Six Organs of Admittance & Elisa Ambrogio bring their magical musical tour to certain parts of North America

Do you believe in love? Do you believe in magic? (Say no for the purposes of this story.) “No,” you say? “NO”!?!?!? Well, Six Organs of Admittance and Elisa Ambrogio (Magik Markers) are here to change your mind. And, perhaps, your life, for the dynamic Drag City duo is about to embark on a tour of the Midwest, East Coast, and a wee part of Canada that will touch, delight, and inspire.

Ben Chasny, the man behind Six Organs, has been working on a book to serve as a companion piece to his recent Hexadic album, a book that talks ritual magic, musical science, and algorithms! Who doesn’t love a good algorithm? And in advance of all that, Chasny and Ambrogio will be rockin’ venues all across certain parts of America. Get ready to go to witch school, Ferndale, MI.

04.21.15 - Minneapolis, MN - 7th Street Entry
04.22.15 - Madison, WI - The Frequency
04.23.15 - Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle
04.24.15 - Ferndale, MI - The Loving Touch
04.25.15 - Pittsburgh, PA - Club Cafe
04.26.15 - Washington, DC - DC9
04.28.15 - Philadelphia, PA - Boot & Saddle
04.30.15 - Brooklyn, NY - Baby’s All Right
05.01.15 - Allston, MA - Great Scott
05.02.15 - Montreal, QC - Bar Le “Ritz” P.D.B.
05.03.15 - Ottawa, ON - Mavericks
05.0415 - Toronto, ON - Horseshoe Tavern
05.05.15 - Rochester, NY - The Bug Jar
05.06.15 - Cleveland, OH - Beachland Tavern
05.07.15 - Columbus, OH - The Basement
05.08.15 - Louisville, KY - Zanzabar
05.09.15 - Iowa City, IA - The Mill

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Pickathon Festival assemble axis of awesome for 2015 lineup

Now an Oregon mainstay, the Pickathon Festival folk are continuing their well-proven formula with a fest that focuses on sustainability, good food, and great (mostly) folk music. TMT has been a fan of the festival for quite some time, and the 2015 lineup is as good as we’ve come to expect.

This year, the fest takes some of the hottest acoustic guitar slingers at the moment, like Jessica Pratt, Ryler Walker, Kevin Morby, and Hiss Golden Messenger, and puts them alongside kickass indies like tUnE-yArDs, DIIV, Viet Cong, Ty Segall, King Tuff, and Ex Hex, as well as unusual (in a good way) choices like Shabazz Palaces, Thundercat, and the octagenarian folk legend Alice Gerrard thrown in for good measure. The full lineup might be the subject of the next Serial podcast, because (Dad-joke warning) it’s killer!

I can hear you saying to yourself, “A weekend of awesome bands on a farm in the Pacific Northwest is my kind of thing, but there are just too many great bands — how will I see them all??” Well, the Pickathon organizers have that covered too, because each band will be performing twice over the weekend. So actually, you’re getting two festivals for the price of one. Bargain.

The whole thing goes down between July 31 and August 2. Tickets are on sale here, and the full lineup is below.

A Giant Dog / Alice Gerrard / Billy Strings & Don Julin / Broncho / Cloud Nothings / DIIV / Dom Flemons / Edna Vazquez / Ernest Ranglin / Ex Hex / Freakwater / Grandparents / Giant Sand / Heartless Bastards / Hiss Golden Messenger / Happyness / Isreal Nash / Joan Shelley / JD McPherson / Jessica Pratt / Joseph / Kevin Morby / King Tuff / Langhorne Slim / Nathan Bowles / Leon Bridges / Little Freddie King / Mandolin Orange / Meatbodies / Rodrigo Amarante / Riley Walker / Sam Amidon / Sam Cohen / Shabazz Palaces / Sonny & The Sunsets / Sinkane / Summer Cannibals / The Brothers Comatose / The Quebe Sisters Band / The Weather Station / Thundercat / Tinariwen / Total Babes / tUnE-yArDs / Turnpike Troubadours / Ty Segall / Vetiver / Viet Cong / Wand / Whitey Morgan / William Tyler / Wolf People

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The Orb announce Moonbuilding 2703 AD on Kompakt; ordinarily cloyed and jaded house music fans become overly-excited and get nosebleeds

Holy shit! So, I was just googling English ambient house duo The Orb like I do every Monday morning at around this time (along with all the other electronic artists whose names begin with N - R) — not exactly expecting too much, since they haven’t churned out too much since 2012’s The Observer in the Star House — when BAM! Paydirt! The Orb has just announced a brand new album of spherically awesome Orb-ish-ness coming this very summer! Ahh, sweet vindication! I told my stupid pet hermit crab I wasn’t waiting my time. SO THERE, Jeremy!

