Kyary Pamyu Pamyu reaches 2.2 billion video views, turns 21; celebrates by trouncing Daft Punk and Beyonce while announcing new album

Caroline Charonplop Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is 21 and ready to sparkle and shine. he Japanese pop star known worldwide as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has attempted such sparkling tactics before, “Ponponpon” still being one of the clearest examples we have of such deployment. However, it seems like her elder wisdom has contributed to more aggressive use of the Harajuku method of sparkling, shining J-pop bliss.

One just needs to observe her recent actions to witness the full force of Kyary’s “sparkle motion.” First, there’s her recent trouncing of Western forces Beyoncé and Daft Punk for best album at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards in Japan. This compels the American pop industry to rely solely on Ariana Grande and Katy Perry for competitive domestic sparkle and shine, though this might not bode well either — both Perry and Grande are professed fans of Kyary’s music and therefore should be treated with extreme suspicion and caution.

And now there’s word of a previously unexpected force on the horizon — Kyary has announced a new collection of “glistening examples” due out July 29 through Warner Music Group, following up last year’s Nanda Collection. She has officially crossed into our home territory. The album’s title should provide a clue to this insidious, anti-capitalist plot: Pika Pika Fantajin. According to the press release, pika pika means “shiny, glossy, and lustrous,” while fantajin is a Kyary invention combining “fantasy” and “people” into one sinister amalgamation.

Shiny and imaginary. Glossy but pure fantasy. Three different album covers. A concert DVD that features footage from her “on-going” world tour. Does Kyary’s psychological attack on America’s innate drabness know no bounds? Are we, as a society, actually ready for Kyary’s personal “version of fantasy,” as she promises this album to be?

It seems like we no longer have a choice. Prepare yourself for the sparkle revolution by viewing Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s new video for single “Kira Kira Killer” below:

Pika Pika Fantajin tracklist:

01. Pika Pika Fantajin
02. Kira Kira Killer
03. Yume no Hajima Ring Ring
04. Mottai Night Land
05. Serious Hitomi
06. do do pi do (Capsule cover)
07. Family Party
08. Ring a Bell
09. Tokyo Highway
10. Koi Koi Koi
11. Sungoi Aura
12. Explorer

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• Warner Music Group:

Chief Keef and Gucci Mane to release mixtape about bricks, squads, shifu, guwop, and other cute stuff

THE TRAP AIN’T READY FOR THIS! I repeat: THE TRAP AIN’T READY! Lord Chief Keef and Gucci Mane, the imprisoned god of the Guwop, are slated to release a mixtape together. Mr. Sosa tweeted that the album will be called BigGucciSosa and said, “I shouldn’t have gotten y’all ready to [sic] early.” But, we think Keef is just doing the responsible thing. Traphouses the world over will need to brace themselves.

While you wait with bated breath for the mixtape to drop like a ton of bricks (SQUAD!), psych yourself up and shake ya dreads to the below Keef-featuring track, “Top In the Trash,” which is on Guwop’s just-released Trap House 4.

• Chief Keef:
• Brick Squad:

Botanist announce new LP on The Flenser, out August 11, stream “Callistemon” as a taste of their green-thumbed labor

IN A WORLD where every time you go to the farmer’s market all the kale is gone already and it seriously bums you out, there lives a man. This man is a botanist, and he’s seen his fair share of fucked-up farmer’s markets. Indeed he has seen so many that he has “gone mad at witnessing the destruction of the natural environment at the hands of man.” This man’s story must be told, and, naturally, it must be told by the able hands of an experimental metal group. Enter Botanist. The group, led by the mysterious Otrebor, has told just such a story over the course of their last several albums, including most recently last year’s IV: Mandragora. With their work not yet finished, the group plans to return on August 11 with another full-length entitled VI: Flora.

Issuing forth from The Verdant Realm — a happy place where organic kale flows like milk and honey from the mouth of God — the music on VI: Flora will explore avenues previously unexplored in metal, including most prominently, distorted hammered dulcimers, 12-string basses, and actual plants that they plug in to guitar amps just to see what would happen. Pre-orders for the new album via California’s The Flenser will begin on July 9. Until then, sate your all-too-human avarice on the below-embedded track from the album entitled “Callistemon,” and maybe lay off some of the earth mother’s lush gifts for a while, why don’t ya?

VI: Flora tracklist:

01. Stargazer
02. Callistemon
03. Cinnamomum Parthenoxylon
04. Gleditsia
05. Rhizophora
06. Dianthus
07. Leucadendron Argenteum
08. Pteridophyte
09. Wisteria
10. Erythronium
11. …Gazing…

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• The Flenser:

Fort Reno concerts to go on as scheduled after a cordial meeting near the baseball diamond

Never underestimate the power of negative publicity, I guess?

