Cymbals Eat Guitars start eating more asphalt, which is an obstuse way of saying they’re going on tour

Hey bud, seen any good guitars lately? You know, you’re walking down the street, just minding your own business, and suddenly there’s a guitar there? Nah, me neither! Crazy, right? I think it’s because cymbals ate them all! Unbelievable right? Well don’t believe it, because I’m just yanking your chain. This is actually a news post about Cymbals Eat Guitars! A band! And they play guitars, so my intro was not only absurd, it was also untrue. I’m really firing on all cylinders over here, let me tell you.

The band Cymbals Eat Guitars is about to kick off what’s called a tour, a thing where they visit towns and play music (with their guitars!) from their albums (including their most recently-released one, LOSE) and then eat food like regular human beings do. Probably some of that food will be from Wendy’s, but I can’t say for sure. For most of the dates, they’ll be joined by Say Anything (a band whose name I honor every day in the hallowed halls of the TMT news section by literally just spouting nonsense).


04.02.2015 - Athens, OH - Smiling Skull Saloon ^
04.03.2015 - State College, PA - Chronic Town
04.04.2015 - Wilkes-Barre, PA - The Other Side
04.09.2015 - Durham, NH - Univ. of New Hampshire
04.19.2015 - Winston-Salem, NC - Phuzz Fest
04.30.2015 - Albany, NY - The Low Beat
05.01.2015 - Montreal, QC - Bar le Ritz
05.02.2015 - Winooski, VT - Waking Windows Music & Arts Fest
06.24.2015 - Dallas, TX - Gas Monkey Bar n Grill *
06.25.2015 - Houston, TX - Fitzgerald’s *
06.26.2015 - Austin, TX - Scoot Inn *
06.27.2015 - New Orleans, LA - House of Blues *
06.28.2015- Atlanta, GA - The Masquerade *
06.30.2015- Lake Buena Vista, FL - House of Blues Orlando *
07.01.2015 - Jacksonville, FL - Underbelly *
07.02.2015 - Carrboro, NC - Cat’s Cradle *
07.03.2015 - Norfolk, VA - The Norva *
07.05.2015 - Baltimore, MD - Baltimore Soundstage *
07.06.2015 - Lancaster, PA - Chameleon Club *
07.07.2015 - Columbus, OH - Newport Music Hall *
07.09.2015 - Sayreville, NJ - Starland Ballroom *
07.10.2015 - Boston, MA - House of Blues *
07.11.2015 - New York, NY - Best Buy Theater *
07.12.2015 - Philadelphia, PA - Electric Factory *
07.14.2015 - Toronto, ON - Phoenix Concert Theatre *
07.15.2015 - Grand Rapids, MI - Intersection *
07.16.2015 - Chicago, IL House of Blues *
07.17.2015 - Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue *
07.18.2015 - Omaha, NE - The Waiting Room *
07.19.2015 - Denver, CO - Summit Music Hall *
07.21.2015 - Salt Lake City, UT - The Complex - Grand Room *
07.23.2015 - Seattle, WA -Showbox at the Market *
07.24.2015 - Portland, OR - Roseland Theatre *
07.25.2015 - San Francisco, CA - The Regency Ballroom *
07.26.2015 - Santa Ana, CA - The Observatory OC *
07.28.2015 - Los Angeles, CA - The Regent Theater *
07.29.2015 - San Diego, CA - House of Blues San Diego *
07.30.2015 - Phoenix, AZ - The Pressroom *
07.31.2015 - Las Vegas, NV - Hard Rock Cafe - Vegas Strip *

^ Split Single
* Say Anything

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The New Pornographers announce international touring plans, baby baby

What time is it? New Pornographers time! Admittedly, it has pretty consistently been New Pornographers time for about 15 years now. They’ve been the steady hand that’s led us through this past decade and a half, raising us up when we need that combination of pop and power.

Since this is a New Pornographers world (and we’re just living in it, baaaaaaaaaaby), it shouldn’t be surprising that the band is heading out on tour once again. In which case, prepare to be unsurprised: The New Pornographers have announced a number of summer tour dates, spanning North American and Europe. Aforementioned dates include a number of festivals, such as Primavera Sound, Pitchfork, Sasquatch, and NXNE. Festival organizers know who to call for a guaranteed good time, you see.

A good time continued: The New Pornographers have a new video for “Dancehall Domine” from last year’s Brill Bruisers. Watch that below.

