Regis announces retrospective album Manbait on Blackest Ever Black

Karl O’Connor, the Birmingham-born techno producer best known as Regis, has announced a new retrospective album, Manbait. The anthology will include Regis’s recent remix work (Vatican Shadow, Raime, Dalhous, Ike Yard), alternate takes of old cuts, three unreleased tracks, seldom-heard mixes released under pseudonyms (CUB), rare production work (Tropic of Cancer), and a reworking of an old song by Family Sex, O’Connor’s teenage synth-punk band. Tellingly, Manbait seeks to highlight the way Regis’s minimalist Berlin-by-way-of-Birmingham sound envelops some of Blackest ever Black’s most characteristic acts; there’s a good reason O’Connor became the label’s only remixer. Regis is no stranger to retrospective releases (in 2012, he put out a triptych covering his whole 1990s work), but as the first one set to launch outside of his own label and with his recent focus on remix/production work, cite>Manbait comes as a great twofer: appealing to British techno obsessives, as well as offering a relevant look at the evolution of electronic music in the first half of this decade.

Active since the early 1990s, Karl O’Connor will forever be associated to Downwards Records, the label he created alongside Peter Sutton a.k.a. Female. An essential piece in the often overlooked 1990s English underground electronic scene, the label shaped what would become known as the Birmingham sound, a mixture of European minimal techno, the mechanistic hypnosis of Jeff Mills, very British industrial/post-punk stylings, and unrelenting beats that managed to be at once oppressive and groovy. Although he never achieved the notoriety of Female or fellow label mate Surgeon, O’Connor might be the most influential of the trio, with his darker, more alienating music predating the post-industrial scene that arose in the UK in the second half of the 2000s. An influence that becomes all the more explicit in a compilation like Manbait.

Manbait will be available as a 2LP/CD on September 18 via Blackest Ever Black. Stream “Blood Witness,” a cut from the album, below.

Manbait tracklisting:
01. Ike Yard - Loss (Regis Version)
02. Dalhous - He Was Human And Belonged With Humans (Regis Version)
03. Regis - Blood Witness (Original 12” Mix)
04. Vatican Shadow - Church Of All Images (Regis Version)
05. Family Sex - Manbait (Regis Version)
06. Regis - Blinding Horses (Original 12” Mix)
07. CUB - C U 1
08. Regis - Blood Witness (Downwards Extended Version)
09. Tropic of Cancer - Plant Lilies At My Head (Alternate Version)
10. Regis - Blinding Horses (Turin Version)
11. Raime - This Foundry (Regis Version)
12. Regis - Blinding Horses (Stableboy Version)

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POP Montreal new lineup additions include Tim Hecker, Jerusalem in My Heart, Arto Lindsay

The luminous festival of wonders that is POP Montréal (Montréal itself is basically a wonder in the first place) has added some new names to its 2015 fest lineup. From September 16-20, attendees will be able to breathe the same musical air as Tim Hecker, Jerusalem in My Heart, Arto Lindsay, Cannibal Ox, Giorgio Moroder, Babes in Toyland, Vieux Farka Touré, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, Suuns, Micachu & The Shapes, Fanfaraï, The Barr Brothers, The Besnard Lakes, Viet Cong, Braids, and loads of other artists.

Just shy of 400 total artists, in fact. Basically, this thing takes over the city of Montréal like a rainbow of musical events with a pot of gold hidden somewhere mysterious within the city. Just kidding! Every single show is its own pot of gold! Ahhh! It warms the heart, music. You can check out a longer list of confirmed attendees below.

Albert Hammond Jr. - Arto Lindsay - Babes in Toyland - Barbara Lynn - The Besnard Lakes - The Barr Brothers - Braids - Bully - Built to Spill - Cairo Gang - Calvin Love - Cannibal Ox - CE Schneider Topical - Coeur de Pirate - Clarke and the Himselfs - The Cribs - Crosss - The Diodes - Eleni Mandell - Empress Of - The Elwins - Fanfaraï - Farao - Giorgio Moroder - Godflesh - Grey Lands - Greys - Heartless Bastards - Hartley C White - Jean Grae - Jerusalem in my Heart - Jess Glynne - Jib Kidder - Junglepussy - The Key Lites - Lady - Last Lizard - Le Youth - Lee Ranaldo - Les Marinellis Lil Buck Sinegal - Louisahhh!!! - Lyric Michelle - Macka Diamond - Mary Ocher - Mega Bog - Micachu & The Shapes - Mikal Cronin - Murder by Death - Nick Diamonds - The Orb - Ought - Pathway to Paris, with Thurston Moore, Anne Waldman and fast Speaking Music, Jessie Smith, Rebecca Foon, AroarA - Bill Mckibben - Police des Moeurs - Prurient - Pelvic Floor - Rebecca West - Royal Canoe - The Royal Streets - She-Devils - Stars of the Lid - Suuns & Jerusalem in My Heart - Tim Hecker - Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - Viet Cong - Vieux Farka Touré - Will Butler - Xarah Dion

