Run the Jewels release “Meow the Jewels,” the world’s first “cat rap” album

Meow meow.

It’s Friday. Feels like a “cat rap” night to me.

Grab Meow the Jewels, Run The Jewels’ long-anticipated remix album, for free right here. You can also pre-order a double LP, which ships late November. All proceeds will be donated to charity.

Meow the Jewels tracklist:

01. Meowpurrdy feat. Lil Bub, Maceo, Delonte, Snoop Dogg (Remixed by EL-P)
02. Oh My Darling Don’t Meow (Remixed by Just Blaze)
03. Pawfluffer Night (Remixed by Zola Jesus)
04. Close Your Eyes And Meow To Fluff (Remixed by Geoff Barrow)
05. All Meow Life (Remixed by Nick Hook)
06. Lie, Cheat, Meow (Remixed by Prince Paul)
07. Meowrly (Remixed by BOOTS)
08. Paw Due Respect (Remixed by Blood Diamonds)
09. Snug Again (Remixed by Little Shalimar)
10. Creown (Remixed by The Alchemist)
11. Angelsnuggler (Remixed by Dan The Automator)
12. Creown (BONUS) (Remixed by 3D of Massive Attack)

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Príncipe Discos to release LP by DJ Firmeza

Príncipe Discos has, quite simply, laid waste to the rest of the dance music scene this year (as reductive as that sounds, it’s kinda true). Nidia Minaj, DJ Nigga Fox, CDM, Niagara: the Lisbon label has been hemorrhaging non-stop hot shit, and now you can add DJ Firmeza to that veritable stack.

Alma Do Meu Pai isn’t just the usual kinetic deliverance you’d expect of a Príncipe record — it’s also a spiritual one, what with Firmeza dedicating the release to the “Soul Of My Father.” Basically, there’s a lot of personal waging at play here, and it makes for some truly captivating music. The title track, streaming below, is a downright hypnotic riddim, which is some feat given its extended runtime. Promising to set itself apart from “notions of kuduro or afrohouse,” Alma Do Meu Pai may well cap off Príncipe’s 2015 in fine style. Unless, of course, they manage to sneak out more fire before the year is up. Don’t bet against it.

Alma Do Meu Pai drops October 16.

Alma Do Meu Pai tracklisting:

01. Alma Do Meu Pai
02. Somos Melão Doce
03. Os PDDG
04. Start Go
05. Coelho 2025
06. Suposto

• DJ Firmeza:
• Príncipe:

Zomby officially announces “Let’s Jam 1 & 2” on XL, but will it make us disintegrate?

Nobody talks up Zomby quite like Zomby. He’s been teasing it for a while, but today the official confirmation came via tweet: Zomby’s got two new records out on October 9 for XL, titled Let’s Jam 1 & 2.

The Let’s Jam releases follow hot on the heels of “Step 2001,” a Zomby-fied take on some classic Wiley bars, as well as 2013’s With Love. There’s a preview up on YouTube, streaming right below this text, so what are you waiting for? Hit that shit up! It does raise the question, though; will we ever see that disintegratory record for 4AD?

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Mark McGuire announces Beyond Belief, shares “Earth: 2015”

Mark McGuire has announced his second full-length on Dead Oceans, titled Beyond Belief. It’s due November 13, and he’s packing pre-orders of the new album with a “Chopped &Chief’d” cassette, which includes chopped and screwed versions of tracks from the album.

McGuire has shared the track “Earth: 2015,” which is a cluttered yet oddly comforting sonic equivalent of the futuristic now with a dark, 80s-inspired mood. There are also recordings of bear farts on this album. And to keep things deep and interesting, McGuire includes liner notes that accompany each song with fantastical stories.

Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction:

- Mark McGuire has new album: FACT
- Pre-orders include chopped and screwed cassette: FACT
- Bear farts: FICTION
- Cool liner notes: FACT

Beyond Belief tracklisting

01. The Naacals
02. The Past Presents The Future
03. Sons Of The Serpent
04. Earth: 2015
05. The Undying Stars
06. Lock In Our Sky Language (For Cyan)
07. Beyond
08. True Love (Song For Rachel)
09. Belief

• Dead Oceans:

OOIOO head to America this December for short US tour

Take a look at your life. Is it missing something? Could that something be experimental Japanese rock? It probably could be, right? Well never fear, good people of L.A., San Francisco, and Minneapolis: your life is about to get a whole lot better, because the legendary OOIOO are coming to America to play a few select shows. (The rest of y’all… I don’t know, find a therapy animal or something to hug, I guess.)

