Wooden Wand hits the road later this month. Pay him a visit, won’t you?

A confession: My friends and I used to play that game where you change the “d” at the end of the word “wand” into a “g” and then you read parts of whatever Harry Potter book you happen to have in front of you and giggle as it becomes infinitely dirtier. My brain still sometimes thinks I am playing this game and changes “wand” into “wang” without much effort.

So I am happy to report that I made it through the announcement of a Wooden Wand tour with minimal snickering, because the game really only works if you are working with sentences like, “Something silver-white, something enormous, erupted from the end of his wand.”

If you caught the piece of news amidst that blather, congrats. The real news here is not that I am secretly a teenage boy with too much time on his hands, but that James Jackson Toth a.k.a. Jimmyjack Toth a.k.a. Wooden Wand is TOURING. Following the May release of his album Farmer’s Corner, Toth will make appearances in a handful of cities during this month of August. Keep an eye out for a roving Wooden Wang… I mean, Wand. Wooden Wand.


08.09.14 - Lexington, KY - Shaker Village Well-Crafted Festival
08.16.14 - Fairmont, WV - Palatine Park
08.27.14 - Cookville, TN - Poet’s Coffee
08.28.14 - Knoxville, TN - The Pilot Light
08.29.14 - Asheville, NC - Harvest Records: Transfigurations II
08.31.14 - Columbia, SC - Conundrum

• Wooden Wand: http://www.woodenwand.org

Lust for Youth release new video featuring cameos from cool friends, tour Europe

Copenhagen coldwave trio Lust for Youth have must have given Trainspotting a re-watch lately because their latest album International is all about CHOOSE LIFE. (And also maybe a little bit about Pet Shop Boys, New Order, and early-90s raves.) Which is appropriate, because the new video for their track “Running” basically chronicles the lads living it up in Tokyo where neon lights and opportunities for bowling and karaoke are plentiful allllllll niiiiiight looooooong. Sadly, no glowsticks were broken in the making of this video.

Fun fact: Dirty Beaches and fellow Sacred Bones labelmate Pharmakon make cameos in the video, which was directed by members Hannes Norrvide, Loke Rahbek, and Malthe Fischer. One of the thematic elements in International and the “Running” video is traveling, so it’s only appropriate that Lust for Youth have announced a whole slew of fall European tour dates, listed below.

Tour dates:

08.09.14 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Pumpehuset
09.12.14 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Melkweg
09.19.14 - Barcelona, Spain - BAM Festival
09.20.14 - Lisbon, Portugal - Galeria Ze Dos Bois
09.21.14 - Porto, Portugal - Maus Habitos
09.23.14 - Glasgow, UK - Broadcast
09.24.14 - Birmingham, UK - Alfie Birds
09.25.14 - Dublin, Ireland - Bello Bar
09.26.14 - London, UK - The 100 Club
09.27.14 - Manchester, UK - Soup Kitchen
09.28.14 - Paris, France - Point FMR
09.30.14 - Rennes, France - 1988 Live Club
10.02.14 - Marseilles, France - L’Embobineuse
10.03.14 - Madrid, Spain - VillaManuela Festival *
10.04.14 - Bordeaux, France - Cafe Pompier
10.08.14 - Lyon, France - Le Sonic
10.09.14 - Milan, Italy - OHIBo
10.10.14 - Rome, Italy - Circolo degli Artisti
10.11.14 - Padova, Italy - TBA
10.14.14 - Antwerp, Belgium - Het Bos
10.15.14 - Kortrijk, Belgium - De Kreun

* Amen Dunes, Marissa Nadler

• Lust for Youth: https://www.facebook.com/LustForYouth.Official
• Sacred Bones: http://www.sacredbonesrecords.com

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah head out on tour in celebration of their debut’s monumental 9th anniversary

Congratulations, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah’s debut album, you are nine years old! The ninth birthday is the big one, it’s the one that really counts. “Everything changes at nine,” says everybody. In celebration of their self-titled debut’s ninth anniversary, the Brooklyn-based band is going on tour. Incidentally, the band has celebrated the 1st through 8th anniversaries of their debut album with shows, give or take possibly a year or two in which the group was not a live entity. Other bands would call that kind of behavior just being a band, but that’s other bands.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah recently put out their fourth album, Only Run. Reports suggest that the group celebrated the album’s two-month anniversary with cake and light small talk. Some accounts described the event as a perfectly alright time.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah dates:

