Marie Davidson brings a blast of coldwave to SXSW, hits up TMT showcase, releases new album

Marie Davidson is the magical nouveau Francophone coldwave unicorn the world has been waiting for ever since… well… Francophone coldwave stopped being a thing. The Montreal-based artist has been active in experimental acts like Les Momies de Palerme, Hotel Monochrome, DKMD, and
Essaie Pas, and in fact her husband and Essaie Pas bandmate Pierre Guerineau contributes guitar, vocals, and production at various points on Davidson’s new album, Un Autre Voyage. The followup to Davidson’s 2013 self-titled debut and last year’s Perte d’Identité (Weyrd Son), it’s out April 14 on Holodeck Records.

To rep the album, Davidson is hitting out on tour, with a handful of SXSW showcases (including the Tiny! Mix! Tapes! Official! SXSW! Flatstock! Stage! Showcase!), and a tour up the western part of the United States with fellow Holodeck labelmates BOAN. You can preview new track “Excès De Vitesse” (following January’s “Balade Aux USA” video) right here.

Un Autre Voyage tracklisting:

01. Boulevard Taschereau
02. Excès De Vitesse
03. Kidnap You in the Desert
04. Insomnie
05. Balade Aux USA
06. Perséphone


03.13.15 - Norman, OK - Dope Chapel
03.14.15 - Denton, TX - NX35 Festival (Service Industry)
03.16.15 - Austin, TX - Center Spot*
03.20.15 - Austin, TX - AdHoc Unofficial SXSW Showcase @
03.20.15 - Austin, TX - HOLODECK Records Official SXSW Showcase @ the Madison #
03.21.15 - Austin, TX - Tiny Mix Tapes Official SXSW Flatstock Stage Showcase
03.21.15 - Austin, TX - House of Vans (Mohawk)
03.26.15 - New Orleans, LA - Siberia $
03.27.15 - Houston, TX - CivicTV $
03.28.15 - McAllen, TX - Metropolis %
03.29.15 - San Anonio, TX - Paper Tiger %
04.01.15 - Dallas, TX - Crown and Harp ^
04.05.15 - Los Angeles, CA - Complex
04.07.15 - Eureka, CA - Siren’s Song $
04.08.15 - Eugene, OR - Boreal $
04.09.15 - Vancouver, BC - Fox Cabaret &
04.10.15- Portland, OR - Lovecraft $
04.11.15 - Spokane, WA - Mootsy’s $
04.12.15 - Seattle, WA - Kremwerk $
04.14.15 - Sacramento, CA - LoBrau $
04.15.15 - San Francisco, CA - The Elbo Room $
04.17.15 - San Luis Obispo, CA - Lee Golde +
04.19.15 - Tucson, AZ - R Bar $
04.24.15 - Austin, TX - Red 7 !

* Steve Gunn, Jock Club + more
@ Lust For Youth, Lydia Ainsworth, Prince Rama, Downtown Boys, Weyes Blood, GABI
# SURVIVE, Boan, Silent Land Time Machine, Skullcaster, Flatliner
^ Lily Taylor and Black Taffy
& Cosmetics
+ Some Ember

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Fennesz and OZmotic pull a 12 Monkeys on us, time travel to release a Chris Marker-inspired collaborative album

Last year Christian Fennesz, the Austrian maestro behind Endless Summer, finally released a new solo album; the Eureka!-ed Bécs. Yet, that was just one of his three 2014 releases, comprising a superstar collaboration with David Sylvian and a bunch of Mahler remixes. Thing is, despite being a certified one-man-experimental-music-production-plant, Fennesz loves to work with other artists. Back in 2013 he did just that, teaming up with Stanislao Lesnoj and SmZ, the Turin duo known as OZmotic, to record a mixture of field recordings, improvised music, and electronic textures they are now set to release under the AirEffect title.

The album was inspired by Chris Marker’s sci-fi short film La Jetée — famously remade (and fleshed-out) by Terry Gilliam in 12 Monkeys — and conceives the project as the sounds one would find in a black box lost in the Anthropocene era, i.e., an artifact of our civilization left for post-human Earth-dwellers to discover. In more concrete terms, you can expect to hear sound clips gathered from around Turin combined with Fennesz trademark guitar/electronics, later fractalized and enriched with OZmotic’s avant jazz instrumentation; sax and drums are as likely to show up as snippets from the Italian radio waves. The feel this music transmits is indeed timeless, the horns and nature samples evoking a post-historic wilderness as much as the eerie electronic soundscapes set up a decidedly sci-fi flavor. You can stream an excerpt below.

