New Tim Buckley Live Album Drops in August with Previously Unheard Songs

What’s worse than watching a young musical genius get cut down ruthlessly in the prime of his creative life? Seeing the exact same thing happen to that person’s young musical genius son. Although they met only once, father Tim Buckley and son Jeff shared many things through their melodious blood. Both had robust crowns of chestnut hair, both were packing fuckin’ Sistine Chapels in their throats, and neither one can be mentioned without inevitably drawing attention to the other. The son he never wanted, the father he never had, forever piggybacked upon one another through the annals of pop music. Goddamn, why hasn’t the legend of Buckley & Son been made into a One Life to Live story arc yet?

But on March 6, 1967, while four-month old Jeff was most likely sleeping and farting in his mother’s arms, father Tim, then only one album deep into his extraordinary career, took the stage at Izzy Young’s Folklore Center in Greenwich Village in front of a somber crowd of 35 people. That night, the senior Buckley played a mixture of songs from his 1966 self-titled debut and 1967’s upcoming Goodbye and Hello, as well as a half dozen tunes that never made it on any Tim Buckley record. That is, until August 25, 2009, when Tompkins Square Records releases a completely restored recording of the show in its entirety. Packaged along with a previously unpublished interview with Buckley conducted by Young, on paper Live at the Folklore Center appears to be a much-needed early account of a challenging artist whose body of work has only become difficult with the passage of lives and time. So how's bout it, Buckheads? Excited? I know I am!


1. Song for Jainie
2. I Never asked to Be Your Mountain
3. Wings
4. Phantasmagoria in Two
5. Just Please Leave Me #
6. Dolphins
7. I Can’t See You
8. Troubadour
9. Aren’t You the Girl
10. What Do You Do (He Never Saw You) #
11. No Man Can Find the War
12. Carnival Song
13. Cripples Cry #
14. If the Rain Comes #
15. Country Boy #
16. I Can’t Leave You Loving Me #

# indicates previously unreleased Tim Buckley composition

Dates Announced for The Gories & Oblivians’ Joint Reunion Tour; Garage Rocker Nerds Far and Wide Cream Shorts in Anticipation

The Gories and Oblivians, two prototypical garage-rock bands from the '80s and '90s, are going on a mini-reunion tour this summer, hitting Memphis and Detroit before heading off to Europe.

Wha?! you say. Why now? you continue. Why don't I live in either of those places?!... or Europe... Don't ask me, I just report the news. What do I look like? A journalist? I have no clue -- recession, swine flu, Obama -- anything could be behind this...

I could say something like: Mick Collins and Greg "Oblivian" Cartwright were riding their horses through the dusty streets of the motor city, heading to Memphis, TN, when Greg turned to Mick and asked, "Hey Mick, you wanna go on tour?" Mick nodded his head and squinted into the horizon, whispering, "You think our epic first groups could reform? I mean I love The Reigning Sounds, don't get me wrong, and I'm having a lot of fun with The Dirtbombs and reading comic books and stuff, but wouldn't it be great to have a reunion tour? Like The Spice Girls or The Police." "Well, sure," Greg nervously replied, "but we haven't spoken or played with those guys since the mid- to late-'90s. Do you think it could happen? Because that would be rad–" but before the word "rad" could turn into "radical," Jack and Eric Oblivian, Dan Kroha, and Peggy O'Neill descended down upon them in a cloud of smoke and in harmonic fourths cried, "Yes, we can," and everyone went, "awww."

Yep, I could say that that, but it would be a lie. Truth is, I don't know why, just know when.

Here are the dates:
06.19.09 - Memphis, TN - Hi-Tone
06.20.09 - Memphis, TN - Hi-Tone
06.27.09 - Detroit, MI - Majestic Theater
07.03.09 - Madrid, Spain - Sala El Sol
07.04.09 - Bilbao, Spain - Kafe Antzokia
07.05 09 - Barcelona, Spain - Sala BeCool
07.06.09 - Bordeaux, France - BT59
07.07.09 - Paris, France - Maroquineri
07.08.09 - Groningen, Netherlands - Vera
07.10.09 - Nottingham, England - Blast Off Festival
07.11.09 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Paradiso
07.12.09 - Gierle, Belguim - Sjock
07.13.09 - Dikmuide, Belguim - 4AD
07.14.09 - Munster, Germany - Gleis 22
07.15.09 - Berlin, Germany - Festaal
07.16.09 - Munich, Germany - 59:1
07.17.09 - Ravenna, Italy - Hana-Bi
07.18.09 - Torino, Italy - Spaziale Festival

