Bardo Pond, Les Savy Fav, Others Added to ATP New York Lineup; Absurd Ticket Price Decimally More Worth It

As part of a new effort to make buyers happier about spending a gajillion dollars on a three-day pass, the organizers of All Tomorrow’s Parties New York have added nine new artists to the September festival’s lineup. These new acquisitions mean tickets are more cost-effective and will perhaps make patrons feel less like yuppie douchebags.

Bardo Pond, slated to play 1997’s Lapsed in its entirety, will join in on the Wellsian spectacle of Friday night’s Don’t Look Back show, while ATP has added Les Savy Fav, Alexander Tucker, and Apse to the Saturday lineup. Last but not least, curators My Bloody Valentine have handpicked Bob Mould, Sonic Boom, Le Volume, Courbe, Gemma Hayes, and Wounded Knees to play alongside the previously confirmed artists and, duh, MBV themselves.

The new lineup raises the band count from 22 to 31, and reduces price-per-performance from $10.23 to $7.26. This perceived discount could inspire festivalgoers to splurge on hotel accommodations for an extra $450. Or maybe it’ll just make those of us who plan on sleeping in cars feel slightly more justified for overdrawing from our bankcards.

Festival lineup:

- Day 1 (Friday, September 19 – Don’t Look Back): Thurston Moore performing Psychic Hearts, Tortoise performing Millions Now Living Will Never Die, Meat Puppets performing Meat Puppets II, Built to Spill performing Perfect From Now On, Bardo Pond performing Lapsed

- Day 2 (Saturday, September 20 – Chosen by ATP): Fuck Buttons, Low, Growing, Edan with guest Dagha, Shellac, Thee Silver Mount Zion Orchestra, The Drones, Polvo, Wooden Shjips, Harmonia, Om, Autolux, Apse, Alexander Tucker, Les Savy Fav

- Day 3 (Sunday, September 21 – Chosen by My Bloody Valentine): My Bloody Valentine, Dinosaur Jr., Lilys, Yo La Tengo, Mercury Rev, Mogwai, Le Volume Courbe, Bob Mould, Sonic Boom, Gemma Hayes, The Wounded Knee

Juana Molina to Release Un Dia in October

Argentinean singer, songwriter, and sound-manipulator Juana Molina will release her fifth album, Un Dia, October 7. The album, her fourth on Domino Records, promises more of the untaggable, folky electronics which have characterized her musical output since her 2003 sophomore record Segundo.

Molina describes the record as more rhythmically adventurous than her earlier output, noting that "some people didn't feel there was any kind of rhythm at all" to her previous releases. "All that was insinuated in the past is now more tangible, hearable," she continues.

Molina, raised in Buenos Aires and partially in Parisian exile by an actress mother and a tango singer father, had been an Argentinean sitcom star until she jettisoned her acting career to release her 1996 debut Rara. Her musical career has garnered her success outside of her native country, with her 2006 album Son (TMT Review) landing on a handful of best-of-06 lists, including #5 on TMT's Favorite Albums of 2006.

Juana Molina is currently supporting Feist on the remainder of her summer tour

07.11.08 - Ravinia Festival - Highland Park, IL*
07.12.08 - Memorial Park Festival - Omaha, NE*
07.13.08 - Starlight Theatre - Kansas City, MO*
08.14.08 - Santa Monica Pier Santa Monica, CA*

* Feist

Deerhunter To Release Microcastle on Kranky/4AD in October

On October 28, 2008, I predict that Deerhunter will release Microcastle, their long-awaited follow-up to 2006's Cryptograms (TMT Review), on October 28, 2008. The album, to be released October 28, 2008, will be released on Kranky in the U.S., October 28, 2008, and on 4AD everywhere else. According to the last couple sentences, the album is expected to be released on October 28, 2008.

Recorded in Brooklyn with Nicolas Verhes, Microcastle will feature Deerhunter as a four-piece, consisting of Lockett Pundt (who sings lead vocals on two tracks), Joshua Fauver, Moses Archuleta, and some dude named Bradford Cox. One of the tracks, "Saved by Old Times," features "a vocal collage by Cole Alexander of the Black Lips," according to the press release.

Deerhunter are about to go on an arena tour with Nine Inch Nails, but before that, Cox will be touring as the mighty Atlas Sound on select dates. Meanwhile, Microcastle is slated for release October 28, 2008.