Anyway, it’s true: The new record, Moonbuilding 2703 AD, is due June 23 via the illimitable Kompakt label and, according to its eloquent press release, is “another major slice of psychedelic synth bliss, obscure loops and deep ambient textures tossed in swinging breakbeats and powerful basslines.” I totally like ALL those cool-, fun-sounding things! Because I am a cool, fun person. With cool, fun interests outside of the internet.

The tracklisting below may look pretty slender on the non-deluxe version (which includes a “tribute to J Dilla”), but with titles like “God’s Mirrorball” and “Moonscapes 2703 BC,” I’m pretty sure we’re in for some pretty epic-sized tracks on this one. And if not, you have to admit that it’s totally not my fault, because I’m speculating and honestly have no clue what I’m talking about! Now, how’s about you get OFF MY CASE and we just bliss-out to The Orb together for a while, huh? Jeez, you’re worse than my holier-than-thou landlady, already…

Moonbuilding 2703 AD tracklisting:

01. God’s Mirrorball
02. Moonscapes 2703 BC
03. Lunar Caves
04. Moonbuilding 2703 AD

Extra tracks:
- Dilla’s Moon Quake (The Orb’s Tribute To J Dilla) *
- Moon Quake (Slice Of Silver) * #
- Moon Quake 6 *#

* included on deluxe vinyl version
# included on deluxe download version

And here are some dates:

04.29.15 - Los Angeles, CA - El Rey Theatre
04.30.15 - San Francisco, CA - Regency Ballroom
05.02.15 - Las Vegas, NV - Further Future Festival
05.03.15 - Tucson, AZ - Rialto Theatre
05.05.15 - Durango, CO - Animas City Theatre
05.07.15 - Aspen, CO - Belly Up Aspen
05.08.15 - Englewood, CO - Gothic Theatre
05.09.15 - Boulder, CO - eTown Hall

[Photo: Max Zerrahn]

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Lil B launches Thank You Based God Meme Creator app, technology reaches apex

1450 AD: mechanical movable type printing press is invented.

1876 AD: first telephone is created.

1928 AD: discovery of penicillin.

2015 AD: invention of Lil B’s Thank You Based God Meme Creator app, as announced by Complex.

You can download the app at iTunes. It does exactly what you would imagine.

Lil B performed at Coachella these past two weekends and is set to probably put out at least three mixtapes by the year’s end.

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Gobby drops a “noisy techno” album as Monkeybone called The Roommate

We’ve all been there. Your college roommate gets married and moves out, so you trawl Craigslist for a suitable replacement. You find someone who seems normal enough, and he moves in. He brings his parakeet. He listens to The Joshua Tree 24/7. He eats all your lunch meat. He eventually murders you. Roommates suck! As evinced by his self-released album under the brand new Monkeybone alias, my boy Gobby knows. It’s called The Roommate, and though it doesn’t contain tracks entitled “There is Parakeet Shit in my Closet” or “I Have Become a Craigslist-Related Statistic” — apparently not all of my experiences are universal — it does contain relatable titles like “His Party Mess” and “The Lost Charger Fight.” Like I said, we’ve all been there.

Anyway, Gobby told Resident Advisor that The Roommate, in addition to being about a terrible roommate, is supposed to highlight his “techno” and “experimental” side — “whatever you want to call noisy techno,” he says. If I had my way, we’d call it “the musical representation of what I’d do to a parakeet if I saw one and wasn’t so averse to violence,” but again, probably not all that universal. You can decide what you want to call it, as you listen to the whole thing below.

The Roommate tracklist:

01. He Moves In
02. GF: Extra Keys
03. His Party Mess
04. The Lost Charger Fight

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Kid606 to release ambient piano record Recollected Ambient Works Vol.1: Bored of Excitement

After more than 15 years of mostly scrambling the minds of his listeners with his trademark glitchy electronic music and subverting the dominant pop paradigm with classics like The Action Packed Mentallist Brings You the Fucking Jams, Kid606 (a.k.a. Miguel De Pedro) has decided to refill his prescriptions, and the result is Recollected Ambient Works Vol.1: Bored of Excitement, which is set to be released May 19 via his label Tigerbeat6.

