Is it too early to start thinking about November? Not if the Brainwaves Festival has anything to say about it!

Has your autumn party season been missing something? Is Armistice Day missing the sparkle it once had? Has Thanksgiving become just another opportunity to sit silent and bloated on your couch surrounded by people who don't understand you? Well, no more! Because this fall's Brainwaves Festival 2008 lineup has already been announced, and from now on, the period between November 21-23, 2008 will never be the same.

Brainwaves 2008 will be throwin' down at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, MA with a smashing roster and perhaps even a chance to consume alcoholic beverages. And there's going to be more than bitchin' tunes and what the press release refers to as "amazing" seating! This year's lineup also features a special spotlight on Kranky Records, which will be celebrating 15 years of purveying the finest in independent music.

Other performers include: Matmos, Marissa Nadler, Meat Beat Manifesto, A Place to Bury Strangers, Stars of the Lid, Gary Wilson, Rivulets, Little Annie, The Reformed Faction (of Zoviet France), Andrew Liles and Jonathan Coleclough, His Name Is Alive, Nmperign feat. Jason Lescalleet, Charalambides, Glenn Jones, Lichens, Strategy, Nudge, Boduf Songs, Baby Dee, and To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie.

To experience all this and more, just head over to this pretty sweet-looking website and plonk down your $75.

Brothers in Alms! Alan and Richard Bishop Give Charles Gocher and Sun City Girls Live Tribute

Q: How do you get a little old lady to say “FUCK!”

A: Get another little old lady to say “BINGO!”

There. All jokes out of the way. Not all news needs to be forced funny or clever-clever. Sometimes the news has to be a straight claim, like this: Alan Bishop and Richard Bishop, two-thirds of Sun City Girls are touring in tribute to their fallen friend and bandmate Charles Gocher, who passed away last February.

Aptly titled “The Brothers Unconnected: A Tribute to Charles Gocher & Sun City Girls,” the tour began on May 18 in Seattle and will run through July 6 in San Diego and beyond (there are some dates still to be determined). Make sure to come early and watch a 40-minute film of Gocher’s video work, entitled The Handsome Stranger, which will play at many of the dates below. Check out a clip of the film here.

You’re never alone with The Brothers Unconnected:
05.21.08 - San Francisco, CA - Slim’s
05.23.08 - Phoenix, CA - Modified Arts
05.25.08 - Los Angeles , CA - Echoplex
05.27.08 - Sacramento, CA - Horse Cow Art Gallery
06.08.08 - Denver, CO - High Dive
06.10.08 - Kansas City, MO - Record Bar
06.11.08 - Omaha, NE - The Waiting Room
06.12.08 - Minneapolis, MN - 7th Street Entry
06.13.08 - Iowa City, IA - The Picador
06.14.08 - Chicago, IL - Lakeshore Theater
06.15.08 - Louisville, KY - Pour Haus
06.17.08 - Toronto, ON - St. Vladimir's Institute Theater
06.18.08 - Montréal, QC - La Sala Rosa
06.19.08 - Cambridge, MA - The Brattle Theater
06.20.08 - Portland, ME - SPACE
06.21.08 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda's
06.22.08 - New York , NY - Knitting Factory
06.24.08 - Pittsburgh, PA - Andy Warhol Gallery
06.25.08 - Washington, DC - Black Cat
06.26.08 - Asheville, NC - Grey Eagle
06.27.08 - Atlanta, GA - The E.A.R.L

06.28.08 - Chattanooga, TN - Barking Legs Theatre
06.29.08 - Memphis, TN - Odessa
06.30.08 - New Orleans, LA - One Eyed Jack’s
07.02.08 - Austin, TX - Emo’s
07.05.08 - Tucson, AZ - Club Congress
07.06.08 - San Diego, CA - Bar Pink Elephant

File-Sharing Program Soulseek Makes It to the iPhone

You can't teach an old iPhone new tricks, but its enlightened counterpart, the Unlocked iPhone, can now earn your music library a whole lotta bragging rights, which may cause YOU to do a back flip. Enter iSlsk, a new P2P program for hacked-and-improved iPods, which allows phone owners to share media files on Soulseek's network.

