L.A. weirdos Gun Outfit to release new album on Paradise of Bachelors

L.A.-based rockers Gun Outfit have announced their upcoming fourth full-length Dream All Over, out October 16 via Paradise of Bachelors. Inspired by the best (or, depending on how you look at it and what kind of jerk you are, the worst) of Los Angeles — Kenneth Anger, Father Yod, David Lynch (OK, thumbs up), Charlie Manson (OK, universal thumbs down) — the group features singers Carrie Keith (guitar/vocals/slide) and Dylan Sharp (guitar, vocals, banjo, balalaika), rounded out by drummer Daniel Swire and bassist Adam Payne (Residual Echoes).

If you’re a fan of Amps for Christ, Man Is the Bastard, and homemade electric sitars — and who isn’t, am I right? — you’ll be thrilled to learn that Henry Barnes makes an appearance on the album. Facundo Bermudez (Ty Segall, No Age, King Tuff) co-produced and engineered the LP. You can check out the single “Gotta Wanna” below, and if you live in L.A., look forward to a couple live performances in August.


01. Gotta Wanna
02. Legends of My Own
03. Matters to a Head
04. Compromise
05. Angelino
06. Came to Be
07. Scorpios Vegas
08. Pass On Through
09. In Orbit
10. Blue Hour
11. Worldly Way
12. Only Ever Over

Tour dates:

08.15.15 - Santa Ana, CA - The Observatory (Berserktown II)
08.28.15 - Los Angeles, CA - The Echo*

*Cold Showers

• Gun Outfit: https://soundcloud.com/gun-outfit
• Paradise of Bachelors: http://www.paradiseofbachelors.com

Prince announces 38th studio album Hit and Run with 3RDEYEGIRL

PRINCE! That’s right, Prince! After making his presence felt during the Baltimore riots with his Rally 4 Peace concert and dropping two albums simultaneously last year, the ageless purple one will be releasing another full-length, as BBC has reported. Hit & Run (referencing Prince’s many pop-up concerts of late), like last year’s Plectrumelectrum, will feature Prince’s current backing band 3RDEYEGIRL, consisting of Donna Grantis, Ida Nielsen, and Hannah Ford Welton. Welton’s husband, Joshua, has a co-writing credit with Prince. No word on the exact release date yet, but according to the band, it will be “hopefully soon,” definitely this year. Your Mom, Warner Brothers, is releasing it.

In terms of the album’s content, a couple tracks have been detailed. “Hardrocklover,” which Prince recently posted to SoundCloud, turns out to be the album’s first single. “1,000 Hugs and Kisses,” an unreleased song written in the early 90s, will also find release, as will a new, “really industrial sounding” version of “This Could Be Us” from Art Official Age.

So yes, Prince!

• Prince & 3RDEYEGIRL: https://twitter.com/prince3eg
• Warner Bros Records: http://www.warnerbrosrecords.com

PC Music’s Kane West to release new EP Expenses Paid on Turbo Recordings

THIS DJ IS HAPPENIN’! Kane West storms back from out the house gutter with a follow-up to last year’s PC Music release Western Beats. Titled Expenses Paid, the four-track EP will be released on Tiga’s Turbo Recordings label, which actually makes perfect sense, since Kane West (a.k.a. Gus Lobban of indie-pop act Kero Kero Bonito) made his first solo appearance after winning a Tiga remix contest with this MIDI banger. It’s no wonder he was named “best DJ” by National Geographic, Popular Mechanics, Guitar World, and Family Circle!

We asked some of our favorite writers for their opinions too on Kane West’s music. I didn’t have time to actually read them, but I assume they all say nice things:

“I’m really offended by whatever this is!” - Kurt Woxland, OFFLINE

“Wait, Kane West or Kanye West?” - Brittany Schulenberg, Splice Magazine

“Glamour-heavy vocals float on a synth and krautrock-ready breeze, sounding not unlike Broadcast shot into the stratosphere.” – MTV Iggy

“Fuck you!I think your’e dumb!!1!” - Bentley Taylor, People

Expenses Paid is out August 14 on Turbo Recordings. Tracklist below.

Update: Here is the first track from the EP, which you’ll maybe recognize.

