Peanut Butter Wolf to Play 8 Shows in 8 days at 8 Clubs, Me to Eat 8 Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Continuing his numerically themed, yearly DJ sets, Peanut Butter Wolf has scheduled eight shows at eight different clubs over eight days, starting August 1 and culminating with a show on August 8. This celebration of the Triple-8-Date follows his Heavy Metal DJ set on 6-6-06 and a Gospel-themed set of seven shows that ended on 7-7-07.

Each one of the eight shows will have a specific theme that PB Wolf illustrates through the use of eight separate styles of music, one for each night, accompanied by music videos from that genre. Wolf promises a good time by hand-picking each venue and guaranteeing that no song or video will be repeated.

To show my support of both Peanut Butter Wolf and the numerically themed events, I will be eating a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich on each day between the dates of August 1-August 7, culminating in eating eight peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on August 8.

If you’re in the L.A. area around these dates, CHECK OUT THE SHOWS and revel in Peanut Butter Wolf’s DJ abilities: has released an info line: 1-888-WOLF4LA, call it! Leave a message.

Gang Gang Dance Set to Release New Album, Saint Dymphna, on The Social Registry and Warp

If you’re like me, you like music that’s both haunting and danceable. Something that kind of scares you, but makes you two-step at the same time.

So, if you’re like me, unidentifiable indie-gems Gang Gang Dance will certainly leave you happily flustered on the dance floor. The Brooklyn-based quartet plans to release their fourth LP, Saint Dymphna, October 21, their follow-up to 2005's God's Money (TMT's #4 favorite album of 2005). The new album will be released via The Social Registry in the U.S. and on Warp in the UK.

Known for their experimental approach to rock, electronica, and tribal music, the group has a knack for juxtaposing intricate, bizarre songs with catchy beats. If you take a look at the bands Gang Gang Dance have played with in the past -- Black Dice, Spank Rock, TV on the Radio, Architecture in Helsinki -- you’ll find it easy to see how they fit into the category of “unexplained indie rock.” Oh, just give a listen to their MySpace material, which includes new song “House Jam” remixed by XXXChange.

Gang Gang Dance will embark on a brief U.S. tour of the Northeast at the end of July, hit New York's Central Park SummerStage in August, and will head off to Japan in September.

[Photo: Georg Gatsas]

The Best Is Ready to Begin, New Growing Album in September!

It seems like just yesterday Growing was a young band in short-pants and with a runny nose, scampering off to its first day of music school. Now, it's all grown up, sports a pencil-thin mustache, and spends every Friday night exhaling cigarettes and drinking lemon gin outside the arcade. My, how they grow!

Growing are indeed big boys now, and their refined brand of distorto-drone (© 2008, TMT) is hotter than scrap-metal recycling. The duo of Joe Denardo and Kevin Doria will unleash their long-awaited The Social Registry full-length album, All the Way, September 9, their first release since the exquisite 12-inch single/mini-album/EP Lateral (TMT Review) was issued way back in February.

All the Way tracklisting:

1. Green Flag
2. Wrong Ride
3. Rave Pie Only
4. Innit
5. Lens Around
6. Reconstruction

If we were betting folk, we would put a sawbuck down on Growing -- so obviously named after the episode of "Growing Pains" where one of the boys (Mike, Ben... Alphonse?) learns a tough life lesson after he steals a skag mag and some Skoal from a convenience store, heads upstairs to the master bedroom closet with the intention of flogging his wazoo, and depositing a hunk of chaw into his father's Italian loafers but is caught by Dad mid-wrist pump (that's the "growing" part) who wraps up the episode nicely with a heart-to-heart at the kitchen table over mugs of Ovaltine and a friendly match of Hungry, Hungry Hippos -- announcing a tour sometime soon. We are not betting folk. We are cheapskates. But Growing must play soon. That’s just the way it is done. Until then, feast your eyes on this!
07.17.08 - New York, NY - New Museum in New York (with I.U.D.)

Daniel Dove, BitTorrent Extraordinaire, Faces Ten Years of Not Being One (In Jail)

I'd like you to listen to Otis Rush's "Double Trouble" whilst reading. Now, get some bourbon, draw the shades, and let your computer screen light your room.



The last train for the night, the 2:08 AM to Philadelphia, just left the station. It's pulling out into the no-man's land of tobacco fields and moonlit wilderness, on its way to salvation. Hound dogs make leashes go taut in the hard-bred hands of the police of Big Stone Gap, Virginia. Daniel Dove, holed up in some shack filled with tobacco on Jed Potash's farm, will have to go on foot. Fuck.

His best bet is to go west, to the border. Kentucky is forgiving. You can get lost in Kentucky. Jed Potash's son says those border towns have more convicts and felons than both penitentiaries combined. He used to get tiller parts from some jailbird. Most honest salesman you ever met, he says. You can start over there and no one gives a shit.

