Gobby does collaborative art exhibit in NYC; new video updates us on a blue-collar Kermit

To be sure, Wakng Thrst For Seeping Banhee is intriguing enough without a visual complement, but as you might’ve noticed when the album was first announced, alongside the video unveiling for “Red Seal,” things have the potential to get so much more fascinating than our boring ol’, literally-wireless lives. Let’s all yearn for a universal marionette depiction, and suddenly, our monotonous trips to the grocery store will become entertaining bounces with the trolley up and down the aisles! Check out the new Gobby music video below for further confirmation; just look at that awesome toilet interaction:

The video is courtesy of who, again? Well, Gobby of course, but also Nicholas Buffon and Brooklyn artist Allegra Crowther, all three of whom are putting on a collaborative exhibition at the New York project space Shoot the Lobster, starting now and lasting through August 3. “Pleh” features drawings and comics created by Gobby over the past six years (including his first commercially printed comic book), as well as videos and video props from the trio. It should be noted further that this is Gobby’s first “comprehensive exhibition” anywhere, so if you’re looking to dive into his creative — and not just musical — mind, this seems like a rare opportunity to do so.

I mean, it’s potentially less disturbing than entering his home and stumbling upon this. Eye contact. “Oh, ummm… sorry.”

• Gobby: http://www.gobbygobby.com
• UNO NYC: http://www.unonyc.com

Oneohtrix Point Never replaces Death Grips on select dates for the Nine Inch Nails-Soundgarden tour

Oneohtrix Point Never, the side project of retired NBA player Chuck Person, has just been announced as one of three replacement acts (the others being Cold Cave and the Dillinger Escape Plan) for Death Grips, who earlier this month called it quits (via a small piece of cloth normally for use in wiping the lips and fingers and to protect the clothes while eating), just days before their scheduled tour with Nine Inch Nail and Soundgarden. The change-ups should be seamless, though, because all music sounds the same. Quoth Lopatin:

Sharing the stage with NIN means a great deal to me, and I’m honored to be replacing Death Grips on this tour. The last amphitheater tour I did was with Sigur Rós, in which audiences had no idea whether or not I was performing because I was behind a giant sheet. I’m happy to say that the setup is going to incredible on this run. Thus, I’m attempting to write 30 minutes of customized hard rock cyberdrone specifically for this tour. I am grateful to Trent Reznor and his production team for all their help.

So there you have it. Special hard rock cyberdrone set! Looks like Mr. Person (a.k.a. Daniel Lopatin) has found his way, after all.

07.19.14 - Las Vegas, NV - Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino
07.21.14 - Morrison, CO - Red Rocks Amphitheater
07.22.14 - Morrison, CO - Red Rocks Amphitheater
07.24.14 - Tinley Park, IL - First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre
07.26.14 - Clarkston, MI - DTE Energy Music Theatre
07.27.14 - Toronto, ON - Molson Canadian Amphitheatre
07.29.14 - Mansfield, MA - XFINITY Center
07.30.14 - Camden, NJ - Susquehanna Bank Center
08.01.14 - Wantagh, NY - Nikon at Jones Beach

• Oneohtrix Point Never: http://pointnever.com

As a reminder that he is pretty famous, Beck plans a Song Reader album featuring Jack White, Jarvis Cocker, Jeff Tweedy, and many others

“Hey,” Beck says, “did you forget for a second that I’m super famous and have super famous friends that have done things like star in the popular film School of Rock and help to write a song that went on to be covered by William Shatner with the help of Ben Folds?”

“Wow, Mr. Hansen,” I start to say, impressed at how famous he is, but he interrupts me.

“That’s Mr. Beck, to you, peon! I’m so famous that my albums come with sequels these days! I don’t know, maybe some of my albums might even become trilogies with the third installment split into two parts like the popular film series The Hunger Games,” he says.

The Hunger Games is indeed a popular film series, why just the other day my neighbor was saying…” I begin before getting cut off again.

“I’m sure you’ve heard of my Song Reader project. How I originally released it as a sumptuous…”

“Good word choice, Mr. Beck!” I interject.

“But of course. It’s a sumptuous book from McSweeney’s so other people could play the songs I wrote instead of me having to mess with recording them because I was busy planning album sequels and beds shaped like my face,” he intones.

“Oh, I know. I even wrote a news post once acknowledging such facts,” I offer.

“Ah, good. Well would you mind whipping up another one for me?” he asks, wistfully.

“Sure, no problem. What should it say?” I ask, eager to please.

“Well, be sure to remind people that I’m famous, of course, and that I have famous friends like Fun., Jeff Tweedy, Jack White, Jack Black, Jarvis Cocker, David Johansen, and Sparks.”

“No problem, friend,” I say, still eager.

“Well, first off, I’m not your friend, bucko. And second off, would you mind saying that I said something like ‘All these folks really took the ball in their own court and dribbled it real good and ran with it’ about how good the record is?” he asks.

“Absolutely! How about something like ‘It amazes me to hear how these musicians have made the songs their own and in the process revealed that the interpretation is the living breathing soul of the piece?’ People love it when you use the word ‘soul’ in press releases,” I say as I make up facts.

“Wow! Really? That’s a fact I didn’t know! Gonna keep that one in the ole back pocket,” he says as he smiles for the first time during our conversation.

“I guess all that’s left to do is to say the release date, which is July 29. It was nice to meet you, Mr. Beck!” I say. But as if he were the wind, he is gone.

Song Reader tracklist:

01. Moses Sumney: “Title of this Song”
02. Fun.: “Please Leave A Light On When You Go”
03. Tweedy: “The Wolf is on the Hill”
04. Norah Jones: “Just Noise”
05. Lord Huron: “Last Night You Were A Dream”
06. Bob Forrest: “Saint Dude”
07. Jack White: “I’m Down”
08. Beck: “Heaven’s Ladder”
09. Juanes: “Don’t Act Like Your Heart Isn’t Hard”
10. Laura Marling: “Sorry”
11. Jarvis Cocker: “Eyes That Say ‘I Love You’”
12. David Johansen: “Rough On Rats”
13. Jason Isbell: “Now That Your Dollar Bills Have Sprouted Wings”
14. The Last Polka: “Marc Ribot”
15. Eleanor Friedberger: “Old Shanghai”
16. Sparks: “Why Did You Make Me Care?”
17. Swamp Dogg: “America, Here’s My Boy”
18. Jack Black: “We All Wear Cloaks”
19. Loudon Wainwright III: “Do We? We Do”
20. Gabriel Kahane with Ymusic: “Mutilation Rag”

• Beck: http://www.beck.com
• Capitol: http://www.capitolrecords.com

Daniel Martin-McCormick finally done fucking around: Planet Mu announces Ital’s Endgame, out August 25

Ital is done with this bullshit. Daniel Martin-McCormick has spent his entire career unable to commit to his goals, never living up to his own ambition, and really just testing his wide listenership’s everlasting patience. From D.C. hardcore act Black Eyes to dance-punk destroyers Mi Ami, we have all been left in the dust wondering, “where is this all really going?

Thankfully, DMM has announced Endgame, an album that, judging by the title, will finally respond to our desperate need for goal-oriented-forward-thinking dance music. Endgame follows up 2012’s double whammy of Hive Mind and Dream On, both of which were released on Planet Mu, as well as numerous 12-inches and a collaboration with Hieroglyphic Being.

Martin-McCormick’s ultimatum of an album was mixed with the illustrious M. Geddes Gengras at the former’s L.A. studio and mastered by the well-respected Rashad Becker. After passing through these numerous committees, Endgame will finally see the light of day August 25 on double LP/CD and digital releases. Prepare for a truly culminating experience.

Endgame tracklist:

01. Relaxer
02. Endgame
03. Whispers in the Dark
04. Coagulate
05. Dancing
06. Concussion
07. Beacon
08. White II
09. Black Dust
10. Oche

• Ital: https://www.facebook.com/realoriginalital
• Planet Mu: http://www.planet.mu

New video for Lil Silva’s forthcoming Mabel EP makes this writer feel bad

Last month, British producer Lil Silva announced a new EP titled Mabel, set for an August release through True Panther/Good Years. It will consist of his own productions and, for the first time, his own vocal performances. Also last month, I made a lil silly about Lil Silva’s cute name and the variety of his accomplishments — ranging from a Sampha collaboration to the construction of some admirable building block towers.

No slight intended — this man writes top music — but, even so, I felt a bit bad watching the newly released video for the EP’s title track. Directed by video artist and photographer Laura Coulson, it hovers over childhood memories and puts a point on the track’s intent, which is as a dedication to Silva’s grandmother. Evocative, sincere, all those things — keep an eye on this EP.

• Lil Silva: https://soundcloud.com/lilsilva
• True Panther: http://www.truepanther.com
• Good Years: https://www.facebook.com/goodyearsldn

Holly Herndon’s new 10-inch Body Sound is more robot-sex dance music

Robots! They’re everywhere these days. Cleaning your floor, scouring the ocean floor looking for shipwrecks, reading the news on Japanese TV, and just generally freakin’ everybody out. They’re kinda scary and yet kinda cool, am I right? So don’t act like you haven’t thought about this question before: what would it be like if a robot learned how to love?

That’s the question answered by Holly Herndon’s music. Yes. Her musical aesthetic is “robot learning how to love.” Or at least it operates in an area of computer music that’s warm and vivid and awash in beautiful things, like love and shit, but still a wee bit cold and mechanical and well… computer-y. And it’s a wonderful thing, really, so it’s all the more exciting that Ms. Herndon’s new 10-inch, Body Sound, is coming out via Infinite Greyscale on July 17. It’s a single-sided baby blue 10-inch and boy is that single side purdy lookin’. In case you’re wondering, the song is a collab between Herndon and choreographer/dancer Cuauhtemoc Peranda for a performance that went down at Stanford’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics. Read more about its creation here, and listen to the whole thing below:

Behold! Body Sound! Preorder the record in all its glory on the Infinite Greyscale website. The release is limited to 300 numbered copies and features handmade artwork.

• Holly Herndon: http://www.hollyherndon.com
• Infinite Greyscale: http://infinitegreyscale.wordpress.com

Jennifer Castle doesn’t need a choir or orchestra when she’s got Owen Pallett; new album coming in September

Sometimes sparseness can hit harder than a wall of noise.

Jennifer Castle is an example of this.

Her simple, haunting folk tracks pack hard, heavy punches.

Pink City is her new album, which demonstrates her sparse craft.

Pink City will be released on September 2 via No Quarter Records.

The record is simple: guitar, piano, and voice.

Owen Pallet also adds some string arrangements.

You can have your mind… very… slowly… blown by the haunting beauty of the lead single “Nature” right now.

Right here:

• Jennifer Castle: https://www.facebook.com/jennifercastlemusic
• No Quarter: http://noquarter.net

MNDSGN signs to Stones Throw/Leaving Records, readies lots of nw msc

MNDSGN — pronounced “mind design” or “mundisgen” — is L.A.-based producer Ringgo Ancheta, a prolific beatmaker who has released plenty of music via his Bandcamp and smaller labels like Fresh Selects. Now, Ancheta has signed to both the influential Stones Throw label and Matthewdavid’s Leaving Records imprint, readying an LP for the former and a tape for the latter. Mzl tv!

The first release, Surface Outtakes, is ALREADY available as a limited cassette. Later in the summer, Stones Throw will put out Yawn Zen, an album that “comes from a very neutral place that we, sometimes, are too busy to realize is there,” according to the producer. Could Ancheta be talking about Delaware, Switzerland, and/or Canada? At the moment, it’s unclear. Either way, this son of a neuroscientist seems to be making way more tunes than he can find a home for, which is solid news for instrumental hip-hop fans. Also of note is a new, monthly Boiler Room series titled “Breakfast with Ringgo,” with Ancheta spinning records alongside friends like Knxwledge. Before Yawn Zen is released on August 26, the lead single “Txt” can be heard below, and head to the Chocolate Grinder for a cut from Surface Outtakes called “Eggs.”

Yawn Zen tracklist:

01. Yawn
02. Homewards
03. Sheets
04. Frugality
05. Exchanging
06. Convert
07. Arklite
08. Camelblues
09. Txt (MSGS)
10. AM
11. Afternoon Shuffle
12. Zen

• MNDSGN: http://mndsgn.biz
• Stones Throw: http://www.stonesthrow.com
• Leaving: http://leavingrecords.com

RIP: Tommy Ramone, drummer for The Ramones

From The Ramones’ official Twitter account:

We are saddened to announce the passing of Ramones founding drummer Tommy (Erdelyi) Ramone. #RIPTommyRamone

• The Ramones: http://www.ramones.com

RIP: Charlie Haden, jazz musician

From ECM Records:

It is with deep sorrow that we announce that Charlie Haden, born August 6, 1937 in Shenandoah, Iowa, passed away today at 10:11 Pacific time in Los Angeles after a prolonged illness. Ruth Cameron, his wife of 30 years, and his children Josh Haden, Tanya Haden, Rachel Haden and Petra Haden were all by his side.

• Charlie Haden: http://www.charliehadenmusic.com
• ECM Records: http://www.ecmrecords.com