Santigold’s forthcoming album 99¢ features iLoveMakonnen, TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek, and more

Move over, Bieber. Santigold’s forthcoming album 99¢ is gonna be a major contender in the world of upbeat pop, featuring lyrics about the joys of our consumerist society, a radio-friendly single about digging yourself, and flute solos. But it’s out January 22 (via Atlanta), bro, so you got a little bit longer to flex those flute solo muscles. 99¢ sees her working with iLoveMakonnen, TV on The Radio’s Dave Sitek, Patrik Berger, Rostam Batmanglij, Hit Boy, Justin Raisen, Sam Dew, John Hill, and Doc McKinney.

In regards to her album title and lyrical themes, Santigold says, “we have no illusion that we don’t live in this world where everything is packaged. People’s lives, persona, everything, is deliberate, and mediated. It can be dark and haunting and tricky, and freak us out, but it can be also be silly and fun and we can learn to play with it.” The album’s cover art, a collaboration between photographer Haruhiko Kawaguchi and the Philly-born producer and singer, shows a pre-packaged Santigold shrinkwrapped with a bunch of stuff and ready for store shelves.

99¢ tracklisting:

01. Can’t Get Enough of Myself (feat. B.C.)
02. Big Boss Big Time Business
03. Banshee
04. Chasing Shadows
05. Walking in a Circle
06. Who Be Lovin Me (feat. iLoveMakonnen)
07. Rendezvous Girl
08. Before the Fire
09. All I Got
10. Outside the War
11.Run the Races
12. Who I Thought You Were

Lucrecia Dalt has a new album called Ou, out soon on Care Of Editions

Just this Tuesday I was driving home from work, nodding on with Commotus and thinking to myself, “Yo, when’s Lucrecia gonna drop another LP on us?” Seriously. No joke. That happened, and now this is happening: Lucrecia Dalt has just announced she’s dropping another album on us. It’s a follow up to last year’s How Can We Be Otherwsie? and will likely join Syzgy in my regular drive home rotation.

Let’s talk about it, friend. It’s called Ou, and it’s out December 8. It’s reportedly something of a departure form her work up until now. Described as more “filmic,” she apparently turned the recording studio into a bit of a cinema, showing New German Cinema films by the likes of Helke Sander and Werner Schroeter. The resultant LP finds her voice taking less of a center stage, consisting of four pieces with multiple “companion titles” drifting together in a “spatial, mix-like composition.” And the whole thing is out on Care of Editions, a record label that actually pays listeners to download their music with funds generated from vinyl sales. Read about the label’s experimental business model here or here (PDF) for more information, and you can explain it to me on AIM later. Until then, be sure to check out the stream of the LP’s third track “FLOTO,” which I’ve embedded below.

Ou tracklist:

01. OVER UNITY (Montic Voice / Taquión)
02. IOT (Roto / Quebrado / Suelto)
03. FLOTO (Diamagnet / Cae / Cathexis)

[Photo: Udo Siegfriedt]

Late NY noise merchants Laddio Bolocko unearth live archives via No Quarter

As a general rule, there can never be too much instrumental noise music in the world. It’s like there’s some black hole out of which our collective desire for the strange, beautiful, and often damaging strain of music falls, making us all the richer for it.

To that end, the late-90s New York noise collective Laddio Bolocko, though their time may have been brief, have managed to dig up some rare and live material for our aural pleasure. The group, whose members went on to play in venerable acts like Psychic Paramount and The Mars Volta, had previously reissued all of their studio efforts with No Quarter back in 2003, but now the label is dumping a treasure trove of esoteric Laddio Bolocko jams.

Spread out over two discs, Live and Unreleased 1997 - 2000 features live sets from New York to Slovenia and captures the group’s terrifying live shows.

No Quarter will unleash the Laddio Bolocko beast December 4, but you can pre-order the offerings now or sample 17 minute of their live antics below.

