LHF collective announce sophomore LP For The Thrown on Keysound, share “Triumph”

Right on the back of an EP with the Ragga Twins, dark, shadowy, murky, swampy, creepy, scary, smoky, “elusive,” and downright hard-to-find international collective LHF have announced their second LP, For The Thrown, through Dusk and Blackdown’s Keysound Recordings. It’s set for a July 10 release as a double-LP and digital download.

LHF includes Amen Ra, Double Helix, No Fixed Abode, Low Density Matter, Octaviour, Escobar Seasons, Solar Man, and Lumin Project. The eight live across London, Mumbai, Los Angeles, Rio De Janeiro, and New York City. Their first LP, Keepers Of The Light, noted by many as a real how-it’s-done dubstep record, came through Keysound as well. In fact, all of their releases have which makes sense given the label’s pirate-radio recollection/reinterpretation theme, luring such venturous souls and TMT favorites as Mumdance, Logos, and (yeah I guess) Burial, too.

Where Keepers Of The Light was a fairly even split between LHF’s eight members, For The Thrown features founding member Amen Ra on all 10 of its tracks, with two features by Octaviour and No Fixed Abode. Resident Advisor picked out Amen Ra for a little favo(u)rite record feature back in 2012. He picks out some broken-beat, some classic Goldie, some Ras G, some Cannibal Ox. The range of influence plays out colorfully on “Triumph,” a real “roller,” if you will, accented by steel drums, vintage bullet “pews,” and gravelly euphoric synths. The track has debuted through Boiler Room and is available for you to scrutinize right below, along with the album’s tracklist:

For The Thrown tracklist:

01. Amen Ra and Octaviour - Gateway
02. Amen Ra - Surrender
03. Amen Ra - Horizon
04. Amen Ra - Yielding
05. Amen Ra - Entrapment
06. Amen Ra feat No Fixed Abode - One Door Isnt Enough
07. Amen Ra - Wet Harmonic
08. Amen Ra - Mud and Root
09. Amen Ra - Triumph
10. Amen Ra - Natural Boost

• LHF/Amen Ra: https://twitter.com/amenralhf
• Keysound Recordings: http://keysoundrecordings.co.uk

Titus Andronicus plan to tour the world, which, as per this Shakespeare reference, is also a stage

Well, you guys, it was inevitable. I didn’t think it would happen this way, but it did: rock bands have figured out how to open doors/travel around the nation. They’re going everywhere. They’re quitting their day jobs. They’re buying fast food. They’re making memories. Don’t believe me? How’s this for proof: Titus Andronicus just announced that they’re going on tour in support of their upcoming rock-opera LP The Most Lamentable Tragedy, out July 28 (a follow-up to 2012’s Local Business).

In case you weren’t sure, Titus Andronicus are definitively a Real Rock Band. In fact, some might say that they seem somewhat maniacally bent on proving that to all of us, what with their messed-up haircuts, singalong choruses, and Shakespeare references. In case you’re still not sure of whether you personally would call them a rock band, you can check them out certifiably rock banding in the below video for “Fatal Flaw.” And, on the off chance even that doesn’t convince your difficult-to-convince ass, then I’d suggest that you work on being less difficult to convince.

I shouldn’t have to work this hard is all I’m saying.


