Wzt Hearts Breaking Up, Baltimore Hearts Breaking Too

It seems that the Baltimore Scene (TMT Article) just grew a little quieter. The Charm City-based band Wzt Hearts (TMT Review) (pronounced “Wet”) will be calling it quits after a pretty solid four-year run. Member Jason Urick commented to Pitchfork:

We are now spread through three states, [and] the challenges of staying active while being physically displaced from one another eventually took [their] toll as we all have been involved with other aspects of our [lives] as well.

But fans of the noisy Hearts fret not! All four members of the band will be perusing other projects, so output from these dudes will continue. Starting with Jason Urick, he is just finishing up an album under hibernating moniker moonstealingproject (say that five times fast), as well as a 12-inch and a 7-inch with Half Japanese's Jason Willett using his own name. Jeff Donaldson will be working the boards for These Are Powers on their jaunt in Europe and will continue work on his 8-bit project NoTendo. Mike Haleta will be recording an album with Voltage Spooks and has been recording music with wife Dawn as backbreakerneckbrace. Shaun Flynn will continue to be a Baltimore figurehead playing in various Charm City groups. Finally, two former bandmates Jeff Donaldson and Mike Haleta will be playing a pair of dates at the Cake Shop in New York.

Jeff Donaldson and Mike Haleta tourdates:
11-28 New York, NY - Cake Shop
12-19 New York, NY - Cake Shop

Goldfrapp Gets Busy This Fall

It seems so obvious to me. Why hasn't someone tapped Goldfrapp to do a James Bond theme? Someone who actually sounds cinematic, instead of Jack White? I guess not understanding these kind of matters is why I don't work in the building on the corner of Hollywood and Vine. This, of course, hasn't got Allison down, as she's busy with a slew of products ready for the impending holiday season.

Despite dropping Seventh Tree (TMT Review) -- her best album since Felt Mountain, in my opinion -- earlier this year, the album is getting a quick and handsome re-release featuring a special-edition DVD package. The DVD will include the videos for "Happiness," "A&E," and "Caravan Girl," as well as choice songs from her June 21 performance at De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill-on-Sea. You can also expect all the usual backstage documentation and antics. This edition is obviously aimed at the Goldfrapp fanatic, but if you don't already own the excellent Seventh Tree, November 25 would be a good time to trek down to your favorite media shop and pick up the CD and DVD package, priced to own.

For more Goldie Goodness, her iTunes Original Sessions have been collected and released as a digital download. The sessions include classic Goldfrapp tracks, new material, commentary, and everything else relevant for a big fat ol' compilation download. Head over to Mute Records for more info.

Finally, why don't you also head over to Goldfrapp's website if you have some down time, because it's awesome and trippy (not insane-trippy like Paper Rad's, but definitely one of the more visually engaging artist websites).

Fennesz to Release New Solo LP And Collaborates on Project Titled “Till The Old World’s Blown Up And A New One Is Created,” But Will His Rhetorical Flourishes Lead to Palin-Like Seclusion?

Exciting news coming from the Fennesz camp lately. First off, Touch is set to release a new Fennesz solo album, Black Sea, on vinyl November 25 and CD December 9. (What, no pay-what-you-want scheme, Wal-Mart exclusive, or Live Nation 360 deal? Now that's avant-garde!) Using acoustic and electric guitars, synths, electronics, lloopp, and computers, the album has been described by my dear friend as something that'll "blow your friggin' mind" and as a "mind melter of the highest order." How deliciously violent. Although the 6-track LP comes out earlier, the CD comes with two extra tracks, "The Colour of Three" and "Vacuum."

Even sooner, though, is Fennesz's project with multi-instrumentalists Werner Dafeldecker and Martin Brandlmayr. Titled Till The Old World's Blown Up And A New One Is Created (both the group and LP), the album's process features improvisations "reworked into three brief tracks, one edited by each member of the trio. Then these pieces are mined for a few very short fragments. These, in turn, form the core of a much longer piece, painstakingly assembled around repeated motifs salvaged from the wreckage."

Is this how The Hold Steady write their music? Anyway, the album is set for release November 3 via Mosz Records. You can listen to one of its tracks, "Me Son," at Mosz' website.

Black Sea CD tracklisting (courtesy of Pitchfork):

Story of the Yardbirds DVD Coming Soon; Kid Midnight Thinks That The Yardbirds are One of the Coolest Bands Ever, Despite Their Connection To/With Eric Clapton; Kid Midnight Wishes that Eric Clapton Didn’t Have The Same First Name As Kid Midnight or Was a Better Guitar Player Who Didn’t Steal All of His Riffs From Blues Musicians That He Said He Idolized; Kid Midnight Thinks Eric Clapton Can Go Fuck Himself; Kid Midnight Thinks Jimmy Page is Pretty Cool Though, Even If He Did Sleep With Underage Girls, Supposedly

Hey, you little music-loving people! Do you like guitars? Do you like bands? Do you like British guys? Well, hot damn, have I got a DVD to tell you about.