01. Mexicans
02. Expenses Paid
03. Don’t Stop
04. Recycle Bin

• Kane West: https://twitter.com/djkanewest
• Turbo Recordings: http://turborecordings.com

Sponsored: Win two tickets to Leeds Festival 2015 courtesy of Hunter and Mainline Menswear

Wanna see Kendrick Lamar, Rustie, Young Thug, Evian Christ, and Charli XCX at Leeds Festival 2015? Of course you do! But first you’ll need tickets, and second you’ll need boots (duh). If you don’t own either, then boy do we have the contest for you. Enter your name, email, and mobile number in this form, and you’ll have a chance to win two tickets to Leeds Festival 2015 and a pair of Hunter wellington boots each (+ bag and care kit), courtesy of Hunter and Mainline Menswear.

And since you’re presumably an aspiring TMT writer, you can also up your chances of winning by telling Mainline Menswear your favorite fest story. That shouldn’t be a problem for you, you crazy festival-goer.

Find the competition page here, and hopefully you and your bestie will find yourselves at Leeds Festival 2015, sporting some brand new kicks.

• Leeds Festival: http://www.leedsfestival.com
• Mainline Menswear: https://www.mainlinemenswear.co.uk

Darkstar announce third album Foam Island, stream lead single

Sitting and splashing in the tub, cupping your hands and forming little islets of jasmine-scented bubbles with the foamy water — don’t you remember the days? Darkstar, the British duo of Aiden Whalley and James Young, certainly do, and no doubt they’ve been reminiscing on their bubble bath experiences a hell of a lot lately, perhaps even indulging on occasion. Foam Island, their third album following 2013’s News From Nowhere and 2010’s North, will float your way October 2 via Warp. You can expect it to be an R&B-referencing, groove-ridden, slightly warped (how ‘bout it?) affair on the surface, with themes of “political isolation, social disillusionment and personal ambition” running below. It should also be a friendly reminder to all that the bathtub is a more than appropriate place for existential thought.

In announcing the record, Darkstar have released a stream of album cut “Pin Secure” on their SoundCloud page. Its sound fits very well with some of the tracks on their recent Kirklees Arcadia mixtape, with Young’s vocals surfing a dry yet intensely catchy electronic groove. They also offered up a couple pre-order options for the record. We’ve got Bleep, iTunes, and Amazon. The record will be released digitally, on vinyl, and on CD.

Darkstar’s sound has evolved a lot since their early Hyperdub days, moving through zones of uncanny 2-step and surreal, beatific chant, to mention to poles of the spectrum. What’s best is they always seem to keep some aspect of their myriad sounds alive moving forward. Here’s to hoping Foam Island is their bubbliest synthesis to date.

Check the stream for “Pin Secure” below, as well as Foam Island’s tracklist. And get out the tub before ya prune, boy!

Foam Island tracklist:

01. Basic Things
02. Inherent in the Fibre
03. Stoke the Fire
04. Cuts
05. Go Natural
06. A Different Kind of Struggle
07. Pin Secure
08. Through the Motions
09. Tilly’s Theme
10. Foam Island
11. Javan’s Call
12. Days Burn Blue

• Darkstar: http://www.darkstar.ws
• Warp: http://warp.net

NNA Tapes announces new cassettes from Olivia Block and Patrick Higgins

Can we not act like there isn’t a sizable demographic across the globe that just owns tape players, doesn’t have reliable computer access, and has otherwise been regularly dehydrating at the relative lack of experimental music being released via this medium? To be sure, cassettes aren’t experiencing the same enthusiastic, if somewhat overblown, revival that vinyl is, but luckily the Burlington, VT-based NNA Tapes (run by Matt Mayer and Toby Aronson) have been doing their part to oblige the demand, all the while satisfying our not-unimportant desire for visually distinct album art. They’re sponsoring the release of two cassettes of note next week, on July 28, and we at TMT can hardly contain our human supply reels.

The first — as in the order in which I’ve decided to describe them — is Aberration of Light by electroacoustic musician Olivia Block. Her ventures certainly aren’t limited to formal releases (despite the almost literal vacuum in which 2013’s Karren left a person), and so the cassette is a “reworking” of a 2011 four-speaker collaboration with two film artists. The 31-minute lone track is said to be a sonic roller coaster riding along white noise rails, with masochist kids possibly screaming along the way. That’s my own interpretation, anyway.

