Recondite feels Iffy, possibly nauseous about a world without techno

Berlin-based producer Recondite has some news for you, and in an alternate world, this would mean abandoning the denotation of his moniker and announcing a brand-new soap opera starring Lorenz Brunner himself as every major character — where he gets to divulge his inner thoughts and feelings in hugely dramatic ways. Cliffhangers, wigs, and crazy betrayals galore! But the reality, like the music to which his name is attached, is a bit more subtle: Recondite is releasing his third LP Iffy on Innervisions November 10, and eh… I guess you should maybe be interested in it. Let us count the ways toward an unequivocal impression.

Iffy follows up the enthusiastically-received On Acid back in 2012 and the worthwhile follow-up Hinterland, released last year on Ghostly Intl. This new LP seems to continue the solidly minimal trend, but with an elaboration on the generally bleak and disarmed tracks of his previous albums. More specifically, aligning with the album’s title, it’s said to have a “conflicting mood” at its core, an aspect that may or may not manifest itself obviously:

Check out this rather extensive interview for more insight on the role that emotion plays in Recondite’s music. Such a (forthright) enigma!

Iffy tracklisting:

01. Baro
02. Levo
03. Tame
04. Garbo
05. Buteo
06. Duolo
07. Konter
08. Steady
09. Glint
10. Jim Jams

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Azar Swan announce new LP And Blow Us a Kiss on Zoo Music. Now bring on the goth kisses!

The ranking of kisses, blown or otherwise.

4. Mother’s kiss.
3. Cool kiss.
2. Super kiss.
1. Goth kiss.

The above results were found in a survey of 20,000 young kiss-experts. Each participant in the survey was given an advance copy of electro-industrial group Azar Swan’s new album And Blow Us a Kiss, out October 28 on Zoo Music. Their first LP for Zoo, the record follows up their 2013 debut Dance Before the War.

Guests (and possible kiss aficionados themselves) on the record include White Lung’s Hether Fortune, Coil’s Drew McDowall, and Nikki Sneakers. Listen to album track “For Last And Forever” below. Now get out there and kiss a goth.

And Blow Us a Kiss tracklist:

01. And Blow Us a Kiss
02. We Hunger
03. Hush
04. For Last and Forever
05. Mouth of the Sky
06. Bury the Sun
07. Sugar
08. Kiss of Life
09. Strange Language
10. In the Garden
11. Blank Space
12. Sing Me Back

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James Blake announces undergrown North American tour

I gather that he’s somewhat of an introspective fellow, so Texans, just assume that your time will come, even though the short North American tour that James Blake just announced totally neglects to make up for the dates that were previously postponed and then cancelled. It could be that the winter scenery in Texas is a bit too reminiscent of The Road, and Blake doesn’t want to get caught up in a dystopian headspin that eventually has him joining a mariachi three-piece down in Mexico. More likely though, he’s saving fulfillment for a more extensive tour that’ll follow the release of his presumed next album. We know it’s coming. As sure as his voice leaves me filling shot glasses with tears and sharing them with friends, we know.

And activities since those cancellations give mild confirmation. Since the beginning of the year, Blake has been doing a residency at BBC Radio 1, and among the various remixes and new music from other artists that he’s shared, he also debuted a new track of his own called “200 Press.” Dates follow the vid; that’s Airhead a.k.a. Rob McAndrews a.k.a. the guitarist in Blake’s band taking on a support role, after he released a 12-inch on Blake’s semi-new label 1-800-Dinosaur back in July.


10.30.14 - Paris, France - Pitchfork Music Festival Paris 2014
11.30.14 - Toronto, ON - Mod Club *
12.01.14 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg *
12.05.14 - Miami, FL - Young Arts *
12.07.14 – San Francisco, CA - The Chapel *
12.09.14 – Los Angeles, CA - The Roxy *

* Airhead

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Ghostly International fundraises for The Sight Below, who had $50k in gear stolen back in May

Some people have no heart, and I’m not referring literally to the victims of Kano’s infamous Fatality. Figuratively, some people have no heart, in the sense that they’re so utterly bereft of a moral compass that they’re willing to ignore and/or trample sentimental value all for the sake of increasing their personal wealth. It’s easy to think of examples, but allow me to save you the split-second: these guys, who stole basically every piece of music equipment that Rafael Anton Irisarri (The Sight Below) owned (with a cumulative value of roughly $50k), as he was on the verge of making a cross-country move from Seattle to New York this past May. Go on, check out the security camera footage, and assume that the perps did, in fact, crawl out of the gutter.

