Shit and Shine want to mess with your mind “54-Synth-Brass 38 Metal Guitar 65 Cathedral” at a time

Craig Clouse is many things, and one of those things is a man with a dream.

Specifically: a dream to repeatedly offend the boundaries of taste, logic, and definition. The vehicle with which he achieves that dream is his band Shit and Shine, which due to Google now implementing some nanny blocker, I can apparently no longer plug into Google. Instead I need to refer to my “internal Google” (my brain) and recall the early days of Shit and Shine when their modus operandi was to collect as many drummers into a rehearsal space as possible and record the sonic fuck-fest that ensued.

Of course, the metaphoric envelope, once pushed, must be pushed again, and again, and again, and again. Hence we have Shit & Shine classics such as Cunts with Roses, Toilet Door Tits, and Find Out What Happens When People Start Being Polite For A Fucking Change.

So here we are, 10 years into the lifespan of Shit and Shine, and the band has become an ever-evolving line-up of musicians for an ever-evolving sound. Naturally, on the forthcoming 54-Synth-Brass 38 Metal Guitar 65 Cathedral record that Shit and Shine will be unleashing via Rocket Recordings on March 16, we all have to expect the subversively unexpected.

Recent recordings suggest a more electro direction, while the presser promises that the band’s “essence is morphed and feverishly formulated into extraterrestrial aural landscapes.” I personally wouldn’t be surprised if Grouse had found a way to record and speed up the sound of tectonic plates colliding.

Get an indicative squizz at the lead single “Electric Pony 2” here:

The tracklist below also suggests Shit and Shine have finally nailed the most odious and offensive title for a song by naming the closing track of this album the most vomit-inducing two words ever to sit beside one another: “Egg McMuffin.”

54-Synth-Brass 38 Metal Guitar 65 Cathedral tracklist:

01. Electric Pony 2
02. C2-6
03. Cowboy Hat
04. Goat $hit
05. Love Your Hair-Hope You Win!
06. Writing Poetry on Your Forehead
07. Egg McMuffin

• Shit and Shine:
• Rocket Recordings:

Sir Richard Bishop carries on his love affair with guitars on Tangier Sessions via Drag City

Sir Richard Bishop loves guitars. That fact should be self evident by the 30-plus-year career he’s forged propelling himself around the world with nothing but six strings strapped to a piece of wood as his wingman as he kicks out various jams.

Sir Richard’s forthcoming album Tangier Sessions, which Drag City will soon be foisting into the air and hoping that it flies gleefully into the atmosphere like a pair of white doves, takes the love story between man and guitar to new levels.

The tale we are told is that in the course of his global wanderings, Sir Richard found himself in a luthier shop in Geneva, where he was introduced to an acoustic guitar that is probably over 100 years old, and from the moment the two met, the room went misty at the edges and “Dreamweaver” started playing from some unknown sound source. After two more meetings, Sir Richard mustered up the francs to purchase the object of his desires and the two escaped for a honeymoon in Tangier, Morocco.

While the said honeymoon probably didn’t involve displays of object sexuality (cause Sir Richard’s a classy kind of guy), it most definitely did yield seven tracks of sublime improvised recordings of man, guitar, and the magic of that union in the balmy Tangier night air. Listen to SRB talk guitars here:

Bow chicka waa waa indeed. You can gain a creepy voyeuristic view of this love session on cassette, vinyl, and CD via Drag City on February 17, or get yourself in the mood via this preview of lead track “Frontier”:

Tangier Sessions tracklist:

01. Frontier
02. Bound in Morocco
03. Safe House
04. Hadija
05. Mirage
06. International Zone
07. Let It Come Down

• Sir Richard Bishop:
• Drag City:

UK producer Pearson Sound announces debut LP Pearson Sound; what does Pearson sound like?

A few days ago, perennial fyoocha funk-man Benji B debuted “Glass Eye” from Pearson Sound’s forthcoming self-titled debut LP, which was recently announced for March 9 release on Hessle Audio. Despite the debut status, Pearson Sound is far from a new kid on the block. David Kennedy (as he’s called outside the bass-time continuum) has been releasing singles and EPs steadily under his former Ramadanman moniker since 2006 and as Pearson Sound since 2009. He’s also co-head of Hessle Audio with DJ’s DJ Ben UFO and garage experimentalist Pangaea. The album follows last year’s self-released Raindrops 7-inch.

