Solo man Gabriel Saloman (ex-Yellow Swans) to release Movement Building Vol. 1 on Shelter Press

Gabriel Salomon, who was totally the Teller in the seminal Penn and Teller-inspired noise band Yellow Swans (Think about it, man.), will release Movement Building Vol. 1 next month via French experimental label Shelter Press. The LP is the first in a series that showcases Salomon’s choreography-inspired compositions, which have steadily embraced the use of piano and strings over the years. No need to worry though; Yellow Swans fans that have kept pace with Salomon over the years know this man can still bastardize tranquility like no other.

Movement Building Vol. 1 consists of a single track called “The Disciplined Body,” a 34-minute tightrope walk of composure and disorder stretched across both sides of the album. The track was composed with Daisy Karen Thompson’s “Re-Marks on Source Material” in mind. Saloman plans to follow Movement Building Vol. 1 with a second LP in the near future, followed by a CD set of both compositions, which will certainly be heard in the boomboxes of dancing buskers all over NYC.

In fact, why wait? Stream an excerpt from the album below; do yourself a favor and watch this video on mute while you listen.

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• Shelter Press:

WIFE announces world tour supporting Tri Angle debut What’s Between, makes metalheads uncomfortable

Former black metal front man James Kelly a.k.a. WIFE has been keeping quite busy since Altar of Plagues immolated itself (they “broke up”) last year. In 2012, Kelly announced his dark pop-oriented project and released the Stoic EP on Throwing Snow’s left_blank imprint. Now, in support of What’s Between — his recently released debut LP for Tri Angle — WIFE is setting out on a world tour that will see him in Europe, the US, Japan, and Russia! Russia in winter sounds perfect for Kelly’s new, brooding indie style. I just watched Rocky IV this week, so I keep picturing Kelly in a snowy Siberian wasteland, training for his shows in a rapid-fire montage.

Starting in the UK, WIFE will cross the pond and play a string of dates on both American Coasts, including a spot at Seattle’s beloved Decibel Festival. From there, he’ll return to Europe for a few shows, take a break, perform a ritual sacrifice, and then: it’s Tokyo baby! I’m pretty sure the Tower Records in Shibuya will have a WIFE display and teenage boys and girls will be headbanging to his emotive bass sounds when he plays Galaxy Gingakei and Hall Shinseiki. The full list of WIFE dates can be found below, and metalheads, we promise we won’t judge you for liking it.

WIFE tour dates:

09.13.14 - Leeds, UK - Belgrave Music Hall
09.16.14 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
09.17.14 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall Of Williamsburg
09.19.14 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer
09.23.14 - Los Angeles, CA - Los Globos
09.24.14 - San Francisco, CA - Brick & Mortar Music Hall
09.26.14 - Seattle, WA - Decibel Festival
10.03.14 - Bologna, Italy - Robot Festival
10.04.14 - Brussels, Belgium - Ancienne Belgique
10.10.14 - Dublin, Ireland - The Workmans Club
11.06.14 - Tokyo, Japan - Galaxy Gingakei
11.11.14 - Tokyo, Japan - Hall Shinseiki
11.19.14 - Glasgow, UK - Nice N Sleazy
11.20.14 - London, UK - Waiting Room
11.28.14 - Moscow, Russia - Dewars Powerhouse
11.29.14 - St. Petersburg, Russia - Da:Da
12.12.14 - Kortrijk, Belgium - De Kreun

• Tri Angle:

Round up your alien friends and pass that doobie… Arp releasing cosmic new EP on Mexican Summer

Space is a terrifying place, filled with existential angst, possible aliens, and dead wives who reappear to mess with your conceptions of reality. (Solaris nerd joke, sorry not sorry.)

But not in the music of Arp. The man behind Arp, Alexis Georgopoulos, makes spaced-out cosmic psych pop that sounds like smokin’ a doobie on one of Saturn’s rings with a friendly alien, who gives the peace sign a lot and has a “Keep Austin Weird” bumper sticker on his spaceship. His space IS the place, a warm fuzzy wonderful place. Last year he released the album MORE by himself, but this year he wanted to invite some human friends into the studio and kick out some jams together because friendship is great.