If you want to learn a WHOLE BUNCH about one of the coolest bands that ever existed, then go down to a store that sells DVDs and pick up Yardbirds – The Story Of on November 11. This documentary covers the band's history from 1963-1968, with a shit-ton of original music, archival footage, interviews with band members and “associates” (groupies and drug dealers), and behind-the-scenes looks of the band. The DVD also has footage of Eric Clapton (like I said in the headline, fuck him), Jeff Beck (played with Rod Stewart -- boo), and a young Jimmy Page playing guitar with the band on German TV recorded in 1967. GERMAN! 1967! WOW!

What makes them one of the coolest bands ever? Well, besides the fact that Jimmy Page played guitar for them (fuck those other two band members; they suck), listen to “I’m Your Man” or “Over Under Sideways Down” or, of course, the classic “For Your Love.” All those songs rule!

Prassibly the Most Important News Story of the Week: Ex-Fugee’s Member Pras Busted for Skipping Out on Recording Fee… by a Newscaster Named Tappy

Kind of like To Catch a Predator, except a little more uncomfortable and way more irrelevant to anyone, the ABC News affiliate in Chelsea, NY decided on Monday that it was their civic duty to find the MC from the once-prasperous hip-hop group and shame him into paying a $19,000 recording studio debt accrued during the recording of Pras’ solo not-platinum album.

Hard-nosed reporter Tappy tracked Pras Michel down at Rutgers University and questioned the artist about the tardy payments. (That’s kinda funny; I always thought that he attended Prasbyterian College.) Anyway, the praspects of Fight Club studio owner Ray Devers receiving the entirety of his overdue check do seem prasmising however, as the rapper laid himself prastrate at his debtor’s feet and put down a $5000 down payment the day after the ambush. It remains unclear whether the studio owner will choose to prasecute.

Check it out for yourself (Miss Info via Prefix):


Please Sir, We Want Some More. No, Not More of That Shitty Homemade Gruel, Mr. Bumble, More School of Seven Bells News!

Sadly, Tiny Mix Tapes hasn't always been the flush, blinged-out high-roller you know and spit on when we saunter by in our Armani speedos and caviar-encrusted tiaras (usually worn together). Making our way in the world today used to take every trick we had at our disposal. I will refrain from saying too much about our brief stint as low-rent boys and economy-priced hookers. And there was also the time when we were hired by Prince to be on-site gardeners/fluffers at Paisley Park. But again, you don't want to hear about that sorted episode. We are, however, not ashamed of our years spent roaming as teams of pickpockets because that acquired skill and cunning and we got to dress as 18th century tramps, which is our favorite dress style still to this day. We were street conjurers and mad magicians, oh yes we were! We would pool our ill-gotten booty around a trashbin in back of the saloon and treat ourselves to the finest pizza slices and 2-Star brandy the city had to offer!

But that was then and this is now, and while we are out of the petty thieving game, we couldn't let a news story pass that concerned School of Seven Bells, a band named after a mythical South American pickpocket school. And when that band features ex-Secret Machines' Ben Curtis and On! Air! Library!'s twin towers of song, Alejandra and Claudia Deheza, then, my friends, to not report it would be a felony.

This is a busy time for the artful dodgers. Having recently signed to wiley schemers Ghostly International, SVIIIB release their first album next week and will continue to tour, with some CMJ dates, a couple of London shows overseas, and a North American tour with M83 on the horizon. The album, Alpinisms, includes debut single "My Cabal" (on Sonic Cathedral) and "Iamundernodisguise," previously reinterpreted by Prefuse 73 as "Class of 73 Bells."

The tour continues tonight in, where else, New York for the first of three shows during this year's CMJ festivities. Oh to be a young Fagin on the loose at CMJ. Half drunken bottles of PBR as far as the eye can see and the hand can reach! For those not inclined to risk doing the time for committing the crime, just go to one of these shows listed below. But I should warn you: you are sure to get your heart stolen.

School of Seven Bells dates:
10.22.08 - Brooklyn, NY - Cake Shop (CMJ, Terrorbird Day Party)
10.24.08 - New York, NY - Levi's Fader Fort (CMJ - Fadar Magazine Party)
10.25.08 - New York, NY - Le Poisson Rouge (CMJ - Windish Agency) #
10.28.08 - London, UK - Old Blue Last
10.29.08 - London, UK - The Social
11.11.08 - Atlanta, GA - The Earl +
11.12.08 - Charlotte, NC- Tremont Music Hall +
11.13.08 - Washington, DC - Black Cat +
11.14.08 - New York, NY - Webster Hall +
11.15.08 - Philadelphia, PA - Starlight Ballroom +
11.16.08 - Northhampton, MA - Pearl Street +
11.18.08 - Boston, MA - Middle East Downstairs +
11.19.08 - Montreal, QC - Studio Juste pour Rire +
11.20.08 - Toronto, ON - Opera House +
11.21.08 - Chicago, IL - Bottom Lounge +
11.22.08 - Minneapolis, MN- Triple Rock Social Club +
11.25.08 - Seattle, WA - Neumo's +
11.26.08 - Vancouver, BC - Richard's on Richards +
11.27.08 - Portland, OR - Doug Fir Lounge +
11.28.08 - San Francisco, CA - The Fillmore +
11.29.08 - Los Angeles, CA - Henry Fonda Theater +