New Pornographers dates:

05.22.15 - Quincy, WA - Sasquatch! Music Festival
05.29.15 - Barcelona, Spain - Primavera Sound
05.30.15 - Utrecht, Netherlands - Tivoli De Delling
05.31.15 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Vega
06.01.15 - Aarhus, Denmark - Fonden Voxhall
06.02.15 - Stavanger, Norway - Folken
06.03.15 - Oslo, Norway - Parteatret
06.04.15 - Stockholm, Sweden - Debaser Strand
06.06.15 - Porto, Portugal - NOS Primavera Sound
06.20.15 - Toronto, Canada - NXNE
07.10.15 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
07.11.15 - Brooklyn, NY - Celebrate Brooklyn
07.12.15 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer
07.14.15 - Indianapolis, IN - The Vogue
07.15.15 - Grand Rapids, MI - Meijer Gardens
07.16.15 - Bloomington, IN - The Castle Theatre
07.17-19.15 - Chicago, IL - Pitchfork Music Festival

• The New Pornographers:

Drag City to reissue Red Krayola albums on vinyl

With a career spanning over four decades, The Red Krayola (also sometimes known as The Red Crayola) are one of the longest-lived experimental outfits of all time, and they’re hugely influential: Spacemen 3, Pere Ubu, The Minutemen, Galaxie 500, and Slovenly are declared fans. Starting their career in the late 1960s as a psychedelic freak-out band, The Red Krayola have evolved through all shades of art-damaged music, including conceptual works, post-punk, and noise rock. But it’s always been difficult to find their albums, excepting perhaps their 1967 debut The Parable of Arable land. Luckily, Drag City is going to fix that when it reissues four of the band’s albums: Corrected Slogans, Black Snakes, Malefactor, Ade, and Amor and Language.

These LPs cover a good chunk of the group’s trajectory, from 1976’s Corrected Slogans, the Red Krayola’s formal reactivation as an art-rock entity, to 1995’s EP Amor and Language, where the Krayolas flexed their post-rock muscles with an extended all-star lineup including Jim O’Rourke, Tortoise’s John McEntire, George Hurley from The Minutemen, and David Grubbs. The Red Krayola’s ability to phagocyte younger fans wasn’t new, as 1983’s Black Snakes shows, with the band welcoming Pere Ubu members into their numbers to tackle post-punk. Conceptually transgressive works are a constant for the group, too, with the German-released Malefactor, Ade showcasing a collaboration between guitarist (and founding member) Mayo Thompson and visual artist (and occasional Krayola member) Albert Oehlen. But in sheer experimental boldness, nothing beats the bizarre beauty of Corrected Slogans, an infamously outré work concocted along the Art & Language conceptual art collective. Much more/less than a rock album, Corrected Slogans is a deconstructive exercise of musical ineptitude, as close to a sound-essay on the possibilities of the avant-garde as it gets (you’ll hear Trotsky’s ideas recited next to a madrigal, and Harriet Martineau’s dispute Coleridge atop a bar room piano).

Evidently, there’s a lot left to discover when it comes to The Red Krayola, a seminal band very few have had a chance to hear. Having released most of the group’s albums on CD in the 1990s, Drag City finally catches up with itself to put out vinyl versions of these unsung classics. The five albums will be out April 21, via Drag City.

• The Red Krayola:
• Drag City:

X-Files star David Duchovny announces debut solo album! I didn’t WANT to believe!

Boy, the world sure is a topsy-turvy place, huh? One minute, David Duchovny is literally selling me DOG FOOD for a living; and the next, he’s freakin’ writing books, coming back for a surprise new mini-season of X Files as Agent Mulder, and making solo records! And not just ANY solo records, mind you, but solo records with “poetic lyrics and infectious melodies”!!! Is this all just some kind of crazy FBI conspiracy? I mean, who does this sci-fi dynamo think he is, already? David Lynch?!?

Well, we’ll all soon find out together, dear readers. Duchovny’s “folk/rock” solo debut, entitled Hell or Highwater is coming for us all on May 12 courtesy of ThinkSay Records. Ooh! There’s quotes from him too! Let’s listen in:

Making this record is a dream come true, but I never had this dream – it’s still a shock when I think about how all this music happened. What I do know is that I feel these songs represent the truest expression that I’ve ever been able to achieve and I look forward to sharing it with everyone.

So… what he’s saying here is that he basically has NO MEMORY of how this album got made? Yup: CONSPIRACY. CONFIRM-O.

Okay, okay; maybe I’m being too hasty here. Decide for yourself. The title track is available for purchase over at ye olde iTunes store right now, and you can currently pre-order the whole thing on Amazon. Those three nerd-guys from X-Files also helped me “embed” samples from the album down below. I hope you enjoy them, because it took fucking forever to do that over their 512k dial-up connection.

