Twin Peaks do SXSW and huge tour, release free Wild Onion demos on Bandcamp

You can call me a Twin Peaks geek for sure, as I’ll follow these guys anywhere… even into the dark! Just kidding, Benny Gibbs. But, seriously, the darkness this year is SXSW, and the Peaky Bros. (a.k.a. Twin Peaks, dur) are going to the so-called dankest of dank: Austin, TX. If playing at SXSW doesn’t say loudly enough, “Mom and dad, I’m throwing my life away,” then how about releasing an album for free on Bandcamp? How will these kids eat?

First of all, douches, the Peaky Bros. aren’t kids. They’re grown-ass adults with grown-up assholes. And, let’s get serious, SXSW is cool and fun, sure. It’s more like the skankiest of the skank and, speaking for TMT, we can get behind that both figuratively and literally. The demos from their breakout hit, Wild Onion, are available to download from Bandcamp under the name Mind Frames. Download that shit, dude, and I’ll see you at SXSW. I’ll be the guy with the beard and the shirt.


03.14.15 - Columbia, MO - Rose Music Hall
03.15.15 - Oklahoma City, OK - City Press
03.16.15 - Austin, TX - Tumblr Fuck Yeah Party Sponsored by Entourage, Mohawk *
03.17.15 - Austin, TX - Chicago Made Official Showcase, The Main ^
03.18.15 - Austin, TX - Waterloo In-Store %
03.18.15 - Austin, TX - Jansport Bonfire Sessions Official Showcase, Cheer Up Charlie’s
03.20.15 - Austin, TX - IFC Fairgrounds, Palm Park $
03.20.15 - Austin, TX - Dr. Marten’s Official Showcase, Bar 96 #
03.21.15 - Austin, TX - Burgermania, Hotel Vegas @
03.27.15 - Milwaukee, WI - Turner Hall Ballroom &*
03.28.15 - Santa Ana, CA - Burgerama IV
04.01.15 - Los Angeles, CA - Ace Theatre (The Music of David Lynch) **
04.11.15 - Bloomington, IN - Culture Shock Music Festival ^^
04.30.15 - Lakewood, OH - Mahall’s **
05.01.15 - Washington, DC - Rock & Roll Hotel **
05.02.15 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg **
05.04.15 - Northampton, MA - Iron Horse **
05.05.15 - Allston, MA - Great Scott **
05.07.15 - Toronto, ON - Canadian Music Week
05.09.15 - Kalamazoo, MI - Bells Eccentric Café **
05.20.15 - Sioux Falls, SD - Total Drag Records **
05.22.15 - George, WA - Sasquatch Festival
05.27.15 - Portland, OR - Mississippi Studios %*
05.29.15 - Santa Barbara, CA - Velvet Jones **
05.30.15 - Los Angeles, CA - Jewels Catch One **
06.02.15 - Las Vegas, NV - The Bunkhouse Saloon**
06.04.15 - Austin, TX - Red 7 **
06.05.15 - San Antonio, TX - 502 Bar **
06.06.15 - Houston, TX - Free Press Summer Fest **
06.17.15 - Pittsburgh, PA - Brillobox **
06.18.15 - Dover, DE - Firefly Music Festival **
07.17.15 - Louisville, KY - Forecastle Festival

* Spoon, ASTR, Tei Shi
^ Vic Mensa, Gemini Club
& Will Butler, The Districts
$ Priory, Robert DeLong, and Odesza
# Cloud Nothings, Palma Violets, and Broncho
@ King Tuff, Meatbodies, Gap Dream
&* Benjamin Booker, White Rapper
%* Chastity Belt, White Rapper
^^ Foxygen
** White Reaper

• Twin Peaks:

Freddie Gibbs shares three-song Pronto EP, announces a few tour dates

All eyes in rap circles (and beyond) turned to Freddie Gibbs last year off the back of the superlative Piñata, an album that TMT repped at pretty much every possible turn. Sure, it was as much a Madlib LP as it was a Gangsta Gibbs effort, and it was double-billed accordingly, but one suspects it would’ve been nowhere near as enthralling without the gruff tone and lyrical grit of Gibbs. He’s been doing it for years; all it took was the Beat Konducta’s production to shine a light on his finely honed abilities, and the world lapped it on up.

With a new captive audience in tow, the Pronto EP serves as yet more proof for Gibbs’ talent on the mic. Madlib, as well as “all the mother fuckers in the rap game worth fucking with,” are absent, and the sound is altogether different. The dusty Blaxploitation samples are out in favor of more conventional but nonetheless hard-hitting trap beats, and Gibbs’ is mostly the only voice heard this time around, save for an appearance from Dana Williams on “Diamonds.” Not that it’s a bad thing; Gibbs’ versatility is well documented at this stage, and Pronto is just as hard as anything he’s ever done. Grab it from iTunes here, and stream it from SoundCloud here:

But the Gangsta Gibbs related news ain’t finished there, cos’ he’s also got some live dates coming up just in time for festival season. Peep them down below:

03.18-21.15 - Austin, TX - SXSW
04.02.15 - Iowa City, IA - Mission Creek Music Festival
05.24.15 - Shakopee, MN - Soundset Festival *
06.15.15 - Manchester, TN - Bonaroo *
07.19.15 - Chicago, IL - Pitchfork Music Festival *

* Madlib

• Freddie Gibbs:

Inga Copeland releases RELAXIN’ with Lolina EP under new moniker

Happy February 29 everybody! After teasing a release called RELAXIN’ with Lolina a week or two ago, Inga Copeland has finally dropped the thing into Boomkat’s lap. Neither a full-length nor a CD, RELAXIN’ is a brief, three-track EP self-released under the new moniker “Lolina” (a play on Lolita and Alina?).

What differentiates Lolina from Inga Copeland? Or Lolina from copeland? Or copeland from Inga? You’ll have to listen to find out, I guess, which is what I’m going to do instead of writing any more BS! So far, the EP only seems to be available here as mp3s or FLACs, but we’ll let you know if a physical version emerges. Also check out Birkut’s review of Copeland collaborator John T. Gast’s great new album.

RELAXIN’ with Lolina tracklist:

01. Lolina
02. Miss Understood
03. Relaxx

• Lolina:

Crocodiles release new album, video for “Crybaby Demon,” tour dates

California fuzz-rockers Crocodiles have returned with a new album (Boys), a new tour, and a new video. The video for “Crybaby Demon” is like an Instagram-filtered rock & roll fever dream. Well, if your fever dreams consist of what looks like a minimally attended party at an art gallery attended by extremely, almost intimidatingly cool people. And why should that be your dream?

It’s the first single off of Boys, which drops May 12 on Zoo Music, and was recorded in Mexico City by producer and local art-rocker-about-town Martin Thulin. The lads’ tour kicks off this spring in NYC and ends, appropriately enough, this summer in NYC. Full circle.

Boys tracklisting:

01. Crybaby Demon
02. Foolin Around
03. Do the Void
04. The Boy Is a Tramp
05. Hard
06. Blue
07. Kool TV
08. Peroxide Hearts
09. Transylvania
10. Don’t Look Up


04.29.15 - Brooklyn, NY - Union Pool
04.30.15 - Wilkes-Barre, PA - The Other Side
05.01.15 - Philadelphia, PA - King Fu Necktie
05.02.15 - Washington, DC - TBA
05.03.15 - Atlanta, GA - Earl
05.05.15 - Dallas, TX - Three Links
05.06.15 - Austin, TX - Holy Mountain
05.19.15 - El Paso, TX - Monarch
05.20.15 - Phoenix, AZ - Valley Bar
05.21.15 - Las Vegas, NV - Bunkhouse Saloon
05.22.15 - Los Angeles, CA - The Satellite
05.23.15 - Oakland, CA - Leo’s
05.25.15 - Portland, OR - The Know
05.26.15 - Vancouver, BC - Venue
05.28.15 - Salt Lake City, UT - Kilby Court
05.29.15 - Denver, CO - Lost Lake
06.01.15 - Grand Rapids, MI - The Pyramid Scheme
06.02.15 - Cleveland, OH - Now That’s Class
06.03.15 - Toronto, ON - The Smiling Buddha
06.04.15 - Montreal, QC - Brasserie Beaubien
06.07.15 - New York, NY - Mercury Lounge

• Crocodiles:

Charlemagne Palestine and Rhys Chatham collaborate on new album, Sub Rosa edges out Universal, EMI, and Warner in biding war to release it

Whoa; just how this juicy bit of epic music news managed to escape the mainstream media dragnet is beyond me, but fret not, readers! I’m here to intrepidly report to you — with the candor, clarity, and forthrightness of Mo Rocca and Joel McHale put together — that rigorously minimalist composer/artist Charlemagne Palestine and Rhys Chatham (the guitarist/noisenik/composer that the video game series Guitar Hero is based on), have apparently collaborated on, recorded, high-fived about, and ultimately released a giant new album together on the Sub Rosa label! I know, right? The rest of the entertainment industry press really dropped the ball.

