RIP: P.F. Sloan, musician and songwriter of many top 20 hits from the 1960s

From P.F. Sloan’s publicist:

It is with deepest sadness that we are announcing that P.F. Sloan (Phil) passed away on the evening of November 15, 2015, at his home in Los Angeles. Phil had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer several weeks before and was fighting it valiantly. The world has lost one of its great talents.

Phil was a key element on the music that became the sound of the Sunset Strip. Phil was a true prodigy, signing his first record deal with Aladdin Records when he was thirteen. He recently published his memoirs, What’s Exactly The Matter With Me? with S.E. Feinberg, and his latest album, My Beethoven has recently been released on Foothill Records.

Lydia Lunch’s Teenage Jesus and the Jerks to release definitive live collection on Nicolas Jaar’s label

Nicolas Jaar’s Other People label is releasing a definitive live collection of legendary NYC No Wave band Teenage Jesus And The Jerks’ late-70s performances. Appropriately titled Live 1977-1979, the album features live gigs from Max’s Kansas City, CBGB, and Toronto’s Horseshoe Tavern. The album was compiled by Weasel Walter (The Flying Luttenbachers, Cellular Chaos, etc.), who’s basically the unofficial (maybe official?) record-keeper of the No Wave movement.

Hey, remember who was a member of Teenage Jesus for a period of time? Mr. James Chance! Fun fact! Anyway, the band may have been short-lived, but their influence can be felt everywhere, especially in the more well-known bands they inspired, like Sonic Youth and Swans. The album’s out November 27, so no matter how much of a nihilist/misanthrope/whatever you are, you’ll have something to be thankful for as you enjoy the early works of Lydia Lunch in all their snarling glory.

RIP: Robert Craft, conductor, writer, frequent Stravinsky collaborator

From The New York Times:

Robert Craft, an orchestral conductor, scholar and writer who was called an elegant Boswell by his supporters and a calculating Svengali by his detractors for his long professional association with Igor Stravinsky, died on Tuesday at his home in Gulf Stream, Fla. He was 92.

His wife, Alva, confirmed his death.

Mr. Craft spent nearly a quarter-century as Stravinsky’s amanuensis, rehearsal conductor, musical adviser, globe-trotting traveling companion and surrogate son. After Stravinsky’s death in 1971, at 88, he was a writer, lecturer, conductor, public intellectual and keeper of the Stravinskian flame. […]

ILoveMakonnen new EP this Friday, shares new track by DJ Mustard

For a long time, I loved ILoveMakonnen, then I kind of just liked ILoveMakonnen, and then I hated ILoveMakonnen. Now I love ILoveMakonnen again, especially since he’s releasing a new EP, ILoveMakonnen 2, on November 20 via OVO Sound. This follow-up to the ILoveMakonnen EP will more than likely soak many panties of the men and women variety, and just to get the juices flowing ILoveMakonnen dropped the first single, “Second Chance,” produced by DJ Mustard. Check that out below.

You might recall that DJ Mustard and Makonnen teamed up for the track “Why’d You Call?” featured on March’s mixtape Drink More Water 5, so this isn’t their first rodeo. And it will be DJ Mustard in a (mustard?) tuxedo who will up to the stage with a dapper Makonnen to accept the Grammy this February. Conga rats, Makonnen, on winning Best Album of the Year!

Oakeater release new album Aquarius on SIGE, premiere Daniel Menche-directed video for “Wishful Beginnings”

In case you’ve been living under a mighty, magic rock or perhaps inside the hollow log of some mythologically significant Norse tree, here’s a quick digest of all the news that’s probably significant to your worldview:

Chicago experimental metal trio Oakeater just released their second full-length album last week via SIGE Records. It’s called Aquarius and, according to the label, is “cinematic in scope” and builds “slowly through bone-chilling, apocalyptic dirges” before surging into “repetitive chords of synth-noise and guitars constricting around the throttled vocalizations” and culminating in an “urgent, ominous drone” at the end of the album. Sounds like a damn-fine movie to me.

The album was recorded and mixed by none other than Greg Norman (Pan American, Pelican, Locrian, Jon Mueller, Russian Circles, etc.). And, in addition to being available digitally right now, you can also get your spooky, gloom-and-doom metal lovin’ treefingers on an extremely limited LP edition of the album (just 150 copies), all of which include hand-stamped labels and a custom letterpress-printed jacket, with artwork and design by Faith Coloccia.

But wait, don’t brush the spiderwebs from your beard/ponytail and rush out to grab the record just yet. There’s totally another thing: the band is premiering a new video for the album’s ominous opening track “Wishful Beginnings” TODAY! And oh, you’ll never guess what? You can totally watch the Daniel Menche-directed video right here, right now, for free (assuming you’ve got Wi-Fi in that tree log of yours, that is). Enjoy it, log-dweller. And… do try to get out more.

Aquarius tracklisting:

01. Wishful Beginnings
02. All That is Sacred
03. Hatchet
04. Maps
05. Aquarius
06. Respite

Over 100 killed in coordinated attack during Eagles of Death Metal show in Paris

As a wave of attacks hit a busy Paris nightlife district this evening, one of the biggest centers of destruction was at an Eagles of Death Metal concert at the nightclub Le Bataclan. The Guardian is reporting that at least 150 people died throughout the coordinated attacks in the French capital, with 120 dead within the concert hall. The perpetrators, who are as-yet unidentified, entered the packed venue and began shooting. There have also been reports of explosives being used against the crowd.

