How To Dress Well announces remix EP featuring makeovers by A. G. Cook, Dubbel Dutch

After years of asking the public how to dress his songs well, Tom Krell has finally heard an answer from the void. Weird World Records will release an EP containing remixes of four separate tracks from How to Dress Well’s latest LP, “What Is This Heart?”, on October 27. The digital-only collection boasts contributions from PC Music wizard A. G. Cook, Dubbel Dutch, Cyril Hahn, and The Range.

These four remixes will also be available as part of a digital deluxe edition, which features the entirety of “What Is This Heart?”, the four remixes, and two unreleased tracks; it will also be available October 27.

Check out Dubbel Dutch’s clubbin’ remix of “Very Best Friend” below:

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The Vaselines, in the midst of some sort of big Alan Moore kick, release V For Vaselines next week!

Though the music of legendary indie pop duo The Vaselines may initially seem simple, close listening reveals hidden layers of wit and substance. Take the title of their forthcoming new album, V for Vaselines, out October 7 through Rosary Music. Initially, the title’s meaning seems straightforward, considering that Vaselines starts with a V, thus V could well be for Vaselines. Further thought, though, reveals that a second meaning, as V is the Roman Numeral symbol for five and V For Vaselines is the group’s fifth rec… wait. It’s their third record. So, really, the title should be III for Vaselines. But that doesn’t make any sense. So there’s only one meaning. Oh well, the music of The Vaselines still contains hidden layers of wit and substance.

Using their hidden reserves of substantive creative energy, the group self-produced the album in Glasgow at Mogwai’s Castle of Doom studio. There they had engineering assistance from Tony Doogan, he of Belle & Sebastian and Mogwai engineering fame. Guests on the album include members of Teenage Fanclub, 1990s, the aforementioned Belle & Sebastian, and more. The follow-up to 2010’s Sex with an X will be available on vinyl, CD, digital download, and limited-edition cassette.

To test the depths of Vaselines, listen to first single “One Lost Year” over here. But what if the depths simply extend too far down? Then dip a toe in with the acoustic version of “One Lost Year”:

V for Vaselines tracklist:

01. High Tide Low Tide
02. The Lonely L.P.
03. Inky Lies
04. Crazy Lady
05. Single Spies
06. One Lost Year
07. Earth Is Speeding
08. False Heaven
09. Number One Crush
10. Last Half Hour

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Hausu Mountain finds rooftop, megaphone, shouts about new tape batch including Mondo Lava, Dreamcrusher, Tiger Village

Clear the laboratory, ladies and gents, we got us a news post about a tape batch, coming in all triple-wide and germ-like, set to spinning fast in the centrifuge of your mind by horrorcat-themed jokers Hausu Mountain, and manifesting in our homes and automobiles in the form of cassettes from Mondo Lava, Dreamcrusher, and Tiger Village. Set aside, if you please, the fact that it’s scientifically impossible for any germ or germ-like object to morph into a cassette (Dolby NR or no) and roll with me. My friend, this isn’t some science blog your mom linked you to, nope it’s a very real music website, and around these music website parts we sometimes use made up metaphors to get our point across. The denuded point is this: with a thirst to release tapes not quenched by a Jerry Paper and Andy Boay split, or even by a thoroughly sick Moth Cock release, Hausu Mountain (a label run in part by TMT’s very own Mukqs) will release a brand-new three cassette batch on October 21. After a quick consult with your financial planner, of course, you are encouraged to purchase any and all of these cassettes.

First off we’ve got Mondo Lava’s — a mysterious duo out of California — debut Parrot Head Cartridge, which is an hour-long deep dive into looping, crackling tropicalia steam, panned like gold through the underground/noise/drone vibe you know and still love despite the fact that it sometimes stands you up at the farmer’s market. Dreamcrusher, which is a project from Wichita’s Luwayne Glass, presents with Suicide Deluxe, saying to you, over drinks maybe, that “noisy techno” isn’t usually as noisy as it claims to be, and goes ahead and tries to singlehandedly right that ship with screeches and squalls of feedback only choked by kick drum slams. Finally, thirdly, adverbly, there’s Tim Thornton’s work as Tiger Village with V. Thornton’s play is an exercise in brim-stuffing, filling every available crevice with wacked-out synth buzzes and thumps until the whole thing tumbles end over end into something surprisingly taut. You can pre-order the whole batch here, and, because science and The Lord have blessed us, we’ve got streams of a track from each tape below. There’s “Shimmering” by Mondo Lava, “Godless Chic” by Dreamcrusher, and “Cascades” by Tiger Village. If you haven’t clicked yet, you soon will.