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Future gives Dirty Sprite 2 a release date

The road to Dirty Sprite 2 has been hard. So much has happened in the years between Future’s lauded 2011 Dirty Sprite mixtape and its forthcoming sequel. I don’t know if I can even talk about it.

However, I’m quite confident that I can talk about Dirty Sprite 2’s release date, cover art, and at least a bit of its tracklist. Back in March, Future gave word of the mixtape through Twitter, tweeting:

Four months later, the Atlantan has gone on to announce its release date and share its cover art (above). Dirty Sprite 2 drops July 17 and includes, among its 18 total tracks, three already-released bits: “Blow A Bag,” “Real Sisters,” and “Fuck Up Some Commas.” The rest have yet to be revealed, as is apparent on iTunes, where the mixtape is up for pre-order.

Additionally, Future has some kind of documentary project coming out. It’s called Like I Never Left, and it’ll be premiering in pieces through Complex leading up to the Dirty Sprite 2 release. Check out the brief trailer below.

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Arc Light Editions reissues rare LP from Finnish/fertile experimental musician Pekka Airaksinen

Careful. Even though you might want to dry-hump the vinyl reissue of Pekka Airaksinen’s Buddhas of Golden Light, Pekka himself advises against it, as that sort of thing seriously risks damaging the record beyond the willingness of anyone to repair or replace (once you tell them the circumstance). Additionally, the album’s original self-release in 1984 fell more than a decade subsequent to the Finnish experimenter’s founding of The Sperm, so even though that particular free-jazz performance troupe welcomed all sorts of sexual debauchery, the 70s period of post-spermicide was arguably marked by a personal calming. Pekka released the solo, electronic, and occasionally noisy One Point Music in 1972, and then… silence.

And then… enlightenment! While so many others were using the Roland 808 to back a novel form of urban musical poetry, Pekka combined the drum machine with wayward saxophone and the Yamaha DX7 to create something that hip-hop lyricists would’ve dared each other to rhyme over (and who would then cry following their inevitable failure). A press release’s reference to Sun Ra makes sense, and supposedly Buddhas of Golden Light marked the beginning of a 999 Buddha musical tribute, whereby Pekka would make about one CD-R per Buddha. He’s up to over 100 now — surely a recipe for good karma.

Arc Light Editions is doing the honors for the vinyl/digital reissue, which, after several delays, is out TODAY.

Here are some one-minute samples:

Buddhas of Golden Light tracklisting:

01. Sukirti
02. Suvarnasatarasmibhasagarbha
03. Ratnasikhin
04. Kandrasuryapradipa

• Pekka Airaksinen:
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Thundercat goes it alone in his search for actual giants, announces headlining tour

Why the disproportionate amount of attention toward Thundercat’s recent self-described “mini-album” The Beyond / Where the Giants Roam? It came out only a few weeks ago, and already RYM numbers are suggesting a superiority (and superior popularity) to the 2013 long-player Apocalypse, despite being only 16 minutes long and stylistically a continuation, essentially. Obviously, in addition to Porkfitch, Stephen Bruner’s reportedly integral role in the creation of Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly has been a boon to his solo popularity. Quick: if that’s him picking lint off his pants, someone please get a photo of it!

In any case, the stock of Thundercat’s bass and producer superpowers is surely on the rise, which arguably necessitates a headlining tour. You’ve probably already seen him support Flying Lotus in the past, and if so, you might’ve headed toward the exit at the end of Thundercat’s set anyway. Integrity totally kept you from wanting to get more than your money’s worth! Good for you! Dates after the lovely track from the aforementioned TB / WtGR:


