Jerusalem In My Heart announces new LP coming on Constellation

Alrighty, let’s talk about an album. No, not just any album; you’re not the one in charge here. I am the one in charge [editor’s note: say what??], and I say we’re going to talk about the new Jerusalem In My Heart record that’s coming out September 4 on Constellation. What do you say to that? Just kidding, I don’t care what you say to that. We’re doing it. And don’t even try to tell me that we’ve already talked about enough Jerusalem In My Heart-related records, what with 2013’s excellent Mo7it Al-Mo7it and the collaborative album from Suuns and Jerusalem in My Heart from earlier this year.

And you know what? Before you come with me to the next paragraph where we’ll talk about more details related to the album, why don’t you go ahead and read this great interview Birkut did with Radwan Ghazi Moumneh, founder of Jerusalem in My Heart. I don’t want you to end up with egg all over your face when we start talking turkey.

Alright, now for that egg-free turkey I mentioned. The new album is called If He Dies, If If If If If If, and it’s the product of Moumneh working with Montreal-based artist Charles-André Coderre. If He Dies, If If If If If If reportedly expands on the compositional palette that Moumneh established on his first album by “exploring new deconstructions and juxtapositions of both traditional and popular Arab musical currents.” Although the first Jerusalem In My Heart release came only in 2013, Moumneh had been performing live under the name for some time before that, drawing together the sounds he was making with a vital visual angle. As such, his collaboration on this release with Coderre (a visual artist who also created the album artwork) is a natural extension of the central goals of the project.

Pre-order the album via Constellation here, and watch a short video pairing Coderre’s visual’s with Moumneh’s music below.

If He Dies, If If If If If If tracklist:

01. Al Affaq, Lau Mat, Lau Lau Lau Lau Lau Lau (The Hypocrite, If He Dies, If If If If If If)
02. A Granular Buzuk
03. 7ebr El 3oyoun (Ink From The Eyes)
04. Qala Li Kafa Kafa Kafa Kafa Kafa Kafa (To Me He Said Enough Enough Enough Enough Enough Enough
05. Lau Ridyou Bil Hijaz (What If The Hijaz Was Enough?)
06. Ta3mani; Ta3meitu (He Fed Me; I Fed Him)
07. Ah Ya Mal El Sham (Oh The Money of Syria)
08. 2asmar Sa7ar (The Brown One Cast A Spell)

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Jim Magas (Bulb Records, Lake of Dracula) starts new label Midwich, reveals solo EP as MAGAS

If the styles colloquially labeled “mutant techno” and “trip metal” in the US underground can loosely claim any sort of spiritual godfather figure, in terms of both sonic vocabularies and label/distribution practices, Chicago-by-way-of-Ann-Arbor champion zoner Jim Magas is that person. Over a catalog starting in the early 1990s, Magas built his reputation on the strength of experimental industrial outfits like Lake of Dracula, along with the mechanical squall of his own solo output. His seminal label Bulb Records kicked off the careers of gonzo luminaries like Quintron, Andrew WK, and the Wolf Eyes crew (Dilloway, Young, Olson, etc.), helping define what we’ve come to know as the grassroots avant-garde tradition in the American Midwest and beyond.

This year, Magas has decided to start a new imprint called Midwich Recordings, which has focused its scope thus far on beat-based electronic deconstruction. A new 12-inch under the MAGAS moniker constitutes the label’s inaugural jams, alongside the brain-smashing MEQ by the Nate Young-featuring duo Moon Pool and Dead Band.

Press play on “Machete King,” our first taste of MAGAS’s Heads Plus EP, and step out onto his twisted dungeon dancefloor. Although it bops along over a steady 4/4 electro beat, the track’s deranged lead tones prod the groove deeper into gnarled chaos. Magas’s synth voice carries the crunch and attack of a guitar, hitting us as blocky chords of overlapped analog riffing. As the rhythm thickens with the onset of stuttering handclaps and tom patterns, Magas piles on extra layers of corrupted synth mania that rise into the upper register of the mix in atonal swirls.

Heads Plus lands July 14 via Midwich.

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Members of N.W.A. to reunite for a calm, candlelit performance in L.A.

Maybe you’ve seen the photo elucidating Dr. Dre’s marked transition to “coming straight out of Cupertino,” and maybe you consider Ice Cube’s cinematic portrayal of a paternal hero a success story given his Jheri-curled past, but that doesn’t mean that either of these individuals, or the surviving members of N.W.A. in general, are willing to understate the significance of their early music careers down in South Central L.A. To that end, a film that’s long been in the works navigating the seminal rap group’s rise and ultimate dissolution, Straight Outta Compton, is set for release this August. So, how about an anticipatory reunion concert in which a few members nostalgically engage in polite police criticism?

Ice Cube, MC Ren, and DJ Yella will be performing together for the first time in 26 years on June 27 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles as a part of this year’s BET Experience. 26 years! Dr. Dre may or may not also be there, as Ice Cube gave a metaphysical non-answer to Rolling Stone on the subject, but separate from the performance itself — which includes appearances by Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, and ScHoolboy Q — is additional word of new N.W.A. recorded material as at least soundtrack to the upcoming film. Ice Cube sort of elaborating:

We’re definitely dibbling and dabbling, so to speak. It’s all about how great it comes out when you’re creating something. We can throw anything together; we can put rhymes and beats together easy. But our expectation level is so high, and if we meet our threshold, the world gets to hear what it is. If we don’t, we still need more time together to make it happen. It’s really some TLC, tender love and care, being put into these records. We’ll see what it is.

Just don’t ponder the potential problems of having an N.W.A. outside of its original cultural context. It’s easier this way.

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Elysia Crampton (formerly E+E) announces new album, American Drift

After releasing her debut 7-inch release last month, Virginia-based, Bolivian-born artist Elysia Crampton (formerly E+E) has revealed her anticipated full-length follow-up to THE LIGHT THAT YOU GAVE ME TO SEE YOU (which made it to #13 on our year-end list). It’s called American Drift, and it’s being released by FaltyDL’s Blueberry Recordings.

Crampton describes, beautifully, the four-track album as “Virginian American history, exploring brownness as more than culture or Othering, as geology. American narratives are re-examined on this level: narratives of colonized and colonizer, slave histories, impact events and fern spikes, two-spirit and queer indigenous histories. Trans-ontologies are given voice and resonance.”

The FADER has a premiere of the album’s first single, “Petrichrist.” Check it out here:

Crampton’s “epic psych metalera crunk tribalosa” is out July 31.

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Unsound reveals “surprise” theme after being exposed by Polish photographer

After initially releasing a largely blacked-out press release, the organizers at Krakow’s Unsound Festival were probably feeling pretty cool. “Our secrets are safe under this black ink we bought at the dollar store,” they probably thought. Well, as my dad always used to say when he’d accidentally reveal where he had hidden my favorite playthings, you can “blame the Polish photographer,” because with just a smidgen of intrepid Photoshop work and an appeal to his Polish heritage, a photographer based in Poland was able to reveal the hidden text and had posted it to Facebook. If only my dad hadn’t, in a final act of passive-aggressive hiding, hidden himself away 10 years ago today, I’m sure he would be happy to see himself proven right. And if I were a Polish photographer myself, maybe I’d discover where he’s been all these years. (If you’re reading this, please come home, Father.)

Despite its still-secret lineup, full passes to the festival (which runs from October 11 - 18) have already completely sold out, and it did so within the span of 10 minutes. If your internet was down during that tiny span of time and you missed out, I suspect you know who to blame (hint: he’s likely got family in Łódź and callouses on his right index finger). If my wallet was stuffed with Zloty, my camera purchased in Warsaw, and my dad still around to nag me with questions, he might ask me, “Well, then, Taylor, what exactly did the press release reveal if not the festival’s lineup?” Then I’d copy-paste this description from Unsound:

The key redacted paragraphs that were uncovered explain that only a certain percentage of acts at Unsound 2015 will be “surprises”, placed throughout the program and contrasting against announced acts. The aim is to play with perceptions: pre­show perception, performance perception and post­show perception. Do we listen differently, when we do not know and/or cannot see who is performing? How do our expectations affect the value we place on music?

The non-secret segment of the lineup will be announced in August, when tickets for individual events at the festival go on sale.

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The Jesus and Mary Chain finally announce Psychocandy shows in New York and Philadelphia, the only two cities in America that matter!

So, about five months ago, we expertly delivered the sensational news to our loyal readership that those fuzzy, feedbacky, scuzzy, bubblegum motherfuckers The Jesus and Mary Chain were doing a bunch of, you know, touring-rock-band stuff to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their seminal Psychocandy. That “stuff” included shows in various North American cities, including Toronto, Detroit, Chicago, Austin, and so on. We thought it was a dynamite news scoop, to be honest! Only… well, turns out you guys didn’t care at all! We only got like 29,000 Facebook likes, which is WAY below our usual standard. “What gives?” we asked ourselves.

Then it hit us. All those cities are fucking LAME. I mean, in hindsight, I don’t know why we didn’t notice it before? Denver?? Seattle??? BOOOOOOORING! No wonder we didn’t break any news readership records on that one. But I’m happy to let you all know that, along with our good friends in JAMC, we have officially RESOLVED THE ISSUE: there’s gonna be Psychocandy shows in NYC and Philly. Oh, and L.A. too (as part of FYF Fest). Boom. Sensation!!! Those cities are way more popular. I think it’s safe to say that both the band’s legacy AND our website’s credibility are officially secure now.

According to the press release, these shows “will be the continuation of a year of activity not only celebrating the 30th anniversary of Psychocandy but also looking firmly ahead to the future.” But really, who cares about that? We just want more web traffic. #New York #Philadelphia #AwesomeJobNobodaddy!

JAMC pro-grade tour dates 2015:

08.22.15 - Los Angeles, CA - FYF
09.22.15 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer
09.24.15 - New York, NY - Terminal 5

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Dope Body to release new album Kunk on Drag City, tour Europe

Like legendary wizards who have been summoned to defeat the nefarious forces of bubblegum garage rock and (shudder) bro-drop EDM, Dope Body have arisen from their slumber, ready to unleash a tirade of rock & roll fury on the land. Since 2008, the Baltimore-based noise rockers have been doing their thang, and now they’re back with a new album for Drag City called… Kunk.

The new single, “Old Grey,” kinda sounds like it was produced by an AM morning shock jock with a wacky sounds-effects board IN HELL, so sure. Why not. Kunk. You can get Kunk‘d up come August 28, when the album drops.

Dope Body will be heading to Europe this fall, where they’ll play a few dates with Future Islands, then venture on into the Old World on their own.

Tour Dates:

09.07.15 - Brighton, UK - The Hope & Ruin
09.08.15 - Manchester, UK - Academy *
09.09.15 - Glasgow, UK - Barrowland *
09.10.15 - Newcastle, UK - Academy *
09.11.15 - York, UK - The Fulford Arms
09.12.15 - Dublin,IE - Whelans (upstairs)
09.14.15 - Birmingham, UK -The Sunflower Lounge
09.15.15 - Bristol, UK - The Stags and Hounds
09.16.15 - London, UK - Old Blue Last
09.17.15 - Brussels, BE - Madame Moustache
09.18.15 - Tilburg, NL - Incubate Festival
09.19.15 - Paris, FR - l’Olympic Café
09.20.15 - Tours, FR - La Temps Machine
09.21.15 - Pau, FR - À Tant Rever Du Roi
09.22.15 - Oviedo, ES -Lata de Zinc
09.24.15 - Lisbon, PT -Sabotage Rock Club
09.25.15 - Madrid, ES - Siroco
09.26.15 - Barcelona, ES - La [2] de Apolo
09.28.15 - Lyon, FR - Grrrnd Zero
09.29.15 - Milano, IT - Lo-Fi
09.30.15 - Bologna, IT - Freakout
10.01.15 - Arezzo, IT - Pastificio Elettrico
10.03.15 - Duedingen, CH - Bad Bonn
10.05.15 - Wuerzburg, DE - Cairo
10.06.15 - Berlin, DE - Urban Spree
10.07.15 - Koeln, DE - Sonic Ballroom
10.08.15 - Hamburg, DE - Hafenklang
10.09.15 - Utrecht, NL - DBs
10.10.15 - Liege, BE - La Zone

*Future Islands

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Bardo Pond announce Record Store Day Trilogy compilation for July, because when you’ve got a Record Store Day comp, you can have Record Store Day any time

Record Store Day is an annual event celebrating independently-owned music outlets occurring on the third Saturday of April. But, baby, Record Store Day can be whenever you want it to be. “Live every day like it’s Record Store Day” — Trey C. Jardine, record collector located in Tempe, Arizona.

Long-running wigged-out Philadelphians Bardo Pond stand by this philosophy. In the past three years, the group has put out an annual Record Store Day EP, each featuring two cover songs reinterpreted by the group. Soon, though, three will become one, as the band is collecting these EPs into the appropriately-named Record Store Day Trilogy 3CD set out July 24 through Fire Records.

The set compiles the EPs Rise Above It All, Looking For Another Place, and Is There A Heaven, which feature interpretations of tracks by Funkadelic, Pharaoh Sanders, Brian Eno, The Velvet Underground, Albert Ayler, and Bryan Ferry. Which tracks by these groups are they interpreting? Just check below for the tracklist, my little turtledove.

Bardo Pond are set to play two shows in the near future. One is ATP Iceland in Keflavik in early July; the other is at The Roundhouse in London opening for The Jesus and Mary Chain on July 5.

Record Store Day Trilogy tracklist:

01. Maggot Brain
02. The Creator has a Master Plan
03. Ride Into The Sun
04. Here Come The Warm Jets
05. In Every Dream Home A Heartache
06. Music Is the Healing Force of the Universe

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Thom Yorke announces Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes concert in Japan

Whoops! This is kind of embarrassing! But… well, turns out that, in keeping up with all the incredible whirlwind hype, nonstop torrents of media attention, crazily overzealous fan hyperbole, and internet-crippling bandwidth demand surrounding last year’s smash hit solo LP Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, Thom Yorke missed one TINY little detail: he TOTALLY forgot to tour the thing! #TotalFacepalm, am I right?!?

But for those fans who have managed to resist killing themselves to alleviate the interminable anguish of waiting for a huge world tour announcement, some good news finally came in on the wire from across the pond this morning. As Pitchfork reports, the flush-faced Yorke is finally making up for that silly little oversight! Only, instead of wasting his precious time touring a zillion cities over a million days like some kind of second-tier, Phil Selway-type “indie rock” act, the illimitable Yorkester has decided to knock out the whole tour in one day by simply playing one set in the biggest and most crowded city on the face of the earth: Tokyo, Japan.

So get your plane tickets, hotel reservations, festival passes, and traveler’s checks ready, readers! On August 15, you’ll finally get your chance to see Thom Yorke play all of your favorite/favourite not-Radiohead songs live at Hostess Club’s all-nighter in Tokyo as part of the city’s larger ongoing Summersonic Festival. Hell yes. And in case you think this is all too good to be true, it ISN’T. How do I know? Because producer Nigel Godrich corroborated the news on Twitter. And Nigel Godrich just doesn’t lie about things relating to Thom Yorke. Why not? Because Thom Yorke is singlehandedly putting Godrich’s kids through college!

Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes Epic World Tour 2015:

08.15.15 - Tokyo, Japan - Hostess Club All-Nighter (Summersonic Festival)

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Apple announces new music streaming service, Apple Music

Harry Belafonte gave memorable harmonic homage to one fruit half a century ago, so now it’s time for one behemoth of a technological apple to further return the musical favor: Apple, the company that so many people love to hate and then secretly love again, has just unveiled its new music streaming service at today’s Worldwide Developers Conference! Not to be overshadowed by at least one presenter creepily showing their clavicles, what’s been creatively dubbed “Apple Music” looks to be a noteworthy addition to the increasingly competitive streaming space. Here are some of the features that were announced by Jimmy Iovine & co.:

  • My Music: “music personalized to songs that you love,” based on more than “just algorithms.”
  • Beats 1: a 24/7 live radio station featuring well-known DJs from Los Angeles, NYC, and London. Zane Lowe made a cameo during this part.
  • Connect: the ability for artists to directly relay info about their work, including photos, early lyrics, and tentative tracks.
  • “Tens of thousands” of music videos unaccompanied by ads. (Spotify recently unveiled their own video integration feature)
  • Dr. Dre literally beating you over the head with wads of cash if you don’t subscribe. (unconfirmed)

And a subscription is, in fact, necessary. Excepting the first three months (which are free), Apple Music will cost $9.99/month for a standard membership and $14.99 for a family membership, the latter of which will allow up to six people to share an account. The whole thing will be available on iOS in over 100 countries beginning June 30. Windows and Android users can expect downloadability later in the fall.

Anyone else skeptical about a freakin’ radio station being a major boon to this service? The folks at Apple sure did want to emphasize that, though.

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