Parrot Head Cartridge tracklist:

01. Ocean Labyrinth / Mermaid’s Delight
02. Jubilee
03. Kwaku Limbo
04. Pool Girls
05. Ghosts in the Gold Mine
06. Fire on the Mountain
07. Bimini Run
08. Sea Walk (Ft. G.S. Sultan)
09. Sol Walk
10. Shimmering
11. Turquoise
12. Bimini Run Reprise

Suicide Deluxe tracklist:

01. Suicide Deluxe
02. Novokuznetsk
03. Godless Chic
04. Dracula Meets the Lorelei
05. The Cruelty
06. Goths at the Beach
07. Ghost Orchid
08. Hypernova Bloodbath

V tracklist:

01. Alailia
02. Cascades
03. Emilie (Sea)
04. Pink Chain III (Moon)
05. Tarantism
06. And I Don’t Really Care That Much
07. Pink Chain IV
08. Dream II
09. Hattershakes

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The Velvet Underground announce six-disc, 45th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition of their self-titled third album

Get ready to forget everything you thought you know about cashgrabby reissues of classic albums, affluent dads, and 40-something work-a-holic bachelors! Old-but-still-cool rock & roll band The Velvet Underground, commonly referred to among most in-the-know music circles worldwide as “America’s U2,” is breaking the mold once and for all with the pending re-release of their magical, lightning-in-a-bong, “who needs that John Cale guy anyway?” 1969 self-titled album The Velvet Underground! Holy fuck, are you ready for this?! Grab a Perrier water and let’s dig in!

So yeah, first things first. Just when you thought you were done spending your disposable income on “CDs” for your “disc changer” in your “SUV” after the first and second time they did this, the Polydor/Universal label has you by the balls again. Or at least, they WILL this coming November 24, when they roll out this mammoth, 65-track, six-CD beast, formally titled The Velvet Underground – 45th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition.

Per your current life-status’ unwavering demand that you constantly be surrounded by nice shit, this thing is comin’ at you “housed in a case-bound book” containing liner notes from Rolling Stone’s David Fricke. It also contains “several different mixes” of the album, including a remastered stereo mix by original label MGM’s house engineer Luis Pastor ‘Val’ Valentin, as well as a set of previously unreleased 1969 recordings from the Record Plant in New York City that were supposedly going to comprise the band’s fourth album (most of which either ended up on the VU’s Loaded or one of Reed’s first couple of solo releases). Oh and of course, there’s also a slew of unreleased 1969 live recordings from The Matrix. You know The Matrix, right? Just pretend you do.

The remastered Valentin stereo mix is also coming out as a single- and double-disc (yeah, don’t worry, we’re still talking CDs here) version, with the latter containing a “12-track audio bonus disc featuring the best of the Live at The Matrix set.

So yeah, back to the six CDs, though. The first one is that Valentin mix I mentioned above. The second one contains “The Closet Mix,” bafflingly described by Lou Reed as a way to “get directly to somebody, unfiltered… So, if you listen to the record, it’s like sitting across from you.” Doesn’t that sound NOT DUMB?

Moving right along, the third disc features the “promotional mono mix” of the album, including a mono version of the first single, “What Goes On” b/w “Jesus.” The fourth is the previously unreleased “lost album” stuff, and the fifth and sixth contain all the live shit. See the complete tracklisting down below for a more complete look at what you’re throwing your money at in exchange for those CDs that remain so fucking indispensable to your particular demographic. Or don’t, and just throw it. I mean, you know you’ve got it.

