Grab Your Water Wings and Get Your Shots, Flipper Floats Again with New Studio and Live Albums

As the first decade of the oughts crawls ever closer to its inevitable conclusion, one has to suspect that for some these past 10 years in pop music will not be remembered for its new material, but for its reunions. Thanks to enablers like All Music Guide, Pitchfork, and Soulseek, the double zeros’ younger generation caught wind of many a classic act from rock’s halcyon days (basically everything before 1999), and once the bands themselves caught wind of the younger generation’s wind-catching, oh how the reunions flowed! Some bands seemed to inexplicably pick up where they left off and immediately began cranking out new, fantastic albums as if not a day had passed since their last jam (i.e. Mission of Burma and Dinosaur Jr), while others simply cranked out their back catalogue and cashed the check in the morning (i.e. everybody else).

After San Francisco scuzzbags Flipper reunited in 2005, their sporadic touring and seemingly false promises of a new record dropped them into the latter category, at least for my dumb cynical ass. But as it turns out, Flipper have finally found a label to release their totes new record Love along with a live album Fight, which features both new and old material. Recorded in Krist Novoselic’s home studio (with Novoselic on bass, as well) and produced by grunge guru Jack Endino, Love is Flipper’s first studio album in over 16 years. You can check out some of the new tracks on the band’s MySpace, and even though the site only lists a few scattered West Coast dates and the Australian leg of Flipper’s upcoming tour, the band has promised a list of American and European dates sometime in the future. Oh the anticipation!

I’m sorry I ever doubted you, Flipper, you big sack of misanthropic angst, you!
04.24.09 – Berkeley, CA – Amoeba Records
04.25.09 – San Francisco, CA – El Rio
05.08.09 – South Lake Tahoe, CA – Whiskey Dicks
05.09.09 – Sparks, NV – Vixens
06.04.09 – Perth, Australia – Amplifier Bar
06.05.09 – Adelaide, Australia - Live on Light Square
06.06.09 – Melbourne, Australia – The Esplanade Hotel
06.07.09 – Hobart, Australia – The Brisbane Hotel
06.09.09 – Melbourne, Australia – The Arthouse Hotel
06.11.09 – Brisbane, Australia – The Step Inn
06.12.09 – Canberra, Australia - Australian National University Bar
06.13.09 – Sydney, Australia – Manning Bar
06.14.09 – Newcastle, Australia – Cambridge Hotel

Asobi Seksu Tour with Amélie Soundtrack Yann Tiersen

Asobi Seksu, the band poised to steal the hearts and minds of dreamy indie-pop Brooklyn new-music-junkies around the world*, are hitting the road again (TMT News), but this time in support of everybody's favorite French accordionist/cafe background music creator extraordinaire, Yann Tiersen. Asobi just released Hush on Polyvinyl this last February, while Tiersen's last album was released in 2005, but judging from the fact that you probably have one of his accordion melodies already stuck in your head, does it really matter how long ago Les Retrouvailles was released? I just hope someone can make a decent double short dry soy cappuccino at the show. Yann's music sure does make me want to drink some coffee.

04.15.09 - Washington, DC - La Maison Francais
04.16.09 - New York, NY - Irving Plaza
04.17.09 - Montreal, PQ - Club Soda
04.18.09 - Montreal, PQ - Club Soda
04.19.09 - Toronto, ONT - Mod Club
04.21.09 - Chicago, IL - Logan Theater
04.22.09 - Minneapolis, MN - Triple Rock Social Club
04.24.09 - Denver, CO - Bluebird
04.25.09 - Salt Lake City, UT - Urban Lounge
04.27.09 - Vancouver, BC - Richard’s on Richards
04.28.09 - Seattle, WA - Neumo's
04.29.09 - Portland, OR - Wonder Ballroom
05.01.09 - San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall
05.02.09 - Los Angeles, CA - El Rey

*It's palatable music, he's white, she's Japanese, there's not much more you need to make a runaway hit, right?

Computer Program Randomly Generates Spring Tourdates, Menomena Obey

You may remember the geeked-out, left-coast, loop-obsessed, computer-reliant, christian-but-not-“Christian,” experimental pop trio Menomena from their 2007 Barsuk release Friend and Foe (TMT Review).

You may also remember this scene from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Sure, both parties have their valid points to make with regards to the role that technology plays in our daily lives, but only ONE is about to launch a spring tour of the United States next week. Can you guess which one? (Hint: letterman jackets get awfully hot come late May in Chicago...)

Okay, I’ll leave it to you to make your guess. But don’t think about it too much, right Ted?

04.14.09 - Santa Cruz, CA - Crepe Place
04.15.09 - Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Palladium
04.17.09 - Santa Barbara, CA - Velvet Jones
04.18.09 - San Diego, CA - M-Theory Music Foosball Tournament
04.18.09 - San Diego, CA - Casbah
04.19.09 - San Luis Obispo, CA - SLO Vets Auditorium
04.20.09 - Oakland, CA - Fox Theater
04.21.09 - Davis, CA - UC Davis
04.22.09 - Portland, OR - Roseland Theatre
04.24.09 - Seattle, WA - Showbox at The Market
04.25.09 - Seattle, WA - Showbox at The Market
05.16.09 - Eugene, OR - Cuthbert Amphitheatre
05.31.09 - Chicago, IL - Division Street Fest
06.01.09 - Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle

Some things are timeless. If you are a beaver, these things might include being brown or chopping wood all the time. If you are Dubai, these things could be constructing new buildings in the shape of things that aren't buildings, or putting a scale model of the Atlantic Ocean in a shopping mall. Now if you are, say, Mark E. Smith of seminal post-punk outfit The Fall, these things might include buttoning your nerdy oxford shirt all the way to the top at all times -- decade be damned -- and cultivating a reputation for having some major ’tude. This is important because, as you may have guessed, this story is about The Fall.

Which leads me to my next point: some things change. For example, right now The Fall has found a new label to add to its ever-growing list of conquests. This time around it's Domino, home to Animal Collective and Franz Ferdinand, to name but a few. Domino previously released Tromatic Reflexxions (TMT Review), the 2007 album from the Mark E. Smith/Mouse on Mars collabo known as Von Südenfed.

The Fall are heading back to the studio in the very near future, so word on the street is that a late-2009 release might be a possibility.

Telepathe Headlines New Tour, Ouija Board Responds with Nonsensical “KSJ9 No Good Bye”

Have you ever been to a record release show? I always feel entitled to some sort of goody bag or, at the very least, a free copy of the album for attending such a monumental event. Man, goody bags were the best. Once I got a Caboodle!

Anyway, Brooklyn duo Telepathe are about to release their Dave Sitek-produced debut Dance Mother (TMT Review) tomorrow, April 14, in the U.S. (it was released last month in the UK via V2). We already reported their recent travels supporting Ladytron and The Faint, as well as their record release show in NY on April 15 (TMT News), but they've just scheduled a month-long U.S. tour in early June. Expect crazy attire and many knobs.
04.13.09 - Philadelphia, PA - The Tracadero
04.14.09 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
04.15.09 - New York, NY - The Annex (Record Release Show)
06.02.09 - Cambridge, MA - Middle East Upstairs
06.03.09 - Montreal, QC - Il Motore
06.04.09 - Toronto, ON - El Mocambo
06.05.09 - Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle
06.06.09 - Minneapolis, MN - 7th Street Entry
06.09.09 - Vancouver, BC - Biltmore Cabaret
06.10.09 - Seattle, WA - Chop Suey
06.11.09 - Portland, OR - Holocene
06.12.09 - San Francisco, CA - Bottom of the Hill
06.16.09 - Costa Mesa, CA - Detroit Bar
06.17.09 - Phoenix, AZ - Modified Arts
06.19.09 - Austin, TX - Emos Jr

06.20.09 - Denton, TX - Hailey's
06.22.09 - Baton Rouge, LA - Spanish Moon
06.23.09 - Atlanta, GA - 529
06.24.09 - Chapel Hill, NC - Local 506
06.25.09 - Washington, DC - Rock and Roll Hotel
06.26.09 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brendas
07.31.09 - Jersey City, NJ - All Points West Festival

RIP: Randy Cain, Founding Member of The Delfonics

From Billboard:

Randy Cain, a founding member of the soul group the Delfonics, which had such hits as "La La Means I Love You," has died. He was 63.

Cain's death Thursday at his home in Maple Shade, N.J., was confirmed by investigator Rob O'Neal of the Burlington County medical examiner's office, who declined to release other details.

Brothers William and Wilbert Hart and Cain formed the group while attending Philadelphia's Overbrook High in the 1960s. The group, one of the earliest to define the smooth, soulful "Philadelphia sound," won an R&B Grammy in 1970 for their song "Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time."

Cain left the group in 1971 but returned for a later version of the group.

- The Delfonics Wikipedia entry
- The Delfonics official website

Billy Corgan Posts Rather Long Manifesto on His Site; Hey Billy Corgan, Do You Like Fishsticks in Your Mouth?

In his latest pathetic attempt to stroke his own ego, Billy Corgan has posted a manifesto of sorts on The Smashing Pumpkins’ website. Okay, truthfully, I didn't read the entire thing, as I fear it would somehow take some of my dignity away (and I have very little of that to spare). But for those of you who want to take the high road and read the entire post, check it out here. For the rest of you, here is my summary based on what I gathered:

Hello, this is Billy Corgan! I am the King of Smashing Pumpkins. I am also the king of music, sex, and the world! Remember this music video? It was great -- my favorite part is me, Billy Corgan! The old world is dead, long live the new era, the era of Billy Corgan! Referring to Billy Corgan in the third person is a joke, but not really... Billy Corgan is Billy Corgan! Blah blah blah blah Billy Corgan blah blah Billy Corgan!

And there you have it, folks. While the all-knowing Mr P said “I wonder if we should stop posting stories on this bullshit...” when this story was assigned, I think we need to constantly remind ourselves what happens when egos go wild -- and the dangers that come with it.

Mario Speedwagon’s Under The Radar News Round Up: Lightning Bolt Have Europe Dates, So Do Icy Demons, Bumbershoot Festival Details, Chin Up Chin Up Play Final Show

Before we get into the news, I want to chat about a couple things. First, I want to announce that I worked security at a frat party last night (at a music venue where I work), and Three 6 Mafia played. Oh, and it was bad. Second, I want to talk about how I think Lost is the new Passions. **SPOILER ALERT** For those who have not watched it yet, smoke monster was insanely lame (although I was a fan of Ben-beat-down-via-Desmond.) Special effects, in the house... NOT. I’m down with the sci-fi route if that’s how they’re going to do it, but some of this shit is getting ridiculous. Granted, there is no town-witch Tabitha, or, as my friend Rohan pointed out, “Where is Timmy the midget though?” And there is no story lines like the one my friend Sarah brought up: “Remember the episode when Charity saw HELL in her bedroom closet?” Let’s hope not, at least. Lost better watch out. Okay, on to the news...

- Lightning Bolt, who haven’t done shit since 2005-2006 (they scrapped an album or whatever, but might have a new one? Who knows), have a random European tour coming up. Their tour starts mid-May in Brussels and ends in early June in Rotterdam. You can find all the dates at the Conspiracy Booking site.

- Icy Demons are also hopping across the pond for a tour, which kicks off in mid-April at the Festival Abril No Tan Cruel (which I think means April Not So Cruel, or they’re anti-tanning) in Madrid and finishes at the end of May in Cherbourg at the Festiva Terra Trema, L’Epicentre. There is a complete list of dates on their MySpace page.

- Bumbershoot, Seattle’s music and arts festival, announced a partial lineup for its 39th annual event. The three-day event will take place September 5-7 at the Seattle Center. Three-day passes are on sale now and are only $80 -- that ain’t too shabby. So far, the lineup includes Modest Mouse, Katy Perry, De La Soul, Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan, The Long Winters, Extra Golden, MSTRKRFT, Dead Confederate, No Age, and many more. You can find complete details on the festival at the official Bumbershoot site.

- Chin Up Chin Up have decided to break up and will play their last show May 15 at The Empty Bottle in their hometown of Chicago. Singer Jeremy Bolen posted a comment about the show and break up on their MySpace page.


Black Pus Is Going on Tour, And Here are Three Reasons Why You’re Going to At Least One of the Shows

1. Black Pus, the "solo project" of Lightning Bolt member Brian Chippendale, has released a bunch of life-altering albums that you should all listen to. Black Pus 4: All Aboard the Magic Pus (TMT Review) was released last year.
2. You likey "air guitar."

3. And you likey mushrooms?

04.11.09 - Binghamton, NY - The Cafe Oasis
04.12.09 - Pittsburgh, PA - The Nerve
04.13.09 - Cincinnati, OH - Art Damage Lodge
04.14.09 - Asheville, NC - Orange Peel *
04.15.09 - Richmond, VA - National Theater *
04.16.09 - Washington DC - 9:30 Club *
04.17.09 - Baltimore, MD - a small branch on a Spidery Hill
04.18.09 - Philadelphia, PA - Copy Gallery
04.20.09 - Boston, MA - House of Blues *
04.21.09 - New York, NY - Terminal 5 *
04.22.09 - Brooklyn, NY - Death by Audio
04.23.09 - Providence, RI - AS220
05.17.09 - Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg (No Fun Fest)

* Ratatat