Shortly after Amanda MacKaye announced the cancellation of this year’s free summer concert series, hosted at Fort Reno Park in Washington, D.C., enlightenment came to the National Park Service and the US Park Police, who were previously all about dropping monetary bombs without real forewarning or an appreciation for conciliatory meetings. Several thousand tweets later, wherein the conversation revolved around the possible shift toward replacing park police with highly-uniformed squirrels, and a chiming in from D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, it appears that we’ve won! Everyone who loves free music has won! People who love delivering surprise invoices are… bad.

But here are the details of the victory: following a meeting between the parties involved, the issue of footing the bill for officers working the concerts has been settled to a degree that allows the shows taking place this summer to go on as planned. Paul Strauss, a D.C. shadow senator and former Fort Reno organizer, reportedly brokered the meeting, which resulted in a deal of a “more community-oriented police presence that’s more appropriate to the venue,” as well as park officials giving up their initial demand of being paid up front. MacKaye and those opposite still have to figure out the scope and duration of the police presence at each show, but for now, everyone’s “comfortable moving forward,” Strauss noted.

What a natural diplomat! If only Strauss had assumed a similar role during the Cold War. To Fort Reno’s continuance!

• Fort Reno:

The-Dream releasing new EP Royalty: The Prequel today, containing plan for post-democratic USA

“The Man Who Would Be Love King” is making another bid at monarchical status. The-Dream a.k.a. Terius Nash recently took to his Instagram account, uploading photos of the front and back of a seemingly new release titled Royalty: The Prequel. Track titles include name-drops “Outkast” and “Pimp C Lives.” This original clue had the caption “seven seven” attached to it, a hint speculated to be referring to July 7, the date of the EP’s release.

Turns out everyone was right. Nash followed up these hints with a few more photos leading to the website, which takes clickers to a download page for the aforementioned EP. Now we know Royalty: The Prequel will be available today, July 7, at 7 PM, but we’re not sure what time zone. If this actually has something to do with Paris, and its on Central European time, then you might just have to wait till late morning tomorrow! If, more likely, this is an American release, then we’re all sticking it out till dinner time.

This EP is Nash’s first release since IV Play from 2013 and the Donald Sterling-aimed “Black” from earlier this year. Check out the video for that track below:

Royalty: The Prequel tracklist:

01. Duet
02. Culture
03. Pimp C Lives
04. Outkast
05. Wedding Bells
06. Lake Michigan
07. Cold
08. Royalty

• The-Dream:

Filter to cease “publication,” whatever that is!

Holy shit, guys; it’s the end of an era and whatnot!

Okay, well, maybe it’s not like that. Maybe it’s more like… one of those gnarly little motor-boat farts that comes out only after the huge turd you just dumped is already spooled around the bottom of the toilet bowl. But still. Onward!

So, yeah, according to Buzzbands.LA, the legendary Filter &mdsh; music magazine, marketing/promotions thingy and presumed boosters of that awesome band Filter — has announced that they’ll be closing up shop at the end of the summer. I know. What’s the band Filter gonna do now?

But in case you were worried (who am I kidding; I’m sure you were!) about what’s to become of the magazine’s founders, Alan Sartirana and Alan Miller, stop being such a bitch. They’ve each decided to launch their own, uh, “entertainment platforms.” Sartirana is opening something super promising called Anthemic Magazine this fall, whose mission is to cover the whole “cultural landscape of music, television, film, art, travel, and everything in between.” Meanwhile, Miller is starting his own rival publication-and-live-events type thing under the name Culture Collide. I know what you’re asking. “How will this intense rivalry affect the career of the band Filter?” Who knows, reader. Who knows.

• Filter:
• Anthemic Magazine:
• Culture Collide:

Half Japanese don their crop-top kimonos to announce Overjoyed, their first LP in 13 years

The Japanese have a word called karōshi that translates to “death from overwork.” There’s no English word for it, because we don’t typically have that problem here in the States (or in England, I suppose, but I’m too lazy to verify that). In fact, I was supposed to finish this article hours ago, but instead I read a BuzzFeed article titled “24 Horrifying Animal Panorama Fails That Will Haunt Your Dreams.” And you know what? It was one of the best BuzzFeed articles I’ve ever read in my life.

Half Japanese (a band that is actually not the least bit Japanese) are a couple of guys that don’t have to worry about karōshi either, as they’ve been dormant for almost a decade and a half. And while I respect their contribution to the industry of indolence, I’m not about to write a 12-song LP everybody loves any time soon, so thanks for taking care of that, Jad and David.

Titled Overjoyed, this new Half Japanese LP was produced by Deerhoof’s John Dieterich and features 12 new songs of avant-pop that we’ve all come to enjoy and watch blossom over the past four decades (assuming that you’re 60 years old). So much has changed in the 13 years since their last LP — there’s iPhones with guitar tuners built in (which I almost guarantee weren’t used in the production of this album)! The album is out September 3 on Joyful Noise, and promises the band “at their most accomplished, aggressive, and approachable.” What a bunch of show offs.

Overjoyed tracklist:

01. In Its Pull
02. Meant To Be That Way
03. Brave Enough
04. Do It Nation
05. The Time Is Now
06. Our Love
07. Shining Star
08. Each Other’s Arms
09. Overjoyed And Thankful
10. We Are Sure
11. As Good Can Be
12. Tiger Eyes

• Half Japanese/Jad Fair:
• Joyful Noise:

Death Grips announce breakup

Crazy day for music, readers. James Ferraro released a new mixtape, Scott Walker + sunn O))) announced a collaboration, Dean Blunt took over Rinse FM, and now THIS (from Death Grips’ Facebook page):

we are now at our best and so Death Grips is over. we have officially stopped. all currently scheduled live dates are canceled. our upcoming double album “the powers that b” will still be delivered worldwide later this year via Harvest/Third Worlds Records. Death Grips was and always has been a conceptual art exhibition anchored by sound and vision. above and beyond a “band”. to our truest fans, please stay legend.

Skepticism abounds, but it’d be a weird prank, no? Listen to niggas on the moon while you think about what you’ll do post-Death Grips.

• Death Grips:
• Harvest:

Príncipe announces new EP from Tia Maria Produções

The incredible Príncipe imprint has been releasing remarkable experimental Afro-Portuguese dance music over the last year. With releases from artists such as TMT favorites DJ Marfox (whose recent Lucky Punch EP landed in our EUREKA! section) and DJ Nigga Fox, the label has done a great deal to expand the audience for these musical styles, which have grown out of the ghettos of Lisbon, from local to global. Their latest release comes from a crew of producers 20 years old and younger who operate under the moniker Tia Maria Produções. Composed of Puto Márcio, DJ B.Boy, DJ Télio, and DJ Lycox, their debut EP is called Tá Tipo Já Não Vamos Morer, which translates to “It’s like we won’t die anymore.” It’s out in July, and like all Príncipe releases, it comes in an individually hand-painted sleeve.

Check out DJ B.Boy’s hypnotic track “Moh Cota,” as well as the EP’s tracklist, below.


01. 7 Maravilhas (Damas da Cor do Pecado) (produced by DJ Télio)
02. O Tempo Da Vida (produced by DJ Lycox)
03. Moh Cota (produced by DJ B.Boy)
04. Underground (produced by DJ Lycox)
05. Hino Da Noite (produced by DJ B.Boy & Puto Márcio)
06. Tia Maria Da Vida (produced by Puto Márcio)

• Tia Maria Produções:
• Príncipe:

Jason Lescalleet announces July tour dates, records himself announcing July tour dates, manipulates it to stunning effect

Wouldn’t you know it? Even though this awesome thing happened much more recently, tape-music, found-sound, and collage sculptor extraordinaire Jason Lescalleet has been touring the good ol’ US of A since the good ol’ S P of Ringtime to screen his short film Trophy Tape, a “collection of thirteen mini-films” that correspond to the thirteen respective tracks off his crappy old 2012 album, Songs About Nothing. Psych! Yeah, who are we kidding? We loved the shit out of that one too… Buddies Aaron Dilloway, C. Spencer Yeh, Justin Meyers, and Olivia Block are all involved, though, and I’m sure that we probably hate some of their records!

Anyway, so yeah; I guess here’s the obvious punchline of the news story: now there’s more dates announced so that he can screen the film some more places (actually, some of them are just regular old shows, but never mind that… I’ve already come too far!). Maybe one of those places is a place in which you live and/or like to visit? If so, check out the trailer for the film down below. But yo; don’t get all-mesmerized and forget to keep scrolling down to look for your most appropriate date and city afterwards. I ain’t gonna chase you down about this shit like I did that other time.

Tour date Lescall-deetails:

07.10.14 - Montreal, QC - La Vitrola
07.13.14 - Chicago, IL - The Burlington
07.14.14 - Minneapolis, MN - White Page ‡
07.15.14 - Iowa City, IA - Trumpet Blossom
07.16.14 - Louisville, KY - Dreamland ‡
07.17.14 - Lexington, KY - Farrish Theater ‡
07.17.14 - Lexington, KY - Al’s Bar
07.18.14 - Nashville, TN - Emma Bistro
07.19.14 - Chattanooga, TN - Barking Legs Theater ‡
07.20.14 - Columbia, SC - Conundrum
07.21.14 - Chapel Hill, NC - Nightlight
07.22.14 - Baltimore, MD - Red Room
07.23.14 - Pittsburgh, PA - The Shop
09.06.14 - Raleigh, NC - Hopscotch Music Festival

‡ screening of Trophy Tape

• Jason Lescalleet:



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