Daniel Dove flew the coop, that's what they'll say. Cooking in this shack like an oven, the tobacco smells awful, and it's all over Daniel Dove's hands. If the poh-leece catch him here, they'll pin trespassing and theft on him just for fun. That, on top of his charge for being a BitTorrent seed farmer and now jail break, he's headed down the river.

Daniel Dove was the last holdout. He wanted his day in court. BitTorrent gangs like EliteTorrents ravage towns like Big Stone Gap, making it so you can't go down the street without feeling like you done something wrong. So the Govuh-ment stepped in. The RIAA stepped in. Boom. Scott "Big Torrent" McCausland and Grant "Me My Rights" Stanley gave in. They were weak. Five months and a three-grand fine. Easy. Daniel Dove is peaceful in name only. He's as hard-bred as the poh-leece following him. 'Cept he stayed for trial. He stayed for a verdict.

According to Ars Technica, the cards were stacked against him. "The jury was presented with evidence that Dove was in charge of a small group (known as The Uploaders), recruiting members with high-speed internet connections to seed illegal content to the rest of EliteTorrents' users. Dove apparently ran a server himself, distributing the content to The Uploaders first before they seeded it to the rest of the world at large."

Court-appointed lawyers. Biased jury. High-flying Daniel Dove didn't stand a chance. So he fled. But the 2:08 AM to Philadelphia already left and Daniel Dove is facing 10 years, thinking hard about lying low in a tobacco shack on Jed Potash's farm. Sentencing comes September 9, but he doesn't have that kind of time because dogs are on his trail and the Kentucky border is 10 miles away. Daniel Dove flew the coop, that's what they'll say.

The Verve to Release Forth; Forth To Apparently Include Ten Tracks That Are Not “Bitter Sweet Symphony”

(TMT – Manchester) Nineties alt-rock legends The Verve are set to release upcoming album Forth via the band’s own imprint, On Your Own, August 26. Frontman Richard Ashcroft publicly confirmed today that a cover of “Bitter Sweet Symphony” will in no way be included on the album, contrary to the daunting and ridicule-laden expectations of the consumer public and/or former Nineties Kids! that are now slightly overweight disc jockeys at top 40s stations in and around the Midwest.

“‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’ was a really sweet jam, but it isn’t on our new album,” said Ashcroft at a press event. “I’m a million different people from one day to the next,” he added, trailing off in a raspy half-mumble.

Ashcroft then launched into an unprompted discussion of the song, named the 382nd best of all time by Rolling Stone.

“You see, what I was trying to get across [in ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’] through the powerful force that is music is that being a slave to money is, like, very bad,” he explained. “It’s sort of a complex grappling with existence that will live on until the end of time as, like, the benevolent pressure of life and love and consumerism. It’s like Damn The Man!, but it’s also like just being a slave to money till you die, you know. That’s what I was getting at lyrically, you know,” he said.

“I can confirm that the tracklisting for Forth in no way includes a reference to ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony,” he said, pausing in thought to contradict himself: “Okay, maybe tangentially.”

Friend and contemporary Noel Gallagher agreed. “Yeah, maybe tangentially, sort of,” he said in a phone interview.

Forth tracklisting:

Cold War Kids Tour, Announce New Album; TMT Sets You Straight on “Kids” Bands

Indie rock can often be a confusing style of music. So many musical restrictions, a dress code, and I’ve heard there are secret handshakes too. Gosh! Luckily, TMT is here to help, with our handy guide to all these “___ Kids” bands that have been popping up lately. Read on if you want some insights on this cool new musical trend:

- The Get Up Kids: Indie rock for your little sister.
- The Black Kids: Indie rock for dorm-room dance parties.
- The Cool Kids: Indie rock for hip-hop fans.
- Cold War Kids: Indie rock for everyone.

And speaking of Cold War Kids, they have a new album, Loyalty To Loyalty, coming out September 23 via Downtown Records, and are touring later this summer and fall. They practically invented the secret handshake, so you may want to see them on tour if you need tips on mastering it.

Loyalty To Loyalty tracklist:

Ariel Pink Tours: With or Without Farty Armpit Sounds?

Since growing a cult following, Ariel Pink has formulated quite the live band, revising the self-recorded sound of Pink's earlier DIY albums. The band consists of keyboardist Kenny Gilmore (Lilys), bassist Tim Koh (White Magic, Lavender Diamond, Miho Hatori/Cibo Matto, All Night Radio, My Barbarian), drummer Jimi Hey (Beachwood Sparks, All Night Radio, Devendra Banhart, Mark Olson/The Jayhawks, Chris Robinson, Indian Jewelry, The Rapture, Strictly Ballroom), and guitarist Cole M. Greif-Neill (Ethnik Klensr, Young & Natural, The Samps).

Sure that all sounds fine and dandy, maybe even a little impressive, but I can't help but feel a void.

That void is the Ethiopian armpit music of Keith Terry. What makes Pink's lo-fi material so mesmerizing is not just his keen awareness of pop sensibilities and structures, but rather his incorporation of armpit sounds replacing bass drums. So, why not hire someone to authentically recreate the sound? What would any tour be without this guy?