The Clean Names New Record Mister Pop, Paying Tribute To the Greatest of All Generic Sodas

I was walking through my local grocery store the other day looking for some generic cereals and sodas, and I'm pretty damn sure I saw a 12-pack of something called Mr. Pop, which is of course a knockoff of Mr. Pibb, which is of course a knockoff of Dr. Pepper. Mr. Pop was not "calling" me that day, so I went with an even-better titled ripoff soda (called Mountain Holler, an obvious ripoff of Mountain Dew), but, hey, it just so happens to also be the title of The Clean's newest album. On September 8, New Zealand's famed jangly punk band The Clean will release an album titled Mister Pop, its first new studio album since 2001's Getaway. According to a press release:

Mister Pop sees The Clean continue the great pop pastiche. Circus ragas (“Moonjumper”), gorgeously hazy sunset anthems (“In the Dreamlife You Need a Rubber Soul”), and the sometimes-loose Dada approach to wordsmithery continue right alongside “proper” lyrical forays, and a few Autobahn-referential instrumental moments to boot (“Tensile”). Bob’s love of pastoral UK folk has brought some added weight into the overall Clean equation, as does David’s Eastern and African guitar jones, though all this has always fit in with—and still constitutes—the total basis of the Clean sound journey.

If September 8 is too far away, you can get a little sneak peak on Merge's website, where you can download "In the Dreamlife You Need a Rubber Soul." Or better yet, here's Mister Pop's tracklist:

1. Loog
2. Are You Really On Drugs?
3. In the Dreamlife You Need a Rubber Soul
4. Asleep In the Tunnel
5. Back In the Day
6. Moonjumper
7. Factory Man
8. Simple Fix
9. Tensile
10. All Those Notes

RIP: Jeff Hanson

From the Star Tribune:

His voice was sweet enough to often be mistaken for a woman's, and his songwriting was strong enough to earn him a deal with one of the country's most influential indie-rock record labels.

Jeff Hanson's rising career came to a sudden end on Friday, when he was found dead at his apartment in St. Paul.

Hanson, 31, likely died from a fall or other accident at the concrete-floored apartment, which he had just moved into days earlier, said his sister, Sara Hanson. He was found by his parents.

- Jeff Hanson official website
- Jeff Hanson MySpace
- Jeff Hanson Wikipedia entry

Mario Speedwagon’s Under The Radar News Round Up: Jay Reatard Tours, Pete Yorn Tours, Temporary Residence Signs Black Heart Procession And Pinback, Arbouretum Tours, Yo Mama Tours

Before I get into the news, I want to talk about this band photo that my friend Cody found:

Now, I see a lot of promotional photos -- some good, most terrible -- but this one really takes the cake. It’s the kind of band photo you’d see on Rock And Roll Confidential’ in the Hall Of Douche Bags section. One of the first things I noticed was that three of them have soul patches (if you don't know my thoughts on soul patches, my thoughts are "Ew.") Then I noticed that three of them have HIGHLIGHTS and two have the "Rachel" haircut. Finally, where the hell do you find jackets like that? (For your information, I didn’t really notice all this stuff in that order. My immediate reaction was “OH MY GOD” and then only after I cleaned up the brains that had leaked out of my ears after my brain exploded did I dissect the douche-baggery. Whoa.)

- Speaking of “Reatards,” Jay Reatard will release his new album Watch Me Fall in August 18, 2009 via Matador Records. He’ll be celebrating early by heading out on tour in June and July. The tour kicks off in San Diego, CA at the Casbah and ends in Oxford, MS at Proud Larry’s. Most of the dates are with TV Smith f the Adverts. You can check out a full list of dates at the Matador website.

- Yesterday I got this super sad letter from Performing Songwriter basically saying that its June 2009 issue was its last. RIP Print media. While flipping through its last issue, I found an article on Pete Yorn and felt bad, because I had no idea Pete Yorn still did stuff. That being said, today I thought I’d make myself feel better by writing about his tour and his new record that comes out June 23, 2009 via Columbia Records called Back and Forth. On July 9, he’ll kick off his tour in San Diego, CA at the House of Blues and continue on until August 28 in Los Angeles, CA at the Henry Fonda Theatre. Check out all the dates at his official site. I’m an elitist, snobby bitch. Sorry Pete.

- Temporary Residence Limited, home to Bellini, Explosions in the Sky, Maserati, Mono, and a few others, is now home to The Black Heart Procession (and thus, Three Mile Pilot) and Pinback. Black Heart Procession have tour plans in the fall and will release a new record in October. Pinback are working on a new record, slated for some time in 2010.

- Arbouretum kicked off their tour yesterday in their hometown of Baltimore in support of their latest release Songs of the Pearl (TMT Review). Today, they’ll play the Norva in Norfolk, VA and a few more dates in the U.S. before heading over to Europe for a few other shows and festivals. More details can be found on the Thrill Jockey website.

One more time.

PS: I’m pretty sure the “dude” second in from the left is a chick.

Wal-Mart to Shut Down DRM Download Servers While the Music from Terminator 2 Plays in the Background

This is it. I can already hear the strains of our readership's Crystal Castles ringtones as our Toby Keith-listening step-daddies and Josh Groban-adoring mommas frantically call our new-fangled smart phones about this DRM (pronounced "derm," right mom?) Download changeover thing that their neighborhood Wal-Mart store just sent them an email about. I might as well get you up to speed now, so you can calm the old folks down and get them off the phone before they invite you and your girlfriend to another dreadful dinner at Outback Steakhouse.

So, basically's music download store went DRM free in February of 2008, and surprise, surprise, now they're telling customers that they can no longer support the DRM-laden downloads that they eagerly sold them prior to the inevitable transition. This is, of course, no surprise to us young folk. You may recall that iTunes offered a paid upgrade to MP3s after it made the DRM-free transition and still supports the tracks it sold with DRM. And other download services like Napster and Rhapsody were forced to extend their transitions after complaints from consumers. Wal-Mart's changeover is, if anything, a little overdue.

But still, consider the email that got sent to Wal-Mart's customers, which states that on October 9, the company will shut its servers "that support protected songs and albums purchased from our site." Unless you back up your files by burning them to CD, you will "no longer be able to transfer your songs to other computers or access your songs after changing or reinstalling your operating system or in the event of a system crash." Okay. Now, think about how your mom uses the term CD and DVD interchangeably all the time. See? This is gonna be a mess. Below is the full text of Wal-Mart's email. After you read it, you should probably look at your Google Calendar and free up a Saturday sometime soon, cuz you've got some DRM songs to burn and some grade-C steak to choke down. Oh, and don't pick up a 10 pack of CD-Rs... from Wal-Mart.

Full text of's email:

We hope you are enjoying the increased music quality/bitrate and the improved usability of Walmart's MP3 music downloads. We began offering MP3s in August 2007 and have offered only DRM (digital rights management) -free MP3s since February 2008. As the final stage of our transition to a full DRM-free MP3 download store, Walmart will be shutting down our digital rights management system that supports protected songs and albums purchased from our site.

If you have purchased protected WMA music files from our site prior to Feb 2008, we strongly recommend that you back up your songs by burning them to a recordable audio CD. By backing up your songs, you will be able to access them from any personal computer. This change does not impact songs or albums purchased after Feb 2008, as those are DRM-free.

Beginning October 9, we will no longer be able to assist with digital rights management issues for protected WMA files purchased from If you do not back up your files before this date, you will no longer be able to transfer your songs to other computers or access your songs after changing or reinstalling your operating system or in the event of a system crash. Your music and video collections will still play on the originally authorized computer.

Thank you for using for music downloads. We are working hard to make our store better than ever and easier to use.

It’s been 11 long years since Faith No More last took the stage, but in anticipation of their upcoming European tour, frontman Mike Patton is just happy to be playing music again after all those years of relative inactivity. “It’s been tough, man. Real tough,” Patton said in a recent interview with Rolling Stone. “11 years on the sidelines, doin’ bullshit material with bullshit people. It’s good to be back in the game. I’ve paid my fuckin’ dues, and now it’s time to fuck the Big Time in her fat ol’ backyard, baby.”

