Yann Tiersen signs to ANTI-, releases long-awaited mandolin jams, Dust Lane

Yann Tiersen signs to ANTI-, releases long-awaited mandolin jams, Dust Lane http://www.tinymixtapes.com/sites/default/files/news-10-09-yann-tiersen.jpg

Sage Francis collaborator, Amelie soundtrack composer, bouzouki enthusiast, and all around cool French guy Yann Tiersen has his first album for ANTI- in the works. Entitled Dust Lane and set for an October 12 release (October 4 via Mute in Europe), Tiersen’s latest release finds him rockin’ out on every instrument besides drums, including guitar, mandolin, bouzouki, banjo, toy drums, bass, and vintage analog synthesizers. The album also features vocals from Matt Elliot, who has worked with Blonde Redhead, Mogwai, Thurston Moore, and The Pastels. Elliot also lays down some spoken-word excerpts from saucy surrealist Henry Miller. Come to us, October 12, come!

Dust Lane tracklist:

01. Amy
02. Dust Lane
03. Dark Stuff
04. Palestine
05. Chapter Nineteen
06. Ashes
07. Till The End
08. Fuck Me

• Yann Tiersen: http://www.yanntiersen.com
• ANTI-: http://www.anti.com

Small Black announce new tourdates for the millionth time, forget which city they call home

If you’re friends with or dating or related to a member of Small Black, it’s pretty much a given that you haven’t seen them much in the past year. The band itself is even beginning to forget which borough they call home. Luckily, the members of Small Black will make a pit stop in Brooklyn to jog their memories when they open for No Age this weekend, before heading out on a month-long tour in October. Unlike the other 500 times that Small Black came to your city, this fall they’ll be supporting and most likely playing songs from their debut album, New Chain, which is due October 26 via Jagjaguwar.

09.18.10 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg ^
09.20.10 - Philadelphia, PA - First Unitarian Church ^
10.22.10 - Baltimore, MD - Golden West &
10.23.10 - Washington, DC - DC9 &
10.24.10 - Raleigh, NC - Kings Baracade &
10.26.10 - Atlanta, GA - Drunken Unicorn &
10.27.10 - Tallahassee, FL - Club Downunder &
10.28.10 - New Orleans, LA - The Saint &
10.29.10 - Austin, TX - Emo’s Jr. &
10.30.10 - Dallas, TX - The Cavern &
11.01.10 - El Paso, TX - TBD
11.02.10 - Phoenix, AZ - Trunk Space &
11.03.10 - San Diego, CA - Casbah & %
11.05.10 - Los Angeles, CA - The Echo & %
11.06.10 - San Francisco, CA - The Independent & %
11.08.10 - Portland, OR - Holocene & %
11.09.10 - Seattle, WA - Vera Project & %
11.10.10 - Vancouver, BC - Media Club & %
11.12.10 - Salt Lake City, UT - Kilby Court &
11.13.10 - Denver, CO - Rhinoceropolis &
11.15.10 - Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle &
11.16.10 - Detroit, MI - Magic Stick &
11.17.10 - Cleveland, OH - Grog Shop &
11.18.10 - Toronto, ON - Mod Club &
11.19.10 - Montreal, QC - Le Belmont &
11.21.10 - Boston, MA - Great Scott &

& Class Actress
% Young Prisms
^ No Age

• Small Black: http://www.myspace.com/smallblacksounds
• Jagjaguwar: http://www.jagjaguwar.com

Jean-Luc Godard helps out a stranger, gives 1,000 euros to downtrodden Frenchman arrested for MP3 downloads

We reported recently on the Swedish downloader who shared a paltry 6,000 audio files, hopefully scaring you into putting your torrent obsession on hold. As we know, internet piracy happens the world over, and in France James Climent was brought to court for downloading 13,788 MP3s (at the time of his arrest in 2005; now he claims to have more than 30,000). Finally, after years of judicial jousting, he was fined 20,000 euros in 2009.

These things never seem to end, and Climent has been in and out of French news since the court proceedings began in 2007 (for the last year, he has given updates on his blog as he makes plans for an appeal before the European Court of Human Rights). In August, the French paper Libération ran a profile on Climent, detailing his woes, and caught the attention of one Jean-Luc Godard.

That’s right. Jean-Luc Godard, better known as the masterful director who induced you to dabble in ostensibly high-brow cinema with Breathless, Masculin Féminin, and Week End. After reading about Climent in Libé, Godard was so moved by Climent’s tribulations that he offered 1,000 euros to help pay for his legal expenses.

If you are familiar with post-New Wave Godard (not everything ended in 1968), this display of support may not come as a total surprise. Only last year, he declared in an interview (loosely translated, entitled “Artist rights? The artist only has duties”), “Of course, I’m against HADOPI. There is no intellectual property.” (He continues with an interesting quote against inheriting artists’ rights and property: “Je suis contre l’héritage, par exemple. Que les enfants d’un artiste puissent bénéficier des droits de l’œuvre de leurs parents, pourquoi pas jusqu’à leur majorité….”)

