Chicago Instrumental Groovers CAVE Announce Summer Tour

This summer the stalactites will be falling from club ceilings across the country as Chicago neo-hippie/punk instrumentalists CAVE announce a tour in support of their new album Psychic Psummer. Former members of now-defunct Missouri-based Warhammer 48K and other Chicago musicians comprise CAVE, whose album should be expected to receive better visibility on Important Records than the band's previous self-releases. If the record's merging of Can-like grooves, winding guitars, and howling dub echoes presupposes the band's live set, it should make for a pretty killer show. The band will be making stops in some off-the-beaten-path cities such as El Paso, TX, Ventura, CA, Mobile, AL, and East Moline, IL

05.18.09 - Denver, CO - BarBar
05.20.09 - Sacramento, CA - the HUB
05.21.09 - Petaluma, CA - the Phoenix Theater
05.22.09 - San Francisco, CA - Hemlock Tavern w/ Mammatus
05.23.09 - Oakland, CA - LOBOT w/ Nothing People + Lemmon Pretend
05.24.09 - Santa Cruz, CA - Blue Lagoon w/ Mammatus + Jealousy
05.26.09 - Los Angeles, CA - Club Ding-A-Ling w/ Jealousy
05.27.09 - Ventura, CA - Gradys Record Refuge
05.28.09 - Los Angeles, CA - SMELL w/ Nite Jewel + Jealousy
05.29.09 - LA area, CA - space w/ Skarekrau Radio (excerpt)
05.30.09 - Tucson, AZ - Dry River
05.31.09 - El Paso, TX - House w/ Dozal Brothers
05.03.09 - Austin, TX - Beerland
05.04.09 - Houston, TX - the MINK w/ Balaclavas
05.05.09 - New Orleans, LA - Nowe Miasto w/ Quintron + Fishercat
05.06.09 - Pensacola, FL - House w/ JUICEBOXXX
05.07.09 - Mobile, AL - Alabama Music Box w/ JUICEBOXXX
05.08.09 - Nashville, TN - House
05.09.09 - St. Louis, MO - Lemmons w/ Skarekrau Radio + Ghost Ice
05.10.09 - East Moline, IL - Racers Edge w/ Mondo Drag + Eyes
05.12.09 - Chicago, IL - Automatic Space w/ Chandeliers + Prince Rama

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Announce Summer Tour, but Don’t Expect to See Karen O. Spit Beer in Your Face Anytime Soon

Remember back in the day when a Yeah Yeah Yeahs live performance would have Karen O. doing this, this, or even maybe something like this? Well, no more! The last time Karen spit beer into the crowd, she was bombarded by beer companies trying to sponsor her next loogie. After a short stint with PBR (hated the taste), a lengthy partnership with Old Rasputin thanks to Nick Zinner, and some good times with Corona (hey, she was touring in Mexico!), Karen has announced that she is done with corporate sponsorship and is sticking to water. Uh oh, someone alert the reps at Poland Spring and Aquafina... I hear they love It’s Blitz! (TMT Review), the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album out now on Interscope.

Yeah Yeah H20 Yeah:
05.23.09 - Quincy, WA - Sasquatch Festival
05.26.09 - Chicago, IL - Riviera Theatre
05.27.09 - Detroit, MI - Clutch Cargos
05.28.09 - Columbus, OH - Newport Music Hall
05.30.09 - Minneapolis, MN - First Ave
05.31.09 - Milwaukee, WI - Eagles Club
06.02.09 - St. Louis, MO - The Pageant
06.03.09 - Kansas City, MO - The Beaumont
06.06.09 - Mountain View, CA - Live 105 BFD
06.12.09 - Manchester, TN - Bonnaroo
07.31.09 - Jersey City, NJ - All Points West

David Byrne Records Live EP for Amnesty International, Makes It Even Harder to Find Fault in Him

David Byrne, fresh off the unanimous critical praise of his recent collaboration with Brian Eno, Everything That Happens Will Happen Today (TMT Review), has announced his latest collaboration. This time it's with hallowed non-governmental organization Amnesty International, who will receive the proceeds from the online sales of a four-song EP, cheekily entitled [Everything That Happens Will Happen on This Tour], recorded during Byrne's latest tour.

Says Byrne of the EP: "Some time ago Amnesty International asked if I might do "something" for that organization this year- (in previous years I had done one of my tour dates as a benefit for them). Amnesty has such an amazing and consistent track record of speaking out and helping to illuminate courageous people who might otherwise not be heard from so the answer was 'yes.'"

Preview the album here.

Radiohead Officially Starts Recording New Album with Nigel Godrich, BUT WHAT IS THE RELEASE METHOD

Radiohead, the little band that could, have officially started recording their follow-up to 2007's In Rainbows (TMT Review). Speaking to NME at Brighton's Great Escape festival, bassist Colin Greenwood said "We've just started work [in the studio] last week. It's really cool and everything is sounding great. It's early days and it is a bit like having a scrapbook at the moment because everything is up in the air, but it's good to be back in the studio."

