Sample collagist Larry Gus announces second album for DFA, making plunderphonics sexy again

Doesn’t the word “Plunderphonics” just make you swoon? Not typically? Well, take a listen to Panagiotis Melidis, an Athenian artist who has mastered a special sort of sample-based songwriting under the name Larry Gus. There are precedents in The Books, even Animal Collective in a certain way, but Melidis has an intelligence, style, and humor that places him in his own space. 2013’s DFA-released, George Perec-inspired LP Years Not Living was no doubt a peak, and now he’s moving into new territory.

Melidis is releasing his second DFA album, I Need New Eyes, on October 2. It features a lot more live instrumentation and vocals than his previous work. It also finds him staring “intensively into his obsessions, anxieties and inadequacies” after the birth of his first child. “When you have kids,” he says via press release, “you realize that all of the infinite branches that you were wishing to explore are starting to being [sic] cut violently with a axe (held by the baby), and all infinite choices in your life (and lifestyle) start to shrink and diminish slowly.” A metaphor for the abandonment of infinite sample-pools and movement toward more limited live arrangement? P’haps.

Remixes are a forte of Melidis’s as well, having rearranged the likes of Cut Copy, Sandro Perri, and Sinkane. His most recent was for a track off former Black Dice member Eric Copeland’s 2013 album Joke In The Hole, part of a remix EP also featuring Panda Bear, Anthony Naples, and Fhloston Paradigm. Check that out. Also check out the 90-second I Need New Eyes video-announcement, where Melidis appears to poke his eyes out, but by some slight of hand, does not. The record is up for pre-order in limited, blue-vinyl edition on DFA’s site, and a digital and/or CD option will probably pop up soon.

I Need New Eyes tracklist:

01. Black Veil of Fail
02. NP Complete
03. A Set Of Replies
04. Taking The Personal Away
05. Belong to Love
06. All Graphs Explored
07. The Sun Describes
08. Nazgonya (Paper Spike)

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Wolf Eyes unveil new Bandcamp page featuring a bevy of rare releases to gnaw on and salivate at

Every once in a while, you might overload on string cheese until it starts clogging up the reasoning part of your brain: “Hm, I wonder if Wolf Eyes are still around.” And then after a healthy night’s sleep facilitates a dairy comedown and subsequent sobering-up, you leap up from your bed and shout to no one in particular, “Of course they’re still around! Wolf Eyes existing and having a general desire to punch our ears with sound waves is very reliable!” The noisy trio’s relatively frequent touring should indicate clearly enough their continued (and welcomed) existence, but just in case you need another reminder of how Wolf Eyes basically raised you young’ns, here’s the announcement of a very new Wolf Eyes bandcamp. And here’s the link.

Five rare reissues served as the inauguration last month, and supposedly, according to a press release, five new releases from the “WOLF BASEMENT” will be made available every month for the indefinite future. From the Eyes’ “earliest experiments” to “current demos,” you’ll be sure to appreciate the frequency with which Nate Young, John Olson, and Jim Baljo (and prior members Aaron Dilloway and Mike Connelly) are confusing your roommates. No, you aren’t using your room as a venue to dangerously submerge various electronics in water.

Here’s a not-so-rare track as a reminder:

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Minus The Bear announce Menos El Oso 10th anniversary tour, celebrate a decade of beautiful spanglish

It’s been a tightly-guarded secret for years, but the cat’s out of the bag now. The title of Minus The Bear’s second record, 2005’s Menos El Oso, translates to… Minus The Bear. That’s right, it’s the very name of the band that put out the record that Minusheads (as fans of Minus The Bear prefer to be called) have been trying to crack the code of MEO for years, all to no avail. So why are Minus The Bear pulling back the curtain on one of rock’s greatest secrets now? Because it’s the 10th anniversary of Menos El Oso, silly.

In celebration of their big boy’s big day, the proud fathers in Minus The Bear have planned a series of live dates in which they play their little bundle of joy in its entirety. Accompanying them on all dates will be beaming godfathers Aero Flynn, while certain other dates will feature support from Murder By Death and O’Brother, who are, I don’t know, uncles, I guess. ¡Ay, caramba!

For those with agoraphobia, as well as people who simply do not live in a city that Minus The Bear will be playing in, the band has announced a forthcoming LP reissue of Menos El Oso. No details on that currently, though fans who buy a VIP package to one of the 10th anniversary dates will receive, as part of a package, an advance copy of the reissue. Live mas.

