Bill Fay is really doing it, which is to say he has a new album coming out April 28 on Dead Oceans

Insofar as you would accept “doing it” as synonymous with “releasing a new album,” I think you and I can both agree that British folk musician Bill Fay is doing it. And indeed, he might be said to be “really doing it” because this new album that he’s releasing — it’s called Who Is the Sender? and it’s out April 28 via Dead Oceans — is his second since returning after over 40 years of no new material with Life Is People back in 2012. If that doesn’t count as “really doing it” to you, then, reader, I think you and I might have a bigger problem than I had realized, and I think that problem might revolve around us not being able to agree on what certain phrases mean.

To celebrate the announcement that he is doing it, really doing it, Fay and the internet have conspired to share a “lyric video” for the track “War Machine” off the album. Now, because I know we’ve had our differences in the past, I’d like to clarify: a lyric video is a video that contains the lyrics of a song. Just covering all my bases! You can watch the video below, and since the video also contains sound, the audio of the track “War Machine” to be exact, you will likely also be listening as you watch, though of course, I can’t tell you what to do. In the interest of not telling you what to do, here is a link to where you can pre-order Who Is the Sender? I will say nothing further about it here because I’ve just had a strange moment where I realized I don’t know how to not tell you to do things with links that I embed. The future is weird.

Who Is the Sender? tracklist:

01. The Geese Are Flying Westward
02. War Machine
03. How Little?
04. Underneath the Sun
05. Something Else Ahead
06. Order of the Day
07. Who Is the Sender?
08. Freedom to Read
09. Bring It on Lord
10. A Page Incomplete
11. A Frail and Broken One
12. World of Life
13. I Hear You Calling (Studio Reunion)

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Kid Antoine attempts to justify his club royalty with debut EP Proximity, out on Her Records this month

Jesus, make some room, Vatican Shadow. You’re no longer the only electronic artist choosing to use war and militarism as inspirations for your music, even if the Copenhagen-based “Club Prince” Kid Antoine does seem to be doing so with less of a ferocious reaction. Antoine told The FADER last week that the basis for the title track on his new EP was more an effort in introspection, as it wrestled with the “dichotomy between military fetishism learned via my experience with war simulators at a young age and later a genuine disgust at the act of war.” Less obvious in the music itself, the EP is more about a personal coming to terms… a lot of war video games are based on real events, after all.

Salvaging that downward turn: Proximity is out March 16 on Her Records, and lucky me for having listened to it already! The almost minimalism of the release is like a breath of fresh air given the simultaneously clear grime influence. Bludgeoning people with beats has gotten tired from this writer’s perspective; thanks Kid Antoine for fitting me with a respirator.

**Relaxed sigh**

Proximity tracklisting:

01. Recon
02. Proximity
03. Motion Sensor
04. Airburst
05. Recon (MM Remix)

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The Juan MacLean announce tour, get stuck in a Brooklyn-loop or “Brookhole”

Here’s a little look into how bands go on tour. Book a bunch of shows. Go play those shows. Each show should be in a different city each night. Or you could play it the way The Juan Maclean plays it and book six shows in Brooklyn. Whatever floats your boat.

In support of last year’s In a Dream, The Juan Maclean have announced a US tour for April and May. That tour is extremely Brooklyn heavy, with the group kicking things off with a six-day Brooklyn residency. To keep things fresh, though, they’re splitting that day between two venues, Cameo Gallery and Union Pool, with three shows at each. After that, they’ll bounce around the East Coast, ending up in one giant final bounce over to the West Coast for a pair of California shows. Then back to wherever the respective members of The Juan Maclean live for an extended residency in their homes.

Juan MacLean dates:

04.16.15 - Brooklyn, NY - Cameo Gallery
04.17.15 - Brooklyn, NY - Cameo Gallery
04.18.15 - Brooklyn, NY - Cameo Gallery
04.23.15 - Brooklyn, NY - Union Pool
04.24.15 - Brooklyn, NY - Union Pool
04.25.15 - Brooklyn, NY - Union Pool
04.28.15 - Boston, MA - Brighton Music Hall
04.30.15 - Providence, RI - Fete Lounge
05.01.15 - Washington, DC - U Street Music Hall
05.02.15 - Philadelphia, PA - Voyeur
05.15.15 - San Francisco, CA - Mezzanine
05.16.15 - Los Angeles, CA - The Regent Theater

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NXNE throws down the gauntlet on Most Awesome Festival Lineup competition

Congrats, North by Northeast. You have done what’s quickly becoming unthinkable, namely building a music festival lineup that doesn’t make people who actually like music want to roll their eyes. This year, from June 17-21, the streets of Toronto will be alive with song. Songs from hip-hop kids on the rise, loud screaming dudes, and some badass ladies.