"It was very noisy and chaotic and really fun," Greenwood said in a different interview with the BBC. "It’s at the stage where we’ve got the big Lego box out and we’ve tipped it out on the floor and we're just looking at all the bits and thinking what’s next?"

Radiohead are in the studio again with producer Nigel Godrich, who is best known for his work with Travis, the "alternative rock band" Radiohead ripped off for 1995's The Bends. So what does Colin think about the famed Travis producer? "He's brilliant. He can make everything sound like it's working together rather than us trying to kill each other." (Jeez, get a room!)

It's definitely exciting to know that new Radiohead music is on the way, but how will they distribute the album? Hopefully someone leaks a text file explaining what's sure to be another paradigm shift in music distribution. Perhaps they should release the album solely on compact discs with cutting-edge anti-ripping technology? C'mon, Radiohead, let's get the industry back on CDs!!

Arcade Fire Sell Autographed DVD For Benefit; Richard Reed Parry Realizes Napoleon Dynamite Is SO 2004 And Sells His Old Glasses

Seriously, Richard, the glasses are a bit behind the times. And I hope you’re not selling that sweaty helmet, too. I can’t imagine what the thing smells like.

Anyway, if you’re interested in helping a good cause and actually buying legitimate Arcade Fire merchandise, the band has signed 250 copies of the deluxe edition of its recent Miroir Noir DVD and combined them with a limited-edition silk-screened poster, signed and numbered, all of which will be available in a special package to benefit Partners In Health. Arcade Fire has been working with Partners In Health since 2007, when they donated a share of ticket sales from their Neon Bible (TMT Review) tour to the PIH program in Haiti, which delivers high quality healthcare to the poor.

The package can be purchased exclusively from Arcade Fire’s website.

Those Pesky “Law” Things Do Indeed Apply to Camel Cigarettes, Deemed Guilty in Rolling Stone Indie Rock Ad Case

This bit of news, ladies and gentlemen, involves a few stories from the distant past. Way back in 1997, cigarette companies became subject to the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement 97, which made it illegal for cartoon characters and other such fictional likenesses to be used in tobacco ads. Skip to 2007, when Camel Cigarettes, owned by the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco company, decided it would be a great idea to do an advertising spread in Rolling Stone called “The Indie Rock Universe.” The ad featured cartoon drawings of the names of bands like Sonic Youth, Fugazi, Xiu Xiu, and Fucked Up, totaling 186 artists. Did Camel ask these bands if they could use their names in the ad? Nope. A class-action lawsuit was filed against R.J. Reynolds, Rolling Stone, and the Wenner Media Group by all artists pictured, which you can read about in this excellent post from our very own Hanky Panky.

While the class-action suit has not yet reached an agreement, other cases have: the lawsuits filed by nine state attorneys, which claimed that R.J. Reynolds acted against the aforementioned Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement by creating cartoon-like depictions of band names in a cigarette ad, which is exactly what the agreement is supposed to prevent. According to The Daily Swarm (via Pitchfork), the ruling was made by a Philadelphia judge, who must have had the strange sensation of shooting fish in a barrel. Now, R.J. Reynolds must "either run a 'youth oriented anti-smoking advertisement' in the magazine in the next year or pay a sanction of more than $300,000." Ironic, but somehow satisfactory.

Given the fact that intellectual property rights laws are pretty much designed for this sort of thing, I think we can be confident that the slandered bands will be compensated as well. I've said this before, and I'll say it again: Who fucks with Ian MacKaye!?

Mario Speedwagon’s Under The Radar News Round Up: Fenn O’Berg To Release A Double-Reissue and New LP, James Blackshaw Summer Tourdates, Martin Scorsese To Direct Sinatra Movie, Harvey Milk To Tour With Torche

Hey bitches, here’s the HOT GOSS for Friday.

- The Magic Sound of Fenn O’Berg (1999) and The Return of Fenn O’Berg (2002) by Fenn O’Berg (duh) will be reissued by Editions Mego in mid-June as a double-album. In October of 2009, Christian Fennesz, Jim O’Rourke, and Peter Rehberg will head over to Tokyo to record a new studio album slated for 2010. You can pre-order the reissue at the Editions Mego website.

- James Blackshaw will be hitting the road this summer in support of his latest record The Glass Bead Game, out May 26, 2009 via Young God Records. The tour starts June 8 in Brooklyn, NY at Issue Project Room and ends June 20 in Easthampton, MA... somewhere (venue TBA). He also has a few festival dates in Europe. For more information, you can get all the deetz at the Young God Records website.

- Martin Scorsese will be directing a movie about Frank Sinatra. Universal Pictures and Mandalay Pictures have been developing the project with the Sinatra Estate and Warner Music Group by securing life and music rights of Ol' Blue Eyes. The screenplay was written by Phil Alden (Field of Dreams).

- Harvey Milk will head out on tour this summer with Torche. Shit kicks off July 11 in Miami, FL at Churchills and ends in Harvey Milk-home Athens, GA at the 40 Watt Club on August 1. You can find a list of all the dates on the Harvey Milk MySpace page. Holler!


