RIP: Paco de Lucía, flamenco guitarist

From Reuters:

Paco de Lucia, the influential Spanish guitarist who vastly expanded the international audience for flamenco and merged it with other musical styles, died suddenly on Wednesday of a heart attack in Mexico.

The 66-year-old virtuoso, as happy playing seemingly impossible syncopated flamenco rhythms as he was improvising jazz or classical guitar, helped to legitimize flamenco in Spain itself at a time when it was shunned by the mainstream.

“I learned the guitar like a child learns to speak,” the guitarist said in a 2012 documentary.

Born Francisco Sanchez Gomez, he became famous in the 1970s after recording bestselling album “Entre Dos Aguas”, becoming the first flamenco musician to perform at Madrid’s opera house Teatro Real in 1975.

Paco’s albums such as “El Duende Flamenco de Paco de Lucia” and “Almoraima” reinvented traditional flamenco.

He toured extensively with well known international artists and played with the likes of Carlos Santana and Al Di Meola, happy to expand flamenco rhythms into jazz, although that upset flamenco purists.

“It has been said, and rightly so, that Paco de Lucia has never been surpassed by anyone and guitar playing today would not be understood without his revolutionary figure,” Spain’s arts association SGAE said in a statement.

• Paco de Lucía:

copeland unveils full-length solo album Because I’m Worth It, to be self-released in May. Let’s get emotional about this together, yeah??

Because it’s, like, completely obvious that (ex-Inga, ex-capital C) copeland is a totally fussy, emotionless, mathematical-minded, hi-fi perfectionist, we can’t be surprised that it’s taken her this long to unveil a full-fledged solo album. I mean, she’s known around the music world for releasing such clean, polished pop statements as 2012’s Black is Beautiful (TMT Review) with fellow ascetic Dean Blunt for a reason, folks. You think clean, polished gems of copeland’s caliber just, like, kinda sluice through all willy-nilly on shitty old 4-track recorders or something? Sheesh…

Wait, what? Oh, THAT copeland!

Uh, in that case: never mind all that. Just know this: copeland has announced she’ll be self-releasing her debut full-length album of real-as-hell emotional dub-rap, entitled Because I’m Worth It this May (cover art above), so GET READY TO WEEP AND DANCE simultaneously. The thing was “written, produced and recorded by copeland at Stroomi Rand, except ‘advice to young girls’ and ambient keyboard on ‘l’oreal,’ produced & recorded by copeland and Actress at Werk Haus.” Okay! “vocals throughout by copeland. Mixed and mastered by Amir Shoat.”

“Sold!” right? Well, in case you’re not, here’s a lyric that she shared with us:

spill a tear and then you cry for ldn
is it the kinda place you’d die for?
how does it feel to be lied to?
but then again what’s a girl to do?

Come ON, folks! Are we all weeping? Are we all dancing? Good.

Because I’m Worth It tracklisting:

01. Faith OG X
02. advice to young girls (w/ Actress)
03. insult 2 injury
04. Serious
05. Fit 1
07. Inga
08. l’oreal

• copeland:

Brian Eno releasing new collaborative album Someday World with Karl Hyde, out on Warp in May

Brian Eno is known for many things. Ambient 1. Ambient 2. Ambient 4. Apollo. (No Pussyfooting). My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. Viva la Vida. Karl Hyde is known for just a few things. Underworld. The Crystal Method. “Block Rockin’ Beats”. Orbital. The Prodigy. “Bittersweet Symphony”. The Verve Pipe. Trompe le Monde.

Together they are Brian Eno & Karl Hyde, a new Discogs entry and musical partnership that has already produced a website and nine songs worthy of release on Warp Records. But you can’t hear any of them yet!! Someday World will be out on May 6 as a 2xLP, CD, and digital folder, plus a limited 2xCD with four bonus tracks, so just be thankful for that.

The collaboration is the result of a “big collection of ‘beginnings’” from Eno being hammered into something “more than just ‘experiments’” by Hyde, inspired by the architecture of cities built on hills, “beautiful because the buildings have a challenge to adapt to.” Eno and Hyde were supported on these sessions by a slew of other musicians, including Tessa Angus, Nell Catchpole, Marianna Champion, Will Champion, Kasia Daszykowska, Don E., Darla Eno, Georgia Gibson, Andy Mackay, John Reynolds, and Chris Vatalaro, all Discogs entries in their own right. Check the Eno/Hyde website in the near future for a first sip from that collaborative nectar.

Someday World tracklist:

01. The Satellites
02. Daddy’s Car
03. A Man Wakes Up
04. Witness
05. Strip It Down
06. Mother of a Dog
07. Who Rings the Bell
08. When I Built This World
09. To Us All

Bonus disc:
01. Big Band Song
02. Brazil 3
03. Celebration
04. Titian Bekh

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Get on a fuckin’ boat with Diplo, Major Lazer, and more Mad Decent peeps

Problem: you got laid off. Solution: get on a boat. Problem: the dude you like stopped returning your phone calls. Solution: get on a boat. Problem: rent’s due and you still haven’t finished paying rent from the beginning of last month. Solution: get on a mothafuckin’ boat!!!!! See? We make so many things into such big deals, when really the solution is so simple — just get on a boat. (Okay, maybe the solution to some of these is “get a better job” and not “spend more money,” but hey, I’m not your mom.) Just imagine the sky-blue waters, the clouds reflected in the gently rising waves, the salty sea breeze as it caresses your skin. Ahhhhhh.

Now imagine that boat with freakin’ Major Lazer on it! And Diplo! Flosstradamus! Riff Raff! And so much more! That’s the magic of the Mad Decent Boat Party, setting sail for the Bahamas from November 12-16. This is Mad Decent’s first-ever cruise event, and they’ve partnered with Atlanta’s Sixthman, the org behind the Weezer and… Kid Rock boat parties. THERE WAS A KID ROCK BOAT PARTY, Y’ALL. Who knew? The Norwegian Cruise Line ship voyage starts in Miami, with stops in Nassau and a private company-owned island, where together with Diplo, you’ll hunt The Most Dangerous Game. (But what’s really important is that this boat has 13 bars. THIRTEEN BARS! Plus a casino and a bunch of pools.) Just think! You can swim in the same heavily chlorinated waters where Kid Rock fans conceived children!

The dream becomes reality when the general public gets dibs on this thing February 27. You can watch the weird trailer below and check out the full line-up on the event website.

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• Mad Decent Boat Party:

Constellation film features rare performances from Matana Roberts, Do Make Say Think, Carla Bozulich, and more, in a strange and unconquered land…

Sure, Godspeed You! Black Emperor might’ve illuminated the Montreal-based Constellation inside your mental galaxy to begin with, but is it necessary to point out the extended credits that (generalization incoming) have made an enduring spectacle out of theoretical anarchy, apocalypse, and/or widespread downtroddenness? Maybe a little bit: it’s been nearly five years since Other Truths (TMT Review), but Do Make Say Think have apparently been working on a new full-length (according to the uncited, inerrant word of Wikipedia), and Evangelista’s reigning “art-punk heroin” Carla Bozulich has a new solo album Boy out next week. Turns out, through total coincidence, the two aforementioned acts are among a handful featured on a Constellation-focused documentary, crafted by La Blogothèque and set for streaming, well, now!

To get a better sense, it might be necessary to consider “documentary” as a term loosely-defined. Two years ago, La Blogothèque was invited by Viennale, the Vienna International Film Festival, to film around the Austrian capital. And like an exclusive partygoer taking liberties with the +1, Directors François Clos and Thomas Lallier opted to bring along Constellation artists Matana Roberts, Do Make Say Think, Mike Moya of Hrsta, Hangedup, Elfin Saddle, Eric Chenaux, and Carla Bozulich for the sake of showcasing their music in an “unknown place,” “far away from stage.” And We Made The Room Shine reportedly consists of eight “stripped-down performances” in the city. Also around this time: the celebration of 15 years since Constellation’s inception.

So really, it’s not a documentary at all, but a super artistic label dedication, of sorts! I guess! Could be cool!

• La Blogothèque:
• Constellation:

James Ferraro brings the super-high-definition rainforest to the MoMA PS1 with new exhibit 100%

As one does, James Ferraro — he of last year’s NYC, HELL 3:00 AM (TMT Review) — will soon be presenting a brand-new exhibit at New York’s MoMA PS1 between March 23 and June 13. It’s called 100%, and is made up of three different parts entitled Saint Prius, Dubai Dream Tone, and Eco-Savage Suite.

The whole thing seems basically designed around the notion that maybe vaporwave and vaporwavey-type music is kind of like a wild animal that we’ve been holding in captivity for all this time and that maybe all it wants is to return to its natural habitat like Free Willy in the popular whale film Free Willy. I mean, Saint Prius is a composition that Ferraro put together to act as hold music for the museum’s phone system, Dubai Dream Tone will play in the museum’s elevators, and Eco-Savage Suite is a collection of ringtones available on the museum’s website. Can you ever really go home though? I mean, I think the real Free Willy died once he was free. And I also think maybe vaporwave is already dead? This is all very confusing, which is why I’m pretty sure it’s art.

Anyhow, Ferraro says that, “Stylistically, 100% sounds fake, ethno-ambiguous, New Age, plastic, and readymade. It’s like a fake indoor rain forest in Dubai’s international airport with the most advanced systems to create sustainable ecologies and habitats.” The whole deal is designed to highlight moments where the “sonic backdrop of the 21st-century global city” breaks down into dissonance or distortion. You want to read more about the exhibit and also make the guys down in IT think the history on your work computer is pretty damn cultured? Click here, brother. You want to hear a track that will almost definitely be included in this exhibit? Check out that YouTube video below:

• James Ferraro:
• MoMA PS1:

Gobby signals eerie full-length Wakng Thrst for Seeping Banhee with “Red Seal” video release

The elusive Gobby: known but unknown, appreciated as a resident of Harlem, but scarcely recognized in public due to an admirable preference for staying inside and nursing his larval offspring — and, apparently, for dabbling in the particular art of hellish marionette, realized through situational comedy. A spoiler preface: remove any expectation of a surprise Seinfeld appearance, in which he theoretically remarks in familiar tone, “What’s the deal with demonic roommates?” No no, just appreciate the subtle commentary on human-devil parallels, and enjoy the music perfectly suited for the absurdity of it all. That, at least, seems to be one thing that you can expect from the semi-anonymous producer. Pack it up, philosophers.

Those who listened to Gobby’s Fashion Lady full-length (TMT Review) or his Lantern EP (TMT Review) and had an overwhelming preference for the general style of either (as relatively distinct as they were), well, uh, too bad, I guess. Or if you’re like me and you lay awake at night pondering the physical benefits of kneecap eyes (if any), relish the unpredictability of it all! Per FACT, Gobby will be releasing Wakng Thrst for Seeping Banhee on UNO NYC next month, and if the two unveiled tracks serve as representation, it’ll excel at playful haunting, in the non-wimpy-Casper sense, of course. The specified tone doesn’t really lend to juke or “ass techno,” but creative sample use and a general sense of abstraction, I’m guessing, would allow you to guess at the artist, if you hadn’t already been briefed beforehand.

Something about this Gobby character makes me happy.

Wakng Thrst for Seeping Banhee tracklisting:

01. Season 1 Episode 5
02. Red Seal
03. Friday Spiralhead
04. YeOldeBitch
05. …
06. Rangishiff
07. Khiss
08. Kill Dog Because Hungry
09. An
10. Season 1 Episode 6
11. Message from John
12. Tonka
13. Like If You Pee on the Side of the Bowl
14. The Beautay
15. Quinkelchaye
16. Gums
17. Pay Fonrew Shii
18. Snitchy Baluga
19. Lil Pizza Face feat. Lil Big Tymer
20. Aantezeksyll
21. Seky Petii

• Gobby:

[Photo: Stephanie Kimberly]

Arcade Fire (not so adorable) are touring with Dan Deacon and Kid Koala (extremely adorable!)

Cool bands are so weird, right? It’s like: the coolest dudes out there are the one’s not giving a shit about what you think and puttin’ out mammoth and decadent and willfully tough-to-parse double-albums whenever their temperamental genius-asses feel like puking ‘em out. And yet, if you go around poking your finger into the back of your throat on purpose and all trying to willfully do that sort of cool-guy stuff intentionally, everyone calls you a poseur and goes back to listening to Bowie and Talking Heads whenever they wanna be reminded of Bowie and Talking Heads. They’re also fairly disgusted by your gnarly puke smell.

Where does that put Arcade Fire, exactly? Well, I’ll tell you (per Consequence of Sound): it puts them ALL OVER THE FUCKING ROAD in 2014, bringing their Reflektor show to North America for a pretty incessant run of stadium shows and festival dates and whatnot.

The band first hits the road in March, and don’t look now, but they’re taking lil’ old (relatively) humble indie acts Dan Deacon and Kid Koala along for the rock-star ride before hitting every festival everywhere this summer and beyond. Will Deacon and the Koala gang be forever and irrevocably changed by the utter hipness of touring stadiums with Arcade Fire? Will kids laugh at Deacon’s glasses? Will Kid Koala fit in and “be cool” when faced with a stage as giant and illustrious as Louisville’s famed “KFC Yum Center”?? Or will the puke just hit the fan? Only time will tell.

Arcade Fire tour-palooza 2014:

03.06.14 - Louisville, KY - KFC Yum Center *^
03.08.14 - Minneapolis, MN - Target Center *^
03.10.14 - Auburn Hills, MI - The Palace of Auburn Hills *^
03.12.14 - Pittsburgh, PA - Consol energy Center *^
03.13.14 - Toronto, ON - Air Canada Center *^
03.14.14 - Ottawa, ON - Canadian Tire Centre *^
03.16.14 - Cleveland, OH - Quicken Loans Arena *^
03.17.14 - Philadelphia, PA - Wells Fargo Center *^
03.18.14 - Bridgeport, CT - Webster Bank Arena *^
03.28.14 - Mexico City, MX - Vive Latino
03.29.14 - Santiago, CL - Lollapalooza Chile
04.01.14 - Bueno Aires, Argentina - Lollapalooza Argentina
04.04.14 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Citibank Hall
04.06.14 - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Lollapalooza Brazil
04.09.14 - Houston, TX - Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
04.10.14 - Austin, TX - Austin360 Amphitheater
04.13.14 - Indio, CA - Coachella Music and Arts Festival
04.20.14 - Indio, CA - Coachella Music and Arts Festival
04.23.14 - Denver, CO - Pepsi Center
04.26.14 - Kansas City, MO - Starlight Theatre
04.27.14 - St. Louis, MO - Verizone Wireless Amphitheater
04.29.14 - Columbus, OH - Schottenstein Center
05.01.14 - Nashville, TN - Bridgestone Arena
05.02.14 - Atlanta, GA - Aaron’s Amphiteatre at Lakewood
05.04.14 - New Orleans, LA - New Orleans Jazz Fest
05.29-31.14 - Barcelona, Spain - Primavera Sound
05.31.14 - Lisbon, Portugal - Rock in Rio
06.03.14 - Paris, France - Zenith
06.06.14 - London, UK - Earls Court
06.07.14 - London, UK - Earls Court
06.09.14 - Landgraaf Megaland, Netherlands - Pinkpop Festival
06.10.14 - Antwerp, Belgium - Sportpaleis
06.12.14 - Oslo, Norway - Norwegian Wood
06.15.14 - Aarhus, Denmark - NorthSide Festival
06.17.14 - Dresden, Germany - Junge Garde
06.18.14 - Berlin, Germany - Kindl-Bühne Wuhlheide
06.20.14 - Neuhausen, Germany - Southside Festival
06.21.14 - Scheessel, Germany - Hurricane Festival
06.23.14 - Rome, Italy - Rock in Roma
06.25-29.14 - Pilton, UK - Glastonbury Festival
06.24.14 - Verona, Italy - Villafranca
06.29.14 - Dublin, Ireland - Marlay Park
07.30.14 - Mountain View, CA - Shoreline Amphitheatre
08.09.14 - Squamish, BC - Squamish Valley Festival
08.08.14 - George, WA - Gorge Amphitheatre
08.11.14 - Edmonton, AB - Rexall Place
08.12.14 - Calgary, AB - Scotiabank Saddledome
08.14.14 - Winnipeg, MB - MTS Centre
08.17.14 - Washington, DC - Verizon Centre
08.19.14 - Boston, MA - Comcast Center
08.20.14 - Bangor, ME - Waterfront Pavilion
08.22.14 - Brooklyn, NY - Barclays Center
08.23.14 - Brooklyn, NY - Barclays Center
08.24.14 - Brooklyn, NY - Barclays Center
08.26.14 - Chicago, IL - United Center
08.27.14 - Chicago, IL - United Center
08.29.14 - Toronto, ON - Molson Canadian Ampitheatre
08.30.14 - Montreal, QC - Parc Jean-Drapea

* Dan Deacon
^ Kid Koala

• Arcade Fire:
• Merge:

Le1f comes in peace, releases debut EP on Terrible Records; listen to “Boom” now

There’s a theory amongst certain wackjobs that aliens are responsible for the majority of humanity’s greatest achievements. The pyramids, Stonehenge, Nazca Lines, whatever. I mean, obviously that’s a lot of bullsht, but how else do you explain New York City rapper Le1f? I mean, I’m not saying Le1f’s booty-poppin’ genius is the result of extraterrestrial life forms, but I’m also not NOT saying it. And now Le1f is poised for an alien invasion so sweet the dance floors won’t even care that they’re being conquered: the release of his first work for Terrible/XL Recordings, the Hey EP.

March 11 sees the EP’s digital release, and come May 6 it’s vinyl 12-inch time. A full-length LP will follow at a later point. Hey features production from Matrixxman, Harry B, Dubbel Dutch, and Boody, who collaborated on the insane track “Soda” with Le1f before. You can listen to all of track three, “Boom,” below:

Hey tracklisting:

01. Hey
02. Sup
03. Boom
04. Wut
05. Buzz

• Le1f:
• Terrible:
• XL:

Panda Bear to release new LP for Domino, tentatively titled Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper

Allow me to go in-depth about this new forthcoming Panda Bear album. According to Gorilla Vs Bear, “Panda Bear is once again working with Sonic Boom, this time on a ‘break-centric,’ 9th Wonder-influenced new album.” The post goes on to say that it’s “tentatively titled Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper.” Then it says “No release date yet for the record, which features tracks ‘constructed out of samples of self-made sounds’” and that it’s “‘meant as a celebration of the fact that new growth sometimes requires death.’”

Domino confirmed the new release in a short statement on its website. The first sentence says, “We are pleased to announce that the forthcoming Panda Bear album will be released on Domino later this year.” Second sentence begins with “Panda Bear is currently at work on the new album” then ends with “which is tentatively titled Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper, with Tomboy producer Sonic Boom.” The final sentence goes like this: “More details to follow.”

Still confused? Me too. Let me blockquote it for you:

We are pleased to announce that the forthcoming Panda Bear album will be released on Domino later this year. Panda Bear is currently at work on the new album, which is tentatively titled Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper, with Tomboy producer Sonic Boom. More details to follow.

Check out a newish track by Panda Bear, created for a new clothing line by designer Fernanda Pereira.

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