Confirmed performers include Zola Jesus, Alice Glass, HEALTH, Iceage, Action Bronson, The New Pornographers, Rae Sremmurd, Best Coast, Real Estate, Angel Olsen, Vince Staples, Glass Animals, Blonde Redhead, Tink, Deafheaven, Baths, Pentagram, White Lung, OM, Liturgy, Ibeyi, Betty Who, A Place to Bury Strangers, Odonis Odonis, San Fermin, No Joy, Lower Dens, The Gories, Lydia Ainsworth, Bishop Nehru, Aidan Knight, Son Lux, Cathedrals, Heems, Coliseum, RyleyWalker, Kate Tempest, Jacco Gardner, UNiiQU3, Dilly Dally, Amen Dunes, Obliterations, K.Flay, and a giant inflatable Frito-Lay vending machine.

Just kidding. The Frito-Lay vending machine will be spending this one in the giant inflatables warehouse that (surely) exists somewhere in Missouri. Or somewhere. Somewhere where people RESPECT hard-working giant inflatables. Anyway. The other cool thing is that festival attendees will be able to buy advance tickets for certain shows so that nobody’s waiting-in-line-FEELINGS get hurt. The option is called Northby Advanced, and you can score tickets on the festival’s website.


RIP: Tod Dockstader, musique concrète composer

From the Unlocking Dockstader Facebook page:

This evening my dear friend and musical inspiration, Tod Dockstader passed away. He was at peace and we were listening to his music at the time. May your spirit and music always float among the radio waves you were so fond of.

• Tod Dockstader:

Amnesia Scanner releases audio play on Gum Artefacts in dubplate edition of 1, streaming edition of ∞

Back in May of 2014, a shadowy producer (as in, “we do not have a single bit of information about who this is,” not “their FADER cover partially obscures their face”) using the moniker Amnesia Scanner released a continuous set of “HD explosions and reversed cymbals,” ” aestheticized chronos, sentient beats,” and “digital shards of glass” called AS LIVE [][][][][], which was hailed by the likes of Daniel Lopatin, Janus Records, and Tony Mixtapes, coming not long after Arca’s similarly perverted &&&&& mix.

Flash-forward to Wednesday, when Amnesia Scanner reappeared on Bill Kouligas’s monthly PAN show on Rinse FM with a seven-part audio play called Angels Rig Hook that mixed surreal spoken-word visualizations with interference from SETI FM radio signals and a little bit of pressurized bass, a few reference points provided in “Drexciya,” “François Rabelais,” “Quake 7 Arena,” and “a flake of skin.” It was so abnormal that the only outlet it could possibly be physically released through was Gum Artefacts, the label that released Felicita’s Frenemies EP as a translucent yellow drawstring bag (one of my favorite releases of 2014, a truly insane collection of diverse songs that was like PC Music’s version of Fat Worm of Error). Unfortunately, the physical edition seems to be limited to one single-sided dubplate with an etching on the B-side. Fortunately, the whole thing is available to stream below:

Angels Rig Hook tracklist:

01. DeathCon Valley
02. Titan (ॐ)
03. Creeper
04. Exopsalm
05. Treasure Island
06. Oil Rigged
07. Seagullz

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• Gum Artefacts:

Best Coast’s new album might tip you off that they’re from California

In their bid to be the most ultra-California band since The Beach Boys, Best Coast are back! With a new album named California Nights! The new album, their third, drops May 5 via Harvest Records and will feature songs called “Sitting in Traffic,” “Still Sitting in Traffic 40 Minutes Later,” and the single “Oh My God, It’s 8:00 PM, Why Is It Bumper to Bumper on the 101.” Classic California night songs.

I kid! I kid! Usually traffic does not go till 8 PM here. (Just last Tuesday when it made me late to an audition.) The real magic of California Nights can be evidenced in the lovely little video below, directed by Adam Harding. Fun fact: Starting April 7, Best Coast are teaming up with record stores to allow fans to pre-order the album on vinyl and receive an exclusive 10-inch with three tracks from the release. And of course, to celebrate the release, singer/songwriter/guitarist Bethany Cosentino and guitarist Bobb Bruno will head out on the road on an upcoming tour.

California Nights tracklisting:

01. Feeling Ok
02. Fine Without You
03. Heaven Sent
04. In My Eyes
05. So Unaware
06. When Will I Change
07. Jealousy
08. California Nights
09. Get Outta My Head
10. Run Through My Head
11. Sleep Won’t Ever Come
12. Wasted Time


03.14.15 - Phoenix, AZ - VIVA PHX Festival
04.11.15 - San Antonio, TX - Maverick Music Festival
06.03.15 - Vancouver, BC - Imperial
06.04.15 - Seattle, WA - Showbox
06.05.15 - Portland, OR - Alhambra Theater
06.08.15 - Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue
06.10.15 - St. Louis, MO - Ready Room
06.12.15 - Boston, MA - Paradise
06.14.15 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer
06.16.15 - Washington, DC - 930 Club
06.18.15 - Columbus, OH - Newport Music Hall
06.19.15 - Detroit, MI - Majestic
06.20.15 - Toronto, ON - NXNE
06.24.15 - Dallas, TX - Granada
06.26.15 - San Diego, CA - Observatory North Park
06.27.15 - Los Angeles, CA - Wiltern

