Traxman and DJ Earl to perform live from Chicago this Monday at e-venue SPF420

Traxman and DJ Earl to perform live from Chicago this Monday at e-venue SPF420

Put down that fucking guitar and get ready to sit down! On Monday, September 30, SPF420 is once again stepping up its game by playing host to the syncopated, chopped-up vibes of footwork/juke/ghetto house vet Traxman and young gun DJ Earl, beaming straight from Chicago. It’s been difficult to keep up to date with the prolific e-venue — it had an event on September 18 with Saint Pepsi, Tobacco, etc., and another just yesterday with Contact Lens, Metallic Ghosts, and more — but this one’s particularly well-timed: Traxman (who’s no stranger to the deep internet underground) just released the mighty TEKLIFE Vol. 3: The Architek on Lit City Trax, while his partner-in-crime, DJ Earl, has a new album out soon, according to DJ Rashad.

This won’t be the first time the e-venue ventured into the world of footwork. The first was back in June, a Japanese footwork showcase that featured Paisley Parks, Foodman, and Giant Claw. I wasn’t able to make it — storm took out my internet — but I heard it was amazing.

Show starts at 11 PM EST. Don’t be late!

Directions to SPF420

1. Open browser 2.2 seconds
2. Ctrl+T to open new tab 0.3 seconds
3. Type into URL box and press Enter 3.4 seconds

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The Body tour the US, release new video, spread messages of peace, love, and goodwill to all humans

The scene is a dimly lit interview room. A mild-mannered son of a doctor sits across from a police officer with a short fuse and a lonely wife. “Alright, let’s cut to the chase, kid. Where did you hide The Body? I’m a police officer with a short fuse and a lonely wife, so don’t try to mess with me.” The mild-mannered son of a doctor replies, “I ain’t a murderer, sir, that’s the god’s honest! I’m just the mild-mannered son of a doctor, and last I heard The Body weren’t even hidden! They signed to Thrill Jockey back in May and they’re planning to release Christs, Redeemers on October 15. You… you can preorder it now if you want!”

The police officer with the short fuse and the lonely wife slams his hands on the metal table and stands up. He’s heard this line before from countless other sons and daughters of doctors, lawyers, and bakers. He knows full well about The Body, about their sludgy, doomy, Portland-based ways. He knows too that this mild-mannered son of a doctor isn’t telling him everything he knows. The police officer stares down the mild-mannered son — good cop beaming out of his right eye, and bad cop coming out the left. The mild-mannered son of a doctor stammers as he continues, “Okay okay! Look, I’ll talk! I heard… I heard they’re going on tour this fall.” The dates tumble out of his mouth like refreshing diet soda. A ha! The mild-mannered son of a doctor doesn’t know it yet, but he’s given the game away.

The police officer pulls out a tablet computer and slides it across the table as it plays the recently released video for “An Altar or A Grave” from Christs, Redeemers. “You wouldn’t know anything about this, would you, son?” As the mild-mannered son of a doctor watches the video, descriptors like “murky,” “disturbing,” and “difficult to visually interpret” flash across his face, but he doesn’t speak. The officer repeats his question, to which the son replies, “No. No. No, sir. I don’t know nothing about this video. Honest!” After a pause, the officer looks satisfied. He says, “Alright, get out of here, and don’t let me catch you down at Musclehead Johnny’s again… By the way, could you let your dad know that I’ll probably be by later in the week. I think I’ve got a parasite thing going on that I’d like him to take a look at.”


10.15.13 - San Francisco, CA - Thee Parkside
10.16.13 - Arcata, CA - Mex n’ Wow
10.17.13 - Portland, OR - The Know
10.19.13 - Seattle, WA - The Highline
10.23.13 - Minneapolis, MN - Hexagon *
10.24.13 - Chicago, IL - The Empty Bottle @
10.25.13 - Milwaukee, WI - Riverwest Free Space
10.26.13 - Columbus, OH - The Summit
10.27.13 - Pittsburgh, PA - The Shop
10.29.13 - Philadelphia, PA - Kung Fu Necktie #
10.30.13 - Providence, RI - Machines With Magnets
10.31.13 - Brooklyn, NY - Saint Vitus
11.03.13 - New Orleans, LA - The Mushroom
11.04.13 - Baton Rouge, LA - Spanish Moon
11.05.13 - Little Rock, AR - Whitewater Tavern
11.10.13 - Phoenix, AZ - Wall St.
11.12.13 - San Diego, CA - The Soda Bar $
11.13.13 - Santa Monica, CA - Almost Heaven
11.23.13 - Portland, OR - Roseland Theater %

