Clarence Clarity’s forthcoming debut EP is way more confusing than his name suggests

I’m not sure if we’re still officially dwelling in the postmodern age or not. But whatever — it doesn’t really matter what labels and meanings academics want to ascribe to culture, because when an artist like Clarence Clarity bursts out of nowhere with an agenda to grab bits and bobs from all over the place and smoosh them together while in the process inverting all sorts of paradigms, it just makes me happy. No questions asked.

Information at the moment is pretty thin. He’s a London dude with a wonky mouth and a penchant for pop, soul, glitch, Eastern scales, and noisy squalls. His debut EP is called Who Am Eye and is coming out December 2 via Bella Union. Stream the first track right now in the box below.

We can confirm that a full-length record will be out some time in 2015. We can also confirm that Clarity likes to pepper his press releases with missives such as “this checkerboard landscape is an auto-refreshing infinity pool” and “eye write a press release as a youtube commenting parasite,” which suggests he’s an artist truly of this time, whatever it may be.

Who Am Eye

01. Those Who Can’t, Cheat
02. Golden Gate
03. Off My Grid
04. Exaltations

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SOPHIE tours the world, the Universe… is that SOPHIE in my Frosted Flakes?

See, that’s the problem with being an enigma. When people aren’t sure who you are or where you come from, they tend to assume omnipresent qualities, or superhuman endurance, or ownership of a unique aircraft that allows you to travel pretty much anywhere on Earth within a split-second. SOPHIE — who dropped quite the one-two punch earlier this year — is only human, people; exclamatory requests for him to visit your respective cities will only harbor ill-will, until the time comes when penguins in the Arctic Circle are sipping in-person lemonade before you ever do! Haha. I mean, probably not. I’m sure SOPHIE appreciates your enthusiasm.

Check below for SOPHIE’s tour dates, which begin on Halloween. Be particularly envious of the Aussies, who will be the only ones on this particular tour to witness direct QT (SOPHIE + A. G. Cook) cat-calling in the weeks before the new year. They do dress minimally down there for the summer. Feminism is officially on hold!


10.31.14 - Paris, France - Trabendo (Pitchfork Festival After Party)
11.02.14 - Pomona, CA - Hard Fest Day of the Dead
11.05.14 - Seattle, WA - Q Nightclub
11.06.14 - Vancouver, BC - Fortune Sound Club
11.07.14 - Oberlin, OH - Dionysus Club, Oberlin College
11.08.14 - Austin, TX - Vulcan Gas Company
11.15.14 - Rotterdam, Netherlands - Perron (Rotterdam Beats Festival)
11.28.14 - Bratislava, Slovakia - Klub Dole
12.12.14 - Utrecht, Netherlands - Fuse De Helling
12.17.14 - Perth, Australia - Shape Bar *
12.19.14 - Melbourne, Australia - 170 Russell *
12.20.14 - Sydney, Australia - The Metro Theatre *

* QT

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The Bug collaborates with Earth on new single, out November 28, because they are both adults and can do what they want

In the grand 2014 tradition of metal-ish-sounding bands collaborating with people who are less metal-ish (Exhibit A, Exhibit B), Kevin Martin’s The Bug project has announced a new collaborative single with Earth called The Bug vs. Earth featuring the tracks “Boa” and “Cold,” which I’ll admit, my news-addled brain originally interpreted as having something to do with Ebola. I will now list a few ways in which this collaboration makes a whole lot of sense.

1. Both The Bug and Earth released albums this year whose titles are made up in part by popular symbol the ampersand, namely Angels & Devils and Primitive & Deadly, respectively.
2. Bugs often come out of dirt. A synonym for the word “dirt” is “earth,” or “Earth,” if you prefer.
3. Martin has been feeling hella collaborative lately anyway (as per the list of collaborators on Angels & Devils, which included Liz Harris, Death Grips, copeland, and several others), and this particular collaboration was actually originally planned to make it on to Angels & Devils.
4. Both of them are adults and they can do what they want, Dad.
5. I’m tired of making this list.

