Oneohtrix Point Never and Hudson Mohawke graduate from eating Haribo together to co-producing Antony's new album

Back in June of last year, the TMTniverse was set on fire by a single pic — Oneohtrix Point Never and Hudson Mohawke sharing a limited-edition package of Haribo gummy Smurfs. Though finding out that two of our favorite producers share our love of Smurfs-licensed merchandise and confectioneries was enough to warrant an uproar, it was the potential for post-Haribo music collaboration that really got our minds going. Would a collaborative LP be in the works? Would one be producing for the other’s next solo release? Were both tapped for scoring duties on The Smurfs 3?

Not quite, but still exciting: OPN and HudMo are serving as co-producers on Antony’s new album, HOPELESSNESS, which will be released under the moniker ANOHNI and is currently in the mixing stages. Antony describes the album as “an electronic record with some sharp teeth.” In interviews last year, Antony had mentioned working with Mohawke on an “NSA-themed” album, and OPN had previously worked with Antony on a couple mutual remixes (or re-fixes as I like to call everything now in a bid to gain music writers’ respect). Antony recorded a new (and awesome and beautiful) vocals + piano version of Returnal’s title track in 2010, and Lopatin returned the favor in 2011 with an OPN edit of Swanlights’s title track. Listen to both below, hold tight for more album details, and get ready for The Smurfs 3 in theaters in 2016!

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White Hills announce new LP, expose world to a creepy looking doll

Let me warn you right now. This post contains a reference to a very creepy baby-style doll. There is also a link to footage of the aforementioned doll. Warning over.

New York motorik fuzz group White Hills have a new album, Walks for Motorists, coming out April 7 through Thrill Jockey. Differing from the rest of the band’s very, very extensive discography, this album brings in an outside producer (past albums were produced by guitarist Dave W.) in the form of David Wrench. Previously, Wrench had worked with acts like FKA Twigs and Owen Pallett, folks stylistically far from White Hills’ scuzzy psych.

Okay, here it comes. In anticipation of the album, White Hills have put out a trailer directed by bassist Ego Sensation. THERE IS A VERY CREEPY DOLL AT THE BEGINNING OF THIS VIDEO. Watch if you are brave or if you somehow aren’t terrified by creepy dolls:

Walks for Motorists is available for pre-order through Thrill Jockey right now. For a limited time, pre-orders of the vinyl will come with a 12-inch titled Drives for Pedestrians. This bonus record contains 30 minutes of unreleased material and, hopefully, instructions for destroying awful, terrifying toys.

Walks for Motorists tracklist:

01. No Will
02. £SD or USB
03. Wanderlust
04. Lead the Way
05. I, Nomad
06. We Are What You Are
07. Automated City
08. Life Is Upon You
09. Walks for Motorists

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The Body announce tour with Full of Hell, elsewhere a baby raccoon plays with a kitten

From the darkest pits of metal, The Body have announced an extensive spring tour. In another part of the world, a baby raccoon is playing with a kitten. The Body will be joined by Pennsylvania-based Full of Hell for much of the tour. The kitten will be joined by nobody else, as it has already been joined by the baby raccoon, its best friend.

Last month, The Body put out You, Whom I Have Always Hated, a collaborative album with Thou, through Thrill Jockey. Neither a kitten nor a baby raccoon has ever put out a record, at least not to their own knowledge. Watch a video for The Body/Thou track “Beyond The Realms of Dream” below. You may also watch this video of a baby raccoon and kitten playing.

The Body dates:

03.07.15 - Berkeley, CA - 924 Gilman (Two Piece Fest)
03.08.15 - Los Angeles, CA - All Star Lanes
04.06.15 - Tulsa, OK - Soundpony
04.07.15 - Fayetteville, AR - JR’s Lightbulb Club
04.08.15 - St. Louis, MO - Melt
04.14.15 - Providence, RI - Deep Desert *
04.16.15 - Philadelphia, PA - Golden Tea House *
04.17.15 - Richmond, VA - Strange Matter *
04.19.15 - Atlanta, GA - Drunken Unicorn *
04.20.15 - St. Petersburg, FL - Local 662 *
04.21.15 - Miami, FL - Churchill’s *
04.22.15 - Gainesville, FL - The Warehouse *
04.23.15 - Nashville, TN - The End *
04.24.15 - Little Rock, AR - Sticky Fingerz *
04.26.15 - New Orleans, LA - Sisters In Christ *
04.27.15 - Austin, TX - Mohawk Inside *
04.28.15 - Dallas, TX - Three Links *
04.29.15 - El Paso, TX - Electric Banana *
04.30.15 - Phoenix, AZ - 52 West
05.01.15 - Los Angeles, CA - Complex *
05.02.15 - Berkeley, CA - 924 Gilman *
05.03.15 - Portland, OR - Highwater Mark *
05.04.15 - Seattle, WA - Black Lodge *
05.05.15 - Boise, ID - Feral House *
05.07.15 - Denver, CO - Glob *
05.08.15 - Cheyenne, WY - Ernie November’s *
05.10.15 - Minneapolis, MN - Triple Rock *
05.11.15 - Milwaukee, WI - Quarters *
05.12.15 - Chicago, IL - The Empty Bottle *
05.13.15 - Pittsburgh, PA - Belvederes *
05.14.15 - Buffalo, NY - Sugar City *
05.15.15 - Boston, MA - The Middle East *
05.16.15 - New York, NY - ABC No Rio * (matinee show)
05.16.15 - Brooklyn, NY - Saint Vitus Bar *
05.17.15 - Providence, RI - Machines With Magnets *

