Death Cab for Cutie Add U.S. Tour, Look Even More Indie Than When They Were Actually on an Indie Label

Mango Starr: What's up dude!

Ben Gibbard: Shut up.

Mango Starr: Huh?

Ben Gibbard: I said shut up.

Mango Starr: Why? What's your problem?

Ben Gibbard: Blah blah blah, shut the fuck up.

Mango Starr: Ben... this doesn't sound like you...

Ben Gibbard: I saw what you wrote about me on Tiny Mixed Tapes.

Mango Starr: What did I write?

Ben Gibbard: You know what you wrote.

Mango Starr: Whatever... I didn't write shit.

Ben Gibbard: Oh yeah? What about this:"Death Cab for Cutie are TERRIBLE. I'd rather die than listen to Ben's stupid voice."

Mango Starr: What?? I never fucking wrote that!

Ben Gibbard: Whatever... no more getting beers when I'm in town.

Mango Starr: Oh, boo hoo. I don't give a shit. You're a mean drunk anyway.

Ben Gibbard: You just don't like us anymore because we're on a major. That's childish and stupid. Our music is as good as ever.

Mango Starr: Yeah, I mean.. I'll admit that your music is still--

Ben Gibbard: You're just a whiner. Hope you die.

Mango Starr: C'mon Ben. I was just fucking around. You know I'm not like that.

Ben Gibbard: I do, but now all your fans think you hate DCFC.

Mango Starr: Oh, don't get so emo on me.

Ben Gibbard: Fuck you.

Philip Glass Drops Glass Box, Shards Injure Several Nearby College Professors

Alright, dudes-in-bands, listen up. Fucking school’s in session, and our instructor is Philip Glass. Yes, after more than four decades of making us all exclaim “Why didn’t I think of that!?!?” as we listened in awe to things like singers counting beats and singing sol feg syllables, arpeggios repeating for 13+ minutes, and electronic rock organs, flutes, and violins being used simultaneously on one record, minimalist/process music pioneer Philip Glass will finally be able to slap all casual musicians in the face at once with Glass Box, a 10-disc retrospective of his incredibly dynamic and prolific career.

Said guilt-box, which will include excerpts from Glass' largest and best-known works, such as Einstein on the Beach and Satyagraha, as well as selections from his ensemble pieces and highlights from scores to several films (including The Thin Blue Line, The Hours and The Fog Of War), will be released, with typical aplomb, via Nonesuch September 23.

In addition to making all other musicians feel like drains on society by comparison, Glass Box will also include a 191-page(!) booklet with notes from the composer, archival photos, libretti (uh... lyrics), texts, and appreciations from several colleagues and admirers with whom we’ll never even find ourselves in the same sentence. These include: Paul Simon, David Byrne, Chuck Close, and, oh yeah, Nonesuch Records President Bob Hurwitz. Even Billy Corgan doesn’t know all those people!

Oh, and one more thing... The CDs and booklet are ingeniously packaged in a fucking cube -- yeah that’s right -- that will be covered on five sides with classic images of Glass by Chuck Close, Robert Wilson, Francesco Clemente, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Annie Leibovitz. Oh, what’s that? Your band’s demo comes in a slim-line jewel case? Yeah... mine does too.

Religious Knives Will be Gentlemen and Open The Door for You This October, Tour in September

Brooklyn’s own delectably droney Religious Knives have put the finishing touches on yet another new release (this year alone, we've already reviewed Resin and It's After Dark). The Door will be released October 14 on Ecstatic Peace!, coincidentally one day before my birthday -- so mark that on your calendars, too.

The album is described as “a summer record for those dread days when the heat holds low and skin sticks to cheap car seats and old patio furniture… the score for disappearing neighborhoods and crumbling buildings, a hope of holding onto the past as those around us move fast to forget it.” Groovy.

The Door was recorded at Bank Row in Greenfield, MA and produced by Thurston Moore and the band. Songs have been posted on their MySpace for you to hear, if that’s your thing. Meanwhile, Religious Knives are set for a European tour starting in France September 17.

The Door tracklisting:

$ Gala Drop

YouTube Bounces Back From Poor Audio Compression System With Improved Sound, Videos of Laughing Babies Have Never Sounded Better

To anyone who's ever gotten the urge to listen to a song you don't have and then gone straight to YouTube, it should be apparent that YouTube is our generation's all-purpose, instantly accessible jukebox. Unfortunately for us, it seemed that the audio quality of YouTube clips had received a drastic blow when, towards the end of July, the website launched a new audio scheme which starkly altered the sound quality of music clips by heavily truncating their dynamic range. As reported on Wired's Listening Post blog, the move prompted not only frustration from audiophile YouTube users (apparently as much a rare breed as you'd expect), but also user-generated hacks designed to counteract the processing, conspiracy theories that the maneuver was designed to favor already-processed mainstream pop over "properly produced music," and dissent from music gear companies who felt that their capacity to advertise on the site had been compromised.

Thankfully, Listening Post's July 30 story prompted both a typically vague response from YouTube PR ("The vast majority of videos currently benefit from our audio technology, and we are committed to improving that in the future" -- oh, okay) and an actual change in the audio process. Because YouTube kept unprocessed copies of all videos' audio files, they were able to develop a new, far less problematic system which is now in place. Now we can all breathe a sigh of relief that the next time a mid-’90s MTV nostalgia kick infects you with the craving to listen to, say, Ghost Town DJs' "My Boo," it will sound as crisp and glorious as online streaming video usually does!

Mark David Chapman Denied Parole a 5th Time, Not Even Mark David Chapman Surprised

Mark David Chapman, the infamous murderer of The Beatles’ probably all-around good guy John Lennon, was once again denied parole from prison today. Chapman, 53, has been imprisoned in Attica State Prison since 1981 for his crime against the late Lennon in December of 1980.

Of course, no one was surprised by the fifth denial of parole since October of 2000. Apparently, you can’t just kill one of the most culturally significant artists in history, say “I’m sorry,” and then expect things to go your way -- especially when Yoko Ono has been consistently lobbying against you since your first application for parole. Sorry, Mark. Actually, no, I’m not.

Radiohead Have Not Written the Score to Choke, Nor Have They Recorded a New Song For It

As I suspected earlier today in my original story (TMT News), Radiohead have NOT written the "score" to the upcoming film, Choke (see trailer here). In fact, they didn't even record a new song for it at all. According to The Playlist:

It's either a language thing or Palahniuk is confused or mistaken, but Radiohead did not compose a bunch of new instrumental music and cues for this film ala the way Jonny Greenwood did for "There Will Be Blood" (which is what a score is). We hate to be sticklers for language, but if we're not, things get misreported. A score and writing songs are two different things and Radiohead didn't even pen new songs for the film. "Choke" utilizes "Reckoner" from In Rainbows, in the closing credits and the score is actually written by Nathan Larson ex of Shudder To Think.

We just confirmed this btw, with the music supervisors on the film Ken Weinstein and Lyle Hysen. Our original report on the music of "Choke" is still correct. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Funny how most everyone just ate the news up, probably due to the fact that it all derived from the same BBC report and straight from author Chuck Palahniuk's mouth. But just remember: Palahniuk is a Pablo Honey fan. He can't be trusted. Got some press though, that's for sure.

DJ /Rupture Emerges from Spanish Exile (..Seriously..) with Uproot, Ingredients Comp

DJ /Rupture, beloved genre-splicer and DJ laureate of Brooklyn circa 2002, is prepping both a new mix CD, Uproot, and a companion compilation of the mix's unaltered "ingredients," both due October 3 on The Agriculture Records. Uproot, Rupture's first solo mix release since 2005's Low Income Tomorrowland and after his return to the States after seven years in Barcelona, draws it inspiration from typically disparate sources such as dub, minimal, and the NYC improv scene. Listenable and bass-heavy, the mix includes artists like British dubstepper Shackleton and blues-inspired glitchster (and improbable RHCP collaborator) Ekkehard Ehlers.

Uproot will also be accompanied by the online release of Ingredients, a 108-minute comp including all of the mix's tracks in unmixed form. Described as a "multi-format release" in a press release, the mix is particularly nice for fans hoping to hear full-length versions of Uproot's nine previously unreleased tracks. Meanwhile, Rupture continues to host a weekly show, Mudd Up!, on indie freeform radio station WFMU.

Uproot tracklist

+/- (Plus/Minus) Announce New Album, Xs On Your Eyes

Oh, that silly +/- and their love of mathematical symbols! With the announcement of their new album, Xs On Your Eyes, due October 21 on Absolutely Kosher, the boys of all things adding and subtracting are quickly drumming up attention for their new album. Hell, I already feel obligated to post their new record’s tracklisting and listen to their entire discography to get ready for it. Now, if I could just do something about my urge to draw Xs on my eyelids, I'd be all set.

Xs on Your Eyes tracklisting:

Don’t draw Xs on your eyes, or you won’t be able to see the following tourdates:
08.15.08 – New York City, NY – Mercury Lounge
08.16.08 – Cambridge, MA – Middle East (Upstairs)

Radiohead Reportedly Scores Music to Palahniuk Adaptation, Exact Contributions Not Entirely Clear; Ex-Shudder to Think Member Writes Original Music

According to a report on Radiohead fansite At Ease, Chuck Palahniuk (best known for authoring Fight Club) told BBC 6 Music that Radiohead have not only written the exit music for the film adaptation of his 2001 novel, Choke, but they have also reportedly "written the score."

Palahniuk apparently wrote the novel while listening to Radiohead's worst offerings, Pablo Honey and its hit track "Creep." The rest snowballed. According to Palahniuk:

So Clark [Gregg, the director] got Radiohead to contribute a song, to write a song for the very end of the movie, the final credits. Apparently Radiohead liked the movie so much, they’ve written the score, most of the ambient music throughout it. So it’s "Choke – with the music of Radiohead."

However, according to an earlier report by The Playlist, Radiohead's contribution is actually just "The Reckoner" and lists Rogue Wave's "Lake Michigan" as the final song during the credits. Things, of course, may very well have changed, but it's worth noting since no official announcements have yet been made. Meanwhile, Choke's IMDB entry lists ex-Shudder to Think's Nathan Larson as the composer of the film's original music.

So, while the news is exciting, it's best to wait for some official word from the Radiohead camp.

Choke hits theaters September 26 via Fox Searchlight. Check out the trailer here. You can't hear the Radiohead track, but it does have that annoying "Satan Said Dance" song from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.

Meanwhile, see Radiohead on tour in support of Pablo Honey.

$$ Grizzly Bear

$$$$$ Liars

J To The Dilla To The New Box Set: Stones Throw to Reissue Ruff Draft Box Set, Complete With Vile of J Dilla’s Sweat!

As you may know, James Yancey (J Dilla) died from lupus a couple years ago, three days after both his birthday and the release of his last album, Donuts. Several albums have since been released or reissued, including The Shining (his second "official" album) and Ruff Draft, the latter of which was reissued by Stones Throw last year and fleshed out with additional songs to form a ‘complete’ version of its original EP form. For a limited time, the album was also released in cassette-form in a box set.

Due to popular demand, Stones Throw are now reissuing the box set again. Titled TURN IT UP! A Little Louder, the set includes the original version of the album on cassette, along with other assorted goodies like:

- A brown tee that says "TURN IT UP! A Little Louder."

- A "Reckless Driving Ticket" that Stones Throw created to ‘ticket’ people outside of Ruff Draft listening parties in Spring 2007.

- A photo of J Dilla taken by B+.

- A 15x12x3-inch box to keep all the goods in.

The box set retails at $39.95 (includes shipping) and you can purchase it from Stones Throw here.



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