BMG Music Service’s “12 for the price of one” Club Says “No” (To New Members)

Remember BMG Music Service's "12 CDs for the price of 1" deal (with "nothing more to buy ever!")? Sure you do. It was everywhere in the ’90s. I myself, Mango Starr, took advantage of this mail-order club at least a few times, even using my brother and sister's names to amass a decent collection of classic rock, jazz, and more classic rock. I think I got my first Nas CD there.

Well, late last year, it was announced that BMG Music Service has decided to stop taking new members. A spokesperson declined to comment on whether or not the service will be shut down entirely and said that BMG is "still very actively engaged with our existing member base and will be making more changes to serve them...more effectively later in 2009." Though, the company has already announced that its Music Points Program will cease to exist by February and there has been word that all BMG music clubs will be discontinued in 2010, according to Billboard. Not good signs.

Meanwhile, the official BMG Music Service website invites music lovers to join instead. Guess it's hard to beat "Unlimited for the price of nothing," you fucking pirates. When are you going to participate in capitalism??

Björk Becomes Iceland’s Knight in Swan-Feathered Armor with Earth-Friendly Venture Capital Firm

Finally, a good reason for Björk to make the headlines! No airport brutality or fits of rage here; instead, reports of Björk being a damn fine businesswoman AND model citizen of her home country, Iceland. The songstress has teamed up Audur Capital in Reykjavik to begin the BJORK venture capital firm, an outfit keen on throwing its dough at certain companies in order to kickstart Iceland's bummed-out economy. Here comes the awesome (from Audur Capital's website): "The fund will invest in sustainable businesses that create value through the country's unique resources, spectacular nature, vibrant culture and green energy."

It is the hope that BJORK's standards and aid will encourage diversity and sustainability in Iceland's national economy. Audur Capital has already dropped 100 million Iceland kronur (about $826,000) and is looking for other investors to fill the pool by March 2009. And of course, Björk is the official cover girl for her firm, which is sure to set those rich dudes' hearts a-flutter. Wish them luck! Team BJORK!

Mirah Will Finally Let Us Know What A Four-Year Album Sounds Like

Mirah has never been a lover of the limelight. She doesn't do a ton of interviews. She takes her time. And, in this instance, she's taken over four years to get us her fourth full-length solo album, a (spera). The long-awaited follow up to 2004's C'mon Miracle (TMT Review) comes after a lot of time spent touring small clubs and participating in quirky collaboration efforts. Joyride: Remixes, for example, found her first three albums remixed by friends like Bryce Panic and YACHT, while 2007 brought Share This Place: Stories and Observations, a collaboration with Spectratone International (read: Lori Goldston and Kyle Hanson writing songs about insects).

Lori Goldston is just one of many friends appearing on a (spera). Mirah also brings along Chris Funk, Tara Jane O'Neilm and Phil Elverum -- all of whom she's worked or toured with in the past.

(a)spera still won't be here until March 10, but what's a few months in the scope of four years?

(a)spera tracklist:

Live Wilco DVD to Precede New Album, Proceeds to Benefit Tweedy Family College Fund

In these tough economic times, you’ve got to look for those ever-elusive alternate streams of income. Especially when you’ve got a family to support. Just ask the coolest Dads on the planet: Jeff Tweedy and co. Do you think that they’re just sitting around and resigning themselves to the fact that, you know, Spencer Tweedy isn’t going to be able to go to a good University?

Hell no. Instead they’re just cranking out some more merchandise.

First on the docket is a lovely and long-due Wilco concert DVD, titled Ashes of American Flags, which chronicles a couple of February 2008 visits to Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium and Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Cain Ballroom. (Auditorium?? Ballroom?!? Classy!) The footage was assembled by longtime collaborators Brendan Canty (of Fugazi fame) and Christoph Green of Trixie Films, who previously worked on Tweedy’s solo DVD Sunken Treasure and the behind-the-scenes film that accompanied certain editions of Wilco's 2007 dad-rock opus Sky Blue Sky (TMT Review).

The whole shebang is due in February or March from Nonesuch, cleverly in advance of another fine consumer product: namely, the next Wilco studio album, which currently boasts little more detail than the band’s assurance that they are hitting it hard in the studio at the moment. Still, it never hurts to start the hype early. Will the synths and laptops return? Will Glenn Kotche do that thing where he blows into his drums? Stay tuned!

According to a recent fan newsletter, Wilco will play "a handful of gigs" in the southern U.S. in April, to be followed by an extensive tour of Spain in May and then "the usual summer hijinks with a new record and gigs everywhere imaginable." Meanwhile, Tweedy also has three solo shows on tap in Michigan and Illinois later this month. And while he’s there, you can be sure that he’ll be checking out those Colleges.

Jeff Tweedy:
01.29.09 - Kalamazoo, MI - State Theatre
01.30.09 - Ann Arbor, MI - Hill Auditorium
01.31.09 - Champaign, IL - Foellinger Auditorium

04.25.09 – New Orleans, LA – New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

RIP: Ron Asheton, Guitarist/Bassist of The Stooges

From YouTube


From NME:

Ron Asheton, the guitarist and bassist with The Stooges, has been found dead today (January 6). He was 60. Asheton was found at his home in Ann Arbor this morning, according to police. A cause of death is yet to be confirmed, although initial reports suggest that Asheton died of a heart attack.

- Ron Asheton MySpace
- Ron Asheton Wikipedia entry

The Darkness Are Buying a One-Way Ticket to Reunite… And Back

You guys remember The Darkness, right? Well, according to the same hype machine that caught wind of their meager talent and ridiculous personalities and blew them way out of proportion before their first album dropped (NME), there has been talk of a Darkness reunion. However, relationships within the band have never recovered since Justin's retreat into Betty Ford: Justin and brother/guitarist Dan Hawkins are not in good standing with each other, and the fact that Dan and drummer Ed Graham are suing the band's management over missing cash makes this all the more crippling. There are also no known attempts to contact Frankie Poullain, their original bassist, who walked away during the recording of One Way Ticket To Hell... And Back. In fact, the only reason it's even being mentioned is because some rich festival guy has an offer on the table.

Regardless of how flimsy this "news" is, allow me to go ahead and join the massive preemptive wave of "please gawd, no." Don't even think about it, guys. Cheeseball cock rock with Quiet Riot guitars, inappropriate hair, and a nasally douchebag lead singer is on the outs, and the irony that fueled the adoration of gold-crusted one-pieces and piercing falsettos is nowhere near recharged. Even the Kings Of Leon got haircuts, followed by their first record in the Billboard Top 10, and their music isn't even accidentally humorous (or amusing at all, for that matter). Give it at least another lifetime. Besides, the remains of The Darkness already reformed as Stone Gods, and Justin is currently pimping a comical new band called Hot Leg. It's best for everyone if you just admit your five minutes is up.

RIP: Eartha Kitt

From YouTube:

From the New York Times:

Eartha Kitt, who purred and pounced her way across Broadway stages, recording studios and movie and television screens in a show-business career that lasted more than six decades, died on Thursday. She was 81 and lived in Connecticut.

The cause was colon cancer, said her longtime publicist, Andrew E. Freedman.

- Eartha Kitt official website
- Eartha Kitt Wikipedia entry
- Eartha Kitt IMDB entry

RIP: Davy Graham, Folk Musician

From YouTube:

From Davy Graham's official website:

It is with great sadness that we have to announce that Davy passed away on the 15 December 2008 from a seizure at home after a short battle with lung cancer. Davy will be missed by those of us who loved him. The many fans who came to see his last concerts gave him much joy and satisfaction and was something he drew great strength from.

- Davy Graham official website
- Davy Graham Wikipedia entry

Now, bear in mind that this time of the year is historically a “down” time for tour news. So, please don’t write in to complain about the coverage we will be doling out to the likes of Buddy Dunker and the Rox (hosting a blues jam residency down at The Alligator Stomp Swamp) or Double Exposure at Slippery Nips (their cover version of Mr. Big’s “To Be With You” brings the house down three times a night). We don’t enjoy this stooping either, but we have to keep busy and keep our fingertips in fresh form and poised at the ready for the time when the mega tour announcements come a-knockin’. That time might be coming faster than we think because arguably the biggest and most favorite band in the world, Radiohead, has released details of its first shows of 2009.

Radiohead shows are rare. Radiohead shows in Mexico and South America are rarer. Radiohead shows in Mexico and South America with electronic pioneers Kraftwerk opening for them are like tripping over a nest of dodo eggs and discovering plutonium or a funny sitcom script; it’s just too unique and unlikely. But it’s true! Fans of cabeza del radio or cabeça o radia (a little help?) and Kraftwerk (I’m not even going to try) will get to see these two larger-than-life bands together for the March concerts in Mexico, Brazil, Argentine, and Chile listed below. If traveling from far, make sure to use your carbon calculators, ya green weenies!

Radiohead + Kraftwerk = True computer love waits:
03.15.09 - Mexico City, Mexico - Foro Sol
03.16.09 - Mexico City, Mexico - Foro Sol
03.20.09 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Praça Da Apoteose
03.22.09 - São Paolo, Brazil - Chácara Do Jockey
03.24.09 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Club Ciudad
03.26.09 - Santiago, Chile - San Carlos de Apoquindo Stadium
03.27.09 - Santiago, Chile - San Carlos de Apoquindo Stadium

Another Magazine Makes Layoffs – Surprise, Surprise

Like most print publications right now, Rolling Stone has been hurt by the recession. Late last year, RS made some layoffs at its New York City staff -- which included Kyle Anderson, Melissa Maerz, an assistant, and a fact-checker -- and it also closed its Detroit and San Francisco offices. Lester Bang wanna-bes beware: cross your fingers with the hopes that post-graduation jobs will exist in the magazine world.

Meanwhile, Wenner Media plans on re-vamping with the chief digital officer from Reader's Digest. Can't wait to see how that turns out.