Mammatus Obviously Care About the West Coast, But What About the East Coast? Or Middle America? Our Next President Needs to Care About All of America, Not Just the West Coast

Psychedelic rockers Mammatus are planning to hit the road in October for a 12-date West Coast tour, "playing all new BRAIN songs that you've never heard before," according to the band. The Santa Cruz, CA three-piece have released two albums since their 2005 inception -- 2006’s Mammatus and 2007’s The Coast Explodes -- to much praise and acclaim. And it's no surprise. Mammatus have a singular sound.

They'll be going on tour with WILDILDLIFE. Don't know them? Perhaps Mammatus can convince you:

If you haven't heard them please enlighten yourself, these guys are not only pushing the boundaries of heavy music into the outer dimensions of human comprehension, they also write wicked catchy pop hooks that'll get stuck in yer head for centuries! So come out and experience an evening of insane electric wankery, eXtreme headbangin, drum destruction, and DUDEAGE!

Try and see them if you can.

Thanks to Studio One Media, you can now make a totally professional quality music video during your 15-minute break from the Cinnabon!

Have you ever seen the movie Badlands? You know how the Martin Sheen character hangs out in these Voice-O-Graph personal recording studio booths and makes these records detailing how he met his teenage girlfriend and embarked on a killing spree? Or, say, have you ever been subjected to crappy mall-recorded tapes of your girlfriend and her middle school pals doing lame dance moves and lip-syncing to a Paula Abdul song? Well, if you ever felt envious of these brushes with fame, these recordings for posterity, these kind-of-self-produced shots at the big time, well now you're in luck! (Except for hopefully without the statutory girlfriend or the swath of murdered South Dakotans.)

That is, now that the greatest of American dreams -- to be able to walk into a shopping mall and cut your demo -- will once again be available to a diverse cross section of humanity! Thanks to Studio One Media, you don't have to be Britney Spears or Boyz II Men to walk into, say, the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall in Phoenix (where the service is debuting) to lay down some smooth vocal grooves. Hell no! As long as you got money, you got access to 3,000-5,000 songs from EMI Music Publishing's roster and the chance to make music videos, audition reels, or any kind of personal message, which can then be uploaded to the web. It's called, and it's how I plan on auditioning for the next season of Paris Hilton's My New BFF... assuming there is a next season. I think they're only on episode three right now, NOT THAT I KNOW. If you are a lucky resident of California, New York, Nevada, or Florida, keep an eye out for your very own Studio One Media outlet to make an appearance, with possible other locations in the works.

Mirah Mirah on the Wall, Who’s the Fairest of Them All?

Next Wednesday, Senators Barack Obama and John McCain will debate for the third and final time before Election Day. Also next Wednesday is Blog Action Day 2008, started by a non-profit, grassroots movement of bloggers with over 6,500 participating blogs. But the same day, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops will hold the Memorial of Saint Teresa of Jesus, virgin and doctor of the Church. And who could forget National Latino AIDS Awareness Day (NLAAD)? Or what about the first CC Salon, a global event to raise awareness about Creative Commons, in Paris?

Frankly, I could care less about Blog Action Day or CC Salon. And I say screw the debate, to hell with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, and FUCK National Latino AIDS Awareness Day -- I've got Mirah on the mind! She'll be starting her 10-date tour that very same day, supporting her latest album, The Old Days Feeling (Modern Radio). Sweetening the tour will be No Kids, who released Come Into My House earlier this year on Tomlab.

Now, get your tickets, chubby!

Mirah and No Kids tourdates:

& Katie Eastburn

Jeff Mangum Might Make Appearances on the E6 Holiday Surprise Tour, As If It Weren’t Already Full of Surprises! Oh, You Guys!

This is your lucky day. Maybe. Speaking to Billboard, William Cullen Hart (Circulatory System, Olivia Tremor Control) brought up the possibility of Jeff Mangum, the ever reclusive, deified artist, participating in the upcoming Elephant 6 Holiday Surprise tour (TMT News). "Jeff told me he wants to make it to the Chicago show and maybe the Kentucky show, so we'll see," says Cullen Hart. "I know he hasn't played out much in the past few years, but he seemed very excited about this tour when I talked to him."

