Good Morrow, Fair Titus Andronicus, And Forth To Signing With XL And Touring!

To be or not to be -- that is the question;

Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The slings and arrows of outrageous fashion,

...oops, wrong Shakespeare play! It seems New Jersey’s Titus Andronicus (and NOT Spanish metal gods Hamlet) have signed to XL Recordings. Their debut album, The Airing of Grievances, which was originally released on Troubleman Unlimited, has been newly mastered and will see a digital re-release this month and a physical release in January 2009.

Tragedy or comedy?:

& No Age

The iPhone Just Got Cooler; Now Has A Four-Track-Recorder App. Can Someone Tell Me A Nice Quiet Place To Scream And Vent My Frustrations That I Still Don’t Own One Of These?

Well, now they’ve done it. Now there is a Mac App. for the iPhone/iPod Touch I think I cannot live without. According to Wired’s blog, Listening Post, the good people at Sonoma Wire Works have created a four-track recorder for Apple’s touch-based portable technologies. For a measly $10, you can aspire to be just like Guided by Voices circa 1994 or any of your other lo-fi heroes, except, uh, you'd be using an iPod to record your songs. Each track is stored as a 44.1 kHz WAV file that can be sent wi-fi to any computer for further work if desired. The application is rather basic, functioning mainly to arm tracks to record, pan, and skip through the progress of a song, but it will fit in your pocket, so who can complain?

Now, while this product is indeed drool-inducing (or perhaps wet dream-inducing for the likes of, I don't know, Phil Elverum?), there are of course some limits, as this is being pumped out of an MP3 player or phone depending on what you are using. A major cited problem is that the internal speaker of the iPhone/iPod Touch is soft, so without headphones and a microphone that fit the outlet on these devices, there is not much hope of making a meaningful recording. Also, this program will not work for the first-generation iPod Touch.

But it's still a pretty solid application. Each track is stored as a 44.1 kHz WAV file that can be sent wi-fi to any computer for further work if desired, which is pretty sweet. With the holidays a month away, if any of you reading are feeling especially generous this year, feel free to hook me or any other member of the TMT family up with an iPhone and this app. I promise you will be on my “good list” if you do!

Will Oldlham… I Mean, Iron and Wine… I Mean, Phosphorescent to Tour This Fall

Now that’s sarcasm! Umm, anyway, yes it’s true. Just as you were getting a bit tired of that Bonnie “Prince” Billy record from this past summer, yet another bearded man with yet another loosely titled, Appalachian-inspired spiritual folk outfit is hitting the road this fall to keep up the nationwide enthusiasm for the gospel of, well, for vibing-out on ghostly folk tunes and drinking colorful wines with your chi... or something.

This time it just so happens to be the notable Matthew Houck and his roving band of facial hair aficionados, otherwise known as Phosphorescent, who are tagging-in for a few rounds in the southern and eastern U.S., while Will Oldham and Sam Beam rest their fragile fallapart voices.

Originally from Alabama and a longtime resident of Georgia, this will be the rustic Shaman’s first tour of the Dirty Dirty since the release of his band’s last album, the widely-acclaimed Pride (TMT Review). Hell, speaking of south, it even looks like Houck and co. plan on camping out in Florida for some five dates while the weather presumably turns to shit just about everywhere else in the country. You’ve gotta rest that facial hair after a while, don’t you know?

In other hippie folk news, Phosphorescent have announced plans to release new material in very early 2009. No need to wonder what it’ll sound like, though. We might as well just give it a 4/5 or so now.

South by Northeast Tour:

@ Lights

# Virgin Forest

The Kinks Preparing New Material That Probably Won’t Be Good, For a Reunion I Will Undoubtedly Check Out Anyway

So yeah, looks like The Kinks, who according to the BBC "had hits like You Really Got Me, Lola and Waterloo Sunset" are getting back together. Frontman Ray Davies confirmed to the BBC yesterday that they've been writing new material in preparation for a comeback.

That's more or less the entire story, save the fact that Ray is only participating pending the good health of his brother Dave (that's good) and also that Ray is currently working on an album of collaborations that may sound like "a mixture of Snow Patrol and Chuck Berry" (that's bad). He contains multitudes, that Ray Davies.

RIP: Byron Lee, Ska Pioneer

From YouTube:

From Byron Lee's official website:

Byron "The Dragon" Lee passed away peacefully on November 4, after a valiant battle with cancer. But the memory of his phenomenal presence in the music of Jamaica, the wider Caribbean and, indeed, the world to which he helped introduce Jamaican music - will live on through the dynamic band that he founded: Byron Lee and The Dragonaires. With mega hits, such as "Jamaica Ska", "Tiney Winey" and "Dancehall Soca", the band's music has spanned and remained relevant and popular over its more than 50-year existence. The world-famous band will continue to entertain and to bring the music of Jamaica and the Caribbean to a worldwide audience. The Dragon may be gone but he lives on through the Dragonaires!

- Byron Lee official website
- Byron Lee Wikipedia entry

Edie Sedgwick: Scarlett Johansson Not Great Actress, Sissy Spacek a Stand-In for Menstruation

Edie Sedgwick (not to be confused with the Andy Warhold Superstar) is the moniker of Justin Moyer, founding member of El Guapo (not to be confused with El Guincho) and Antelope (not to be confused with Crystal Antlers). Aside from his music projects, his recent history is punctuated by occasional epileptic seizures. According to Dischord co-founder Ian MacKaye (Fugazi, Minor Threat, he Evens):

Justin's seizures spawned erratic behavior. His bands broke up. He started wearing cocktail dresses. He wrote an autobiography of Meryl Streep and tried to stage readings at Fugazi shows. And Edie Sedgwick was born.

Sedgwick's new album, Things Are Getting Sinister And Sinisterer, is set for release via Dischord on November 11. With track titles like "Angelina Jolie," "Sissy Spacek," and "O.D.B.," something tells me this'll be quite the weird little bugger.

His tour starts today.

Edie Sedgwick tourdates:

Animal Collective Announce Winter Tour; Kid Midnight Wants Tickets to the Show In Peru

In support of the new, and ninth, album by Animal Collective, Merriweather Post Pavillion -- set for release January 20 via Domino Records (January 12 in the UK) -- a little tour has been announced. The boys have made it known via the I.N.T.E.R.N.E.T. that they will play a handful of European concerts as well as a trio of U.S. shows, all tacked onto their current little jaunt through South America.

If I didn’t know better, and maybe I don’t, I'd think that Animal Collective are busy trying to form their own version of a functioning, danceable United Nations. Regardless of intent though, I imagine a buttload of cool kids the globe over are excited to have another reason to throw away their cares and dance, dance, dance the night away. Especially if you live in Chicago or New York, where you will desperately be looking for a warm, sweaty room to duck into and keep yourself safe from the frosty, winter air.

Well, I’ll stop jabbering and just get to the meat. Here are the dates:

Spain -- a beautiful, diverse land full of exquisite architecture, mouth-watering tapas, and badass giant bats that eat charming Disney-like songbirds for dinner. (This is true! I just read about it on the internet when I Googled "fun facts about Spain.") It's the European nation closest to Africa, the land that gave us conquistadors (no matter what you think of these land-takin', heavy armor wearin' tough guys, everyone can agree that the word is fun to say!!!), and beautiful, beautiful Penelope Cruz. And now they have yet another amazing thing that we non-Spaniards cannot ever have -- no, not with such flair, such panache. I am speaking, of course, about the Tanned Tin 2008 Festival.

Taking place in Castellón, a picturesque Catalan town I can't afford to visit, Tanned Tin consists of five affordable days of awesome tunes. A ticket for all five days will cost you a cool 75 euros, or you can buy individual day passes. But can you really put a price tag on strolling underneath the sultry Spanish sun? Sharing a leisurely meal with friends late into the night? Gloating to your more impoverished, non-European friends about how you posed for pictures with Mount Eerie in front of a gothic cathedral?

Well, maybe you can, but with a lineup featuring Agent Ribbons, Arms, Audrey, Balmorhea, Barzin, Beach House, Benjamin Wetherill, Cass McCombs, Come, Dälek, Deer Tick, Doveman, Eric Chenaux, Fern Knight, Jana Hunter, Jeniferever, June Panic, La orquesta del caballo ganador, Mahjongg, Mary Hampton, Mom, Monkey Cup Dress, Mount Eerie, Munch Munch, Nacho Vegas, Neptune, P.G. Six, Paul Marshall, R.G. Morrison, Radar Bros., Retribution Gospel Choir, Sam Amidon, Sr. Chinarro, Tara Jane O'Neil, Thalia Zedek Band, The Declining Winter, The New Year, The Strugglers, The Wave Pictures, Voice of the Seven Woods, and Zu, consider the bang successfully gotten out of your buck

11.12.08-11.16.08 - Castellón, Spain - Teatre Principal and Casino Antiguo

RIP: Pat Leonard, Bassist of Moving Targets

From Matador:

There’s a post about the passing of Moving Targets bassist Pat Leonard on the Targets’ MySpace blog, composed by his friend, guitarist/vocalist Kenny Chambers. You can read it yourself if you’re inclined, but here’s just one sentence that sticks out : “through out the post Targets years I lost count of the number of times that fans and fellow musicians came to me to sing the praises of his talent as a player. He really was someone they all looked up to.” Amen. The original Moving Targets were one of the greatest American bands of my youth (Mr. Amory’s as well), and their 1986 debut LP ‘Burning In Water’ (Taang) compares very favorably to many of the iconic works of that period. Our thoughts go out to Pat’s friends and family.

- Moving Targets MySpace
- YouTube video: Moving Targets - Nothing Changes (Live) Alsdorf Festival
- YouTube video: Moving Targets - "Almost Certain"

Canadian Supreme Court Says Linking to Defamatory Information Is Not Considered Publishing and Therefore Legal – Replace “Defamatory Information” with “Torrents” And We Got Ourselves a Precedent for Legal File-Sharing in Canada, Folks! Yeehaw!

One day in 2006, Vancouver businessman Wayne Crookes got mad at some blogs. Claiming the sites had defamed his character, he filed suit against the offending blogs as well as a number of other websites, including giants like Google, MySpace, and Wikipedia, claiming these big boys allowed users to anonymously post slanderous comments. But Crookes didn’t stop there. For his douche-de-grace, Crookes sued news focused file-sharing site P2Pnet for linking to the alleged defamatory content. Hmm, I wonder why people felt the need to libel him in the first place? He seems like such a swell fellow.

According to TorrentFreak, the British-Columbia Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of P2Pnet, determining that linking to defamatory information is not the same as publishing it, which clears P2Pnet since material must be published in order to prove defamation. Not only is this a fantastic decision for free speech, but also for everybody’s favorite hobby -- getting free shit off the internet. Since most BitTorrent sites only link to files and publish nothing on the site itself, this case could stand as an effective precedent reference against potential file-sharing suits.

So, enjoy your landmark case, Canada. I’ll be here in America, hiding under my desk hoping our fucking copyright czar doesn’t catch me downloading High School Musical 3. Sure, I could go to the theater, but I prefer to get my Zac Efron fix in private... Seriously, his eyes are like little pools of eternity.



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