Since announcing Godard’s contribution, Climent has also admitted that he has received between 1,000 and 1,200 euros from ATILD and a hefty sum from followers sympathiques via PayPal and Flattr.

Now why didn’t those Johnny Depp movies show this kind of kindness towards pirates?

Einstürzende Neubauten bring a full-on ART ATTACK for North American dates

Einstürzende Neubauten want to school you in the ways of freaky industrial music this winter. The Germans are coming to the US and Canada for their first North American appearances in six years, in honor of the seminal group’s 30th anniversary. Each date promises a good, old-fashioned music show, but fans will also have the opportunity to experience what’s basically the concert equivalent of Neubauten University. The group is promising Q&A sessions, workshops/lectures about the band’s ties to the Berlin cultural scene from the 80s to the present day, documentaries on the band, films scored by Neubauten members, and films with Neubauten-heavy soundtracks. There will also be photography exhibits and solo work from band members, running the gamut from readings to DJ sets to musical performances. In the immortal words of Missy Elliot, “Go… get your art on.”


12.01.10 - Los Angeles, CA - The Music Box *
12.02.10 - Los Angeles, CA - The Echoplex **
12.03.10 - San Francisco, CA - The Fillmore *
12.04.10 - San Francisco, CA - Slim’s **
12.08.10 - Chicago, IL - Vic Theatre *
12.09.10 - Chicago, IL - Metro **
12.11.10 - Toronto, ON - Phoenix Concert Theatre *
12.12.10 - Toronto, ON - Lee’s Palace **
12.14.10 - New York, NY - Webster Hall *
12.15.10 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom **

* Full-length concert
** Multidisciplinary experience

• Einstürzende Neubauten: http://www.neubauten.org

Corin Tucker answers the call of the road and brings her new band on tour

If you’re a true musician, the lure of touring will always call you back, even if you did your time in Sleater-Kinney for 12 years like Corin Tucker did. Still, Tucker can’t resist bringing her new band, the aptly titled Corin Tucker Band, on the road this fall to support their debut album, 1,000 Years. The album is due out October 5 from Kill Rock Stars. Although she’s a seasoned pro, Tucker called in some friends to fill out the rest of her band, namely Sara Lund (Unwound) and Seth Lorinczi (Golden Bears). The trio won’t be doing an extensive tour (they aren’t spring chickens anymore, after all), but you can catch them on the road through most of October.

10.07.10 - Portland, OR - Aladdin Theater &
10.08.10 - Seattle, WA - Showbox &
10.09.10 - Eugene, OR - WOW Hall &
10.11.10 - San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall &
10.13.10 - Los Angeles, CA - El Rey &
10.23.10 - Hoboken, NJ - Maxwell’s $
10.24.10 - Northampton, MA - Pearl Street $
10.25.10 - Boston, MA - Paradise Rock Club $
10.26.10 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom $
10.28.10 - Philadelphia, PA - First Unitarian Church $
10.29.10 - Washington, DC - Black Cat $

& The Golden Bears
$ Hungry Ghost

• Corin Tucker: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Corin-Tucker
• Kill Rock Stars: http://www.killrockstars.com

Universal Studios Florida and Back to the Future the Ride tour together; you dudes plan that or something?

If there’s a band out there called Universal Studios Florida and a band out there called Back to the Future the Ride, there obviously has to be a joint tour between the two. As it turns out, there IS a band called Universal Studios Florida and there IS a band called Back to the Future the Ride (a.k.a. Brian Miller of Foot Village, Deathbomb Arc) and they ARE going on tour together this fall. One would imagine this tour was going to go down regardless, but it’s fortunate that Back to the Future the Ride’s ambient drone matches Universal Studios Florida’s hazy beats so well. It’s like your third-grade dream vacation came to life and toured America! Not mine, though. I just wanted to be on Double Dare.

Universal Studios Florida + Back to the Future the Ride dates:

10.01.10 - Seattle, WA - Cairo
10.02.10 - Portland, OR - The Chapel on Reed Campus *& (day/night shows)
10.03.10 - Oakland, CA - Heco’s
10.04.10 - Los Angeles, CA - Pehrspace ^
10.05.10 - Los Angeles, CA - Origami Vinyl
10.06.10 - Irvine, CA - UCI
10.07.10 - Pomona, CA - Pomona College
10.08.10 - Los Angeles, CA - The Smell %

* Ghost Animal
& Hokus Majic
^ Kevin Blechdom
% The Urxed

Universal Studios Florida solo dates:

10.09.10 - Oakland, CA - TBA
10.10.10 - San Francisco, CA - Hemlock
10.11.10 - Portland, OR - TBA

• Back to the Future the Ride: http://backtothefuturetheride.tumblr.com
• Universal Studios Florida: http://www.myspace.com/usftheband


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