Billy Co)))rgan and the Smashing Pumpkins are (maybe) releasing a doom metal album

Billy Co)))rgan and the rest of the members of the Smashing Pumpkins))))))))))))) (that’s approximately how many parentheses Stephen O’Malley and Greg Anderson use in their band name, right?) are making a doom))) metal))) album))). Wooo))), get excited.

The Pumpkins))) already have two albums slated for next year: Monuments to an Elegy and Day for Night, but guitarist Jeff Schroeder))) made a no)))t-very-cryptic announcement on his Instagram about another Smashing Pumpkins project that’s in the works: “Billy and I are making a doom metal album. #smashingpumpkins #sunn,” with a helpful picture of a Sunn amplifier to go along with the reveal.

Very few details are available about the project so far, and, as Consequence of Sound notes, “This could just be a joke about Corgan and Schroeder using Sunn amps.”

Still, though, be))) prepared))). Can’t wait for the doom metal version of “1979”!

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Om Unit shares details of new EP for Metalheadz, announces North American tour

London producer Jim Coles a.k.a. Om Unit grew up with Goldie’s Metalheadz label as a huge influence. Now, everything comes full circle with the veteran drum & bass and jungle imprint signing off Coles for his latest release, Inversion. It follows up the artist’s ambitious and celestial Threads LP from last year, but this new EP is strictly in the drum & bass camp, attempting to pay homage to past greats without feeling dated. As Coles describes the new material, it’s “a nod to sound of my teenage self.” Angsty, confused, and covered in acne — just how it should be.

In advance of Inversion, Om Unit is currently touring North America, with a run of dates taking him from Orlando to Oakland through the end of the month. For those who haven’t had the privilege of seeing Coles DJ, you’re in for some cruising jungle, a dash of hardcore breakbeats, and large helpings of bass. It’s the kind of music that beats the shit out of you, but in a good way! Before Inversion drops on November 17, peep the tracklist and tour dates below.

Inversion tracklist:

01. Touching Down
02. The War (feat. Jehst)
03. The Crossing
04. Layers
05. Bardo Realms
06. Understated
07. Parallel
08. Mystic

Om Unit North American tour dates:

10.13.14 - Orlando, FL - Bullitt Bar
10.15.14 - Austin, TX - Barcelona
10.16.14 - Calgary, AB - Habitat
10.17.14 - Kelowna, BC - Flashbacks
10.18.14 - Vancouver, BC - Open Studios
10.19.14 - San Francisco, CA - F8
10.21.14 - Seattle, WA - Baltic Room
10.22.14 - Oakland, CA - New Parish

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Profligate finds the floor — coincidentally the location of Not Not Fun’s 300th release

Well, the movie certainly excelled at making the less muscular among us feel insufficiently manly, but how fortunate we are that we have music to empower us back to self-confidence! Some might be inclined to resort to tried and true motivational ballads such as “Eye of the Tiger” or the non-masturbatory interpretation of “Beat It,” but for those who are open to less obvious attempts at spurring, look no further than Profligate’s sophomore LP Finding the Floor, out in November on Not Not Fun. Philly-based Noah Anthony previously threw-back with the mildly minimal wave Come Follow Me in 2012, with a fantastic opening track that left me looking desperately for sequins (it was in its dedicated drawer).

But what’s the connection to the number 300 again? Well, Finding the Floor will actually be Not Not Fun’s 300th release since Amanda and Britt Brown founded the label back in 2004 (and as the latter accurately predicted in our interview with him back in April). Since its founding, we’ve enjoyed wonderfully trippy albums from Pocahaunted and Sun Araw, as well as the 2014 Afterhours LP that I personally enjoyed quite a bit. Plus Magic Lantern showed us the goods, only to return to law school full-time soon thereafter.

It’s certainly one of the better labels around. Head to the Chocolate Grinder for more on the album and a video for “Laughing Song.”

Finding the Floor tracklisting:

01. Girl Full of Joy
02. We’re Desperate
03. Can’t Stop Shaking
04. Dormant
05. Maniac Will Win
06. Basement
07. Laughing Song
08. Finding the Floor
09. Ambient Metal Room (Impossible)
10. We Can Have It All

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Total Freedom plans freedom tour of Europe for October and November, totally

As announced via his Facebook, Total Freedom a.k.a. Ashland Mines is exercising his total freedom to go on a mostly-European tour with sprinkles (or jimmies, depending on where you live) of North American dates here and there throughout October and the beginning of November. I’m exercising my total freedom to joke on it predictably by doing the bit that’s happening right now. He’s coming off a tour with everybody’s favorite recently-announced Björk collaborator Arca, because, as established by his stage name, he can do what he wants. Going on tour with Arca is a good thing to want to do if you ask me.