Fronted by Yoshimi from Boredoms, OOIOO kicks off their mini US jaunt with an appearance at The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, before heading to Los Angeles for a performance at the Getty Museum in conjunction with the museum’s exhibition The Younger Generation: Contemporary Japanese Photography. Then it’s off to San Francisco for one night only.

The band’s most recent release is 2013’s incredible Gamel.

Tour dates:

12.03.15 - Minneapolis, MN - Walker Art Center
12.05.15 - Los Angeles, CA - The Getty Museum
12.06.15 - San Francisco, CA - The Independent


James Ferraro announces new album Skid Row

Before Drake and Future blew up the internet over the weekend, it was already reeking of gasoline, courtesy of James Ferraro, whose forthcoming new album Skid Row was momentarily leaked via stream late last month. The stream didn’t last long, but those of us who were privy to its grit were in heaven. Or maybe it was Hell. In any case, Ferraro has finally made a proper announcement today. The new studio album, which comes on the heels of his recently-released WAR EP, is out November 13 on Break World Records.

Check out the title track, via Thump:

Like with WAR, Ferraro has prepared a statement about Skid Row, which you can read here:

Million dollar smiles, lattes & police brutality.
Excess and fiscal ambiguity.
Media violence & Lamborghini dreams, all under one surveillance video texture.

The desert landscape, like tupperware housing digital smog.
K9’s and glistening acid rain,
wash away the sentient blood that stains the palm tree city.
An Escalade® burns on the freeway.
The drone of helicopters hum above head, in a desert backdrop commuters in traffic requite a speed of 20 mph pass the gleaming semiotic debris.
the sushi elite & the poor all anonymous in an unforgiving freeway fatality,
an undiscerning system.

Man on the highway, through a walkie talkie speaker, barefoot on the slick asphalt.
As the sunsets, the sky burns a fusion of metal and silhouetted palms.
and a hyper real civilization is rendered by it’s idealism, at war with the gravity of reality..
Rendered by it’s traffic culture, it’s culture of police brutality and gang violence, media saturation and racism, it’s glamorization and solipsism, rendered by the tabloid of it self.

” Skid Row started as a collection of poems, it came first as words, then grew into becoming the lyrics of Skid Row.. I was writing about the state of the world around me, living on what feels like the brink of societal collapse while also seeing high excess everywhere.. all the sounds of the streets crept in, the blood and tears on the street, the echoing sirens in the early morning fog, soaked into the poetry and it became evident that LA is a hyper America. a place where violence (media and real life), excess and poverty, police exceptionalism & brutality, racism interact daily.. racism is a war on reason, so in my state of animosity I wrote Skid Row, I’m a disciple of the streets my spoken word and music on Skid Row mirror these conflicts that spill out over the western landscape like a painting of America frozen in a state of hyper real war “

Skid Row tracklist:

01. Burning Prius (For The World)
02. White Bronco
03. Pollution
04. Street Freak
05. Million Dollar Man
06. Thrash & Escalate
07. Skid Row
08. To Live And Die In L.A.
09. Rhinestones
10. Doctor Hollywood
11. 1992
12. Sentinel Beast
13. At The Beach

• James Ferraro:

Discogs announces app version due next year

UPDATE: The invite-only beta version of the iOS app was released today (9/24). Go here to request an invite.

When I mention apps at the TMT office, my coworker bros usually think I’m talking about happy hour at Chili’s. This time, though, I’m happy to talk about the new Discogs app being developed for iOS and Android (that’s how you know they’re serious) and to be launched early next year. The app will be based on the existing third-party app, MilkCrate, which allows for browsing of massive record collections.

This is great news to me. A few months ago, I told a coworker to catalog his vinyl collection on the Discogs website. I then spent the next three days entering all my records I hadn’t added yet so I could make sure my volume remained greater than his. While incredibly rewarding, it was a slow process. With the app, I could have added my collection more quickly. This miracle of technology also allows the bin hogs to check if that MC Skat Kat 12-inch is worth any moola and haggle the cross-armed record store clerk with an upper-hand. Let the cybering begin!

• Discogs:

Built To Spill’s There’s Nothing Wrong With Love to get vinyl repress

Big announcement, y’all. All of us at the Tape are pleased to unveil our newest project: Now That’s What I Call Indie Rock. This new CD series will compile the very best of that crazy music we call indie rock. First four volumes will be comprised entirely of the first four Built To Spill records, because, well, what would YOU call indie rock? Now, keep this on the down-low, because we DEFINITELY do not have the rights to any of these albums. Be cool.

Look, we’re just not Up Records. And we never will be. But Up Records do have the rights to Built To Spill material, most pertinently to their 1994 sophomore album There’s Nothing Wrong With Love. The label will be releasing a vinyl repress of the album on October 30. This will be the first time the record will be available on vinyl since its initial pressing. Interested parties can pre-order the record now, initial copies of which will be printed on creme-colored vinyl.

Earlier this year, Built To Spill put out Untethered Moon. You can check out a “reissue” of that album in 2037, under the title Now What’s I Call Indie Rock Vol. 837.

Remaining Built to Spill dates:

09.21.15 - Buffalo, NY - Town Ballroom
09.22.15 - Lancaster, PA - Chameleon Club
09.23.15 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
09.24.15 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
09.25.15 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
09.26.15 - Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn Bowl
09.27.15 - New Haven, CT - College Street Music Hall
09.28.15 - Portland, ME - Asylum
09.29.15 - Boston, MA - Brighton Music Hall
09.30.15 - Boston, MA - Brighton Music Hall
10.01.15 - Boston, MA - Brighton Music Hall
10.02.15 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer
10.03.15 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
10.04.15 - Pittsburgh, PA - Mr. Smalls
10.07.15 - Lawrence, KS - Bottleneck


• Built To Spill:

Room40 announces new releases from Rafael Anton Irisarri and Tim Hecker

With two releases from Lawrence English’s Room40 now 15-year-old imprint coming down the pike, we may as well act like this post is a cup of ice cream (or a grave) and dig right in. The first one’s from Rafael Anton Irisarri, and it’s called A Fragile Geography. Out October 16, it’s his third release for Room40, and it comes out of a forced reset. During his recent move from Seattle to New York, Irisarri’s entire studio, along with his audio archives and personal possessions, were stolen. Out of this, Irisarri found himself at a “tabula rasa” moment, and found him mining “fresh approaches and ideas.” Silver linings! Pre-order the album here and check out a video for the track “Empire Systems” below.

Release number two in this dark well found in the forest of releases on Room40 is a reissue from Tim Hecker. It’s called Norberg/Apondalifa and it’s out on November 6. Both pieces here were previously released by Room40, but are now out of print (and they sold out almost immediately upon their original release). The new edition contains the works in their extended formats across a full-length LP. Listen to “Apondalifa” below, and, you know, do that pre-order thing like you do.

In addition to these two releases, Room40 has also put out a lovely full-length from Mike Cooper this year and plans to drop a solo LP from Swans guitarist Norman Westberg later this year. Unlike most 15 year olds I know, they’re still going strong!

A Fragile Geography tracklist:

01. Displacement
02. Reprisal
03. Empire Systems
04. Hiatus
05. Persistence
06. Secretly Wishing for Rain

Norberg/Apondalifa tracklist:

01. Norberg
02. Apondalifa

• Rafael Anton Irisarri:
• Tim Hecker:
• Room40:

Boris and Merzbow collaborate on new full-length for Relapse

Ever dip a pizza into a bowl of ice cream? Of course not — those are two awesome things that don’t go together at all. Metal band Boris and noise master Merzbow? Those are two awesome things that mix wonderfully together, like peanut butter and hamburger. You ever had a hamburger with peanut butter? You ever listen to the three studio albums, two live albums, and one EP Boris and Merzbow have made together? I rest my case.

In celebration of delicious partnerships, the two entities have gotten together for a new album called Gensho (Japanese for “phenomenon”) out February through Relapse. The album is a 150-minute double-disc affair with separate CDs for Boris and Merzbow, the former featuring reinventions of the band’s earlier material and the latter featuring entirely new compositions. Though the two records may be listened to individually, they are intended to be played simultaneously on multiple speakers at varying volumes, so that the listener may experience their own phenomenon, or “Gensho.” Hey, Gensho! That’s the album’s title!

The album’s roots lie in a 2014 collaborative performance Boris and Merzbow did for Boiler Room, which you can view below. After the show, they decided what they had done was so good that, heck, they should take it to the studio. They will be returning to the stage together on November 27 for a one-off show at Fever in Tokyo.

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