RIP: Guided by Voices

From Guided by Voices:

Guided By Voices has come to an end. With 4 years of great shows and six killer albums, it was a hell of a comeback run. The remaining shows in the next two months are unfortunately canceled. Our sincere apologies to those that have purchased tickets and made travel plans. Thanks to everyone who has supported GBV.

9.26.14 Portland, OR - Crystal Ballroom *
10.4.14 Dayton, OH - Oddbody’s *
10.5.14 Cleveland, OH - The Grog Shop *
10.24.14 Nashville, TN - Mercy Lounge *
10.25.14 Fort Wayne, IN - C2G Music Hall *
11.8.14 Austin, TX - Fun Fun Fun Fest *
11.11.14 Orlando, FL - The Social *
11.12.14 Miami, FL - Grand Central *
11.14.14 Atlanta, GA - Centerstage *
11.15.14 Carrboro, NC - Cat’s Cradle *
11.28.14 Columbus, OH - Skully’s Music Diner *
11.29.14 Detroit, MI - Magic Stick *

* Refunds available at point of purchase

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sunn O))) ready their capes for headlining appearance at Temples Festival, more bands announced

The mighty sunn O))) have been confirmed as headliners for the 2015 version of the Temples Festival in Bristol, England. The Seattle drone boys recently collaborated with cult crooner Scott Walker on the soon-to-be-released album Soused, which will drop October 21 via 4AD. No word on whether the silky-voiced Mr. Walker will also don a heavy cloak and jam out with sunn O))) on this one, but hey, who are we as a species without DREAMS.

Anyway, over the course of the weekend of May 29-31, bands like Goatsnake, Converge, Goatwhore, Torche, Between the Buried and Me, and many many more will take over Motion, an old Victorian warehouse that’s now a skatepark/music venue. (The festival name comes from the fact that the venue’s Bristolian neighborhood is called the Temples Quarter.) Converge will headline the Main Stage on May 29 and sunn O))) will headline the Main Stage on May 30. Loads of other bands will be announced but you can check out the acts confirmed so far and learn more about the festival here.

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Mirah reveals hot North American tour dates… tantalizing new music video, and… nothing else, you perverts!

Yeehaw! Daddies lock up your foolhardy sons and whatnot, cuz longtime indie-folk-cetera “artiste” Mirah is comin’ ‘round the mountain when she comes! Shoot, maybe she’ll be driving six white horses too, for all I know. All’s I know is she’ll be drivin’ whatever it is she’s drivin’ on the big ol’ North American tour she’s embarkin’ to endeavor on at the end of this very month. I know: women drivers! What’ll they think of next?!?

Turns out the whole Oregon Trail-esque escapade comes on the heels of her newest and fifth album, Changing Light, which I first saw up for sale over at yonder general store this past May. In fact, she seems to have made a whole, big-ol’ elaborate movin’ picture show jamboree out of one of the songs on the album. Don’t ask me how, but somehow all these pictures just sorta… shuck and jive and bob in time with the music! Darndest thing. The tune is called “No Direction Home,” and the “video” (as she’s a-callin’ it) was directed by Mirah’s partner (that’s what they call “husbands” out west) Todd Chandler, a fella that calls himself a “filmmaker,” whatever in tarnation that is!

Either way, folks, you can all by my guest and check out the whole cockamamie shenanigans down below! I had this scientist fella that I kinda know “embed” the thing, so’s if you click on it, it’ll up and start dancin’ for ya on command. Check ‘er out!

Mirah Mirah, on the tour:

09.26.14 - Portsmouth, NH - The Music Hall Loft
09.27.14 - Northampton, MA - Iron Horse Music Hall
09.28.14 - Burlington, VT - Signal Kitchen
09.29.14 - Montreal, QC - Casa Del Popolo
09.30.14 - Toronto, ON - The Garrison
10.01.14 - Detroit, MI - Trinosophes
10.02.14 - Grand Rapids, MI - Pyramid Scheme
10.04.14 - Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle
10.06.14 - St. Louis, MO - Off Broadway
10.07.14 - Oxford, MS - Proud Larry’s
10.08.14 - Nashville, TN - The Stone Fox
10.09.14 - Cincinnati, OH - MOTR Pub
10.10.14 - Pittsburgh, PA - Club Café
10.11.14 - New York, NY - Le Poisson Rouge
10.12.14 - Washington, DC - Black Cat Backstage
10.13.14 - Durham, NC - Pinhook
11.08.14 - Los Angeles, CA - The Echo
11.09.14 - San Francisco, CA - The Independent
11.11.14 - Eugene, OR - Cozmic Pizza
11.12.14 - Portland, OR - Doug Fir Lounge
11.13.14 - Olympia, WA - Northern
11.14.14 - Seattle, WA - St. Mark’s Cathedral
11.15.14 -Vancouver, BC - Media Club