* Full of Hell

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Colleen gets low with new LP Captain of None on Thrill Jockey; US shows announced

Since I don’t make a point to keep track of this sort of thing, add Colleen a.k.a Cécile Schott “finally” showcasing her love for Jamaican dub music to the relatively short list of phrases that I never expected to read/hear in my lifetime. Certainly, we shouldn’t expect an obvious challenge to the likes of Cameron Stallones, but Colleen’s newest album is reportedly the first of hers to contain a discernible and consistent bassline. She’s following up the inspired rhythm and delay of “Breaking up the Earth” (from The Weighing of the Heart) with what can only be described as a concerted irie effort, set to make you all kinds of… [insert monologue filled with complimentary Jamaican jargon here].

Captain of None is out April 7, and in addition to the aforementioned bassy first, it’s also Colleen’s first release sponsored by the Chicago-based Thrill Jockey label. “It’s quite obvious that they don’t release anything because it’s hyped or fashionable,” Schott noted in an interview with FACT, where a prominent vocal presence on the new album is also mentioned. We now have what she refers to as her “poppiest” and “most experimental” album to date, with a spate of stateside performances also upcoming!

Hopefully her viola da gamba still has a noteworthy presence? For the sake of those who might be averse to dramatic change!

Captain of None tracklisting:

01. Holding Horses
02. I’m Kin
03. This Hammer Breaks
04. Salina Stars
05. Lighthouse
06. Soul Alphabet
07. Eclipse
08. Captain of None


06.11.15 - San Francisco, CA - Exploratorium (Resonance Series)
06.13.15 - Seattle, WA - Good Shepherd Center (Wayward Music Series)
06.14.15 - Seaview, WA - Sou’Wester
06.17.15 - Portland, OR - Holocene
06.18.15 - Portland, OR - Beacon Sound
06.20.15 - Chicago, IL - Constellation
06.23.15 - New York, NY - Subculture (Wordless Music Series)

[Photo: Iker Spozio]

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Björk ascends on NYC for Total Concert Domination, two more shows added in Brooklyn

New York! How much Björk can you take? You can catch her at Carnegie Hall repping her new album Vulnicura! You can catch her at City Center! Maybe you’ll find her doing something else super New York-y like, riding the subway! Taking the Gossip Girl coach bus tour! (Is this something that still happens?) Other New York things!

And now you catch her at Kings Theatre in Brooklyn for two more amazing dates as the magical Icelandic songstress slowly, like an enchanting neon-hued glacier, begins her gradual takeover of the Big Apple. Welcome your new overlord, New York, you cannot resist the wondrous powers of Björk. Unless, however, you bought tickets to her April 4 date at City Center, because sorry y’all, that ish is canceled. (They’re giving you a chance to get Kings Theatre tickets, though.) Björk will ascend upon NYC once more for the Governor’s Ball in June.

Dates (additions in bold):

03.07.15 - New York, NY - Stern Auditorium / Perelman Stage at Carnegie Hall
03.14.15 - New York, NY - Stern Auditorium / Perelman Stage at Carnegie Hall
03.18.15 - Brooklyn, NY - Kings Theatre
03.22.15 - Brooklyn, NY - Kings Theatre
03.25.15 - New York, NY - City Center
03.28.15 - New York, NY - City Center
04.01.15 - New York, NY - City Center
04.04.15 - New York, NY - City Center
06.05-07.15 - New York, NY - Governors Ball Music Festival

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Stephin Merritt of Magnetic Fields announces solo tour, although it’s hard to know whether or not he’s being sarcastic

Hey cats and birds! Magnetic Fields front person Stephin Merritt has just announced a “rare solo tour” of the United States of America (his favorite country) this spring. At least… I think that’s what he said? I mean, let’s be honest, the dude kind of mumbles a lot when he sings inexplicably popular wedding songs, let alone when he TALKS.