Instead of hyperactive beat-scrambling, Recollected Ambient Works Vol.1: Bored of Excitement, as the name suggests, will be a collection of straight-up piano-based ambient tracks. According to Kid606, the shift in direction follows a rough patch in Berlin replete with “a brief but laughable suicidal idealization (involving some heavy analog synthesizers and the Paul-Lincke-Ufer Canal directly beside my Kreuzberg apartment),” which saw him decide to move back to Los Angeles and focus on creating “a crazy Meditation-Yoga-New Age-Shamanic-Psychotherapy trip” as part of his recovery.

The results deliver just that in a seven-part meditation, with each track, if the titles are a reliable indication, focused on a different minor key. The results are unexpected. The results are also so beautiful you’ll want to hold the hand of the closest person and weep.

Recollected Ambient Works Vol.1: Bored of Excitement tracklist:

01. A minor
02. B minor
03. C minor
04. D minor
05. E minor
06. F minor
07. G minor

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The-Dream starts “art label” with Jay Z called Contra Paris, because he’s basically the coolest person ever

So, The-Dream is starting a new label with Jay Z. Yes. This is magic. But what kiiiiind of label, The-Dream? I mean, dude is allied with Hov’s Roc Nation management company, so you can assume hip-hop, right? WRONG. Because it’s so much more; it’s like a record label inside of a conceptual art project inside of a faith in the beauty of the human spirit and the limitless creativity of the true artist inside of Korean-Mexican fusion tacos (come on, you know that shit is genius).

See, The-Dream, along with longtime collabo buddy Tricky Stewart, are working with Jay Z to start an “art label” called Contra Paris, whose focus is “art overall, period,” downtown NYC art scene circa 1980 style, y’all. Take it, The-Dream: “We’ve got these young guys who can be Basquiat with great gifts and I want to couple my music with them and make sure that their shit is being seen because I think that’s what was so great in the 80s,” he tells, because The Dream is the dopest and so wonderful he’s gotta be from Narnia.

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A.R. Kane announces plan to play a fest this summer

Update: TMT contacted Rudy for further details, and he clarified that this is not a “reunion,” among other things: “Well, we have yet to finalise the details - it is a festival in the south of England is all I can say right now — very small, very artistic. I have yet to sort the players, the set list, the rider (hee hee) but I am very excited and looking forward massively.”

The revered abstract-pop band A.R. Kane have announced plans for a show in the upcoming summer. The English duo, who coined the phrase “dream pop,” revealed its intentions to assemble a new touring band and to play at least one show in England in August via a Facebook post. A.R. Kane had officially broken up in 1994, which would make this their first foray into the spotlight in over two decades. So far at least, Rudy Tambala seems to be the only original member involved.

Putting together some players and playing a gig this summer.
It will be A.R.Kane material.
It will be noisy. Mostly. And a bit quiet. In places.
Details to be confirmed almost soon.

Naturally, more details are yet to emerge, but the duo is known for its ability to spin brilliance out of thin air: A.R. Kane was birthed as the joke Tambala invented to explain how he knew Alex Ayuli (a childhood friend, in reality), and when they were suddenly signed before even writing a song, on the basis of their description of the band’s sound as “a bit Velvet Underground, a bit Cocteau Twins, a bit Miles Davis, a bit Joni Mitchell,” they managed to put together a convincing-enough band with their friends and siblings, when requested to audition. The point is, we have evidence to remain optimistic, despite any documented “dreams.”

Formed in 1986 by Alex Ayuli and Rudy Tambala, A.R. Kane sits in the intersection of ethereal pop and groove-based music, mastering dream-pop’s sensual elegance, but also breaking ground for shoegaze, trip-hop, dubbed-out ambient, and even post-rock with their mixture of experimental rock, hazy melodies, and psychedelic currents, held together by an otherworldly veneer. Ahead of their time and unable to fit neither in the late post-punk narrative nor in the indie scene (and perhaps stifled by a racially prejudiced environment — the dreadlocked, feedback-sculpting duo was affectionately nicknamed “the black Jesus and Mary Chain”), A.R. Kane had released three strong albums before splitting up, none of which quite managed to strike them a large following. Working with financially-troubled labels didn’t help either, explaining the band’s ephemeral — albeit influential — career. Unsung for a very long time, A.R. Kane have begun to consolidate a cult status via reissues (including the Pump up the volume single, their collaboration with 4AD-labelmates Colourbox under the M|A|R|R|S name). A show this summer would be a nice way to further A.R. Kane’s consecration.