• Best Coast:
• Harvest:

Dirty Beaches buddy/collaborator Shub Roy drops new album as Night Musik

Composer/songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist/dark lord of the night Shub Roy has worked with Dirty Beaches (producing Drifters/Love Is the Devil), psych weirdos Yamantaka, and a host of other intriguing, shadowy, dark/weird music figures. He has spent countless late nights in countless cities on countless continents, spending time (presumably) still alone yet surrounded by people, by the neon whirr of the big city, by the endless din of the unsleeping skyscrapers, like a drugged-out Edward Hopper lurking in the background of a rave on mid-2000s British teen drama Skins.

And thus was born Roy’s new solo project, Night Musik. Naturally, Transit, his debut album, was created while dude was on the road, living sometimes in Berlin, sometimes in Lisbon, sometimes in the back of a van. And soon it shall be ours for the listening, with an LP and digital release via Mind Records on April 20. Watch the video for “Gold Mirror” below and pre-order here.

Transit tracklisting:

01. Theme
02. Hard to Tell
03. Between
04. Eternal
05. Gold Mirror
06. Once a God

• Night Musik:
• Mind:

Red House Painters box set to be released in April; Grandpa Poopsie approves!

Box sets are bigger than ever right now according to my grandpa, Poopsie. 4AD will release 1,500 numbered copies of a Red House Painters LP box set worldwide on Record Store Day, April 18, and in the US on April 21. The box set will contain the band’s first four albums, spanning the years 1992-1995 — Down Colorful Hill, Red House Painters (Rollercoaster), Red House Painters (Bridge), and Ocean Beach, which will include the Shock Me EP. The albums haven’t been available for over 20 years, so news like this could give any grandpa a boner.

Speaking of grandpa boners, my grandpa Poopsie is no dummy. He knows that Red House Painters was the early project from Mark Kozelek (also of Sun Kil Moon, releasing a new album on June 2). He also thinks The War on Drugs sound like a beer commercial. Aside from being a total douche, my grandpa is just as knowledgeable about Kozelek’s life as you and TMZ are. If there’s ever a Sun Kil Moon song titled “Some Grandpa Poopsie Offered Me Oral,” then you know who he’s talking about.

Down Colorful Hill tracklist:

01. 24
02. Medicine Bottle
03. Japanese To English
04. Down Colorful Hill
05. Lord Kill The Pain
06. Michael

Red House Painters (Rollercoaster) tracklist:

01. Grace Cathedral Park
02. Down Through
03. Katy Song
04. Mistress
05. Things Mean A Lot
06. Funhouse
07. Take Me Out
08. Rollercoaster
09. New Jersey
10. Dragonflies
11. Mistress (Piano Version)
12. Mother
13. Strawberry Hill
14. Brown Eyes

Red House Painters (Bridge) tracklist:

01. Evil
02. Bubble
03. I Am A Rock
04. Helicopter
05. New Jersey
06. Uncle Joe
07. Blindfold
08. Star Spangled Banner

Ocean Beach tracklist:

01. Cabezon
02. Summer Dress
03. San Geronimo
04. Shadows
05. Over My Head
06. Red Carpet
07. Brockwell Park
08. Moments
09. Long Distance Runaround
10. Drop
11. Brockwell Park (Part Two)
12. Shock Me
13. Sundays And Holidays
14. Three Legged Cat
15. Shock Me (Acoustic)

• Mark Kozelek:
• 4AD:

Music industry declares with creepy enthusiasm: Friday will now be the official release day for the world

They can do that, I guess, and it’s apparent that the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) has put an astounding amount of thought into something that probably won’t matter a lick to the industry’s ultimate, collective bottom line.

But for the sake of making things all comfortably uniform and giving Americans in particular extra time to engage in their Tuesday night whatevers… Friday has officially been declared the global release day for the entire music industry! It won’t go into effect until this summer, but the IFPI made clear in an article/press release posted today that, basically, you wanted this to happen. You needed this to happen. Your family won’t be released from capture until this happens.

Less threateningly, the musically connected organization cites Friday as the research-backed preference of nearly 7/10 consumers who “expressed a view” on the subject. Without personally questioning the number of consumers who instead expressed total indifference, the IFPI also mentions the possibility of a global release day leading to a renewed enthusiasm over the “event” of releasing music, with Friday and Saturday encompassing peak hours in terms of social media activity.

The potential curbing of piracy is also highlighted, but surely that paragraph’s two-sentence presence in the essay’s middle must be indicative of unimportance. Curbing piracy is not the point of this initiative. Definitely not.