Air Effect will be out in June via Folk Wisdom.

AirEffect tracklisting:

01. Ferment_action
02. Hydro(p)s
03. Run To Ruin
04. Anthropocene
05. LiquidMrkt
06. Clone

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Hyperdub to release vinyl version of Teklife Next Life compilation on Record Store Day

Wherever DJ Rashad might currently exist in the aether, it’s important that we do everything we can to show our appreciation for the late footwork legend, as he floats with white wings trying to get other angels to drop on solid ground and “battle” for the rights to the million-inch television with the gold trim. Rashad’s former Teklife crew certainly has more footwork credentials than the likes of some dude named Gabriel, so last fall Hyperdub sponsored the release of Next Life, a compilation packed to the brim with Teklife figures new and old, and the proceeds from which went directly to Rashad’s son, Chad Harden. The release was surely a worthwhile tribute.

But the release was previously only available on CD and via digital download! Now Hyperdub’s announced a limited-edition vinyl version available exclusively for Record Store Day (April 18) so that we may utilize every practical medium to transmit our thanks. It’s out in a silver edition of 1000. Let’s assume vinyl audio in particular has special heaven-penetrating qualities.

A track from the comp:

• Teklife:
• Hyperdub:

Actress heads up 49th edition of DJ-Kicks, heads straight into the bird matrix

What does Actress know about the bird matrix!? Actress (a.k.a. Darren Cunningham), electronic musician behind previous TMT favorites Ghettoville and RIP, knows more than any man was perhaps meant to know about this mysterious matrix for avian life. And, damn it, I wanna know about this bird matrix!

I’m sorry, I’ve gotten ahead of myself. Actress has been tapped by !K7 to put together the 49th edition of their DJ-Kicks series, which will be released May 4. “I’ve tried to keep space between tracks, allowing them to speak,” Cunningham said. “I tried not to force BPM shifts and to let the programming remain choppy and quick.”

Though featuring tracks from Lorenzo Senni, Autechre, Mark Fell, and more, the mix perhaps most intriguingly features an unreleased track from Actress, recorded after he finished Ghettoville. And that track is titled… “Bird Matrix.” What is the bird matrix? Where is the bird matrix? And how can I get to the bird matrix? I would like to be there.

DJ Kicks tracklist:

01. Breaker 1 2 – 2
02. Lorenzo Senni – Elegant, and Never Tiring
03. Reel by Real – Look At Me
04. Autechre – Pen Expers
05. Chameleon – Thought 2
06. Beneath – Stress 1
07. Simbiosi – Impari
08. Zennor – Tin
09. John Beltran – Anticipation
10. Moon B – Those Moments
11. STL – Psychelicious
12. Snakepiss – Toil
13. Shit and Shine – Pearl Drop
14. Chez n Trent – Windy City Club
15. Mark Fell – Section 1-7
16. GNESIS – Pear
17. Shxcxchcxsh – LDWGWTT
18. Hank Jackson – Track 3
19. Actress – Bird Matrix (DJ-Kicks)
20. Gherkin Jerks – Red Planet

• Actress:
• !K7:

Arca releases deluxe digital reissue of Xen, announces short tour

Yo, so my boy and yours, Alejandro Ghersi a.k.a. Arca, is making some major moves in the reissue sector of this gorgeous spaceship we call Earth right now. Maybe he texted you already and you know all this, but maybe not. You know about his debut full-length Xen from last year, though, right? I mean, it was number 20 on TMT’s 50 Favorite Music Releases of 2014 after all. Well cool then, we’re mostly there, because that’s what’s getting reissued. It’s arriving as the ????? Edition and it contains two additional tracks: “????? A” and “????? B.” The first one is made up of the individual tracks “Empath,” “Get Out the Fucking Car,” “Snatch,” and “Vanity,” and the second one just consists of “Dog Crying at Its Owner’s Grave.” It also comes with Jesse Kanda’s videos for the tracks “Xen” and “Thievery.” ????? indeed, am I right?

Anyway, you can grab it off iTunes right now, which is good timing because you’re probably going to need at least a month to process the whole thingy and Ghersi’s going on tour starting in April and he’s definitely going to ask you what you thought.