The Father of iSlsk, Eric Castro, is tackling the bugs that have already been reported (excluding "Why does my iPhone spontaneously combust when I try to play ‘In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida’ on repeat?!"), but so far, most people have been able to download Belle and Sebastian albums at fairly high speeds using iSlsk.

Still, what about the next generation of iPhones? There's only one way to describe the ease with which the first iPhone was hacked: shit was embarrassing. Kids using iSlsk are guaranteed to be part of the tech set, so it could be a pretty big downer to buy a shiny new iPhone and find that it can't do them quite right anymore, assuming Apple will wise up on the latest model's security. Unless, of course, they're counting on this year's crop of 17-year-olds from New Jersey to be significantly less adept at cracking their software than the last.

A TMT EUREKA! DREAM: Xiu Xiu Announce Tour with Evangelista and Prurient

- Jamie Stewart on Evangelista: “When I was beginning to look outside of the vile suburbs of the San Fernando Valley, driving the 45 minutes to anything that the LA Weekly said I should see, I began to hear a lot about Carla Bozulich -- the voice, the heaviest leather strap that she was and is and will be, the myth of endless dedication and spear tipped creativity. Fifteen years past and I would see her here and there, separated by fewer and fewer degrees until I was at last given the first Evangelista record. The pretext was, ‘You will love this.’ The fact upon listening was, ‘This is what I have been looking for!’ She became an idol to me and to play a tour with her, to hear the songs of the following record, Hello, Voyager (TMT Review), exploded as loud as possible can only be matched by having been awarded the key to the secret tunnels beneath Mt. Fuji by the Japanese consulate.”

- Jamie Stewart on Prurient: “Dominick of Prurient (TMT Review) upon planning this tour told me he had to bring his own sound person – ‘I cannot deal with any inhouse sound wuss ever again.’ It has been reported to me that people have thrown up at his shows for the intensity and evil/beautifully minded focus of sound and light. How or why have we waited to work together? Now I cannot wait to pay for it. I really want to get hurt by the every night of this music. I really want to learn how to take things so much further. For a breath, noise was oddly fashionable. Having transcended and pummeled through that silliness, Prurient has held onto and swallowed its art.”

- Jamie Stewart on Rob Fisk of Common Eider, King Eider: “By the time I had met Rob Fisk he had already made and moved on from the Deerhoof record Holdypaws. This record lead to the inception of Xiu Xiu. Had I never heard it I never would have considered trying to make music as an aggressive and dear and violent and beautiful life's pursuit. He has gone on to make Tiny Bird Mouths, Badgerlore, 7 Year Rabbit Cycle and now the most touching, pointed and austere of all his incredible sound, Common Eider, King Eider. Rob is my favorite guitar player, an astoundingly dark and innovative melodist, and infused this conviction to build a cabin in Alaska and ride a moose to an early grave. Mr. Be Crushing, Mr. Be Patient are his nommes de musique.”

Jamie Stewart/Xiu Xiu on tour:

$ Prurient

# Evangelista

* Common Eider, King Eider

[Photo: David Horvitz]

Nas Forced to Change Title of His Nigger Album Again

It was announced yesterday that Nas has decided to once again change the title of his forthcoming album, this time from Nigger to untitled.

"It's important to me that this album gets to the fans," according to Nas. "It's been a long time coming. I want my fans to know that creatively and lyrically, they can expect the same content and the same messages. It's that important. The streets have been waiting for this for a long time. The people will always know what the real title of this album is and what to call it."

Judging by this quote, it seems as if Nas reached the "decision" reluctantly. In fact, given reports that Universal risked losing $84 million if it released the album as Nigger (TMT News), it's not a stretch to assume there were plenty other ideological forces causing Nas to make the "right decision." With the release date continually delayed (it's now slated for release July 1 via Def Jam) coupled with Nas' quote above, it sounds like the album was held captive.

