Helm to release Olympic Mess on PAN

Well, you can go ahead and file another album title under “Phrases I wish I had in my vocabulary last night when I discovered that my roommate’s Bernese mountain dog had relieved itself all over the kitchen floor.” London’s Helm (a.k.a. Luke Younger) has a new album planned on PAN, and it’s called Olympic Mess. I can only imagine how satisfying in my anger it would’ve been to shout, “I am dismayed to see that, in addition to shedding and barking at odd hours, your dog Carl has added ‘creating Olympic messes of poop in American kitchens’ to his resume!” but alas.

Helm does have a new album planned though; it’s a follow-up to 2014’s The Hollow Organ, though it reportedly marks something of a sonic shift from that album and others, such as 2012’s Silencer EP, both of which presented a noise-blasted take on techno. On the other hand, Olympic Mess imports references to “loop-based industrial music, dub techno, and balearic disco,” all of which combine into something less pummeling and more hypnotic.

No preview tracks just yet, but the album is out June 15.

Olympic Mess tracklist:

01. Don’t Lick The Jacket
02. I Exist In A Fog
03. Fluid Cloak
04. Outerzone 2015
05. Often Destroyed
06. Olympic Mess
07. Sky Wax (London)
08. Strawberry Chapstick
09. The Evening In Reverse
10. Sky Wax (NYC)

[Photo: Jess Gough]

• Helm: https://www.facebook.com/hhelmm
• PAN: http://p-a-n.org/

Stellar OM Source to release Nite-Glo EP on RVNG Intl.

Christelle Gualdi is the guardian of the oldschool in all shapes and sizes. Beginning with the beatific lo-fi visions of New Age perfection, she reinvented herself into the neon Detroit techno cruiser, driving her shining automobile among the pools of acid. The acid autobahn beat stays forever and fuels the retrofuturstic dreams of Gualdi, who will release a brand new EP Nite-Glo under her Stellar OM Source moniker.

“Sudden,” the track that heralds the coming of the new EP, is a crawling acid techno in full stealth mode, always trance-like yet never getting too euphoric. While the first part is almost like a pumping 4/4 anthem, it gets softer towards the end, letting in some cool synth washes that recall the early days of IDM. Retroactively refreshing.

Nite-Glo will be out June 9 on RVNG Intl.

Nite-Glo tracklist:

01. Sudden
02. Never
03. Live
04. Sure

• Stellar OM Source: https://soundcloud.com/omsource
• RVNG Intl: http://igetrvng.com

Christopher Owens announces perfect US tour of perfect shows

As the angels declare it: Christopher Owens is perfect. All small circles that can be filled have been filled. Yet remember, child: perfection may be simply worthlessness in disguise. The divine bread on which you feast may be simply wonder.

Yet lend an ear. Christopher Owens will tour the United States, beginning in June. On this journey, he shall prove his true nature. Is he a hero for our ages? Or is he simply a scuffed idol? Prove yourself, Owens, and take the blade.

Christopher Owens dates:

06.03.15 - San Francisco, CA - The Chapel
06.04.15 - Los Angeles, CA - The Echo
06.05.15 - San Diego, CA - The Casbah
06.06.15 - Phoenix, AZ - Valley Bar
06.09.15 - Dallas, TX - Club Dada
06.11.15 - Austin, TX - Red 7
06.12.15 - Houston, TX - Fitzgerald’s
06.13.15 - New Orleans, LA - Gasa Gasa
06.16.15 - Atlanta, GA - The Earl
06.18.15 - Carrboro, NC - Cat’s Cradle Back Room
06.19.15 - Washington, DC - Rock & Roll Hotel
06.20.15 - Brooklyn, NY - Baby’s All Right
06.21.15 - New York, NY - The Mercury Lounge
06.24.15 - Toronto, ON - The Garrison
06.25.15 - Pontiac, MI - The Pike Room at the Crofoot
06.26.15 - Chicago, IL - Schubas Tavern
06.27.15 - Minneapolis, MN - 7th St. Entry
06.30.15 - Vancouver, BC - The Cobalt
07.01.15 - Seattle, WA - Barboza
07.02.15 - Portland, OR - Doug Fir Lounge

[Photo: Hannah Hunt]

• Christopher Owens: http://www.christopherowensonline.com

Migos and OG Maco postpone Yung Rich Nation tour, hit em with that bitter disappointment

Hit em with it! Hit em with it! Hit em with it! Hit it! The “it” in this instance being the cold sting of disappointment. Last month, Migos and OG Maco announced the Yung Rich Nation tour for May. Migos! And OG Maco! Together! That’s exciting stuff, right there. Too exciting for this world, evidently, as Migos have been forced to postpone the tour until July for personal reasons.

The group released the following statement:

Due to circumstances beyond our control we are postponing this tour until July. We want to be at our best and make sure that we give 100% during the Yung Rich Nation tour. We would also like to say “Thank You” to all of our fans for their love and support.

Rescheduled dates have not yet been announced, but check below to see the canceled dates, struck through by an unforgiving line. Migos are still set to release their debut LP YRN Tha Album on June 16 through Quality Control Music. “Versace” is still set to be Versace Versace Versace Versace Versace Versace Versace.

Migos and OG Maco canceled dates:

05.07.15 - New York, NY - Irving Plaza
05.08.15 - Philadelphia, PA - Trocadero
05.09.15 - Boston, MA - Paradise Rock Club
05.10.15 - Washington, DC - Filmore
05.11.15 - Baltimore, MA - Soundstage
05.12.15 - Norfolk, VA - Norva
05.13.15 - Raleigh, NC - The Ritz
05.15.15 - Charlotte, NC - Filmore
05.16.15 - Birmingham, AL - Zydeco
05.17.15 - New Orleans, LA - Republic
05.18.15 - Houston, TX - House of Blues
05.19.15 - Dallas, TX - House of Blues
05.21.15 - Denver, CO - Ogden
05.22.15 - Salt Lake City, MI - Complex
05.23.15 - Phoenix, AZ - Press Room
05.24.15 - Ventura, CA - Ventura Theater
05.26.15 - Santa Ana, CA - Observatory
05.27.15 - Los Angeles, CA - Nokia Theater
05.28.15 - San Francisco, CA - Regency

• Migos: http://www.migosonline.com
• OG Maco: http://www.facebook.com/ogxmaco

Grooveshark shuts down, returns as a clone, creates giant TIDAL wav

Two weeks ago, a federal judge ruled that the music streaming service Grooveshark could owe $736 mllion in charges in damages for never securing licenses for the expansive catalog of music the site provided for free to users. Perhaps taking the judge’s “could” to heart, the company shut down the service last week, leading several people to tweet, “Nooo, not Grooveshark!” Parent company Escape Media avoided murky waters (pretty clever, huh?) by agreeing to a settlement with Universal Music, Warner Music Group, and Sony Music, which included the streaming service to end or pay $75 million.

Speaking of $75 million, Jay-Z received the call early Thursday from his NYC loft that the take down of all other streaming services was going to plan. Mr. Carter quickly hung up, as his wifey surfed into the room, but she still accused, “You were talking to the Illuminati again, weren’t you?”

Back to the now: Grooveshark is already baaaaaaaaaaaack at grooveshark.io. After doing some hardcore TMT investigative work, it appears that the site — a replica version created by someone named Shark (of course), who started backing up Grooveshark after suspecting its demise — is now more of an MP3 file search engine that is avoiding legal issues with a lengthy “Term of use,” which you can simply ignore. The bad news is you can’t upload anymore, but the good news is you can still quickly download that rare, unreleased studio take of some dumb Eminem song for the party you’re going to Friday, where no one will talk to you… because of that song. Maybe the lesson is, Jay-Z still wins?

• Grooveshark: http://grooveshark.io

RP Boo brings the fight, readies Fingers, Bank Pads and Shoe Prints

We all know about footwork. Über-rhythmic, neck-breakingly fast, charmingly slapdash in execution; this is fight music, placed squarely at the forefront of a physical battle. We also know about RP Boo, and you most certainly don’t need me to tell you about his revered standing within the ever-expanding footwork universe. But here’s somethin’ new: he has a new album forthcoming on Planet Mu, called Fingers, Bank Pads and Shoe Prints. Tight!

The hallmarks of Boo’s sound — twisted vocal cuts and assimilative sampledelia — were resonant with footworkers, global audiences, and TMTers alike on 2013’s Legacy, as well as the recently-released Classics Vol. 1, so word of this latest set from one of the genre’s finest comes as very welcome news indeed. And with track titles like “Freezaburn” and “B’Ware,” you know the heat is gonna be certifiably on come June 29. Boo’s bringin’ the fight, and it’s all on you to last the rounds.

Fingers, Bank Pads and Shoe Prints tracklisting:

01. 1-2D-20’2
02. Bang’n on King Dr
03. Your Choice
04. Freezaburn
05. Heat From Us
06. Kemosabe
07. Finish Line D’jayz
08. Daddy’s Home
09. Let’s Dance Again
10. Sleepy
11. I’m Laughing
12. Beat Me
13. Suicide
14. B’Ware

• RP Boo: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Arpebu/103143339724320
• Planet Mu: http://www.planet.mu

Melt-Banana announce singles collection ahead of North American summer tour

Imagine the continent of North America as one giant green bell pepper and that the Japanese freakout brigade Melt-Banana are a knife sharpened by otherworldly whetstones. The band will very soon slice, dice, drive from town to town, set up their amps and drums and merch tables, and fry, fry, fry in the hot oil of a pretty cool food analogy for a North American tour stretching all the way through the summer. It’s a lot of dates, so strap in.

To make things a little more interesting, Melt-Banana are also planning to toss a new collection of non-album singles into the mix like so many fistfuls of minced garlic and powdered cumin. Now we’re cooking! The collection is called Return of 13 Hedgehogs, and it pulls together 13 tracks released between 2000 and 2009. It also collects an assortment of tracks from splits and cover songs (including Devo’s “Uncontrollable Urge” and Toots and the Maytals’ “Monkey Man”) for a total of 29 bursts of kitchen-analogy fodder.

Return of 13 Hedgehogs is out May 12. Pre-order it from Midheaven.

Return of 13 Hedgehogs tracklist:

01. Who did it? Who dig it?
02. Dog in Lost
03. 2 Knees
04. Puddle, float
05. Quite Free
06. And I…
07. Tintarella Di Luna
08. Grave In The Hole (Pitfall Fits A Bit)
09. Capital 1060 Hospital
10. Too Rough To Scoop (Find A Grain of Greed)
11. Creeps In A White Cake
12. Monkey Man
13. Operation: 3rd Attack
14. Get the Head Back
15. About
16. Neck On B1
17. Get the T (Escaping with the ID card!)
18. Steel me lust
19. 52 hands, 36 possibilities
20. Sweeper
21. Target Inside
22. Cat In Red
23. ヘビノウタ / snake song
24. アイノウタ / love song
25. Uncontrollable Urge
26. Pain In Ash
27. Loop Nebula
28. Leeching
29. Jack And A Red Dog


05.06.15 - Phoenix, AZ - The Crescent *
05.08.15 - Albuquerque, NM - The Launchpad
05.09.15 - Norman, OK - Opolis
05.11.15 - St. Louis, MO - The Firebird
05.12.15 - Milwaukee, WI - The Cactus Club
05.13.15 - Grand Rapids, MI - Pyramid Scheme
05.14.15 - Pontiac, MI - Pike Room at the Crofoot
05.15.15 - Columbus, OH - Skully’s
05.16.15 - Buffalo, NY - Mohawk
05.17.15 - Toronto, ON - Lee’s Palace
05.19.15 - Providence, RI - AS220
05.21.15 - Boston, MA - Great Scott
05.22.15 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda’s
05.23.15 - Brooklyn, NY - St. Vitus
05.24.15 - Baltimore, MD - Maryland Deathfest
05.25.15 - Carborro, NC - Cat’s Cradle Backroom
05.27.15 - Jacksonville, FL - Jack Rabbits
05.28.15 - Orlando, FL - The Backbooth
05.29.15 - Miami, FL - Churchill’s Pub
05.30.15 - Tampa, FL - The Orpheum
06.01.15 - Atlanta, GA - The Earl
06.02.15 - Birmingham, AL - Saturn
06.04.15 - Baton Rouge, LA - Spanish Moon
06.05.15 - Houston, TX - Fitzgeralds
06.06.15 - Dallas, TX - Three Links
06.07.15 - Austin, TX - Red 7
06.10.15 - Tuscon, AZ - Club Congress
06.11.15 - Fullerton, CA - The Slide Bar
06.12.15 - Santa Cruz, CA - The Catalyst Atrium
06.13.15 - Sacramento, CA - Harlows
07.02.15 - Portland, OR - Dante’s #
07.03.15 - Seattle, WA - Chop Suey #
07.04.15 - Vancouver, BC - The Venue #
07.06.15 - Edmonton, AB - The Pawn Shop #
07.07.15 - Calgary, AB - The Gateway at SAIT #
07.08.15 - Saskatoon, SK - Amigos #
07.10.15 - Winnipeg, MB - Pyramid Cabaret #
07.11.15 - Fargo, ND - The Aquarium #
07.13.15 - Indianapolis, IN - The Hi-Fi #
07.14.0215 - Chicago, IL - The Empty Bottle #
07.15.15 - Madison, WI - High Noon #
07.16.15 - Des Moines, IA - Wooly’s #
07.17.15 - Omaha, NE - Waiting Room #
07.18.15 - Eaux Calires, WI - Eaux Calires Music Festival
07.20.15 - Nashville, TN - The Exit/IN #
07.21.15 - Columbia, MO - The Rose Music Hall #
07.22.15 - Kansas City, MO - Record Bar #
07.24.15 - Denver, CO - Larimer Lounge #
07.25.15 - Salt Lake City, UT - Urban Lounge #
07.26.15 - Las Vegas, NV - Bunk House #
07.28.15 - San Diego, CA - The Casbah #
07.29.15 - San Diego, CA - The Casbah #
07.31.15 - Los Angeles, CA - The Roxy #
08.01.15 - Oakland, CA - Metro #

* Lightning Bolt
# Torche

• Melt-Banana: http://melt-banana.net
• A-ZAP: http://www.a-zap.com

Apple reportedly convincing labels to not renew licenses with Spotify, DOJ and FTC investigating

Physical mediums? Psh, who needs ‘em! A small but perpetual band of vinyl fanatics will likely be holdouts for decades to come, but in the meantime, the rest of the developed world has to endure the gradual digitization of everything, until even our bowel movements are transformed into holograms dropping into flower-ful and expansive toilet bowls (also holograms). Music is already well into the apparitional process, what with the advent of Spotify and Pandora, but who said this techno-revolution had to be friendly? Did you really think Apple would be content standing by the wayside with iTunes Radio, which apparently exists?

The Verge has the scoop on Apple’s renewed and rumored attempts to enter the music streaming realm, which are apparently rife with a ruthlessness that even Genghis Khan would admire. Ahead of their reported unveiling of a new service — a revamp of what is currently Beats Music — Apple is allegedly trying to forcefully siphon users from Spotify by talking to music labels about abandoning Spotify’s free tier. Presently, about 45 million out of Spotify’s 60 million users are of the non-Premium variety, so getting labels to turn sour on the “freemium” model would effectively free up a substantial portion of the market. Apple obviously likes this.

An unnamed “music source” goes on to indict Apple execs, including CEO Tim Cook, as “cutthroat,” which I suppose is the necessary mindset if your goals are in line with Gordon Gekko or Lex Luthor. I kind of doubt Apple’s questionable attempts to persuade will totally work out, but who knows? The Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission are supposedly keeping a close eye on things, regardless.

• Beats Music: http://www.beatsmusic.com

Sunn O))) to tour Europe this spring and summer

It’s a gloomy, fictitious day in the Pacific Northwest. Greg Anderson and Stephen O’Malley are having Sunn O))) practice ahead of their upcoming tour. O’Malley looks up, pulls back the hood on his robe, and says, “You know, putting out collaborative albums with Ulver and Scott Walker is cool and all, but what I’d really like to do is plug straight into the dirt and just use the whole planet as an amp, you know?” Anderson is taken aback. He’s never thought of it like that before, and he’s frankly floored by the elegance of O’Malley’s idea. “Yeah!” he shouts. “Then we wouldn’t even have to go anywhere to do shows anymore, and we wouldn’t have to lug our robes and our amps everywhere! And also I bet we would be loud because the earth’s molten core would act like a really powerful amp thingy.”

Sounds great, right? Wrong! Hate to break it to you, but have you even heard of science? That idea is not only ridiculous, but it’s also not even remotely feasible. Anyway, think what you want, but know that you are expected to attend each and every tour date that I’ve listed below in the famously legible TMT house style.


05.28.15 - Barcelona, Spain - Primavera Sound
05.30.15 - Bristol, UK - Temples Festival
07.17.15 - Dour, Belgium - Dour Festival
07.19.15 - Joensuu, Finland - Ilosaarirock Festival
08.06.15 - Josefov, Czech Republic - Brutal Assault Festival
08.07.15 - Katowice, Poland - OFF Festival
08.09.15 - Berlin, Germany - Heimathafen Neukolln
08.11.15 - Moscow, Russia - PIPL *
08.13.15 - Oslo, Norway - Øya festival
08.14.15 - Gothenburg, Sweden - Way Out West
08.15.15 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Koncerthuset
08.16.15 - Hamburg, Germany - Kampnagel
08.18.15 - London, United Kingdom - David Byrne’s Meltdown *

* Phurpa

• Sunn O))): https://sunn.southernlord.com

SETH (James K with Gobby) seth to make brief sethlement on 1080p with new album

In order to move on from a bad roommate experience, getting a studio apartment helps. Or you can choose to immediately surround yourself with people who you can stand, so that prior explanations as to why the shared fridge was leaking a rainbow of fluids can be confirmed as pure bunk by actual sane human beings.

One of those sane human beings is musician and vocalist James K (Jamie Krasner), an eccentric New York producer who has chosen Gobby as continued comfort company following the recent release of The Roommate under his new Monkeybone alias. Gobby himself confirmed that the Monkeybone album was a musical recollection of a “horrible roommate,” so now that he’s completed his reminiscing of a nightmare (via self-described “noisy techno”), it’s time for some genuine closure in the form of a new mini-album from SETH, the still-burgeoning collaboration between the two congenial artists.

Chick on the Moon marked SETH’s debut back in 2013, and This Is True (Sunseth) will mark their sophomore effort overall, but their first release on the Vancouver-based 1080p. It comes out on cassette and via digital download June 2, at which point we can fulfill our ongoing expectations of something otherworldly. Take us to a parallel place with your many vocals, James K.

This Is True (Sunseth) tracklisting:

02. SlimDu
03. METH FACE (I Can’t Wait)
05. REST NOW (Surrender)
06. 13th Street Tranyslvania

• Gobby: http://www.gobbygobby.com
• James K: http://www.krasn3r.com
• 1080p: https://1080pcollection.bandcamp.com