Minus The Bear dates (all w/ Aero Flynn unless noted)

09.07.15 - Seattle, WA - Bumbershoot Festival (no Aero Flynn)
09.25-27.15 - Denton, TX - Oaktopia Festival (no Aero Flynn)
11.03.15 - Wilmington, NC - Ziggy’s *
11.04.15 - Carrboro, NC - Cat’s Cradle *
11.05.15 - Athens, GA - Georgia Theater *
11.06.15 - Orlando, FL - The Social *
11.07.15 - Orlando, FL - The Social *
11.09.15 - Washington, DC - The Howard Theater *
11.10.15 - New York, NY - Irving Plaza ^
11.11.15 - Boston, MA - Paradise Rock Club ^
11.12.15 - Asbury Park, NJ - Stone Pony ^
11.13.15 - Philadelphia, PA - Electric Factory ^
11.14.15 - Detroit, MI - St. Andrew’s Hall ^
11.15.15 - Chicago, IL - House of Blues ^
11.17.15 - Denver, CO - Ogden Theater ^
11.19.15 - Los Angeles, CA - El Rey Theatre ^
11.20.15 - Santa Ana, CA - The Observatory ^
11.21.15 - San Diego, CA - The Observatory at North Park ^
11.22.15 - San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall ^
11.23.15 - Portland, OR - Wonder Ballroom ^


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Arca announces new album Mutant


Arca, one of TMT’s absolute favorite artists, just announced a new album titled Mutant, and it’s due in the fall on Mute.

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!!! (chk chk chk) release new album with the best cover arrt of this decade

!!! have returned with a new album, As If, due October 16 on Warp Records. Their sixth studio album sees the band bringing a little bit of dub and soul to their regular blend of disco/punk. It also has the most amazing album art since that Klaxons album cover with the cat astronaut on it.

Check out the wonderfully-titled tracks “Freedom! ‘15” and “Sick Ass Moon” here:

!!! will be bringing their disco gospel to the masses, with a world tour planned for Japan, North America, and Europe. No word yet on whether that delightful party monkey from their album art will be appearing alongside the band on any dates.


01. All U Writers
02. Sick Ass Moon
03. Every Little Bit Counts
04. Freedom! ‘15
05. Ooo
06. All the Way
07. Til The Money Runs Out
08. Bam City
09. Funk (I Got This)
10. Lucy Mongoosey
11. I Feel So Free (Citation Needed)

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The complete works of Harmonia to be released in a brand neu vinyl box set

Consider it a form of The Avengers saving the world from shitty disco music during the mid-1970s; Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim Roedelius complemented their established Cluster aesthetic by joining Neu!’s Michael Rother to form, in 1973, Harmonia — an unsurprisingly combo kosmische/krautrock outfit that released the especially memorable albums Musik von Harmonia and Deluxe in 1974 and 1975, respectively. They ultimately disbanded for reasons that one can suppose revolved around their plethora of musical preoccupations, but the band, which at one point Brian Eno referred to as “the most important” of the rock variety (emphasis mine), briefly reformed for a few shows during the late 2000s. “It was amazing!,” is what I probably would have said if I had gone to any of them.

But Moebius sadly passed away on July 20, so what better way to honor the legendary Harmoniac and Clusterfarian than by releasing a “complete works” vinyl box set showcasing his time as the former. German label Grönland is taking it upon themselves on October 21, and the set will feature the aforementioned studio albums, as well as Tracks and Traces (a 1976 series of recordings with Brian Eno that wasn’t officially released until 1997) and Live 1974 (the 2007 release of a 1974 recording of a Harmonia concert that took place at Penny Station in Griessem, Germany).

Those items alone would constitute the bare minimum for a box set! Luckily, Harmonia Box also includes a poster, a download code to be used for that very purpose, and a 36-page booklet, partially photograph-based, documenting Harmonia’s history. Pics of their super secret Forst hideout are included, I’m sure! Feel free to pre-order the set here.

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Chief Keef drops Bang 3 early, available now to stream and download

Are you a Frank Ocean fan and pissed he didn’t drop his new album in July? Me too, but fuck: try being a Chief Keef fan! Sosa’s Bang 3 has been delayed like, what, 500 times now? It was originally slated for release way back around Christmas 2013… as a mixtape. But a label separation and a hologram later, and Bang 3 is now an official “album,” and thankfully, the Almighty rapper has decided to fuck with our calendars in a good way this time by surprise-dropping it today, almost three weeks ahead of its August 18 release date.

A$AP Rocky, Mac Miller, and Jenn Em guest on this 14-track release. Stream and/or download below.

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Yamantaka Eye (of Boredoms) joins noise-rock duo Gagakirise to satisfy our unspoken collaborative desires

It’s very possible that Gagakirise have avoided your attention until now, because in addition to having never released an album on an American label or in any context that didn’t require the “limited” qualifier, the duo has also remained firmly entrenched in the Japanese underground, rendering chaos to citizens and sentient beings in the Earth’s mantle alike. They certainly have toured internationally, at least one time in the fitting company of Brian Chippendale, but otherwise, guitarist Sachio Yoshizawa and drummer Ryo Inoue have seemingly been content keeping things geographically close. They’re more familiar with noise ordinances in their home country. Still though, can we please get someone to coax these frenetic renegades elsewhere, so that we all might benefit?

