RIP: Mingiedi Mawangu, founder and former leader of Konono N°1

From Konono N°1’s Facebook page:

Mingiedi Mawangu passed away last night, in Kinshasa. He was 85. He founded Konono No.1 in the 1960s and invented his own electrified likembe, which gave Konono No.1 its distinctive sound. He led the band and toured with them until a few years ago.

He will be dearly missed by his son Augustin and the rest of the band. The funeral will take place next week.

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Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld share music video and tour dates

Well, I already told you this once, but I like saying things twice, so here we go: on April 28 saxophonist Colin Stetson and violinist Sarah Neufeld have a collaborative album coming out on Constellation. It’s called Never were the way she was, and it “charts an expansive sonic trajectory with a multiplicity of structures and voicings that belies the fundamental economy of two acoustic instruments combining in real time.” Well, gosh dang! Are we all up to speed now? Should I repeat myself some more? Well, I already told you this once, but I like… just kidding! I’ve got new info to share, too. Like the fact that the duo recently released a pretty slick new video for the “The rest of us,” a.k.a., track six on Never were the way she was.

And by golly, that’s not it. The duo has also recently announced a set of North American dates throughout the month of June. And that’s on top of some European dates in April and May, and solo dates for each artist stretching all the way from May to August. That’s a lot of dates! Attempt to visually interpret ‘em all below.

Never were the way she was tracklist:

01.The sun roars into view
02. Won’t be a thing to become
03. In the vespers
04. And still they move
05. With the dark hug of time
06. The rest of us
07. Never were the way she was
08. Flight


04.17.15 - London, UK - Islington Assembly Hall *
04.18.15 - Vienna, AT - Porgy & Bess Jazz & Music Club *
04.20.15 - Zagreb, HR - Kset *
04.22.15 - Copenhagen, DK - Jazzhouse *
04.23.15 - Oslo, NO - Victoria - Nasjonal Jazzscene *
04.24.15 - Bergen, NO - Sardinen, USF *
04.25.15 - Trondheim, NO - Dokkhuset Scene *
04.28.15 - Gent, BE - Handelsbeurs Concert Hall *
04.30.15 - Rotterdam, NL - Lantaren Venster *
05.01.15 - Groningen, NL - De Oosterpoort *
05.02.15 - Amsterdam, NL - Club Cross Linx *
05.03.15 - Eindhoven, NL - Effenaar *
05.26.15 - Orpheum Theatre - Madison, WI *
05.27.15 - St. Louis, MO - The Pageant #
05.28.15 - Louisville, KY - W.L. Lyons Brown Theatre #
05.29.15 - Indianapolis, IN - Egyptian Room #
05.30.15 - Nelsonville, OH - Nelsonville Music Festival $
05.31.15 - Knoxville, TN - Tennessee Theatre #
06.02.15 - Charlotte, NC - The Fillmore Charlotte #
06.03.15 - Richmond, VA - The National #
06.09.15 - Toronto, ON - The Great Hall *
06.10.15 - Montreal, QC - La Sala Rossa *
06.11.15 - Montreal, QC -La Sala Rossa *
06.12.15 - Quebec, QC -Le Cercle *
06.14.15 - Burlington, VT - Burlington Discover Jazz Festival *
06.16.15 - New York, NY -Bowery Ballroom *
06.17.15 - Providence, RI - Columbus Theatre *
06.18.15 - Somerville, MA - Arts At The Armory *
06.19.15 - Portsmouth, NH - 3S Artspace *
07.16.15 - Minneapolis, MN - Cedar Cultural Center @
07.17.15 - 07.18.15 - Eaux Claires, WI - Eaux Claires Festival @
07.23.15 - Dawson, YT - Dawson City Music Festival @
07.25.15 - Calgary, AB - Calgary Folk Festival @
08.01.15 - 08.02.15 - Whistler, BC - Wanderlust Festival $

* Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld
@ Colin Stetson
# Sarah Neufeld, St. Vincent
$ Sarah Neufeld

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Northern Spy makin’ Record Store Day all special with releases from Cloud Nothings and Arto Lindsay

Attention people who love lining up outside of record stores at 4 AM and trampling dudes in long-unwashed jackets in order to get a limited-edition music box with a ballerina inside of it, but instead of a ballerina, it’s a little figure of Jack White spinning around, and it plays the new Jack White single and it costs $20, but you can flip it on eBay in a few hours for $500 — yep, attention, you people: there’s a new Record Store Day release on the block!!! Well, actually two, and they’re from Northern Spy, so it’s, like, good music instead of a novelty condom that has the lyrics to Beck’s new single engraved within the ribbing.

Here’s what they have: a special reworked/remixed/what-have-you version of Cloud Nothings’ Here and Nowhere Else, featuring a bunch of faaaaabulous Ohioans. They also have a double LP version of the 2014 release of Arto Lindsay’s Encyclopedia of Arto, which includes Lindsay-selected tracks from his solo albums written between 1996-2004 plus solo voice/guitar reworkings of album tracks, as well as Prince and Al Green covers.

