Another festival lineup announcement: Treasure Island Music Fest Edition! Beck, Atoms for Peace to headline

Another festival lineup announcement: Treasure Island Music Fest Edition! Beck, Atoms for Peace to headline

If an item in the news isn’t about Amanda Bynes’ downward spiral, then it’s probably about the unveiling of another music fest’s lineup (sorry, Afghanistan, it’s officially summer!). Today, we bring you the latter type of news with the announcement of San Francisco’s Treasure Island Music Festival roster. At the top of the bill sit Beck, Atoms for Peace, and Animal Collective, with the likes of James Blake, Sleigh Bells, Japandroids, and Real Estate peering up from just below.

The fest’s seventh outing will take place October 19-20 on the venerable Treasure Island. What makes Treasure Island special, though? In the spirit of being stereotypically San Franciscan, the fest features such amenities as a zero-emission shuttle to the island, bike valet, a 60-foot Ferris wheel, roaming performers, and a bevy of interactive art installations. I know, yawn, what else? Well, Treasure Island is distinct because its two-day lineup of acts (full list below) never once overlap, meaning if you’re in it for the long haul, you will see EVERY SINGLE BAND. Beats having to choose between Cayucas (they perform only using duck calls) and Deep Sea Diver (performing from underwater, quite a treat), that’s for sure!

I have no idea what the weather will be like in San Francisco in October, but it probably won’t be very autumnal, so if you’re looking for a break from all the gorgeous foliage and cool breezes in your neck of the woods, make your way to the Bay area for 2 days of music and fun.

Treasure Island Music Fest lineup:

Atoms for Peace
Animal Collective
Major Lazer
James Blake
Little Dragon
Sleigh Bells
Holy Ghost!
Real Estate
Lord Huron
DJ Falcon
Palma Violets
Robert DeLong
IO Echo
Deep Sea Diver

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Swans announce the crap out of a new Swans album, while you just sit there and take it like the little bitch that Michael Gira knows you are

How’s that ol’ Law of Inertia thing go again, Michael Gira? “A body at rest tends to stay at rest, and a body pummeling the fuck out of musical instruments in ritualistic fervor tends to keep pummeling the fuck out of instruments in ritualistic fervor”? Wait; that doesn’t quite sound right. Oh well. I’m sure as shit not going to argue with Michael Gira. Are you?

Yup, ever since Swans regenerated back in 2010, seems like they’ve been downright active, releasing one badass album followed by another on Gira’s Young God label and touring all over the place like young whipersnappers. And now, according to a recent Facebook post, Gira and his crew have announced plans for not one, but TWO new albums: a live record to stand as testament to their recent relentless tour-craziness; and (more significantly) a new studio album — their thirteenth overall. Holy shit, did someone put some B-12 in Gira’s porridge? Here’s what the man himself had to say on the Swans Facebook page (sorry in advance, but the dude doesn’t like caps):

thanks to all who came to our recent shows in europe. it means the world to us to be in the center of the storm with you… it is a life giving, regenerative event for us to make this music, and my hope is that a positive effect is shared by all. thank you for allowing us to make a fresh world in real time. your involvement means everything! … a few more of these short tours are upcoming, then a live album (hand made), then a new studio album using the live versions of these new songs you may have experienced as a starting point. so, the studio album will move forward from the live versions you’ve possibly witnessed (which have already changed nightly in the recent tour-s), and there will also be studio-only songs as well. we feel blessed to be able to do the thing we love, and profoundly moved that some people on this earth find something of value in our work. thank you! - michael gira / swans

Well, there you have it: I guess Swans and their ongoing momentum actually is a credit to us all! Sweet, I can’t wait to tell my mom. And that smarmy little terrier of hers.