Then there’s Social Death Mixtape from composer and multi-instrumentalist Patrick Higgins (of ZS fame). The use of the word “mixtape” isn’t a misnomer; as it turns out, because the release is essentially a “sampling” of personal compositions dating back to 2009. Higgins uses piano, harpsichord, synthesizer, guitar, sampler, and violin at various points over the tape’s duration, and the whole thing really does sound like a dinner with multiple courses: sparse, separated, and unique.

Higgins is doing a tape release show on August 14 at Elvis Guesthouse in Manhattan, alongside Miho Hatori and Greg Fox, with Gang Gang Dance’s Brian DeGraw as a special guest DJ. Check below for our premiere of “Pattern Select,” a track off Social Death Mixtape.

Both releases will also be available digitally, for you “modern” people.

• Olivia Block: http://www.oliviablock.net
• Patrick Higgins: http://www.patrickhigginsmusic.com
• NNA Tapes: http://nnatapes.com

RIP: Don Joyce of Negativland

From Negativland:

Words cannot do justice to the loss of Donald S. Joyce, Crosley Bendix, C. Eliot Friday, Omer Edge, Izzy Isn’t, Bud Choke, Leland Googleburger, Wang Tool and Dr. Oslo Norway, who all died yesterday in Oakland, CA of heart failure at age 71. Perhaps a loud, mournful squawk from Don’s “Booper” feedback oscillator would better sum up the feelings of Negativland, his comrades and partners in art for 34 years, who are devastated. It was Don who coined the term “culture jamming”, and who devoted his life to the art of sound collage and his weekly live radio program, “Over the Edge”, on KPFA FM in Berkeley, where it has continuously lived on the dial on Thursday nights at midnight since 1981, without interruption.

• Negativland: http://www.negativland.com

Shocking Pinks announces re-release of debut LP, world tour, relationship with half of the world’s labels

For a long time, we lived in Shocking Pinks famine. Nick Harte’s dance/electronic/bedroom singer-songwriter project put out their self-titled Shocking Pinks album in 2007, then went silent for seven years. They re-emerged last year with Guilt Mirrors, an album lengthy enough to make up for all those years of inactivity. And, now, the Shocking Pinks feast continues with a reissue of debut album Dance The Dance Electric, out October 5.

Evidently, Harte spent his years of inactivity making friends with every label in the world. Because, golly, this Dance The Dance Electric reissue is coming out through a lot of them. We’ve got E/D/I/L/S in the UK, Spiral Jetta in France, Geertruida in the Netherlands, and, finally, A Low Hum in every single other place this record could possibly be available. Details forthcoming about which labels will be putting out the record in the regions of the bottom of the ocean and the moon.

No matter what region you’re in and who’s putting it out, the record will be available on vinyl for the very first time. Similarly untouched by regional differences will be the nine unreleased tracks included on the digital version, all taken from the original sessions. Listen to previously-released track “Nostalgia” below, as shared by Brooklyn Vegan.

As further means to chase those lost years, Shocking Pinks will be doing three whole months of touring in support of this reissue. Those dates start in September and begin at Brisbane’s BigSound Festival. By the time they end in November, Harte will have found himself in China, France, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, some place called the United States, Switzerland, and more. He’ll pretty much find himself everywhere a label is reissuing Dance The Dance Electric.

Shocking Pinks dates:

09.08.15 - Brisbane, Australia - BigSound Festival
09.18.15 - Beijing, China - School
09.20.15 - Shanghai, China - TBA
09.22.15 - Guangzhou, China - Loft345
09.24.15 - Paris, France - ESpace B
09.25.15 - Clermont Ferrand, France - Le Baraka
09.29.15 - Dijon, France - TBA
10.01.15 - Brest, France - Salle Du Clous
10.02.15 - Rennes, France - Le Marquis De Sade
10.07.15 - London, UK - Sebright Arms
10.09.15 - Newcastle, UK - TBA
10.10.15 - Liverpool, UK - Macguires Pizza Bar
10.11.15 - Regis, UK - Rockaway Beach Festival
10.15.15 - Tilborg, Netherlands - Hall of Fame
10.16.15 - Hamburg, Germany - Frau Hedi
10.17.15 - Munster, Germany - Gleis 22
10.20.15 - Ghent, Belgium - Cafe Video
10.21.15 - Wuppertal, Germany - Waldmeister E.V.
10.24.15 - Winterthur, Switzerland - Kraftfeld
10.30.15 - New York, NHY - Baby’s All Right
10.31.15 - New Brunswick, NJ - The Banana Stand
11.01.15 - Philadelphia, PA - TBA
11.03.15 - Harrisburg, PA - The Makespace
11.05.15 - Morgantown, WV - Crash Symbols Presents
11.06.15 - Columbus, OH - The House with No Name
11.07.15 - Ann Arbor, MI - Far House
11.08.15 - Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle
11.09.15 - Jamestown, NY - Labyrinth
11.10.15 - Seattle, WA - The Vera Project
11.11.15 - Salem, OR - Possum House
11.12.15 - Arcata, CA - The Farmhouse
11.13.15 - San Francisco, CA - Sylvan Annex Presents
11.14.15 - Los Angeles, CA - The Smell
11.15.15 - Bishop, CA - TBA
11.19.15 - Ballarat, Australia - The Eastern
11.20.15 - Melbourne, Australia - The Curtin
11.21.15 - Sydney, Australia - Octopus Pi Presents
11.27.15 - Christchurch, New Zealand - Darkroom
11.28.15 - Dunedin, New Zealand - Chicks Hotel

• Shocking Pinks: https://shockingpinks.bandcamp.com
• E/D/I/L/S: http://edilsrecords.tumblr.com
• Spiral Jetta: https://spiraljettarecordings.bandcamp.com
• Geertruida: http://www.geertruida.net
• A Low Hum: http://www.alowhum.com

Swans’ next album to be the last for current iteration, future uncertain


Having just completed the last leg of a 14-month tour supporting their epic To Be Kind, Swans can be certain about one thing: no more Burger King on the road! What’s not certain, however, is where Swans will go from here. Michael Gira took to Facebook to announce that the next Swans album and supporting tour will be the final for the group’s current iteration. “Not really sure what the next step will be after that, but that’s perhaps a good thing,” writes Gira.

Swans will soon be releasing a live album called The Gate in order to fund the next release, which Gira describes as “bound to be an insatiable beast.” More details as they arrive.

• Swans: http://younggodrecords.com/pages/swans

Blanck Mass announce US tour dates, new remix

At last, North America! The day you’ve all been waiting for: the announcement of tour dates for Benjamin John Power of Fuck Buttons’ other project, Blanck Mass is upon us! (Seriously, I’ve been waiting for this.) Take a deep breath… because… he’s probably not getting anywhere near your town! Unless you’re one of those blessed individuals who lives somewhere in the eastern part of this continent, where it’s cold in the winter and living history museums abound. What a country! (You, too, Canada. I know you’ve got history majors dressed up as 18th-century furriers up there, too.)

Where can you catch Blanck Mass? Well, at Basilica Soundscape, which maybe someone could fly me out for. (Just consider it.) Or at Liverpool Psychfest, which has one of the swoon-worthiest lineups currently out there. Plus, say, Boston, Philly, DC, Toronto — places like that. But if a Blanck Mass date is nowhere in your geographical future, fear not. There’s a new remix out there for you, and it’s spessssshial because Scottish duo Dalhous (Blackest Ever Black) fixed it up nice for you. You can hear “Dead Format (Dalhous remix),” the original of which comes off this year’s Dumb Flesh, right here:

07.24.15 - Sheffield, UK - Tramlines Festival
08.08.15 - London, UK - Visions Festival
08.21.15 - Bristol, UK - ArcTanGent Festival
08.28.15 - Turin, IT - Docks Dora, Todays Festival
08.29.15 - Tornhill, UK - Electric Fields
09.04.15 - Boston, MA - Great Scott
09.05.15 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda’s
09.06.15 - Washington, DC - DC9
09.08.15 - Montreal, QC - Newspeak
09.09.15 - Toronto, ON - Drake
09.11.15 - Hudson, NY - Basilica Hudson (Basilica Soundscape)
09.12.15 - Brooklyn, NY - Baby’s All Right
09.16.15 - Paris, FR - La Chaufferie (la Machine du Moulin Rouge)
09.17.15 - Nantes, FR - Scopitone, Pole Etudiant
09.18.15 - Angers, FR - Levitation Fest
09.25.15 - Liverpool, UK - Liverpool Psych Fest
10.03.15 - Essen, DE - Denovali Festival
10.09.15 - Bologna, IT - RoBOt Festival
11.06.15 - Barcelona, ES - Mira Festival

• Blanck Mass: https://blanckmass.bandcamp.com
• Sacred Bones: http://www.sacredbonesrecords.com



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