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RIP: Mingiedi Mawangu, founder and former leader of Konono N°1

From Konono N°1’s Facebook page:

Mingiedi Mawangu passed away last night, in Kinshasa. He was 85. He founded Konono No.1 in the 1960s and invented his own electrified likembe, which gave Konono No.1 its distinctive sound. He led the band and toured with them until a few years ago.

He will be dearly missed by his son Augustin and the rest of the band. The funeral will take place next week.

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Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld share music video and tour dates

Well, I already told you this once, but I like saying things twice, so here we go: on April 28 saxophonist Colin Stetson and violinist Sarah Neufeld have a collaborative album coming out on Constellation. It’s called Never were the way she was, and it “charts an expansive sonic trajectory with a multiplicity of structures and voicings that belies the fundamental economy of two acoustic instruments combining in real time.” Well, gosh dang! Are we all up to speed now? Should I repeat myself some more? Well, I already told you this once, but I like… just kidding! I’ve got new info to share, too. Like the fact that the duo recently released a pretty slick new video for the “The rest of us,” a.k.a., track six on Never were the way she was.

And by golly, that’s not it. The duo has also recently announced a set of North American dates throughout the month of June. And that’s on top of some European dates in April and May, and solo dates for each artist stretching all the way from May to August. That’s a lot of dates! Attempt to visually interpret ‘em all below.

Never were the way she was tracklist:

01.The sun roars into view
02. Won’t be a thing to become
03. In the vespers
04. And still they move
05. With the dark hug of time
06. The rest of us
07. Never were the way she was
08. Flight


04.17.15 - London, UK - Islington Assembly Hall *
04.18.15 - Vienna, AT - Porgy & Bess Jazz & Music Club *
04.20.15 - Zagreb, HR - Kset *
04.22.15 - Copenhagen, DK - Jazzhouse *
04.23.15 - Oslo, NO - Victoria - Nasjonal Jazzscene *
04.24.15 - Bergen, NO - Sardinen, USF *
04.25.15 - Trondheim, NO - Dokkhuset Scene *
04.28.15 - Gent, BE - Handelsbeurs Concert Hall *
04.30.15 - Rotterdam, NL - Lantaren Venster *
05.01.15 - Groningen, NL - De Oosterpoort *
05.02.15 - Amsterdam, NL - Club Cross Linx *
05.03.15 - Eindhoven, NL - Effenaar *
05.26.15 - Orpheum Theatre - Madison, WI *
05.27.15 - St. Louis, MO - The Pageant #
05.28.15 - Louisville, KY - W.L. Lyons Brown Theatre #
05.29.15 - Indianapolis, IN - Egyptian Room #
05.30.15 - Nelsonville, OH - Nelsonville Music Festival $
05.31.15 - Knoxville, TN - Tennessee Theatre #
06.02.15 - Charlotte, NC - The Fillmore Charlotte #
06.03.15 - Richmond, VA - The National #
06.09.15 - Toronto, ON - The Great Hall *
06.10.15 - Montreal, QC - La Sala Rossa *
06.11.15 - Montreal, QC -La Sala Rossa *
06.12.15 - Quebec, QC -Le Cercle *
06.14.15 - Burlington, VT - Burlington Discover Jazz Festival *
06.16.15 - New York, NY -Bowery Ballroom *
06.17.15 - Providence, RI - Columbus Theatre *
06.18.15 - Somerville, MA - Arts At The Armory *
06.19.15 - Portsmouth, NH - 3S Artspace *
07.16.15 - Minneapolis, MN - Cedar Cultural Center @
07.17.15 - 07.18.15 - Eaux Claires, WI - Eaux Claires Festival @
07.23.15 - Dawson, YT - Dawson City Music Festival @
07.25.15 - Calgary, AB - Calgary Folk Festival @
08.01.15 - 08.02.15 - Whistler, BC - Wanderlust Festival $

* Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld
@ Colin Stetson
# Sarah Neufeld, St. Vincent
$ Sarah Neufeld

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