The tour, headed by Music Tapes frontman Julian Koster, made its debut October 7 in Athens, GA. The show ended up being three-and-a-half hours long, so the artists -- ranging from Koster, Cullen Hart, and Laura Carter (Elf Power) to Eric Harris (OTC), Nesey Gallons, Scott Spillane (NMH, The Gerbils), and many more -- are planning to "trim it down a little bit," says Cullen Hart. And, as we've reported earlier, the tour also includes screenings of the much-anticipated short film Major Organ & The Adding Machine, tentatively set for DVD release via Orange Twin next year.

In related news, Circulatory System have reportedly three albums' worth of material and are currently looking for a label, while Koster is loosely planning yet another concept tour, currently being touted as "The Music Tapes Caroling Tour." Can't. Fucking. Wait. In the meantime, buy Music Tapes for Clouds and Tornadoes (TMT Review), out now on Merge.

Brian Eno Collaborates with Peter Chilvers on iPhone Ambient Music Application, Gets Atomic Wedgie From Bryan Ferry

Brian Eno has always been more of an AV dork than a rock star. He began his career as “technical advisor” to Roxy Music, he created all those wonderful system sounds for Windows 95, and recently he collaborated with fellow musician/dweeb Peter Chilvers for the soundtrack to the evolutionary escapades of the video game Spore . Don’t let all of his sexy-glammy photos from the ’70s fool you; the dude’s a Nerd with a capital Nerfherder.

The latest dorky addition to Eno’s extensive résumé is Bloom, a music making application for the iPhone created with Spore collaborator Chilvers. According to Wired, the app has two fairly self-explanatory modes, Listen and Create. Listen employs a generative music algorithm to play an off-the-cuff composition, while Create lets the user, you guessed it, create the sounds themselves. When the user taps the screen, a reverb-riddled note sounds and a bluish orb expands then eventually dissipates on the point of contact. The same spot will produce the same note if pressed again, so the program isn’t just a randomly placed series of tones. As with most instruments, the higher up the screen, the higher the note, and vice versa.

The program is also polyphonic and can either generate set tonal patterns or freeze user-generated patterns for easy riffing. It even employs state-of-the-art Etch-a-Sketch technology that lets the user delete their work by giving their iPhone a good shake. Compositions cannot be saved on Bloom, but that’s just as well. I don’t need my already irritating iPhone-having friends shoving their mobile in my face every time they make a minimalist masterpiece. Then again, I’m probably just jealous of them because this application looks really cool. Stupid friends and their stupid expensive phones...

In other Eno news, don’t forget to check out his latest collalbum with David Byrne Everything That Happens Will Happen Today (TMT Review). And here’s one last bizarre Spore video to cap this thing off. God bless us, everyone.

Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy Confirmed for November 23; Chinese Edition to Include Tainted Milk

According to Billboard, Chinese Democracy, the long-awaited sixth GNR album, finally has a firm release date: November 23. Odd, though, because that falls on a Sunday. Even more odd -- well, actually, not odd, but shitty -- is that the album will be released exclusively through Best Buy. Incidentally, November 23 does share significance with China, as the date marks the first time representatives from the People's Republic of China attended the United Nations, but I'm pretty sure Axl don't give a sheeeeit.

Of course, Guns N' Roses are wasting no time licensing their music, as track "Shackler's Revenge" will debut in Rock Band 2, while "If the World" is expected to play during the end credits of director Ridley Scott's latest film, Body of Lies, which opens tomorrow. Meanwhile, Dr. Pepper is gearing up to give you some free drinks. So, thank Axl, Dizzy Reed, Robin Finck, Tommy Stinson, Chris Pitman, Bryan Mantia, Richard Fortus, Bumblefoot, Frank Ferrer, and Geffen for that!

I still think it's really funny that most of the album has been leaked.

Ticketbastard’s TicketsNow Announces Some New, Lame, Scam Service: “Sell Your Tickets On TicketsNow” – Y’all Should Just Use Craigslist

If you thought Ticketmaster was annoying, I bet you will find or do find TicketsNow even more annoying. TicketsNow is the Ticketmaster-owned company that allows you to buy premium-event tickets from ticket agencies, sometimes before they even go on sale. This means what could be a $50-face price ticket is instead a $300-face price ticket. It kind of makes you feel like an idiot knowing you paid $250 more than the person sitting next to you, just so you could be sure you got a ticket in the first place.

Well, now after you buy your insanely priced ticket from TicketsNow, you can resell it to some other dumbass for even more! The new service introduced by TicketsNow is called “Sell Your Tickets On TicketsNow” and gives ticket sellers access to tons of fans looking for tickets. The seller has the ability to set the ticket price to whatever they feel is appropriate and can be changed at any time. The seller can even list their tickets as free and just pay the commission fee to TicketsNow. How it works is you list your tickets for whatever asking price, and when someone buys them, TicketsNow sends you notification and a link to a printable shipping label.

Sorry, I know this article is pretty much all ‘opinion.’ I just think this service sucks. I’d rather just sell my ticket to an honest fan for face value.

Animal Collective’s Forthcoming Album Merriweather Post Pavillion Gets Tracklisting, So Yeah… I Guess It’s True

UPDATE: A recent press release confirms everything. Merriweather Post Pavillion, Animal Collective's ninth album, is set for release January 20 via Domino Records on CD, 2xLP and digital formats.

Okay, I'll admit, I didn't entirely believe Gorilla Vs. Bear when it speculated earlier this week that Animal Collective were releasing a new album in January 2009 called Merriweather Post Pavillion. Now? I believe it.

Thanks to Stereogum, all you have to do is poke around on Animal Collective's website and you'll find the forthcoming album's tracklisting. First, you'll see (and want to eat) a fish by Wolf Eye's Nate Young, but if you click on the lettering, you'll get another somewhat creepy video revealing the full tracklisting. Now that's what I call a complete aestheticization of the tracklist!

Maybe somewhere between now and January, when the album's released via Domino, they'll add another click to let us hear the full album. In the meantime, check out Paw Track's MySpace and see our animated mix tape enlarged and in action!

Merriweather Post Pavillion tracklisting:

$ Axolotl

[Photo: Adriano Fegundes]

M. Ward Record on Its Way, I Try to Remember What That Commercial Was That Used His Song to Sell Cars, Wonder if M. Ward Really Do Have Car-Selling Powers

Sometimes news is short and sweet; this is one such instance. M. Ward, also known as Matt Ward, is ready to release a new solo record, titled Hold Time, and according to Paste, we should all get our greedy hands on it February 2009. That's about all we have confirmed, but it's great news nonetheless!

M. Ward is a man I envy a great deal, not just because he is a great musician (which he is), but because he has also worked with one of my all-time celebrity crushes Zooey Deschanel on their She & Him project (TMT Review). Actually, those two have confirmed a She & Him Volume 2. Oh, and that super-collaboration between M. Ward, Jim James, and Connor Oberst? Apparently it's coming along slowly and should see light in either 2010 or 2011.

This may all be pretty vague, but we know there is more coming at some point, so feel free to rejoice!

My Morning Jacket Torso Accident Forces Band to Cancel Shows

Due to a stage accident committed by Mr. Jim James, My Morning Jacket were forced to cancel the rest of their Iowa City gig yesterday, and have now officially postponed a couple Chicago shows. I'd paraphrase the rest, but what's the point when you can read it straight from My Morning Jacket:

"As some of you may have heard we had to cancel our show last evening in Iowa City. We were finishing up the last few bars of ‘Off The Record,’ and just like any other night we were all having a great time. Jim went to get closer to the audience on his side of the stage, and as he moved forward to step onto the sub-woofer the lights darkened, and he inadvertently stepped off the stage. Upon falling, he suffered traumatic injuries to his torso, and was immediately taken to the hospital. Per the doctor's orders, Jim will be off the road and recovering from his injuries for the next two to three weeks. Sadly, we must postpone the two shows in Chicago on Thursday and Friday until further notice.

For those who attended the Iowa City show, we would like to extend our gratitude for your understanding and cooperation. We take our fans and performances very seriously, and would never cancel a show unless it was absolutely necessary. Please know that we will be making every effort to return to your fine city.

Thank you so much to our fans for the kind sentiments and well-wishes on Jim's behalf. We hope for Jim's quick recovery and to be back out on the road soon.

With Love,

My Morning Jacket

Tourdates, assuming James' torso recovers by then:

$ Neil Young