Swans 2013 dates:

06.13.13 - Brooklyn, NY - Northside Fesival
06.14.13 - Pittsburgh, PA - Rex Theater
06.16.13 - Manchester, TN - Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival
06.19.13 - Calgary, AB - Sled Island Festival
06.22.13 - Hilvarenbeek, NL - Best Kept Secret Festival
06.23.13 - Clisson, FR - Hell Fest
07.18.13 – Indianapolis, IN - Deluxe at Olde National Centre*
07.19.13 - Detroit, MI - Majestic Theatre*
07.20.13 - Chicago, IL - Pitchfork Music Festival
07.22.13 - Iowa City, IA - Blue Moose Tap House#
07.23.13 - Newport, KY - Southgate House#
07.24.13 - Columbus, OH - The Bluestone#
07.25.13 - Cleveland, OH - Beachland Ballroom#
07.26.13 - Buffalo, NY - Tralf Music Hall#
08.13.13 - Edinburgh, UK - Liquid Rooms
08.14.13 - Belfast, UK - The Limelight 2
08.15.13 - Dublin, IE - Button Factory
08.16.13 - Cork, IE - Cyprus Avenue
08.18.13 - Wales, UK - Green Man Festival

* Low
# Pharmakon

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• Young God:

MusicfestNW 2013: GY!BE, Animal Collective, Mount Eerie, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, and many more announce their collective hatred for mythical hairy creatures

Oh, Jesus. And here I thought, with the gradual easing of spring into summer, and thus the passing of the unofficial beginning of festival season, that we were done with sustained festival announcements. I don’t know why I thought that, and I certainly don’t have anything against the festivals themselves — geographical distance just has a knack for rubbing like sandpaper, in this instance. Just look at this amazing congregation of artists, booked as though according to the most-played in my very own music library. But wait, I’ve never heard of this festival. Where is it taking place? Motherfucking Poland? Or even, Raleigh, North Carolina?! A single tear glides down the cheek as the designated day(s) come and go, though we faintly realize, it was never much of an opportunity at all — unless you have money and/or lots of vacation time.

But look, a festival in my neck of the woods, the Pacific Northwest! The lineup for MusicfestNW in Portland, OR has just been announced, and, apt for self-proclaiming to be the city’s largest, there are a solid number of massively (sort of) successful, or at least appreciated, bands scheduled. Among them: Animal Collective, Neko Case, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Superchunk, Deerhunter, Mount Eerie, Chromatics, Austra, and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy. See the entire list here.

The multi-venue music side of things is set to take place September 3-8, while the associated (and relatively new) TechfestNW has the final three days to simultaneously engage one’s nerdery — featuring speakers from Digg, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, ADX, and more. The “hackathon” scheduled for the 8th unfortunately won’t be complemented by a performance from The Prodigy. Hack the planet nonetheless? Adjust glasses; read details on that event here.

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…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead on the verge of leaving some more grim trails with upcoming tour of North America

Though it’s undoubtedly more enjoyable if you do, you don’t need to actually see Trail of Dead to surmise the Trail of Dead live experience. An acquaintance with their recorded works leads to the following supposition: the Austin quartet ventures on stage, and so commences the breaking loose of all hell. The accumulation of energy threatens the structural integrity of the stage and/or building, and the accumulation of sweat leads to a stream two-inches deep flowing down to the audience, from upper plateau to lower. Wading, moshing, and possibly puking due to the sheer intensity of it all, fans don’t wonder if it’ll ever end, they wonder if they’ll survive to make it to the end. But so they do, assuming they can avoid any flying debris resulting from the band’s tendency to end things with a little equipment-trashing.

Sounds like fun though, no? Inhabitants of Asia and Australia just recently had the chance to experience this musical shitstorm firsthand, and now, the band has announced a series of dates in North America and Europe for right in the middle of summer — because something feels wrong about heading into a Trail of Dead show wearing a god damn parka.

Separately, as far as releases go, the band has a PledgeMusic campaign for their next EP Tao of the Dead Part III, tentatively due out September 24. And on July 9, Superball Music will be reissuing the following albums on 180g vinyl: Lost Songs, Tao of the Dead, The Century of Self, Madonna, and …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead. Mortality doesn’t seem to be a question here.