In case you’re worried about his overly fragile disposition though, don’t. He won’t exactly be stepping too far outside his comfort zone or anything. There’s 14 shows in all, and he’ll be accompanied at each of them on cello by Sam Davol… a.k.a. the guy who plays cello… to accompany Merritt… in Magnetic Fields. Easy money, right? Right.

But because he’s Stephin Merritt, though, there’s got to be some kind of conceit, right? Right. And here it is: “Merritt will perform exactly 26 songs with each song title starting with a different letter of the alphabet and running in alphabetical order.” That’ll make things more interesting, right? Right.

Stephin Merritt dates:

05.02.15 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer
05.03.15 - Washington, D.C. - Sixth & I Historic Synagogue
05.04.15 - Atlanta, GA - Buckhead Theatre
05.06.15 - Austin, TX - Central Presbyterian Church
05.08.15 - Los Angeles, CA - Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever Cemetery
05.09.15 - Los Angeles, CA - Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever Cemetery
05.10.15 - San Francisco, CA - The Independent
05.12.15 - Portland, OR - Aladdin Theater
05.13.15 - Seattle, WA - Illsley Ball Nordstrom Recital Hall at Benaroya
05.15.15 - Minneapolis, MN - Cedar Cultural Center
05.16.15 - Columbus, OH - Wexner Center for the Arts
06.09.15 - Cambridge, MA - The Sinclair
07.24.15 - Annandale-on-Hudson, NY - The Spiegeltent

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Ryoji Ikeda to present Supersymmetry in London, the installation he developed with CERN, finally makes your particle physics PhD worthwhile

Early last year, you may have heard that the newest talent to join the ranks of CERN was none other than… Ryoji Ikeda. While it might be strange for a sound artist to be involved with the world’s largest particle physics lab, that’s not Ikeda’s case. As a matter of fact, this is the third time CERN has invited an artist to collaborate with their researchers, through the Prix Ars Electronica Collide @ CERN residency program. In 2013, sound art pioneer Bill Fontana, known for his work on sound sculptures and aural mapping, won the residency. Anyhow, as much as it would imply short-selling Ikeda’s cross-media work, this is the first time an artist mainly associated with music has been selected.

Admittedly, a bunch of artists have worked with metadata before, but certainly CERN is as close to the mother lode as one gets. Furthermore, having dedicated the last decade and a half to working on data-informed sound art, Ryoji Ikeda is just about the perfect match. Some of the Paris-based Japanese artist’s most recent works are Test Pattern, The Transfinite, and the Datamatics Trilogy, all involving different forms of data processing.

After a few months in the lab, in close collaboration with professor Tom Melia studying LHC-generated data, Ikeda has completed the first iteration of his projected work. The result is Supersymmetry, a “theoretical mathematical model” that explores the fringes of physics and sound, surveying the massive nature of particles. Of course, unless you have advance knowledge in quantum physics, you may prefer sticking to the dozen projectors that compose the multimedia installation accompanying the project. So, while Ikeda and his lab buddies try to solve the “does the Higgs Boson actually have mass” conundrum, we can all enjoy the flickering lights and trippy sounds going on around us.

Supersymmetry will be presented in London, from April 23 to May 31, at The Vinyl Factory Space.

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• Tom Melia:

Blur to release new album The Magic Whip, their first since the last Year of the Goat

Blur, who do not follow TMT on Twitter, have a new album called The Magic Whip, their first since 2003’s Think Tank. Here’s my review: The album starts with “Lonesome Street,” a fantastic song that kicks off the album on the right track. It’s followed by “New World Towers,” which is great, then leads right into the album’s first single, “Go Out.” After that, “Ice Cream Man” comes in, just before the awesome “Thought I Was a Spaceman” hits. Soon after, “I Broadcast” busts through the gates, then suddenly dives right into one of my favorite Blur songs ever: “My Terracotta Heart.” I love the vocals on the next track, “There are Too Many of Us,” but the real winner is the guitar on track #9: “Ghost Ship.” Wow. Seriously! “Pyongyang,” “Ong Ong,” and “Mirror Ball” put a nice cap on this amazing album.

Pumped now? Great. Look for The Magic Whip April 28.


01. Lonesome Street
02. New World Towers
03. Go Out
04. Ice Cream Man
05. Thought I Was a Spaceman
06. I Broadcast
07. My Terracotta Heart
08. There are Too Many of Us
09. Ghost Ship
10. Pyongyang
11. Ong Ong
12. Mirror Ball

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Sun Kil Moon announces new album Universal Themes in case you have any tears left

Mark Kozelek’s Benji was an unflinching and painfully honest memoir of an album that was arguably last year’s heaviest release (sorry The Body and Mr. Krlic). Despite (or perhaps because of) the hyper-specificity of its songs, it was a visceral listening experience that, even when it wasn’t relatable, set the listener up for their own journey of deeply personal self-reflection that no one was really ready for because who needs that shit in the age of PC Music, right? And all this from a guy who once released an entire album of Modest Mouse covers (no disrespect, but who really saw this coming)?

