More transmissions from Saturn: another Sun Ra recording series coming this Fall

Ah yes, the annual Sun Ra birthday dump. Last year, it was all over iTunes, as reported by our own, glorious Nobodaddy. But, like ionized gas from a wormhole, it never stops. Sun Ra’s body of work, like the universe, just keeps on expanding. As of May 22, the eminent Afrofuturist would have been 101, and, to coincide, Billboard has given word of an upcoming CD and vinyl release series of “remastered, reissued and unreleased recordings.” Irwin Chusid, Sun Ra LLC’s administrator and an outsider music expert is overseeing the campaign.

Apparently, the releases can be broken down into three categories: 1962-65 bits from the band’s New York City recording studio and home the Choreographers Workshop; collected “exotica” recordings spanning 1956-91; and select singles culled by Michael D. Anderson, the co-compiler of this series, as well as the executive director of The Sun Ra Music Archive and a former percussionist for the band. Additionally, some of last year’s 46 iTunes exclusive albums (with, unbelievably, more coming out) will receive physical release. All was announced by Manimal Group, a new label collective founded by Manimal Vinyl head Paul Beahan, which now hosts Sun Ra LLC’s label.

All very exciting, but this is most important:

• Sun Ra:
• Manimal Group:

Pole does the polar opposite of not announcing a new album, announces Wald

Someone tell Aphex Twin and BoC that full reclusiveness is out for legendary electronic musicians; instead, Berlin producer Pole a.k.a. Stefan Betke is fostering a new sort of artist-fan relationship, one where the artist remains tacitly on the scene, but then, like an actual snake that exists with a tail that looks like a spider, the artist strikes (with music) at opportune moments!

Betkan could be considered lying in wait as the founder and operational head of Pole Records since 2011, but it’s been a whopping eight years since Pole released Steingarten, his last LP and therefore his last full-length aural display of obscure and engaging dub techno. And going back even further, it’s been 15 years since the release of the third in the numerically-titled trilogy 1 2 3, though I doubt those of us who have listened are inclined to forget its quality any time soon. The trilogy as a whole is an arguable classic. It’s what had a lot of us keeping our ears to the ground in anticipation of any Polish developments.

Forget the political haps in Warsaw though; Pole has just announced a new full-length Wald (the German word for “forest”), set for release in mid-September on his own Pole label. The album is described as one 50-minute piece divided into three acts, which are themselves comprised of three tracks each. Not much to report beyond that, but listen to a couple of album “snippets” below, and review the three scheduled North American shows below that:


05.31.15 - Montreal, QC - Mutek Festival *
06.04.15 - Seattle, WA - Kremwork *
06.07.15 - Boston, MA - Middlesex *

* visuals from MFO

• Pole:
• Pole:

GFOTY and Spinee release Dog Food Mix 2, announce club night in June

Ruffly three months ago, PC Music artists GFOTY and Spinee unleashed a new mix called Dog Food Mix to coincide with their Boiler Room/Dailymotion SXSW showcase. Now, after months of mellon collie, the two have “hit the jackpot of heaven” and have released a pawsome new mix called… Dog Food Mix 2!

The four-track mix coincides with GFOTY and Spinee’s Dog Food club night, which happens next on June 13. There’ll be sets by DJ Warlord, easyFun, Finn Diesel, Kamixlo, Grossmary, and, of course, GFOTY and Spinee. RSVP to the event here, and let them drown you in their tears.

Dog Food Mix 2 tracklist:


• Dog Food:
• PC Music:

Grimes to surprise release new album in October, so be cool and act shocked, OK?

Surprise parties don’t work. You spend a whole conspicuous day with somebody, keeping them away from the friends and/or locations involved in the party. What if they already had plans that day? Are you going to tell them to cancel their plans and force them to six hours of go-karting? You’d seem like a crazy person. Drop the artifice. If you’re doing a surprise party, just tell the person, “Look, we’re having a surprise party. Act surprised. Be cool. Catch you on the flipside.”

