Chicago’s Rotted Tooth Fest, the de facto replacement of Bitchpork, features Wolf Eyes, Bitchin’ Bajas, Sewn Leather, and more; fest starts tonight!

Chicago's Rotted Tooth Fest, the de facto replacement of Bitchpork, features Wolf Eyes, Bitchin' Bajas, Sewn Leather, and more; fest starts tonight!

“There are those who think that life has nothing left to chance/ A host of holy horrors to direct our aimless dance.”
– Geddy Lee

“Are we human, or are we dancer?”
– Brandon Flowers

“I got a free will/ I’m gonna use it/ I got a free will/ Yes, I do.”
–Taio Cruz

Life is suffocatingly full of choices. Life is a Chuck E. Cheese’s: we’re little kids, and choices are the balls in the ball pit, covering us entirely so our moms will leave us behind and the giant mouse will adopt us into his merry band of misfits. This weekend in particular is ripe with choices, especially for all you folks in and around Chicago. Indeed, one of the most important choices of your life is just standing there, waiting for you to get in there and decide all over it.

Starting this evening (July 19), there are two whole music festivals going on in Chicago. One is put on by the up-and-coming music site Pitch Fork Dot Com, the other by Chicago record label Rotted Tooth Recordings. Titled Rotted Tooth Fest, the event is a sort of de facto replacement for the Bitchpork festival, which, for the past few years, was also on the same weekend as Pitch Fork Dot Com’s festival. Bitchpork, though a bastion of clever wordplay, will not be returning this year.

Rotted Tooth Fest features acts such as Wolf Eyes, Bitchin’ Bajas, Oozing Wound, Sewn Leather, and a multitude of other sweaty, noisy folks who are looking to massage your aching free will if you’ll just let them. (One of the other bands on the bill is Rectal Hygienics, which is a name I wish I had called dibs on earlier.)

The event kicks off tonight at 9 PM, and you can visit the Rotted Tooth Recordings website for tickets. In fact, the only way to get the address for the event is to buy a ticket (they’ll send you the info via email). So unless you’re in the mood to wander around Chicago shouting “Rectal Hygienics!!,” I’d say pull the choice trigger and buy a ticket ASAP.

Friday, July 19:
Wolf Eyes
Sewn Leather
Bitchin Bajas
Gula Gila

Saturday, July 20:
Solid Attitude
Shaved Women
Oozing Wound
Super Sonic Piss
Mayor Daley
Rectal Hygienics

• Rotted Tooth Recordings:

How many bands called Run DMT can there be in this crazy world? Well, one of ‘em’s got a new album coming out

Austin-based electronica dude Run DMT is both the cough syrup-addled lovechild of a wizard in a 1980s video game and the opening montage of Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers. The man behind Run DMT is a fella named John Robbins, who’s releasing on July 22 a self-titled record, the follow-up to last year’s Union of Opposites, on his very own 4th Wall Records. The lead single is called “Shaman Juice,” because… well, of course it is. There’s just no way this track is NOT called “Shaman Juice.”

Now, apparently, in this crazy world of ours, there is another artist called Run DMT — this is not the lo-fi hazy summer pop dude. This is the SPRING BREAK FOREVVVVVER dude. Robbins has remixed everyone from The Who to Major Lazer and is currently on the Warped Tour.


01. Ladies Night feat. Zeale
02. The Getaway
03. Shaman Juice
04. Russian Smoking Doll Interlude
05. Pentagram
06. Trampoline
07. Starlight feat. Betty Black
08. Ending Credits

• Run DMT:

Crystal Stilts prep new album and fall tour with Deerhunter, bring hot jams to a desperate nation

The heat descended heavily across the land. The townspeople, clad all in black and wearing very fashionable sunglasses, languished in the sun, praying for relief, for an autumnal breeze, for a cool drink from the deep well of minor-key rock ‘n’ roll music. Then, what, ho? A trumpet sounded from the deepest reaches of the internet town square. An official announcement from the castle of Sacred Bones!

