Wolf Eyes announce tour, share new video, make mix for The Fader, shred the gnar

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Wolf Eyes shred the gnar. “That’s not all they shred!” is something you could say, in reference to the Michigan noise act’s violent, lacerating sound. While that is true — even if their new album No Answer: Lower Floors on De Stijl opts for a slower, tenser approach — Wolf Eyes are now also shredding the gnar. Witness them shredding aforementioned gnar in their new video for “Born Liar” at NPR, the web’s foremost Wolf Eyes fansite. In fact, the video features shredding of both the gnar and musical variety. Not safe for shred-averse viewers.

While not shredding, the boys of Wolf Eyes spend their time making mixes for anyone they damn well want to make mixes for. This is a list that includes The Fader, who recently commissioned a mix from the group. Only, when Wolf Eyes came up with a mix, it wasn’t so much a mix as it was a 17-minute original piece called “Lower Drolls.” If we’re to get technical about it, it’s hard to define that as a mix, mainly on the grounds of possessing no qualities that would make something a mix. Evidently, Wolf Eyes are also shredding the concept of a mix into tiny pieces. Listen to that “mix” over at The Fader.

In order to shred more gnar/sound/concepts, Wolf Eyes must hit the road. As such, they are hitting the road this September for roughly a dozen dates spanning both North America and Europe. Admittedly, it’s mostly North America, but they are fitting a few European dates in there. Sadly, you can’t shred everywhere at once.

Wolf Eyes dates:

08.24.13 - New York City, NY - Issue Project Room
09.03.13 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brendas
09.04.13 - Baltimore, MD - Metro
09.05.13 - Raleigh, NC - Hopscotch
09.06.13 - Asheville, NC - Broadways
09.07.13 - Columbus, OH - TBA
09.18.13 - Pantin, France - La Dynamo
09.19.13 - Cologne, Germany - Baustelle Kalk
09.20.13 - Tilburg, Netherlands - Incubate Festival
09.21.13 - Brussels, Belgium - Studio 58 Cafe
09.28.13 - Louisville, KY - Cropped Out
09.29.13 - Chicago, IL - The Owl

• Wolf Eyes: http://www.wolfeyes.net
• De Stijl: http://www.destijlrecs.com

Destroyer announces solo tour, promises to tour again in 2015 assuming we get to that year

Let’s be honest: we never expected to get this far into the future. At this very moment, it’s 2013. That cannot be right, but it is. Had you been on Family Feud 20 years ago and were asked, “Name the last year there shall ever be,” you’d probably say 2003. Sixty people also said 2003, then you and your family celebrated, partly because of your answer, partly because you only had 10 more years to do so. People assumed that the world was going to end in 2012, presumably because they couldn’t even imagine a two-thousand-thirteen. So when Dan Bejar of Destroyer announces a solo tour and says he won’t tour again until 2015, you have to wonder if these will be the last chances to see Destroyer ever. See you in 2015, Dan, if we can even see anyone or anything.

Until then, Bejar is playing a number of solo dates in November of 2013 (still doesn’t quite sound right, but okay). This upcoming tour is billed to feature songs from Destroyer’s entire catalog, as well as possibly including a few brand new ones. The last time anyone heard any new songs from Destroyer was when Kaputt came out (TMT Review), way back in the simpler times of 2011. Considering the whole no-more-touring-until-2015 thing, we can only assume that there will not be a new Destroyer record until 2015 or maybe late 2014. As such, you should probably go to these shows so you can hear new Destroyer while we’re still here.

Destroyer dates:

11.03.13 - Portland, OR - Mississippi Studios %
11.04.13 - San Francisco, CA - The Independent %
11.05.13 - Los Angeles, CA - The Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever %
11.07.13 - Chicago, IL - Old Town School of Folk Music ^
11.09.13 - Toronto, ON - The Great Hall %
11.10.13 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom %
11.11.13 - Washington, DC - Sixth & I Historic Synagogue %
11.12.13 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda’s %
11.13.13 - Allston, MA - Brighton Music Hall %
11.14.13 - Montreal, QC - Il Motore %
11.20.13 - Denver, CO - Larimer Lounge
11.21.13 - Columbus, OH - Wexner Center

% Pink Mountaintops
^ Azita

• Destroyer: http://www.mergerecords.com/artists/destroyer
• Merge: http://www.mergerecords.com

Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland are no longer affilliated, but there might be new Hype Williams material coming

The “cplnd” SoundCloud associated with Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland has put up a brief snippet of a beat called “DADDY ISSUES.”

Here’s the caption for the clip:



Denna Frances Glass
10 August 2013

So, Hype Williams are no more, it seems, but there’s also a new release by Hype Williams coming in the near future. The Hype Williams moniker has been used for different lineups before (which have even included Joanne Robertson at some point), so it’s not certain whether the music mentioned refers to a posthumous album of Dean & Inga or a new iteration involving one or none of them. They’ve both been working things out solo this year, so whatever happens I doubt Blunt/Copeland/Glass/etc. will be disappearing any time soon. But the “eighteen-year ‘relay project’” marches on…. dead or alive.

• Hype Williams: https://www.youtube.com/pollyjacobsen

Northern Spy presents third annual Spy Music Festival featuring Loren Connors, Thurston Moore, Charles Gayle, Diamond Terrifier, and more!

Hey buddy, you a spy? Wait, don’t answer that, I don’t want to blow your cover. LOL, just kidding, you can tell me. No, wait, on second thought, don’t tell me. I’m getting visions of you coming back later and going to town on me with your Walther PPK. Hahaha, shaken not stirred, am I right?

Anyway, let’s say maybe you are a spy, maybe you’re not. Either way, I’ll bet you’re a music fan. So there’s this festival I just heard of through some super secret channels, and it’s called the Third Annual Spy Music Festival, and I’d say it’s right up your dark alley where you take your victims before you garrote them. It’s put on by Northern Spy Records, but this year, for the first time, they’re totally going to let southern spies in, too, so no worries on that front. It’s going on between Saturday, September 7 and Sunday, September 8 in New York, and it features artists trained in the art of international subterfuge like Thurston Moore, Loren Connors, Charles Gayle, Seaven Teares, and Diamond Terrifier. There will also be DJ sets and more Northern Spy merch than your tiny, secretive fingers will be able to carry. Tickets for each day are $10 and you can pick up them from the festival page.

And get this! Sorry, I’ll lower my voice, wouldn’t want to be overheard. Get this: Northern Spy is putting on the festival in partnership with both Six Point Brewery and yours truly, Tiny Mix Tapes! So cool! On Sunday, your $10 ticket even gets you a free beer from Six Point. What’s more, as part of a special promotion, your tickets for both days of the fest entitle you to a free one-year subscription to Tiny Mix Tapes’ signature mix of music, movies, comics, and hard-hitting news coverage! Email spamfolder@tinymixtapes.com for more details on this once-in-a-lifetime offer.

Saturday, September 7 at Spectrum (121 Ludlow)
7:00 - Driphouse
7:50 - Diamond Terrifier
8:40 - Loren Connors & Suzanne Langille
9:30 - ODO (FORMA)
10:20 - Charles Gayle Trio

Sunday, September 8 at 285 Kent
7:00 - PC Worship
7:45 - Ava Luna
8:30 - Seaven Teares
9:15 - NYMPH
10:00 - Caught on Tape (Thurston Moore & John Moloney)
10:45 - Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band
11:30 - Aa (a.k.a. Big A Little a)

• Northern Spy: http://northernspyrecords.com
• Spy Music Festival 2013: http://spymusicfestival.com

Public Guilt Records (Zu, Psychic Paramount) closes up shop, holds clearance sale

Another day, another indie label closes its doors. This time around it’s Baltimore label Public Guilt succumbing to the harsh realities of the financial burdens involved with running a record label in the shrinking marketplace of physical media. Man, was that a sentence or what?

Anyway, formed in 2004, Public Guilt put out a pretty diverse collection of albums. Zu, The Psychic Paramount, Aluk Todolo, Max Bondi, Ala Muerte, and Cream Abdul Babar are just a handful of the artists to have released recordings through the label.

The folks over at Public Guilt are discounting basically everything they have left in their backstock. If you’ve been looking to pull the trigger on any of their releases, you can check that out here. As they say, going out of business is great for business. It’s a shame you can only do it once.

• Public Guilt: http://www.publicguilt.com

C. Spencer Yeh to release solo voice LP on Primary Information next year, probably regrets not paying more attention at wizard college

C. Spencer Yeh is a chameleon. No, I mean literally. Dude is a little green creature of the class reptilia and the order squamata that can change his appearance based on his environment. Apparently he got transformed some time back around the year 2000 after dabbling in a little bit of unsupervised hedge magic. Ever since, he’s been all like, “Hey, music writers, gimme a hand in transforming back into my human form,” and music writers have been all like, “No way dude, this is the first time we’ve gotten to use a cliché and have it actually mean what we mean. Make a bunch of different kinds of music, then maybe we’ll help you.”

As a result, Yeh’s done pretty much everything from collaborative improvisational drone, to solo and slightly less-improvisational electro-acoustic composition, brain blasting cacophony, and heck, he’s even released some pretty straight-up indie rock. Because music writers have not yet made good on their promise to undo the magic that has been done, Yeh is yet again planning to try something new. According to the Primary Information site, some time next February or March Yeh will offer his first recorded work focused entirely on the voice. Entitled Solo Voice I-X, the LP seeks to combine Yeh’s past work into something that uses the concréte reference points of Henri Chopin, Sten Hanson, and Bernard Heidsieck to pushes things into an entirely new direction. Details are pretty thin at present, but we’ll keep you up to date as more info trickles forth.

As for whether Yeh will ever return to his human form, I’m not really in any position to speculate. I did just learn that chameleons’ eyes can move independently of one another, and that they can get as big as two feet long, so I think that maybe Yeh might do well to think a while on how good he’s got it, since those are some pretty cool science facts.

• C. Spencer Yeh: http://www.dronedisco.com
• Primary Information: http://primaryinformation.org


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