08.01.15 - Happy Valley, OR - Pickathon Festival, Pendarvis Farm
08.06.15 - Washington, DC - The Howard Theatre (Afropunk Pre-Party)
08.08.15 - Los Angeles, CA - Low End Theory Festival, Shrine Expo Hall
08.23.15 - Brooklyn, NY - Afropunk Festival, Commodore Barry Park
09.17.15 - San Diego, CA - Casbah
09.18.15 - Phoenix, AZ - Valley Bar
09.19.15 - Albuquerque, NM - Historic El Rey Theatre
09.20.15 - Denver, CO - Larimer Lounge
09.22.15 - Tulsa, OK - Vanguard
09.23.15 - Austin, TX - Holy Mountain
09.24.15 - Houston, TX - Studio at Warehouse Live
09.25.15 - San Antonio, TX - Alamo City Club
09.26.15 - Denton, TX - Oaktopia
09.27.15 - Toronto, ON - The Hoxton
09.29.15 - Montreal, QC - Theatre Fairmount
09.30.15 - Boston, MA - Middle East Downstairs
10.01.15 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda’s
10.03.15 - Atlanta, GA - Afropunk Festival, Atlanta’s Central Park
10.04.15 - Vancouver, BC - The Alexander
10.06.15 - Seattle, WA - The Crocodile
10.07.15 - Portland, OR - Star Theatre
10.08.15 - Arcata, CA - Arcata Theatre
10.09.15 - San Francisco, CA - 1015 Folsom
10.10.15 - Santa Barbara, CA - Velvet Jones


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Ennio Morricone to score Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight

Somewhere out there is a magical, alternative “other” internet, where users’ Facebook feeds aren’t crammed with photos of their friends hanging out with comic book characters or pastel Wookies at the infamous San Diego Comic Con. Perhaps that “other” internet is your internet. Perhaps you’re a young Amish teen on Rumspringa and are just now encountering the world wide web. Whatever the case, gentle, unaware reader, this story is for you. Because this story is about the news that has taken Music/Film Facebook by storm. This story is about Ennio Morricone signing on to score Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight

So, that’s it! That’s the story. Tarantino screened some never-before-seen footage from the flick, which will be released in rare 70mm in select theaters this holiday season, and then he announced that Morricone would be writing his first Western score in 40 years. Tarantino also joked that his movies were so long they were always forced to get cut down, so why not just do an eight-hour HBO-style miniseries? Because YOLO! Which honestly… this is a great idea and someone should start a petition to get him to actually do it.

Magik Markers’ Pete Nolan announces solo LP Easy and tour

It’s not Nolan Ryan, but he’s probably heard of the game “baseball.” It’s not Christopher Nolan, but he’s probably seen the movie Memento on the shelf at Blockbuster. Nope, it’s Pete Nolan, famously famous for his work in famed bands Magik Markers and Spectre Folk. This particular Nolan is now making like a “Michelle” and “Branch”-ing out by releasing his debut solo album Easy.

On Easy, hazy, hypnotic sounds are spaced around ripe storytelling — as evident on the album’s single, “Sound of the Bees” (which you can hear below) — while other tracks experiment with instrumentation, from piano to Mellotron to orchestral synth. Nolan took production cues from his studio experiences with pros like Scott Colburn, Lee Ranaldo, and Aaron Mullan, but the album was recorded at home with assistance from his wife, Julie.

Easy is out August 15 on Arbitrary Signs. Check out the video for “Sound of the Bees” here:

Easy tracklisting:
01. Marshmallow Moon
02. Sound of the Bees
03. Teen Vision/Blank Shipwreck
04. Sunshine Ocean Disguise
05. Dream, Dream, Dream, Dream
06. Driftin Wayvz
07. Backwater Blues
08. The Mirrored Hallway

08.27.15 - Easthampton, MA - Flywheel
08.28.15 - Brooklyn, NY - Baby’s All Right
08.29.15 - Philadelphia, PA - Ortlieb’s
09.02.15 - Nashville, TN - Stone Fox
09.04.15 - Lafayette, IN - The Spot
09.05.15 - Chicago, IL - Observatory Studios
09.06.15 - Detroit, MI - Trinosophies
09.07.15 - Toronto, ON - Handlebar

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Sigur Rós members score BBC film about circuses, though they’re mostly in it for the free peanuts

I guess Man Man or Frog Eyes would’ve been obvious choices if the BBC had wanted to start their own circus, but given the reputation for animal maltreatment that circuses have recently been earning, as well as the stuffy image that the reliable news network seems destined to preserve, well… of course they’re doing a documentary! The Show of Shows is set for television premiere some time next year, and who better to score the historical chronicling of carnivals than a few members of an Icelandic band that had previously performed the marvelous(!), amazing(!), never-before-seen(!) feat of awakening various ETs? The music might work, too.