And so it was, gentlefolk of the not-so-merry kingdom of Postpunklandia, that a declaration rang out across the land: Crystal Stilts have a new album called Nature Noir, and it’s out September 17 via — naturally — Sacred Bones! Listen to first single “Star Crawl” NOW:

Formed in 2003, in the magical land known as New York City, Crystal Stilts is comprised of master songsmiths Brad Hargett (vocals), JB Townsend (guitar), Andy Adler (bass), Keegan Cooke (drums), and Kyle Forester (keyboards). Nature Noir is the band’s third studio LP, following up 2011’s In Love With Oblivion (TMT Review). To celebrate, they’ll be saddling their finest unicorns and touring this great nation of ours with Deerhunter in the fall.

Nature Noir tracklisting:

01. Spirit in Front of Me
02. Star Crawl
03. Future Folklore
04. Sticks and Stones
05. Memory Room
06. Worlds Gone Weird
07. Darken the Door
08. Electrons Rising
09. Nature Noir
10. Phases Forever


08.14.13 - Hamden, CT - BAR Nightclub
08.15.13 - Boston, MA - TT The Bear’s Place
08.16.13 - New Bedford, MA - No Problemo
08.17.13 - Kingston, NY - Chronogram Block Party
09.18.13 - New York, NY - Webster Hall *
09.19.13 - New York, NY - Webster Hall *
09.20.13 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer *
09.21.13 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club *
09.22.13 - Chapel Hill, NC - Cat’s Cradle *
10.07.13 - Albany, NY - Valentines
10.08.13 - Toronto, ON - Horseshoe Tavern
10.09.13 - Detroit, MI - Garden Bowl
10.10.13 - Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle
10.15.13 - Seattle, WA - Barboza
10.16.13 - Vancouver, BC - Electric Owl
10.17.13 - Portland, OR - Mississippi Studio
10.18.13 - San Francisco, CA - The Chapel
10.20.13 - Los Angeles, CA - The Echo
10.21.13 - Phoenix, AZ - Rhythm Room
10.24.13 - Austin, TX - Red 7
10.25.13 - Dallas, TX - Club Dada
10.26.13 - Oxford, MS - Lamar Lounge
10.27.13 - Birmingham, AL - The Bottletree
10.28.13 - Atlanta, GA - The Earl
10.29.13 - Richmond, VA - Strange Matter
10.30.13 - Washington, DC - Black Cat

* Deerhunter

• Crystal Stilts:
• Sacred Bones:

Cassette Store Day becomes a reality, just in time to stop the menace of home taping

While vinyl records were basking in their glorious limelight like the winner of a beauty pageant thanks in part to a certain Record Store Day, the nearby cassette has been wringing its hands in second place jealousy. If one could listen into the dark background, you might hear this: “someday, I’ll have my own day, and then, and then…”

Well looky here lil’ cassette, YOUR OWN DAMN DAY! According to the official Cassette Day website, this is now a thing. Move over Record Store Day! Same with you Boxing Day! Go fuck yourself National Doughnut Day! Once September 7 rolls around, we are going off the hook! Me and the whole Riboflavin family are gonna be buying cassettes like Cracklin’ Oat Bran. New cassettes from Fucked Up and Fair Ohs we will stack to our eyeballs, not to mention HOT reissues of classics by The Flaming Lips, Deerhunter, and At The Drive-In. It’s like side A/side B Pokémon over here, we are gonna catch ‘em ALL!

“Buuut Wibofwavin,” you say to me in the most adorable voice, “I bowght a tape at wecowd stowre day. Pwus my town doesn’t have a cassette stowre!” Ditto, dude. All participating stores (who, and don’t kill the messenger here, may or may not be dedicated cassette-only stores), will be announced next week. So maybe your local Hastings will hit up the warehouse and fill the shelves with unsold Quiet Riot and Rush tapes, who knows. What I do know is that if Hastings starts telling people to, “come on dowwwwn and buy new music from Art Is Hard and everybody’s favorite label Mirror Universe,” I will gladly punch myself in the face in public. Is Hastings even a thing anymore?