07.10.13 - New Haven, CT - Spaceland Ballroom *
07.11.13 - Baltimore, MD - Metro Gallery *
07.12.13 - Pittsburgh, PA - Rex Theatre *
07.13.13 - Columbus, OH - Ace Of Cups *
07.15.13 - St. Louis, MO - Firebird *
07.16.13 - Kansas City, KS - Record Bar *
07.18.13 - Chicago, IL - Double Door *
07.19.13 - Milwaukee, WI - Cactus Club *
07.20.13 - Chicago, IL - Pitchfork Music Festival *
07.21.13 - Detroit, MI - Pike Room *
07.22.13 - Cleveland, OH - Grog Shop *
07.23.13 - Hoboken, NJ - Maxwell’s *
07.26.13 - Leeuwarden, Netherlands - Welcome To The Village
07.27.13 - Gent, Belgium - Boomtown Festival
07.29.13 - Dornbirn, Austria - Conrad Sohm
07.30.13 - Zurich, Switzerland - Rote Fabrik
08.02.13 - Dortmund, Germany - FSW (Visions Party)
08.03.13 - Bad Bentheim, Germany - Stoner Rock Festival
08.08.13 - Wiesbaden, Germany - Schlachthof
08.09.13 - Rothenburg, Germany - Taubertal Festival
08.10.13 - Schorndorf, Germany - Manufaktur
08.11.13 - Eschwege, Germany - Open Flair

* Ume

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Weezer Cruise announces major get for 2014 lineup: Weezer! Also Cat Power, Toro y Moi, Adam Devine, DIIV, others

I’d rather be cruising! My other car is a cruise ship! I heart cruising! Live, love, cruise! These are all bumper stickers on the back of my car. Except that I have made a crucial modification: in the darkest hour of the night, I have carved “WEEZER” into every bumper sticker with an old kitchen knife. I love the Weezer Cruise, it’s my life and it’s my wife. I thank the good Lord that it is coming back in 2014, else I would have little reason to trudge on.

This time around, the Weezer Cruise has scored one hell of a name: Weezer! Yes, this time around, Weezer will be playing the Weezer Cruise. Hell, they’ll be playing it three times! The Weezer Cruise has really gotten in good with Weezer! One of those shows is an “unprecedented” beach concert on the band’s private island off the Nassau Coast. During that show, they’ll be joined by Cat Power, who is not Weezer. I checked, I did research. Cat Power’s not Weezer.

On the subject of not-Weezer (NOT my favorite subject, I’ll tell you that), there are a number of other non-Weezers playing the 2014 Weezer Cruise. Here’s a quick list: Toro y Moi, comedian Adam Devine, Ash, Bleached, Caveman, DIIV, Holy Fuck, Ozma, Palma Violets, The Cribs, The Orwells, The Relationship, not-Weezer, and definitely-not-Weezer. In addition to these groups, Weezer. If you tire of hearing the music of Weezer and not-Weezer, you can amuse yourself with a variety of other activities, such as a Weezer Q&A Session, an interactive Weezer game show, a photo session with Weezer, and listening to Pinkerton by yourself in your cabin. The last item is not an officially-sanctioned event, but remains an option.

Tickets for Weezer Cruise 2014 are currently on sale, for the low (?) price of $599 and up. Plus a $300 per person deposit made during the time of booking. Plus you have to get a Weezer tattoo, but you probably already have one, so don’t worry about it.

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Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings cancel tour and postpone album because of health concerns

Well, this is a bummer. Sharon Jones has been diagnosed with stage-one bile duct cancer, and as a result has cancelled her upcoming tour with the Dap-Kings and pushed back the August 6 release of Give the People What They Want, the follow-up to 2010’s I Learned the Hard Way (TMT Review). Fortunately, Jones’ illness was discovered early enough that she is expected to experience a full recovery after her surgery. Even so, she’ll require a significant surgery that will “necessitate a rather lengthy convalescence.”

The group will reportedly be back very soon with a re-scheduled tour and new album release date. For her part, Jones says she is “down but not out” and that she is excited to get back to music after the surgery:

I will be having surgery very soon and will have to rest and recover.
I’ll be staying in touch and keeping my fans and friends updated on my
progress. I’m looking forward to getting back on the road to give the
people what they want!

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