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Lil B launches Basedmoji app to help you celebrate the life of Lil B

Forget those new emojis that were announced a few months ago. Sorry, “black hard shell floppy disk” and “man in business suit levitating,” but Lil B has you waaaaaaay beat with his new emoji app, “Basedmoji.”

The app, which is available now for iTunes users, was apparently created by the Based God himself to “have fun with your friends and family and celebrate the life of Lil B!” This might explain B’s relative silence so far in 2014 — he was just channeling his creative energy into this app instead of mix tapes.

Basedmoji icons include Lil B’s face (with sunglasses), Lil B’s face (with sunglasses and a text bubble that says “#BASEDMOJI”), Lil B’s face (with sunglasses and a text bubble that says “KOOL”), and Lil B’s face (no sunglasses, but now he’s got a crown).

App store review SuprenePeter123 notes, “This application is truly based, I have always looked up to the based god as my lord and savior so when I found out he made an emoji app I downloaded this faster than I would allow Lil B to have sex with my girl.” That’s a golden review if I’ve ever seen one.

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RVNG Intl. to collect Ariel Kalma’s previously unreleased early works in an archival anthology

The beloved electro-auteur label RVNG Intl. has announced a new addition to their already impressive (Craig Leon, K. Leimer, Sensations’ Fix, etc.) archival collection: An Evolutionary Music (Original Recordings: 1972 - 1979), an anthology of visionary ethno-cosmic electronic composer Ariel Kalma’s early works. As indicated by the album’s title, it focuses on Kalma’s early years, sourcing from previously unissued music out of his private tapes, as well as self-released pieces from the same period. The French artist’s music has evolved through different stages along his four-decade career, but keeps a defining feature in its desire of mixing Western electronic experimentation with Eastern spiritual expressions — a tradition going back to, arguably, Schopenhauer.

Ariel Kalma was originally a horn player, and as a young man he studied sacramental music in India, a dual training which came to fruition when Kalma started mixing sustained aerophone notes with tape loops and synthesized drones. At the time the pieces comprising this anthology were composed, Kalma was just back from India, working as an assistant at Pierre Henry’s GRM lab. Again, the two influences are evident in the confluence of analogue delay units and ethno-musicological excursions heard on Kalma’s music through the early 70s. These compositions are clearly rawer than what one can find in Kalma’s later works, with the seams interlacing both musical strands still visible. To an extent, this compilation reveals Kalma’s aesthetic as a work in progress, leading to the superb modal marriage of electro jazz fusion and Indian sounds of Le Temps des Moissons (1975) and Osmose (1978), where Kalma processes nature sounds and integrates them into his modular synth tapestries.

Kalma’s music has famously defied categorization. It is not quite Ambient, it predates the rise of New Age and World Music as genres, the synth work is more meditative than Terry Riley’s (whom Kalma is sometimes compared with), with an overall mood more introspective than Klaus Schulze’s but less synth-bound than the Berlin composer, seldom falling in the unlikely intersection of Keith Jarrett and Don Cherry… one’s tempted to borrow the title from one of this album’s songs (“Ecstasy Musical Mind Yoga”) and slap it as an umbrella tag; but that would hardly describe a third of a collection that includes primitive drum machine workouts (“Chase Me Now”), a trancey tape prank (“Enuej Elleiv”) and even spoken word tracks (“Les mots de tous les jours”).

An Evolutionary Music (Original Recordings: 1972 - 1979) is out on November 11 as a double LP, double CD, and digital release. The album includes liner notes by Jesse Jarnow.

