The Vaselines are going on a US tour, but sorry, it’ll probably be over by the end of this headline

The Vaselines are going on a US tour, but sorry, it'll probably be over by the end of this headline

Three dates, three paragraphs, three sentences. That’s the slopped-together concept for this very news story. Let’s see how it goes.

Twee-pop legends The Vaselines are going on tour in the United States this fall. If you’re hoping to see them, you had better live near three very specific cities, because they are only playing in those three very specific cities. So, Vaselines fans, let’s hope you live in the vicinity of Brooklyn, San Francisco, or Seattle.

Last time we heard from The Vaselines, they were putting out their 2010 reunion album, Sex with an X (TMT Review), which also happened to be their first record in over 20 years. That record was released by Sub Pop, who also put out their complete discography collection The Way of the Vaselines way back in 1992. I was five years old in 1992, so you guys are very old and, yes, I am just trying to fill this third sentence, fine, you got me, are you happy, probably not.

Vaselines dates:

08.30.12 - Brooklyn, NY - The Bell House
08.31.12 - San Francisco, CA - The Independent
09.02.12 - Seattle, WA - Bumbershoot

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Twin Shadow announces new album Confess; here’s some motorcycle noises vrooooooeoooooom

Twin Shadow has a lot of feelings. Happiness. Sadness. A third feeling. Back in 2010 (nostalgia, that’s another one), he expressed a whole bunch of those feelings on his debut record Forget. Forget? Hardly! I remember that record, because it was a good record. I’ll prove to you I remember it! Oh never mind, I suppose I just did. Still, it’s been a second (you know, about two years) since we’ve heard new music from Twin Shadow. What’s been the deal? WHAT’S BEEN THE DEAL!? Anger.

Well, Twin Shadow leader George Lewis Jr. has been out facing his fear. At one point in time, Lewis crashed his motorcycle with a friend in tow. He didn’t ride for a while, but recently bought a new bike to ride out to L.A. and record a new record, Confess. That particular record is coming out July 10 through 4AD. But what’s the deal with the motorcycle stuff? Well, you see, Lewis felt a sense of calm after surprise and… forget it, just let him tell it:

One winter I crashed my motorcycle , with a friend on the back. I shouldn’t have been riding that day, but I was young and fearless of the black roads, fast and easy in my ways. As the bike slipped from under us my head filled with words. The slow motion moments of calm just after surprise and just before regret are bliss. I remember in that moment I wanted to say everything to him. How could I say everything in a split second? How could I bury my words in his heart?

I got a new bike and went to LA to record what is now called *Confess*. I took the bike out at 6AM one morning after not having done much riding in the couple years between *Forget* and *Confess*. I noticed my head clearing as I came slowly down a hill where the road around a reservoir began. I pulled back slowly on the throttle with my right hand, and felt the bike start to come to life. My head was still crystal clear…nothing. As I kicked the bike into 3rd, I pulled almost all the way back and jumped forward leaning in towards the gas tank, fighting the wind. I got up to 75 and saw that no one was out but the runners and their four legged friends, the sidewalks became a blur of barking dogs and heads all turning. My mind was empty. I put the bike in 4th and hit 90. The engine jack hammered under my legs. My mind was clear. I inched toward 100 on the speedometer and punch the last five. TON UP! My mind is filled with words. My heart is full of love. This is where i want to be. I want to stay here, and I want to tell you everything.

Interesting stuff, George Lewis, Jr.! Personally, I don’t much care for motorcycles, but if they can cause such strong feelings then… no. I will likely never like motorcycles. This is the stand I am taking! Here’s another stand I’m taking: Confess’s first single “Five Seconds” is rather good and can be downloaded here. I’m a man of principles.

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SoundCloud quietly floats past 15 million users; preparation underway for Next SoundCloud redesign

Initially reported by Wired, and according to CEO and full-time dreamboat Alexander Ljung, the Berlin-based music streaming service SoundCloud recently exceeded 15 million users. Going along with that, they’ve decided to completely redesign the site, because let’s face it: after a certain point, web engineers just get bored, and the obvious way to alleviate said boredom is to fuck shit up, CSS-wise. Well, at least that’s the impression that I’ve come to take on over the years. Yes, I’m a cynical bastard.