The Velvet Underground 45th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition:

Disc 1: The Val Valentin Mix

01. Candy Says
02. What Goes On
03. Some Kinda Love
04. Pale Blue Eyes
05. Jesus
06. Beginning to See the Light
07. I’m Set Free
08. That’s the Story of My Life
09. The Murder Mystery
10. After Hours

Disc 2: The Closet Mix

01. Candy Says
02. What Goes On
03. Some Kinda Love
04. Pale Blue Eyes
05. Jesus
06. Beginning to See the Light
07. I’m Set Free
08. That’s the Story of My Life
09. The Murder Mystery
10. After Hours
11. Beginning to See the Light (alternate “Closet Mix”)

Disc 3: Promotional Mono Mix

01. Candy Says
02. What Goes On
03. Some Kinda Love
04. Pale Blue Eyes
05. Jesus
06. Beginning to See the Light
07. I’m Set Free
08. That’s the Story of My Life
09. The Murder Mystery
10. After Hours
11. What Goes On (mono single version)
12. Jesus (mono single version)

Disc 4: 1969 sessions for unreleased fourth album

01. Foggy Notion (original 1969 mix, unreleased)
02. One of These Days (new 2014 mix, unreleased)
03. Lisa Says (new 2014 mix, unreleased)
04. I’m Sticking With You (original 1969 mix, unreleased)
05. Andy’s Chest (original 1969 mix, unreleased)
06. Coney’s Island Steeplechase (new 2014 mix, unreleased)
07. Ocean (original 1969 mix)
08. I Can’t Stand It (new 2014 mix, unreleased)
09. She’s My Best Friend (original 1969 mix, unreleased)
10. We’re Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together (new 2014 mix, unreleased)
11. I’m Gonna Move Right In (original 1969 mix)
12. Ferryboat Bill (original 1969 mix)
13. Rock & Roll (original 1969 mix)
14. Ride Into the Sun (new 2014 mix, unreleased)

Disc 5: Live at The Matrix

01. I’m Waiting for the Man (unreleased)
02. What Goes On (unreleased)
03. Some Kinda Love
04. Over You (unreleased)
05. We’re Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together (unreleased)
06. Beginning to See the Light
07. Lisa Says
08. Rock & Roll
09. Pale Blue Eyes (unreleased)
10. I Can’t Stand It Anymore (unreleased)
11. Venus in Furs (unreleased)
12. There She Goes Again (unreleased)

Disc 6: Live at The Matrix

01. Sister Ray
02. Heroin (unreleased)
03. White Light/White Heat
04. I’m Set Free (unreleased)
05. After Hours (unreleased)
06. Sweet Jane

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Unsound Festival announces its full 2014 line-up, caps it off with some Jarry, Burroughs, Jan Klata, and Leyland Kirby

Krakow’s mighty Unsound Festival has now revealed its full program, rounding out an already awe-inspiring line-up with a mouthwatering assembly of experimental installations, theater performances, scholarly talks, and fringe-skirting music.

Not two months ago, our very own Taylor Peters informed you of the Polish festival’s latest batch of performers: SOPHIE, Nurse with Wound, Evian Christ, The Necks, and Lee Gamble. Now, barely weeks away from the event, Unsound’s final announcement has taken a more multimedia spin. First, the controversial Polish theater director Jan Klata will stage an interpretation of Alfred Jarry’s Ubu Roi in collaboration with the Narodowy Stary Teatr and Leyland Kirby (a.k.a. The Caretaker), who has composed original music specially for the play. Second, Mark Fell will present his Dream-Machine-inspired installation “Get Out of the Defensive Position” to celebrate William Burroughs’ centennial. Also commemorating Burroughs’ 100th birthday, the festival will host a panel on the Nova Trilogy’s creator, featuring his biographer Barry Miles. And, if you’re still into that conference-attending mood, David Keenan, Suzanne Ciani, and many others will also be giving talks and presentations during the festival weekend. Finally, free performances by WANDA GROUP, Valerio Tricoli, and a Polish experimental scene showcase will make sure some of the festival’s riches trickle down Krakow’s streets.

Now add all of these activities to the previously revealed shows by Grouper (if you just knew how much we’re loving Ruins here at TMT), Richard Pinhas, Jenny Hval & Susanna, Swans, DJ Spinn, Niños Du Brasil, Carter Tutti Void, plus so many others it would be cruel to list here, and you’ll begin to grasp the Voltron-like creature of arty perfection this festival is.

You can check the whole program, and get tickets, here.

• Unsound:

RIP: Stephen Samuel Gordon a.k.a. The Spaceape

From Hyperdub’s Facebook page:

We are devastated to announce that on Thursday 2nd October, Stephen Samuel Gordon aka The Spaceape, vocalist, poet and live performer, passed away peacefully after a 5 year struggle with a rare form of cancer.
He leaves behind his wife Luciana and 6 year old daughter, Cleo. His first release was the 1st release on Hyperdub, ‘Sine of the Dub’ in 2004 with Kode9, with whom he also released 2 albums, Memories of the Future (2006) and Black Sun (2011).
In 2012 he also self-released the Xorcism EP, appeared on the track ‘Spaceape’ on Burial’s debut album in 2006, and also collaborated with The Bug, Martyn, Jerry Dammers, Redshape, Dub Gabriel, the Echologist and more. Last Monday he released his new EP with Kode9, ‘Killing Season’ including the video ‘Devil is a Liar’ which was filmed in July 2014.
Our sincere condolences go out to his family and friends, and all who have been touched by his writings and performances. His Hyperdub family will always miss him.

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Mumdance and Logos announce new label Different Circles, share first release

Two London artists that have recently offered up bizarre, forward-thinking takes on grime — Mumdance and Logos — are now breaking into the label game with Different Circles. These lads have a history of collaboration, both as regular performers at London’s grime-focused party Boxed and via a series of 12-inches.

With the newly christened Different Circles imprint, they hope to achieve a specific “Weightless” sound across all of their releases, starting with the Weightless Vol. 1 compilation. Weightless, as in floating, or the opposite of heavy. As Logos describes the sound in a recent FACT feature, Weightless equates to “spatially untethered club trax [sic].” Featuring the likes of Inkke, Dark0, Strict Face, Rabit, Murlo, and the label co-founders, Weightless Vol. 1 will see a limited vinyl pressing on November 17. Until then, clips from the comp’s six songs can be streamed below.

Weightless Vol. 1 tracklist:

01. Mumdance, Logos & Rabit - Inside the Catacomb
02. Inkke - Love Song
03. Strict Face - Python Crossing
04. Dark0 - Sweet Boy Tears
05. Rabit - More Memories
06. Murlo - Geist

• Different Circles:
• Mumdance:
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Dr. Dre bypasses years of study and hanging around sick people to out-earn real doctors with $620 million in earnings this year

Dr. Dre might not be an actual doctor, heck, he hasn’t even released any music this year, but according to XXL, largely off the back of his part in the $3 billion sale of Beats Music to the U2-endorsing tech giant Apple, the rapper has absolutely smashed his way to the top of the 2014 Forbes “Hip-Hop Cash Kings” list with an estimated $620 million in earnings this year.

This mammoth windfall for the hip-hop mogul is more than the entirety of the remainder of the “Hip-Hop Cash Kings” list (many of whom actually released records and toured in the last 12 months) combined, is easily more than what most actual doctors earned this year, and with a bit of rounding is about $620 million more than what I’ve earned this year working two jobs with a bit of freelance writing on the side.

You can pore over the Top 20 list below while you wonder why you haven’t embarked on a rap career yet.

1. Dr. Dre - $620 million
2. Jay Z - $60 million
2. Diddy - $60 million
4. Drake - $33 million
5. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - $32 million
6. Kanye West - $30 million
7. Birdman - $24 million
8. Lil Wayne - $23 million
9. Pharrell Williams - $22 million
10. Eminem - $18 million
11. Nicki Minaj - $14 million
12. Wiz Khalifa - $13 million
13. Pitbull - $12 million
14. Snoop Dogg - $10 million
15. Kendrick Lamar - $9 million
16. Ludacris - $8 million
16. Tech N9ne - $8 million
16. Swizz Beatz - $8 million
16. 50 Cent - $8 million
20. Rick Ross - $7 million
20. J. Cole - $7 million
20. DJ Khaled - $7 million
20. Lil Jon - $7 million
20. Mac Miller - $7 million

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Belle and Sebastian softly wince out something about a new LP called Girls in Peacetime Want To Dance, causing all albino waif kids in the world to simultaneously go their version of APESHIT

Dang. Belle and Sebastian — quite probably the only group of people hailing from Scotland EVER to be consistently hailed as “adorable” — have been doing their musical adorability-thing for kind of a while now. Last we heard from them, they were releasing their adorable eighth album (which we all positively adored, right?), and that was way back in 2010.

Since then, we merely heard tell about what they were up to here and there, wondering amongst ourselves when exactly the band would reemerge and resume its reign of abject adorability (the crowns and royal garments that look… well, absolutely adorable). But no longer! Stuart Murdoch and his cute compatriots took to the web waves the other day to issue the following charmingly unassuming announcement (and yeah, I totally adored the shit out of it):

Our ninth studio album, Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance, will be released on January 19, 2015 (January 20 in the North America) via Matador [… It] was produced and mixed at Maze Studios in Atlanta by Ben H. Allen III, best known for his work with Gnarls Barkley, Animal Collective, and Raury, among others. Additional mixing was done with longtime collaborator Tony Doogan in Glasgow, and the album was mastered by Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road Studios.

Q: AWWWWW! HOW SICKENINGLY CUTE IS THAT?!? A: Almost as cute as the album trailer streaming down below!

Oh yeah, they also took the time to remind us that the entirety of their vinyl catalogue will be back in print on October 7, including the “much sought after” Push Barman To Open Old Wounds and The Life Pursuit LPs, as well as alternate cover art for Dear Catastrophe Waitress. Though honestly, I didn’t think that announcement was nearly as adorable as the first one. Not sure why. I must have been running out of electrolytes or something.

Belle, Sebastian, and tourdates:

10.03.14 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits Festival
10.06-07.14 - Los Angeles, CA - The Theatre at the Ace Hotel
10.08.14 - Phoenix, AZ - Civic Space Park
10.10.14 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits Festival
10.12.14 - Mexico City, Mexico - Corona Capital Music Festival
10.28.14 - Manchester, England - Cathedral
10.29.14 - Bexhill-on-Sea, England - De La Warr Pavilion
10.31.14 - Paris, France - Pitchfork Music Festival Paris
02.16.14 - Tapei, Taiwan - Hostess Club Tapei
05.22.14 - Glasgow, Scotland - Hydro Arena (w/ the Scottish Festival Orchestra)
06.10.14 - New York, NY - Radio City Music Hall
07.02-04.14 - Keflavik, Iceland - ATP Iceland

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ZS finish up new album, announce European tour in honor of Xenon, the forgotten element

Well, it’s been a couple of years since ZS officially evolved into its current three-piece, and founding member Sam Hillmer has been more than efficient at whipping guitarist Patrick Higgins and drummer Greg Fox into form as though they were passengers on some medieval ship (in a loving way). Their first formal showing as ZS was the arguable “remix” album Grain, which was pretty experimental, and which compelled assimilation on the part of its new members by recalling tracks that were composed prior. There was also this sweet performance at the Trans-Pecos over the summer, so surely we can trust that ZS are in fully revitalized shape by now, even if we aren’t blessed with additional confirmation…

Additional confirmation: the new ZS album Xe album is nearly complete! That’s according to a certified tweet from Higgins, who offered a glimpse of his/their sweet studio, alongside comment about the final mixdown, which is possibly done by now. It’s an album that won’t be released until 2015, but as a precursor, folks in the freakishly-shaped continent across the Atlantic will be able to hear some of the new tunes first-hand this month. Check the dates below. Of course they’ll be performing at Unsound.


10.07.14 - Ljubjana, Slovenia - TBA
10.08.14 - Lucerne, Switzerland - TBA
10.09.14 - Brussels, Belgium - TBA
10.10.14 - Cologne, Germany - TBA
10.11.14 - Rotterdam, Netherlands - TBA
10.12.14 - Hamburg, Germany - TBA
10.13.14 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Jazzhouse
10.14.14 - Wroclaw, Poland - AvantArt Festival
10.15.14 - Krakow, Poland - Unsound Festival
10.18.14 - Brno, Czech Republic - TBA *
10.19.14 - Ljubjana, Sloevnia - TBA *

* Sam Hillmer as Diamond Terrifier, Patrick Higgins

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