Basically, pull a Grimes. Grimes has stated via Twitter that her new album will be out in October. No release date or solid details yet, as she’s planning a surprise release for the album. Which, now that we know it’s coming in October, our sense of surprise may not truly be full or genuine. We don’t know exactly when in October, though, so some degree of surprise can still be attained. Plan to spend the whole month looking around corners, shook by the knowledge that a new Grimes album could pop out at any moment.

As aforementioned, solid info on the album is scarce. Two tidbits exist in this life of ours. Tidbit the first: the album will not have singles leading up to its release, but will launch with two singles to illustrate different styles from the album. Tidbit the second: the album will contain more “real instruments” and differ greatly from recent Grimes tracks “Go” and “REALiTi.” Now, for the greatest surprise of all: this story is over!

• Grimes:

A$AP Rocky drops AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP a week early

A$AP Rocky drops his new album, AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP, a week early. Originally slated for a June 2 release, the 18-track album features Kanye West, M.I.A., Future, Lil Wayne, Mos Def, and more. Grab it via iTunes.

This is officially the most boring news story I’ve ever written.

AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP tracklist:

01. Holy Ghost (feat. Joe Fox)
02. Canal St. (feat. Bones)
03. Fine Whine (feat. M.I.A., Future & Joe Fox)
04. L$D
05. Excuse Me
06. JD
07. Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2
08. Electric Body (feat. Schoolboy Q)
09. Jukebox Joints (feat. Kanye West & Joe Fox)
10. Max B (feat. Joe Fox)
11. Pharsyde (feat. Joe Fox)
12. Wavybone (feat. Juicy J & UGK)
13. Westside Highway (feat. James Fauntleroy)
14. Better Things
15. M’$ (feat. Lil Wayne)
16. Dreams (interlude)
17. Everyday (feat. Rod Stewart & Miguel)
18. Back Home (feat. Mos Def, Acyde & Yams)

• A$AP Rocky:

Angelo Badalamenti confirmed to score Twin Peaks reboot

Nostalgia tripping. Why hasn’t it stopped lately? Is it because we have our hands tied when it comes to creating, you know, “original” culture? Would it be because we admire a past time period that seemed optimistic, and that we wish for a return to such hopeful times but are unwilling to resort to any means necessary because we’re so scared of even the idea of physical violence (though we commit verbal violence on a regular basis)? I swear, Demolition Man is becoming prophetic.

The nostalgia march continued in full force with development of the return of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s television series Twin Peaks (whose title is not to be confused with the titty-bar/restaurant in Waco, Texas that was the scene of a recent shootout between multiple outlaw motorcycle gangs and local police). After significant hand-wringing and negotiation that will probably give Lynch enough money to practice transcendental meditation in Bhutan and occasionally put out an album of some sort, the production of the miniseries is back on track. With it, there’s been more people coming out of the woodwork that either have had nothing to do since Twin Peaks or have actually had meaningful careers that had been influenced little by the show.

Among them now is the original series composer Angelo Badalamenti. You also may know him as the composer to this film and this film. In a recent panel for Twin Peaks (because these happen, apparently), Sherilyn Fenn (Audrey Horne) and Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer/Maddy Ferguson) announced his return as part of other “tidbits” dropped, such as a longer season (now 18 episodes) and some building being turned into some diner. As is typical of a show that hasn’t even started filming yet, that’s as much as they know. We don’t know if the music will be thematically the same as the original series or even what kind of sound it will take.

But don’t let that stop the nostalgia trippers. In fact, TMT’s exclusive source seemed intent on starting a pilgrimage to the series being shot somewhere in Washington State sometime this fall for release in early 2016 on Showtime. I think we need to help our source. What do you suggest? A trout, swordfish, or flounder across the face?

• Angelo Badalamenti:

Lil NoiD’s uncooked, influential Memphis rap cassette Paranoid Funk to receive vinyl reissue

Let’s get the obvious cultural reference out of the way: contrary to what you might think, Lil NoiD’s relative absence from the Memphis rap scene over the last 20 years isn’t due to an extremely well-concealed propaganda campaign on the part of a national pizza chain. The real Lil NoiD a.k.a. Derrick Harris looks nothing like the advertised pizza ruiner, and “avoiding the noid” likewise certainly wasn’t necessary, as Harris’s musical contributions during the early-to-mid-90s were so local that you really had to be hooked into the scene (which birthed the eventually successful Three 6 Mafia) in order to catch a listen. One such contribution was Paranoid Funk, a 1995 cassette from Lil NoiD that was buoyed by Juicy J, one of the founding members of Three 6.