Microcastle tracklist:

Sarge! Ant Peppers Only, Arts Club Band – “Mondegreen” Officially Added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Like the Razzies and all those “World’s Best Sports Bloopers” tapes floating around, a new contest has emerged to help us pick the cream of the crop of our favorite mistakes and misinterpretations. A wonderful challenge presented to us, musical aficionados, to submit, list, and celebrate all those times when we fans just can’t get past the unique, “one of its kind” warbling of our favorite pop stars. The impetus for this contest is part of the celebration of my favorite time of year: NEW WORDS DAY! A wonderful time when words we already use and understand are officially added to the dictionary.

Merriam-Webster has decided to include the word “mondegreen” to its illustrious “Field Guide to North American Words” as one of its newest nouns. Mondegreen? What is this new word Mr. Midnight? Well, first coined in 1954 by author Sylvia Wright, it is described as “a word or phrase that results from a mishearing of something said or sung.” For example: Elton John’s hit tune “Tiny Dancer” is often sung and transformed into a mondegreen when the lyrics “Hold me closer tiny dancer” are misheard and misconstrued as “Hold me closer Tony Danza.” Funny right? Of course it is. We all love factoids and sidebars in articles, and pointing out mistakes is something that we all do quite well.

Interested in letting the world know your favorite mondegreen? Head over to Merriam-Webster's contest page and submit one! My favorite mondegreen is a whole song. I saw a lady on an American Idol contest who interpreted the Mariah Carey sung version of “Without You” which includes the line “I can’t live” into “Ken Lee.” She sings the entirety of the song in homophonic gibberish because of her lack of knowledge in the English language. FUNNY!

WHY? Expands Tour into The Fall, Dates with Mount Eerie

What are you doing this fall? Starting a new semester? Moving to Florida? Getting married? Buying your first house? Taking a dump? Well, cancel your plans RIGHT NOW. Seriously, do it. Go ahead. I'll tell you why in a second, but it's very important that you cancel your plans first... Yep, pick up that phone... dial... good, good... Okay, are your plans canceled now? Now, don't just say they're canceled -- are they really canceled? Great, because boy have I got news for you!

WHY? have just announced another U.S. tour! Still supporting their critically acclaimed anticon. release, Alopecia (TMT Review), WHY? are actually still on the road in Europe, supporting, supporting, supporting. Come late August, however, WHY? will be done with all this European ridiculousness (at least until October) and will be back in the U.S., playing dates with Tussle, Tobacco, and Tount Terie.

See? Now, aren't you glad you canceled your plans? Ha, and you were all, like, "No, tell me first, I can always cancel later or plan around the tour." You're pathetic.

% Tussle

* Mount Eerie

# Tobacco

[Photo: Jacob Hand]

Panther Tour 14 Kt God Across Northeast States, Atlantic Ocean

Live in Portland, the Northeast, or Europe and want to catch Panther? Good news: They're supporting 14 Kt God (TMT Review), released back in February via Kill Rock Stars, on a mini-tour of the East Coast before heading across the pond for some European dates.

Dates with Girl Talk and a pool party with Aesop Rock highlight the schedule, but you might as well check them out if they're in your area. I know I would.

Portland, Portland, Portland:

Capitol/EMI Taps into Vinyl Hype Cautiously and Half-Heartedly

In August, Capitol/EMI will be releasing eight "classic titles" on high-quality vinyl in the U.S. Titled "From The Capitol Vaults," the albums set for release include four titles from Radiohead, two from Coldplay, and one each from A Perfect Circle and Steve Miller Band, all out-of-print in the U.S. The albums will be released on 180-gram audiophile vinyl (aside from Amnesiac and Kid A, which will be released on 140-gram 10-inches), with original artwork and packaging.

Now, I'm no marketing expert, but I do know a good campaign involves a solid foundation. Capitol/EMI's strategy seems painfully transparent to me. First of all, by only releasing eight "classic titles," Capitol is sending a cautious signal to the consumers. Sure, Capitol releases new titles on vinyl in the U.S. (the new Coldplay, for example), but they're always very limited. Similarly, this limited-edition campaign doesn't speak to any long-term investment in the format. Chances are that fans have already bought these "classic" albums on CD, which means these vinyl releases are aimed primarily at commodity fetishists, further underscoring EMI's increasing emphasis on its back catalog, not its current artists. The campaign seems more like Best Buy's sales experiment (TMT Review), but at least Best Buy is being explicit about its aims.

"U.S. vinyl sales have increased by more than 80% in the past year alone, and the format is still on the rise," says the press release. Right. Meanwhile, indie labels have been fairly adequately catering to vinyl fans all along.

"From The Capitol Vaults":

- A Perfect Circle - Mer de Noms (2 LPs, gatefold jacket, satin stock, diecut white sleeves)
- Coldplay - Parachutes (1 LP, printed sleeve)
- Coldplay - A Rush Of Blood To The Head (1 LP, printed sleeve)
- Radiohead - OK Computer (2 LPs, gatefold jacket, color labels, printed sleeves)
- Radiohead - Kid A (2 10” 140-gram LPs, gatefold jacket, printed sleeves, color labels)
- Radiohead - Hail To The Thief (2 LPs, gatefold jacket, printed sleeves)
- Radiohead - Amnesiac (2 10” 140-gram LPs, gatefold jacket, printed sleeves, color labels)
- Steve Miller Band - Greatest Hits 1974-78 (1 LP, printed sleeve, color label)

Ping-Pong Tournament, BBQ Announced At the Same Time As Something Called Gonerfest 5

Big old garage-punk label Goner Records puts on a fest every year. 2008 is a year. With that in mind, the masterminds behind Goner have gone ahead and announced that, at their request, a bunch of bands are playing Memphis within a very concentrated amount of time.

From September 25-28, bands such as Sic Alps, Psychedelic Horseshit, Eat Skull, The Box Elders, Tyvek (now called TVK because of what I assume was a lawsuit), and Thee Oh Sees will perform amidst such other attractions as DJs, a barbecue (not to be confused with BBQ, who I don’t think is playing) and, yes, a ping-pong tournament. More details, hopefully ping-pong-related, will be revealed as the summer goes on.

For those of you who don’t feel like clicking through, here’s the lineup as it looks now:

Sic Alps, Tearjerkers, Crusaders of Love (France), Dan Melchior, Touch-Me-Nots, Duke & Duchess, Cheap Time, Ooga Boogas (Australia), Psychedelic Horseshit, Box Elders, Earthmen & Strangers, Mouserocket, The Intelligence, TVK, AV Murder, Eat Skull, Barbaras, Wizzard Sleeve, Turpentine Brothers, Static Static, Thee Oh Sees, Black Time (UK), Cola Freaks (Denmark).

Hats off, Goner.

Bowerbirds Tour North America, Europe, Inexplicably Ignore Minneapolis

Bowerbirds, the inventive and folksy Raleigh, NC trio much beloved of Mountain Goats fans and environmentalists, will be hitting the road on both sides of the Atlantic this summer.

The ’birds will kick off with headlining shows in Madison and Chicago late next week before opening up the East Coast (and partially Canadian) leg of Bon Iver's summer tour. After a couple of headlining dates in their home state in early August, the band will embark on a seven-week European tour, which sees them headlining in seven countries, hitting up several festivals, and sharing stages with Bon Iver, Neva Dinova, Damien Jurado, and War on Drugs.

The lengthy trek is Bowerbirds' fourth tour and their first overseas, following their debut LP Hymns for a Dark Horse (TMT Review), released in 2007 on Burly Time Records and reissued (with two bonus tracks!) on Dead Oceans last month. Previously, the band has toured with Phosphorescent and fellow Raleigh-ites The Rosebuds. The group also opened for The Mountain Goats and John Vanderslice last fall after a couple of ringing endorsements from head goat John Darnielle.

According to their publicist, Bowerbirds is in the early planning stages of a sophomore album, as yet untitled, to be released sometime in 2009.

U.S. tourdates:

There Is a Non-Denominational Faith-Based Figure: Indie Labels Beat Out EMI in Market Share

Finally, some justice for the "little guys" -- though that classification gets less accurate as EMI's behavior increasingly mirrors Britney Spears in a 7-11. Independent record labels officially snagged 14% of the music industry's market share, leaving EMI behind with 10%. Apparently, corporate ain't everything... who knew? The death grip of the Universal Music Group is also slipping, ever so slightly, from 31.5% to 31.2%.

Back to EMI. You know, the big loser. How, one asks, just how do you fuck up a once-powerful industry conglomerate with infinite resources so badly that THIS happens? Oh, you mean by doing things like threatening to eat all of those indie labels for breakfast (TMT News)? Selling itself to someone who couldn't afford to fix it, despite having the best name ever (TMT News)? Keeping on a bunch of corporate suits and laying off the young, in-touch entry-level employees (TMT News)? Releasing an artist's single without asking (TMT News)!?

Yes, that's a froth I've worked myself into. It's kind of gross, but, then, so is the state of the music industry. I'm gonna take the positive slant, however, and invite you to give the indie labels a big round of applause for this winning lap. Turns out that the real secret to success in the record industry is a straight shot: respecting your artists, releasing creative new music in various mediums, and charging a fair price for your albums. What. A. Concept.



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