Eagles of Death Metal posted an update on their Facebook page:

We are still currently trying to determine the safety and whereabouts of all our band and crew. Our thoughts are with all of the people involved in this tragic situation.

According to The Guardian, the attackers “blew themselves up with suicide belts as police closed in, killing four.” All the attackers are believed to be dead, but “authorities are hunting for any possible accomplices.” A state of emergency has been declared.

In the US, mourners are leaving flowers outside French embassies in major cities. Our hearts go out to the French people tonight.

Nils Frahm announces album with childhood friends, The Gamble by nonkeen

It’s almost like an unintended experiment in sociology that composer Nils Frahm and two of his childhood friends, Frederic Gmeiner and Sebastian “Sepp” Singwald, have reconnected partially for the sake of formalizing improvisational pieces that have spent roughly a decade enduring on and off touches. The trio originally met in primary school near Hamburg during the 1980s, and complementing a radio show that Frahm and Gmeiner hosted during the latter part of the decade, all three began recording and performing together subsequent to Ronald Reagan single-handedly ending the Cold War and literally doinking Gorbachev’s nose at a conference. But the Germans soon fell out of touch, and only now do we have the chance to hear the musical manifestation of marinated friendship since reinvigorated. Things could’ve been so much more awkward.

nonkeen is the name of their outfit (amicably agreed upon), and The Gamble is their debut album set for release February 5 on R&S. Your guess is as good as mine as to what it might sound like, but Frahm did the mixing and mastering, pre-orders are available here, and if you’re looking for something to tide you over, Frahm made 2015 his Year of the Anti-Sloth. There’s been a solo album, a film score, and a collaborative album with Ólafur Arnalds.

I grant a track from the most former:

The Gamble tracklisting:

01. the invention mother
02. saddest continent on earth
03. ceramic people
04. animal farm
05. this beautiful mess
06. capstan
07. chasing god through palmyra
08. pink flirt
09. re: turn!

A Tribe Called Quest to reunite tonight on Jimmy Fallon

People always get excited about 25-year-old releases, and this one from A Tribe Called Quest is no exception. Mashable reports that to celebrate the reissue of their debut album, People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm, the tribe will reunite tonight for a live performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. This makes sense. No one is better at reminding people about the 90s than Jimmy Fallon.

I asked Dom Dicksmear, Vice President of Affairs at TMT Headquarters, if A Tribe Called Quest were a hip-hop group in the 90s, and Dicksmear confirmed that they DEFINITELY were. Keen-eared readers of this website may recall that a Tribe song was featured in the hit film The Wackness, the deep cut, “Can I Kick It?” They most certainly can kick it — specifically November 13 on Jimmy Fallon, making it the first time the group has been together since opening for Kanye West on his Yeezus tour in 2013.

Get ready for some solid comedy.

Lush announce first American reunion show… for September 2016

Lush are reuniting for their first American show of 2016 in New York. They’ve kindly planned it for September 14, TEN MONTHS FROM NOW, in case you’d like to structure your life around it. Tickets go on sale to the general public today, Friday, November 13, at 12 PM EST.

In addition to the NY show, Lush will be playing a sold-out show at London’s Roundhouse on May 6, 2016, as well as another Roundhouse show the next night. The current lineup includes Emma Anderson (vocals/guitar), Miki Berenyi (vocals/guitar), and Phil King (bass), plus drummer Justin Welch (formerly of Elastica) for the live dates.

To feed your frenzied shoegaze nostalgia, 4AD are reissuing a vinyl version of the band’s “best of” album, Ciao! on January 22. Also in the works is the Chorus five-disc box set, which includes Gala (1990), Spooky (1992), Split (1994), Lovelife (1996), and the Canadian version of the B-sides collection Topolino (1996). It’s a box set, so you know it’s chock full of all kinds of other assorted rarities, such as B-sides, radio sessions, remixes, and demos, some of which were previously unreleased. Chris Bigg did the artwork; you might know him as the guy who, along with design chief Vaughan Oliver, created many of the iconic 4AD album covers from the 90s.

Chief Keef doubles your “pleasure” and “fun” by dropping two mixtapes this week

Last Halloween, I had the pleasure of blasting my costumed friends’ faces with Back from the Dead 2, because my pal Keef the Chief had just dropped it. It was a fun and spooky Halloween, and I hoped to reenact it this year by blasting Back from the Dead 3 under similar circumstances. Alas, Keef robbed me of this opportunity by not releasing the tape in time, but according to HotNewHipHop, the Almighty So, in his circumspect wisdom, has opted instead to drop the frightful tape tomorrow. November 13. A Friday. Spooky. I’m texting my buds right now and telling them to pull their topical costumes back out of the closet.

And that apparently wasn’t even spooky enough for ol’ Sosa, because on Saturday, November 14, he plans to drop yet another tape: Finally Rollin 2. He’s even provided a tracklist for that one, and it includes a song called “Where Ya At,” which may or may not be a remix of the Drake-featuring Future track off of Dirty Sprite 2. Only time will tell.

Oh look, my friend Belinda just texted me back and said she’d love to hang out tomorrow and have me play Chief Keef mixtapes at a very high volume. What a great friend.

Finally Rollin 2 tracklist:

01. Stunting Like My Mama
02. Foes
03. Black Ops 3
04. Law & Order
05. Who Dat
06. Obama
07. Flattered
08. Getting Wild
09. Get Your Mind Right
10. Chicago Zoo
11. Early Morning Getting It
12. I’m Da Man
13. X
14. Madder
15. In Your Face
16. Flex On
17. Dismiss
18. Jumanji
19. Where Ya At