Now Kozelek has announced his follow-up to that album under his usual Sun Kil Moon moniker. It’s called Universal Themes and will be released on June 2 via Caldo Verde in CD and digital formats; limited vinyl will be released later in the year. It features percussion from Sonic Youth’s Steve Shelley and has a mundane, middle-of-America cover photo similar to Benji’s. It also features a track titled “With a Sort of Grace I Walked to the Bathroom to Cry.” Oh boy, here we go again. Previously released track “The Possum,” which you can stream below, shows up on the album’s tracklist. “War on Drugs: Suck My Cock,” on the other hand, does not.

Universal Themes tracklist:

01. The Possum
02. Birds of Flims
03. With a Sort of Grace I Walked to the Bathroom to Cry
04. Garden of Lavender
05. Cry Me a River Williamsburg Sleeve Tattoo Blues
06. Ali/Spinks 2
07. Little Rascals
08. This Is My First Day and I’m Indian and I Work at a Gas Station

• Sun Kil Moon:
• Caldo Verde:

METZ announce new album II, continuing the adventures of the characters introduced on the previoius record

Rodney, Wompo, Melissa, Big Ted, and Leslie Fire are back! This beloved cast of characters, introduced back on the first album by METZ in 2012, have returned for a new set of adventures. Did Wompo get into college? Did Melissa find her true father? Is Big Ted going to prison? All this and more will be revealed on May 4 (May 5 in Europe), when Sub Pop puts out II, the second album by METZ.

Though it doesn’t feature any of the crazy cast of characters we know and love, METZ has released a Travis Millard-directed video for “Acetate,” the opening track off II. It’s a track that could be described as “tough” and “hecka tough.” To achieve that tuff sound, the band recorded their new album in various studios in Ontario, having self-produced and mixed with some assistance from engineer Graham Walsh. Watch the video:

Perhaps in order to avoid responding to correspondence concerning fan theories, METZ are doing quite a bit of touring the coming months. Because they are a band that exists in this world, they will be playing SXSW. But they’ll also be doing extensive touring in both North America and Europe, sharing stages with Lightning Bolt, FIDLAR, and Protomartyr. Now, let’s talk about those theories. Rodney and Leslie Fire: siblings? Or warlocks?

II tracklist:

01. Acetate
02. The Swimmer
03. Spit You Out
04. Zzyzx
05. IOU
06. Landfill
07. Nervous System
08. Wait in Line
09. Eyes Peeled
10. Kicking a Can of Worms

METZ dates:

02.21.15 - Pasadena, CA - Air & Style Los Angeles @ Rose Bowl
02.28.15 - Mexico City, Mexico - NRMAL Festival
03.03.15 - London, UK - 100 Club
03.05.15 - Paris, France - Point Emphemere
03.16-20.15 - Austin, TX - SXSW
04.15.15 - Buffalo, NY - Mohawk Place *
04.16.15 - Columbus, OH - Double Happiness *
04.17.15 - Cleveland, OH - Beachland Ballroom *
04.18.15 - Ferndale, MI - The Loving Touch *
05.01-02.15 - Toronto, ON - Lee’s Palace ^
05.08.15 - Austin, TX - Levitation 2015
05.09.15 - Atlanta, GA - Shaky Knees Festival
05.11.15 - St. Petersburg, FL - State Theatre &
05.12.15 - Orlando, FL - The Social &
05.13.15 - Birmingham, AL - Work Play &
05.14.15 - Nashville, TN - Mercy Lounge &
05.19.15 - St. Louis, MO - The Firebird &
05.20.15 - Chicago, IL - Lincoln Hall
05.21.15 - Minneapolis, MN - 7th Street Entry &
05.22.15 - Minneapolis, MN - 7th Street Entry &
05.23.15 - Madison, WI - High Noon Saloon &
05.26.15 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom &
05.27.15 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg &
05.28.15 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club &
05.29.15 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer
05.30.15 - Boston, MA - Paradise &
06.16.15 - London, UK - Underworld
06.17.15 - Brussels, Belgium - Botanique (Rotonde)
06.19.15 - Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands - Best Kept Secret Festival
06.20.15 - Scheesel, Germany - Hurricane Festival
06.21.15 - Neuhausen ob Eck, Germany - Southside Festival
06.22.15 - Leipzig, Germany - Taubchenthal
06.24.15 - Berlin, Germany - Cassiopeia
06.25.15 - Cologne, Germany - MTC
07.24-26.15 - Oro-Medonte, Ontario - Wayhome Music & Arts Festival

* Lightning Bolt
^ Protomartyr

• Sub Pop:



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