Brace yourself for a cutting-edge set of contemporhythms. Here’s “Glass Eye”:

• Pearson Sound:
• Hessle Audio:

GFOTY releases Cake Mix on PC Music, gets us hard

GFOTY, most famous for convincing the Duchess of Cambridge to inscribe the lyrics “In the bathroom, sucking dick/ Thanks for cumming that was quick” on a beautiful, hand-crafted heirloom pendant attached to a stunning pearl necklace courtesy of Kane West, has just cooked up a new release, titled Cake Mix. The release features six tracks — including a well-timed Blink-182 cover — and follows last year’s Secret Mix, which made it to #3 on our Favorite 50 Music Releases of 2014 feature. Wait, what? #3? That’s not even an album is it? Isn’t it just 10 minutes long? Was it even released on CD? Doesn’t half of it consist of abbreviated cover songs?! lolwut!

According to GFOTY:

Basically Cake Mix was created after I got with this really hot guy who had a GF - I mean, I thought he was hot at the time but in reality he looks like that really weird bloated face when your making a Mii character on your Wii - you know the one yeah? It’s kinda just about me stealing people’s boyfriends and being abnormally huge. This one guy on Twitter said he saw me out once and I was way smaller then he imagined and to ‘never meet your heroes’ or something like that and I mean like I’m 169cms (5’5”) and I wear high shoes all the time too so like HOW TALL DID HE WANT ME TO BE? So I guess - yeah it’s kinda inspired by that guy on Twitter primarily. So I guess cake has nothing to do with the mix apart from me making cakes and stuff.

Don’t listen to this:

Meanwhile, GFOTY is looking for “BIG HUNKY MALE DANCERS FOR UPCOMING GFOTY SHOWS.” I’m guessing it’s just a ruse to round up email addresses from a bunch of hot guys like C Monster and Squeo. But apply anyway if you think you fit the criteria.

Cake Mix tracklist:

02. HUGE
03. Mysterious GFOTY
05. All The Small Things
06. Outro

Top 5 GFOTY Tweets of All Time:

• Cake Mix:
• PC Music:

Kevin Gates sets out to prove his rap game endurance with the I Don’t Get Tired (#IDGT) tour

Baton Rouge’s Kevin Gates put in a serious shift in 2014, and he knows it. With two excellent mixtapes under his belt in By Any Means and Luca Brasi 2 last year, Gates has proven himself to not only be a prolific talent on the mic but also one with a seemingly relentless consistency, churning out banger after banger with each successive release. It figures, then, that he’d name his upcoming tour after one of his most personality-capturing tunes, “I Don’t Get Tired (#IDGT),” which also happens to be part of a wider hashtag campaign spearheaded by Gates himself; clearly, the dude is extremely keen to remind everyone about his ferocious work ethic at every opportunity. That said, you just don’t make it in the rap game without a lil bit of promo every now and again, so consider it deserved!

If you wanna witness the fruits of the guy’s labor in the flesh, consider attending one of these Kevin Dates of the I Don’t Get Tired (#IDGT) tour:

02.20.15 - Montgomery, AL - Liquids
02.21.15 - Murfreesboro, TN - Tempt
02.22.15 - Louisville, KY - Headliner’s
02.24.15 - St. Louis, MO - Ready Room
02.25.15 - Omaha, NE - Slowdown
02.26.15 - Wichita, KS - The Cotillion
02.27.15 - Tulsa, OK - Otherside Event Center
02.28.15 - Charlotte, NC - Club 935
03.01.15 - Jonesboro, AR - DiamondGrill
03.03.15 - Oxford MS - Lyric Theatre
03.04.15 - Hattiesburg, MS - Brewsky’s
03.05.15 - Mobile, AL - Soul Kitchen
03.06.15 - Atlanta, GA - Masquerade (Heaven Room)
03.11.15 - Jackson, MS - Hal and Mal’s
03.12.15 - Lafayette, LA - District
03.13.15 - Baton Rouge, LA - Mike’s in Tigerland
03.14.15 - Jeanerette, LA - Entertainment Complex
03.14.15 - Alexandria, LA - A Town West
03.15.15 - Shreveport, LA - Kokopellis

• Kevin Gates:
• Atlantic:

Toro Y Moi to release new album What For? this April to get a jump on the Mother’s Day market

“What for?” indeed! I don’t know about you, but that’s what I’m ALWAYS asking myself whenever I’m listening to a band that ISN’T the illimitable glo-fi, cream of the crop, indie-pop bedroom project Toro Y Moi. LOLZ. For real though, I mean, everything else is clearly a waste of time and delicious brain goo!

SO THAT’S TOTALLY WHY I’m super excited that What For? is also the name of the new album from Chaz “Toro Y Moi is really just me doing everything and calling it a band” Bundick. Hell yes. It’s gonna be released April 7 on Carpark, was recorded in Bundick’s Berkeley, CA home studio “over the course of 2014,” and was inspired by “Big Star, Talking Heads and Todd Rundgren, as well as Brazil’s Tim Maia and France’s Cortex, among many others,” so you already know it’s humble-yet-credible and cosmopolitan-as-balls and whatnot. Oh, and that one dude Julian Lynch and Unknown Mortal Orchestra guitarist Ruban Neilson also appear on the album. Boom-shakka-lakka! The nail in the coffin! But just in case you’re not sold, here’s Bundick telling us all the EPIC what-fors behind What For?:

I’ve done electronic R&B and more traditional recorded type R&B stuff. I just wanted to see what else was out there. It’s all coming from the same mindset and point of creativity. It’s just me trying to take what I already have, and then taking it further.

EPIC! Now that we’re all properly stoked, let’s stop everything else we’re doing and neglect all the stuff and/or people we’re responsible for so that we can stream the first track from the album, “Empty Nesters,” via SoundCloud. Then, let’s all preorder the album on iTunes to receive a free download of that same track. Why not? Oops… or should I say: WHAT-FOR NOT? HAHAHAHAHA.

What For? tracklisting:

01. What You Want
02. Buffalo
03. The Flight
04. Empty Nesters
05. Ratcliff
06. Lilly
07. Spell It Out
08. Half Dome
09. Run Baby Run
10. Yeah Right

• Toro Y Moi:
• Carpark:

Marie Davidson’s new LP is Un Autre Voyage all up in her neural pathways

I got a shaky leg… and don’t try to tell me that I’m an anthropomorphic house cat who just accidentally dipped his hinds in a deep puddle outdoors. The reality is contagious; in addition to “Shaky Legs,” the whole of Marie Davidson’s debut solo LP is some kind of catchy and deliberately heterogeneous throwback to cold wave, as Mira Aroyo conceivably looks on with glaring eyes at the formidable competition. It’s an album that followed up a series of affiliations with Montreal-based experimental outfits, and no sooner than some of us were revived of our Francophilia, Davidson has her second solo LP prepped for release almost exactly a year later, this April 14.

What I’m doing here, in this very article, is what she’s done on Un Autre Voyage, albeit with her pen and notepad directed toward a mirror. Per a press release, the album’s said to be principally a work of honest introspection, with every song stemming from personal experience or “true events.” Presumably this comment comes with more validity than the movie preface, because god damn did Argo take some liberties.

Davidson’s husband and otherwise bandmate (in Essaie Pas) has some vocal, guitar, and production contributions, maybe even on the following track:

Un Autre Voyage tracklisting:

01. Boulevard Taschereau
02. Excès De Vitesse
03. Kidnap You In The Desert
04. Insomnie
05. Balade Aux USA
06. Perséphone

• Marie Davidson:
• Holodeck:

RIP: Demis Roussos, singer, member of Aphrodite's Child

From The Guardian:

Demis Roussos, the Greek pop and rock singer who became an unlikely international star in the 1970s and 80s, famed for his soaring, high-pitched voice, and voluminous kaftans, has died aged 69.


Roussos started out in the late 1960s as part of Aphrodite’s Child, a pioneering Greek trio now seen as one of the originators of progressive rock. Also in the group was another future star, Vangelis, who later composed the film scores for Chariots of Fire and Blade Runner. The band’s final release, 666 – a double album based on the Book of Revelation – is viewed as one rock’s first concept albums.

• Demis Roussos:

Sufjan Stevens, Slipknot, and Jason Mraz all announce lengthy tours

Sufjan Stevens, Slipknot, and multiple Grammy Award®-winning singer/songwriter Jason Mraz have all just announced extensive 2015 tour dates. Sufjan will perform material from his forthcoming album Carrie & Lowell across America and Canada from April to June; Slipknot will travel the world through September playing selections from acclaimed fifth studio album .5: The Gray Chapter; and Mr. A-Z himself will be heading from Miami to Hong Kong in February and March, treating fans to intimate performances of material off YES!, which debuted at #1 on the sales charts in 46 territories around the world.