As you can see, there are a great many reasons why this collaboration was perfectly natural, and indeed this small news post couldn’t even contain the full litany. All you need to know now is that the single is out November 28 via Ninja Tune, and it’ll be part of a Black Friday Record Store Exclusive series. You might also be interested in knowing that you can listen to the track “Boa” below via the embed, and that The Bug is currently in the midst of a tour, whose dates I will also list below. That is the end of the things I think you might want to know and is therefore also the end of this news post.

The Bug vs. Earth tracklist:

01. Boa
02. Cold

The Bug Dates:

10.29.14 - St. Louis, MO - 2720 Cherokee ^
10.30.14 - Asheville, NC - Orange Peel ^
10.31.14 - Houston, TX - Gritsy ^
11.01.14 - San Francisco, CA - The Independent ^#
11.03.14 - Los Angeles, CA - Echoplex ^#
11.05.14 - Montreal - Underworld Cabaret *
11.06.14 - Toronto, ON - Coda *
11.07.14 - Calgary, AB - Ten Nightclub *
11.09.14 - Vancouver, BC - Electric Owl *
11.13.14 - Seattle, WA - Nectars ^
11.14.14 - Portland, OR - Rotture ^
11.15.14 - Chicago, IL - Evil Olive ^

* Flowdan
^ Manga
# Wolf Eyes

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Brian Eno readies four albums of rare and unreleased material for All Saints

This year, studio wizard Brian Eno already dropped two albums of original material with Karl Hyde, curated a Fela Kuti box set, and wrote a few angry letters about Israel. It’s been a busy one for this guy. Now, the iconic English producer is diving back into the vaults to reissue four solo albums from the 90s that have long been out of print. Founded in 1992 as an offshoot of Eno’s Opal Records, All Saints will release CD and vinyl editions of Nerve Net, The Shutov Assembly, Neroli (CD only), and The Drop.

Each album comes complete with a bonus disc of unheard material, including the lost album My Squelchy Life, recordings from 1985-1990, an hour-long ambient piece from 1992 called “New Space Music,” and an alternate version of an LP that was sold in limited quantities during Eno’s “77 Million” installation at Tokyo’s Laforet Museum. These are some ultra-deep cuts for the Eno completist, so if you’ve got an aspiring mad scientist in your family, this might be the perfect stocking stuffer. They’ll even get a 16-page booklet with each album, containing photos and writing from Eno himself. All four records are available on December 4, and the full tracklists can be found here; personally, I’m still waiting on Music for People.

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Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter V split into two parts, part one coming in December

Weezy F Baby, a.k.a. Lil Wayne, has some bad news for the heads out there: Tunechi’s alleged final album, Tha Carter V, won’t be coming out this week. Like a Japanese RPG that also uses Roman numerals, Lil Wayne’s forthcoming record has been plagued with delays. Originally set for a May 2014 release date, the album was pushed back to October, despite the fact that Wayne said “I’m finished” and “I’m done” back in June. Since then, he’s given us three singles from the album — “Believe Me,” “Grindin,” and “Krazy” — and even jumped on a T.I. remix of “About the Money” for a guest spot last week. All signs point to this being a business issue with the label.

Now, in a new PSA, Wayne explains that he simply recorded too many songs to fit onto one album, so Young Money is gonna pull a Hunger Games and release the LP in two parts. The first part will drop December 9, and it sounds like Weezy is sticking firm to that date. The next part, however, is up in the air. It’s funny, because the original plan for Tha Carter V was for the main record to drop in October, followed by another LP called Da Other Album with all the leftovers. Why couldn’t Wayne just keep his last Carter pure, pick 14 of his best tracks, and call it a day? Or just put out a double album if he really wanted to? It’s a funny thing, money.

Let’s just wait and see if we have a Weezy Christmas after all. As Wayne said in his message, “You’re gonna love it, cause I fucking love it; if you don’t fucking love it then you don’t fucking love love. That made sense? I hope so.”

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Alex Zhang Hungtai retires Dirty Beaches alias, possibly after increasing pressures from Greenpeace

Aw, man. And I was just starting to get used to the idea that every beach I ever go to should rightly resemble a filthy abrasive pile of vomit-y dogshit! Oh well. What can you do?

Well, actually, I guess the most reasonable human thing would be to quickly look around for a scapegoat. Hmm. Personally, I blame Exclaim for cluing me into the fact that Canadian mastermind Alex Zhang Hungtai — erstwhile creator of such VH1 classic albums as 2011’s Badlands and 2013’s Drifters/Love is the Devil — has “decided to end the project.” And while he hasn’t really cited a specific reason for doing so, fans can rest assured that the man’s musicmaking will continue one way or another after Dirty Beaches gets buried in the syringe-littered sand, as he has duly assured everyone who counts in this world via Twitter that “its sad to say goodbye to DB, but rest assured NEW PROJECTS NEW MUSIC COMING SOON 2015.” Bam! See? Not just assurance… but CAPSLOCK assurance! That’s the best kind. I ASSURE YOU.

Luckily, he’s not ending DB prior to the release of his instrumental LP Stateless that’s due out next week, because we already deftly reported on that shit, and that would be SO CONFUSING for the internet when the contradiction ripped a giant hole in the spacetime continuum and whatnot.

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Sasha Grey and Jayceeoh release single, announce tour

When Sasha Grey goes for something, girl goes hard. And no, that’s not just, like, some less-than-sly reference to her time in the adult film industry; it’s a toast to this woman’s commitment to whatever art project she decides to take on, whether it’s porn, acting, her photography book NEÜ SEX, her novel The Juliette Society, or her many collaborations with similarly-minded provocateurs like Current 93, X-TG (Throbbing Gristle), Lee Scratch Perry, and aTelecine. And now the many-talented Ms. Grey is collaborating with her producer/DJ pal Jayceeoh in one of her most controversial moves yet: entering the world of EDM.

The duo’s debut track “Heat of the Night” featuring Bella is a hands-in-the-air party track — a far cry from the demonic experimentalism of aTelecine. Apparently, DJ Sasha Grey has been tearing up dancefloors from Ukraine to Mexico, so it should come as no surprise that girlfriend doesn’t just like sitting in dark corners chanting weird shit in Latin. For further evidence, tour dates are listed below. Nary a dark castle to lurk in, but instead, Goa. Guys… Goa. Also, there’s a boat. There are two days on a boat. Honestly at this point, Grey could get really into the slow food movement (fuck, she probably already is) and write a cookbook on living off the land… Italian style!!! And no one would be surprised.

11.13.14 - Taguig (Manila), Philippines - Hyve
11.15.14 - New Delhi, India - Kitty Su
11.16.14 - Goa, India - Beach Grind Festival
11.21.14 - Hong Kong - Dragon-i
11.23.14 - At Sea - It’s The Ship (Cruise)
11.24.14 - At Sea - It’s The Ship (Cruise)
11.27.14 - Jakarta, Indonesia - Domain
11.28.14 - Bali, Indonesia - Stark Experience
11.29.14 - Seoul, Korea - Club Vanguard
12.05.14 - Perth, Australia - Villa
12.06.14 - Melbourne, Australia - Anyway at The Palace
12.07.14 - Sydney, Australia - Marco Polo
12.07.14 - Adelaide, Australia - Zhivago

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Domo Genesis still high enough to release new mixtape, Under the Influence 2

Odd Future cohort Domo Genesis has teased listeners that he would release both a new mixtape and a debut solo studio album before the end of the year. We can at least confirm one of these. On November 5, Genesis will pop out Under the Influence 2, a mixtape that follows up the first volume of the series, which dropped in 2011. The mixtape features a cover photo that Domo describes as “me and my mom when we were really poor, my face isn’t showing, but she still smiles. It’s like a symbol of perseverance in a way to me…that it’s about more than money and that I was already happy before it.”

Genesis has stayed busy this year, appearing on two standouts from the Freddie Gibbs/Madlib massacre that was Piñata, as well as featuring on newer records from Step Brothers and Dilated Peoples. Under the Influence 2 will be available direct from the Odd Future website. Until that rolls out, we’ve got “STRICTLY4MYNIGGAZ” for you to stream below.

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Evian Christ to sell 500 pairs of underwear with his name on them, because what would Jesus do?

Guys! How can it be that no one has had this idea before?? I mean, it clearly worked out super-well for Marty McFly back in good old 1955 in the movies. Seems like a no-brainer!

Well, IRREGARDLESS of no brains and shit; leave it to our our crisp, clean, and holy bottled water messiah Evian Christ to finally have the wherewithal to “produce” the idea of “500 pairs of Calvin Klein-style boxer shorts to sell as merchandise” with his name printed on the band (where Calvin Klein’s name ordinarily goes). Because, according to our friends at FACT, that’s exactly what he done-did.

Apparently, the idea came to him NOT after eating a pot pizza and watching Back to the Future on Blu-ray, but rather, the same place where all good ideas usually come from: his girlfriend. See, she bought him a couple of pairs “as a joke for my birthday […] and people started asking me how to buy them. And I was like, maybe I should make some — then, when I posted the photo on Twitter, The Guardian wrote an article about it, and it just kind of blew up for some reason. So yeah, it just kind of rolled from there and now I’m set with 500 pairs of boxer shorts in my studio with my name on them.” The results will now be available for your consumption — in packs of three, naturally — at the upcoming Evian Christ’s Trance Party that he’s hosting on Halloween at Corsica Studios in London.

There you go. Simple as that, folks. Well, except for the fact that he actually didn’t mean to order 500 pairs of them, but “communication issues” with the manufacturers, you know, being Chinese… sort of resulted in a hilariously sexy customs snafu. According to a conversation Christ had with The FADER, "Ideally I would have got 100. And then they got held up in customs in the UK, I didn’t realize you had to pay a huge customs charge, I had these boxers just like trapped. I had to declare that there were 500 boxer shorts with ‘Evian Christ’ on them. It’s been a real journey.”

But in the end, isn’t that what LIFE is, my friends? It’s like a wise man probably once said: it’s not about getting to the finish line; it’s really about the novelty undergarments that you accidentally over-order along the way…

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Luna reunite after 10 years for Spanish tour

The much-loved 90s band Luna has just announced a reunion tour for 2015. The US indie four-piece will reconvene for the first time in a decade to play several shows in Spain next year. More details are yet to surface, but they have so far confirmed seven dates in mid-to-late April, covering big cities like Madrid and Valencia, as well as medium-sized destinations. Barcelona is conspicuously left off the list, which probably means Luna will be visiting the Catalan capital during the festival season — a good sign that there may be more shows in the works. Let’s just say we’d be very surprised if Luna restricts their reunion tour to Cádiz and Zaragoza.

Luna was founded by Galaxie 500’s Dean Wareham in 1991, with its latest/current lineup also including Britta Philips, Lee Wall, and Sean Eden. An indie supergroup of sorts, given that the band’s earliest incarnation featured The Feelies’ Stan Demeski and The Feel’s Justin Harwood, Luna remained active until 2005, garnering critical acclaim and a handful of loyal fans. The band released seven albums during their tenure, some very much in the The Velvet Underground tradition of NY rock, others tinted with a sun-drenched romanticism reminiscent of classic West Coast pop rock. The band’s reunited lineup was active from 1999 to their dissolution in 2005.

Although Luna broke up on quite amicable terms, their reunion is rather unexpected. Last summer, they had been seen hanging out in casual pictures posted to the various members’ social media profiles, but no buzz of a reunion was created. Yet, just a couple of years ago, Wareham and Philips toured the Galaxie 500 catalogue. Moreover, in some promotional interviews, Wareham suggested that he had reached a stage in his career where he was willing to try new and old things alike, just for the sake of being able to do them. His first solo LP from last year was understood to be a step in such a direction, and perhaps bringing back the old band for a short Spanish tour is the next one.

Check out the currently confirmed Luna reunion tour dates below.

04.17.15 - Gijón, SP - Gijón Sound Festival
04.18.15 - Santander - Escenario Santander
04.20.15 - Madrid - Teatro Lara
04.21.15 - Cádiz - Aulario la Bomba
04.22.15 - Valencia - La Rambleta
04.24.15 - Zaragoza - Centro de Las Armas
04.25.15 - San Sebastián - Intxaurrondo

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