What else to say? He’s planning to visit Iceland twice, which will mean he’s been to Iceland at least two more times than I’ve ever been. He’ll be joining Kelela for the November dates. He will bring the hammer of absolute and total freedom down on the heads of those European socialists by way of his recombinant bangers, e.g. “JUSTIN W CRYPTHAND OR CHEAP TRICK CHRONICLES” which SCVSCV ground like chocolate in our mutual not-too-distant past. The full dates are embedded below, and yes, you are free to peruse them at your leisure. You could also click away instead just to spite me, but you won’t, because you know I’d find out and that it would hurt my feelings.


10.10.14 - Berlin, Germany - Berghain
10.11.14 - Paris, France - Faust
10.13.14 - Reykjavik, Iceland - On the Farm
10.17.14 - London, UK - TBA
10.19.14 - Krakow, Poland - Unsound Festival
10.22.14 - Paris, France - Balice Hertling Event
10.23.14 - Geneva, Switzerland - MJ Gallery
10.24.14 - Bucharest, Romania - Control Club
10.30.14 - New York, NY - Museum of Modern Art
10.31.14 - London, UK - Corsica Studios
11.01.14 - Berlin, Germany - Kantine at Berghain *
11.04.14 - London, UK - Corsica Studios *
11.05.14 - London, UK - Corsica Studios *
11.07.14 - Turin, Italy - Club to Club Festival *
11.08.14 - Reykjavik, Iceland - Iceland Airwaves Festival *

* Kelela

• Total Freedom:

DJ Earl and DJ Taye tour Europe in hopes of spreading the good word of Teklife

Can you spare a moment to talk about Teklife?

Thank you for inviting me into your beautiful home. I’ll only be a moment. Teklife, as you may or may not know, is music. But it’s more than just music. It’s a movement. Some might even say that Teklife… is movement.

Don’t take it from me, though. With Teklife, hearing is believing. Listen to the gospel of DJ Taye and DJ Earl. Though, like certain other religions out there, simply listening at home is not enough. Go out into the world, into the communion of Teklife. I will leave this pamphlet with you. As you can see, it details the dates that DJ Taye and DJ Earl are playing in Europe.

I hope to see you on the righteous path.

DJ Taye and DJ Earl dates:

10.10.14 - Belgrade, Serbia - 20/44
10.11.14 - London, UK - Studio Spaces E1 (Hyperdub x Teklife)
10.12.14 - London, UK - Rinse FM Session
10.17.14 - Krakow, Poland - Unsound Festival *
10.18.14 - Paris, France - Social Club
10.24.14 - Neuchatel, Switzerland - La Superette Festival
10.25.14 - Prague, Czech Republic - Neone
10.31.14 - Geneva, Switzerland - Le Zoo %

* DJ Spinn & Taso
% only DJ Taye

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• DJ Earl:
• Teklife:

Kye plans 2-day festival in New York for October, performances by Graham Lambkin and James Rushford, Vanessa Rossetto, Call Back the Giants, and more!

Last time we talked about Graham Lambkin’s Kye imprint putting on a festival I was a sopping heap of nothing but complaints and Limp Bizkit references. I mean, to be fair, the whole thing was going down in London at Cafe Oto and that is pretty far from my house, but even so, it wasn’t very professional. So, now that I’ve heard tell of yet another Kye festival, this one in New York at the ISSUE Project Room no less (somewhere I could conceivably drive without having to use a super-high-tech amphibious vehicle), I’m going to see if I can’t keep it together for a couple hundred words.

As with its London counterpart, the Kye festival at the ISSUE Project Room will take place over the course of two days, October 25 and 26. On Saturday the 25th, Tim Goss and Chloe Mutter’s Call Back the Giants, Matt Krefting, and Vanessa Rossetto will perform. Rossetto will also reportedly be joined by a super-special-secret guest (I’ve got my fingers crossed for Lee Patterson just because their collaboration on Temperament as Waveform last year was so great, but your guess is as good as mine at this point). On Sunday the 26th, Malcolm Goldstein will perform, in addition to a collaborative performance between Graham Lambkin and James Rushford. Lambkin will also present Henning Christiansen’s Opus 186 Schafe statt Geigen, a tape piece that was — awesomely — originally performed by Christiansen and 30 sheep (!!). Tickets for both days are available on the ISSUE Project Room site. To prepare yourself, take a listen below to an excerpt from Call Back the Giants’ release from last year, The Marianne.

