You Say Party, We Say Split: YSP announce break-up

You Say Party, We Say Split: YSP announce break-up

You Say Party have had a tough year since the death of their drummer Devon Clifford last April (inciting the removal of “You Say Die!” from the band name). Months after XXXX finally came out in the States in early 2010, November saw the release of a split 7-inch with Duloks. Aside from that, you could say You Say Party weren’t partying too much. Now, just shy of the anniversary of Clifford’s death, You Say Party are calling it quits. Stephen O’Shea gives the official announcement on the YSP website:

Becky, Derek and I are announcing the immediate cease to activity as YSP.
Call it a hiatus.
Call it a break.
Call it whatever you want.
It’s been a hard year for us. Not a bad year.
We’ve experience wonderful support from people.
But you gotta listen to your body and your mind when it begins to revolt against what you think it is you have to do.
So we’re gonna stop for a while, and we’re gonna work on who we are as people. We know that everyone understands exactly why and where we’re coming from.
Thanks for the support over the years.
Special thanks to Robert and Al for their commitment over the last year and to the team members we worked with over the last 7 years.
Please support this Foundation set up in Devon’s name:
Also, please enjoy this music video we made for ‘Laura Palmer’s Prom’ in Abbotsford last summer.

That is all, -Stephen

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Nation reaches consensus: The Antlers definitely going on tour this summer

The Antlers: they’re the band everyone can agree on! They might all be agreeing that the band depresses the hell out of them, but they’re agreeing nonetheless. In our splintered society, isn’t that enough? Sure, whatever, maybe. We can also all probably agree that The Antlers are going on tour this summer. And if we can’t, then hate to break it to you, but The Antlers are definitely going on tour this summer. Come on, mope with me.

Or don’t! As you already well know, the band has a new album called Burst Apart coming out May 10 on Frenchkiss Records. It is a record that has absolutely nothing to with terminally ill children and, as such, is that much less likely to force me into uncontrollable sobbing.

Antlers dates:

05.17.11 - Washington, DC - Black Cat *
05.18.11 - Philadelphia, PA - First Unitarian Church Sanctuary *
05.19.11 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg *
05.20.11 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom *
05.28.11 - George, WA - Sasquatch Festival *
05.31.11 - San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall *
06.03.11 - Los Angeles, CA - El Rey *
06.04.11 - Pomona, CA - Glass House *
06.07.11 - Austin, TX - Emo’s *
06.08.11- Dallas, TX - The Loft *
06.09.11 - Tulsa, OK - The Marquee *
06.10.11 - St. Louis, MO - Firebird *
06.11.11 - Chicago, IL - Metro *
06.12.11 - Detroit, MI - Magic Stick *
06.14.11 - Toronto, ON - Mod Club *
06.15.11 - Montreal, QC - La Tulipe &
06.16.11 - Boston, MA - Paradise *
06.17.11 - Hamden, CT - The Space *

* Little Scream
& The Dodos

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Times New Viking do the unthinkable and tour in support of their new album! Click here to read more about why this headline is funny.

In our modern world of cloud-based music platforms, constantly evolving digital technology, and human-robot marriage debates, perhaps nothing is more dated than that old 20th-century concept of ‘analog touring.’ From the concepts of ‘inclement weather’ and ‘exhaust fumes resultant from the incineration of prehistoric plants and animal goo,’ to the notion that distance is a function of rate x time and the quaint, ‘round’ design of the wheel; almost everything about the anachronistic concept of physically traveling from place to place to hock one’s wares to a gullible and toothless throng of common yokels is just plain laughable by today’s standards.

And yet, there are still some diehard ‘Empiric-a-philes’ who persist in the odd perpetuation of these traveling medicine shows, insisting that the tangible, a posteriori experience of an old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll consort cannot be replicated by today’s impressive wealth of technological resources. Case in point: Times New Viking, whose latest album, Dancer Equired will be released April 26 via Merge in the US, have already declared their intentions to “hit the road” in order to promote it the old-fashioned way, despite much eye-rolling from their web-savvy musical peers and safety concerns from the scientific community at large. Beginning later this month in Europe, and then traversing the United States in May and June, a brick-and-mortar ‘tour’ of this magnitude will require a staggering amount of time, money, resources, and stamina. And considering that all music everywhere is enjoyed completely free of charge despite its enormous cost to the artist to produce, heaven only knows how they plan to pay for it.

Meanwhile, federal governments across Europe and in the US are urging fans of Times New Viking to stay indoors and consume the band’s new music from the safety, privacy, and digitality of the International Chocolate Grinder. Patrons who choose to venture to any of the following physical exhibitions do so at their own risk.

04.21.11 - Nantes, France - Pole Etudiant
04.22.11 - Groningen, Netherlands - Vera
04.23.11 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - OCCII
04.25.11 - Norwich, UK - Fuzz @ Project Norwich
04.27.11 - Manchester, UK - Deaf Institute
04.28.11 - York, UK - The Duchess
04.29.11 - Wrexham, UK - Rope @ Central Station
04.30.11 - Glasgow, UK - Nice n’ Sleazy’s
05.01.11 - Leeds, UK - Brudnell for Live in Leeds
05.02.11 - Liverpool, UK - Club Lazy Genius @ Mojo
05.03.11 - London, UK - Upset the Rhythm @ XOYO
05.04.11 - Paris, France - Fleche D’Or
05.06.11 - Salzburg, Austria - Yeah!Club/ME @ Rockhouse
05.07.11 - Celje, Slovenia - Kino Metropol
05.09.11 - Vienna, Austria - B72
05.26.11 - Boston, MA - Great Scott
05.27.11 - Brooklyn, NY - Knitting Factory
05.28.11 - Hoboken, NJ - Maxwell’s
05.29.11 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda’s
05.30.11 - Washington, DC -Black Cat
06.02.11 - Carrboro, NC - Local 506
06.03.11 - Atlanta, GA - The Earl
06.06.11 - Dallas, TX - Club Dada
06.07.11 - Austin, TX - Mohawk
06.11.11 - San Diego, CA - Casbah
06.12.11 - Los Angeles, CA - The Satellite
06.14.11 - San Francisco, CA - Rickshaw Stop
06.16.11 - Portland, OR - Bunk Bar
06.21.11 - Seattle, WA - Sunset Tavern
06.22.11 - Vancouver, BC - Media Club
06.24-25.11 - Calgary, AB - Sled Island
06.28.11 - Minneapolis, MN - 7th St Entry
06.29.11 - Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle
06.30.11 - Bloomington, IN - The Bishop

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AMPLIFY 11 festival lineup announced: Graham Lambkin, Keith Rowe, Jason Lescalleet, Michael Pisaro, and other solemn gentlemen

AMPLIFY 11: stones was fast approaching and I was determined not to miss out this year. I had long ago worn out my 7xCD/DVD set of recordings from AMPLIFY 2002: balance, and the thought of having so many of my favorite EAI artists under one roof in New York City was too unlikely and momentous to ignore. Yes, the festival was running for over two weeks and cost $10 per set, but this wasn’t going to deter me; as soon as I had seen the lineup announcement on Tiny Mix Tapes back in April, I began setting aside substantial portions of my paycheck for the event. I even made hotel reservations near The Stone for September 1-16 to avoid transportation costs. My only remaining concern was deciding who would attend the festival with me. As luck would have it, my old friend Lionel was planning a New York visit for the month of September, and he too had great interest in the possibilities of free improvisation.

I met Lionel outside The Stone on September 1, a chilly Thursday evening. A crowd had begun to form outside, anticipating the kick-off performance for AMPLIFY 11 — two sets by the trio of Barry Chabala, Dominic Lash, and Ben Owen, premiering new works written by Antoine Beuger and Michael Pisaro. I hadn’t seen Lionel in nearly six years, and was thrilled to have him by my side as we entered the venue. Lionel told me that this year’s AMPLIFY was the most ambitious yet, and what he most looked forward to was the final three days, which would be taken up by the Gravity Wave subfestival curated by Michael Pisaro. He also explained that — as he understood it — ‘stones’ referred not only to the festival’s fantastic venue, but also to Christian Wolff’s fascinating Stones prose score, the program notes of which provided an apt description of AMPLIFY 11 itself. Lionel quoted: “Stones is for me an extreme instance of combining maximum transparency, flexibility and freedom for performers with at the same time an unmistakable irreducible identity.” I agreed that such a quote was fitting for what we were about to experience over the next two weeks, and I put my arm around Lionel with pride as the musicians began their set.

Twenty minutes later, Lionel was dead. He had stepped outside for a cigarette break, and the tow rope on a passing truck came loose, tossing a 55-gallon oil drum onto the sidewalk and crushing Lionel instantly. I’ll never forget the times we shared.

AMPLIFY 11: stones schedule:

September 1:
8 PM and 10 PM (two sets): Barry Chabala/Dominic Lash/Ben Owen perform Wandelweiser (featuring premieres of pieces written specifically for this night by Antoine Beuger and Michael Pisaro)

September 2:
8 PM: Bonnie Jones/Maria Chavez
10 PM: David Kirby (solo)

September 3:
8 PM: Graham Lambkin/Vanessa Rossetto
10 PM: Olivia Block (solo)

September 4:
8 PM: Jason Lescalleet (solo)
10 PM: Keith Rowe (solo)

September 6:
8 PM: David Barnes/Richard Kamerman/Graham Stephenson (three duo sets)
10 PM: Taku Unami (solo)

September 7:
8 PM: Keith Rowe/Taku Unami
10 PM: Joe Foster/Kevin Parks

September 8:
8 PM: Toshi Nakamura/English (Joe Foster/Bonnie Jones)
10 PM: Keith Rowe/Toshi Nakamura

September 9:
8 PM: Radu Malfatti/Keith Rowe (composition)
10 PM: Toshi Nakamura/Taku Unami