• Cassette Store Day:

A Winged Victory for the Sullen compose the score for Wayne McGregor’s modern dance piece Atomos, make crying jags fashionable again

Sometimes crying is okay. As a male in a society that expects us to be emotionally detached, this can be a difficult prospect, which is where A Winged Victory for the Sullen comes into the picture. Theirs is music to have a good, strong and manly cry to. They know this; at concerts they pass out little packets of tissues at the door and the venues’ trashcans are inevitably overflowing with balled-up, snotty wads of Kleenex by the end of the show.

For those of us who enjoy this kind of emotional masochism/catharsis, there is good news: A Winged Victory for the Sullen have composed new music for Wayne McGregor’s modern dance piece Atomos. How their floating, ethereal music translates into dance is difficult to picture. Hopefully, openly weeping has been incorporated into the choreography.

Dustin O’Halloran and Adam Bryanbaum Wiltzie will be providing a live soundtrack for Atomos at its premiere in London at Sadler’s Well and a spate of warm-up dates leading up to it. Little pockets of emotional catharsis are going to be popping up all over the UK come October. Better invest in some hankies.

Tour dates:

15.-16.03. MONTCLAIR, NJ (US) – Atomos US Premiere at Montclair State U
17.-19.03. KRANKY TOUR (US) – venues tbc.
20.-23.03. MONTCLAIR, NJ (US) – Atomos at Montclair State U

10.01.13 - London, UK - Village Underground
10.02.13 - Reading, UK - South Sea Arts Center
10.03.13 - Leicester, UK - Bishop Street Church
10.04.13 - Gateshead, UK - The Sage
10.09-12.13 - London, UK - Sadler’s Well (Atomos world premiere)
03.15-16.14 - Montclair, NJ - Montclair State U (Atomos US premiere)
03.20-23.14 - Montclair, NJ - Montclair State U

• A Winged Victory for the Sullen:
• Wayne McGregor:

Kim Gordon and Bill Nace prep Body/Head tour and album on Matador; Kim Gordon does some art, too

I feel like it’s been a while since we’ve heard from Kim Gordon. I mean, she talked about the dissolution of her marriage to Elle a while back and that article bounced around the web. So there’s that, I guess. We also know she’s been working with avant garde dude Bill Nace for a project called Body/Head and that they’ve played some festival dates and put out a limited release or two but she most certainly kept a lower profile than (possibly) ex-bandmate Lee Ranaldo and (definitely) ex-husband Thurston Moore. Until this fall anyway.

Gordon and Nace have announced a debut album proper and an accompanying (short) US tour. Coming Apart is due out September 10 on 2xLP and CD from Matador (as were Moore’s and Ranaldo’s albums). The album represents a shift in the duo’s approach to music making. Initially started as an improvisational and instrumental project, Gordon slowly started to incorporate vocals into the mix. As time, the occasional live date, and studio sessions went on, vocals and some semblance of structure began to emerge. That isn’t to say there’s no room for long, jammy improvisations. There’s bound to be plenty of that.

In addition to the record release, Gordon will be opening an art exhibit at the White Columns Gallery in New York. The exhibition is titled Design Office with Kim Gordon since 1980 and runs from September 7 to October 19. A graduate of Otis College of Art and Design, Gordon’s Design Office is something of an experimental/psychological interior decoration project that she started in 1980 and if the title of the exhibition wasn’t a giveaway, it collects the work she’s done on the project over the past 30+ years.

Anyway, back to the music. Here are the upcoming tourdates:

09.10.13 - Brooklyn, NY - Union Pool
09.12.13 - Los Angeles, CA - The Echo
09.13.13 - San Diego, CA - The Casbah
09.14.13 - San Diego, CA - San Diego Music Thing *
09.21.13 - Lexington, KY - Boomslang Festival
09.24.13 - Chicago, IL - Museum of Contemporary Art
09.25.13 - Detroit, MI - Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit
10.02.13 - Augusta GA - Sacred Heart Cultural Center at Westobou Festival

* (also features a speaking engagement from Gordon)

• Matador:

[Photo: Samantha Marble]