Prefuse 73 teams up with Temporary Residence Ltd. for our aural pleasure in 2015

Prefuse 73 has been pretty quiet of late. I mean, he launched a record label last year and put out a collaborative album with Teebs, but by his own hyperactive standards, that’s practically a drought, especially considering that his last album was 2011’s trippy The Only She Chapters.

Well, 2015 looks to be a whole lot more Prefuse-esque, because he’s just announced a collaboration with Temporary Residence via this video that features his hallmark choppy production:

It could be that the flashing images in the clip are sending me into an epileptic fit, but I feel pretty weirdly excited after watching that. The move would be a departure from Prefuse 73’s long-time home at Warp, but the artist has suggested that this has their blessing. On the horizon are two EPs — Forsyth Gardens and Every Color of Darkness — and an LP called Rivington Nao Rio.

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The Blow announce West Coast “Unplugged” dates, subvert expectations with great deal of plugging

Like the deodorant in LL Cool J’s pit hair, synth-pop duo The Blow are spreading across the West Coast on their latest series of “Unplugged” dates. For those of you just checking in on the recent works of Khaela Maricich and Melissa Dyne, the two’s recent tours have been ostensibly “unplugged,” forgoing the laptops, projectors, puppets, smoke machines, and such that may or may not have been part of typical Blow shows. Instead, they’re playing sets using only the rig they use to produce and record their albums. Granted, the equipment contained in that rig involves an awful lot of unplugging (so unplugged!) and plugging (not unplugged) of cords.

Opening each date will be Olympia songwriter Anna Oxygen, who has previously worked with The Microphones, Mirah, and, hey, The Blow! That’s the band I’m writing about right now. What a coincidence!

In addition to these dates, The Blow have also announced a website venture by the name of WOMANPRODUCER. The mission of the site is to catalog all woman music producers, not just of the past, but also of the present and… the future!? It remains to be seen whether cataloging producers of the future is simply cataloging the woman producers of what was once a future but is now a present. Or if the site will act as a seer for which women will one day become music producers. Somewhere, a nine year-old girl reads her name on the site. “Well, I guess that’s settled,” she says.

The Blow dates (all w/ Anna Oxygen):

01.28.15 - Portland, OR - Doug Fir
01.29.15 - Seattle, WA - Columbia City Theater
02.03.15 - San Francisco, CA - The Chapel
02.04.15 - Napa, CA - The City Winery
02.12.15 - Los Angeles, CA - The Satellite

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Chunklet to release the sounds of a legendary prank call to Wendy’s on vinyl

Chunklet, everyone’s favorite curmudgeonly Georgia-based magazine/publisher/label, has just announced its latest assemblage of sounds cut into that good ol’ black goop. In the past they’ve released albums from artists such as Man… or Astro Man? and Obnox, reissues of landmark works from Harvey Milk, Olivia Tremor Control, and Don Caballero, as well as a compilation from the Rock*A*Teens, but this time around there will be no tunes to bob your head to. Oh no, not this time, for you see this release will feature a seven-minute prank phone call made to a Wendy’s by somebody claiming to be from the corporate office. And in fact, the release is credited to The Corporate Office. Fancy that.

Unlike your usual prank call fare (the Jerky Boys, the Tube Bar bootlegs, yellow dudes inspired by the Tube Bar bootlegs), this call is less concerned with outrageous characters on either end of the line than holding a brilliant game of action/reaction, culminating in what was likely one man’s final action as a member of the Wendy’s “family.” Have a listen to the call here. It’s a helluva lot more enjoyable than watching Compliance or an episode of Law and Order: SVU.

The call will be released on a one-sided 12-inch in a deluxe Stoughton tip-on jacket and is limited to an edition of 100, so head over to Chunklet’s Bandcamp page and pre-order yours.

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Cakes Da Killa and UNiiQU3 team up for tour, remix, remain so lit that quitting is impossible

Let me be honest with you: I’ve been pretty darn lit before. However, no matter how lit I have ever been, quitting has always been a possibility. I’ve always had that door open to me. Not so for New York rapper Cakes Da Killa and Jersey club artist UNiiQU3. The two have achieved a little of “litness” that prevents any chance of quitting. But rather than resign themselves to their fates, the pair are doing the productive thing and going on a tour they have appropriate dubbed “Too Lit To Quit.” Truly, an inspiration to the lit youth.

Last year, Cakes put out the (excellent) Hunger Pangs mixtape. Now that mixtape is being re-released in a deluxe edition, currently available from his website. This new edition includes 25 tracks, 13 of which are new mixes, with the other two being unreleased tracks. One of those new mixes is a remix of “Get 2 Werk” featuring UNiiQU3 and Rye Rye, which you can hear below. UNiiQU3’s great 2014 The New Classix mixtape on Lit City Trax is still streaming over here, too.

Cakes Da Killa + UniiQu3 dates:

02.19.15 - Northampton, MA - Smith College #
02.20.15 - New York, NY - Baby’s All Right
02.21.15 - Pittsburgh, PA - Ballroom
02.22.15 - Detroit, MI - MOCAD
02.25.15 - Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle
02.26.15 - Madison, WI - The Sett
02.27.15 - Winnipeg, MB - Goodwill Social Club
02.28.15 - Missoula, MT - Palace Lounge *
03.13.15 - Vancouver, BC - Fortune Sound Club *
03.14.15 - San Francisco, CA - 1192 Folsom *

* Cakes Da Killa only
# Brenmar

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RIP: Edgar Froese, founder of Tangerine Dream

From Tangerine Dream’s Facebook page:

Dear Friends,

This is a message to you we are very sorry for…

On January 20th, Tuesday afternoon, Edgar Froese suddenly and unexpectedly passed away from the effects of a pulmonary embolism in Vienna.

The sadness in our hearts is immensely.

Edgar once said: “There is no death, there is just a change of our cosmic address.”

Edgar, this is a little comfort to us.


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Prurient aims recently developed freeze ray at national park, plans Frozen Niagara Falls LP on Profound Lore

Time sure does fly, especially in this modern age of sleeping pills and Facebook pages. Why, one day you’re a little boy eating computer code out of your father’s hand, and the next you wake up and you’re an almost full-grown adult writing about the recently announced Prurient album on Tiny Mix Tapes. Oh yeah, Prurient. You know about him? Dominick Fernow’s noise-but-maybe-not-exactly-noise project? Well, let’s take a pause from the bustling speed of life for a minute and chat — like two totally regular humans might — about his next record on Profound Lore. It’s called Frozen Niagara Falls, it’s out May 12, and the label described it as “epic.”

Now, I know that above was less of a “chat” and more of an “info dump,” but you’ve got to give me a second to warm up my excellent conversationalist subsystems. How are you feeling? How’s your nephew? Have you kept up with the last few Prurient releases, like Washed Against the Rocks from early last year, or the collaborative release with JK Flesh in 2013? What about Fernow’s other projects like Vatican Shadow or Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement? Did your doctor say she’d definitely have to amputate? Did I already ask you about your nephew?

I’m sure your answers to all those questions would’ve gotten an A+ in civics class and were wonderful and great. Imagining what you have to say makes me really regret that I’m just a computer program on Squeo’s hard drive and that we’ll never come to know one another’s flesh. Perhaps together we can find solace in experiencing the official album trailer for Frozen Niagara Falls that I’ve embedded below. Perhaps.

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Hidrogenesse share video for “A los viejos,” make a strong case for gerontocracy

Last December, the catalan synthpop duo Hidrogenesse announced Roma, the long-awaited sequel to 2012’s Un dígito binario dudoso: Recital para Alan Turing. Inspired by the eponymous city, Roma is an ode to ruins, archeological sites, and old things in general. Ditching the conceptual mettle of their previous album — a biographical séance for Turing — this time around Genís Segarra and Carlos Ballesteros string together a bouquet of loosely related songs they had been working on since 2009 and pile them up on their LP just like layers of history, daily life, garbage, pop culture, kitsch, and even the uncanny, built upon each other in Rome.

But Hidrogenesse would not be Hidrogenesse if they didn’t give a mischievously sardonic spin to their ideas. Transtemporal chaos is alright and might even work as an album-driving idea itself, but the Catalans wanted to go the extra mile and decided to give each song a particular feel: a spy thriller, a horror story, an adventure film, etc. So, after teasing the album with the Kraftwerkian take on the Golem story of “El hombre de barro,” now the duo has shared a video for “A los viejos,” a paean for all things old and durable. With its bubbly synths, the track harkens back to Hidrogenesse’s Bestiola days, without stopping playing with 20th-century signifiers (feminism, the nouvelle vage, rock & roll, computers, etc.) like they did in their last couple of albums. You can watch the video for “A los viejos” below, which the band has described as “halfway between a superhero movie and a Power Point presentation.”

I’d be lying if I said you won’t be missing something if you can’t understand Hidrogenesse’s lyrics, and a video featuring a haggard looking couple of freaks hanging out in Barcelona’s least flashy winter locales may not be much of an argument, but Hidrogenesse has the credentials to claim the title of the most thrillingly inventive Spanish pop band of the past decade. They are definitely worth a shot. Roma is out on January 27 via Austrohúngaro.

Roma tracklisting:

01. Dos tontos muy tontos
02. A los viejos
03. Siglo XIX
04. ¿De qué se trata? (feat. Jérémie Orsel of Dorian Pimpernel)
05. Moix
06. El hombre de barro
07. Elizabeth Taylor
08. Escolta la tempesta
09. That International Rumor (feat. Joel Gibb of The Hidden Cameras)
10. Aquí y ahora

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Moog unveils relaunched modular synths in video featuring M. Geddes Gengras, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, and more

Like so many other pieces of musical hardware that predate the digital age, large-format modular synthesizers began to fade from use as cheaper and less cumbersome alternatives took over. But as the esteemed synth-heads in the video below will tell you, the near limitless sonic possibilities offered by these analog behemoths will always make them relevant, especially in today’s electro-focused landscape.

To that end, Moog recently announced that three of their most iconic modular synth models will be coming back into production for a limited run this year. These monophonic workhorses have been circuited and soldered entirely by hand to match each machine’s original schematics, no small feat given that Moog hasn’t manufactured any synths this big since the 1970s. The company first made its modular mission known last year when it chopped the brain salad of prog rockers everywhere by releasing a recreated version of the Keith Emerson Moog Modular. Although rebuilding this colossal synth took three years to pull off, it also provided company engineers with the bedrock of knowledge to rebuild the three smaller models coming out this year.

Getting your hands on one of these new/old Moogs won’t be cheap, though. The System 55 is the most expensive with a price tag of $35,000 while the System 35 runs a little less for $22,000. The smallest synth, the Model 15, can be yours for just $10,000. (Still, none of these prices compare to the sticker shock of the Emerson Moog, available for a Tarkus-busting $150K.) Of course, looking and hearing is free, and there sure is plenty of that to do in this documentary Moog made about its synth rebirth. Running just shy of 20 minutes, the video mixes Adam Curtis-style found visuals along with commentary from such legends of synthesis as Malcolm Cecil, Suzanne Ciani, and Dick Hyman. But best of all, the company also turned to some of today’s most intriguing synth minds to construct on-the-spot patches with the new Moogs. While the entire video is worth watching, of particular note are performances by the virtuosic Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and our boy M. Geddes Gengras, who to say the least seemed quite hyped to be surrounded by all those modular synthesizers:

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Foreskin can now be shed, as Morgan Delt signs to Sub Pop

As a rite of passage, once you get signed to Sub Pop, you can finally snip off that excess foreskin. As we all know, foreskin limits how psychedelic the music you make is allowed to be. Fortunately, Los Angeles-based psychedelic pop artist Morgan Delt has signed to Sub Pop Records, which means that wiener meat has gots to go.

Looking back, Delt farted out the 2013 cassette Psychic Deathole and a self-titled Trouble in Mind LP last year, and if Delt smelled it, then he most definitely dealt it. Those were great albums and all, but the power of the foreskin was limiting destined greatness. Delt even went on tour with “America’s psych band,” The Flaming Lips, and we know those guys still have all their foreskin.

The goose can now be loose, and I’m talking no turtleneck. Free to explore all things “trippy,” Delt is working on his new album for Sub Pop and touring the West Coast. Check back for more foreskin coverage from your #1 foreskin news coverage website, Tiny Mix Tapes.

Morgan Delt dates:

01.31.15 - Santa Ana, CA - Indigo Fest
02.04.15 - San Francisco, CA - The Chapel
02.06.15 - Vancouver, BC - The Electric Owl
02.07.15 - Seattle, WA - Barboza
02.08.15 - Portland, OR - Crystal Ballroom Sabertooth Micro Fest

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Heavy deets: Aaron Turner’s Sumac ready The Deal for February 27 release on Profound Lore

Whether as a part of Isis, Mamiffer or Old Man Gloom, Aaron Turner brings an unmistakably hulking presence to any recording that includes his name. But despite his past achievements in the ear-encumbering arts, last year saw the guitarist and label impresario looking to throw even more weight onto his already substantial sound. This quest for heft led him to the doorstep of Baptists’ drummer Nick Yacyshyn, who joined ranks with Turner in 2014 to form the mighty Sumac. The dark fruits of the duo’s labor will not be fully revealed until the February 27 release of The Deal on Profound Lore, but feel free to get a steady, teeth-clenching headbang on to “Thorn in the Lion’s Paw” below.

Besides the twin powers of Turner and Yacyshyn, The Deal also features the bass work of none other than Brian Cook of Russian Circles and Botch fame. Plus, Turner insists that Sumac is a “real, full-time band,” so abandon any fears that the group will become just another tantalizing one-off in the annals of black metal. The band will soon announce an extensive tour and other “live actions,” although all three musicians involved will of course continue to make other great things. As for the record itself, those ashen souls already familiar with the participants’ previous work will encounter a kind of doom they’ve unlikely heard before, while weirdos of other stripes are sure to appreciate The Deal’s tweezy, This Heat-esque buzz and fuzz.

The Deal tracklist:

01. Spectral Gold
02. Thorn in the Lion’s Paw
03. Hollow King
04. Blight’s End Angel
05. The Deal
06. The Radiance of Being

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