The album was originally titled Nigga, but was changed to Nigger due to pressure (TMT News). Despite widespread support from the music community and intellectual justification from Nas -- he didn't title one of the upcoming songs "The Fear (of the Black Man's Dick)" for shits and giggles, you know -- the word still upset talking heads like Rev. Al Sharpton and Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries (D–Fort Greene), who are apparently under the belief that words are static and dead, as if the word "nigger" isn't already widespread in rap lyrics, as if trying to eliminate the word would do anything but deny artistic and political expression. I guess self-censorship is the alternative?

Ugh. All that brouhaha and no follow-through. Too bad.

That Lucky Old Brian Wilson to Release Ambitious New Capitol Album; That Poor Old Paul McCartney Presumably to Release More Garbage

Like many of the elder statesmen of pop/rock history, famed Beach Boys mastermind Brian Wilson is looking pretty horrendous these days as an unfortunate byproduct of completely losing a large portion of his rational mind a long, long time ago. Unlike his over-the-hill brethren, however, Wilson's brain being slowly cooked over easy could not have worked out better for his late-period career as an absurdly colorful and cloyingly naive composer of pop symphonies.

And after 2004 finally saw the release of the legendarily controversial SMiLE, a pointillistic and abstractly pastoral musical tale of American history, Brian Wilson has decided to (or should I say "has been moved magically colored spirit-forces to") extend his repertoire of ambitious, orchestral pop, concept albums.

This year's transcendental topic? Why, the sunshine, of course! More specifically, Wilson's new opus, titled That Lucky Old Sun after a Louis Armstrong version of a 1949 classic song of the same name, will reportedly chronicle and explore themes of Southern California culture (which, in case you haven't noticed, was largely defined by Wilson and The Beach Boys themselves in the first place!).

Wilson describes That Lucky Old Sun (for better or for worse) as an "interwoven series of ‘rounds’ with interspersed spoken word" and “autobiographical travelogue” of sorts. The album is narrated in transitional interludes, apparently spoken by Brian Wilson, as, naturally, "That Lucky Old Sun," the storyteller. The narratives, which Wilson refers to as “cameos on life and the heartbeat of Los Angeles,” propel the album's musical story. It’s hard to believe that no one’s thought of that before, right?

Anyway, the sun-soaked album not only finds Wilson manning the production duties and reuniting and collaborating with his old sidekick Van Dyke Parks, bandmate Scott Bennett, and the his legendary all-star band, but it also finds Wilson reuniting with his former group's longtime label, Capitol Records, for whom he first recorded way back in 1962 ("Surfin' Sufari"/"409," natch) when he was just a nerdy teen who was mad at his dad.

"Brian Wilson is an iconic talent with enormous musical influence all over the world and we are very proud to be representing him," said executive chairman of EMI (Capitol’s parent company) Guy Hands in the most generic statement of the year. "We all remember the feeling we got when we first heard The Beach Boys' music. My particular favorite classic is ‘Surfer Girl.’ It always reminds me of driving an open-top car down the Pacific Coast Highway from Santa Barbara to Malibu.” Really? I always thought of polar bears and World War II footage.

That Lucky Old Sun is slated for CD, CD/DVD, limited-edition vinyl, and digital release September 2 in the United States and September 1 everywhere else, after which Wilson will honor send some good vibrations out to his homeland by performing the song cycle during a three-day stint at L.A.’s Hollywood Bowl. Anyone know what McCartney is up to?

That Lucky Old Tracklist:

Rocky Votolato Tours, Demands Free Hugs and Alcohol To Make Himself Feel Better About His Unfortunate Name

You have to feel sorry for singer/songwriter, Rocky Votolato. Not only does 90% of his discography consist of himself, an acoustic guitar, and sorrowful lyrics that reference love and whiskey, but his real name is actually ROCKY VOTOLATO. Then again, it must take a real bad-ass to avoid playground beatings and continue through to adulthood with such an unfortunate name. So, maybe Rocky isn’t such a poor sap after all? The only way to find out for sure is to catch him on one of the dates listed below. Make sure you give the dude a hug and buy him a drink when you see him, because there are some things that require a double-shot of Jameson instead of therapy.