Hell or Highwater tracklisting:

01. Let it Rain
02. 3000
03. Stars
04. Hell or Highwater
05. The Things
06. The Rain Song
07. Unsaid Undone
08. Lately it’s Always December
09. Another Year
10. Passenger
11. When The Time Comes
12. Positively Madison Avenue

• David Duchovny:
• ThinkSay Records:

Bong finally change the water, announce new album We are, we were and we will have been

There’s literally no second guessing Newcastle-on-Tyne’s eminent stoner unit. For starters, they’re friggin’ called Bong. Like, ‘nuff said. They also put out Stoner Rock last year, which is a tongue-in-cheek but nonetheless telling album title; basically, Bong summoned the dirge hard with 70+ minutes of single-chord battery until the water became too damn nasty to continue ripping. This shit had people damn near gasping for breath!

That surely sounds like THE logical conclusion to drone-doom, right? Clearly not, ‘cos come May 25, Bong shall return with a brand new LP by the name of We are, we were and we will have been, once again on Ritual Productions. This time around, it’s an altogether shorter session, with two 20-minute sides as opposed to the near-35-minute slabs we got on Stoner Rock. Still, expect more of the same sound-wise: walls of guitar drone and sauntering percussion, all performed at a kush-coma-inducing pace. Oh, and it’s got some killer artwork, but that’s kinda customary for doom-mongers. Don’t expect to see many reviews when this thing drops: it’s the sort of music that deliberately avoids critical dissection, instead inviting one to throw it on the turntable and proceed to drop the fuck out of life. Bong in hand, of course.

We are, we were and we will have been tracklisting:

01. Time Regained
02. Find Your Own Gods

• Bong:
• Ritual Productions:

De La Soul already reach Kickstarter goal, announce forthcoming LP featuring David Byrne, Damon Albarn, Imagine Dragons… and you?

De La Soul decided to run a Kickstarter campaign to fund their latest album (shout out to Complex for the heads up), and unsurprisingly, the group reached their goal of $110,000 within a few days. But the campaign is still running here, and you might want to consider getting involved, not just because you love De La Soul (which we know you do), but because the prizes they are selling are bona fide awesome, including the opportunity for the fiscally endowed to share a dinner with the group or even feature on a skit on the forthcoming record.

The Kickstarter page also gives some pretty pithy details on the album. Apparently, the group have been holed up in Vox Studios recording improvised jams with folks like Damon Albarn, Imagine Dragons, David Byrne, 2 Chainz, and other artists who are apparently too exciting for even the band to mention yet. De La Soul are now going to create the instrumentals from the 200+ hours of amassed freestyle sessions for the forthcoming record, which will be their first in 11 years.

Good times are coming.

• De La Soul:

Music Industry officially confirms first “global release day” for July, adds a second Christmas in August while they’re at it

Hey, don’t you fucking hate alliterative consonance? Doesn’t the sonority of the phrase “New Music Tuesdays” just drive you up the wall? Me too! And, also, GREAT NEWS then! Remember how we told you last month all about how International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI — and yeah, totally a real thing) just kinda… got a little high and thought it’d be rad and funny and cool to change the global release day of all music ever to Fridays beginning sometime “this summer”?

Welp, they weren’t quite as hopelessly stoned as we thought when they cooked up that plan, because they’re actually following through with it! Because, uh, beginning Friday, July 10, SHIT GETS RELEASED ON FRIDAYS. Period. Fuck you.

But wait. Why is this happening again? Right: because it’ll “bring all territories in line with Australia and Germany, among others.” Well thank goodness! Although, last week it was also announced that the Official Chart on Radio 1 will be moved to Fridays starting in July too, so this only makes sense, right?

Meanwhile, news of the switcheroo has been “met with a mixed reaction” from the industry; chief among the eye-rollers being co-founder of the independent music recording, licensing, distribution, sales, marketing, and whatever-the-hell-else company [PIAS] Michel Lambot, who recently expressing concern about what it could mean for development and local artists.

“If a global chart reigns supreme, development artists and local artists will have to get used to hearing the voice of America, everywhere. Big money, big global campaigns, will dominate,” Lambot wrote in a recent blog. “This can only help the blockbusters become even bigger, for a longer period of time, in more markets.”

On the other side of the coin though, those “blockbusters” and all of the distributors and retailers who sell them are all kinda like “Hell yeah. That sounds good to us.” So that’s that.

See you guys in the checkout line at the Best Buy on Friday, July 10, right?


33 1/3 releasing books on Devo, Dead Kennedys, and Super Mario Brothers in May

Yeah, so, as a “semi-professional writer,” I kind of feel like I’ve outgrown reading. I don’t really do a whole lot of it anymore. But I figured since, hey, you’re obviously reading this right now, you might be something of a reader yourself, and out of consideration for that fact I’m going to go ahead and talk to you about something that’s a little outside of my wheelhouse: some books. Now don’t get nervous; this isn’t Finnegans Wake or The Da Vinci Code we’re talking about. Nope, we’re talking some good old-fashioned books about music from Bloomsbury’s 33 1/3 series. Oh, you’ve heard of the 33 1/3 series? Of course you have, you crazy bookworm. I bet you’ve even read a few of them, like John Darnielle’s take on Black Sabbath’s Master of Reality or Bryan Charles on Pavement’s Wowee Zowee.

Well, because I can literally hear you panting over the written word from over here, I’ll cut to the chase. Bloomsbury has three new additions planned for release in May. There’s Evie Nagy on Devo’s Freedom of Choice, Michael Stewart Foley on Dead Kennedys’ Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetabls, and Andrew Schartmann on Koji Kondo’s soundtrack for the Super Mario Brothers Soundtrack (the last of which we already knew about). Wow, that’s a lot of fresh text! Bring all of it into your house in May so you can read it while drinking tea and maybe even stroking a cat. It will be picturesque!

• Bloomsbury:

Leftfield to release Alternative Light Source, their first album in 16 years

Speaking personally, there was a bit of comfort in Paul Daley and Neil Barnes releasing two memorable (which may be an understatement) electronic albums as Leftfield and calling it quits before facing the prospect of inevitable decay. Expectations suddenly made high can mess with your head regardless of the practice, and who wants to tarnish a legacy of quality with a rushed, shallow, or otherwise poo piece of work that makes audiences think twice about their prior appreciation? Who wants to abandon their legacy as the prospect of reentering the fray nags like a pack of house cats hearing the mere opening of aluminum?

With regard to the latter question, not Neil Barnes! After unilaterally reigniting the “Leftfield” name in 2010 for the purposes of a headlining, cloudy island tour, he, along with the artists he’s brought in for the contributory fun, have announced a brand new album called Alternative Light Source, set for release June 9. Paul Daley has apparently recused himself from all of this, but not quite in his stead are TV On The Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe, Poliça singer Channy Leaneagh, Sleaford Mods, and others having some sort of artistic spot on the new LP.

The new single doesn’t sound like a far cry from Leftism or Rhythm & Stealth, really:

Alternative Light Source tracklisting:

01. Bad Radio
02. Universal Everything
03. Bilocation
04. Head and Shoulders
05. Dark Matters
06. Little Fish
07. Storm’s End
08. Alternative Light Source
09. Shaker Obsession
10. Levitate For You

• Leftfield:

Blackest Ever Black announces label compilation, doesn’t quite sing “Hooray for Hollywood!”

Anyone capable of unembellished thought knows that Los Angeles isn’t just red carpets and homeless people fiddling around in their pockets for the purposes of handing you money. A super informative study that conforms with my preestablished views of the world recently named Los Angeles ninth among American cities with the most inequality, and separate from the stoic picture that economic figures project, I can say that I’ve witnessed the depths of the L.A. underbelly firsthand and repeatedly! It’s filled with underwhelming Mexican food and driving… without the benefit of chauffeur. Don’t tell me I’m sheltered.

Exception for Blackest Ever Black: on an unspecified day this June, they’ll be releasing a label compilation that, in retrospect, “offers an imaginative response to Los Angeles shadow-life,” despite the varying nationalities and locations of the contributing artists. Camella Lobo a.k.a. Tropic of Cancer lives in California, but she’s followed up on the tracklisting by artists like Dalhous, Exploring Jezebel, Secret Boyfriend, and Cut Hands — all of whom have their own take on hidden facets, generally speaking. L.A. wasn’t the subject they were handed, but the comp is, apparently, a grim representation after the fact.

I Can’t Give You the Life You Want will be released on vinyl only in an edition of 500 copies for the US. Maybe order one of the “handful” becoming available online, if you’re elsewhere.

I Can’t Give You the Life You Want tracklisting:

A1. Tropic of Cancer - I Woke Up and the Storm Was Over
A2. Tarquin Manek - Not Missing You
A3. Dalhous - Acceptance Is Reality
A4. 500 Stamps - Relics of Victory
A5. Infrastructure Zero - Messiah Police
B1. Bremen - Eclipsed
B2. Exploring Jezebel - Burberry Boy
B3. Cut Hands - Festival of the Dead Ondo
B4. Barnett + Coloccia - Tracker
B5. Tarcar - Eija
B6. Secret Boyfriend - Singleminded

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• Mount Analog:



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