Oh, well thank you, Thrill Jockey, and thanks to arguable Boredoms frontman Yamantaka Eye (or EYE) as well for helping to produce an exponentially-increased risk of neck pains due to home head-banging. Gagakiriseye is out August 21 as a limited-edition 7-inch, and it supplementally marks Eye’s first new (disseminated) studio recording in over five years. Boredoms as a whole hasn’t been up to too much these days, and we were all starting to wonder when we’d hear sufficiently manic vocals outside of Keiji Haino. Looks like Eye might’ve done the cover art as well, though don’t quote me on that.

Here’s a vid of Gagakirise interfering with casual park enjoyment:

Gagakiriseye tracklisting:

01. The Flash
02. Robobird2

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The Chills to release first full-length in 19 years via Fire Records

The Chills, the legendary New Zealand purveyors of devastating pop, announced their first full-length album in 19 years. Silver Bullets will come out October 30 via the ultra-cool Fire Records, who also released the band’s The BBC Sessions. You can preview the first single, “America Says Hello,” below.

Silver Bullets was recorded at Albany Street Studios in the band’s hometown of Dunedin, New Zealand. Led by Martin Phillipps and formed in 1980, the band were a favorite of John Peel, for whom they did several live sessions. After a US tour in the early 1990s to promote Soft Bomb, the band disbanded, not releasing a new album till 1996’s Sunburnt, which featured a new lineup. Since that time, The Chills have been playing live, released a mini-album, and put out a handful of live EPs for Fire and Far South.

Phillipps will be journeying to Europe for a run of live solo dates, and a full band tour is planned for 2016. The Chills are Martin Phillipps (guitar/vocals), James Dickson (bass/backing vocals), Todd Knudson (drums/backing vocals), Erica Stichbury (violin/backing vocals) and Oli Wilson (keyboards/backing vocals).

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Light in the Attic to release anthology on 60s garage psych band The Kitchen Cinq

Devoted to charting the fascinatingly blurry corners of rock & roll history, Light in the Attic has become a reliable source for unsung 70s folk artists (Goldberg, Ray Stinett, Bob Frank) and once-popular-though-long-forgotten psych/beat gems from the 60s (The Free Design, Vagrants, Stephen John Kalinich). Their most recent announcement, When the rainbow disappears: An anthology 1965-1968, a compilation of tracks by The Kitchen Cinq, falls in the latter category, offering a collection of 28 songs recorded by the garage psych band. Signed to Lee Hazlewood’s LHI label, the Texas quintet released an album (1968’s Everything But…) and a bunch of singles before splitting up. All of that is included in this anthology, plus a few previously unreleased session recordings and outtakes. Hear a track off the album below.

Regardless of what their pun-centric name might indicate, The Kitchen Cinq were anything but a historic curiosity, let alone a tongue-in-cheek attempt to cash in on the psych pop market. The band made a reputation for themselves since the early 1960s (recording as The Illusions and later The Y’alls) thanks to their no-frills take on beat music, later adding a psychedelic spin to the garage-rock-rooted style acts like The Beau Brummels had pioneered. Recruited by the psychedelic-cowboy par excellence Lee Hazlewood, the Texans recorded their only LP at the same time, as Gram Parsons’ International Submarine Band (their LHI labelmates) outlined country rock — even sharing their producer — collaborating with some Wrecking Crew personnel in the studio (Carol Kaye, Glenn Campbell, and Hal Blaine) and with Hazlewood himself close by for songwriting/arranging assistance. Despite the illustrious associates and West Coast success, the band failed to explode on a bigger scale and was swept away as the band members’ interests (as well as the public’s) drifted away.

When the rainbow disappears: An anthology 1965-1968 is out August 28 via Light in the Attic.


01. You’ll Be Sorry Someday
02. Solitary Man
03. Determination
04. Please Come Back To Me
05. Codine
06. Young Boy
07. Last Chance To Turn Around
08. Still In Love With You Baby
09. If You Think…
10. I Can’t Let Go
11. Need All The Help I Can Get
12. Young Boy
13. Searchin’
14. Figareux Figareux
15. Try
16. Gloria
17. Run For Your Life
18. Please Come Back
19. (Ellen’s Fancies) Ride The Wind
20. When The Rainbow Disappears
21. The Street Song
22. I Want You
23. Wasn’t It You
24. I Am You
25. Dying Daffodil Incident
26. Does Anybody Know
27. Good Lovin’ (So Hard To Find)
28. For Never We Meet

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