Enter Sigur Rós bassist Georg “Goggi” Hólm and drummer Orri Páll Dýrason via quintuple backflip down off the trapeze; they were joined by Sigur Rós contributors Kjartan Holm and composer Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson for the creation of a 14-song, 72-minute album called Circe, which is explicitly and deliberately associated with the documentary. Fortune shines on those who don’t give a hoot about educational programming though; those interested in just the music will only have to wait until August 21, when the album will be available on double LP, CD, and via digital download courtesy of Sigur Rós’ Krunk Records.

Those interested in educational programming should know that The Show of Shows contains a century of footage from vaudeville, circuses, and carnivals. There are also a couple of screenings scheduled. Here’s a trailer:

• Sigur Rós:

Deradoorian announces album tour with Laetitia Sadier, debuts “A Beautiful Woman” video

Hey, folks. We have some good news to pull you out of your deep sadness. Angel Deradoorian (formerly of Dirty Projectors and Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks, but that’s not important now) will be launching a fall tour with Laetitia Sadier (formerly of Stereolab, but who cares!) in support of her upcoming debut album, The Expanding Flower Planet. The album follows 2009’s Mind Raft EP, her first solo release. The album’s single “A Beautiful Woman” popped up back in June.

Now, given the depth of your sadness, I’m guessing that this news only worries you. Where will the tour begin, and how on earth will I get there? When will the album be released, and in what earthly formats? Chill! The tour will begin September 11 at Brooklyn ‘s Baby’s All Right and will continue to waft about the nation until October 4.

The Expanding Flower PlanetAnticon.

We’ve got a fresh new video for the lead single, too. It’s a live bit featuring Deradoorian’s sister, Darlene.

Now feel better!

The Expanding Flower Planet tracklist:

01. A Beautiful Woman
02. Expanding Flower Planet
03. Violet Minded
04. Komodo
05. Your Creator
06. The Invisible Man
07. DarkLord
08. Ouneya
09. The Eye
10. Grow

Deradoorian w/ Laetitia Sadler tour dates

09.11.15 - Brooklyn, NY - Baby’s All Right
09.12.15 - Richmond, VA - The Camel
09.13.15 - Carrboro, NC - Cat’s Cradle Back Room
09.14.15 - Atlanta, GA - Drunken Unicorn
09.15.15 - Tallahassee, FL - Club Downunder
09.17.15 - Austin, TX - Holy Mountain
09.18.15 - Dallas, TX - Three Links
09.20.15 - Albuquerque, NM - Sister
09.21.15 - Phoenix, AZ - Valley Bar
09.22.15 - Los Angeles, CA - The Echo
09.23.15 - San Francisco, CA - Brick & Mortar Music Hall
09.25.15 - Portland, OR - Doug Fir Lounge
09.26.15 - Seattle, WA - The Vera Project
09.29.15 - Minneapolis, MN - Icehouse
09.30.15 - Chicago, IL - Schuba’s
10.01.15 - Detroit, MI - Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit
10.03.15 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda’s
10.04.15 - Kingston, NY - BSP Kingston

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DJ Roc returns with raw footwork album Practice What U Preach, full stream here

DJ Roc may have gained most of his recognition from the incredible 2010 Planet Mu release, The Crack Capone, but Clarence Johnson has always been and continues to be an inextricable figure in Chicago footwork. He’s been producing since 2001, is still a regular DJ at Chicago’s weekly footwork battles at South Side’s Battlegroundz, and has continued to release new music, the most recent of which include 2014’s Take ‘em Out the Circle (Shinkaron) and Back to the Tracks v. 1 on DJ Clent’s Beatdown House label, released just a few months ago.

DJ Roc’s latest is a mini-album for Duck N’ Cover titled Practice What U Preach. The Switzerland-based label boasts that the release is a “director’s cut” and “hasn’t been watered down by any compromises towards commercial acceptance or mass appeal,” which makes for a raw, invigorating listen. As ever, the tracks are stripped down to their essential components, with hard-hitting 808s, delirious repetition, and wild sample juxtapositions that still “induce a profound Futureshock.” Listen to Jlin and DJ Diamond, and you’ll hear how far Roc’s influence has spread.

Our first preview of Practice What U Preach came courtesy of The Wire, and now TMT has the pleasure of premiering the entire mini-album in full. Look for the album July 16 digitally and on vinyl and CD, and stream it below:

• DJ Roc:
• Duck N’ Cover:



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