Wolf Eyes announce new album, stream new album, announce new tour dates, stream new tour dates

Whoa, scary! Just in time for Halloween, y’all: those spooky cats-with-wolves’-eyes in Detroit Michigan’s own post-industrial noise outfit Wolf Eyes — who, BTW, totes have a new record called I Am A Problem: Mind In Pieces a-comin’ out on October 30 on Jack White’s (also spooky and vaguely-Detroit-oriented) Third Man Records — have announced that they’re streaming the new album in its kooky, hairy entirety over by-there at The FADER! And… if you think about it, “streaming” rhymes with “screaming” (heck, even if you DON’T think about it, it does), and “screaming” rhymes with… Halloween. So, see? This all works. Moving on!

But wait, “new album?!?!” you say? Yeah, this is the first Wolf Eyes release since No Answer: Lower Floors back in 2013. It’s six tracks long and features a current lineup of Nathan Young, John Olson, and “Crazy” Jim Baljoo. “This [album] is a bit of our bands personal history,” Young says. “It is not intentionally meant to be shocking, sad or scary — but it is.”

But wait, “what the hell’s all-been going ON in that band’s history during the interim two years?!?!” you say? Welp:

Jim went to jail 4 times and almost dies from spinal meningitis. John declares ‘noise is dead’ and pisses off the entire experimental music scene. My older brother Peter Bradley Young died at age 45, my family’s good friend and drummer of the Stooges Scott Asheton died at 64. Wolf Eyes tours Israel and visits with the entire experimental music underground, radicals, atheists and a military cadet modern dance troupe performing to our music. Later in the year Wolf Eyes performs at the ‘The Unveiling’ the largest Satanic event in history. Michigan christian militants groups become interested in our live shows.

Yeah. That’s right. Any MORE questions, you jerk? Or can I just hit everyone up with the stream and some accompanying fall tour dates, already? …That’s what I thought.

I Am A Problem: Mind In Pieces tracklisting:

01. Catch The Rich Train
02. Twister Nightfall
03. T.O.D.D.
04. Asbestos Youth
05. Enemy Ladder
06. Cynthia Vortex AKA Trip Memory Illness

Wolf Eyes tour dates and shit:

10.30.15 - Nashville, TN - Third Man Records
10.31.15 - Atlanta, GA - The Earl
11.01.15 - Charlotte, SC - The Station
11.03.15 - Chapel Hill, NC - The Night Light
11.04.15 - Baltimore, MD - Metro Gallery
11.05.15 - Philadelphia, PA - PhilaMOCA
11.06.15 - Richmond, VA - Strange Matter
11.07.15 - New York City, NY - Trans-Pecos

[Photo: Doug Coombe]

Blur documentary coming to light your heart in the depths of winter

You’ve enjoyed them on vinyl. You’ve enjoyed them live. You’ve enjoyed them (maybe) when your annoying ex sang them at karaoke. And now you can enjoy them at your local multiplex! (Again, maybe, depending on how cool your local multiplex is.) I’m speaking, of course, about Blur, the band everybody in your Facebook feed currently loves.

Director Sam Wrench and producer Tom Colbourne made a movie about the legendary band called New World Towers. The film follows Blur over the course of the last few years and features live performances in London and Hong Kong. In addition to the live shows, the flick features personal documentary footage and band interviews. You like watching trailers? Good, because here’s yer trailer:

The film is slated for a December 2 release at selected Picturehouse, Odeon, Cineworld, and Vue cinemas in UK cities like London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, and Edinburgh. International release dates are coming soon.

RIP: Lee Shaw, renowned jazz pianist

The music world has lost one of its preeminent forces in the elegant, tirelessly devoted Lee Shaw. With both her infectiously obvious love of the form and professional yet intuitive chops, those of us who’ve been lucky enough to see her perform will miss her dearly. She wasn’t just one of the key redeeming entities of New York’s capital district; she was also a reminder that you’re able to do what you love and thrive anywhere if you’ve taken the time to refine your talent.

After learning classical piano at college in her home state of Oklahoma, Shaw pursued her Masters at Chicago’s American Conservatory of Music. Due to a solid repertoire of popular songs of the time, Shaw was able to get regular solo work in Chicago. Although she’d intended to land a gig as a classical accompanist, a Count Basie concert had her making a hard left toward jazz (she claimed she never heard the word till she went to college). She met drummer Stan Shaw and the two became collaborators and eventually husband and wife. It is said that Oscar Peterson saw her play just once and offered to be her teacher. After studying with Peterson and honing her craft with years of countless gigs, she went on to teach John Medeski, whom she made a concert recording with in 2009.

After her husband fell ill in the mid 90s, the pianist, composer, and band leader formed a new trio with bassist Rich Syracuse and drummer Jeff Siegel. Shaw played right up to the end (sometimes with an oxygen tank) with remarkable poise, grace, and good humor. It’s a shame jazz only gets mainstream attention when it has to do with excess or tragedy. Here is someone who lived the demanding life of a touring musician and came out with nothing but gratitude. We need more stories like hers, lest we forget that passionate hard work can be its own reward.

Sacred Bones & David Lynch team up yet again for Polish Night Music

Sacred Bones and David Lynch are teaming up once again, this time to bring you the deluxe 2LP reissue of Lynch and Polish concert pianist/composer Marek Zebrowski’s Polish Night Music. Originally released as a limited-edition CD by The David Lynch Music Company, the project began when Zebrowski was hired as a translator for the filming of the Lodz-based scenes in Inland Empire. When the duo discovered a shared interest in boundary-pushing musical experimentation, Lynch asked Zebrowski to his L.A. studio to work on some tight jams.

Tune into the track “Night - A Landscape with Factory” below and you’ll quickly see where all this is going: the minimalist unease of the Inland Empire score, evoking empty train stations, silent, sleeping hotels, and factories — glorious factories. Poland “is a landscape that continues to remain at once familiar and completely alien to me,” Zebrowski explains. “We don’t know what will happen,” says Lynch. But here’s what we do know: the album comes out November 13 with a free download of a bonus live EP recorded in 2006 titled Live At The Consulate General of the Republic of Poland.

01. Night (City Black Street
02. Night (A Landscape with Factory)
03. Night (Interiors)
04. Night (A Woman On a Dark Street Corner)

Bonus Live album tracklisting (vinyl only download code):
01. Night (Memories of Machines)
02. Night (Unfilled Dreams)
03. Night (The Great Electrical Pants Stand Like Cathedrals)
04. Night (Snowfalls Through The Black Leafless Trees)

Chief Keef announces Peacocks, Peacoat’s, Flavor, & Paper with Metro Boomin

In case you didn’t already get the memo, Halloween is looking nicely stacked for hip-hop drops at the minute (and who knows whether or not Death Grips will unleash their Bottomless Pit on that most spooky of holidays?). But now, you can consider it FUCKIN’ stacked, with Chief Keef’s announcement of a collaborative EP with Metro Boomin. Of course, y’all already know about Metro’s earth-shattering contributions to the production game this year, and paired with Sosa’s ever-mutating style — I daren’t call it a “flow” at this stage — it ought to wreak all kinds of sonic havoc come October 31.

The name of this Almighty rupture, you ask? Peacocks, Peacoat’s, Flavor, & Paper, so notch that one into your diary, if you can find the space. Keef recently hooked up with Sean Kingston on “Murda Mook”, coincidentally produced by Metro Boomin, and you can stream it right here:

Beach House assert their shoegazey dominance with new 2016 tour dates

Beach House, our new indie overlords, are back to assert dominance over their wistful, shoegazey realms. They released two albums this year, the recent Thank Your Lucky Stars and Depression Cherry, which gave them their second consecutive top 10 album on the Billboard Top 200 chart. They performed earlier this month on Stephen Colbert’s new show (check out the track “One Thing” below), and now they’re embarking on a grand, world-spanning tour.

They’re already in the UK, and will be wooing all of Europe throughout the fall before returning to the States to play a pretty intense series of sold-out dates on the West Coast. I hear you, though. You want more Beach House. You can never get enough Beach House. And that’s why they’re announcing 2016 tour dates! This late winter/early spring, you’ll be able to taste the sweet essence of melancholy with Beach House at selected North American dates. More to come, maybe, as the band continue to take over the world.

2015 tour:

10.26.15 - Glasgow, UK - ABC
10.27.15 - Manchester, UK - The Ritz
10.29.15 - Paris, FR - Pitchfork Music Festival
10.30.15 - London, UK - Shepherds Bush Empire
10.31.15 - London, UK - Shepherds Bush Empire
11.02.15 - Amsterdam, NL - Paradiso
11.03.15 - Brussels, BE - Autumn Falls @ AB
11.04.15 - Koln, DE - Gloria
11.05.15 - Luxemborg, LU - Den Atelier
11.07.15 - Reykjavik, IS - Iceland Airwaves
11.10.15 - Oslo, NO - Sentrum Scene
11.11.15 - Gothenburg, SE - Tradgarn
11.12.15 - Stockholm, SE - Debaser Medis
11.13.15 - Copenhagen DK - Vega
11.14.15 - Hamburg, DE - Kampnagel K1
11.16.15 - Berlin, DE - Huxley’s
11.17.15 - Munich, DE - Freiheiz
11.18.15 - Lausanne, CH - Les Docks
11.20.15 - Barcelona, ES - Apolo
11.22.15 - Madrid, ES - La Riviera
11.23.15 - Lisbon, PT - Armazén
11.24.15 - Porto, PT - Teatro sa da Bandeira
12.07.15 - Santa Ana, CA - The Observatory
12.09.15 - Los Angeles, CA - The Fonda Theatre
12.10.15 - Los Angeles, CA - The Fonda Theatre
12.11.15 - Los Angeles, CA - The Fonda Theatre
12.12.15 - Los Angeles, CA - The Fonda Theatre
12.17.15 - San Francisco, CA - The Fillmore
12.18.15 - San Francisco, CA - The Fillmore
12.19.15 - San Francisco, CA - The Fillmore

2016 tour:

02.29.16 - Cleveland, OH - House of Blues
03.01.16 - Chicago, IL - Vic Theatre
03.05.16 - Toronto, ON - Danforth Music Hall
03.09.16 - Montreal, QC - Rialto Theatre
03.11.16 - Boston, MA - House of Blues
03.14.16 - New York, NY - Webster Hall
03.15.16 - New York, NY - Webster Hall
03.18.16 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer


Jlin to release Freefall EP on Planet Mu

One time I stopped in Gary, Indiana to go pee at a McDonald’s. Everyone inside was dressed up in zoot suits and flapper garb, while a purple-suited man (not Grimace) furiously hammered the ivory keys of a Baby Grand. Guys, I’m describing a McDonald’s in Gary, Indiana. Little did I know that something even greater lurked in Gary: electronic musician Jlin, who was first featured on the 2011 Planet Mu compilation, Bangs and Works Vol. 2. Now she’s a star, and I believe conga rats are in order.

Jlin (real name Jerilynn Patton) will expel the dark glitches of the Gary landscape on the new Freefall EP, due November 27 from Planet Mu. The EP follows her highly praised debut, Dark Energy, also released on Planet Mu earlier this year. Jlin has recently been producing music for Adidas, Chanel, and a Rick Owens fashion show, and is currently working on her next full-length.

Now meet me at that McDonald’s in Gary, and let’s watch this conga rats video together.

Freefall EP tracklist:

01 Eu4ria
02 I Am The Queen
03 BuZilla
04 Nandi

• Jlin: https://soundcloud.com/jlinnarlei
• Planet Mu: http://www.planet.mu

The Brainstems to release debut album No Place Else on Bad Diet

Bad Diet Records, only a year old with a Free Weed album under its coat, are stoking the long-blazed fire of The Brainstems for the November 27 release of their debut album No Place Else. The follow-up to last year’s head-on Ty Segall brood Cold Sweatin’, No Place Else is what we’ve come to expect from the four-piece: an unbridled, fuck-it-up garage record. The debut album is (clearly) their largest, but it’s above and beyond their most cohesive, feverishly ready release. Assisted in mastering by Mikey Young (of Total Control and Eddy Current Suppression Ring), the tracks shift the sound of The Brainstems away from sharp, multi-minute jams to a concise yet equally rowdy, if not rowdier level — see “Simply Joys” or “4244.”

The track they’re premiering today deals with an issue close to home for The Brainstems. “Redline” comes in light of Ferguson and the distrust between a large portion of the community and those elected to govern or hired to protect; the song begs questions many asked themselves: why are there so many municipalities, and why were so many feeding off the poor? (Relevant article, if interested.) The Brainstems clammer between each other about how many municipalities there really are: “I read there were a hundred” is backed with a cynical “are you serious?” The Brainstems, like many home-bred bands, are ingrained and therefore rightfully concerned about their community, calling people on their shit and making noise, like any solid public dissenter.

No Place Else is available now for pre-order on Bad Diet (LP) and iTunes. It’s out November 27, and it rocks.

No Place Else tracklist:

01. Stallioning
02. Keep It Together
03. Redline (Note: First single)
04. The Fourth
05. Simple Joys
06. What It Is
07. 4244
08. The Ooze
09. Untold Heights
10. Warm Skin
11. Elevators and Escalators
12. The People’s Joy
13. Time to Ride

King Midas Sound & Fennesz announce special-edition vinyl release of Edition 1 Instrumentals

Hermits and those skeptically observing the bustling streets of any major city: it’s probably best that you ignore the recent work of London’s Kevin Martin, because while some musicians find their zen in the solitude of their home studio, the producer otherwise known as The Bug appears set on incidentally making the case for humanity and why the company of at least one other person is always appropriate, even when you’re trimming your nose hairs.

Uh, gross! Singer/poet Roger Robinson and vocalist Kiki Hitomi haven’t bothered to impose on anything like that, but in the case of King Midas Sound, the trio more than demonstrated the power of musical collaboration with the release of Waiting for You, which came out on Hyperdub back in 2009. Then came the release of Edition 1 on Ninja Tune just last month, and the trio more than demonstrated the power of musical collaboration… by bringing on one more collaborator in the form of ambient/experimental legend Christian Fennesz! The release was the first in a series of KMS collaborations, which explains the numerical qualifier.

Getting to the point: an instrumentals-containing version of Edition 1 is set for limited-edition vinyl release November 13. It looks beautiful. Say so to their faces if you see them (including Fennesz) at the first of three Ninja Tune 25th anniversary shows this October 30 in London.

Here’s the pre-order link, and check out one of the instrumentals here:

Edition 1 Instrumentals tracklisting:

01. Mysteries
02. On My Mind
03. Waves
04. Loving or Leaving
05. Melt
06. Lighthouse
07. Above Water
08. We Walk Together
09. Our Love
10. Mystery Version
11. Mind Version
12. Wave Version
13. Leaving Version
14. Melt Version
15. Lighthouse Version
16. Above Water
17. Walk Version
18. Love Version

Young Thug announces release date for Slime Season 2, plans to slime all over Europe

In a manner not entirely dissimilar to the minor green beastie that was inexplicably my favorite character in Ghostbusters when I was a kid, my boy and yours Young Thug is about to go “sliiiiimmmmmeeee” all over the great state of Europe (and briefly in the Middle East). All of this I have intuited from a post on Thugger’s Instagram using my unparalleled facility at social media interpretation which is no doubt bolstered by my youthful enthusiasm for green apparitions. Young Thug is my best friend. He is my quarterback. For him, I will do anything, even format tour dates, including those not-yet-cancelled dates that he’s finishing up in the United States over the next few weeks before heading abroad.

Before he heads to Europe, though, Young Thug will be releasing two mixtapes: the previously announced tape with Migos, and Slime Season 2, both of which are coming out on Halloween. THUGGERRRRRRRR!


10.23.15 - Mobile, AL - Soul Kitchen
10.25.15 - Atlanta, GA - The Tabernacle
11.10.15 - Paris, France
11.13.15 - Antwerp, Belgium
11.14.15 - Rotterdam, Holland
11.15.15 - Zooetmeer, Holland
11.17.15 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
11.18.15 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
11.20.15 - Geneva, Switzerland
11.21.15 - Zurich, Switzerland
11.22.15 - Stockholm, Sweden

• Young Thug: http://www.yslthug.com