The result is Pulsars e Quasars, a new EP dropping September 23 via Mexican Summer; pre-order here. Fun fact: Georgopoulos is also a music writer specializing in pop and avant-garde music, and has written for i-D, V, ANP Quarterly, BOMB, The Fader, and Vice. Listen to the title track and read the tracklist below:

Pulsars e Quasars tracklist:

01. Suns
02. Pulsars e Quasars
03. Chromatiques (Extended Mix)
04. UHF1
05. On Returning
06. The Violet Hour (Film Dub)
07. Persuasion (Version by Le Révélateur)

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• Mexican Summer:

Rhino preps Captain Beefheart reissues, plus an album of unreleased Beefheart magic

I hold a stupid grudge against Don Van Vliet, a.k.a. Captain Beefheart, because his death resulted in me losing a bet (I predicted that Amy Winehouse would die first, but she held out for eight more months). Morbid? Yes. Stupid? Also yes. Luckily, that grudge does not prevent me from appreciating or enjoying Captain Beefheart in all his surreal, experimental glory, so I can still get excited about Rhino Records’ plan to re-release three classic Beefheart albums, all lovingly remastered, plus an album full of previously unreleased material.

The four albums will be collected into a box set called Sun Zoom Spark, taking its name from a track on Beefheart’s Clear Spot. Spanning from 1970 to 1972, the set includes the three albums Beefheart released after the masterful Trout Mask Replica: Lick My Decals Off, Baby, The Spotlight Kid, and Clear Spot.

The previously unreleased material included on the fourth album features outtakes and alternate versions of songs like “Dirty Blue Gene” and “The Witch Doctor Life.” Listen to “When It Blows Its Stacks” off The Spotlight Kid below:

• Rhino:

Dean Blunt shares Black Metal album details, double LP out in November; listen to “50 Cent”

“When you go to the club and every record they’re playing is yours, you try to go left, and I made that mistake…there’s always time fi reason…”
— Dean Blunt in conversation with Ninjaman, JA, 2014

And that is all the explanation we get from Dean Blunt regarding his new album, just put up for preorder on the Rough Trade Webstore. Here’s what else we’re able to suss out: it is indeed called Black Metal, it’s available as a single CD or “heavy pressing” double LP, it has 13 tracks, the cover is all black, it’s out on November 3/4, and it ends with the two songs released earlier this year as part of his “Urban” performance/Cîroc Boyz promotional night. Various tour dates are scheduled around Europe in the album lead-up (see below), and thus-far-unannounced US dates are happening in November as well.

If you preorder on iTunes or Amazon digitally, you’ll get those two tracks plus this here swinging song (which was itself available for a short time earlier in the year), “50 Cent”:

Between his last solo album proper, The Redeemer, and Black Metal, Blunt has released a digital album in Russia and a mixtape on SoundCloud, staged a free jazz concert, freestyled on the radio, screened the entirety of Kevin Hart’s stand-up documentary Laugh at My Pain in a makeshift night club at the ICA, readied a new album from Hype Williams for Hyperdub, shared videos, staged plays, put on the producer hat for Joanne Robertson, and probably six or seven other things I’m forgetting. #blackmetalseazon

Black Metal tracklist:

01. LUSH
02. 50 CENT
03. BLOW
04. 100
08. X
09. PUNK
11. HUSH

Tour dates:

09.28.14 - Bristol, UK - Off The Page
10.03.14 - Barreiro, Portugal - Out.Fest
10.04.14 - Madrid, Spain - Villamanuela Festival
10.18.14 - Wroclaw, Poland - Avant Art Festival
11.13.14 - London, UK - Electrowerkz
11.21.14 - Utrecht, Netherlands - Le Guess Who? Festival
11.22.14 - Bern, Switzerland - Saint Ghetto Festival
11.23.14 - Kortrijk, Belgium - Sonic City
12.07.14 - Olomouc, Czech Republic - Paf

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• Rough Trade:

The Growlers announce totally not-racist new album Chinese Fountain, as well as some totally way-sexist tour dates

“Remember, remember, the twenty-third of September.” Why? Well, because it’s my fucking BIRTHDAY, that’s why. Yes, hello: I AM A PERSON, READER, not just some specific (and often hilarious) coagulation of letters congregating on your shitty computer screen from time to time when you see it fit to conjure me up! Pleased to meet you, you ingrate! Goddamn you. Smarmy internet generation kids and your everything-on-demand attitude… I’ll be fucking 31 years-old this year. Don’t you forget!

Wait a minute… nope, my birthday’s in October. Sorry! September 23 is just when gothic-tinged So-Cal psych band The Growlers’ fifth album comes out on the Everloving Records label! Honest mistake. Let’s just carry on, shall we? Allons-y?

So… fifth album, huh? What’s that like? Glad you asked, because I feel totally awkward right now! Let’s see: “The band played better than they’ve ever played,” says singer Brooks Nielsen. “There’s less screwing around to get the songs laid out and we weren’t waiting around for take after take. We knew it and we played without much time to spare.” Which is to say that, according to their press release, they spent “about three weeks writing the tracks, and about half that time in the studio recording them.” Which is, in turn, to say that stuff probably sounds like spooky beach-psych is meant to (peep the first single down below as proof) and they didn’t overthink their shit this time around. Hmm. Sounds like they’d be great TMT news writers, huh?

Chinese Fountain tracklisting:

01. Big Toe
02. Black Memories
03. Chinese Fountain
04. Dull Boy
05. Good Advice 03:24
06. Going Gets Tuff
07. Magnificent Sadness
08. Love Test
09. Not The Man
10. Rare Hearts
11. Purgatory Drive

The Growlers on tour:

09.05.14 - Denver, CO - Hi Dive
09.06.14 - Denver, CO - Hi Dive
09.08.14 - Lawrence, KS - Bottleneck
09.09.14 - Minneapolis, MN - 7th Street Entry
09.10.14 - Chicago, IL - Lincoln Hall
09.11.14 - Ann Arbor, MI - Blind Pig
09.12.14 - Toronto, ON - Lee’s Palace
09.13.14 - Montreal, QC - Il Motore
09.14.14 - Allston, MA - Brighton Music Hall
09.17.14 - Columbus Theatre - Providence, RI
09.18.14 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
09.19.14 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda’s
09.20.14 - Washington, DC - Black Cat Mainstage
09.22.14 - Atlanta, GA - The Earl
09.23.14 - Nashville, TN - Exit In
09.24.14 - Memphis, TN - Hi Tone Cafe
09.25.14 - Dallas, TX - Dada
09.26.14 - Houston, TX - Fitzgerald’s Upstairs
09.27.14 - Austin, TX - Scoot Inn
10.10.14 - Victoria, BC - Upstairs Cabaret
10.11.14 - Vancouver, BC - Electric Owl
10.15.14 - Seattle, WA - Chop Suey
10.16.14 - Spokane, WA - The Bartlett
10.17.14 - Portland, OR - Alhambra Theatre *
10.18-19.14 - San Francisco, CA - Treasure Island Festival

* actually my birthday

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• Everloving:

Kelela takes yet another victory lap, announces European and US tour dates

Digital R&B songstress Kelela has announced new tour dates for the upcoming fall. In what reportedly is the last leg of a tour devoted to showcase 2013’s great mixtape CUT 4 ME, the D.C.-born singer will be performing in the European festival circuit, as well as some US towns. She will next start recording her debut LP, which is scheduled for release in early 2015.

But Kelela hasn’t just basked in the critical acclaim CUT 4 ME has garnered. She’s kept busy working with Kindness, Gifted & Blessed, DJ Dahi, and Le1f, wisely expanding her rolodex with interesting producers and DJs to collaborate with in her upcoming album. One of the biggest reasons why Kelela still is futuristic R&B’s greatest hope is the way she embraces extravagant production in her tracks, with Napolian, Morri$, Bok Bok, Girl Unit, and NGUZUNGUZU taking care of the beats in CUT 4 ME. If you add Kelela’s sultry, soulful vocals to that mix, there’s just no going wrong.

Likeminded hip-hop/dance/R&B artists Future Brown, Shura, Novelist, Lafawndah, and Chynna will join Kelela for select dates, which you can check in detail below.


10.29 - Paris, France - Pitchfork Festival
10.30 - Brussels, Belgium - AB club
10.31 - Utrecht, Holland - CATCH Festival
11.01 - Berlin, Germany - Kantine
11.04 - London, UK - Corsica Studios @
11.07 - Turin, Italy - Club to Club Festival
11.08 - Reykjavik, Iceland - Iceland Airwaves Festival
11.29 - Washington, DC - U-Street Music Hall
12.01 - San Francisco, CA - The Independent
12.02 - Los Angeles, CA - Henry Fonda Auditorium
12.04 - Miami, Fl - Art Basel - PAMM #
12.12 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom %
12.13 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg %

@ Novelist
# Future Brown
% Lafawndah, Chynna

• Kelela:
• Fade to Mind:

Ariel Pink announces new “solo” double album pom pom, sits back and waits for his Grammy

Okay, kids. Fuck it. Forget about Aphex Twin or Kanye West or whatever other bullshit you thought you were excited about this coming fall. It’s all total trash. The media has spoken. After two previous albums that either totally rocked the world or were so subtle in their amazingness that no one really talked about them; ARIEL. PINK. IS. BACK. And now that he’s set to release his third album — a double-album entitled pom pom and his first billed as “just” Ariel Pink in over a decade — on November 18 of this year, he’s officially the only artist that has ever mattered in the history of popular music. Period.