08.05.14 - San Francisco, CA - The Independent
08.07.14 - Los Angeles, CA - Troubadour
08.08.14 - San Diego, CA - Casbah
08.09.14 - Scottsdale, AZ - Pub Rock Live
08.11.14 - Austin, TX - The Mohawk
08.12.14 - Houston, TX - Fitzgerald’s
08.13.14 - New Orleans, LA - One Eyed Jacks
08.14.14 - Birmingham, AL - Bottletree
08.15.14 - Chattanooga, TN - Miller Plaza
08.16.14 - Asheville, NC - The Grey Eagle
08.17.14 - Richmond, VA - The Camel

• Clap Your Hands Say Yeah: https://www.facebook.com/clapyourhandssayyeah

Fripp & Eno announce release of Live in Paris 28.05.1975 at long last; celebrate by treating yourself to a delicious Frippuccino

Ah, the Fripp & Eno 1975 European tour — I remember it like it was yesterday, mostly because I just read about it on the internet. Ol’ Bobby and BriBri made a lot of crowds angry that tour, as audiences presumed the shows would feature things like recognizable songs and stage lighting. Well, they didn’t, and the duo was even booed off the stage at one show, which is quite an interesting reaction to a couple guys performing some of the most relaxing music ever recorded.

Alas, as time has passed, people have realized the sounds from that tour were actually quite beautiful, you just have to kind of stop yelling at the band first to enjoy it. Come September 15, you can relive what many claim was the best show of that legendary tour, as Robert Fripp’s Discipline Global Mobile is releasing a triple-CD entitled Live in Paris 28.05.1975. Heralded for its technical flawlessness, the Paris show finds the duo performing both No Pussyfooting and Evening Star in their entirety. The performance has often been bootlegged, but this is the first time the album’s been properly released in a physical format. Additionally, it’s been given a full aural restoration courtesy of DGM’s own Alex Mundy. Preorder is available here. Sit back and relax for a few hours, or take the extra step and boo it from your CD player, you lonely eccentric!

Disc 1
01. Water on Water
02. A Radical Representative of Pinsnip
03. Swastika Girls
04. Wind on Wind
05. Announcement

Disc 2
01. Wind on Water
02. A Near Find in Rip Pop
03. A Fearful Proper Din
04. A Darn Psi Inferno
05. Evening Star
06. An Iron Frappe
07. Softy Gun Poison
08. An Index of Metals

Disc 3
01. Test Loop I
02. Test Loop II
03. Loop Only: A Radical Representative of Pinsnip
04. Loop Only: Wind on Water
05. Loop Only: A Darn Psi Inferno
06. Loop Only: Softy Gun Poison
07. Loop Only: Wind on Water Reversed

• Brian Eno: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brian_Eno
• Robert Fripp/DGM: http://www.dgmlive.com

Talibam! share new video, announce digital EP, back-catalog reissue campaign, and an absurd number of upcoming albums

As a writer of news, I am meant to be faceless, meant to write with an asexual, god-like voice; not but a ghost-writer of reality. Yet there are some stories in which I cannot help but inject my self — irrelevant, insignificant, unwanted as I may be to you who want not but what you think and hope is the truth. But do not fret so. You will have what you desire first.

Experimental jazz and rock duo Talibam!, consisting of drummer Kevin Shea and synthist (?) Matt Mottell, have announced a host of new material to be coming out mostly-pretty-soon. Translition to Siriusness, the group’s first digitally released EP, will drop September 9. They’ve released a video for a song off it called “Pain,” which you can watch down at the end of this article.

Further, they have announced a “digital reissue campaign” called “Archive Series” to get out-of-print material back into the hands and ears of you. The first “Archive Series” release is Hungry Hungry Hemispheres, a collaboration between Talibam! and former member Ed Bear recorded for the Athens College Radio Station WUOG in February 2005.

They’ve also announced six upcoming full-length and collaborative projects, though no dates for them yet. A new album called T is almost done. And then there’s all these yet-unnamed collaborations in the works: Talibam! Hard Vibe Trio featuring Matt Nelson, Talibam! with Tim Dahl, Talibam! with J. Wilms “The Sanifarian Equipage,” Talibam! with Yasunao Tone & Sam Kulik, and Talibam! with Tarana: TARANABAM!.

Now that you know what you so hungered to know, I must tell you what I so hunger to tell you. I just cannot contain it any longer. And if I am subsequently wiped from the grid for breaking The News Writer’s Code of Selflessness, so be it. Please listen.

I went to the same high-school as Talibam!. I really did.

• Talibam!: https://www.facebook.com/Talibamnyc

Dum Dum Girls to tour North America, attempt to make best coming-of-age road trip movie since Crossroads

Dum Dum Girls will embark on a tour to support their album Too True. It’s their third album and mostly everyone is loving it, so why not go see them strum some of those songs out live and in the flesh?

Check out the video for “Too True To Be Good” below, and if that’s not enough, then hit Sub Pop’s YouTube playlist for a few more Dum videos. Think of it as a sampler for your eyeballs that happens to be accompanied by musical sounds.

Tour dates:

08.09.14 - San Francisco, CA - Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival
09.20.14 - Denver, CO - Riot Fest & Sideshow
10.19.14 - Denver, CO - Larimer Lounge
10.20.14 - Omaha, NE - Waiting Room
10.22.14 - Minneapolis, MN - Fine Line
10.23.14 - Madison, WI - High Noon
10.24.14 - Chicago, IL - Metro
10.25.14 - Detroit, MI - Magic Stick
10.26.14 - Toronto, ON - Opera House
10.27.14 - Boston, MA - The Sinclair
10.30.14 - Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn Bowl
10.31.14 - Philadelphia, PA - Making Time PURE Halloween @ Union Transfer
11.01.14 - Washington, DC - Burger Records Caravan of Stars @ Black Cat
11.02.14 - Charlottesville, VA - The Southern
11.03.14 - Raleigh, NC - Kings
11.05.14 - Atlanta, GA - The Earl
11.07.14 - Dallas, TX - Club Dada
11.09.14 - Austin, TX - Fun Fun Fun Fest
11.11.14 - Albuquerque, NM - Sister
11.12.14 - Tucson, AZ - Club Congress
11.13.14 - Pheonix, AZ - Crecent Ballroom
11.15.14 - Pioneertown, CA - Pappy & Harriet’s

• Dum Dum Girls: http://wearedumdumgirls.com
• Sub Pop: https://www.subpop.com

Tom Vek announces trio of US dates, paying tribute to the trio of colors that paint our mighty flag

Red. White. Blue. The three colors of our flag. Also the three colors of France’s flag. The United Kingdom’s, too. Can’t forget about Chile, either. Or Norway for that matter. Anyway, a lot of countries actually use red, white, and blue for their flag, but, hey, we do it the best! Bang bang! Rah rah! In deference to the great three colors of this nation’s lasting symbol, Tom Vek is popping over to the United States this October and playing three shows. To play more would be disrespectful to those looking for unnecessary patterns in all facets of daily life.

In April, Vek put out his third record, Luck, through Moshi Moshi. In keeping with my insane conspiracy theory, Vek will never put out another record, to maintain immortal symmetry with the American flag. This sounds reasonable.

Tom Vek dates:

10.20.14 - Brooklyn, NY - Baby’s All Right
10.21.14 - New York, NY - Mercury Lounge (CMJ)
10.23.14 - Los Angeles, CA - The Echo

• Tom Vek: http://www.tomvek.tv
• Moshi Moshi: http://moshimoshimusic.com

High on Fire announce tour dates, plan to “risk it” on a boat with Lemmy because #YOLO

You ever tried to snort a line of straight fire through a hundred dollar bill and end up with egg on your face in front of everyone at a party? That egg was probably fried I’ll bet, wasn’t it? What with all that fire you were trying and failing to snort. You were probably super ashamed, and I know if I was you, that would be a memory I wasn’t in any hurry to re-live. Right?

Sorry for getting all PSA on you up in here, but with those “Herculean hard rock heavyweights” High on Fire gearing up to hit the road for a tennis-shoe sponsored music tour (i.e., The Converse Rubber Tracks Live Tour), I think it’s important to get the word out. Friends, lovers, colleagues, already-sentient artificial intelligence entities trapped within the internet, I beg of you: do not do drugs. And perhaps even more importantly: do not confuse drugs with fire. You cannot get “high on fire” as High on Fire’s name might lead you to believe. Be safe and live long enough to see High on Fire ride in a giant van shaped like a Converse All-Star throughout August, play at Hopscotch in September, and even climb on a boat with Lemmy and play on Motörhead’s Motörboat Rock Cruise with Megadeth, Anthrax, and others. How did Lemmy even get a boat?!

And, yes, in case you were wondering, the band is working on new material. No real details yet, but the tentative release date is some time in 2015. And don’t forget that vocalist and guitar Matt Pike’s other band Sleep just put out an Adult Swim single called “The Clarity,” which is their first official recording in over a decade. Listen to that instead of doing drugs here.


08.12.14 - Cambridge, MA - The Sinclair#
08.14.14 - Toronto, ON - Adelaide Hall #
08.15.14 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg #
08.19.14 - Los Angeles, CA - Echoplex %
08.20.14 - San Francisco, CA - The Chapel %
09.06.14 - Raleigh, NC - Hopscotch Festival
09.19.14 - Tampa, FL - The Orpheum
09.20.14 - Miami, FL - Grand Central
09.21.14 - Orlando, FL - Will’s Pub
09.22.14 - Lemmy’s Improbable Boat - Motörhead’s Motörboat
09.27.14 - Portland, OR - Dante’s

# Blackest
% Arctic

• High on Fire: http://www.highonfire.net

Kevin Morby had time to kill in August, so he’s on a month-long tour round America

Imagine this. Kevin Morby finds himself in a little bit of a bind, the lease on his current digs expires at the end of July but that flat he’s already put a bid on that looks really sweet isn’t available till September. What should he do?

If you answered something like “mope around and let life get you down”, you’re dead wrong. Kevin Morby’s not the kind of guy to let the system tell him what to do you see. His excellent Harlem River album on Woodsist from last year is a testament to the fact that he’s a scholar of the free-spirited Dylan circa Blonde on Blonde era who ain’t gonna let the man get him down. Instead, he set up a month-long run of dates, currently in progress, which will see him couch surf all over America and get paid to do it. Take that, oppressive real estate industry.

Join the very pleasant-sounding protest at one of the dates below.

Tour dates:

08.04.14 - Sacramento, CA - Harlow’s *
08.05.14 - Big Sur, CA - Woodsist Festival Big Sur
08.08.14 - Reno, NV - Holland Project
08.09.14 - Portland, OR - Bunk Bar
08.10.14 - Seattle, WA - Barboza
08.11.14 - Everett, WA - The Cannery
08.14.14 - Oakland, CA - 1-2-3-4 Go!
08.15.14 - Los Angeles, CA - Echo Park Rising
08.16.14 - Pioneertown, CA - Woodsist Festival Pioneertown
08.22.14 - Brooklyn, NY - Baby’s All Right ^
08.23.14 - Long Island City, NY - The Lot LIC %
08.24.14 - Hamden, C T - The Space
08.26.14 - Philadelphia, PA - Underground Arts Black Box ^
08.27.14 - Washington, DC - Rock & Roll Hotel ^
08.28.14 - Baltimore, MD - Ottobar
08.30.14 - Asheville, NC - Transfigurations II
08.31.14 - Richmond, VA - Strange Matter ^

* Real Estate
^ Steve Gunn
% Small Black

• Kevin Morby: https://www.facebook.com/kevinrobertmorby
• Woodsist: http://www.woodsist.com

The Drums announce new album, tour dates, after having successfully killed a couple years of time

Boy, time just gets away from you, don’t it? One moment you’re eight years old and playing Zelda, next moment you’re 99 years old and deader than dirt. Oops! New romantic revivalists The Drums know this feeling all too well. You blink your eyes and suddenly it’s 2014 and you haven’t put out any music since sophomore record Portamento in 2011, nor have you toured since 2012. Blink ‘em again and, buddy, right in the grave. That said, The Drums aren’t going to let that happen, because they’ve cooked up a nice bit of activity. FIRST: they have a new record called Encyclopedia coming out September 23. Check out the first single, “Magic Mountain,” at Noisey and/or watch a teaser for the album:

SECOND: The Drums are going on tour. Having recently returned to the world of live music by playing in Times Square this past week, the group will cool their heels until September. At that point, they will begin a tour taking them across the United States. Once the touring is finished, they will return to their homes and, eventually, the grave.

The Drums dates:

09.15.14 - Philadelphia, PA - First Unitarian Church
09.16.14 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg
09.17.14 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
09.2014 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
09.22.14 - Boston, MA - Brighton Music Hall
09.24.14 - Montreal, QC - Cabaret Mile-End
09.25.14 - Toronto, ON - Danforth Music Hall
09.27.14 - Chicago, IL - Bottom Lounge
09.29.14 - Minneapolis, MN - Triple Rock
10.01.14 - Denver, CO - Gothic Theatre
10.02.14 - Salt Lake City, UT - Urban Lounge
10.03.14 - Sacramento, CA - TBD Festival
10.05.14 - Los Angeles, CA - Mayan Theatre
10.06.14 - San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall
10.08.14 - Portland, OR - Portland Star
10.09.14 - Seattle, WA - Neumo’s
10.10.14 - Vancouver, BC - Fortune

• The Drums: http://thedrums.com



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