Live and Unreleased 1997 - 2000 tracklist:

01. 43 Minutes Of…
02. Utility Cassette Recordings
03. Catskills #3
04. Afrostructure pt. I
05. Afrostructure pt. II
06. Catskills #5
07. Cacophony (Catskills #2)
08. Realm of Ideas cs.
09. Wind Up / Demise
10. Improvisation
11. Columbia St. Dub
12. How About This For My Hair? Part A
13. How About This For My Hair? Part B
14. Intro / Soundcheck (Live in Slovenia)
15. Gary Coleman (Live in Slovenia)
16. As If By Remote (Live in Slovenia)
17. Beatrice The Coyote (Live in Slovenia)
18. Improvisation (Live in Slovenia)
19. Encore (Live in Slovenia)

Spectrum Spools to release Yves de Mey album in January 2016

I remember my first Autechre concert. It happened about a month ago; the lack of visuals was complemented by a decent attempt at making the venue entirely pitch black, and afterward, I resolved to walk with a severely disjointed gait for the rest of my life, so that I might physically give credence to my newly-established alternative view of the world.

Belgian musician Yves de Mey reacted somewhat differently following his own AE experience, and after years of semi-concurrent worshiping of the Depeche Mode discography (which, let’s agree, is mostly deserving of worship), he decided to harness his musical inspirations into something personally creative. Drawn with Shadow Pens is the Antwerp native’s new album on Spectrum Spools — out January 22 of next year — and the first revealed track off the album suggests that it’s an eerie continuation of the affinity for cold experimentalism that Mey demonstrated early on in his bona fide composer career. His 2011 EP for the techno-ish Sandwell District label (since deactivated) certainly evinces a similar tone.

And what would an otherwise engineer and active collaborator with Peter Van Hoesen know about musical tone, you say? We might also ask a snake what it knows about slithering. Those slippery fuckers.

Here’s the track:

Drawn with Shadow Pens tracklisting:

01. Prelament
02. Adamance
03. Remains Of Rays
04. Ostia
05. Xylo
06. Yearned
07. Stabbings In Fluid
08. Moinen
09. Single Patch End

Rustie dropping new album EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE tomorrow

Just weeks ago, Rustie was in the hospital undergoing treatment for diabetes. But the Scottish producer/snorkeler goes so hard he released a fuckin track while there. And now, following the release of single “First Mythz” earlier this week, Rustie has gone ahead and announced a new album called EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE, and it’s dropping TOMORROW.

Check out another track from the album, “Peace Upzzz,” here:

EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE, the follow-up to last year’s Green Language, will be out courtesy of Warp. Believe it.


01. Coral Elixrr [feat. Rustie]
02. First Mythz
03. Atlantean Airship
04. 4Eva [feat. Rustie]
05. Big Catzz
06. Peace Upzzz [feat. Rustie]
07. Your Goddezz
08. Coral Castelz
09. What U Mean [feat. Rustie]
10. Morning Starr [feat. Rustie]
11.. Death Bliss
12. New Realm
13. Emerald Tabletz
14. Open Heartzz
15. 444Sure [feat. Rustie]

They Might Be Giants announce new LP Why?, upcoming dates, and an updated list of countries with changed-names

Better hold on to somethin’, all you aging “alt rock” parents, hapless little kids of those parents, and whimsical carnival folk out there! Because not only are the legendary They Might Be Giants (a.k.a. “Brooklyn’s Original Animal Collective”) STILL A THING, but they’re about to release their second new album of weird, fun, ya-know… “alternative music” of 2015 and embark on a giant, goofy, pastel-colored ticker-tape parade of these United States to celebrate! Hooray? Hooray!

Coming fresh on the heels of this year’s Glean, the new album is called Why? and hits the streets like an ill-prepared trapeze artist on November 27 via their own Idlewild Records label. Heck, you can even pre-order the CD/digital album and all its accompanying swag — including t-shirts and yo-yos (seriously) — right now (unless you’re one of those hapless little kids, in which case you might not have a credit card).

Oh, and don’t forget that this venerable CIRCUS of a rock band, ya know, IS STILL RELEASING A NEW SONG AND VIDEO EVERY SINGLE FREAKIN’ WEEK this year through their Dial-A-Song project, available toll-free via phone at (844) 387-6962 and at, um, No big deal. All in a day’s work under the Big Top.

These Might Be Tour dates (all shows are ages 14+ unless otherwise noted):

11.04.15 - Adelaide, Australia - The Gov
11.05.15 - Brisbane Qld, Australia - Tivoli Theatre
11.06.15 - Sydney, Australia - Enmore Theatre
11.07.15 - Melbourne, Australia - Forum Theatre
11.19.15 - Portland, ME - Port City Music Hall
11.20.15 - Uncasville, CT - Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun
11.21.15 - Burlington, VT - Higher Ground Ballroom
11.29.15 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg
12.31.15 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg
01.01.16 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg
01.02.16 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg
01.27.16 - Leeds, UK - Brudenell Social Club
01.28.16 - Newcastle - Riverside
01.30.16 - Belfast - Limelight 1
01.31.16 - Glasgow - Celtic Connections Festival (2 shows)
02.01.16 - Manchester - Academy 2
02.03.16 - Cambridge - Cambridge Junction
02.04.16 - London - Shepherd’s Bush Empire
03.17.16 - Baltimore, MD - Ram’s Head Live
03.18.16 - Covington, KY - Madison Theatre
03.19.16 - Milwaukee, WI -Turner Hall
03.20.16 - Chicago, IL (Kids Show) - Vic Theatre
03.23.16 - Denver, CO - Gothic Theatre
03.26.16 - Los Angeles, CA - El Rey Theatre
03.27.16 - San Diego, CA - Belly Up
03.29.16 - Tucson, AZ - Rialto Theatre
03.31.16 - Austin, TX - Stubb’s
04.01.16 - Houston, TX - Warehouse Live
04.02.16 - New Orleans, LA - House of Blues
04.03.16 - Pensacola, FL - Vinyl Music Hall
04.05.16 - Tampa, FL - The State Theatre
04.07.16 - Asheville, NC - Orange Peel
04.08.16 - Atlanta, GA - Variety Playhouse
04.09.16 - Raleigh, NC - Cat’s Cradle
04.10.16 - Philadelphia, PA - Theatre of Living Arts


Ahnnu and Leaving Records announce combined vinyl release of World Music and Perception

Maybe you have one of those 21st-century record players that only pulls 20-second snippets from the entirety of your record collection and then compiles them into hour-long listening sessions (I’m assuming they exist), but most people don’t, and most people would probably prefer something a bit more smoothly produced than music delivered through the quick action of those fancy robotic arms. That’s where L.A. producer Ahnnu comes in, and even though the current Perception is less of an obvious patchwork than some of his previous fabrics, it fits right alongside them when you consider both the relative concision and the classy acceptance of samples and field recordings that would otherwise just be out on the street somewhere. Thanks for taking them in, Ahnnu.

And thanks to both him and Leaving for acting on the obvious musical adjacency by releasing Perception and 2013’s World Music (one of our favorites from that year) on a 2xLP, available now through the Stones Throw Store. The release is the first vinyl tribute for both albums, and in addition to the expected tracks, World Music remixes from Fumitake Tamura, EMV, Nerftoss, Andrew Pekler, and Leaving head Matthewdavid add some bonus to your already valued buck.

I think you should do it.

String Noise to release violin renditions of punk classics on Northern Spy

Alright, kids. Let’s be fucking PUNK ROCK about this. Ready? Here we go.

String Noise is husband-and-wife duo Pauline Kim Harris and Conrad Harris. And there isn’t SHIT you can DO ABOUT THAT.

They are releasing a new album November 27 on Northern Spy called The Book of Strange Positions (TBOSP) as a fucking punk-as-fuck pre-orderable cassette and digital download. NO MATTER WHAT the goddamn MAN in the WHITE HOUSE says.

TBOSP contains 11 songs — and ZERO APOLOGIES, asshole — in a “mix of classic punk covers ” (of the likes of Black Flag, Bad Brains, Violent Femmes, Radiohead, and Half Japanese) and “original arrangements” of music by composer Eric Lyon. For example, one of the tracks, “Violent Phase,” “applies phasing techniques common in early music by Steve Reich (such as Violin Phase, the basis for the portmanteau title) to melodies from the Violent Femmes’ song ‘Blister in the Sun.’” And I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE THINKING, and the answer is NO: I DON’T know what “portmanteau” means.

Anyway, you can check out a sample (or DON’T. WHICHEVER.) down at the bottom of this terse fucking article… and, honestly, if you don’t LIKE THAT? You can go STICK IT.

The Book of Strange Positions tracklisting:

01. Gimme Gimme Gimme
02. The Book of Strange Positions
03. Gone Daddy Gone
04. In Limbo
05. Violent Phase
06. Folk Noise
07. Noise Impromptu
08. Two Kinds of Noise
09. Don’t Need It
10. We Do Parties
11. No More Beatlemania

d’Eon announces new Foxconn / Trios EP

With an awesomely apostrophe’d (last) name like “d’Eon,” you might suspect a supernatural ability to bypass the laws of physics and independently time travel, not just through years or decades, but through eons, prior to when even dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Amoebae make refreshingly uncritical listeners if you’re an artist/producer just looking to wallow in personal creativity, but if you value your work and therefore consider improvement a perpetual goal, humans are obviously the audience that you’d like to consider. Hopefully humans are the purchasers of the new d’Eon EP Foxconn / Trios, because the Montreal native endured some unexpected whiplash going back three years just for the sake of it. Those trips to the Paleolithic offer so many more reclining opportunities!

The release on Kuedo and Joe Shakespeare’s Knives imprint was originally recorded in 2012, during which Chris d’Eon was firmly entrenched alongside Hippos In Tanks doing a series of conceptual Music for Keyboards. He also did a dual album thing with Grimes back in 2011, and excepting his unexpectedly solid DnB work under the Kallisti moniker, you might have a general sense of what to expect: Something experimental! Something conceptual! Something… akin to one of those super cool reversible jackets that you had as a kid?

Here’s d’Eon on the latter point; the EP is out November 27:

The tracks comprising the record freely and irregularly travel both forward and backward in MIDI-time. By putting together small arrangements using low sample-rate soundfonts in a tracker, and by writing short loops that are legible both forwards and backwards, the MIDI information can be traversed in any arbitrary direction at any arbitrary intervals and still be harmonically and contrapuntally sound. Ordinary rhythmic patterns are inherently legible regardless of the firing order of events because of a snare’s inherent role as the up beat and a kick’s as the down beat. If all notes in a phrase and all chords in a progression work equally well with their neighbours before them and their neighbour after, the direction of the clock is irrelevant. If those conditions are met, a 32-bar, two- three- or four-chord pattern with a single melody is easily made into a fully through-composed piece of music that could continue for hours without any pattern repetition at all.

Also, go here for a sample.

Foxconn / Trios tracklisting:

01. Sobha Renaissance Information Technology
02. Transparency Part III – ii
03. Satyam Integrated Engineering Solution
04. Foxconn I
05. Samsung India Software Operations I
06. Samsung India Software Operations II
07. Infosys II
08. Datamatics Global Services II
09. Foxconn II

Eleanor Friedberger (Fiery Furnaces) announces new album New View

Oh sweet, sweet Eleanor, she of the furnaces so fiery, she of the solo LPs Personal Record and Last Summer, the very ones spun with breezy abandon late into summer nights, she has returned, triumphantly, excitedly, and bearing news of a new album. New View, that’s what it’s called, and January 22, that’s when it’s out. “What label, pray tell?” But of course, Frenchkiss!

“Could I trouble you for a bit from the press release, perhaps on how the album was recorded?” I am happy to oblige, dear friend. You see, these songs, though written and composed by Eleanor Friedberger, they were arranged in conjunction with her backing band Icewater and recorded straight to tape in a converted barn in Germantown, NY. The result, as you might predict, has been described as “rustic” and “perhaps a bit dusty from all the hay laying around.”

“What about…” No! There’s no more time for questions. Friedberger has a few select dates planned for November, and if we’re to make it to them in time and on foot, we have to leave now. I will leave you only with the final note that, yes, my mother is doing well. I texted her earlier and despite some minor complaints about her foot pain, she’s had a lovely morning and early afternoon. Please enjoy the now factually inaccurate “He Didn’t Mention His Mother” from the album that I have embedded below, be sure to check out the non-album track “False Alphabet City,” and pre-order as you see fit.

New View tracklist:

01. He Didn’t Mention His Mother
02. Open Season
03. Sweetest Girl
04. Your Word
05. Because I Asked You
06. Never Is A Long Time
07. Cathy With The Curly Hair
08. Two Versions Of Tomorrow
09. All Known Things
10. Does Turquoise Work?
11. A Long Walk


11.02.2015 - Los Angeles, CA - Bardot
11.03.2015 - San Francisco, CA - Brick & Mortar
11.05.2015 - Los Angeles, CA - El Cid
11.09.2015 - New York, NY - Piano’s
11.10.2015 - Brooklyn, NY - Union Pool

[Photo: Joe DeNardo]