Then one day he’s installing a screen door in the Seattle home of none other than Josh Rosenfeld, the label boss of Barsuk Records. Of course, one thing leads to another and come August 12 Barsuk releases Staples’ third solo album American Soft.

Made up of stripped-back guitar, poetic lyrics, and economical touches of rhythm, feedback, and hand-claps, American Soft is exactly the kind of album you’d expect an accomplished carpenter/guitarist to make. You can get a sample via the lead single “Dark Side of the Moon,” which is a song about the idea of interpreting the Pink Floyd classic of the same name, apparently.

The moral of the story is that as one newly installed screen door closes a new recording contract opportunity opens.

Staples will be launching American Soft in Seattle and will probably tour if you have any odd jobs that need doing in your home town.

08.19.14 - Seattle, WA - Tractor Tavern

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Numero Group readies anthology of music set in an underground cave studio

The consistently excellent Numero Group label, who are always releasing great archival compilations of obscure music for anyone to hear and also appreciate the historical context, has announced the next entry in their Local Customs series, which highlights a noteworthy music scene or studio. This time around, Cavern Sound documents a music studio with the same name, which was built into an active limestone mine (and former mineral quarry) in Independence, Missouri. That is some Batman meets Rick Rubin illuminati shit.

Founded by Gerald “Jerry” Riegle and a host of engineering partners, the men would rent out their cave to anyone who could afford the $300/day rate. This included gospel artists, local garage bands, country acts, folk singers, and James Brown. Yes, James Brown spent the majority of April 1972 in a cave studio, and even recorded “Think (About It)” with Lyn Collins there. On Local Customs: Cavern Sound, Numero Group shares deep cuts that weren’t released via the underground studio’s many in-house labels, such as Cave, Rock, Cavern, and Pearce. Very creative, guys. Dropping on October 28, the compilation sounds like the musical equivalent of a ragtag, inspirational sports film. How could you not love it? I mean, come on:

Local Customs: Cavern Sound is the story of a studio, certainly. But also tells the tales of studio rats, high school hopefuls, and unflagging lifers on the fringe of the music business. Fly over country? They were so underground they couldn’t hear the planes, let alone see them.”

Pre-order the 2xLP/CD and listen to samples over here.

Local Customs: Cavern Sound tracklist:

01. Pretty - Mustache in Your Face
02. Fraight - One Girl
03. American Sound Ltd - Aunt Marie
04. The Classmen - Doin’ Me Right
05. Jaded - Lovin’ You’s Blues
06. Larry Sands & the Sound Affair - You’ll Know the Words
07. Sheriff - I Don’t Really Love You
08. Tide - I Wish It Hadn’t Ended That Way
09. Bulbous Creation - End of the Page
10. Mulligan - Think Before You Leave
11. Stone Wall - Living Today
12. Morningstar - Little by Little
13. The Montaris - 7 And 7 Is
14. Baxters’ Chat - Love’s Other Side
15. Burlington Express - One Day Girl (Twenty-Four)
16. The Reactions - In My Grave
17. 21st Century Sound Movement - Feelin’ Down
18. The Dantes - Any Number Can Win
19. Larry Sands & the Sound Affair - If I Didn’t Want to See You Anymore
20. Fraight - William Jones
21. The Classmen - Any Old Time
22. Jaded - The King Was
23. The Dantes - She’s a Part of Me
24. A.J. Rowe - Smoke My Pipe (The Sign Ain’t Right)

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