But yo, don’t take my word for it. Listen to what the totally credible and highly influential 4AD label has to say on the subject. It so happens that they are the ones putting out the 17-track, 69-minute affair, but I seriously doubt that that has anything to do with how enthusiastic they seem when describing the album:

From demented kiddie tune collaborations with the legendary psych producer and pop prankster Kim Fowley (songs like “Jell-O” and “Plastic Raincoats In The Pig Parade” were written with Fowley in his hospital room during his recent battle with cancer), to beatific, windswept pop (“Put Your Number In My Phone”, “Dayzed Inn Daydreams”), scuzz-punk face-melters (“Goth Bomb”, “Negativ Ed”), and carnival dub psychedelia (“Dinosaur Carebears”), pom pom is Ariel Pink’s magnum opus.

Wow. There you have it. Game over, folks. Pop music has achieved perfection. Open and shut case. Where can I a goddamn truckload of these albums?

Well… okay, I guess you could stream “Put Your Number in My Phone” down below just to make certain you agree with that fantastic hyperbole… but I mean, you’d be a TOTAL ASSHOLE to not just take Pink’s reputation and 4AD’s good-word for it after reading that. Just sayin’.

pom pom tracklisting:

01. Plastic Raincoats in the Pig Parade
02. White Freckles
03. Four Shadows
04. Not Enough Violence
05. Put Your Number in My Phone
06. One Summer Night
07. Nude Beach A G-Go
08. Dinosaur Carebears
09. Lipstick
10. Goth Bomb
11. Negativ Ed
12. Sexual Athletics
13. Jell-o
14. Black Ballerina
15. Picture Me Gone
16. Exile On Frog Street
17. Dayzed Inn Daydreams

• Ariel Pink:
• 4AD:

Holly Herndon microsite pops up, apparently announcing forthcoming release Call

A wild microsite for upcoming Holly Herndon release Call has appeared! It seems to be associated with Brooklyn-based label RVNG Intl., who previously released Herndon’s debut album, Movement, and subsequent two-song EP Chorus. It also seems Herndon designed the site with Amsterdam-based design and research studio Metahaven and frequent collaborator Mathew Dryhurst, who has worked with her under the name K回iro.

No idea if this will be a single, an album, an EP, or when it will be released, but there are musical snippets available on the site if you mouse over the surreal GIF-like images of Herndon, flags, keyboards, iPhones, and moons. Interpret them as you will. There are three distinct musical excerpts, one of which you can play below. And now, for nostalgia’s sake…

• Holly Herndon:
• RVNG Intl.:

Brooklyn venue Death By Audio is closing in November

Death By Audio, the longstanding (at least in all-ages, DIY years) Brooklyn venue/workspace/studio that has hosted the likes of Dan Deacon, Thurston Moore, Tony Conrad, and Magik Markers, announced that it will be closing up shop on November 22.

Why? DBA showrunners Edan Wilber and Matt Conboy said in a statement that the Williamsburg location where the venue was located used to house only a used police car lot and empty buildings, but now the area is populated by “a half dozen expensive restaurants, bars, a daycare center and a new condo building.” VICE recently purchased office space in the same complex as Death By Audio, causing massive speculation about whether the inevitable rent increase caused by VICE’s move into the neighborhood — along with the changing landscape of Brooklyn on the whole — would force artistic spaces out. Earlier this summer, Wilber said DBA didn’t have plans to go anywhere, but “we’ll see how that goes when our lease is up.”

“We knew from the beginning that it couldn’t last forever,” Wilber and Conboy said in their statement about the venue’s closing, “and we are extremely grateful to everyone who has preformed or attended any of our shows.”

The two are apparently weighing their options about what to do next, with promises to “let everyone know more about the future of Death By Audio as soon as [they] can.”

The “closing party” for the venue begins ASAP (September 10) and will continue for the next 75 days with “some really incredible shows to send off what has been one of the greatest undertakings of our lives,” Wilber and Conboy said.

The effect pedal company part of the space will forge on after relocating to a temporary space with the hopes of finding a more permanent home.

• Death By Audio: