Light in the Attic reissues Carole King’s progressive folk-rock band The City

Light in the Attic is reissuing another neglected wonder on deluxe vinyl. This time it’s Carole King’s late-60s progressive folk-rock band The City. Formed in 1967 after King moved to Laurel Canyon with her daughters, she joined bassist Charles Larkey (The Myddle Class), guitarist/singer Danny Kortchmar (The Fugs), and drummer Jim Gordon (Derek & The Dominos) to record Now That Everything’s Been Said.

Produced by the venerable Lou Adler, all involved expected the album to be a hit. That didn’t happen. Due to distribution problems and the band’s unwillingness to tour due to King’s stage fright, the album was quickly deleted from the record company’s catalog. You might have heard some of the tracks however, since artists like The Byrds, The Monkees, American Spring, and Blood, Sweat & Tears have covered them. And now the album’s getting its first-ever wax reissue on everyone’s favorite colored vinyl! Light in the Attic subscribers can get this thing on gold wax and the first 200 pre-orders come on black-and-white haze wax. It’s out October 2.

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MusicfestNW is next week, featuring Modest Mouse, Danny Brown, Battles, and more

Hey, remember that music festival that’s been going on in Portland for the last 20 years? Good, because it’s MusicfestNW time again, and for the second year of its transformed self, the fest is returning to the waterfront for three days, August 21-23. And this time with free water (having learned its lesson after last year’s water debacle).

In addition to the water, MusicfestNW is bringing a lineup that features Washington indie rock gods Modest Mouse and artists such as Belle and Sebastian, Battles, Danny Brown, and more. Along with the musical goodness, there will be food trucks, an air-conditioned dome, and frosty beverages.

Tickets are on sale now, for individual days or a three-day pass. Day passes start at $45 for Friday and $60 for Saturday or Sunday; three-day passes start at $140. Are you over 21 and a Very Important Person? A three-day VIP pass will set you back $300. And if you need a Lyft to the festival, use code “MFNW” and score yourself a free ride (up to $20)!

- Friday, August 21: Foster The People / MisterWives / Milo Green / Lost Lander
- Saturday, August 22: Beirut / Belle and Sebastian / Twin Shadow / Battles / Title Fight / Cayucas / Talk in Tongues / SALES / Alialujah Choir
- Sunday, August 23: Modest Mouse / he Tallest Man on Earth / Danny Brown / The Helio Sequence / Lady Lamb / Strand of Oaks / Pure Bathing Culture / Divers / Beat Connection


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Co La releasing Baltimore club-inspired LP via Software and 1080p

Being from Baltimore and all, you know Matt Papich just had to tip his hat to the city’s club style at some point, right? No No, his sixth album, does just that and finds release courtesy of Daniel Lopatin’s Software Recordings and Richard MacFarlane’s 1080p, two of TMT’s least favorite labels of all time.

The album reportedly marks a “turn-inward” for the Co La project, which previously focused on rendering 3D spaces and objects through odd samples and amoebic song structures. Last year’s Hegemony of Delete drew from office spaces, while this year’s 1, a collaboration with Max D as Lifted, was a modern interp’ of jazz-fusion. No No, on the other hand, reflects on the 24-hour news cycle, scrambling and repeating foley effects in patterns both deadening and hyper-pleasurable.

You can pre-order No No from Software, 1080p (tape version), Bandcamp, iTunes, or Amazon. It comes out October 9. Watch the video for its first single, “Suffering (Tuesday)” below.

No No tracklist:

01. Squeeze
02. Shrink
03. Gush
04. No No
05. Noon (Blue)
06. Suffering (Tuesday)
07. Barricade
08. Crank
09. Tragedy
10. Fear
11. I Comb My Hair (Bonus Track)

[Photo: Andrew Strausser]

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Mail-order “record club” of yesteryear Columbia House files for bankruptcy, with the entire U.S. Postal Service itself presumably to follow

Oh, nooooo! Readers!! SHIT!!!

Looks like we’ve missed our last chance to get 8 CDs in shiny, shrinkwrapped jewel cases delivered to our door for the low, low price of just one penny! According to The Los Angeles Times (which I swear I totally read on physical paper every single morning by candlelight when I’m eating my Cream of Wheat, prune juice, and Zwieback for breakfast), Filmed Entertainment Inc. — the parent company of Columbia House — has officially “filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after 20 years of declining sales.” Frowny face!

Founded way back in the George McFly year of 1955, the company was apparently doing an incredible $1.4 billion in sales when it hit its peak in 1996. That’s a LOT of copies of The Offspring’s Smash!!!

But then, by 2014-ish… well, ya know… um, revenue kinda… dropped off some? And in the most PROFOUNDLY AMAZING statement anyone’s ever made ever, Filmed Entertainment attributed the decline to “the advent of digital media, which drove declines in physical DVD sales and the recorded music business.”

RIP: Meatloaf’s Bat of out Hell. No one will ever buy you out of the back of a Parade again. So sad.

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Guess who’ll be Stephen Colbert’s first Late Show musical guest? (Hint: it’s Kendrick Lamar!)

According to our sources, Lil B will be Stephen Colbert’s first musical guest on the Late Show.

But according to TIME, “Stephen Colbert’s First Late Show Musical Guest Will Be Kendrick Lamar.” And according to FACT, “Kendrick Lamar will be Stephen Colbert’s first musical guest on The Late Show.” And according to HotNewHipHop, “Kendrick Lamar To Be First Musical Guest On ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.’” And according to Pitchfork, “Kendrick Lamar Will Perform on Stephen Colbert’s First ‘Late Show’.” And according to Consequence of Sound, “Kendrick Lamar will be Stephen Colbert’s first musical guest on Late Show.” And according to Complex, “Kendrick Lamar Will Be First Musical Guest on ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’.”

So, who do you trust more? Us or them?

Stephen Colbert’s Late Show premieres September 8.

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Joanna Newsom unveils new album, Divers, debuts video, showcases the fall fashions way ahead of Urban Outfitters

Egad! I just spit out my London Fog latte!! Can it have been FIVE YEARS since the walls of our cozy coffee shop corners and reading nooks have last heard from “that folk artist” Joanna Newsom already?! (To be honest, I hardly even noticed! Because I still haven’t fucking finished listening to that last album from 2010 yet.)

But shit, I’ll have to fret over what the fuck I’ve been DOING with my life since 2010 a little bit later, because right now, I’m SO TOTALLY FOCUSED on the fact that Joanna is back with a new album on Drag City. And according to the press release, you, me, and everyone else in the public library ARE ALL OBLIGATED TO LOSE OUR SHIT over it (in the quietest and classiest manner possible, of course). It’s called Divers, and it hits our ears October 23 on a couple’a different formats that you can pre-order over here. There’s also a video for the album track “Sapokanikan” streaming at the Grinder.

The album, which is thankfully a little slimmer-looking than the last one, includes arrangements that I’m sure are all “very whimsical” by all the usual badasses: Nico Muhly, Ryan Francesconi, Dave Longstreth (Dirty Projectors), and Newsom herself. It was recorded recorded by Steve Albini and Noah Georgeson, and mixed “in phantasmagoric (look that word up yourself, man), deep-sea-saturation” by Georgeson and Newsom. Its title seemingly refers to the idea that the music, ya know, “dives forth with a pure love and respect for the traditions and mysteries of man, such that we can feel the surge of life itself passing over our bones as we hear the songs and sounds, the players and the arrangements; as basic maths are reviewed to uncover heights of joy and sorrow, all traced in triumphal arches and supernumerary rainbows through eternal amber, gleaming in analog entrapment — with that VOICE riding high atop.” Which is another way of saying that it’s better than all the shit we’ve been listening to for the past five awful, terrible, disgusting, musically-barren years of our pathetic and insignificant lives. Well… except maybe for her last album — which, again, I’m pretty sure is still just-now nearing its conclusion back in my studio apartment.

Divers tracklisting:

01. Anecdotes
02. Sapokanikan
03. Leaving the City
04. Goose Eggs
05. Waltz of the 101st Lightborne
06. The Things I Say
07. Divers
08. Same Old Man
09. You Will Not Take My Heart Alive
10. A Pin-Light Bent
11. Time, As A Symptom

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Golden Void announce glistening nugget of a new album, Berkana, on Thrill Jockey

Oh, thank god. The music of Ash Ra Tempel was compelling a worm-like slither along the ground, and I was in dire of need of something similarly psychedelic, but that didn’t lead to a dirty frontside and an unhealthy ingestion of dust bunnies.

Thus, thank god that the music of Bay Area-band Golden Void is energetic enough to get me standing on my own two feet again, while I sway awkwardly in one place, with my eyes closed and my head dangling from its spinal connection. The band’s self-titled debut from three years ago wasn’t quite the musical equivalent of a literal upper (and neither would we want it that way), but fortunately it was so unusually laden with reverberant and catchy hooks that it felt like a subtle breath of fresh air within the modern psych-rock genre. Guitarist and vocalist Isaiah Mitchell (also of Earthless) sent the words our way, and now it’s time to acknowledge a noteworthy case where Thrill Jockey is doing something similar.

Golden Void’s new Berkana full-length is out September 18! Tim Green of The Fucking Champs helped with the recording, and Mitchell, Aaron Morgan (bass), Camilla Saufley-Mitchell (keyboards and vocals), and Justin Pinkerton (drums) departed from the “live” nature of their prior album by taking turns in studio isolation. The result isn’t too obvious at first listen, but it might be hard to notice mixing nuance underneath all that distinctly Cali rock weight.

Expect tour announcements in the near future! Pre-order Berkana here.

Berkana tracklisting:

01. Burbank’s Dream
02. Silent Season
03. Dervishing
04. Astral Plane
05. I’ve Been Down
06. The Beacon
07. Storm and Feather

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Denver’s GOLDRUSH Music Festival announces initial lineup, ft. Yoni Wolf, Lawrence English, Tara Jane O’Neil, Guardian Alien

Denver’s GOLDRUSH Music Festival returns! From September 18-19, the Mile-High City’s premier experimental music festival (headed by TMT contributor Strauss) is gearing up for its fifth edition, and it’s not fucking around. Coming off an incredible 2014 that featured the likes of Wolf Eyes, Mount Eerie, and Eric Copeland, this year’s initial lineup boasts such TMT favorites as Yoni Wolf (WHY?, cLOUDDEAD), Lawrence English, Tara Jane O’Neil, Guardian Alien, Benoît Pioulard, and Landing.

GOLDRUSH is also extending its reach this year by teaming up with Denver Small Press Fest for its inaugural edition. A celebration of “all things print media,” the Denver Small Press Fest will include a free zine, panel discussions, installations, a book & art fair, DJs, and more.

GOLDRUSH will be held at The Savoy at Curtis Park in Denver, CO. Single-day tickets aren’t available yet, but you can grab on-the-cheap two-day passes right now. More headliners will be announced soon, as well as information on the yearly zine, cassette compilation, and record fair. For now, scope the initial lineup:

Yoni Wolf (Cincinnati, OH)
Guardian Alien (Queens, NY)
Lawrence English (Brisbane, Australia)
Tara Jane O’Neil (Portland, OR)
John Chantler (Stockholm, Sweden)
Landing (New Haven, CT)
Benoît Pioulard (Seattle, WA)
Make-Overs (Pretoria, South Africa)
Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk (Brooklyn, NY)
Lisa Prank (Seattle, WA)
Crown Larks (Chicago, IL)
The Space Lady (La Junta, CO)
More Eaze (Austin, TX)
Nevada Greene (Columbia, MO)
Married in Berdichev (Berlin, Germany)
Bollywood Life (Denver, CO)
Dugout Canoe (Denver, CO)
American Culture (Denver, CO)
Bang Play (Denver, CO)

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Sean McCann releases A Castle Popping LP on Recital

Well, we’re just feeling simultaneously satisfied and anticipatory, aren’t we?

Such is the emotional consequence of following a composer and musician like Sean McCann, whose prolificacy makes some of us wonder just what we’re artistically doing with our lives, but whose self-admitted patience when it comes to actually completing a musical piece has left lovers of 2013’s Music for Private Ensemble in a vaguely masochistic state of ongoing giddiness. The foreshadowed Music for Public Ensemble (his “next major recording project”) is still in draft stage, which means that we’ve been making do with his recent Maxwell August Croy collaboration and the exploratory Ten Impressions for Piano & Strings, which came out in January.

And now we can also add A Castle Popping, a new LP continuing the conjured-seemingly-out-of-nowhere tradition. This one is a collection of recordings from 2013 and 2014, but even though it’s not meant “to be taken as a formal ‘album’,” McCann and his Recital imprint promise not to engage in any unforeseen thoughtcrime investigations. The album was mostly recorded in hotels during business trips to Las Vegas and Spain, and it also contains McCann’s first composition for a quartet (“Victorian Wind”). Plus there’s a compl(i/e)mentary CD-R Tub of Deep Green Ink included in the purchase package, which is also a compilation of older material (2011-2014).

Good on McCann for ensuring we’ve had our neoclassical fill! Here’s a strand from Rapunzel:

A Castle Popping tracklisting:

01. Eleven Nights in Spain, pt.I
02. Eleven Nights in Spain, pt.II
03. Cosmopolitan Voice Piece
04. Victorian Wind
05. Belt-Laced Eyes
06. May 29th, 2014 Piano Piece no.2

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RIP: Sean Price, rapper and member of Heltah Skeltah, Boot Camp Clik

From The Source:

Brooklyn rap giant and one half of the legendary duo Heltah Skeltah passed away this morning in Brooklyn

According to reports from family and friends, rapper Sean Price died suddenly this morning in his sleep at his home in Brooklyn. Price was 43 years old.

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