An Evolutionary Music (Original Recordings: 1972 - 1979) tracklisting:

01. Almora Sunrise
02. Ecstasy Musical Mind Yoga
03. Echorgan
04. Sunset Inside
05. Chase Me Now
06. Enuej Elleiv
07. Sister Echo
08. Les Mots de Tous Les Jours (Rêves Etranges)
09. Rainy Day
10. What Would You Say
11. Les Etoiles Sont Allumées
12. Voltage Controlled Wave
13. Montparnasse Morocco
14. Head Noises
15. Asalam Yamarek
16. Love and Dream
17. Yogini Breath

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Vatican Shadow & Function collaborate for Games Have Rules LP on Hospital Productions

“Games have rules,” they, or more likely, the curmudgeon trying to ruin the game being played with a lax appreciation for rules would say. I’m thinking of the hypothetical recess monitor who righteously tries to explain how the rules of freeze tag literally require the complete cessation of movement, even the kind that occurs unconsciously as a result of the body’s normal subsistence. Just what kind of image are Vatican Shadow and Function trying to convey here?! Shall we imagine them in fluorescent vests, just waiting for a chance to blow their whistles marking the end of fun and (temporarily) marking the end of our sense of hearing? Such cruelty… I don’t believe they’re capable of it!

Let’s assume a more ironic perspective. “Games have rules” indeed, but here they are with a collaborative release, melding their respective electronic styles into something “free-flowing,” yet “stripped back” from their typical output, according to a press release. “Ambient in the most traditional sense” is the phrase actually used here, which isn’t too surprising when you consider Function’s rather atmospheric debut LP on Ostgut Ton, but with Vatican Shadow also in mind? It’s difficult to go from Middle East conflict as conceptual underpinning to… the enveloping sounds of NYC’s daybreak spirit. Equal parts rhythmic, though. But unspoken musical guidelines require a commitment to one style! I thought??

Games Have Rules is out mere days from now, on September 22. Live dates featuring the duo are scheduled for this Friday at Output in New York, this Saturday in L.A., and November 22 at Fabric in London.

Games Have Rules tracklisting:

01. Things Known
02. Things Unknown
03. The Nemesis Flower
04. A Year Has Passed
05. A Year Has Gone By
06. Red Opium
07. Bejeweled Body

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Ben Chasny’s Hermit Hut label re-releases super-limited album by Australian guitarist Chris Smith

Seems like only yesterday that multiple organ-admitter Ben Chasny announced the formation of a record label. Hermit Hut impressed with the Bhutanese guitar improv of Tashi Dorji, whose self-titled LP opened the label for business just last month. In an effort to keep up appearances, Chasny has found yet another disc of deranged guitar to hermitically hustle out into the available world.

Australian guitarist Chris Smith is the subject of said hustling. His music seems like a perfect fit for Chasny’s guitar-focused (so far) curation, especially considering most of Smith’s music has not made it out of his native land (it looks like Map Ends: 1995-2001 might have been his only American splash).

In an effort to right this ignorant wrong, Chasny has seen fit to reissue Smith’s 2007 record Bad Orchestra, which had previously only seen a limited CD run on Death Valley. Smith, inspired by The Germs, recorded the album with a full band as a way to work through a period of intense inner turmoil. I am so glad Chasny is not reissuing Smith’s LiveJournal entries from the same era.

Bad Orchestra’s vinyl rebirth will occur on October 14. Until then, enjoy the Crazy Horse frequencies of “Living Dead Blues” below.

Bad Orchestra tracklisting:

01. Goose Run
02. Living Dead Blues
03. Glue Factory
04. Grain Elevator Blues
05. The Orbit
06. Bobby and the Big O
07. Slight Problems (Intermission)
08. Jimmy’s Theme
09. Step Into the Light
10. Your Tunnel

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Production supergroup Future Brown sign to Warp, announce debut single

Future Brown, the production supergroup of Fatima al Qadiri, NGUZUNGUZU, and J-Cush, have signed to Warp Records and announced their first physical release, Wanna Party / World’s Mine, slated for November 3. The A-side features Chicago rapper/singer Tink (who’s currently working on her Timbaland-produced debut album) and B-side “World’s Mine” brings together Ruff Sqwad members Prince Rapid and Dirty Danger, as well as Roll Deep affiliate Roachee. Both tracks are available on SoundCloud. Pre-order here.

What will brown look like in the future? That question is at the heart of Future Brown’s music, which blends rap, grime, footwork, dancehall, R&B, reggaeton, and more into the most bangin’ of stylistic smudges. Last year, they explored the question at MoMA PS1 during Pitchfork’s multimedia FORMS festival. An answer was posed: Basketball. Yes, as in Basketballs — as in, that nice mahogany orange. I wouldn’t be averse to it.

In addition to the signing and the single, Future Brown have announced three special tour dates, all of which I have carefully inserted into the end of this article so as not to wake it. Be careful with the newly streaming “Wanna Party Remix” featuring New Orleans rapper 3D Na’Tee, though, it’s quite loud.

Wanna Party / World’s Mine tracklist:

01. Wanna Party (feat. Tink)
02. Wanna Party Remix (feat. Tink and 3D Na’Tee)
03. World’s Mine (feat. Prince Rapid, Dirty Danger and Roachee)
04. World’s Mine (Instrumental)

Tour dates:

10.24.14 - Bergen, Norway - Ekko Fest
11.17.14 - Turin, Italy - Club 2 Club
12.04.14 - Miami, FL - PAMM Presents (Art Basel)

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Chief Keef begins tour today, releases his weirdest track yet

Since his last mixtape, Almighty So (which made #39 on our Favorite 50 Albums of 2013), Chief Keef has been making a business out of stalling and teasing and joking and house-hunting and basically doing whatever he can to avoid confirming a release date for the long-awaited third installment in his Bang series. That release, which was originally slated as a mixtape for late 2013/early 2014 (sorta/kinda until Interscope told him he’s releasing too much free music, those assholes), is supposedly scheduled as an “album album” sometime this year, with even a guest appearance by the man from high up above (in terms of class structure, social ladder, and cultural hierarchy): Yeezy himself.

In the meantime, Chicago’s most snuggable rapper has released yet another free tune. The track, which follows the old-school Sosa aesthetic heard on “24,” is appropriately titled “Wait.” And like the garbled, off-beat, marbles-in-the-mouth delivery on Almighty So, the track has already proven to be divisive. Why? First off, it’s rough as shit, with Keef himself on the boards this time around (listen to that drunken bass at 1:35!). Second, in addition to inadvertently bending time with his imprecision and sloppy auto-tune’d theatrics, he pitchshifts his voice up to sound, superficially, like a bizarro PC Music export at a super saiyan event. Of course, I love this sped-up version and hope Bang 3 matches the weirdness. Would hate to see Chief Keef bottled up, right? Check out the track here:

While you process the music, here are his upcoming dates:

09.17.14 - Everett, MA - Gallery
09.18.14 - Worcester, MA - Venue
09.19.14 - Albany, NY - The Armory
09.20.14 - Brooklyn, NY - Rose Castle
09.22.14 - Philadelphia, PA - TLA
09.25.14 - Dallas, TX - Icon Night Club
10.02.14 - Mankato, MN - The Mankato BA
10.04.14 - Minneapolis, MN - UMN Campus

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Hookworms share two singles from forthcoming LP on Weird World

Leeds-based bizarro rockers Hookworms have a new record called The Hum coming out later this year via Weird World, a London imprint responsible for Euro pressings from Peaking Lights, Washed Out, and How to Dress Well. Hookworms, however, are a different story. On last year’s album Pearl Mystic, the group harnessed droney, motorik rhythms and guitar screeds punched up with singer MJ’s impassioned yelps. It was a huge debut that showed a lot of promise, and not too many people outside of the UK caught it.

Now on sophomore LP The Hum, the five-piece introduce a tauter, heavier sound with lead single “The Impasse,” which features their new drummer JN, some oppressive distortion à la Perfect Pussy, and a shredded vocal performance. It’s their loudest track yet, shedding most of Pearl Mystic’s psychedelic haze but retaining the massive energy. MJ says of the change, “This time round though we knew we had a really clear audience, so The Hum is really about different freedoms and constraints.” Before the full record drops on November 10, the full tracklist and stream of “The Impasse” and even-newer-track “On Leaving” can be found below. Pre-order it here, ya dirt worms.

The Hum tracklist:

01. The Impasse
02. On Leaving
03. iv
04. Radio Tokyo
05. Beginners
06. v
07. Off Screen
08. vi
09. Retreat

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