Rocky <3’s Whiskey and Touring:

^ Owen

% Mark Rogers

& Michael Dean Damron

Guy Hands Needs £180 Million By September to Save EMI Says Citigroup, But Won’t Change His Wonderful Name For All the Money In the World

British financial gadabout Guy Hands might have to reconsider some of the pies he’s got his fingers in this week, after it was revealed that Terra Firma, the “private equity vehicle” he runs, has had to renegotiate its agreement with Citigroup regarding the £2.5 billion (106,996,937,463,139.50 Drachma) Hands had to borrow in order to buyout EMI.

Under the new agreement, Terra Firma/EMI “must generate underlying earnings of £180m by September.” I don’t know. Honestly, there’s a bunch of predictions and figures regarding equity and publishing assets, but the fact of the matter is that Guy Hands needs you to buy the new Coldplay record, Viva la Vida, due June 16 on EMI. If you don’t, he may have to sell or refinance his beloved record company, a purchase that was probably an enormous mistake to begin with. At worst, Mr. Hands, it looks like you’ll be back in the lucrative world's waste management and outsourcing, where people treat each other right.

In related news, Mike Allen has left EMI.

With a knowing wink and a sapient grin, the rock gods (Lemmy, Thor, Keef, and their receptionist, Ðävé Ñâvårrò), have provided us a rare glimpse into the very near future, and the thing is simply dominated by new music ensemble Au. The much-discussed and even-more-loved (especially on this site) collective, centered around Portland's adopted prodigal son Luke Wyland, will be meandering around and playing live shows which will hopefully feature songs from its self-titled album and their forthcoming release Verbs. Verbs is out June 26 on Aagoo Records and is preceded May 20 by the claptastic carnival-like single “RR vs. D.”

Who gives a fuck about an “Oxford Comma”? Not us, we want Verbs instead!

1. All My Friends
2. Are Animals
3. Summerheat
4. RR vs. D
5. All Myself
6. Two Seasons
7. Prelude
8. The Waltz
9. Sleep

Wyland is hellbent on converting conventional music listeners one by one through his albums or by the dozens and hundreds and thousands and kazillions when playing live. Dissenters have no choice, so don’t rally against Au: you can’t win, and if you try, then you hate freedom and have no taste. We hope to announce widespread dates after Verbs takes a firm hold, but for now Wyland and cohorts will tour this beaten path on the West Coast of the U.S. of A. All dates are with like-minded manglers Parenthetical Girls and PWRFL Power.

Conjugate this:
05.23.08 - Seattle, WA - Happy Times Fun Club #
05.24.08 - Portland, OR - Backspace #
05.25.08 - Davis, CA - The Firehouse #
05.26.08 - Irvine, CA - UC Irvine #
05.27.08 - San Diego, CA - The Che #
05.28.08 - Los Angeles, CA - The Smell $
05.29.08 - San Luis Obispo, CA - Retrospect #
05.30.08 - San Francisco, CA - The Cushionworks #

# Parenthetical Girls & PWRFL Power

$ Parenthetical Girls, PWRFL Power & Abe Vigoda

Fact: The Don't Look Back concert series is influencing the music community outside of the ATP world. How do I know this? Well, word just got in that Liz Phair will perform Exile In Guyville in its entirety June 25 in New York!

The performance will take place at the Hiro Ballroom and is expected to be Phair alone on acoustic guitar, à la MTV Unplugged, the show that may very well have invented the acoustic guitar. Coincidentally, the event is just a day after the release of the Exile In Guyville reissue, which contains three unreleased B-sides ("Ant in Alaska," "Say You," and an untitled instrumental), as well as a DVD titled Guyville Redux. The ultra, mega, super deluxe reissue will be released digitally, physically, and vinyl-ly through ATO Records.

Tickets for the NY performance go on sale Wednesday, with Chicago and San Francisco events planned for the very near future. Pretty cool stuff, but it'd be much cooler to me if it were "Liz Phair to Perform Exile In Guyville In Wisconsin!"