* False
@ Oozing Wound
# Pissgrave, Krieg, Drums Like Machine Guns
$ Author and Punisher, Diamond Lakes
% Neurosis, Tragedy, Atriarch

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clipping. announce Europe/UK tour get money get money get money get money get money get money

Get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money.

Noise-rap trio and money-getting enthusiasts clipping. are going on a tour of Europe and the UK this fall. This will be their first tour through those territories. Available will be an exclusive 10-inch vinyl release, featuring the unreleased songs “Chain” and “Jump.” Check out the release’s art above, created by Kevin McEleny. The art features the following elements: pot leaves, guns, brass knuckles, money, dollar signs, the color gray.

Earlier this year, clipping. put out their debut album midcity (TMT Review). Next year, the group plans to put out two releases through Sub Pop and Deathbomb Arc, positioning them in a somewhat similar career arc to a somewhat similar noise-rap project to which they are frequently compared. This upcoming tour will find them previewing this upcoming material, in addition to tracks from the self-released midcity.

Get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money get money.

clipping. dates:

10.17.13 - Krakow, Poland - Unsound
10.18.13 - London, UK - Birthdays
10.19.13 - Cardiff, UK - SWN Festival
10.20.13 - Brighton, UK - Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar
10.21.13 - Brussels, Belgium - Cafe Central
10.22.13 - Rotterdam, Netherlands - Worm / Roodkapje
10.23.13 - Hamburg, Germany - Hafenklang
10.24.13 - Berlin, Germany - Berghain Kantine
10.25.13 - Prague, Czech Republic - Klub 007
10.26.13 - Graz, Austria - Elevate Festival
10.27.13 - Birmingham, UK - Bring to Light
10.28.13 - Dublin, Ireland - Twisted Pepper
10.29.13 - Paris, France - La Miroiterie
10.30.13 - Lyon, France - La Triperie
10.31.13 - Marseille, France - L’Embobineuse
11.01.13 - Milan, Italy - Leoncavallo
11.02.13 - TBD, Italy - TBD

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• Sub Pop:
• Deathbomb Arc:

Jim O’Rourke releases Old News No. 9, the first to feature ALL NEW material

In 2011, the world was changed when Editions Mego announced a series of vinyl-only records from the one, the only, limited-edition, embossed hologram, 14kt gold, new and improved human that is Jim O’Rourke. The eMego series started in June 2011 with volume 5 (the first four were self-released in Japan from 2002-2005). After that, came volume 6. And after that, volume 7. Then, out of nowhere and defying all expectations, volume 8 was released. Life, while completely chaotic, random, miserable, and empty of meaning, punctuated by an acute awareness of world-weary insignificance and impending death, was good.

But during those many moments of hedonistic O’Rourke listening sessions, did you ever think about what was up with volume 9? Did you ever once think about how the eight Steamroom releases on his Bandcamp page could’ve signaled the end of the Old News series??

Of course you didn’t. That’s why I’m the journalist making the big bucks, here today to happily objectively report that O’Rourke has announced, after roughly a year since volume 8, the release of Old News No. 9. But it’s not really all that old of news, as the ninth installment features a brand new composition, recorded in Tokyo from 2012 to 2013. According to eMego: “The work here showcases the kind of experimental concrete drift which O’Rourke has been exploring for a number of years resulting in a magical blend of musical abstraction. Whistling drones morph into crystalised rain, shortwave chaos folds into haunting organ landscapes and the intimacy of this particular journey is witnessed through the ebbing tides of sound that emanate throughout this monumental release.”

Old News No. 9 is out November 4 on Editions Mego. Life goes on!

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copeland readies first post-Hype Williams 12-inch, a collaboration with HW associate John T. Gast

About a month ago, Inga Copeland copeland put up a new, self-produced track on a new YouTube channel, and the only thing unimpressive about it was how predictably awesome it sounded. This was the first peek at a post-Hype Williams solo career, and though it wasn’t a major break from the style of her earlier material, it was nice to have tangible proof that copeland wasn’t a made-up puppet person controlled by BuzzFeed.

Now for some more tangibility: copeland has a new white label 12-inch up for preorder, “UKmerge/Strict,” released on a seemingly new imprint of Rush Hour called All Bone, just as that first 12-inch was the debut release on Rush Hour imprint No ‘Label’. Joining copeland on both sides is John T. Gast, who “funnily enough” has connections to Hype Williams — for one thing, he’s the opening act on nearly half of Dean Blunt’s upcoming Euro dates, but even before that, he was (un)credited as a producer for Black Is Beautiful (TMT Review) under the moniker Henny Moan. (Yes, somehow you can be NOT credited under an alias.) Gast and Moan both have a few releases out there in the world, and FYI he’s shared a few of them online, if you’re a whiz at using Bing.

The preorder site has a couple extended samples of both tracks, or if you’re sick like me, you can listen to this hour-long mix thing recently uploaded by Gast, which has both tracks featured within:

In the future, copeland has plans for more solo productions as well as collabs with DVA, The Bug, and Martyn, and here are a few upcoming live dates:

10.19.13 - Krakow, Poland - Unsound
10.22.13 - Budapest, Hungary - Toldi Klub
10.26.13 - Berlin, Germany - UnReaL *
11.08.13 - London, UK - Soundcrash

* James Ferraro

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Suede tour Europe, release ultimate vinyl box set so fancy your Persian cat will be like “whoa slow down TOO FANCY”

Box sets box sets BOX SETS!!!! If there’s one thing beloved by all of Western Civilization, it’s a comprehensive vinyl reissue box set. Especially if it’s an 11LP reissue of all six of Suede’s studio LPs in a release described by The Quietus as “lavish.” Oh behave!!!!!

You’ll get the legendary Britpop group’s self-titled 1993 debut all the way up to their sixth studio album (this year’s Bloodsports). PLUS the 1997 B-sides compilation Sci-Fi Lullabies. PLUS when you pull the first LP out of this limited-edition box set, an entire turn-of-the-century gentleman’s study pops up, replete with sexy but discreet maidservants, vintage Moet, and a domesticated pet alligator named Freddy who only eats caviar (not people, Freddy’s tasted are more refined). Lavish!!! All this can be yours on October 21, when The Vinyl Collection hits stores. Or you can see them live for slightly less money; see dates below.

Tour dates:

10.16.13 - London, UK - The Garage
10.22.13 - Southampton, UK - Guildhall
10.23.13 - Southend, UK - Cliff Pavillion
10.24.13 - Bristol, UK - O2 Academy
10.26.13 - Leeds, UK - O2 Academy
10.27.13 - Glasgow, UK - Barrowlands
10.28.13 - Dublin, Ireland - Olympia Theatre
10.30.13 - Manchester, UK - Academy
10.31.13 - Birmingham, UK - O2 Academy
11.01.13 - Brussels, Belgium - Ancienne Belgique
11.02.13 - Luxembourg, Luxembourg - den Atelier
11.04.13 - Toulouse, France - Bikini
11.07.13 - Lisbon, Portugal - Coliseum
11.08.13 - Porto, Portugal - Coliseum
11.09.13 - Madrid, Spain - Riviera
11.11.13 - Paris, France - Festival Les Inrocks @ La Cigale
11.12.13 - Lyon, France - Transbordeu
11.14.13 - Bologna, Italy - Estragon
11.15.13 - Vienna, Austria - Gasometer
11.16.13 - Prague, Czech Republic - Lucerna Hall
11.18.13 - Berlin, Germany - Huxleys
11.19.13 - Munich, Germany - Tonhalle
11.21.13 - Cologne, Germany - E-Werk
11.22.13 - Hamburg, Germany - Rolling Stone Weekender
11.23.13 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Paradiso

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