If you're not dumb and immature like me, you might want to go to some of the following dates for Pink's amazing live show and a limited-edition, tour-only vinyl (released in partnership with Vinyl International).

"Thanks Mama I'm Dead Tour 2008":

Team Clermont Announces Summer Camp Festival Lineup, Featuring Music, Kickball, Scavenger Hunt, and Four Square!

Back in college, I was a DJ and Alternative Music Director for my University’s radio station (like many of you, I’m sure). So reading Team Clermont’s name (a PR firm based in Georgia, for those not in the know) transported me back to a time of dead air, broken CD players, and themed radio shows, and I found myself getting a bit nostalgic for my college radio years. Sad, I know. But, before I put on Loveless and contemplate how long it will take me to get drunk enough to call my college boyfriend, let me tell you about Team Clermont’s Summer Camp Festival.

The annual festival will be held July 31-August 2 around Athens, Georgia, Team Clermont's abode. Featuring such events as arts and crafts, karaoke, kickball, four square, and corn hole, the festival is already way cooler than everything else you have going on this summer. Where else can you get drunk, listen to awesome bands, and play four square?! On its final day, there will be a "Campfire Sing-Along," featuring cover bands dedicated to ESG, Paul MCartney & Wings, Mclusky, and Sonic Youth.

Here’s the schedule of Summer Camp’s list of activities/band lineup:

Day One: “Camp Orientation” (07.31.08 - Caledonia Lounge)

- So Many Dynamos
- Mostly Bears
- Megafaun
- Benji Hughes

Day Two (08.01.08 - Little Kings)

- Music Director Scavenger Hunt (12-2 PM)
- “Talent Night” featuring karaoke, dance party with DJs Cookies & Cream, arts and crafts, four square and corn hole tournaments, and a face-painting station

Day Three (08.02.08 - East Athens Community Park)

- Koalas vs. Walruses Kickball Showdown (10 AM-2 PM)
- Graham MacRae

Day Three Pt. II: “Campfire Sing-Along” (08.02.08 - 40 Watt Club)

- Tiny Sticks (ESG cover band featuring Josh McKay of Macha/Seaworthy, Bryan Poole, Heather Heyn formerly of Dark Meat, Aaron Wegelin formerly of Elf Power)
- Hi Hi Hi (covering Paul McCartney & Wings, featuring Bryan Poole from Of Montreal/Dark Meat/Elf Power/the Late BP Helium and Jason Nesmith of Casper & the Cookies)
- F*ck This Band (Mclusky cover band featuring Jeff Tobias of We Versus The Shark, Dark Meat and Pegasuses-XL; Scott Smith of We Versus The Shark; Andy Pruett of Cinemechanica; and Brion Kennedy)
- Nic Fit (Sonic Youth cover band featuring members of Dead Confederate).

Alright, now time for Loveless.

“The City That Knows How”.. to Steal Your Shit: Maria Taylor’s Van Robbed in San Francisco, People Suck

On Thursday, July 10, Saddle Creek darling Maria Taylor’s van was broken into while she and her band were in San Francisco. The jerks busted out the back window and stole six guitars (the right-handed ones belong to Maria, the lefties belong to guitarist Taylor Hollingsworth), two suitcases, two pedals and tons of Maria’s new EP, Savanna Drive.

Luckily on Friday, Maria and her band recovered one of the missing bass guitars at a local pawnshop. However, the loser pawnshop owner made them pay $250 to get it back, even though they had their police report. Much of the gear that was stolen has sentimental value and the band is quite upset.

I know how they feel, sort of. Some assholes broke into my house a month ago and stole all the computers in our house, two digital cameras, and my posh terabyte external hard drive. It had the most jams on it.

Anyway, here is the damage.

Stolen Gear:

- Left-handed Red Gretsch Tennessee Rose Guitar
- Left-handed Martin Acoustic Guitar
- Left-handed White American Fender Precision bass -- recovered at a pawnshop
- Right-handed Purple Fender Jazz Bass guitar
- Right-handed 1976 Black Les Paul Deluxe
- Right-handed Alvarez acoustic guitar (hand-painted white with black swirls -- guitar strap is nailed on)
- Boss Tuner Pedal
- Boss Distortion Pedal

If anyone has any information regarding the stolen goods, please email

Lykke Li Tacks on North America To Her European Tour

21-year-old Swedish-lo-fi pop darling Lykke Li is set to embark on a 10-city North American road trip in support of her debut album, Youth Novels (TMT Review), which is scheduled for release August 19 in the U.S. Sadly, Li's short tour romp will not be named "Madonna's Immaculate Collection Rules Tour of ’08," which does very little to honor the time Li spent with the album while living on a mountaintop in Portugal. Anyway, Li will also stop off in a couple Canadian cities, riding through America's hat in between hitting up various other international stopovers for previously scheduled shows and summer festivals.

For a full listing of all worldwide dates, visit her MySpace.

Full North America tour listing:



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