The new album, which is available now on the Sub Rosa site in your choice of LP or TRIPLE CD iteration, is entitled YOUUU + MEE = WEEE and features “166 minutes” worth of our boy Charlie P on “piano Bösendorfer, orgue Yamaha and voice,” while Rhys wails away at “trumpet, loop pedal, electric guitar.” It also marks the first actual documented collaboration between these two world-famous dynamos. And in the wake of ol’ Chuck’s previous paradigm-shifting collaboration albums with the likes of Tony Conrad (a janitor at Sub Rosa who was also a secret harmonica virtuoso) and Z’ev (a really-fast rapper from East Chicago), this newest outing would seem to comprise… a trilogy?? Eh, America??? Don’t pretend like you’re not enticed! YOU FUCKING LOVE TRILOGIES.

YOUUU + MEE = WEEE LP tracklisting:

01. First a (23’15)
02. First b (20’30)

YOUUU + MEE = WEEE 3CD tracklisting:

01. First (41’27)
02. Second (60’00)
03. Third (52’35)

• Rhys Chatham:
• Charlemagne Palestine:
• Sub Rosa:

Shilpa Ray, an unofficial Alpha Plus, announces new album Last Year’s Savage on Northern Spy

Conspiracy theorists, I’m here to enable the part of your brain that’s perpetually throbbing with paranoia: Brooklyn artist Shilpa Ray is secretly and very gradually trying to abolish all of the music in the world except for hers!

The theory isn’t obvious when you consider her professed love for bands like The Cramps, The Stooges, and The Velvet Underground, but on a more suspicious level, she’s also expressed a general liking for silence as a reaction to being bombarded with sounds (including music) on a daily basis. Combine that with Brave New World being an admitted inspiration for her newest album on Northern Spy, and you’re allowed to make the leap that, yes… digital music will be completely replaced with audio from previous Tom Brokaw newscasts some time in the year 2245 AD.

But at least we’ll have Shilpa’s vocals! And her harmonium! Those are two memorable carryovers from her recent Happy Hooker days, while Last Year’s Savage, out May 19, seems like a negligibly quieter force by comparison. I blame the continued candidness of her lyrics, personally.

Please, hear what Nick Cave hears in terms of talent:

Last Year’s Savage tracklisting:

01. Burning Bride
02. Pop Song for Euthanasia
03. On Broadway
04. Johnny Thunder’s Fantasy Space Camp
05. Oh My Northern Soul
06. Nocturnal Emissions
07. Colonel Mustard in the Billiard Room
08. Sanitary iPad
09. Moksha
10. Pipe Dreams Ponzi Schemes
11. Hymn

• Shilpa Ray:
• Northern Spy:

Azealia Banks to go on tour, release physical album, appear on Playboy cover, make up for years of relative inactivity

For a while, it seemed like Azealia Banks was stuck in a sort of limbo. After putting out a few heavily buzzed singles and teasing an album, that album didn’t pop up. And continued to not pop up for a long, long time. Then last year, that album, Broke With Expensive Taste, did pop up seemingly out of nowhere. Since then, Azealia Banks has been surrounded by a flurry of activity. Flurry item #1: Broke with Expensive Taste will receive a physical (namely, CD), release on March 3 through Prospect Park. If you are still somehow unsure that the album exists, you will be able to hold it in your hands soon enough.

Flurry item #2: Banks will be doing some touring beginning in April. It’s a fairly short tour; in fact, roughly a third of it consists of Coachella appearances. Beyond that, she’ll be bouncing around to L.A., Chicago, New York, and Boston.

Flurry item #3: On March 20, Banks will be appearing on the cover of Playboy. She was shot by photographer Ellen Von Unwerth. Now, sit here and reflect on this moment, as this will probably be the last time in a while anyone covered by Tiny Mix Tapes is on the cover of Playboy. Until the Lightning Bolt cover, that is.

Azealia Banks dates:

04.10.15 - Indio, CA - Coachella
04.16.15 - Los Angeles, CA - Club Nokia
04.17.15 - Indio, CA - Coachella
05.11.15 - New York, NY - Irving Plaza
05.15.15 - Chicago, IL - Concord Music Hall
05.19.15 - Boston, MA - Paradise Club

• Azealia Banks:

Red Bull Music Academy NY 2015 presents PC Music, GHE20G0TH1K, Merzbow, Islam Chipsy & EEK, Tri Angle, and more

Red Bull Music Academy is coming back to New York, and it means “business.” For the entire month of May, RBMA will put on an incredible series of performances, club nights, lectures, and workshops. In addition to a performance by FKA Twigs and conversations with La Monte Young, A$AP Rocky, and George Clinton, here are some of the events that piqued our interest:

- Pop Cube: PC Music & SOPHIE
- Nothing Changes: Raw Sound Transgression: Merzbow, Genesis P-Orridge & Aaron Dilloway (performing Electric Newspapers), Pharmakon, Prurient (performing Pleasure Ground), Ron Morelli, Marshstepper, Uniform
- Tri Angle Records 5th Anniversary: The Haxan Cloak, Evian Christ, Holy Other, Forest Swords, Vessel, mssingno, Boothroyd, Lotic, Rabit, Hanz
- GHE20G0TH1K: Sissy Nobby, Venus X, Ma Nguzu, Mike Q, Divoli S’Vere, Total Freedom + special guests (hosted by Hood by Air)
- Electronic Africa: Nozinja, Islam Chipsy and EEK, Titica, DJ Spoko, Chief Boima, Dubbel Dutch
- 100 Disciplines: A Composition for 20 Performers by Kid Millions, Ninos Du Brasil

For more information on the events, head here. And look for an announcement soon about Tiny Mix Tapes Music Academy 2015. It’ll be held at a local rec center in Groveland, Idaho and will feature local music, face-painting, and maybe more.


Lightning in a Bottle goes large for 10th anniversary festival, drawing Flume, SBTRKT, Tycho, RL Grime, and over 100 other artists, yoga instructors, and kitchen sinks

Do LaB is aiming to out-do themselves again with the 10th anniversary of Lightning in a Bottle, setting up camp in California this Memorial Day Weekend, from May 21-25. The lineup is sure to please hippies and hipsters alike, with headliners such as Âme, Goldroom, Zion I, GRiZ, Polica, SOHN, Lee Curtiss, Odesza, Phutureprimitive, AlunaGeorge, Ott., Wolf+Lamb, and Toro Y Moi’s Les Sins project. There’s going to be everything from Animal Collective’s Panda Bear and glitch-hop king Opiou playing with a full band to Aussie hip-hop outfit Hermitude and UK legend John Digweed, as well as Lucent Dossier Experience, Random Rab, and The Human Experience making triumphant returns. It’s a brilliant mix of old favorites and new trends, and there are a bazillion workshops going on if music isn’t really your thing, giving tips on everything from yoga and meditation to permaculture, activism, and cooking.

Do LaB’s creations have highlighted the likes of Coachella, Virgin Music Festival, Global Gathering, and Portugal’s Boom Festival, so they really mean it when they say that attendees “will also see other improvements including additional large-scale shade structures, upgraded boutique camping packages, bigger installations and a new festival layout design to ease and enhance everyone’s LIB experience!” They already claim the title as America’s most environmentally conscious festival on the back of its selection of “healthy food vendors, free water stations, composting and recycling infrastructure, pack-it-in/pack-it-out policy and other green initiatives,” so the mind explodes with possibilities for what they consider to be improvements.

Full weekend passes for the award-winning festival start at $260. Check out their complete lineup on the Lightning in a Bottle website.

• Lightning in a Bottle:

Southern Lord to release discography of YDI a.k.a. Young Dentists Incorporated a.k.a. Your Dad’s Identity a.k.a. Yearlong Dog Invitational

Convenience, pal. That’s what this modern time’s all about. If you can’t get it quickly and easily, then why bother getting it? The old saying used to go “Time is money,” but listen here: time’s better than money. It’s like golden money. And who has enough of that golden money to track down each piece of the discography of Philadelphia early-80s hardcore band YDI (pronounced “why die”)? Nobody does, hence why Southern Lord is reissuing the group’s complete discography in one package on April 6.

The double vinyl release collects all the known recordings of YDI (Yokel Drug Implosion): their 1983 demo, the A Place in the Sun EP, two tracks from the Get Off My Back compilation, and their one full-length, 1985’s Black Dust. Reissuing all that YDI (Yurt Denizens Incorporated) might be enough, but Southern Lord has also seen to it to bring you a little extra. Specifically, that extra is a 10” x 10” color photo book featuring never-before-seen images of YDI (Yankee Doodle Inhibitionists). Additionally, as you can tell, the discography, whether you purchase it or not, comes with the fun game of making up what YDI (Yahtzee Dudes Infinite) stands for.

Complete Discography:

01. Out for Blood
02. Not Shit
03. Rizzo’s Coming Back
04. Another Day
05. Zombie Youth
06. Mad at the World
07. Friends
08. Categorized
09. Why Die ?
10. 1983
11. True Believer
12. Snarling Hate
13. I Killed My Family
14. Get Up and Fight
15. 8th Man
16. Not Shit
17. 1983
18. Friends
19. Mad at the World
20. Out for Blood
21. Categorized
22. Another Day
23. Get Up and Fight / Zombie Youth
24. Why Die ?
25. Enemy for Life
26. I Killed My Family
27. Not Without a Fight
28. Get Out
29. Soylent Green
30. Violently Green
31. Bloodletting
32. Haunted House
33. Dying Day
34. Murder Is So Sweet
35. In Ignorance
36. My Hell
37. Black Dust
38. “Evil” (unreleased Black Dust session)

• Southern Lord: