Yuck finish up tour of the West Coast, call their parents, get permission to tour East Coast in the fall

Yuck finish up tour of the West Coast, call their parents, get permission to tour East Coast in the fall http://www.tinymixtapes.com/sites/default/files/news-11-07-yuck.jpg

It’s happened before: a couple guys travel across the sea from England to America, and once they’ve touched land, exploited native peoples, and discovered that they can eat all the corn they want, they don’t want to leave. It happened again this year, when Yuck — a ragtag group of 20-year-old Londoners — came to the States with their old-world, Jesus & Mary Chain sound, to tour their debut album (TMT Review) on Fat Possum. They haven’t even left the West Coast when already they’re announcing another tour, this time of the East Coast, starting in September. Next they’ll be taking away our right to bear arms!

Along with the tour news, Yuck recently unveiled a new 7-inch, featuring “Shook Down” (from the self-titled album) backed with a new single, “Milkshake.” In case you were wondering, yeah, it still sounds like a composite of all the noisy old bands you liked in high school. Listen to “Milkshake” at Yuck’s Myspace, or stream the new video for “Shook Down” here. With full-frontal nudity and facial features done terrifyingly piecemeal, it’s about as uncomfortable viewing as the new Flaming Lips/Lightning Bolt video.


09.22.01 - Boston, MA - TT the Bears
09.23.11 - Philadelphia, PA - Popped Festival
09.24.11 - Montreal, QC - Pop Montreal
09.25.11 - Toronto, ON - Horseshoe Tavern
09.27.11 - Buffalo, NY - Ninth Ward
09.28.11 - Pittsburgh, PA - Brillobox
09.29.11 - Detroit, MI - Magic Stick
09.30.11 - Cleveland, OH - Grog Shop
10.01.11 - Indianapolis, IN - Radio Radio
10.03.11 - Chicago, IL - Double Door
10.04.11 - St. Louis, MO - Firebird
10.05.11 - Nashville, TN - Mercy Lounge
10.06.11 - Atlanta, GA - The Earl
10.07.11 - Tampa, FL - Crowbar
10.08.11 - Sunrise, FL - Langerado Festival
10.10.11 - Orlando, FL - The Social
10.12.11 - Washington, D.C. - Black Cat
10.13.11 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg
10.14.11 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg

• Yuck: http://www.myspace.com/yuckband
• Fat Possum: http://www.fatpossum.com

Not a joke: T-Pain sues company that invented Auto-Tune

I have just spent a full three hours of my workday reading Literally Unbelievable, the website that tracks the wacky antics of the good people who believe The Onion reports actual, true news stories, so let’s just say I’m more than a little surprised that the headline “T-Pain Sues Auto-Tune Inventor” on Billboard.com is NOT an article from The Onion. ONLY IN T-PAIN’S AMERICA, SHEEPLE.

So, this is a real story. It’s 100% true and it’s totally happening. T-Pain, known in R&B and pop music circles as the Lord of the Auto-Tune, is suing Antares Technologies, the company that developed it back in 1997. What could bring about the tragic dissolution of this seeming match made in heaven, you ask? Was Auto-Tune cheating on T-Pain with Cher? Is T-Pain going to use his ACTUAL VOICE on a recording? Ha ha ha NO DON’T BE RIDICULOUS. It’s all about the benjamins, baby.

Recently T-Pain partnered with Izotope, a new company, to rep his very own voice-manipulation technology, called — wait for it — The T-Pain Effect. THE T-PAIN EFFECT. And therefore, Señor Pain is trying to distance himself from Antares by bringing an injunction against the company. On Monday, T-Pain and associates filed a complaint in the US District Court in California alleging that Antares is still using his likeness in marketing materials, packaging, and advertisements, and that this continued endorsement “will confuse and mislead the public and damage sales for his own new technologies, including the ‘I Am T-Pain Mic.’” Yes, that is a real, purchasable product. The I Am T-Pain Mic. No word yet on whether the I Am T-Pain Mic allows the user to conceive of and spit shitty lyrics like “Oh she made us drinks, to drink/We drunk ‘em, got drunk” or not.

• T-Pain: http://www.t-pain.net
• Izotope: http://www.izotope.com
• Antares: http://www.antarestech.com

Ariel Pink, Kurt Vile, R. Stevie Moore, and others contribute to benefit album for Japan

Despite the fact that most Western news sources have stopped coverage on the Japanese earthquake of March 11 and aftermath, the world of Western Indie Music has not forgotten and have instead banded together to form a giant robo-mech that, when fully charged, will offer both protection and humanitarian sources.

However, the Kickstarter account that was opened, “Giant Robo-Mech for Japan,” failed to raise enough money and the collective of musicians has now decided to release a benefit album instead, which is a much more feasible and beneficial decision. The album, Recorded for Japan, features songs recorded between April and June 2011 in response to the earthquake and will see release on August 4 as a digital-only album with all proceeds going “directly towards the continuing recovery and reconstruction effort, specifically the Japanese Red Cross.”

Recorded for Japan tracklist:

01. Beige, “Focus”
02. R. Stevie Moore (feat. Members of MGMT), “You Are Too Far From Me”
03. K. Heasley, “Belief Match”
04. Ice Choir, “Two Rings (Hard Mix)”
05. Chairlift, “The Chase”
06. Pablo Picasso, “Whip”
07. Kurt Vile, “Been Searchin’”
08. Kuroma, “Running People”
09. Acrylics, “Sparrow Song”
10. Violens, “When to Let Go”
11. Erika Spring, “6 More Weeks (Vacation Version)”
12. Patrick Cleandenim, “In My Baby’s Eyes (After Dark Version)”
13. Regal Degal, “Excuse Me Who Am I Talking To?”
14. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, “Thespian City (Live)”

Recorded for Japan: http://recordedforjapan.spinshop.com

Mogwai take a break from bartending, release Earth Division EP, tour the US

So, there’s this bar on Donaustraße in the Neukölln district of Berlin called Das Gift. I was there a couple times while in the city earlier this summer. One instance, I was looking for my friends, who were apparently DJing in the back room of the place. I did not know that said room was another secret room not immediately obvious to view. So, being the American I was (despite Neukölln being this really immigrant-based neighborhood, with a lot of expats and scheiß deutsche being spoken), I looked like a confused puppy, probably to the amusement of this small throng of people near the entryway.

As I was later told, said throng turned out to be Mogwai and friends. Which makes sense, given band member Barry Burns runs the bar with with his (I’m assuming) wife and a couple others. Imagine a stunned Ze and an annoyed Mr P when this happened.

But enough about bar stories, let’s talk about Mogwai. They put out an album earlier this year with the greatest title ever, Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will (TMT Review), whose rating I say should be flipped with Explosions in the Sky’s latest offering (but that’s just me). And yet, they already got a new EP in the can called Earth Division, which will be up and running September 13 on Sub Pop. To show their enjoyment of bars and bar music, piano will play a larger role than in the previous LP. But, to many, it’s the same old kind of Glaswegian post-rock resonance with a nice malkie touch to it.

To support the EP (and the LP, to a lesser extent), Mogwai will take a brief East Coast bar tour in September. Perhaps they’ll share a round with the Boss (or Jeff Mangum) when they hit Asbury Park on September 30. Who knows?

Earth Division EP tracklisting:

01. Get to France
02. Hound of Winter
03. Drunk and Crazy
04. Does This Always Happen?

Will Be Back Before Last Call in Berlin, Which Doesn’t Really Exist:

09.26.11 - New York, NY - Webster Hall
09.27.11 - New York, NY - Webster Hall
09.28.11 - Philadelphia, PA - Starlight Ballroom
09.29.11 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
10.01.11 - Boston, MA - House of Blues
10.02.11 - Asbury Park, NJ - Asbury Park Convention Center (ATP I’ll Be Your Mirror) *

* Portishead, Thee Silver Mt. Zion Orchestra, Earth, etc. etc. and all that cal

• Mogwai: http://www.mogwai.co.uk
• Sub Pop: http://www.subpop.com

Sony Corp. announces quarterly loss of enough money to buy several small private islands

It’s a sad day in Sony land. The Tokyo-based company announced a 15.5 billion yen ($199 million) quarterly loss, due largely to the recent disasters in northeastern Japan, sinking TV prices, and a huge online security breach. The beleaguered entertainment and electronics giant stated that it would be lowering its profit projections for the fiscal year (ending March 2012) from $1 billion to $769 million. But before you get out your box o’ tissues to weep for Sony, let it be known that this still signifies a profit for the company after three years of not making a profit at all. So it’s actually good news! Or is it bad news? Ambivalent news? I don’t even know anymore.

Anyway, the TOTALLY good news is that despite repairs, cleaning, and damage caused by the spring earthquake and tsunami, the company is recovering quicker than expected. (Sony is also recovering from a series of cyber attacks that impacted the online PlayStation network.) Plus there’s that whole “Sony-made TVs are selling less” thing. But hey, some things are looking up. Like sales of Adele’s 21, Beyonce’s 4, music from Glee, and flicks like The Green Hornet. So yeah, go music industry! Get well(-ish) soon.

Lykke Li is going on tour! Now you have one thing to look forward to!

I’m sure, like most people in the modern age, you feel like you and your significant other have begun to lose contact and drift apart; most of us nowadays just get so caught up in our own interests, hobbies, and other sex partners that we forget to spend quality time with our boyfriends/girlfriends. That all changes now, though, because Lykke Li has announced that she will be heading to the US on tour, finally providing something that a couple can enjoy while in each other’s company, besides sex!

The crowd-favorite performer, along with other female acts like Marnie Stern and Cass McCombs, has been paving the way for making music that boyfriends and girlfriends can listen to together rather than sitting apart from each other in separate rooms, listening to separate music, most successfully with her latest album on LL/Atlantic, Wounded Rhythms (TMT Revew). “The goal has always been to make music that couples can enjoy together,” said Li in a made-up statement. “My lover and I could never agree on music. I wanted soft and airy and complex when he wanted angry, brooding, ballsy, and with lyrics about titties and masculinity. I decided to release music that combines all of these things so couples the world over can enjoy beautiful music together without getting caught up in the endless discussion on girl-music and boy-music.”

If you need something to do to get back into contact with your spurned lover, check out Lykke Li’s tour today!

Lykke Li tourdates:

08.01.11 - New York, NY - Central Park SummerStage
08.03.11 - Los Angeles, CA - The Greek Theatre
08.05.11 - Chicago, IL - House of Blues
08.06.11 - Chicago, IL - Lollapalooza
11.05.11 - Austin, TX - Fun Fun Fun Festival
11.07.11 - Pomona, CA - Fox Theatre
11.09.11 - Oakland, CA - Fox Theater
11.11.11 - Denver, CO - Ogden Theater
11.13.11 - Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue
11.14.11 - Chicago, IL - Vic Theater
11.15.11 - Toronto, ON - Sound Academy
11.17.11 - Montclair, NJ - Wellmont Theater
11.19.11 - Ashville, NC - Orange Peel
11.20.11 - Atlanta, GA - Buckhead Theater
11.21.11 - New Orleans, LA - Tipitina’s

• Lykke Li: www.lykkeli.com
• LL/Atlantic: http://atlanticrecords.com


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