Sufjan Stevens’ new album is set to “address life and death, love and loss, and the artist’s struggle to make sense of the beauty and ugliness of love,” while Jason Mraz’s YES! “boasts gems to soundtrack a late summer night, a beach bonfire, a long drive or a relaxing night at home.” As for Slipknot, .5: The Gray Chapter earned the group their eighth Grammy® nomination in the “Best Metal Performance” category.

Congratulations to all!

Sufjan Stevens dates (for full Slipknot and Jason Mraz itineraries, head here and here):

04.10.15 - Philadelphia, PA - Academy of Music
04.11.15 - New York, NY - Beacon Theater
04.12.15 - Hartford, CT - The Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts
04.14.15 - Portland, ME - Merrill Auditorium
04.15.15 - Albany, NY - The Palace Theater
04.16.15 - Cleveland, OH - Cleveland Masonic Auditorium
04.17.15 - Columbus, OH - Palace Theater
04.18.15 - Indianapolis, IN - The Murat Theatre
04.20.15 - St. Louis, MO - Peabody Opera House
04.21.15 - Kansas City, MO - Midland Theater
04.22.15 - Minneapolis, MN - Northrop Auditorium
04.23.15 - Milwaukee, WI - Riverside Theater
04.24.15 - Chicago, IL - Chicago Theatre
04.27.15 - Detroit, MI - Masonic Temple
04.28.15 - Grand Rapids, MI - Covenant Fine Arts Center
04.29.15 - Toronto, ON - Massey Hall
04.30.15 - Montreal, QC - Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier/Place Des Artes
05.01.15 - Brooklyn, NY - Kings Theatre
05.04.15 - Boston, MA - Citi Performing Arts Center Wang Theatre
05.05.15 - Washington, DC - DAR Constitution Hall
05.06.15 - Richmond, VA - Altria Theater
05.07.15 - Durham, NC - Durham Performing Arts Center
05.09.15 - New Orleans, LA - Saenger Theatre
05.10.15 - Dallas, TX - Majestic Theatre
05.11.15 - Houston, TX - Jones Hall for the Performing Arts
05.12.15 - Austin, TX - Bass Concert Hall
06.02.15 - San Diego, CA - Copley Symphony Hall
06.03.15 - Los Angeles, CA - Dorothy Chandler Pavilion
06.05.15 - Oakland, CA - Fox Theater
06.08.15 - Portland, OR - Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
06.09.15 - Vancouver, BC - Orpheum Theatre
06.10.15 - Seattle, WA - The Paramount Theatre
09.04-06.15 - North Dorset England - End of the Road Festival

• Sufjan Stevens:
• Slipknot:
• Jason Mraz:

IMPORTANT NEWS: Facebook Page created for ridiculous Craigslist vinyl ads

Racks and stacks of old, dusty LPs can be found at every Goodwill, Salvation Army, and other various thrift stores from sea to polluted sea. But did you know you can also find the same ultra-valuable collector items on Craigslist?!

No horse shit, Jack. Looking for a water-damaged copy of Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass Whipped Cream? Craigslist! Interested in obtaining a backup Grease OST just in case you misplace your other two copies? Craigslist! Can’t live without those Barbra Streisand sleeves without any actual records inside of them? CRAIGSLIST, MOTHERFUCKER!

Plus, Craigslist (or more simply The List, as I call it) has the added benefit of being able to grip your Sesame Street and Christmas music rares from the basements of straight-up lunatics and shut-ins. Nobody can hear you scream there, which comes in handy when you’re overcome by the excitement of seeing those Dean Martin Greatest Hits albums in person (or when you’re being tied up by someone with crazy eyes). Oh yeah, the best part: You get to pay double, triple, or sometimes fadipple more dollars than you could at any junk shop, any day of the week.

Too good to be true? Proof can be found on the Facebook group Ridiculous Craigslist Vinyl Ads, where members post links to… ridiculous Craigslist vinyl ads. Rumor has it that a VG copy of Rumours could be found there for less than $20. (DIBS!)

• Ridiculous Craigslist Vinyl Ads:



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