Sadly, none of Irisarri’s stolen items have since been recovered, so the label with which he’s long been associated, Ghostly International, has generously set up a fundraiser on his behalf in an attempt to recoup some of his losses. They’ve nearly reached their $15,000 goal already, but if you’re so completely abhorred by the idea of an artist suddenly losing his/her life’s work at the hands of criminal fucks, go here to donate. Some things can’t be replaced, of course, but hopefully this allows Irisarri to continue his sometimes beat-driven wander down a dark hallway. For humanity’s redemption!

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The Go-Betweens to release G Stands for Go-Betweens Volume One anthology

Fantastic news for those of you looking to soundtrack an eight-hour walk in the park: Domino Records has just announced G Stands for Go-Betweens Volume 1, an anthology celebrating the formative years of the legendary Aussie pop quintet The Go-Betweens. The box set contains the band’s first three albums (Send Me a Lullaby, Before Hollywood, and Spring Hill Fair) and their first five singles split across four LPs, as well as an additional four CDs of rare and unreleased demos, live sessions, and concerts.

In addition to the music, the set also comes packaged with a reproduction of the band’s first press release and a poster featuring the cover of the band’s first single, “Lee Remick.” Of course, no re-release these days is complete without a side of literature, so expect a massive (by liner notes standards) 112-page book of notes and essays. Since you probably already expected that, Domino is including some bonus texts for the first 600 pre-orders and tossing in a book from late front man Grant McLennan’s personal library. That’s one nerdy estate sale, y’all.

Listen to a couple tracks from the anthology below, and complete info on the box set is available here.

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RIP: Mark Bell, LFO producer and Björk collaborator

From Resident Advisor:

Mark Bell of LFO has died.

Alongside Gez Varley, Bell formed LFO in the late 1980s. After Farley left the group in 1996, Bell continued to produce solo under that name. He was a close collaborator with Björk, producing her 1997 album Homogenic and six other LPs, including 2011’s Biophilia. He also produced Depeche Mode’s 2001 album, Exciter. As LFO, Bell was responsible for some of the most pioneering and visceral electronic music in the Warp Records catalogue, including the 1990 crossover hit “LFO,” 1991’s “What Is House (LFO Remix)” and 2003’s “Freak.”

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Fatima Al Qadiri tours the world, sometimes alone, sometimes with Future Brown, always within our collective hearts

Fatima Al Qadiri, we shall never forget you! As time marches on, you shall remain within our hearts! Keep that in mind as you hop the globe, much as you will throughout the remainder of the year. We believe in you, Fatima! You put out Asiatisch earlier this year! Hyperdub put it out, for they are pure of heart.

But Fatima! You are not always alone! Certain dates shall find you joined by your companions in Future Brown. NGUZUNGUZU! J-Cush! Those are your friends and they are with you always. As are we, in spirit, in soul, in your heart.

Fatima Al Qadiri dates:

10.10.14 - Vienna, Austria - Mumok
10.17.14 - Antwerp, Belgium - Hyperdub 10 Petrol
10.24.14 - Bergen, Norway - Ekko Festival (Future Brown)
10.31.14 - Paris, France - Trabendo (Pitchfork Festival Paris)
11.07.14 - Torino, Italy - Club To Club Festival
11.08.14 - Torino, Italy - Club To Club Festival (Future Brown)
11.13.14 - Tokyo, Japan - Rbma, Womb
11.20.14 - Seoul, South Korea - Cake Shop
11.22.14 - Shanghai, China - Shelter
12.04.14 - Miami, FL - Art Basel Miami (Future Brown)
12.11.14 - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - Guggenheim Abu Dhabi

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Billy Co)))rgan and the Smashing Pumpkins are (maybe) releasing a doom metal album

Billy Co)))rgan and the rest of the members of the Smashing Pumpkins))))))))))))) (that’s approximately how many parentheses Stephen O’Malley and Greg Anderson use in their band name, right?) are making a doom))) metal))) album))). Wooo))), get excited.