The post-Faith years have not been kind to Mr. Patton. Following the group’s 1998 breakup, the hammer-throated singer has become dejected and reclusive, popping up only every few hours to release a new album or score a Jason Statham movie. A string of go-nowhere bands like Fantômas, Mr. Bungle, and Peeping Tom kept him fed as he fought to break back onto the charts, but with each paycheck came its own humiliation. Soon the financial constraints became so great that Patton was forced to collaborate with anyone who crossed his path, from John Zorn and Merzbow to Björk and Neil Hamburger. “I’m not proud of things I did to keep myself alive, and I’d forget them forever if I only could,” Patton told RS, fighting back tears. “I just hope if I ever have kids someday that they don’t find out about all the disgraceful shit I had to do to get by. Fuck. Never fuckin’ again, man. I’m a goddamn star now.”

After years of indifference from the mainstream public, Patton was ready to quit the music industry all together until life mercifully gave him a second chance when Faith No More reunited earlier this year (TMT News ). “It’s a real relief, ya know. I mean, I figured I was gonna spend the rest my life sloggin’ out Whoppers at the BK or, even worse, puking up little pieces of my larynx everyday with that shrimpy saxophone blowin’ faggot Zorn,” Patton said, laughing and flexing. “Fuckin’ yes! Goddamn I feel like a fucking titan! You wanna see how many pushups I can do, dipshit journalist? I can do so many fucking pushups, motherfucker! WATCH THE LEAD SINGER OF FAITH NO MORE DO PUSHUPS, PRICK!” (The rest of the RS article is pretty much detailed descriptions about each of Patton’s pushups, except for one aside where Patton talks about how much he enjoyed the movie Up.)
06.10.09 – London, UK – Brixton Academy
06.12.09 – Donington Park, UK – Download Festival
06.13.09 – Interlaken, Switzerland - Greenfield Festival
06.14.09 – Milan, Italy – Rock in Idro
06.16.09 – Berlin, Germany - Kindl-Bühne Wuhlheide
06.19.09 – Nickelsdork, Austria – Nova Rock Festival
06.20.09 - Eichenring Scheeflel, Germany – Hurricane Festival
06.21.09 – Neuhausen ob Eck, Germany – Southside Festival
06.22.09 – Frankfurt, Germany – Jahrhunderthalle
06.24.09 – Helsinki, Finland - Kaisaniemi Park
06.25.09 – Arendal, Norway – Hove Festival
06.27.09 – Borlänge, Sweden – Peace and Love Festival
06.29.09 – Moscow, Russia – B1 Club
06.30.09 – St. Petersburg, Russia – Jubileeny
07.01.09 – Riga, Latvia – Dream Factory
07.03.09 – Roskilde, Denmark – Roskilde Festival
07.04.09 – Gydnia, Poland – Heineken Open'er Festival
07.05.09 – Turku, Finland – Ruisrock Festival
08.08.09 - Zambujeira do Mar, Portugal – Sudoeste Festival
08.14.09 – Burgas, Bulgaria – Spirit of Burgas
08.15.09 – Bucharest, Romania - Sala Polivalenta
08.16.09 – Budapest, Hungary – Sziget Festival
08.17.09 – Prague, Czech Republic – Tesla Arena
08.20.09 – Hasselt, Belgium – Pukkelpop Festival
08.21.09 - Biddinghuizen, Netherlands – Lowlands Festival
08.22.09 – Erfurt, Germany – Highfield Festival
08.23.09 – Oberhausen, Germany – Area 4 Festival
08.29.09 – Paris, France – Rock en Seine
09.01.09 – Tel Aviv, Israel – Fair, Trade and Convention Centre

Photo: [saba♫dija]

Franz Ferdinand Release Dub Remix LP, But They Also Announce North American Tour with Green Day. So, Wait. Does This News Make Them Hip and Credible or Money-Hungry and Disposable? You Decide.

Okay. Pop quiz, hot shot. Franz Ferdinand. Are they (A) ultra-hip, forward-looking glam-rock elevators?

(Hint: In the wake of the release of their relatively well-received third record, Tonight: Franz Ferdinand (TMT Review), the esteemed Glasgow quartet completed a stellar North American Tour, which saw sold-out shows from coast to coast, as well as a poised and impressive appearance on David Letterman. Then, this week, they followed all of this success up with the release of Blood, a dub version of Tonight mixed by Tonight producer Dan Carey, which was filled to the brim with nine incredible versions of Franz originals and one additional song, “Be Afraid,” a version of “Dream Again.” Talk about badass. This might even earn them the Jonny Greenwood Stamp of Approval.)

But wait! Don’t answer so fast.