07.24-28.2015 - Brooklyn, NY – Shea Stadium
09.11.2015 - Philadelphia, PA – First Unitarian Church*^
09.12.2015 - Washington, DC – Black Cat*^
09.13.2015 - Richmond, VA – The Camel*^
09.14.2015 - Carrboro, NC – Cat’s Cradle*^
09.16.2015 - Nashville, TN – The Stone Fox*^
09.18.2015 - Dallas, TX – Trees*^
09.19.2015 - Houston, TX – Walters*^
09.20.2015 - Austin, TX – Red 7*^
09.23.2015 - Phoenix, AZ – Rebel*^
09.24.2015 - San Diego, CA – Irenic*^
09.25.2015 - Santa Ana, CA – Observatory*^
09.26.2015 - Los Angeles, CA – Roxy*^
09.27.2015 - Visalia, CA – Cellar Door*^
09.28.2015 - Santa Cruz, CA – Catalyst*^
09.29.2015 - San Francisco, CA – The Chapel*^
09.30.2015 - Sacramento, CA – Harlow’s*^
10.02.2015 - Portland, OR – Mississippi Studios*^
10.03.2015 - Vancouver, BC – Cobalt*^
10.04.2015 - Seattle, WA – The Crocodile*^
10.05.2015 - Boise, ID – Neurolux*^
10.06.2015 - Salt Lake City, UT – Kilby Court*^
10.09.2015 - Minneapolis, MN – Triple Rock*^
10.10.2015 - Madison, WI – Frequency*^
10.11.2015 - Chicago, IL – Lincoln Hall*^
10.12.2015 - Detroit, MI – Marble*^
10.13.2015 - Toronto, ON – Horseshoe Tavern*^
10.14.2015 - Montreal, QC – Le Ritz*^
10.15.2015 - Boston, MA – Brighton Music Hall*^
11.05.2015 - London, UK – Village Underground
11.06.2015 - Bristol, UK – Thekla
11.07.2015 - Brighton, UK – Bleach
11.08.2015 - Oxford, UK – The Bullingdon
11.10.2015 - Birmingham, UK – Hare & Hounds
11.11.2015 - Manchester, UK – Deaf Institute
11.12.2015 - Liverpool, UK – Kazimer
11.13.2015 - Glasgow, UK – Stereo
11.14.2015 - Leeds, UK – Beacons Metropolitan Festival
11.16.2015 - Nottingham, UK – Bodega Social Club
11.18.2015 - Paris, FR – La Mécanique Ondulatoire
11.19.2015 - Opwijk, BE – Autumn Falls Festival
11.20.2015 - Utrecht, NL – Le Guess Who Festival
11.22.2015 - Dublin, IE – The Hangar

* Spider Bags
^ Baked

• Titus Andronicus: https://www.facebook.com/TitusAndronicusOfficial
• Merge: https://www.mergerecords.com

SoundCloud fondles its base, reaches licensing deal with over 20,000 independent labels

Holy shit, 20,000 agreements?! Can you imagine the strain that would put on a person’s wrist? I bet by the time SoundCloud CEO Alexander Ljung gets to the final contract, his signature won’t even come close to legibility. Wait, that’s not even a contract — drop the pen and step away from that lady’s calf muscle, Alex! Clearly, fatigue and the imminent prospect of giving up more royalties have led to a hallucinatory confusion between paper and human skin.

Though, in actuality, the deal that was announced yesterday (and that was initially reported on by The New York Times) concluded a bit more easily. Opposite SoundCloud was Merlin, a “a global digital rights agency for the world’s independent sector,” who conform to that self-description by representing more than 20,000 independent labels worldwide, including Warp, Domino, and the Secretly Group family of labels. The deal allows these labels to receive a percentage of the ad revenue earned by SoundCloud when artists upload music of their own or when licensed music is uploaded by somebody else. I assume SoundCloud has their bases covered, because “gaming the system” seems unusually possible given my (perhaps simplistic?) description.

SoundCloud first started the royalty-doling-out thing last year. Among the major labels, Sony wants to kick them in their German balls for their financial reticence, while talks with Universal have reportedly been “slow-going.” It’s strange territory for the niche and collaboratively-minded streaming service. I’d personally think twice about those separate plans to enter the bona fide fray of streaming sith lords.

• SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com

Flying Saucer Attack announce first new album in 15 years on Drag City

Hold the fort. David Pearce’s Flying Saucer Attack just announced a new album, the first in 15 years. It’s called Instrumentals 2015. It seems like I should be presenting the story with a veil of irony or something, and maybe joke about how 15 years is an awfully long time between flying saucer attacks and how the GPS system on the flying saucer somehow got jacked up coming through the atmosphere or whatever, but I’m not going to do any of that. I’m too busy floating along on the soft edge of “Instrumental 7” and its accompanying video directed by Peter Strickland (he of The Duke of Burgundy and Berberian Sound Studio). Watch the video below.

The album is all Pearce solo recordings, featuring simple home-recorded pieces using only guitar, tape, and CD-R. It’s out July 17 on Drag City; pre-order it here.

Instrumentals 2015 tracklist:

01. Instrumental 1
02. Instrumental 2
03. Instrumental 3
04. Instrumental 4
05. Instrumental 5
06. Instrumental 6
07. Instrumental 7
08. Instrumental 8
09. Instrumental 9
10. Instrumental 10
11. Instrumental 11
12. Instrumental 12
13. Instrumental 13
14. Instrumental 14
15. Instrumental 15

• Flying Saucer Attack: http://fsa.space
• Drag City: http://www.dragcity.com

Death Grips release album by mysterious group The I.L.Y.’s

Death Grips, who still may or may not have broken up (but have definitely released an album this year and have a tour set to start in a week), have sent the internet into a sub-Kanye-level frenzy by posting a link to an album called I’ve Always Been Good At True Love by a group called The I.L.Y’s.