The Pumpkins))) already have two albums slated for next year: Monuments to an Elegy and Day for Night, but guitarist Jeff Schroeder))) made a no)))t-very-cryptic announcement on his Instagram about another Smashing Pumpkins project that’s in the works: “Billy and I are making a doom metal album. #smashingpumpkins #sunn,” with a helpful picture of a Sunn amplifier to go along with the reveal.

Very few details are available about the project so far, and, as Consequence of Sound notes, “This could just be a joke about Corgan and Schroeder using Sunn amps.”

Still, though, be))) prepared))). Can’t wait for the doom metal version of “1979”!

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Om Unit shares details of new EP for Metalheadz, announces North American tour

London producer Jim Coles a.k.a. Om Unit grew up with Goldie’s Metalheadz label as a huge influence. Now, everything comes full circle with the veteran drum & bass and jungle imprint signing off Coles for his latest release, Inversion. It follows up the artist’s ambitious and celestial Threads LP from last year, but this new EP is strictly in the drum & bass camp, attempting to pay homage to past greats without feeling dated. As Coles describes the new material, it’s “a nod to sound of my teenage self.” Angsty, confused, and covered in acne — just how it should be.

In advance of Inversion, Om Unit is currently touring North America, with a run of dates taking him from Orlando to Oakland through the end of the month. For those who haven’t had the privilege of seeing Coles DJ, you’re in for some cruising jungle, a dash of hardcore breakbeats, and large helpings of bass. It’s the kind of music that beats the shit out of you, but in a good way! Before Inversion drops on November 17, peep the tracklist and tour dates below.

Inversion tracklist:

01. Touching Down
02. The War (feat. Jehst)
03. The Crossing
04. Layers
05. Bardo Realms
06. Understated
07. Parallel
08. Mystic

Om Unit North American tour dates:

10.13.14 - Orlando, FL - Bullitt Bar
10.15.14 - Austin, TX - Barcelona
10.16.14 - Calgary, AB - Habitat
10.17.14 - Kelowna, BC - Flashbacks
10.18.14 - Vancouver, BC - Open Studios
10.19.14 - San Francisco, CA - F8
10.21.14 - Seattle, WA - Baltic Room
10.22.14 - Oakland, CA - New Parish

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[Photo: Bradley Barnes]

Profligate finds the floor — coincidentally the location of Not Not Fun’s 300th release

Well, the movie certainly excelled at making the less muscular among us feel insufficiently manly, but how fortunate we are that we have music to empower us back to self-confidence! Some might be inclined to resort to tried and true motivational ballads such as “Eye of the Tiger” or the non-masturbatory interpretation of “Beat It,” but for those who are open to less obvious attempts at spurring, look no further than Profligate’s sophomore LP Finding the Floor, out in November on Not Not Fun. Philly-based Noah Anthony previously threw-back with the mildly minimal wave Come Follow Me in 2012, with a fantastic opening track that left me looking desperately for sequins (it was in its dedicated drawer).

But what’s the connection to the number 300 again? Well, Finding the Floor will actually be Not Not Fun’s 300th release since Amanda and Britt Brown founded the label back in 2004 (and as the latter accurately predicted in our interview with him back in April). Since its founding, we’ve enjoyed wonderfully trippy albums from Pocahaunted and Sun Araw, as well as the 2014 Afterhours LP that I personally enjoyed quite a bit. Plus Magic Lantern showed us the goods, only to return to law school full-time soon thereafter.

It’s certainly one of the better labels around. Head to the Chocolate Grinder for more on the album and a video for “Laughing Song.”

Finding the Floor tracklisting:

01. Girl Full of Joy
02. We’re Desperate
03. Can’t Stop Shaking
04. Dormant
05. Maniac Will Win
06. Basement
07. Laughing Song
08. Finding the Floor
09. Ambient Metal Room (Impossible)
10. We Can Have It All

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