Ready your tramplin’ shoes, ya nerds, because Record Store Day 2015 is almost upon us!!!

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Gettin’ Synthy with It: Holger Records releases new recordings by Weber

Weber is the avant-garde synthpunk/Kraut/something project of a fella named, appropriately enough, Philipp Weber. The Leipzig, Germany resident is also half of the drum/synth/guitar Krautrock duo Webermichelson, a Holger Records mainstay. Weber’s debut album, called simply, eins, came out a year ago. These Leipzigians, they are economical with their naming possibilities.

Now Weber is back! With a release called zwei! (It means “two” in German.) There’s a little bit of dance noise happening on this one, with of course a good dose of experimentation and cold synthy nighttime sounds. The six-track recording comes in both digital and 12-inch vinyl formats and is available on May 18.


A1. Intro
A2. Sklt
A3. Dr. Clapper
A4. The Bug
B1. B1 / Warten
B2. No4

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PC Music affiliate Maxo unveils the Chordslayer EP, replete with G#min7add11, Ebmin7/Db, and Amaj9/C chords

Maxo is a pop virtuoso best known for his track “Snow Other,” the seventh single from PC Music. But the NY resident toils happily (and prolifically) on the fringes of that London-based “scene.” In fact, his music, while certainly rooted in the pristine pop adopted by PC Music, also takes influence from chiptune music, with a loose, jammy/jazzy/proggy quality due largely to his exploratory keyboard chops that complicate chordal definitions through extensions, suspensions, additions, augmentations, and all manner of hats.

His latest release is called Chordslayer, and true to its name and his style, Maxo slays through these chords with aplomb, tickling the synthetic ivories to open up the harmonies and destabalize their root notes. It’s a pretty thrilling listen that’s made even more thrilling by its own dedicated website, which details in real-time each and every chord change: G#maj9, Amaj9/C, Gsus13, Cmin11, G#min7add11, G7, Bsus9, G#9, Ebmin7/Db — all of your favorites make appearances on this bad boy. Even B!

Check out Chordslayer below (or, better yet, at the EP’s website). You might recognize the first track. ;)

Chordslayer tracklist:

01. Snow Other
02. Reach You
03. Bishonen Line
04. Mediumrare
05. Honeybell
06. Sunset BB feat. meesh

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Harsh Riddims label head plans May tour as Fit of Body with Ginko and Pamela_and her sons

There’s a pretty short list of things I could imagine myself doing six times in the month of May. Some of them I won’t list because we’re in mixed company, and others of them I won’t list because I don’t know how to spell them. However, among those things that I would definitely do six times in May, I would definitely include playing shows in North America as Fit of Body, the solo project of the label head of Atlanta’s Harsh Riddims Blood Sucking Cassette Co. I don’t know why, it just sounds fun. Of course, I am no such label head, and indeed I never will be. But, Fit of Body is planning to live my month-of-May dream and take his wobbly drum machine-driven jams on a North American tour. He’s even bringing along a couple of Atlantan cohorts in Ginko and Pamela_and her sons, the latter of whom you might remember for their direction of Guerilla Toss’s “367 Equalizer” video.

Speaking of music videos, watch the video for Fit of Body’s “House (Music)” below. It’s a track off of the recently released Health is Wealth Vol. 1. The dates are below.


05.04.2015 - Atlanta, GA - Eyedrum
05.05.2015 - Athens, GA - Go Bar, 5 Mayo Festival
05.06.2015 - Raleigh, NC - Prisma Video
05.07.2015 - Baltimore, MD - The Crown #
05.11.2015 - Montreal,QC - House Show
05.13.2015 - New York, NY - Alphaville $

# Shy Violet
$ Nicholas Nicholas

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Animal Collective and Vashti Bunyan’s Prospect Hummer EP is finally coming to vinyl, the freakiest, folkiest music format of them all

Remember back in the day when things were… simpler? I sure do. It was ca. 2005. McDonald’s served Big Macs instead of oatmeal bowls and frappe coffee drinks. Social networking consisted of trolling through that MySpace bulletin board thing they had. Gasoline was plentiful and practically free with your Big Mac. And good ol’ Animal Collective sounded almost nothing like they do now. Instead, they strummed acoustic guitars and sang about cats and rabbits and stuff (it sounded better than it reads on paper). Ahh, if only there was a way to get back to that magical place.

Well, luckily, now there kinda is. In CONSUMERISM form! FatCat Records has announced that, on May 26, it’ll be re-releasing Prospect Hummer, the freaky-folky 2005 collaboration EP that paired AnCo up with the enticingly reclusive folk music veteran Vashti Bunyan (who was herself just stepping back into the indie rock-pale limelight at the time). AND! They’re putting the thing out on freaky, folky 12-inch vinyl to mark the occasion. Woohoo! Personally, I can’t wait to momentarily escape the hideous and uncomfortable present moment for a while. See you there? Big Macs are on me.

Prospect Hummer tracklisting:

A1. It’s You
A2. Prospect Hummer
B1. Baleen Sample
B2. I Remember Learning How To Dive

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Frankie Bones to host first Storm Rave party in 22 years; stonewash jeans required for attendance

Present-day EDM scenes are not, at least occasionally, without a prominent sense of vapid commercialism; would you have guessed that a decade before Tiësto arrived on the scene and subsequently appeared on posters doubling as advertisements for GQ, clandestine event planners were literally getting beaten with baseball bats for infringing on the territory of other electronic shows, which were otherwise actively broken up in the absence of police “connects”?

New York DJ Frank Mitchell a.k.a. Frankie Bones can attest to all of this by virtue of his early-90s involvement and essential MCing of the city’s Storm Raves, which are generally considered, alongside comparable scenes in Detroit, the beginning of (and foundation for) American underground raves. Inspired by an absurdly well-attended show in England in 1989, and initially buoyed by the consumption of an unfamiliar pill, Bones conducted these raves for a year-and-a-half period until December 1992. Moby, Richie Hawtin, and Adam X (Adam Mitchell, Bones’s brother) were among those who contributed tunes to the secret warehouse furor during that time.

And now we’re dealing with a temporary revival! If shows taking place at marked locations are a turn-off for you, look forward to the first Storm Rave event in 22 years, set to take place May 16 at an as-yet unspecified warehouse in NYC. Adam X, Heather Heart, Lenny Dee, Rob Gee, and Frankie Bones himself are on the bill, and you can purchase your tickets here (even though it might seem antithetical to how things originally went).

“Psst, y’all got any more of dem techno shows?”

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Stefan Jós (Devon Hansen) announces Primitives album on Flau, premieres new track

Primitives is the upcoming debut album of Stefan Jós, the project of Montréal-based musician and video artist Devon Hansen (Lotide, D.Hansen). The album — mastered by Miles Whittaker (Demdike Stare) and mastercut by Andreras [Lupo] Lubich — will be available on LP/CD/MP3 May 18 in Europe and the US (May 16 in Japan) via Tokyo-based sister labels Flau and Raum

Primitives comes after two recent EPs: one split, one solo. The split (with Austin Cesear) was called We Live Here and was released via TMT favorite Opal Tapes. It was a small deviation from Hansen’s work under D.Hansen; in fact, with its percussion-driven experiments filling space with echoes and pots & pans sometimes creeping in at nothing more than a murmur, it could have just as easily been cataloged under that name instead of Stefan Jós. The split was followed by Things You Left Behind, Stefan Jós’s solo EP, which came out two months ago as the first release on on Flau’s new 12-inch subdivision, Raum. The four-track EP tapered We Live Here down to a crisp, supple platform independent of fillers.

This latter aesthetic is proudly displayed in Primitives’s first single is “Grotto Erotica.” While holding more of a crunch than the rest of Primitives, “Grotto Erotica” hosts a call-and-response of dungeonesque leaks and groans over a deep house swell, like a ship being rowed toward ramming speed. Check out the track here:

Primitives is available for pre-order now. Check out the tracklisting below, and if you’re heading to MUTEK Montreal, be sure to also check out Jós’s performance there.

Primitives tracklist:

01. An Introduction To Entomology
02. Trouble In The Common
03. Smack (Again)
04. Watching Them Feed
05. Spinners*
06. Roger
07. Grotto Erotica
08. Vandal Eyes
09. Primitives

* CD only

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PC Music & SOPHIE to debut “mass media network” called Pop Cube at Red Bull Music Academy NY

“Gunna eat that stage up like lobster and foie gras.”
– GFOTY, philosopher

‘Member when we recently ‘nnounced PC Music and SOPHIE’s appearance at Red Bull Music Academy NY? And ‘member it was enigmatically called Pop Cube? Wow, you do? You actually read this piece of shit website?? Cool, thanks! Anyway, turns out Pop Cube is the new “mass media network” from PC Music and SOPHIE, and it will debut May 8 at RBMA NY. Details are fuzzy, but Pop Cube currently has a website up, which includes a link to an APPEARANCE RELEASE FORM AND VOLUNTARY PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT PDF that mentions stuff like “Pop Cube Entertainment News,” Dux Content’s “Jungle Jam” (a children’s TV show), and basically turns you into A. G. Cook or something. I don’t know, read it!

In addition to the launch of Pop Cube, the participants in the RBMA event have been announced. I will be listing the participants in this paragraph. So, without further ado, here are those participants: QT, Hannah Diamond, GFOTY, SOPHIE, A. G. Cook, and Danny L Harle.

A second round of tickets for the May 8 event go on sale this Friday at 10 AM EST. More info here.

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