I’m not even sure Paranoid Funk made it beyond the state of Tennessee at the time of its mixed conclusion, but gradually, the tape became appreciated in select circles for a style that was way ahead of its time. And now, Delroy Edwards’s LA Club Resource imprint is set to offer the first-ever vinyl release of the album, out next week on May 26.

Listen to the track “Binghampton Niggas” below, and get an immediate impression of the teenage Harris who, self-admittedly, was running wild at the time:

Paranoid Funk tracklisting:

01. Introlude
02. Criminalistic Knowledge
03. Hoe Call
04. Hamptown
05. Try Me
06. Death Row
07. Load My Clip
08. In the Dark
09. Binghampton Niggas

• Lil NoiD:
• LA Club Resource:

Indie retailers and Record Store Day launch “Vinyl Tuesdays”… FINALLY records will be available on Tuesdays

You love spending money on Record Store Day! So, what if every week there was another Record Store Day? How much would you love spending money on THAT? I mean, well, technically there is, because records come out every single week of our collective lives, but do those weeks have special RSD-branded days? No!


You see, my friends, The American Association of Independent Music (A2IM) would like to induct you into the dark ritual (dark for your wallet, maybe) of Vinyl Tuesdays, a Record Store Day-supported initiative where exclusive, limited, what-have-you vinyl releases will be available exclusively at participating brick ‘n’ mortar retailers. This would include promotional releases, pre-releases (where you can pick up an artist’s new album ahead of its official sanctioned release date, special-edition catalog releases, RSD releases, and previously CD- or digital-only releases, cathartic releases, catch and releases, you get the picture. Coming soon to a Tuesday near you.

• A2IM:

Destroyer announces new album Poison Season, world tour

With a mere flick of his wrist, Dan Bejar (a.k.a. Destroyer) can announce a new album called Poison Season, share a track from that album, and post tour dates ALL AT ONCE. Well, he didn’t do it exactly; press people did it for him. But I’m assuming it’s because he flicked his wrist at some point. But then again, maybe he didn’t? Maybe Merge or someone who works there (could it have been Mac or Laura themselves?) flicked their wrist at some point recently and set all of these dominoes into motion? And you know what, now that I think about it, notwithstanding all the people who scooped me out there, I am the one who is doing all three things at once, and I’m not even sure who flicked their wrist and I’m not sure how to even go about figuring it out.

What I’m saying is I have no idea how the music industry works, and yet it is I who is tasked with telling you that Poison Season — Destroyer’s first album since 2011’s Kaputt — is out August 28. Because I take my task very seriously, I will also tell you that, in concurrence with Poison Season, Destroyer will release a limited 12-inch containing a remix of album track “Forces From Above” in addition to “Times Square, Poison Season.” Hmm, what else? Well, he’s going on tour, of course. Not much to say about that I guess. The song he shared, or that I am sharing for him, or that the internet is kindly allowing me to share by continuing to exist and to be structured around the language of HTML of which I understand just enough to embed SoundCloud players, is called “Dream Lover.” You can listen to it below if you would like.

Pre-order the album by itself here or bundled with the 12-inch I so dutifully mentioned in the last paragraph here.


09.18.2015 - Portland, OR - Wonder Ballroom
09.19.2015 -San Francisco, CA - The Fillmore
09.20.2015 - Los Angeles, CA - The Regent Theater
09.21.2015 - Phoenix, AZ - The Crescent Ballroom
09.23.2015 - Austin, TX - The Mohawk
09.24.2015 - Dallas, TX - Trees
09.25.2015 - Lawrence, KS - The Granada
09.26.2015 - Minneapolis, MN - Fine Line Music Cafe
09.27.2015 - Chicago, IL - Thalia Hall
09.29.2015 - Ferndale, MI - The Loving Touch
09.30.2015 - Toronto, ON - The Danforth Music Hall
10.01.2015 - Montreal, QC - Theatre Fairmount
10.02.2015 - Boston, MA - Royale
10.03.2015 - Philadelphia, PA - Underground Arts
10.04.2015 - New York, NY - Webster Hall
10.05.2015 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
10.07.2015 - Asheville, NC - The Grey Eagle
10.08.2015 - Carrboro, NC - Cat’s Cradle
10.09.2015 - Atlanta, GA - The Loft
10.10.2015 - Nashville, TN - Mercy Lounge
10.11.2015 - St. Louise, MO - The Ready Room
10.13.2015 - Denver, CO - The Bluebird Theater
10.14.2015 - Salt Lake City, UT - Urban Lounge
10.15.2015 - Boise, ID - Neurolux
10.16.2015 - Seattle, WA - The Neptune
10.17.2015 - Vancouver, BC - The Commodore Ballroom
10.30.2015 - London, UK - Islington Assembly Hall
10.31.2015 - Brighton, UK - The Haunt
11.01.2015 - Leeds, UK - Brudenell Social Club
11.02.2015 - Bristol, UK - The Lantern
11.04.2015 - Brussels, BE - Botanique
11.07.2015 - Bologna, IT - Covo
11.08.2015 - Rome, IT - Biko
11.09.2015 - Luzern, CH - Sudpol
11.10.2015 - Lausanne, CH - Le Romandie
11.11.2015 - St. Gallen, CH - Palace
11.12.2015 - Vienna, AT - Sczene
11.13.2015 - Munich, DE - Kammerspiele
11.14.2015 - Cologne, DE - Luxor
11.15.2015 - Berlin, DE - Lido
11.17.2015 - Bergen, NO - Hulen
11.18.2015 - Oslo, NO - Parktheatret
11.19.2015 - Stockholm, SE - Kagelbanan
11.20.2015 - Copenhagen, DK - Pumpehuset
11.21.2015 - Utrecht, NL - Le Guess Who? Festival

Poison Season tracklist:

01. Times Square, Poison Season
02. Dream Lover
03. Forces From Above
04. Hell
05. The River
06. Girl in a Sling
07. Times Square
08. Archer on the Beach
09. Midnight Meet the Rain
10. Solace’s Bride
11. Bangkok
12. Sun in the Sky
13. Times Square, Poison Season II

• Destroyer:
• Merge:

Editions Mego to release live LP from Voices from the Lake; no jokes will be made about it

Too bad I only recently used up the one good joke I could’ve made about this new Voices from the Lake release on a noise festival. As such, there will be no “Hey, wait a minute, lakes don’t have voices! They don’t even have mouths!” tomfoolery to be found here, and indeed no jokes at all. And don’t get try to get smart with me either, buster. “Oh Taylor, surely there are other jokes you could come up with if you’ve a mind for it.” No. I’ve checked my joke codex, and all I want to do is relay information about the return of minimal techno duo Voices from the Lake (Donato Dozzy and Neel) free from the window dressing of my sharp and vivacious wit. Deal with it.

Live at MAXXI is out on CD and digitally on June 8, a date about which no comedian has ever managed to joke. It follows their Velo di Maya EP together from last year, as well as respective solo releases on eMego imprint Spectrum Spools, viz., Dozzy’s Sintetizzatrice from earlier this year and Neel’s Phobos from last year. The tracks, which were recorded live last year in Rome, are all new and original compositions, save for closer “Max,” which was written by Paolo Conte. On “Max,” the duo is joined by Brando Lupi on guitar, a.k.a. the most joke-resistant instrument since the lute. The entirety of the release finds the duo swishing around in the dreamy, looping techno melancholy in a manner that is, you guessed it, not at all conducive to jokes. But really, all jokes aside — as they have been for the entirety of this post — you can pre-order the album here, and listen to “Max” embedded below.

Live at MAXXI tracklist:

01. Intro
02. Sonia Danza
03. Dreamscape Generation
04. Richiami e Oscillazioni
05. Orange Steps
06. Scintille
07. Max

• Voices from the Lake:
• Editions Mego:



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