G’Bye Blueballs! Hardly Art Signs Talbot Tagora and Unnatural Helpers

While one cannot force labels to sign artists, we did expect more contractual movement within the Hardly Art camp. The Sub Pop-affiliated imprint popped its cherry a couple of years ago, and although it is frequently seen out with present flings Arthur & Yu, The Dutchess & the Duke, Le Loup, and Pretty & Nice, we expected to see a number of other acts roster-tied by now. Well, the pent-up frustration was worth the wait because Hardly Art has announced not only that it has deflowered hometown sweetheart Talbot Tagora, but the young stud has also bedded village bicycle Unnatural Helpers!

Keeping it homespun, Hardly Art have signed Seattle three-piece Talbot Tagora who will release their debut album July 21 through the energetic upstart. Chris Ando, Mark Greshowak, and Ani Ricci will release Lessons in the Woods or a City after a lengthy period of self-administering sneaky CD-R, cassette, and 7-inch teasings.

Lessons in the Woods or a City tracklisting:

1. Mixed Signals through Miles of Pilgrimage
2. Ichthus Hop
3. Bounty Hunter
4. Solar Puppets
5. Hunger Strike
6. Black Ice
7. Mouth Rainboy
8. Hidden Note
9. Hairspray
10. Johnny Lazor
11. Replacing the Northwest
12. Perception Stick
13. Belt of Cander
14. Ephemeral Summer

Meanwhile, Unnatural Helpers are helmed by Double Fudge’s Dean Whitmore and also feature Leo Gebhardt (The Catheters, Tall Birds), Kimberly Morrison (The Dutchess & the Duke), and Brian Standeford (The Catherters, Idle Times). Less is known about their future record plans, but when they do decide to go all the way with their sophomore album it will definitely be with rock-hard Hardly Art. Until, then, feast your ears on some tunes from their MySpace page or catch one of these three Seattle-centric live shows:
05.16.09 - Seattle, WA - Neumos #
06.20.09 - Seattle, WA - Underground Events Center $
08.22.09 - Seattle, WA - Funhouse %

# Obits, The Lights

$ Fresh & Onlys

% Box Elders

Mount Eerie Issues New CD from Experience, Titled White Stag Building , Sheds Tear For Indians While Hiding In a Creepy Building Scared of the Howling Wolves Off In the Distance

On March 30, 2009, Mount Eerie's Phil Elverum entered the White Stag Building in Portland, OR on invite from Matther Stadler and his Publication Studio Organization. The building, owned by the University of Oregon, sits on the old mud where Portland began. Elverum was invited to occupy the building for one week and record the sounds he made within the structure. What came out of this experience is a 10-song CD of 4-track recordings titled White Stag Building.

The CD-R, which comes, in classic Elverum-style, folded inside a "poster with words and imagined historical scenery," is limited, though it will probably be officially released on vinyl at some point in the future. According to an interview that Elverum did with the Portland Mercury, White Stag Building is about "how hard it is to maintain a relationship with memory when something bad has happened. It's an extreme view, but that's essentially what happened: White men decided to build here and oppress native peoples and nearly destroyed the environment in the process. Living with a memory of darkness almost requires that it be repressed or else covered up with a thin veneer of wholesomeness. With all its brutal bricks and sustainable eco-wood, this building represents that."

Get it before it's gone here! (And don't forget to purchase our benefit comp, which features an exclusive Mount Eerie track.) Meanwhile, the new "proper" Mount Eerie album, Wind’s Poem, is completed and should be out relatively soon.

Paste Magazine Wants YOU! (To Give Them Money)

You know how every print publication has been writing articles recently about how print is dead? Well, it’s more than just a marketing ploy, as Paste Magazine has been forced to reach out to their readers this week for monetary donations to help them stay in print. In a statement on their website, Paste writes:

The global recession has taken its toll on Paste as advertisers have slashed their spending. We are turning to our readers to help bridge the gap. Even a small contribution can make a big difference. Join 75+ of our favorite artists in the campaign to save Paste and get rare & exclusive tracks as a thank you.

Artists include The Decemberists, Neko Case, She & Him, Cowboy Junkies, Of Montreal, Indigo Girls, Jayhawks, String Cheese Incident, G. Love, Josh Rouse, The Hives, Matthew Sweet, The Avett Brothers, Joe Henry, John Roderick of The Long Winters, Over the Rhine, Bob Mould, Arrested Development, Brandi Carlile, John Doe, Josh Ritter, Marc Broussard and more. We also have a number of goodies (such as signed R.E.M. and Band of Horses posters, an ocean-view cabin on next year's Cayamo cruise, and more) to give to donors in random drawings.

As a thank you for donating, you will be able to download over 70 rare and exclusive MP3s from Paste. Any donations of $350 or more will be given a lifetime Paste print subscription with CD, as well as access to their digital edition and CD sampler download. If you’re interested in donating, please visit their website.



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