September 10:
8 PM: Radu Malfatti/Keith Rowe (improvisation)
10 PM: Toshi Nakamura (solo)

September 11:
8 PM: Keith Rowe (solo)
10 PM: Radu Malfatti/Taku Unami (improvisation)

September 13:
Radu Malfatti/Michael Pisaro duo (2 sets)
8 PM: Claude Lorrain 2 (Malfatti)
10 PM: Ascending Series (6) (Pisaro)

September 14 (Gravity Wave festival):
8 PM: A cloud drifting over the plain (Michael Pisaro, Greg Stuart, Barry Chabala, Dominic Lash)
10 PM: Mind is moving (I and IV) (Michael Pisaro, Dominic Lash)

September 15 (Gravity Wave festival):
8 PM: ricefall (2) (with melodic extensions) (Michael Pisaro, Greg Stuart)
10 PM: fields have ears (6) (Barry Chabala, Michael Pisaro)

September 16 (Gravity Wave festival):
8 PM: Reliefs series (Greg Stuart solo)
10 PM: asleep, street, pipes, tones (Michael Pisaro, Katie Porter)

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[Photo: Yuko Zama]

RIP: Randy Wood, Dot Records founder

From The Los Angeles Times:

Dot Records founder Randy Wood was looking for a song for a young Pat Boone to record in 1955 and found it in the Fats Domino hit “Ain’t That a Shame?” Except Boone, then an English major, wanted to sing “Isn’t That a Shame?” After a few run-throughs, Wood insisted, “It’s got to be ‘ain’t’,” and Boone soon had his first No. 1 single.

Wood’s practice of having white singers such as Boone cover rhythm and blues hits by black artists is credited by some with helping black musicians — and early rock music — break into the commercial mainstream. Pop stations that had limited airplay mainly to white artists found room for the remakes, which helped introduce the black R&B sound to a white audience.

Wood died Saturday at his La Jolla home of complications from injuries suffered in a fall down stairs in his house, said his son John Wood. He was 94.

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Beirut plans lengthy summer world tour; is that kid 18 yet or what?

Wandering troubadour Zach Condon is taking once more to the open road, purveying the lilting melodies of his band Beirut to the glittering youth of Paris, London, and Montclair, New Jersey. Over the past couple years, Beirut has been a bit under the radar lately, which is not to say that Condon and Co. have been anything but busy. In fact, Condon appeared as a guest on albums from the likes of The New Pornographers and contributed a Caetano Veloso cover to the AIDS-fighting organization Red Hot’s Red Hot & Rio 2 compilation. And now he is about to break Beirut fans’ musical drought with the announcement of a lengthy tour, possibly road-testing some songs from an in-the-works follow-up to 2007’s The Flying Club Cup (TMT Review).

Beirut is charting a course across the United States before leaving Brooklyn behind for the fair shores of merry England. While on tour, the band will appear at a smattering of summer festivals, including Bonnaroo, Switzerland’s Montreux Jazz Fest, Spain’s Benicassim, and many more. Along the way, Beirut will share the stage with Arcade Fire and The National. Long Island buzz band Twin Sister will open for the band on several US dates.


05.09.11 - Norfolk, VA - The Norva
05.11.11 - Baltimore, MD - Rams Head Live
05.13.11 - Montclair, NJ - The Wellmont Theater
06.04-05.11 - Houston, TX - Free Press Summer Fest
06.06.11 - Dallas, TX - South Side Music Hall ^
06.08.11 - Austin, TX - ACL Live ^
06.10.11 - New Orleans, LA - Republic ^
06.12.11 - Manchester, TN - Bonnaroo
06.14.11 - Washington, DC - Black Cat ^
06.17.11 - Brooklyn, NY - Northside Fest at McCarren Park
06.30.11 - London, UK - Hyde Park &
07.03.11 - St. Gallen, Switzerland - Montreux Jazz Fest
07.05.11 - Ferrara, Italy - Castello Piazza #
07.07.11 - Novisad, Serbia - EXIT Festival
07.09.11 - Trencin, Slovakia - Pohoda Festival
07.12.11 - Arles, France - Festival Les Suds
07.14.11 - Meco, Portugal - Super Bock Super Rock Festival
07.16.11 - Benicassim, Spain - Benicassim Festival
07.18.11 - Lyon, France - Festival Nuits De Fourviere
07.20.11 - Nyon, Switzerland - Paleo Festival
07.29.11 - Portland, ME - State Theater
09.02.11 - Dorset, UK - End of the Road
09.04.11 - Stradbally, Ireland - Electric Picnic
09.06.11 - Manchester, UK - Academy
09.08.11 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Pardiso
09.12.11 - Paris, France - Olympia
09.14.11 - Brussels, Belgium - AB
09.16.11 - London, UK - Brixton Academy
09.20.11 - Stradbelly, Ireland - Electronic Picnic

^ Twin Sister
& Arcade Fire
# The National

• Beirut:

[Photo: Rahav Segev]