Xen (????? Edition) tracklist:

01. Now You Know
02. Held Apart
03. Xen
04. Sad Bitch
05. Sisters
06. Slit Thru
07. Failed
08. Family Violence
09. Thievery
10. Lonely Thugg
11. Fish
12. Wound
13. Bullet Chained
14. Tongue
15. Promise
16. ????? A
17. ????? B
18. Xen (Video)
19. Thievery (Video)


04.08.15 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
04.15.15 - Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Forever Cemetery
04.24.15 - Berlin, Germany - Berghain (DJ set)
05.01.15 - Krems, Austria - Donau Festival
06.18-20.15 - Barcelona, Spain - Sonar
07.04.15 - Manchester, UK - Manchester International Festival

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The Harry Bertoia Foundation and Important Records are crowdfunding to preserve the sound artist’s full archive

You can help save Harry Bertoia’s Sonambient recordings! A few months ago we told you about the archival box set Important Records is preparing in celebration of Bertoia’s 100th birthday. It turns out the plans have gotten more ambitious. The Harry Bertoia Foundation has decided to join the commemoration by launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money necessary to preserve Bertoia’s archive. The American sound artist used to work with large sound installations and complex aural structures, so it is a little more than a bunch of external drives they need to make sure the 350+ reel tapes he left are given a proper digital transfer.

The crowdfunding initiative is open until next Tuesday, March 10 — Bertoia’s birthday and the date Important Records is set to release a box set with the bulk of the 11 LPs that comprise the late artist’s Sonambient pieces. So, aside from purchasing Harry Bertoia’s trailblazing compositions, now you can take part in the preservation of his life work too.

Chip in, and help give this sound art pioneer a great Centennial birthday present, here.

• Harry Bertoia:
• Important:

Nick Klein, techno’s top bachelor of 2015, announces Failed Devotee on Unknown Precept

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to introduce to you Nick Klein, techno’s hottest bachelor of 2015. In addition to creating some of the dirtiest techno around today, Nick’s also a dashing country music aficionado and a
record store/label
owner with a predilection for taking his clothes off. Sure, Nick’s had a few flings with some cassette labels, but given that he just released his vinyl debut with Berlin’s Unknown Precept, he might be ready to settle down.

Titled Failed Devotee, his album’s a five song 12-inch of dark, industrial-tinged techno that justly makes me want to enlist in the war on t-shirts. And since Klein recorded the album live using a variety of equipment with absolutely terrible user interfaces, putting up with your emotional baggage should comparably be a walk in the park for him.

With a beautiful sell like that, do you think you’re the wo/man for Nick? Are your best friends named Chris and Cosey? When you hit the dance floor, do you actually physically assault it? Are you open to tinnitus? His contact information is in the liner notes.

Failed Devotee tracklisting:

01. Anxiety Plae
02. Mobility Effort
03. Charity
04. Pain P.M.
05. Collector

• Nick Klein:
• Unknown Precept:

PC Music releases Dog Food Mix by GFOTY/Spinee, announces Boiler Room/Dailymotion SXSW showcase

This morning started off pretty ruff, but things are already starting to look up. PC Music has not only announced its Boiler Room/Dailymotion showcase at SXSW, but has also given us more bark for the bite with a special doggie treat fur our subwoofers. It’s called Dog Food Mix 1, and it’s a four-track collaboration between two women of PC Music: GFOTY and Spinee. You know what this means, right? Yep, PC Music no longer has a “gender problem”!

Meanwhile, PC Music has also provided details for its Boiler Room/Dailymotion SXSW showcase. It’s on Sunday, March 15 (before the Music portion proper), and it features sets by QT, A. G. Cook (who is 24 years old), GFOTY, Spinee, Finn Diesel, and Maxo. Hoping this one’ll be captured on film and streamed for our viewing pleasure! And hey, don’t forget PC Music’s giant showcase at Empire Garage, as well as many other PC Music-related SXSW sets at Hype Hotel, the Vulcan Gas Company, Parish Underground, and more.

Watch out, PC Music’s getting so big they’ll be on Canine O’Brien before you know it!

Bone apetit:

Dog Food Mix 1 tracklist:


• PC Music:
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Ava Mendoza announces solo debut Unnatural Ways and tour! Apologies if you just spit up all your Thursday morning Cheerios!

Dude, I tell you what: all of these damned modern musicians are so damned “authentic!” I mean, these days it seems like everyone and her brother/sister who has embarked on a solo-oriented musical career is forgoing the time-honored use of some stupid moniker and going by his/her good ol’ given Christian name instead. But GOD DAMN is it confusing to remember who’s who! Sure, toss me a Jim O’Rourke or a Björk once in a while and I’ll keep their names straight and remember who they are all day long. But these days I’m not sure who’s Marie Stern and who’s Henry Kaiser and who’s Carla Bozulich and who’s… I don’t know… Cassandra from Wayne’s World.