• Kye:

Ben Frost announces V A R I A N T remix EP, seems hellbent on breaking all of our space bars

Look out, readers; winter is a-comin’ back around, and if you’re a fan of this website, I probably don’t need to sell you too hard on the stone cold creamery FACT that spooky ambient droney music is THE SHIT when it gets chilly out. What do you expect, I guess? When it’s cold and dreary out, that stuff goes down like boneless spicy-hot penguin wings at a polar bear Christmas party.

And fuck, when it comes to those sorts of jams, whose got a chillier name than Ben goddamn FROST. Pray-tell, readers! Yeah. No. You can’t. So, you know, just shut up and keep reading. :) Like I was saying, the reason we liked A U R O R A so much when it came out in the first place probably has a lot to do with the fact that it was still all frosty-cold outside in April in many parts of the Western Hemisphere.

Well, today, our lousy hemisphere is in luck, because Ben Frost has just announced a brand-new EP, entitled V A R I A N T, which is being released digitally in the US on December 9 via Mute (with a vinyl edition following some time in January). And by "new," I mean that it'll feature "remixes of tracks taken from A U R O R A.” Hey whatever, right? We’ll take it. The staff list includes a version of “Venter” reworked by British producer Evian Christ (which you can check out down below), as well as choice cuts by Regis, Dutch E Germ, HTRK, and Kangding Ray. You know all those guys, right? I do!

And heck, while I’m on a roll, check out a short film that also features Frost’s music down below as well. It was directed by Ricard Mosse, and takes place on a U.S. aircraft carrier! What more do you even need to know? Tall ho, readers! Into the darkness!


V A R I A N T EP tracklisting:

01. Venter (Evian Christ TF 12” Mix)
02. Venter (Dutch E Germ Remix)
03. Venter (HTRK Remix)
04. No Sorrowing (Kangding Ray Remix)
05. Nolan (Regis Self-Medicating Edit)

Tall, frosty tour dates:

10.16.14 - Krakow, Poland - Unsound Festival
10.18.14 - New York, NY - The Wick (Tinnitus series)
10.19.14 - Cincinnati, OH - Contemporary Arts Center
10.20.14 - Lexington, KY - Black Box Theater at the Downtown Arts Center
10.21.14 - Philadelphia, PA - Boot & Saddle
10.22.14 - Montreal, QC - Sala Rossa
10.23.14 - Quebec City, QC - Le Cercle
10.24.14 - Toronto, ON - The Garrison
10.25.14 - Mexico City, Mexico - Foto Museu Cuatro Caminos (MUTEK)
10.28.14 - Los Angeles, CA - Club Los Globos
10.29.14 - San Francisco, CA - 1015 Folsom
10.30.14 - St. Paul, MN - Amsterdam
10.31.14 - Chicago, IL - Constellation
11.05.14 - Bologna, Italy - Robot Paths
11.06.14 - Torino, Italy - Club to Club Festival
11.07.14 - Rome, Italy - RomaEuropa Festival
11.08.14 - Bari, Italy - Time Zones Festival
11.10.14 - Brighton, UK - The Haunt
11.11.14 - Bristol, UK - Thekla
11.12.14 - Birmingham, UK - Capsule
11.13.14 - London, UK - St. John at Hackney Church
11.14.14 - Manchester, UK - Gorilla
11.15.14 - Leeds, UK - Howard Assembly Room at Opera North
11.20.14 - Utrecht, Netherlands - Le Guess Who? Festival
11.21.14 - Bern, Switzerland - St. Ghetto Festival
11.23.14 - Moscow, Russia - P!PL Club

• Ben Frost:
• Mute:

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Lalo Schifrin’s Enter the Dragon soundtrack to be reissued with previously unreleased tracks

It’s a pity you were not born in Latin America. Otherwise, you’d know how influential Lalo Schifrin was to a whole generation of electro funksters. But that’s hardly a problem, because you now have a chance to get acquainted with Schifrin’s music firsthand, as Aleph Records has announced the release of an extended edition of Lalo Schifrin’s score for 1973’s Enter the Dragon. A martial arts cinema classic, Enter the Dragon features Bruce Lee’s only English-speaking starring role and was co-written by Lee himself, who also choreographed most of the action scenes. Schifrin, already a seasoned film composer, supplied a score as hard-hitting and entertaining as the motion picture itself — and in this case, that’s saying quite something. Although Enter the Dragon’s score has never been a neglected work, it is now being released in a comprehensive form, on CD, featuring several tracks previously unavailable in any format.

Perhaps Bruce Lee’s best movie, Enter the Dragon certainly is the one that cemented his worldwide stardom. The film’s score did something similar for Schifrin, who, despite having a five-decade career scoring both cult and high-profile movies and TV shows (Mission: Impossible, Cool Hand Luke, Bullit, Che!, THX 1138, Dirty Harry, Class of 1984, The Amityvile Horror, etc.) and aside from moonlighting as a jazz musician and orchestra conductor, would not be surprised to find that Enter the Dragon is his most beloved work. Sure, this might be a result of extensive sampling from the hip-hop community, but also because the score lets Schrifin showcase the full range of his abilities. Moreover, Schifrin set out to do for kung fu movies what Morricone had done for Westerns, introducing “Oriental” flourishes without exoticizing them. Thus, we get pieces like “The big battle,” which evokes melodies using electric guitar microtonalities, the blood-curdling tension of “Broken mirror,” or the superb funk of the film’s main theme, which even manages to include a couple of kiais.

Born in Argentina to a family traditionally involved in the arts, Schifrin studied composition in Paris and made his name as a film composer and jazz pianist in the US, where he relocated to in the late 50s, invited by Dizzy Gillespie. He remains active to this day, combining jazz and orchestral work with film scoring.

Enter the Dragon: Extended Edition is out November 11 via Aleph Records.

Enter the Dragon: Extended Edition tracklisting:
01. Prologue - The First Fight 2:36
02. Main Titles 2:20
03. Su-Lin (The Monk) 4:56
04. Sampans and Flashbacks 6:19
05. Han’s Island 2:54
06. The Banquet 3:02
07. Headset Jazz 2:10
08. The Gentle Softness 2:40
09. Into The Night 3:43
10. Goodbye Oharra 1:54
11. Bamboo Birdcage 2:32
12. Han’s Cruelty 3:09
13. The Human Fly 3:34
14. The Big Battle 4:47
15. Broken Mirrors 5:54
16. End Titles 1:06
17. Theme From Enter The Dragon 2:23
18. Main Titles (Alternate) 3:17

• Lalo Schifrin:
• Aleph Records:

His Name Is Alive’s latest release is a psychedelic rock opera called Tecuciztecatl

You’d think that after almost 30 years, 13 albums, and 58 (58!) releases, Warren Defever might be getting a little short on original ideas for his defiantly original His Name Is Alive project. Well apparently not, because His Name Is Alive are set to release their 14th studio album, which is called Tecuciztecatl.

The record is a psychedelic rock opera that germinated from Defever’s epic splicing of every Thin Lizzy solo from 1971 to 1983 and tells the story of “an epic struggle between identical twins, reflective in nature, and mirrored in twin science, secret language and mythology.” The opening scene of the album depicts a young mother getting an ultrasound, discovering it’s twins, and also discovering that something is going terribly wrong.

The results, as you’d expect, and as demonstrated by the first shared track “African Violet Casts a Spell,” is as bonkers as you’d expect from such a premise:

You can try and make sense of the full album and what possible relevance it has to the Aztecs’ take on the man on the moon mythology when Tecuciztecatl is released on October 28 via Light in the Attic Records.

Tecuciztecatl tracklist:

02. See You in a Minute
03. I’m Getting Alone
04. Reflect Yourself
05. I Will Disappear You
06. I Believe Your Heart Is No Longer Inside This Room
07. African Violet Casts a Spell
08. Yes Yes Yesterday
09. The Cup

• His Name Is Alive:
• Light in the Attic:

Lit City Trax announces EP from Drippin, grime’s Scottie Pippen

Norway-based producer Erik Spanne a.k.a. Drippin has crafted an anxious blend of dancehall and grime that continues to spread on the DJ circuit. Fatima Al Qadiri, Visionist, and NGUZUNGUZU have played the Scandinavian’s hard-edged workouts in their sets, and it’s not surprising because Drippin could easily find a place on Fade to Mind or Keysound. Spanne also co-runs Ball ‘Em Up, a club night in Oslo that brings some of the most innovative producers to the country. Now, Lit City Trax has tapped him for his first EP under the Drippin moniker, titled Silver Cloak.

In advance of the new release, Mixmag has premiered a collaborative cut with UK producer Neana, which rides a metallic, wound-up rhythm as synth stabs and an unsettling vocal loop keep tensions high. Drippin may have a track on Silver Cloak called “Air Jordans,” but he is most definitely grime’s answer to Scottie Pippen, for no other reason than it rhymes with Drippin. The new EP drops on November 11, and the full tracklist can be found below.

Silver Cloak tracklist:

01. Kyselina
02. Waterfall
03. Kyoto
04. Air Jordans
05. Memory Foam
06. Idono (feat. Neana)
07. Silver Cloak

• Drippin:
• Lit City Trax:

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