Iggy Pop and The Stooges’ Gear Stolen

Crime: Stolen musical equipment, mojo, face

Victims: Iggy Pop, The Stooges, Mike Watt, and the fans

Date of Crime: August 4, 2008, between 6:30 - 7:30 AM

Location: Embassy Suites Hotel - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Description: "All equipment was in a rented Penske 15 foot yellow truck with U.S. (Michigan) license plate number AC46493."

Website: Stooges Stuff Stolen on August 4, 2008 in Montreal, Quebec

Stolen Gear:

- Red Gibson 1963 EB-3 bass (Mike Watt's bass!!)
- Reverend Flying V guitar - Volcano black USA #08001
- Reverend Orange guitar USA 03416 ZSL7
- Gibson red SG short scale bass
- Gretsch Silver Sparkle Catalina drum kit (26" Kick Drum, 13" Rack Tom, 18" Floor Tom, 4x Cymbal Stands, 1x Snare Stand, 1x Hi Hat Stand, 1x Drum Throne)
- Green clamshell suitcase containing Yamaha snare drum, Yahama kick pedal, Zildjian Mega Bell cymbal, Zildjian 15" Hi-Hats, 3x Zildjian 18" 19" 20" crash medium cymbals
- assorted replacement drum heads

- Marshall Vintage/Modern Amplifier UK M-2007-07-0926-2 RoHS
- Marshall Vintage/Modern Amplifier UK M-2007-07-0927-2 RoHS
- 4x Marshall 4x12 Cabinets (with Tuki cover) UK #1 Slant:
- 4x Marshall 4x12 Cabinets (with Tuki cover) UK #2 Straight:
- 4x Marshall 4x12 Cabinets (with Tuki cover) UK #3 Slant:
- 4x Marshall 4x12 Cabinets (with Tuki cover) UK #4 Straight:
- Eden D810 Bass cabinet USA D810RP4 0703E5001
- Eden D810 Bass cabinet USA D810RP4 0703E5002
- Eden VT300 Bass amplifier USA 0601E5115
- Eden VT300 Bass amplifier USA 0507E5033

- Orange Calzone road case containing guitar pedal board and pedals, assorted leads, 2x mic stands, strings and spares + 2x Boss TU2 Chromatic Tuner, Boss CH1 Super Chorus, Fulltone OCD Overdrive, Crybaby Wah, Peterson Strobo-Stomp Tuner Pedal, Whirlwind A/B Boxes, Whirlwind Cable Tester, and many many istrument cables, various tools (screwdrivers, soldering iron, pliers, etc.), tambourine, and maracas

- two floor fans from China


Go to this website for pictures and descriptions. Then help Iggy and The Stooges find their gear, especially the floor fans! Some might argue that they're already going through the motions on this tour -- can you imagine them going through the motions without actual instruments? BORING!

Tourdates up in the air:

People Under The Stairs to Release a BBQ and Beer-Drinking LP this September, Tour

For you hip-hop fans already sick of hearing "A Milli" and "Got Money" at every house party you have been to in the past month (or, for that matter, everywhere you go), the underground hip-hop duo People Under The Stairs is releasing a new album, Fun DMC, this September. Described as "a party record, filled with the sounds of afternoon BBQs and curb-side beer drinking," I'm conjuring images not of PUTS, but of Nelly's video for "Country Grammar" -- but who am I to jump to conclusions?

While an official release date has yet to be announced, PUTS fans be wary if you find a leaked version of Fun DMC before the release date -- the two leaked a fake version of their last release, Stepbrothers, a few months before the actual release.

The duo, made up of Thes Ones and Double K, are also hitting the road to promote the new CD. So for those underground-hip-hop-scensters-- get your tickets soon.

Tourdates (all dates with Flobots):

West Coast dates to follow in September.

Sunn-der the Table and Dreaming: Sunn O))) Plan Anniversary Shows, Dave Matthews Plans to Keep Being Shitty

With the 10th anniversary of their debut recording The Grimmrobe Demos (TMT Review) coming up, Sunn O))) have scheduled four shows for this fall to commemorate its release.

These special anniversary dates will consist entirely of material from that album and will be performed by Stephen O’Malley and Greg Anderson, returning to the duo that started the whole deal in the first place. The band describes the philosophy behind it as an “approach respecting a concept of shoshin, the beginner's mind, the yet undyed pure wool, the clarity in initiation upon the untraveled...” Judging by this quote, it’s hard to tell if they intend to merely recreate the sound of The Grimmrobe Demos or remake it. Either way, this is awesome. Considering how reliant Sunn O))) has been on collaboration over the last several years, not to mention the increasing complexity of their work, it will be interesting to see how they approach this old material.

Experimental artist Tony Conrad will be supplying the ambience at the NY show.

Anniversary dates:
10.10.08 - Los Angeles, CA - Safari Sam’s #
10.12.08 - Portland, OR - Berbatis’ Pan
10.15.08 - New York, NY - Knitting Factory $
10.16.08 - Philadelphia, PA - First Unitarian Church

# John Weise

$ Thou

David Byrne’s “Songs of David Byrne and Brian Eno” World Tour Announced

Normally, I’d needlessly slap a non-sequitur at the end of the headline there, but I can’t seem to think of anything appropriate for someone I respect and admire as much as David Byrne. So here are the straight facts:

Beginning this September, Byrne will embark on a six-month world tour called “Songs of David Byrne and Brian Eno.” He intends the live show to “try to draw a line linking this new material with what we did 30 years ago,” so this will include songs from Talking Heads albums produced by Eno (More Songs About Buildings and Food, Fear of Music, and Remain In Light), their 1981 collaboration album My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, and their soon-to-be-released (and self-released) new collaboration Everything That Happens Will Happen Today (TMT News).

Everythingthathappens.com has been hosting a free download of "Strange Overtones" to preview the album since yesterday. The entire record will be available there exclusively on August 18 as a digital download, along with physical copies for mail order, with a choice of enhanced CD and a deluxe package featuring artwork by Stefan Sagmeister.

Other current projects from Byrne include music for the second season of Big Love, a show on HBO, and Playing the Building, an interactive installation presented by Creative Time, which is on view at the Battery Maritime Building in New York City through August 24. He is also working on a studio album called Here Lies Love, a song cycle collaboration with Fatboy Slim about the life of former first lady of the Philippines Imelda Marcos. The work previously played arts festivals in 2006 and at Carnegie Hall in 2007. Cyndi Lauper has contributed vocals.

“Songs of David Byrne and Brian Eno” Tourdates:

Ladyhawk Tour, Hawk Merch to Ladies

Yes, just ladies. No one else. Sorry to everyone else along the spectrum of gender.

Being that it's touring season for Jagjaguwar, there are probably many other bands you could go see that would fall into the category of "awesome," not unlike Ladyhawk. No? You're dead set on this? And you re-heally want a t-shirt, despite your beard? Fine. Here's the deal: Ladyhawk's lust for the road stays dirty and deep as they push on into Europe, starting off with the ZXZW Festival in the Netherlands. (Those are my people and all, but ZXZW is either an awwwfully familiar festival name or those stoners fell asleep on the keyboard again.) Hey, Ladyhawk, nice job of starting the tour on my birthday, two weeks AFTER I come back to the states from, ironically enough, the Netherlands! Oh well, I'm starting to get the idea that bands don't make tour schedules based on my personal life.

Enough about me. If you trust Carrie Brownstein's taste, there's a good chance you won't be disappointed with a setlist relying on the new album, Shots (TMT Review), which she spins daily. Here, try it.... give "S.T.H.D." a spin. Then I suggest a quick trip to the drugstore for some Passion Red lipstick. The $1 brand, of course. You can wash it off as soon as you've got a t-shirt.

Speaking Dutch would help, too:

The Residents Release The Bunny Boy on Unsuspecting Populace, Tour on Unsuspecting Populace

As the days get shorter, nights get cooler, and leaves get browner and crispier, it seems only natural that we as humans begin searching for less bangin' and more weird, occasionally creepy new releases to listen to when we are sitting around trying to think of ways to freak out our roommates. Thankfully, just in time for this seasonal change, The Residents are releasing an album entitled The Bunny Boy! Wow! Even the title makes me feel slightly unnerved! (Suggestion: do not Google Image Search the phrase "bunny boy" at work. It's nothing horrible -- just kinda weird.)

Available September 2 from Santa Dog Records, The Bunny Boy promises to deliver 19 tracks based around themes of "obsession, insanity, and the coming Apocalypse" -- just in time for election season! But that's not all -- there's also talk of an impending world tour and something described as a "narrative internet series," which hopefully will have less of a "furry" angle than a quick Google Image Search would suggest.

The Bunny Boy tourdates:

Thank God for Sweatshop Labor: NIKE Brings Built to Spill, Britt Daniel, Ratatat to Musicfest NW

Nothing says “I love you” like a diamond, just as nothing says “independent music” like NIKE Sportswear.

Seems that this September the bearers of the Swoosh will sponsor a part of Willamette Week’s Musicfest NW, a four-day festival that’ll be spread throughout various clubs in Portland, OR (TMT News). The lineup’s both overwhelming and impressive; highlights include Grammy Award-winner Sir Mix-A-Lot, TV On The Radio, and local trio Menomena (plus Menomena’s Danny Seim performing solo as Lackthereof).

NIKE brings a pretty good plate to the potluck, too; No Age, Battles, Britt Daniel, Ratatat, and Les Savy Fav will all play at The Wonder Ballroom, NIKE’s official venue during Musicfest NW. And as a special treat, Built to Spill will play the entirety of Perfect From Now On, a little warm-up for their other high-profile fall festival performances.

Though I’d hardly consider NIKE the patron sneaker of rock ‘n’ roll, the best part of this corporate sponsorship is the price: all of Nike’s shows at Musicfest NW will be free. Six big name shows without dropping a dollar? Long live sweatshop labor!

When I Say “Malkmus,” You say “Is Touring for a Few Scattered Dates Throughout Western Canada and the American Midwest in October and Early November!”

While sitting around watching The Superstation the other day (you know, TBS -- duh), I fell asleep during King of Queens and woke up with the best idea for a spec script episode I’m going to write.

So, check it -- Carrie and some friends from work get into a weekly quizzo night at this bar, so she starts coming home really late every Wednesday. Doug starts getting lonely those nights, but he won’t admit it, so he starts being passive-aggressive toward her, making snide comments and shit. They eventually get in a big fight -- Carrie calls him selfish, and Doug brings up something bad she did before, but THIS TIME it gets out of control and she kicks him out.

So, Doug goes out drinking after the fight, and who does he run into but Stephen Malkmus. He and his Jicks are playing a show in Queens the next day, trying to take in some local flavor. Doug of course is starstruck, being a huge Pavement fan, and he can’t even form words at first. Anyway, long story short -- Steve takes a liking to Doug after he starts calling him “Milkmoose” because he’s too drunk to pronounce Malkmus and invites him to be a roadie on the following tourdates:

Blitzen Trapper will be along for the ride, too.

Howard Stern To Remake Rock ‘n’ Roll High School, Still No Word As To Whether The Ramones Will Be Played By A Cast of Swollen-Lipped “Adult” Entertainment Stars

Anti-censorship dude and Sirius god Howard Stern is set to produce a remake of Rock ‘n’ Roll High School, a musical comedy most famously known for starring The Ramones.

Stern is producing the flick with Larry Levinson. It will be scripted by Alex Winter, who you probably half-remember alongside Keanu Reeves amidst the smoky haze of your viewing Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.


Colin Greenwood and CYHSY Members Contribute to Indie-Doc Soundtrack; Underrated Brothers from Overrated 5-Pieces Make Music Like Big Boys

The other day at the video store where I work, someone put on Failure to Launch. This 26%-rotten flick features Matthew McConaughey as an x-TrEmE sports-loving bachelor who takes up permanent residence in his parents’ attic. When the ‘rents decide they want Junior out of the house, they turn to Sarah Jessica Parker, a woman (prostitute?) who makes a living dating young men who have “failed to launch” and convincing them to move out for good.

This is the perfect kind of movie to watch in a video store because its message is so blunt and obvious that it doesn’t matter if you’re taking care of late fees for the stoned guy who returned Super High Me a month late. The message is this: Horace Greeley was on to something. Leaving the nest can be difficult, but at some point, everyone must go west, young man.

And now, bassist Colin Greenwood is taking a cue from manifest destiny and taking off in a new direction. He’s just completed his first musical project outside of Radiohead, which is a big deal, considering band mates Johnny Greenwood, Phil Selway, Thom Yorke, and Ed O’Brien have all played outside of the Oxfordshire five-piece.

Greenwood’s new gig is the soundtrack for a film called Woodpecker, a bird-watching documentary that I will probably rent as soon as our video store gets it. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah members and twin brothers Lee and Tyler Sargent also contribute to the soundtrack.

The collab-tastic release is now available for online purchase, so quit gobbling down Mom’s lasagna and get on that before I call SJP on your ass.