# Matthew Dear

+ M83

RIP: Dee Dee Warwick, Soul Singer

From the Associated Press:

Dee Dee Warwick, a soul singer who won recognition for both her solo work and her performances with her older sister Dionne Warwick, has died. She was 63.

Warwick died Saturday at a nursing home in Essex County, said Kevin Sasaki, a family spokesman. She had been in failing health in recent months, he said, and her sister was with her when she died.
Warwick had several hits on the soul and R&B charts in the 1960s and 70s, including "Foolish Fool," "She Didn't Know (She Kept on Talking)" and a version of "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me" that was later covered by Diana Ross and The Supremes.

- Dee Dee Warwick Wikipedia entry
- YouTube video: "Dee Dee Warwick (Dionne's sister) - I'll Be Better Off..."
- YouTube video: "Dee Dee Warwick - Monday Monday"

The Long Blondes Shut It Down

British five-piece The Long Blondes have split-up. The band posted on their official website Monday, October 20 saying the reason for the split was because guitarist Dorian Cox was unsure when he would be well enough to play guitar again. In June 2008, Cox suffered a stroke resulting in several show cancellations.

The Long Blondes formed in late 2003 in Sheffield, UK and leave us with two albums, their 2006 release Someone To Drive You Home and this year's release, Couples (TMT Review). The band's breakup announcement coincides with the release of their Singles compilation.

“Big thank you to anyone who ever came to one of our shows, bought one of our records or danced to one of our songs in a club,” continued Dorian’s message. “Thank you, if it wasn't for you the whole thing would have been pointless.”

Kría Brekkan (ex-müm) is teaming up with Antony (Antony & The Johnsons) on a new 7-inch for Paw Tracks. However, the track, "Be Good To Earth This Season," was actually written and recorded by Reverend Green, Animal Collective's tour manager Brad Truax. (Yes, Brekkan and Antony didn't write the song together. You can't go through life assuming shit like that -- it's annoying.) Meanwhile, the other side of the single features Rings member Abby Portner's new project, Drawlings, with a track called "Wolfie's Christmas." (If you haven't caught on by now, this is a holiday single, something you should've assumed a long time ago. You can't go through life being so timid -- think with conviction PLEASE. THANKS.)

The 7-inch is limited to 1000 and marks the first release in Paw Tracks' Care Kacky's 45s series. It'll be released December 9 via Atlantic/Reprise/EMI/Parlophone/Capitol/Epic.

Familial ties not enough for the Animal Collective obsessive in you? Well, what do you want? A new Animal Collective album or somethin' (TMT News)??

U2 Net $19 Million in Live Nation Shares with Touring Deal, Franchise Their Band, Train Regional Bonos

Live Nation, a.k.a. “the original Buy-it-Now people,” have already done a rather fine job of making Satan himself look more like Willy Loman through their recent ultra-savvy purchases of the, umm, entire careers of Madonna, Jay-Z, Nickelback, and Shakira. Now, their most recent acquisition, the illimitable U2, has just discovered (Merry Christmas, fellas!) that the 1.56 million shares of Live Nation that they are set to receive as part of their 12-year touring and merchandising contract with the concert promotions giant will amount to roughly... $19 million! The deal’s value was revealed in a regulatory filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission made last week. I’m not sure how many Arizona state joshua trees you could adopt and save with that kind of scratch (that is what U2’s thing is, right?), but I’m sure it’s a whole damn lot.

Unlike many of Live Nation’s other manifested destinies, the U2 deal, which was signed back in March, is not an all-encompasing 360-deal and only includes the band’s tours, merchandising, and official website. In other words, Bono and the boys will continue to release music through Universal Music and collect publishing through their blandly named U2 Ltd. company. Unfortunately, both parties will have to wait to see where the stock market roller coaster decides to crash-land before learning the actual value of their deal, but if history is any guide here, everyone involved will probably be rich enough to buy that roller coaster, fix it up, and sell more tickets.

Just to give you an idea, U2’s Vertigo tour in 2005-2007 made over $400 million in revenues and was the second highest grossing tour... of all time, so touring on a new album alone (which they plan to release in early ’09, by the way) should generate more than a billion dollars in grosses over the course of the contract. Can you say “new sunglasses”?