I have faith that the redesign, which the company refers to as the “Next SoundCloud,” and which is currently in private Beta, will ultimately be a net positive though. According to Ljung, it “delivers a simpler, faster, more social sound platform to help everyone appreciate sound more.” Features of note include the ability to continuously play audio while navigating the site, a more appealing and interactive waveform player, and the ability to repost audio in a manner similar to Tumblr’s “reblog” feature. Co-founder and CTO Eric Wahlforss remarks, “It’s much more than an aesthetic change. By making use of state of the art technologies available in the latest generation browsers, we’ve created a technology platform that enables us to provide a much better user experience and develop new features faster.”

It wasn’t long ago that SoundCloud hit the 10 million user mark. Actually, you only have to go back to this past January. For the arithmetically challenged, that means that an apparent 5 million users signed up for the service in a mere 4 months — a 50% increase. Yeah, I’d say that’s reason enough to fuck shit up, but not in a sadistic way. Keep kicking ass, SoundCloud. Go here to preview the new site.

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RIP: Donald “Duck” Dunn, member of Booker T. & the M.G.’s and session bassist for Stax Records

According to BBC News:

Bass guitarist Donald “Duck” Dunn, who played with Booker T and the MGs, has died in Tokyo aged 70.

The MGs were the house band for Stax Records, and Dunn can be heard on songs such as Otis Redding’s Respect and Sam and Dave’s Hold On, I’m Comin’.

He was in Japan for a series of concerts, and had played two shows on Saturday night.

His friend and fellow musician Steve Cropper, who was on the same tour, said Dunn had died in his sleep.

“Today I lost my best friend,” Cropper wrote on his Facebook page. “The World has lost the best guy and bass player to ever live”.

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Animal Collective announce new album Centipede Hz, due in September

Stop Mother’s Day, everyone! Animal Collective are here to disrupt our Sunday with the announcement of a new album. Titled Centipede Hz, the __-track album will be out September __, 2012 via Domino and features contributions by the likes of ___, ___, ___, and maybe even Je__ica Alba. Check out the video announcement below, courtesy of Animal Collective’s official website:

And don’t forget about the announcement of the “Honeycomb”/”Gotham” 7-inch, which ruined our Sunday last week, too.

Now, if Animal Collective’s done announcing shit, I’m going to finish watching the series finale of Desperate Housewives.

Centipede Hz tracklisting:

01. Moonjock
02. Today’s Supernatural
03. Rosie Oh
04. Applesauce
05. Wide Eyed
06. Father Time
07. New Town Burnout
08. Monkey Riches
09. Mercury Man
10. Pulleys
11. Amanita

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Pygmalion Fest brings double headliners Grizzly Bear and Dinosaur Jr. to Champaign-Urbana, home of the Drinking Illini

Rockin’ college town(s) Champaign-Urbana, Illinois has/have a lot to be proud of. They’re home to a major university, were named one of the Top 25 Green Cities in the US, and spawned (or served as home base for) such notables as Roger Ebert, Ang Lee, David Foster Wallace and… Ludacris. (I love Ludacris.) So it’s easy to see how the cities’ Pygmalion Music Festival got its name — I mean, who’s to blame a place for falling in love with the supercool music festival it built with its own hardworking hands? Because for eight years, Pygmalion has been lighting up the music venues of both towns with some of the foremost names in indie music.

This year Pygmalion takes place September 27-29 and features double headliners Grizzly Bear and Dinosaur Jr. What’s more, 2012 brings a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ special to the good people of Champaign and Urbana: an increased focus on outdoor events. After last year’s first-ever outdoor concert celebrating 15 years of Polyvinyl Records, fest organizers decided to book an as-yet-unnamed major performer on the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts’ outdoor stage, plus the aforementioned Grizzly Bear/Dinosaur Jr. doubleheader in beautiful downtown Champaign. Twelve other acts will take that latter outdoor stage, too, with Tennis, Cloud Nothings, Hospitality, Willis Earl Beal, Frankie Rose, Big Freedia and The Divas, Lord Huron, Julia Holter, Lotus Plaza, Craft Spells, Owen, Oh No Oh My, Zeus, and more to be announced. Early Bird Festival passes went on sale Wednesday and are already gone! Remaining prices are $75 and then on to $85 the more you slack. You know the drill.

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