Here’s the link to I’ve Always Been Good At True Love.

As with the traditional Death Grips M.O. of throwing up more questions than answers, this I.L.Y’s move is no different. For instance:

1. Is this release Death Grips endorsed?
2. Or possibly a hack?
3. But it sounds a lot like pre-Death Grips Zach Hill output, doesn’t it?
4. Is that possibly Stefan Burnett’s vocals on the track “All She Does Is Kill Shit”?
5. Why is there no aggressive rapping?
6. Is the artwork a bad painting of Marilyn Monroe with Jenny Death in the background?
7. Was 9/11 an inside job?
8. Is the band named after the American Sign Language sign for ‘I Love You,’, which co-incidentally looks a lot like the devil horns sign?

Doctors around the world are recommending fans not to hold their breath until any clarity emerges around this release, lest we’ll be writing about multiple deaths of Death Grips fans tomorrow.

• Death Grips: http://thirdworlds.net

Drag City to reissue Midnight’s Into the Night, cuz that’s what legit-ass record labels DO, y’all!

Hey, you old-ass motherfuckers reading this! Unlike all the young, hip kids reading this, YOU old-ass motherfuckers know all about the band Midnight, right? You know: Dave Hill (keys), Scott Marquart (drums), Frank Anastos (guitar, vox), and John Falstrom (bass) who hailed from the grotty-ass south suburbs of Chicago and started the band Midnight while they were taking music lessons together at the Melody Mart in Homewood (I’ve been there! It’s crappy!) back in 1974? Remember? THINK, oldster. God…

Yeah, that’s right! Now you got it: In the fall of 1977, they recorded the gnarly, raw, sweaty, heavy rock LP Into the Night at A-K Sound Recording Studio in Orland Park, IL, released it in a tiny, DIY edition, and distributed the thing themselves. Then after that, they played some shows for a while before quickly realizing that being in a band totally sucks and is way hard and stupid and pointless.

Welp, good news! All those things I just enumerated above that made the original Into the Night such a weird, cool, and legendary rarity are about to be made moot by those bastards at Drag City! Hooray! You can even pre- order the album right now… IF you know how to use the internet, you OLD ASS pieces of shit! HAHAHAHAHAHA. You guys are old as FUCK!

Just kidding, elderly readers. You’re the best. (Just kidding, younger readers! They’re TERRIBLE.)

Into the Night tracklisting:

01. Train Of Thought
02. Into The Pit
03. Crazy Little Mama
04. Smoke My Cigarettes
05. Time Will Tell
06. Into The Night
07. What’s The Story
08. Future Comes Our Way
09. Auto-Kinetic Illusion
10. Suicidal Ways

• Midnight: http://www.dragcity.com/artists/midnight
• Drag City: http://www.dragcity.com

Demdike Stare’s DDS label releases mostly unheard Shackleton dubplate + a new DDS tape

The only totes I’ve been keen on for the past decade are the ones through which I’ve been able to silently boast about my status as a public radio listener; for at least an imminent period, I’m willing to set aside my visual, implied homage to the TED Radio Hour in exchange for some sick, enclosed goodies: Demdike Stare’s DDS imprint has just unveiled a rare dubplate from UK producer Shackleton, alongside an hour-long mixtape from the ominous duo itself, both of which come packaged in a tote! Head over to Boomkat for the exclusive opportunity to purchase said tote and simultaneously do your part to take back the word from those self-described “random” teenagers.

More on the Shackleton 12-inch? Well, rumor has it that it was originally produced 10 years ago, prior to when he became a premiere figure on the scene, but essentially at the sunrise of the non-bastardized dubstep craze. Shackleton himself was still a genre compatriot with Appleblim through their influential Skull Disco label, and I have to think that the number of people who heard this original dubplate was limited indeed. Probably dozens at most.

Demdike Stare plan to continue their musical grave-robbing, which explains the implications of the name Archive Series: #1. Certainly, the duo’s own music (and one can assume the enclosed tape) contain plenty of dark harkening-back.