But oh well, I guess. Just gotta suck it up, because here comes another innocuous NAME TO REMEMBER. This time it’s Ava Mendoza, a soulful, free-jazzy, bluesy, noise-rocky singer/songwriter/guitar-slinger extraordinaire who has collaborated in the past with such other badass-if-frustratingly-named artists as the aforementioned Carla Bozulich, Fred Frith, Nels Cline, Merill Garbus, Mike Watt, Henry Kaiser, Weasel Walter, Luc Ex, Thollem McDonas, Damon Smith, and Jamaaladeen Tacuma. In addition, she was also heralded as one of Guitar World’s “10 Female Guitarists You Should Know” (so you know she’s credible as balls!). And in case you clicked through and read this far without actually reading the headline, the SCOOP here is that Mendoza is officially putting her own normal-ass name out there, releasing her debut LP on New Atlantis Records this coming April 15! TAX DAY.

It’s called Unnatural Ways, and according to its pretty sweet press release, this “slab of wax delivers unabashed, raucous sonics, marrying the menacing tones of the creative rock underground to haunting, arcing compositions, potentiated by the fiery spontaneity of classic free jazz.” Collaborators on the record include Dominique Leone on keys and Nick Tamburro on drum kit. You know those names, right? Good. Cuz you’ll want to be streaming as many songs from the record as you can so that you can look intelligent when you’re singing and air-guitaring along at the huge string of worldwide shows that Mendoza has also concocted for this spring. Look out, world! Here comes… another very special person we’ve all gotta start keeping track of! I can’t wait! I’ve already put her name in my Gmail contacts.

Unnatural Ways tracklisting:

01. Shapeshifters
02. That Furious Harpy’s Still Following Us
03. Dogsbodies
04. No Record
05. They’ll Get You in Your Dreams Irene
06. Quit Your Unnatural Ways
07. Feral Twin
08. Danifest Mestiny
09. Is This a Joke

Ava Mendoza tour dates:

03.07.15 - Charleston, SC - Local 616
03.08.15 - Orlando, FL - Park Ave CDs
03.09.15 - Jacksonville, FL - Raindogs
03.10.15 - Atlanta, Georgia - Eyedrum
03.11.15 - Asheville, NC - The Mothlight
03.12.15 - Columbia, SC - Conundrum Music Hall
03.14.15 - Baltimore, MD - Windup Space
03.14.15 - Philly, PA - Red Horse Studio
03.15.15 - Brooklyn, NY - Silent Barn
04.04.15 - Moosburg, Germany - Jazz Club Hirsch
04.05.15 - Bremen, Germany - Die Friese

04.07.15 - Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark - Science & Cocktails 

04.08.15 - Oslo, Norway - Victoria Nasjonal Jazzscene

04.10.15 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Christianshavns Beboerhus
04.11.15 - Hanover, Germany - Stumpf 

04.12.15 - Berlin, Germany - TBA
04.14.15 - Cologne, Germany - Stadtgarten 

04.15.15 - Wurzburg, Germany - Freakshow
04.16.15 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Bimhuis 

04.17.15 - Utrecht, Netherlands - Rumor Festival 

04.18.15 - Lille, France - CCL

• Ava Mendoza:
• New Atlantis:

Ende Tymes Festival V: Pharmakon, C. Spencer Yeh, and Secret Boyfriend among those set to literally rip ears off

We could be in a situation where we’re forced to reexamine our lives through the perpetual experience of a particular year’s Groundhog Day. Or, even worse, we could be subject to an annual five days of Apocalypse, before raining hellfire gives way to optimistic sunshine and the chirping of bluebirds, which are quick to use the solidified Earth-risen goblins as guano target practice. Those five days would be literal hell though, so thank the lord for alternate spellings! The annual five days of Ende Tymes entails five days of as much noise and sonic experimentalism as any person could want. You might think the world is ending, but that’s really just Pharmakon screaming until the interior lighting explodes.

ENDE TYMES V: it’s set to take place the nights of May 13-17 at three venues in Brooklyn and Queens, with performances from Pharmakon, C. Spencer Yeh, Metalux, Arcane Device, Secret Boyfriend, Z’EV, Dead Machines, Bastard Noise, and an undisputed litany of others. Here’s a link to the full lineup, which coincidentally brings you to the Ende Tymes Indiegogo page. The rarity of zero sponsors necessitates your help. Necessitates!

Don’t sleep on the shows at Outpost Artist Resources, by the way. The film and video focus sounds super cool.

• Ende Tymes Festival:



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