Thanks to their new 5xLP live release The Long Goodbye, you’ll never be able to get LCD Soundsytem out of your life!

As Boyz II Men once said, “It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.” It’s a tenet that holds true especially for LCD Soundsystem, who just keep releasing stuff despite having played their last show ever on April 2, 2011 at Madison Square Garden. And now, you too can relive those wondrous final hours of one of America’s smartest dance bands, when you purchase the James Murphy-produced digital or 5xLP live recording of that very show, entitled The Long Goodbye: LCD Soundsystem Live at Madison Square Garden. Imagine! Replaying those final songs on an endless, 5xLP loop, just switching back and forth for all eternity. You can actually LIVE the concept of “time is a flat circle” from your favorite TV show True Detective!

And what better day to start this endless loop than on Record Store Day, the day everyone (except record store employees) wishes they could live inside forever? For that’s when Warner Bros. will unleash the 5xLP live volume onto the world, with a digital and wider vinyl release to follow on May 20. You’ll get four straight hours of James Murphy with LCD amigos Pat Mahoney, Nancy Whang, Al Doyle, Gavin Russom, Tyler Pope, and Matt Thornley, plus a choir, string and horn sections, and special guests! Special guests like Reggie Watts, who guests on “Someone Great,” but sorry, no McConaughey.

The Long Goodbye tracklisting:

01. Dance Yrself Clean
02. Drunk Girls
03. I Can Change
04. Time to Get Away
05. Get Innocuous!
06. Daft Punk Is Playing at My House
07. Too Much Love
08. All My Friends
09. Tired / Heart of the Sunrise
10. 45:33 Intro
11. You Can’t Hide (Shame on You)
12. Sound of Silver
13. Out in Space
14. Ships Talking
15. Freak Out / Starry Eyes
16. Us v Them
17. North American Scum
18. Bye Bye Bayou
19. You Wanted a Hit
20. Tribulations
21. Movement
22. Yeah
23. Someone Great
24. Losing My Edge
25. Home
26. All I Want
27. Jump Into the Fire
28. New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down

• LCD Soundsystem:
• Warner Bros.:

Fennesz flexes his conceptual follow-up muscle with new Editions Mego full-length Bécs a.k.a. the Endless Summer killer

You know what I love? I love conceptual follow-ups. Somebody establishes some concept, and then some years later follows that concept up? Mmmm, that shit is like catnip for me, which is why I broke two computer mice, a keyboard, and the spirit of a beleaguered IT guy this morning trying to type this post up. You see, Christian Fennesz just announced the conceptual follow-uppiest of conceptual follow-ups you can imagine — a new full-length called Bécs (pronounced “baeetch”). He’s described it as a conceptual follow-up to 2001’s Endless Summer, an album which has been thoroughly noted for its highly conceptual concepts. Out April 28, this is Fennesz’s first album with Editions Mego since Endless Summer, and it’s his first album period since 2008’s Black Sea (TMT Review). You can pre-order it right here.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. I haven’t even quoted from the press release or made a list of adjectives and descriptive phrases about the album yet! So, um, “Bécs is not just an album or a series of songs, it’s a world to inhabit, a landscape ripe with sounds, songs and that esteemed Fennesz signature.” It’s also all of the following: less droney than Black Sea, “epic, evocative, beautiful, impossible,” musical, redolent, alluring, pulchritudinous, resplendent, visionary, consisting of music songs, available on CD and LP, mastered by Rashad Becker, expressive, resonant, emotional, assured, and disruptive. Now how’s that for a list? Really gets your mind going doesn’t it? Hows about I just embed “The Liar” below and we call this news post a day? After all, the IT guy I bummed out earlier this morning isn’t going to apologize to himself.

Bécs tracklisting:

01. Static Kings
02. The Liar
03. Liminality
04. Pallas Athene
05. Bécs
06. Sav
07. Paroles

• Christian Fennesz:
• Editions Mego:

Jessy Lanza announces newfound addiction to touring, tour beginning next month (including shows at SXSW)

Let’s take a moment to recognize Jessy Lanza for her humility. There she was in Hamilton, Ontario, contented with her decision to forgo an all-too-academic pursuit of a masters in musicology, and laying on a literal, extremely uncomfortable bed of hand-me-down, kick-ass vintage synths and drum machines, when… whooooop-haaaaa, an acquaintance by the name of Jeremy Greenspan (one-half of Junior Boys) recruited Lanza for vocals on an unspecified track. I may not have the timeline exactly correct, but shortly following that vocal contribution, a form of astrology was confirmed: the planets were set in motion by the emanation of Lanza’s unique talent, and acting as a sort celestial radio tower, they beamed the complimentary signal back down to Earth and directly into the consciousness of Steve Goodman a.k.a. Kode9 a.k.a. the head of Hyperdub. “Jessy… album… release, must… release. Oh hey, is that half-off mint chocolate chip ice cream?”

A tub consumed and months later, Pull My Hair Back came out, seemingly out of nowhere. What an immense power! And yet Lanza maintains an unpretentious lifestyle as a music teacher in her hometown. Sabbaticals were surely allowed for the sold-out shows she recently found herself headlining, and likewise for her upcoming tour, partially in support of Cut Copy, partially as the headliner again at a few venues in the Midwest, and partially at SXSW. Check the dates below. In-person entrancement seems a given.


03.05.14 - Hamilton, ON - Spice Factory
03.08.14 - Madison, WI - Der Rathskeller
03.09.14 - St. Louis, MN - Off Broadway
03.13.14 - Austin, TX - Elysium (Resident Advisor Showcase) *
03.13-15.14 - Austin, TX - SXSW
03.19.14 - Nashville, TN - Marathon Music Works #
03.20.14 - Washington, DC - Echostage #
03.21.14 - New York, NY - Terminal 5 [Sold Out] #
03.22.14 - New York, NY - Terminal 5 [Sold Out] #
03.24.14 - Montreal, QC - Corona Theater #
03.25.14 - Buffalo, NY - Town Ballroom #
03.26.14 - Columbus, OH - Newport Music Hall #
03.31.14 - San Diego, CA - House Of Blues #
04.01.14 - Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Palladium #

* Machinedrum, DJ Spinn, Future Brown, SETH, Rabit, Kaytranada
# Cut Copy

• Jessy Lanza:
• Hyperdub:

The Flaming Lips trim the fat from their 24-hour song “7 Skies H3” for single-LP Record Store Day release

Fuck. Pink Floyd remakes, to six-hour songs, to gummy shit, to endless collabs… what is it with these guys? I’m exhausted just listing all this stuff (to say nothing of their still-steadily-streaming and still-generally-awesome “official album” releases), and I’m probably 15-20 years younger and/or significantly less drug-hobbled than those guys are!

Seriously. Remember the other Halloween? When they streamed that crazy 24-hour song? Free on their website? Yeah?? Good. Cuz honestly, I barely do! Either way, according to The Future Heart, that “little” gem is what the band plans on unleashing on the world on some formal vinyl (as opposed to encased in literal human skulls) come this year’s Record Store Day 2014 (April 19).

Uh… so, okay, but how are they gonna… do that? Well, the band is describing it as an “extraction and reduction” of the original piece, intended to fill just 43 minutes on two vinyl sides. It was mastered by (guess who?) Dave Fridmann, engineered by sitting bassist Michael Ivins, and comes with artwork from their longtime “visualist” George Salisbury.

Yeah, don’t worry! There’s a quote from Coyne about it. There’s always a quote from Coyne about it.

We made 17 of those [2011 skulls containing “7 Skies H3”] but that music is – a lot of people really, they want to hear bits of the music but it’s quite a commitment. So Dave Fridmann and his son have engineered a couple of times this 24 hour song down to three albums, two albums and a one album version…I’m going to listen to all those and see if maybe we would release something that takes the 24 hours, sticks it on something manageable – like a couple of records – and maybe we’d release that. Sounds like it could be really fun. And when I go back and re-visit that music I think fans would really love it.

So there you have it. Now go out and get it. Hmm… actually, come to think of it… only one single disc? Of standard length?? And no flash drives or insane price tags or human body parts??? This is pretty easy to swallow by their usual standards! And probably only slightly less-delicious than that funky gummy candy shit.

• The Flaming Lips:
• Warner Bros:

Thievery Corporation announce Saudade, a full-length flirtation with bossa nova (don’t be jealous)

Thievery Corporation’s latter albums have escaped my attention due to a lack of prominent buzz, but if memory serves me rightly, the DC-based duo initially earned a following due to a unique genetic mutation. Their speech, along with everything they hear, has a literal delay effect. So it happened that it wasn’t their intent to essentially put the “trip” in “trip-hop” — that’s just the perspective they were endowed with!

For instance, when LouLou Ghelichkhani was recruited for the track “Le Monde” on Thievery’s wonderful album The Mirror Conspiracy, the digital recording of her vocals revealed their true form; then Rob Garza was all “WTF?” and started patching in a bunch of shit until things started to sound “normal.” So describes the method underlying all of Thievery’s work, and so explains their total disinterest in going to the Grand Canyon for the sake of hearing one another yell, like, completely normally.

Saudade, their next full-length album set for release April 1, might see a diminishing of that mutation. It’s said to be their first record devoted entirely to the bossa nova sound that initially brought Garza and Eric Hilton together on a collaborative level, and which can appreciated relatively easily throughout much of their discography. Separately, Thievery’s affinity for creating studio fire hazards continues, as the album features more than a dozen guest musicians, including the aforementioned LouLou, Federico Aubele, U.N.K.L.E. drummer Michael Lowery, and more. Summarizing, Garza notes, “It’s a bit of a departure for us, but at the same time these are our roots, this is what brought us together. It’s us coming full circle from electronic music back to something organic before we move on to our next chapter.” Distinctly Thievery nonetheless:

• Thievery Corporation:
• ESL:

Ende Tymes Festival IV to feature such noisey, shrill, and disagreeable names as Kevin Drumm, Pedestrian Deposit, Phill Niblock, Pete Swanson, Hiroshi Hasegawa

Hey you; TMT reader-guy! Yeah you. You like a good noise festival, don’t you? Sure you do. I mean, you sure did last year, anyway. Hell, you even liked reading about a good noise festival last year. So what would be different about this year? Yeah. Fuckin’ nothing, that’s what.

Or. Well… okay, I guess the line-up. That shit’s totally different, actually. According to East Village Radio, anyway. Yeah, it’s all still called Ende Tymes. Only this time, it’s Ende Tymes 4, and it’s got over 30 noise guys coming at you from outta nowhere, including Kevin Drumm, Pete Swanson, Hiroshi Hasegawa, Phill Niblock, Telecult Powers, Damion Romero, Pedestrian Deposit, and others.

Oh, and the date too. That’s totally different than last year’s too. This one is May 8-11 at Brooklyn’s Silent Barn and Outpost Artists Resources. So, don’t accidentally go to last year’s.

Either way, check the linkage below for more info and the complete lineup and whatnot. Actually, no. You know what? You’re a loyal TMT reader and noise fan, so you don’t even have to do that. Here it is (don’t tell anyone I hooked you up like this, though):

Ende Tymes IV

Hiroshi Hasegawa (Astro / CCCC)
Bastard Noise & SICKNESS
Kevin Drumm
Phill Niblock
David Linton
Damion Romero
Pedestrian Deposit
MV Carbon & Bill Nace
Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski
Pete Swanson & Jefre Cantu
Ursula Scherrer & Bruce Andrews
Telecult Powers
Mesa Ritual
Andrew Coltrane
Skin Graft
Dog Lady Island
Jeff Carey
Slasher Risk
Mincemeat or Tenspeed
Don Haugen
C. Lavender
Sharlyn Evertz
Jean-Sebastien Truchy
Gay Shapes
Blessed Thistle
Limax Maximus

• Ende Tymes Festival:

Dalhous ready new EP on Blackest Ever Black for all the pro-ambient, anti-psychiatry club heads

In much of the world, it is winter. Endless, bone-chilling, frost-covered, intensely isolating winter. All vibrant outdoor life is dead, entombed in ice. Yet humankind struggles on, yearning for mulled wine and warm soup and crackling fires. But Dalhous ain’t gonna give you that shit, humankind. Dalhous are gonna give you MORE WINTER. Hyperwinter. All up in your ears.

And naturally, Blackest Ever Black is gonna bring it to you, on Dalhous’ forthcoming EP, Visibility Is a Trap, due April 7. The Edinburgh duo’s EP contains four original tracks, plus a Regis remix of Dalhous’ “He Was Human and Belonged with Humans.” The EP serves as a glimpse into the future release of the band’s summer release, Will to Be Well; both releases showcase writer/producer Marc Dall’s fascination with Scottish psychiatrist R.D. Laig, self-help, and the anti-psychiatry movement. Fun stuff!

Visibility Is a Trap will be available as a 12-inch and digital download, with pre-orders available here and an audio preview below. The duo will perform at the LAPSUS festival in Barcelona in April, and at a church in London on May 22.

Visibility Is a Trap tracklisting:

01. Active Discovering
02. Information Is Forever
03. Sight of Hirta
04. A Change of Attitude
05. He Was Human and Belonged with Humans (Regis Version)


04.05.14 - Barcelona, Spain - LAPSUS Festival
05.22.14 - London, UK - St.-John-at-Hackney Church

• Dalhous:
• Blackest Ever Black:

RIP: Paco de Lucía, flamenco guitarist

From Reuters:

Paco de Lucia, the influential Spanish guitarist who vastly expanded the international audience for flamenco and merged it with other musical styles, died suddenly on Wednesday of a heart attack in Mexico.

The 66-year-old virtuoso, as happy playing seemingly impossible syncopated flamenco rhythms as he was improvising jazz or classical guitar, helped to legitimize flamenco in Spain itself at a time when it was shunned by the mainstream.

“I learned the guitar like a child learns to speak,” the guitarist said in a 2012 documentary.

Born Francisco Sanchez Gomez, he became famous in the 1970s after recording bestselling album “Entre Dos Aguas”, becoming the first flamenco musician to perform at Madrid’s opera house Teatro Real in 1975.

Paco’s albums such as “El Duende Flamenco de Paco de Lucia” and “Almoraima” reinvented traditional flamenco.

He toured extensively with well known international artists and played with the likes of Carlos Santana and Al Di Meola, happy to expand flamenco rhythms into jazz, although that upset flamenco purists.

“It has been said, and rightly so, that Paco de Lucia has never been surpassed by anyone and guitar playing today would not be understood without his revolutionary figure,” Spain’s arts association SGAE said in a statement.

• Paco de Lucía:

copeland unveils full-length solo album Because I’m Worth It, to be self-released in May. Let’s get emotional about this together, yeah??

Because it’s, like, completely obvious that (ex-Inga, ex-capital C) copeland is a totally fussy, emotionless, mathematical-minded, hi-fi perfectionist, we can’t be surprised that it’s taken her this long to unveil a full-fledged solo album. I mean, she’s known around the music world for releasing such clean, polished pop statements as 2012’s Black is Beautiful (TMT Review) with fellow ascetic Dean Blunt for a reason, folks. You think clean, polished gems of copeland’s caliber just, like, kinda sluice through all willy-nilly on shitty old 4-track recorders or something? Sheesh…

Wait, what? Oh, THAT copeland!

Uh, in that case: never mind all that. Just know this: copeland has announced she’ll be self-releasing her debut full-length album of real-as-hell emotional dub-rap, entitled Because I’m Worth It this May (cover art above), so GET READY TO WEEP AND DANCE simultaneously. The thing was “written, produced and recorded by copeland at Stroomi Rand, except ‘advice to young girls’ and ambient keyboard on ‘l’oreal,’ produced & recorded by copeland and Actress at Werk Haus.” Okay! “vocals throughout by copeland. Mixed and mastered by Amir Shoat.”

“Sold!” right? Well, in case you’re not, here’s a lyric that she shared with us:

spill a tear and then you cry for ldn
is it the kinda place you’d die for?
how does it feel to be lied to?
but then again what’s a girl to do?

Come ON, folks! Are we all weeping? Are we all dancing? Good.

Because I’m Worth It tracklisting:

01. Faith OG X
02. advice to young girls (w/ Actress)
03. insult 2 injury
04. Serious
05. Fit 1
07. Inga
08. l’oreal

• copeland:

Brian Eno releasing new collaborative album Someday World with Karl Hyde, out on Warp in May

Brian Eno is known for many things. Ambient 1. Ambient 2. Ambient 4. Apollo. (No Pussyfooting). My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. Viva la Vida. Karl Hyde is known for just a few things. Underworld. The Crystal Method. “Block Rockin’ Beats”. Orbital. The Prodigy. “Bittersweet Symphony”. The Verve Pipe. Trompe le Monde.

Together they are Brian Eno & Karl Hyde, a new Discogs entry and musical partnership that has already produced a website and nine songs worthy of release on Warp Records. But you can’t hear any of them yet!! Someday World will be out on May 6 as a 2xLP, CD, and digital folder, plus a limited 2xCD with four bonus tracks, so just be thankful for that.

The collaboration is the result of a “big collection of ‘beginnings’” from Eno being hammered into something “more than just ‘experiments’” by Hyde, inspired by the architecture of cities built on hills, “beautiful because the buildings have a challenge to adapt to.” Eno and Hyde were supported on these sessions by a slew of other musicians, including Tessa Angus, Nell Catchpole, Marianna Champion, Will Champion, Kasia Daszykowska, Don E., Darla Eno, Georgia Gibson, Andy Mackay, John Reynolds, and Chris Vatalaro, all Discogs entries in their own right. Check the Eno/Hyde website in the near future for a first sip from that collaborative nectar.

Someday World tracklist:

01. The Satellites
02. Daddy’s Car
03. A Man Wakes Up
04. Witness
05. Strip It Down
06. Mother of a Dog
07. Who Rings the Bell
08. When I Built This World
09. To Us All

Bonus disc:
01. Big Band Song
02. Brazil 3
03. Celebration
04. Titian Bekh

• Eno & Hyde:
• Brian Eno:
• Karl Hyde:
• Warp:


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