• Demdike Stare: https://www.facebook.com/demdikestare

Method Man cashes in on popularity of meth with new album due August 21

The TMT Tip Line just got word that Method Man, founding member of The Wu-Tang Clan and “good dad” of rap, has a new album titled The Meth Lab coming out August 21 on Tommy Boy. With this being his first release since 2006’s 4:21…The Day After, I took it to the streets to get the scoop (and I don’t mean ice cream, hahaha… tehehe)

In Sanndyc, New Jersey, I met Kenny Lavitz, a pre-school teacher and super-fan of the 2004 film, Garden State. After getting him to stop talking about that fucking movie, he told me he didn’t know much about Method Man, except for his memorable portrayal as Diego in Garden State. When I asked what he thought Method Man had been up to all these years, Kenny said, “Probably waiting to film Garden State 2.”

I told Kenny that the new album is called The Meth Lab, and it’s sort of a precursor to the long-awaited Crystal Meth, featuring guest spots from Raekwon, Redman, Inspectah Deck, and more. All Kenny must’ve heard was “meth,” because before I knew it, we were in his cousin’s garage smoking glass. Being the good music reporter that I am, I kept things topical by showing Kenny and his cousin Method Man’s Breaking Bad-inspired promo video for the new album on my Microsoft Surface. Once again, I got the scoop (not ice cream, hahaha… tehehe) for TMT, and getting addicted to meth is just another perk of the job!

• Wu-Tang Clan: http://wutangclan.com
• Tommy Boy: http://www.tommyboy.com

Ornette Coleman commences lawsuit against Antibalas member over release of New Vocabulary

Free-jazz pioneer and all-around awesome saxophonist Ornette Coleman has filed a lawsuit against Jordan McLean of Antibalas and drummer Amir Ziv for allegedly releasing the tapes of what is described, in a Rolling Stone article, as a session in which Coleman intended to “share his knowledge” with the musicians.

The lawsuit claims that McLean and Ziv pulled a move akin to car manufacturer Opel in their attempts to collaborate with Tom Waits; Coleman was approached about the idea of commercially releasing the tapes of their session, and when consent was refused, they proceeded regardless, albeit with some additional parts and players included under the title New Vocabulary. It’s not quite on the blatant level of the Opel/Waits lawsuit, where they sought a sound-a-like after consent was refused, but the lawsuit does get complicated, because it hinges on whether the commercial release of a jam session requires consent of all the players and whether the aforementioned additional parts added to New Vocabulary would render it a new artistic work.

The defendants issued a statement in response, which denies any wrongdoing and states that “the album is the end result of multiple deliberate and dedicated recording sessions done with the willing participation and consent of Mr. Coleman and the other performers. Any suggestion to the contrary is unfounded.”

There can be only one winner in all of this, and that will be the lawyers.

In the meantime, you should revisit a recording that Coleman most definitely does approve of, The Shape of Jazz to Come which was placed in The Recording Academy Hall of Fame earlier this year.

• Ornette Coleman: http://www.ornettecoleman.com

OG Maco teams with Rocksmith to release OGG Everlasting, a mixtape of OGG artists (NOT “Ogg” audio files, thank god)

God’s honest truth: nothing properly augments our understanding of this abstract concept called “music” like COOL CLOTHES do. Right? I mean, granted, I THOUGHT I was certainly all about OG Maco before… but you know what? I wasn’t. I was lying to myself. I was only halfway all-about him, I think. Because I just didn’t know which jean shorts I was supposed to be wearing while listening. Until just now, anyway.

See, I just got word that Maco has teamed up with “renown NYC clothing brand” Rocksmith for the release of a brand new mixtape called OGG Everlasting, which features “frequent collaborators and producers under the OGG umbrella.” What’s an OGG umbrella? you ask? I don’t know, but I bet you Rocksmith will sell me one! THEN I’ll be able to listen and appreciate OG Maco not ONLY when it’s sunny out… but also IN THE FRIGGIN’ RAIN. Ahh, I sense an entire new dimension opening up in my life, readers. Are you with me?

Check out the lead track “Movies” from the mixtape down below, and then check out the whole thing down below that. And after you’re done doing that, do a little shopping with spokesmodel OG Maco and watch your appreciation of his music deepen! And then… just watch how his music and those clothes are suddenly worth a whole lot more of your attention and money! It’s a magical thing, readers. Glad my musical hero OG and I could help turn you onto it.

• OG Maco: https://soundcloud.com/og-maco
• Rocksmith: http://www.rocksmithnyc.com
• Motown: http://www.motownrecords.com



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