Because there is also another choice. Could they be (B), tepid torch-bearers of rock ’n’ roll’s, uh, 21st-century breakdown who are content to play to pierced and “opinionated” 15-year-olds, young parents who fill their Rhapsody playlists with songs they hear on local alternative radio, and outdoor-venue-patronizing hackie sack enthusiasts before turning the oversized stage over to the shmaltziest big-budget rock headliners on earth, who use some vague notion of pouty politics to sell three-chord throwaways before they’re too old to look “young”??

(Hint: I’m not talking about Wilco.)

That’s right. Franz Ferdinand is following up the release of their experimental dub record by touring the U.S. again later this summer as the opening act for Green Day. Confused? Me too. Bye bye, Greenwood stamp!

Blood tracklist:

1. Feel The Pressure
2. Die On The Floor
3. The Vaguest of Feeling
4. If I can’t Have You Then Nobody Can
5. Katherine Hit Me
6. Backwards Of My Face
7. Feeling Kind of Anxious
8. Feel The Envy
9. Be Afraid

Green Daytes:
08.08.09 - Houston, TX - Toyota Center
08.09.09 - San Antonio, TX - AT&T Center
08.11.09 - St. Louis, MO - Scottrade Center
08.12.09 - Kansas City, MO - Sprint Center
08.13.09 - Omaha, NE - Qwest
08.15.09 - Denver, CO - Pepsi Center
08.16.09 - Salt Lake City, UT - ESA (Energy Sol Arena)
08.18.09 - San Jose, CA - HP Pavilion
08.20.09 - San Diego, CA - Cox Arena
08.21.09 - Las Vegas, NV - Mandalay
08.22.09 - Phoenix, AZ - US Air Arena
08.24.09 - Sacramento, CA - Arco Arena
08.25.09 - Los Angeles, CA - Forum
08.26.09 - Los Angeles, CA – Forum

Polvo Sign To Merge… Again

For the second time in 19 years, Chapel Hill's noisy math rock legends Polvo have signed to Merge Records. The band originally released two albums with Merge back in the early ’90s, but its subsequent albums were released via Touch and Go. And now, after spending a good part of March and May recording in Carrboro and at Echo Mountain in Asheville, NC (with Brian Paulson), the band has emerged with In Prism, the group's first album in 12 years, set for release on September 8.

Polvo, who reformed in 2008 at the Explosions in the Sky-curated ATP, are scheduled to play a couple fests this summer, including the Seaport Music Festival with Obits and XX Merge in July with a round of legendary Merge artists including The Magnetic Fields, Superchunk, Lambchop, Spoon, and plenty more. Polvo will also be touring in the fall to promote In Prism, so keep an eye out for a TMT update.

In Prism tracklisting:

1. Right the Relation
2. D.C. Trails
3. Beggar’s Bowl
4. City Birds
5. Lucia
6. Dream residue/Work
7. The Pedlar
8. A Thousand Waves
07-22-09 - 07/26/09 - XX Merge*
07-31-09 - Seaport Music Festival#

# Obits

* Lou Barlow, The Broken West, Richard Buckner, The Clientele, Destroyer, Erectus Monotone, The Essex Green, Guv'ner, Imperial Teen, The Ladybug Transistor, Lambchop, The Magnetic Fields, The Music Tapes, Oakley Hall, Conor Oberst & the Mystic Valley Band, Pipe, Portastatic, Radar Bros., The Rosebuds, Spent, Spoon, Matt Suggs, Superchunk, Tenement Halls, Telekinesis, Versus, M. Ward , She & Him, American Music Club, Wye Oak

RIP: Sam Butera, Saxophonist

From New Orleans' Times-Picayune (via The Daily Swarm):

Sam Butera, the hard-driving, hard-swinging New Orleans saxophonist who was Louis Prima’s longtime musical partner, died Wednesday in Las Vegas following a long illness. He was 81.

Mr. Butera joined Prima’s band in 1954. With singer Keely Smith, they built one of the most popular acts in the golden age of Las Vegas. Mr. Butera cooked up the arrangements that gave the likes of “Just a Gigolo,” “I Ain’t Got Nobody” and “Jump Jive An’ Wail” maximum impact.

“Louis’s ace-in-the-hole was Sam Butera,” said Gia Prima, the fifth of Louis’s five wives and the singer in his band from 1962 to 1975. “That animal attraction that they had, with Sam’s honking sax and Louis’s jumping and jiving—without Sam, Louis couldn’t have pulled it off.”

- Sam Butera Wikipedia entry



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